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Of Prompts and Drabbles

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When Solas returned to the small campsite, he was nothing short of alarmed when he saw how rather destroyed it was. There were large claw marks carved into the bark of the trees, small craters peppered the ground where he knew Aravae’s lightning had struck, their tent had been torn down - though it didn’t look entirely ruined -, and Aravae was nowhere to be found. He set the fish he’d caught down on the ground and immediately swept out with his aura, searching for hers.


He couldn’t sense her. He knew she could take care of herself, but the fact that he did not see her standing over a carcass with a scowl at the fallen beast gave him a worried feeling. She had to have gone some distance for him to not be able to sense her. “Aravae?” he called, turning in a circle, trying to decide which way he should go.


He didn’t hear a response. He narrowed his eyes and shifted them towards the ground, searching for tracks. He could barely make out her light footprints, but luckily for him, bears weigh much, much more and this on left rather clear tracks as to the direction they went. He gripped his staff and headed after them.


Thankfully, it was still during afternoon hours, so he didn’t need to worry about running out of daylight to see with. He hurried through the forest, following the tracks while also keeping an eye on his surroundings. He kept throwing his aura out in waves, searching for any sign of Aravae. At last, after maybe ten minutes or so of tracking, he felt a pulse of her aura at nearly the same moment as he saw a flash of purple lightning above the treeline. He picked up the pace, rushing towards the area where he’d seen it strike down towards the ground.


He spotted the carcass before he saw Aravae. Steam was rising from the motionless, monster of a bear. He peered at it for several long seconds, making sure it wasn’t shifting or drawing breath. Once he was satisfied, he glanced around, still looking for Aravae.


“I’m up here,” he heard her breathless voice call.


He looked upwards and barely managed to see her through the thick greenery and multitude of branches. Aravae was rested back against the body of a tree, her legs dangling over the sides, her staff resting horizontally across her lap, and breathing deeply. She leaned her head back and loosed a heavy sigh, though it sounded like she had a slight growl mixed in with it. “Bears and I clearly...don’t get along well.” She gestured wearily to the body. “It charged into camp and chased me before I was able to get the upper hand.”


He stepped closed to the tree, craning his neck to look up at her. “Are you okay?” His mind instantly went to their last less than favorable bear encounter, where she’d received new scars across her forearm.


“I am fine. I’m not sure if it destroyed everything in camp, though.”


“I think the tent was in one piece.” He looked at the bear once more, then back up at her. “Would you like to come down now?”


She nodded silently at first. After another moment of catching her breath, she took her staff and dropped it towards the ground, away from Solas. The blade at the end stuck in the ground. She shifted around and climbed down the tree slowly, as though she was worried her limbs may not hold her weight. The moment she touched down on the ground, Solas wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, pressing his lips against her. She made a small noise of startlement, but she quickly relaxed and tilted her head, allowing their lips to lock. When Solas pulled away, he kept his forehead close, resting it against hers. “What was that for?” she asked softly.


“Forgive me,” he replied, just as quiet. “I was just concerned.”


She smiled softly at him and leaned back just enough to where she could give him a small peck on his brow. “I’m safe. Shall we go back to camp?”


“Yes. Let’s.”