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Let Sleeping Tigers Lie

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Ruby’s normal outfit was like a ninja’s already. Red and black were what people wanting to be stealthy wore, right? And since she was already supremely comfortable in her normal dark outfit, there was no need to do things like wear a mask or gloves. All she had to do was get up to the upper floors of this apartment building, and look for information on the White Fang. And really, how hard could infiltrating a guerilla organization be?

And so, half an hour later, a supremely confident Ruby Rose was creeping around the top floor of the apartment. And she was impressed. Not because she had found any wall-wide maps with a helpful red X marking the next attack, or anything, but because of how nice it was. If it wasn’t in shades of red and brown, Ruby thought it would be the kind of place Weiss would live in.

The only place left to check was the bedroom. Sneaking around in her big combat boots, Ruby opened the door and slipped in, quietly shutting it behind her. The quiet breathing she could hear told her that she shouldn’t turn the lights on. But maybe the criminal slash terrorist mastermind in here kept a detailed journal full of details about her plots and plans.

Careful groping around the room didn’t reveal anything beyond that whoever was in the room had (had being the operative word) a vase of flowers. Kicking the broken glass and water off of her boots, Ruby realized she would have to search the bed, looking for any drawers underneath the mattress. She quietly shuffled over to it, keenly listening to the even breathing of the sleeping person.

Ruby misjudged how close she was to the bed. Her legs hit the side of it, and, with a muffled squawk, she fell forward. The good news, was that she didn’t wake up the woman (and it was obviously a woman underneath her) in the bed. The bad news, or at least the embarrassing news, was that whoever it was got hot at night. Ruby had a handful of naked boob, and could feel a nipple pressing against her palm.

Gingerly, Ruby tried to withdraw. But she found that while she had been groping the woman, the woman had been groping her. There were two strong, firm arms behind, tugging her back down. Ruby was pulled on top of the woman, a stray hand confirming that even panties were too uncomfortable for the woman to sleep in.

Or possibly even wear. The rod Ruby had accidently wrapped her hand around was soft, but it was still pretty big. It would be quite the feat to fit this thing inside panties if it was what Ruby thought it was.

Well, it wasn’t her problem. All Ruby had to do was get out of this clingy woman’s embrace so she could continue her super-secret spying sortie. Although that was proving harder than anticipated.

The woman wasn’t content with just pulling Ruby down on top of her. Even as Ruby squirmed, trying to get away, the woman kept on grabbing her. The evenness of her breathing told Ruby she was asleep, but the way her hands were clutching at Ruby made her wonder how this lady managed to spend the whole night in her bed and not on the floor.

In fact, she was doing more than just grabbing at Ruby. As Ruby’s corset was unlaced, she realized she was actually getting undressed by someone who was sound asleep. Not that the realization made Ruby feel a whole lot better. Getting nekkid was getting nekkid, after all. And there didn’t seem to be much she could do to stop herself from getting undressed.

The woman’s hands were all over, and Ruby couldn’t use too much force to bat them away. Not if she wanted to keep the lady sleeping, and not asking question like ‘Who are you?’ or ‘What are you dong in my room?’

And there were only so many parts of the woman that Ruby felt she should be touching. While she got a guilty thrill out of the accidental brushes her hand and the woman’s rod had, Ruby was worried that touching that thing too much would not only make it grow faster than it already was, it could wake its owner up.

And as Ruby’s eyes adjusted to the dark, barely lit confines of the room, she could see more and more of the woman. The first thing she noticed was the lady’s unusual skin. It was like she had tiger stripes, lines of darker skin going between her still rather dark regular skin. It was a very striking appearance and Ruby wondered if it was a tattoo or her natural Faunus trait.

While the woman’s skin color was the most interesting thing about her, it wasn’t the most pressing. That honor belonged to the shaft that was rising up through Ruby’s legs, making her skirt poke up. For a few minutes, at least, before the sleeping woman’s hands unbuttoned it, leaving Ruby in nothing but her underwear and leggings.

With most of her body bare, Ruby was becoming of how warm the lady was. No wonder she slept naked, if she was this hot just sleeping. But as nice as the soft, warm skin felt (and of how extra soft her breasts were), Ruby still had places to be, and things to do. And getting stripped by someone who didn’t even know she was doing so wasn’t on the list.

Ruby once again tried to hop off the bed, and once again was pulled back. This time, though, she ended up with the woman’s cock pressed right between the inverted triangle of her thighs and her crotch. Ruby made a soft noise as the hot, hard length brushed her. Oh, this wasn’t good. Ruby’s inner thighs were very sensitive, and contact against them could get her going in a hurry.

Ruby’s arousal wasn’t helped by the fact that it was hot to get stripped by firm yet gentle hands. Especially because those hands didn’t hesitate to grope her, to get a handful of Ruby’s breasts through the material of her bra or to slide along her black panties. Ruby wasn’t getting horny as quickly as the woman obviously was, but there was already some roiling lust inside her belly.

Ruby kept on squirming around, though she was having trouble telling if she was trying to escape or to get even more sensation. And it really didn’t matter, since the woman holding her was obviously only going to let her go in her own time, when she was done with Ruby. And not a minute before.

Which was why Ruby wasn’t all that surprised when she ended up flat on her back with the woman on top of her. She wasn’t happy about it (or, at least, she was telling herself she wasn’t happy about it), but she wasn’t surprised either. What Ruby was surprised about was how honkin’ big the woman’s penis was. Ruby thought her fingertips would barely meet if she tried to wrap her hand around it. She stopped herself from checking only when her hand was halfway there.

What Ruby couldn’t stop was herself from getting stripped the rest of the way. And, to be fair, it was a fairly considerate stripping. There wasn’t a single tear of cloth or anything, which was rather better than Ruby had managed a couple of times. But she still ended up naked, pinned underneath a woman with a rather large cock.

Ruby was happy and optimistic, but she wasn’t an idiot. She knew what was about to happen, and that the only way to stop it would be to make enough of a racket to wake up this White Fang muckity-muck, letting her find a naked intruder in her bed. So Ruby decided to go with the flow, in as much as she could do anything at all.

She could moan, as she discovered as the woman sleepthrust her hips forward, running her cock along Ruby’s lower stomach and inner thighs. It felt good, having that hot, hard rod run against her. Certainly better than Ruby would have liked to admit to.

But the woman’s body obviously wanted to do more than just rub her cock along Ruby’s skin. Ruby might even have helped her, if her wrists weren’t pinned to the bed by the woman’s hands. But they were, so all Ruby could do was squirm around, trying to anticipate where the woman was going to thrust next.

It wasn’t a game Ruby was very good at, and it took a while before the woman (Ruby wondered what her name was) finally managed to sink into her vagina. And when that moment happened, it was a piece of blessed relief for Ruby. The lust inside her had been building and building, without a single way out. Now she was finally getting the chance to scratch that itch, even if it was with a complete stranger who didn’t even know that she and Ruby were fucking.

And the woman knew how to fuck pretty well. Ruby couldn’t begin to imagine what it must be like to have sex with this lady when she was awake, if her skill and energy when she was fast asleep was this impressive. As soon as her dick had actually sunk into Ruby, the woman had started thrusting like a demon. Ruby was forced to bite down on her tongue to keep herself from making too much noise.

Of course, there were some noises she couldn’t hope to muffle. The squelches and squishes from her wet pussy getting spread by a thick dick wasn’t something she could stop by keeping her mouth closed. And there were a lot of sounds from her pussy. The woman was fucking her at a pretty rapid pace, even fast asleep. Her brown hips were slamming against Ruby, driving her cock deep into the little reaper. And Ruby was loving it.

Ruby would have felt even better if her breasts were getting played with, but with her hands pinned down, they couldn’t do anything more than jiggle, her stiff nipples bouncing back and forth on top of her mounds. And the woman’s breasts were doing a whole lot more jiggling. Not only was she moving more, she had a lot bigger boobs. They were really shaking back and forth, dark nipples swaying in a way that made Ruby want to lean up and take one in her mouth.

Ruby swallowed the drool that had accumulated, trying to focus on how good she felt. If she was stuck here for the duration, she might as well enjoy it as much as she could. And it wasn’t very hard to enjoy it.

Ruby’s wet pussy was clinging to the dick that was going in and out of her. She wasn’t even consciously trying that hard to squeeze down around it. It was just happening. And then something more happened.

Ruby didn’t realize what the pulse of the rod inside her meant. Her first clue that the woman fucking her was a quickshot was when she started cumming inside Ruby. And there was a lot of cum. Ruby squealed around closed lips as she felt jet after jet of cum get pumped into her. Ruby had thought that her pussy had already been stuffed with the lady’s cock, but the cum pushed her to even new heights of fullness. Ruby twitched around underneath the woman, unable to tell if she was trying to get away from the swelling feeling inside her or just wiggling around in pleasure.

Ruby hadn’t gotten enough stimulation to cum yet, but it still felt really good to get her insides flooded like this. And she would take a bit of pleasure over an orgasm, especially since it meant Ruby could slip away now that the woman was worn out. Hopefully she could find her clothes without too much cum dripping out of her stuffed slit.

And then Ruby started to get an inkling of just what she was in for tonight. The woman’s cock didn’t deflate. It got a bit soft, but not very much. And, most importantly, it stayed hard inside Ruby, and the lady’s hands kept pinning Ruby down.

Ruby started wiggling, trying to slip off of the lady. One orgasm was more than enough for anyone, she thought, no matter what Yang said to the dates she brought home (and said it all night long, ensuring nobody else on Team RWBY got any kind of sleep). So now it was time to leave, before Ruby’s suspicions about what the rapidly hardening dick inside meant were realized.

Ruby’s suspicions were quite accurate, of course. And her attempt to get away were futile. She was kept down, her back pressed against the soft mattress, her body sinking into it as the lady kept on looming above her. And hardening inside her. Which was the much more pressing concern. Heh, pressing. Ruby might have found some amusement in other circumstances.

Right now, Ruby was mostly worried about how good she was going to feel when the woman started fucking her again. She had a hunch that she would be feeling really good, which wasn’t all that good. After all, she had been stripped, fucked and cum in without some much as a question. Ruby knew she was supposed to be feeling upset over all of that. Instead, she mostly felt curious and hopeful that the next round would make her cum.

Even as the cat-eared woman started slowly fucking Ruby again, Ruby ran over her options. She wasn’t getting out of here until… well, she wasn’t sure how or when she’d be leaving this bed. But since she was stuck here, Ruby might as well enjoy it, right? No sense complaining about the big cock of a stranger getting stuck in her if there was nothing she could about it, right?

Mentally shrugging her shoulders, Ruby did her best to enjoy the fucking she was getting. Letting her body relax and sink into the bed, she closed her eyes to better focus on what was happening inside her pussy. Ruby had never been fucked right after she’d gotten creampied. It was a new experience for her, so she better pay attention.

Ruby found it to be quite the interesting experience. The woman had cum enough that her semen had filled Ruby’s pussy, meaning the little reaper couldn’t feel every detail of the invading rod as clearly as she had the first time around. But there was something so deliciously naughty about getting fucked when her pussy was already full of cum, a sensation that sent a shiver through Ruby.

Ruby opened her eyes when she felt a soft, warm body pressing against her. She saw the woman’s face an inch away from her own, with the rest of her body far more firmly pressed against Ruby’s. Ruby felt utterly dominated and enveloped by the close contact, realizing that to an imaginary viewer above the two of them, she would barely be visible. Only her legs would be sticking out, the rest of her hidden underneath the woman’s broad back.

And the woman was using the closer position to really fuck Ruby hard. The young Huntress could barely keep her moans muffled as the brown-skinned lady entered Ruby time and time again, spreading her wet walls out around the large shaft entering her. It was feeling really good, and Ruby wasn’t sure how long she could keep herself from cumming. Then she realized there was no reason to deny herself the pleasure.

Ruby couldn’t stop herself from moaning as she came, a low, sultry sound. Her walls tightened down around the rod inside her, squeezing it from top to bottom. She felt her entire body shiver and quake as her orgasm rolled through her. When it was finally over, Ruby was left limply lying on the bed, firmly pinned underneath the woman.

Ruby wasn’t at all surprised when the woman kept on fucking Ruby through her orgasm. She kept on using the same long, slow strokes that seemed to fill Ruby up to bursting every time. Ruby squirmed around underneath her, wondering how long it would be before the woman came again. And how many times she could cum before Ruby would have a chance to escape. And how many times Ruby would cum between now and then.

Ruby could feel some cum sliding out of her, trickling in between the seal of her drenched lower lips and the woman’s rod. It felt kind of funny as the semen ran down her skin to puddle underneath her. Ruby was glad it wasn’t her bed they were doing this in. Laundry was bad enough without having to explain any white puddles in it.

It felt nice to have the woman’s breasts pressed against her own. Looking down, Ruby could see their weight forming a pillowing effect, something a lot more pronounced with the woman’s chest than with her own. But Ruby could still feel stiff nipples pressing against her sensitive skin. And Ruby was willing to take any bit of stimulation she could get. Maybe if Ruby leaned into the thrusts, that would get her boobs to move a bit, giving her even more pleasure. It was something to think about.

When the woman came again, Ruby groaned even louder than she had when she had cum. Her pussy was feeling stuffed, with a big cock and now two orgasms worth of cum inside it. And it felt good. It was like every bit of Ruby’s insides were getting stimulated, rubbed with the thick, hot cum.

Ruby twitched around underneath the lady, feeling her pleasure rise as the lady pumped more and more cum into her. Although it, once again, wasn’t enough to carry her over the edge into orgasm, Ruby didn’t mind that much. She was sure the woman wouldn’t be getting any softer or any less interested in Ruby’s body anytime soon. All she had to do was wait, and the heights of pleasure would be hers soon enough.
Ruby wouldn’t have believed her body could hold this much cum. And it was all in one spot, not across her entire body. The woman had cum plenty of times, and, every time, it was always pumped straight into Ruby’s pussy. Every. Single. Time. Ruby wasn’t on the pill, because of how it made her skin feel all itchy. She was really hoping, against all logic, that she wasn’t pregnant.

Well, part of Ruby was thinking that. The small corner of her brain that hadn’t melted into a pink puddle from getting fucked again and again by this sleeping stranger. The rest of her brain, and all of her body, was loving what had happened to her, and had long since stopped doing anything but letting the stranger have her way with Ruby again and again.

But it seemed like all good things had to end. On top of her, the woman was stirring, her face twitching. Ruby could hear soft sounds, even over the squelch of her pussy getting filled with more cum. The woman was about to wake up, though she may not believe she had when she saw what had happened.

Sure enough, when the woman opened her amber eyes and looked down at the panting, cum-filled mess underneath her, she didn’t seem at all surprised. Instead, she softly grinned and ran a hand down Ruby’s flushed cheek. And her cock inside Ruby stayed just as hard as ever.

“What a lovely treat,” she said in a soft, warm whisper as Ruby pressed her head against the palm. “Every night should be like this.”

Ruby whimpered as she pulled out of the little reaper. She was still up for more, even with all the orgasms she had gotten tonight. Ruby could also feel a river of cum come gushing out of her as the lady removed her cock. Lifting her head, Ruby joined the woman in watching, seeing just how far the puddle of cum spread.

It ended up being quite a large puddle. Ruby couldn’t believe all that semen had been inside her unprotected pussy, no matter how much her stomach had bulged. It didn’t seem possible that she could have taken that much and not burst.

The woman found the sight more erotic than awesome. The thick shaft between her legs stirred to life once again, slowly becoming hard. She reached down to stroke it as she looked both at the cum puddle and the girl it had come out of.

Ruby flushed under the lady’s gaze. She knew what she must look like. Pale skin, modest breasts with stiff nipples capping them, a flushed face staring upwards, she looked exactly like a girl who hadn’t been expecting the most fun-filled night of her life.

“What a good little pet you are,” the lady murmured underneath her breath.

She had started to crawl around on the bed, thick shaft swinging underneath her. Ruby watched silently, and a bit nervously, as the woman repositioned herself. Even after all the orgasms she had gotten, Ruby knew this could still turn out badly.

“And does my little pet want to help me out some more?”

Ruby barely heard the question. Instead, her attention was consumed by the thick, semi-soft dick that had just been put on her face. It was still smeared with Ruby’s arousal and the cum that had been pumped into her time and time again. She could feel their mixed juices running down her cheek as the thick, heavy shaft pressed against her skin. From this position, Ruby could smell, well, a lot. It wasn’t that pleasant of a smell, but it did run down Ruby’s spine to press a button marked LUST. Ruby squirmed underneath the woman, feeling herself getting wet again.

Feeling a cock pressed against her face slowly growing hard was a unique experience for Ruby. And while it wouldn’t rank as one of the most interesting things to ever happen to her, there was a certain appeal in slowly feeling the rod covering half of her face getting harder and harder and bigger and bigger.

The one eye that wasn’t covered with a dick was staring up at the lady. And the lady was staring down at her, a lusty, satisfied smile on her face. Ruby kept on glancing from the face to the lady’s breasts. She wasn’t much of a boob girl, but she had to admit, now that the woman had woken up and there wouldn’t be any chance of disturbing her slumber, if Ruby could get her hands (or lips) on those wonderfully brown mounds.

Although Ruby had to admit it was much more likely that she would keep on being a playtoy for this woman, to use how and when she wanted. And Ruby wasn’t naïve enough to not be able to tell what was likely to happen soon, what with the huge dick stretching from her forehead to her lips. But there was no harm in asking.


That had been what the lady had been waiting for. As soon as Ruby opened her mouth to speak, the woman had thrust forward, her cock sliding into Ruby’s mouth. Ruby’s eyes went wide, feeling the thick, hot shaft once again entering her body.

Ruby had sucked cock a few times before, and tried her skills out on toys before that. She knew a thing or two about giving head. But she had never tried to handle a cock so big before. Or one that was used in such a gentle but certain manner. The lady kept on pushing her hips forward, her cock slowly going deeper and deeper inside Ruby. First filling up her mouth, then against the back of her throat, and finally down it.

Ruby was deepthroating a cock. And her pace was entirely set by the woman. The woman with her hands on the sides of Ruby’s head, slowly pulling her up and down, making her bob along the cock. The woman with a confident smile on her face as she looked down at Ruby. The woman who was making Ruby get wet again.

“Come on, take all of it,” the lady whispered. “Take every inch of me. I want to see your entire neck bulging thanks to my dick.”

Ruby couldn’t nod, but she did her best to obey. She felt the woman’s cock sliding deeper and deeper into her, until her throat was bulging. It was a really strange feeling, being this stuffed. Ruby could barely breathe, only the barest wisps of air sneaking past the bulge and into her lungs. It was making Ruby feel lightheaded, in a strangely good way.

When the woman started to draw herself back out, Ruby was shocked at how empty she was left feeling. Somehow, it felt right to have the cock that had been so deep inside her pussy to be so deep inside her throat. And what about her ass- nope, nope, nope! Ruby wasn’t even going there!

Indeed, her deepthroating was taking up all of Ruby’s attention. The cat-eared woman was slow, and gentle, but absolutely firm. There was no way Ruby wasn’t going to swallow that dick until her nose was pressed against the woman’s smooth-shaven, brown skin.

Back and forth, back and forth it went. Ruby found there was something strangely easy about being made to suck a cock like this. She didn’t have to do anything at all, just let the hands on her head guide her back and forth. She could just keep pressing her tongue against the rod in her mouth, and enjoy the light-headed feeling of having her air supply reduced, though never to dangerous levels. Ruby’s eyes fluttered half-closed as she limply lay underneath the woman, her untended pussy drooling arousal to mix with the cum.

When the woman came, it was even more unusual than anything that had happened before. She didn’t pull out, either into Ruby’s mouth or out of her entirely. Instead, she kept her cock buried down Ruby’s throat, slowly pumping cum directly into her stomach. Ruby twitched a bit, feeling the liquid warmth appear in her belly. It seemed to fill her up, joining with the lust in her crotch.

Ruby softly moaned around the still-hard dick in her mouth as her belly was filled. Ruby couldn’t tell how many jets of cum had been pumped into her, but she felt stuffed. As the woman slowly drew herself back, her cock slipping out of Ruby’s mouth, the little reaper looked up at her with dazed eyes.

“Oh, little pet,” the lady said, “we’re going to have so much fun tonight.”

From the way her cock was already hardening again, Ruby was forced to agree. She just wished she knew the name of the woman fucking her.