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this is home.

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Yoongi’s hands shook as he fumbled in his pockets to find the keys to his shared dorm. He couldn’t keep from shivering, even under layers and layers of warm clothing. When he sighed after discovering the keys were simply in his inner coat pocket, the puff of air let out was visible. His hands continued to tremble so drastically, that it made the keys jingle. The hallway was completely silent except for that small noise, but Yoongi felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. It rang in his head so loudly, it hurt. Yoongi didn’t know why he was frozen in place. After all, the members were probably sound asleep since it was still dark outside. Yoongi reached for his phone and checked the time. 3:16 A.M glowed on top of a picture of all his roommates that he used as his lock screen. Yoongi had reached the dorm building at 3 A.M. sharp, meaning he had been standing here for almost 20 minutes. His vision began to become blurry as he stared blankly at the door, his deafening heartbeat still engulfing him. Yoongi could also feel his feet slightly hurting from not moving and his fingers became numb, still barely holding on to the keys that had stilled and weren’t making any more noise.


A loud crash snapped him out of whatever trance he was in. He hurriedly unlocked the door and pushed his luggage inside, not having a care about what the loud sound was. He pulled his backpack off and laid it on the ground beside his luggage as he closed the door behind him quietly.


“Welcome back,” a familiar voice said, “I thought I would come to help you with your thi-”


The voice was cut off by a quiet and wobbly “Hyung,” when Yoongi looked up and saw Jin standing a few feet in front of him.


Jin could see Yoongi’s bottom lip quiver and his eyes were already watery, threatening to break out into tears. Jin’s heart dropped. He started blabbering out a long string of questions about making sure Yoongi was okay, forgetting to breathe in between, but was stopped when Yoongi suddenly ran into his arms. Jin was shocked and hesitated before wrapping his arms around the other’s cold body. Yoongi was definitely not a touchy person, everyone knew that. But, truthfully, deep down, Yoongi didn’t mind when it came to his bandmates.


“I’m sorr-” Yoongi let out a loud breath before being able to finish, his words almost incomprehensible as he tried to excuse his tears. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”


The older shook his head immediately and stopped Yoongi’s apologies, “You have nothing to apologize for.”


Jin could feel Yoongi’s heavy and rapid breathing and started lightly rubbing his back, trying to calm him down and make him warmer. He honestly didn’t know what to do, but tried his best to comfort the crying boy. In fact, this has been the first time Jin has ever seen Yoongi cry this immensely. Yoongi always held in his feelings because he felt like he would burden the others by showing his own emotions. Yoongi constantly lived life with a blank mask on, but he’s an awfully emotional person in reality.


“It’s okay,” Jin reassured him. “Let it all out.”


Yoongi started to cough as a result from loudly sobbing. He moved his head and looked up at Jin. Jin tried wiping the other’s tears away but they were quickly replaced.


He held onto his hyung’s shirt and whispered, “I missed you, hyung.”


Jin tried to smile at the younger even though seeing Yoongi cry was enough to make anyone cry too. He played with Yoongi’s hair as he responded,


“You’re home, now. You’re safe, surrounded by family.”


After quite a while, Yoongi’s crying started to slow down and his breathing began to even out, probably from his tiredness. When Jin felt Yoongi’s legs falter, he held on to Yoongi and led him to their shared bedroom, too worried about the younger to bring the luggage with them. Everyone else was asleep, so they weren’t faced with any questions. He propped up the pillows on Yoongi’s bed and laid him down as carefully as possible, feeling as if he could break the fragile boy. He was shaking, his hand still tightly grasped around the older’s shirt, dark hair almost covering his eyes that were red from crying.


Jin figured Yoongi wanted to sleep by himself since he doesn’t like being close with other people, but to his surprise, Yoongi wouldn’t let go.


Yoongi opened his eyes and managed to get out a breathy, “Stay.”


Jin was once again shocked. He had never seen this side of Yoongi, but- he’s not complaining. He thought about going to get something for the younger to drink to soothe his throat after coughing, or pajamas for him to change into, but Yoongi pulled him closer. Yoongi sleepily shifted over and Jin sat down on the bed that was somewhat big enough for the both of them. He looked over at the small, disheveled Yoongi and instantly dragged him over. Jin pulled the blankets over them as Yoongi put his arm around Jin’s waist, half-asleep. Jin brushed Yoongi’s damp hair out of his face and wiped his tear-stained face.


Yoongi was flooded with warmth and fell into a deep sleep straight away. Jin was worried about sleeping, in case something happened with Yoongi again, but eventually dozed off too, their breathing in sync.


Yoongi had never experienced such a feeling of safety.


This is home.






Soft streaks of sunlight stream into their room through the curtains. A patch of light directly sits on Jin’s face, slowly waking him up. He feels Yoongi still breathing steadily beside him, asleep. He reaches for his phone on the bedside table and is faced with a screen-full of messages from the other members.


RM Jin-hyung, are you still asleep??

3 min ago: Jin????


JK Hyung, wake up! It’s almost noon! Breakfast will become lunch!


JH Jinnie, are you okay? We’re thinking about going out to breakfast since Yoongi is back.


JM Hyung ~ Did Yoongi make it home safe? I didn’t hear the door open last night.. ;;


TH C’monn i’m hungryyyy we’re leaving without you


He smiled while reading the messages, and looked down at Yoongi. How did no one hear how loud Yoongi was last night? Jin was hungry but didn’t want to interrupt the younger peacefully sleeping. He put the phone back on the counter and shifted back to his original spot, closer to Yoongi.