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A Vampire's True Love

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AN: Hey, y'all. And this is the first chapter of A Vampire's True Love. This FanFic will have seven chapters and I just came up with and it's my first Twilight FanFic. And it's also my first Bella/Alice Fic too. I'll try to have each chapter be well over 2k and I'll try to update this FanFic once a day. The picture that I'm using for the cover is on FanPop by Elena2597. It's not mine, I'm just borrowing it for the moment. The vampires here in this FanFic are a little bit different than they are in the Twilight books and movies. The vampire lore and mythology is a little be different in this FanFic. Now on with the story.


Fandom: Twilight.


Characters: Bella Swan. Alice Cullen. Charlie Swan. And some other Twilight characters might or might not show up in later chapters of this FanFic.


Pairing: Bella Swan x Alice Cullen.


Rating: M.


Setting: Takes place during Twilight: New Moon. AU. The vampires are quite different from both the Twilight books and movies.


Summary: Bella is sad after Edward leaves. It's been several months and Alice has finally decided to have a sleepover to cheer Bella up. Bella and Alice have feelings for each other, but the other doesn't girl know it yet. You will have to read it to find out what happens next.


Charlie sighed as he watched Bella in her bedroom while he was standing in the doorway. Charlie was already dressed in his Sheriff's uniform, ready to go to work for his current shift that day. She was sitting in her bed and looking sadly out of her bedroom window. 'I wish that I could do something to help her. Wait. How about that Alice girl? I know that they are pretty close, so maybe she can bring Bella out of her funk'., Charlie thought to himself as walked away from Bella's bedroom. He took his cell phone out of his pants pocket and he quickly scrolled his contacts list and he finds Alice's phone number rather quickly.

When Bella had first started hanging out with the Cullens and dating Edward, Bella and Alice had started to hang out a lot and Charlie and Alice had also become friends. If Alice had come over to see Bella and Bella was either at school or something when she came to visit Bella, Alice and Charlie would hang out. So she had given Charlie her cell phone number in case of an emergency. Either for Bella or if anything else happens that she could help out with. 'I wish that Bella and Alice were dating instead Bella dating Edward. I know that Alice would have never left her like Edward did. Even though the rest of the Cullens had left, Alice still comes around to hang out with Bella'., Charlie had thought to himself as he dialed Alice's cell phone number.

After it rang twice, Alice answered. Charlie and Alice talked for a bit and Alice had quickly agreed to something that they both had just come up with that might help Bella. Charlie and Alice ended their phone conversation and then Charlie walked back to Bella's doorway and he knocked gently on her already opened door. Bella looked away from her bedroom to Charlie and she had waited for him to say something.

"Hey, Bella. Alice is coming over tonight to hang out with you. I actually just finished talking on the phone with her and she said something about having a sleepover. Now I know that sleepovers are something that kids do, but it does give both you and Alice a chance to get closer. She said that she will be coming over soon, so you better get ready, okay Bella?"., Charlie said and for the first time in a long time Bella actually smiles.

"Okay, Dad. Sounds great. I haven't had a sleepover in years, but it could be fun. It's like you said, Dad, it gives me and Alice to hang out and get to know each other better. I'll get ready for her. Did she say when she'll be over?"., Bella asked Charlie curiously. 'I can't believe that Alice is coming over to have a sleepover with me tonight. It will be just two of us. I haven't told anyone that I'm bi and that I have a huge on Alice. And a sleepover does sound like a great idea'., Bella had thought to herself as Charlie left to go to work for the night.

After Charlie had left the house for work at the Sherrif's office, Bella had immediately gone to her closet to get some clean clothes so that she will look good for Alice. Bella blushed a rather bright shade of red and then she opened her closet to find some clothes to wear for their sleepover. Bella spent well over ten minutes trying to find something else to wear because what she was wearing at that moment was just a pair of blue jeans, her usual hoodie, and a t-shirt. And she was wearing a bra and underwear underneath her regular clothes as well.

But she had wanted to look pretty for Alice and eventually Bella had finally found something that she could wear; a nice long sleeve t-shirt that has a vampire on the front and a name of the show on the back. And she had also found a nice brand new pair of blue jeans. After that, Bella had then gone over to her dresser to find a clean bra and a clean pair of underwear which had actually ended up being a blue lacy pair that had Bella's entire body blushing. Bella then rushed out of her bedroom and to the shower to take a quick shower before Alice showed up.

And then several minutes after Bella had gone to take her shower, Alice's car, which was a very expensive Yellow Porsche 911 Turbo that she had been saving money up for a long for and since she was a vampire and like most vampires, she had several bank accounts, she could definitely afford to buy anything that she wanted to buy, either for herself or for anyone that she loved or cared deeply about like Bella. Alice passed Charlie's police car as she drove up to the Swan's home and the two waved at each other from their cars as they had passed each other.

When Alice had finally pulled up to Bella and Charlie's home, she parked her car in the driveway and she killed the engine. And for several minutes, Alice just sat there in her parked car in the Swan's driveway. Now, most people would actually that vampires weren't scared of anything, but Alice Cullen was very scared at that moment.

Alice has had a crush on Bella and she had this crush for a while now, since pretty much the day that she had actually met Bella. Because it was just a few days ago that she had a dream about her and Bella having sex. But it wasn't just a dream, it was also of Alice's visions. Alice had woken up from her dream soaked in sweat and very wet between her legs and when something like this usually happens, Alice has to masturbate in order to go back to sleep and that's just exactly what she had done that night. A blush spreads itself across her beautiful face and she smiles to herself. 'I better get out and go to Bella's now, before she starts worrying where I am. Tonight might also just be the night that I finally tell Bella how I really feel about her'., Alice thought to herself as she gets out of her car and as she got out of her car, she pulled her overnight bag out of the car as well.

Alice had been to sleepovers or what was similar to what sleepovers are considered to be like nowadays back when she was human and a little girl in the 1900's years before she had been turned into a vampire. Alice had brought several things with her in her overnight bag consisting of some movies that both she and Bella liked to watch when they would usually hang out at either her apartment, which Alice had been living in since the rest of the Cullens had moved to Alaska or Bella's home on the weekends. Alice had also brought some nail polish that Bella might like to try on and some other things as well.

Alice then closed and locked her car up and then she started walking towards the front door of Bella's home. As Alice walked closer to Bella's home, she could hear Bella's shower end as Bell turned off the water and got out of the shower. All vampires had the same abilities including super strength, speed, hearing and smell and all vampires also had another special power that was special only to that specific vampire, like Alice's visions and Edward being able to read minds.

Alice had blushed beet red at the thought of Bella being both wet and naked in the shower and Alice could feel herself get wet and she blushed even redder than she had ever blushed before. Alice could hear Bella get dressed in her clean clothes. Alice raised her right hand up and she gently knocked on Bella's front door loud enough for Bella to hear it. It was only a few minutes later after that when Bella rushes downstairs to answer the door.

Bella opened the front door to see Alice and she smiled softly at her crush. She had also noticed what Alice was wearing and she felt a blush as it had raised up in her pale skinned cheeks. Alice wore a tight shirt with a low neckline that had showed off a generous amount of cleavage. Bella had noticed that Alice's still wore her hair in a pixie cut that matched her face. Bella's eyes trailed down her body and she saw that Alice was wearing a rather tight pair of blue jeans that if she turned around, it would probably show Bella how tight that Alice's ass was and she tried to fight off another blush that was just starting to form on her face. 'Holy shit, Alice looks so fucking sexy tonight. I only hope that she thinks the same of me too. Maybe tonight, I'll finally be able to tell Alice how I truly feel about her'., Bella had thought to herself.

Alice had let her gaze go up and up Bella's body and she had finally noticed how beautiful that Bella looked right at that moment. Bella had combed her long black hair and it had flowed softly down her back and she wore a long sleeve t-shirt that had a vampire on front and Alice had let out a soft giggle at that. Bella giggled softly along with Alice for a moment and then Alice had noticed the tight pair of blue jeans that Bella was wearing and she had blushed a little bit as well.

Alice had then rushed forward and she pulled Bella into a tight hug, but she made sure that she didn't hurt Bella in the slightest and Bella had returned Alice's tight hug with one of her own tight hugs. The two young women had then pulled out of their hug at the exact same time. The two young women looked at one another and they blushed a bright shade of red once more. Bella opened the front door wider and she held it open for Alice. Alice smiled softly at Bella.

"Come on, Alice. Please come in before you catch a cold. It's starting to get really cold outside tonight"., Bella said to Alice, who shakes her head at Bella with another giggle slipping past her lips. 'Damn, Alice has such a cute and sweet little giggle'., Bella thinks to herself. Alice nodded her head in agreement then and she stepped into Bella's home and Bella closed and locked the front door behind the two of them. Bella walked closer to Alice and she gently grasped her hand in hers and the two of them walked upstairs to Bella's bedroom for a sleepover that would actually change their lives forever. In a really good way.


AN 2: And that's the end of the first chapter of A Vampire's True Love. I'll try to write and post the second chapter sometime tomorrow. And then I'll also try to get back to writing and posting my other current FanFics as well. As I have already said, this FanFic will have seven chapters and it will get pretty smutty as I write it and there will be some fluff too. Every chapter of this FanFic will range from 2k to 4k words long. I'm also changing the vampire lore and mythology in Twilight to be a little be different in this FanFic than it is in the Twilight books and movies.

If any of y'all have any ideas for this FanFic, please let me know. If I have had made any mistakes in this FanFic or one of my other countless FanFic's, please let me know in y'all's reviews. I thank all of y'all for reading, reviewing, favoriting, and following all of my work. As always please read and review. Until next time.