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Magical Musical

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Susan was standing there, not knowing what exactly do and her dad wasn't actually able to help, since he never has actually been in the platform 9 3/4. It was horrible, standing there seeing everybody walking pass them and she and her dad just beging there, with a siameses and everything she needed for hogwarts.


"Dad..." Susan finally spoked."Couldn't you at least called mom to know where we are supposed to go?" Her father was a muggle and her mother was a witch, she actually didn't know about that until she get her letter. Mr. Heere almost scream of happines when the owl came to their appartament with the letter.


"I tried, but she didn't answear." He moved his head around.


"Excuse me." A woman with blond hair toched Susan's shoulder, scaring her."Sorry dear, but are you searching platform 9 3/4? To the hogwarts express?" The girl looked at the woman with expection and nooded and the woman smiled."I know where it is, my son, Evan it's also going." For the first time Susan noticed a blond kid standing behind the woman."We can show you."


"Dad!" Susan called Mr Heere, who was a little bit distracted.


"Yes prince." Susan never actually liked when his dad called her 'princess', she prefered 'prince' and her dad always accepted that.


"They know where to find platform 9 3/4!" Her dad looked at the woman and muttured a small thank you.


The woman make a sign of follow me with her hands, with her son beside her. The four walk to a wall. "Here." The nice woman said.


Susan looked around. "Where?"


"Well sweetheart, you have to run toward the wall and you'll be there." The girl looked at the wall unsure if the lady was telling the truth. The woman noticed this and looked at Evan."Can you do it first sweety?" Evan looked at his mother scared. "You can do it Evan, just run I'll be there too I promise."


Evan give a long sigh and take his things, with alot of insecure run toward the wall and disapear in this, Susan gave a gasp of suprise. She looked how the Evan's mother put one hand on the handlerbar. "Let's do it together." The brown haired looked at her dad.


Mr. Heere get close to his daughter. "I can't come with you to the platform, so here I said goodbye." Susan give her dad a hug and a kiss on the check. She looked nervous at the wall, the lady nooded and both of them ran to the wall.


The girl closed her eyes and when she opened them her mouth almost drop out. The express Hogwarts was there. Evan jumped to his mother's arms, hugging her.


"Are you ready to go?" The woman looked at Evan with a warm smile on her lips. "Don't worry you are not alone. Jared must be here too and now you also have" Evan's mom looked at Susan, thats right they didn't presented each other.


"Susan Heere, Mrs..."


"Call me Heidi dear." The train make an awful sound. "You must go. Good look sweetheart." Heidi give Evan a kiss on the head.


The blond kid run inmediatly toward Susan. "I hope you don't mind if I go with you."


Susan smiled. "Not at all."


Both of them enter in the train, scared, nervous and excited.