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Kim Seokjin is F***king Who Now?

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Kim Seokjin knows exactly what he’s doing. Exactly. He’s eight beers in and two shots and he’s aiming a dart right at the-the, what’s it called? The thing? With the circles?

Whatever it is.

He’s aiming for it.

Right in the middle.

His pink tongue flops out to one side and he squints his eyes tightly and wills the world to stop moving so damn much so he can concentrate. He’s not drunk. No. Not his mind, at least. It’s just his body.

He keeps telling everybody that but they just keep laughing and nodding.

Fuck them.

Fuck them all.

Fuck—wait. Who is he fucking?

“Hey, big guy, you doin’ alright?” He gets asked and Jin turns around and he’s ready to square up.

But there’s no one there.

“You’re really fucking plastered, dude.”

Jin turns around the other way and smiles. Right. He was the other way. That’s, that’s fine. “M’fine,” he slurs.

He’s not fine.

Kim Seokjin is three sheets to the wind when he meets him. The boy with the dimple and glasses (everything else is a terrible blur, he’ll claim later). The stranger called him big guy but the other boy is definitely taller. Maybe not by much, but still. Seokjin is a model and he’s not used to most other dudes being taller.

He grins again at the boy and then his legs proceed to give out on him and the other boy grabs him, holds him up with a soft groan and another question that Jin is too plastered to understand. So he just makes a noise at him and the boy hauls him up higher so that he can halfway drag him out of the bar.

Jin shouldn’t be plastered. He’s got a flight tomorrow morning and a shoot after he arrives and maybe some business deals with more money involved. He’s got so much shit to do but he’s fucking hammered and this guy is shoving him into some sort of car.

“Am I getting kidnapped?” Jin slurs and looks around and then touches the window. Maybe he can ram his forehead into it. Everyone does say he’s hardheaded.

“No,” the boy laughs and grabs him, manhandles him to lay down and rubs his head with one hand and then reaches into Jin’s pockets.

“This is the nicest mugging ever,” Jin whispers and closes his eyes as he feels his wallet being pulled out. “You can take the money, please don’t stop rubbing my head though.”

“Where to, boss?” A man in the front seat asks and ok. Is Jin seriously about to get kidnapped?

“Uhm. Fuck,” the boy curses and then goes through Jin’s pockets again and laughs softly when he digs something else out. “Here please,” he says and takes whatever hotel keycard Jin has buried in his pocket and hands it to the driver.

The driver whistles and hands it back. “Long way from home, boss. Cost ya a pretty penny.”

“It’s fine,” he says.

Jin takes the time to slobber on the strangers pants and murmur out, “I have money.”

“It’s ok,” the stranger coos and moves his hand away. Jin frowns and grabs it and puts it back where it belongs, in his hair.

Jin doesn’t remember the ride over or much of anything else. He remembers getting out of the taxi and the stranger dragging him into the hotel and up to the elevator before he was unceremoniously deposited on the bed. The stranger had taken the time to remove his shoes and undo a few buttons of his shirt, then tucked him in and then proceeded to leave after leaving a glass of water on the bed.

When Jin wakes up, the water is warm and there’s two pills on beside of it that he eagerly takes and then regrets sitting up when the room spins. Flashes of the night come back to him and he reaches down into his pocket and curses when he doesn’t feel his wallet. And then he looks up and sees his nice jacket has been folded up neatly and on top is his wallet, his cards and cash are still inside and nothing is missing.

When his phone goes off Jin curses. He’s fucking late for his flight.




“I don’t understand why you’re bothering to even finish, I mean, like, it’s not like you need a degree,” Jimin says lightly once Jin has returned from the dead.

They’re sitting in an airplane together but the plane hasn’t moved nor will it. It’s not even a real fucking plane. It’s just the inside of one that they’re using to take pictures of for the next season of clothes coming out. It’s a commercial shoot but it’s not like his old JCPenney shoots. This shit is for the new Versace line.

“Because looks fade,” Yoongi says from off to the side, adjusting the cameras and then looking up at the both of them and just staring when they don’t reply. “What? Hope you both weren’t planning on being models forever.”

Jimin swallows thickly and then looks up at Jin with worried eyes. “Maybe I should get a degree too, right?”

“Don’t listen to him, Jimin,” Jin sighs and then glares at Yoongi for a moment. “He’s teasing. Besides, we all know that you’ll forever be employed, Chimchim,” he says and grins at Yoongi and Yoongi glares back and then holds his camera up.

“Get make up over here, not even me and my editors can fix those hungover eye bags that Jin’s sporting,” Yoongi says and Jin grins victoriously. “You’ll ugly up first, Jin.”

“Yeah, but I’ll have a degree and I’ll be able to get a real job where I’ll never have to put up with you again, Min Yoongi,” he says through a smile.

“That day won’t come soon enough,” Yoongi replies and snaps the first picture.

As much as Yoongi wants to hate Jin, he can’t. They’ve worked together for years and Jin knows how to fucking model better than anyone Yoongi has seen before. It irks him. And it also makes his job easier. But also, working with one of your best friends does get to him sometimes.

And especially when that friend knows who you’re crushing on.

Jin grins again when Yoongi has to instruct Jimin to pose a bit differently, moves him around carefully to show off his body in different angles.

“Think less commercial,” Yoongi murmurs. “You’re not trying to sell the clothes, Jimin, you’re trying to make this a striking image. Sell yourself and the clothes come second.”

Jimin poses differently and Yoongi nods in satisfaction and then gives Jin the finger when Jimin isn’t looking.

It’s hours later when Jin is wearing clothes that don’t feel too stiff that Yoongi walks over to him, groaning a bit. “How do I rip my heart out and stop having feelings?” He asks seriously and moves to sit down next to Jin.

“Ask Jimin on a date and fall in love and realize you’re an idiot.”

Yoongi nods. “Or,” he starts, “I can pretend I didn’t hear you say any of that and sulk silently and attempt to treat Jimin like any other professional until my dick listens to me and stops pining and pointing north towards Jimin.”

“If it was just your dick pointing north, you’d be bitching less and trying to talk to him more to get in his pants,” Jin points out.

“Ugh, why can’t I be a normal photographer that just hits on my models and promises them to get them a better career if they suck me off a few times? Why are feelings involved?” Yoongi groans and then shakes himself out of it. He turns and then looks over at Jin and snorts. “Why do you look like death? You even smell. God. Disgusting.”

Jin snorts. “First of all,” he starts, “it’s the suit. It’s gorgeous but it’s fucking hard as a rock and it’s shit when it comes to sweat. Second of all, I’m hungover as hell and I’ve taken a few beta blockers and I think I stopped having a pulse hours ago and I can’t remember any of last night except for the fact that I may or may not have gotten kidnapped and I may or may not have gotten mugged.”

“Or your identity stolen.”

“Or my identity stolen,” Jin agrees with wide eyes. “Fuck. I’m fucked.”

Yoongi nods and then laughs loudly. “God. That’ll be great. I hope your identity did get stolen,” he says and Jin glares.

“Why are we friends?”

“Because I have ugly pictures of you and it’s either be my friend or your career dies.”

Jin nods. “I enjoy money too much so I guess we cans stay friends,” he says and shrugs and then smirks. “On a serious note, some dude from the bar dragged my drunk ass back to the hotel.”

“Isn’t that like a fucking hour away?”

Jin nods. “I checked my card and my cash, dude paid for it himself. He was nice. He rubbed my hair. I think I threw up on his shoes.”

“Buy Him new shoes.”

Jin shakes his head. “No, he dumped my body and left. Didn’t get his name. He had one dimple though, I remember that much.”

“One dimple?” Yoongi asks. “A one dimpled man in all of New York? Oh yeah. You’ll find him easily,” he says and then looks around and finds his intern and nods at her. She scurries away and Jin snorts. “Every time I nod she gets me coffee.”

“Why did you teach her that?”

“I didn’t,” Yoongi snorts. “Taehyung told her that that’s what it meant as a joke and no one’s corrected her on it.”

When his intern comes back and sets down Yoongi’s coffee, Yoongi looks up at her and then nods again and she runs off to grab another cup. They laugh until Jin cries.




“Jin!” Jimin calls after him on their way out of the set. “Jin, hey, hey, stop walking. I’ve gotta’ question.”

Jin stops and waits. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering about your schooling and stuff? Is it—is it hard to balance school and modeling?” Jimin asks seriously, adjusts the bag on his shoulder and stares. “Because, because I mean, I don’t want to, like, age out of modeling and then be stuck with nothing. I mean, that would suck, right? I mean, is it hard? Is it doable?”

Jin smiles and shrugs. “It’s ok. It’s a bit of a struggle right now, honestly. Four years ago I was still just doing low end commercial stuff for some extra cash and now I’m, I’m flying from New York to LA to do my shoots and go to class. It’s—it’s tiring,” he admits.

Monday, Tuesday, he has morning classes. And then he tried to cram everything else at night or on Wednesday. What ended up happening is that he’s free on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and then Fridays he’s got two classes that last way too fucking long. Plus an online course that’s killing him. It sucks.  

He’s in a constant state of jet lagged and he can’t remember timezones. Last semester he was able to get his classes crammed in to two days which was fine, it was like a mini vacation from modeling. Now he can’t remember which way is up some days. Which is why when his Friday classes were all cancelled and his red eye that night was also cancelled, he knew it was a sign from the universe to get fucking hammered. 

“Oh,” Jimin whispers. 

Jin shakes his head. “Don’t worry about it, Mini. You’ve got an amazing career ahead of you.” 

“But Yoongi said— 

“Yoongi is a bitter old man who doesn’t know how to be nice sometimes, especially when it comes to you.” 

Jimin smiles a bit sadly and then nods. “Ok,” he agrees and that’s when Yoongi comes out of the studio and catches up to Jin. 

“Hey. Bar tonight?” Yoongi asks, claps him on the back and then freezes up when he sees Jimin.

“I have homework in my online class,” he declines and shakes his head. “We’re getting our papers peer edited and my peer editor is a dick.” 

“Hm. Sucks to suck, I guess,” he blows off easily and then turns to Jimin carefully and straightens up, tries to look cooler. Jin thinks he just looks uncomfortably constipated. And with the way that Yoongi eats, Jin doesn’t doubt that he is. “What about you, Jimin?” Yoongi asks and looks pointedly at the side of Jimin’s face so he doesn’t have to stare into those perfectly brown eyes. 

“I don’t drink,” Jimin admits. “I mean—I can still go. I mean, I- 

“That’s ok,” Yoongi says and shakes his head. “Uhm. We could, we could do, uh, dinner?” Yoongi’s voice goes up an octave when it breaks and he clears his throat and offers a small smile.

Jimin blinks at him a few times and then smiles back. “I’d like that.” 

“Wow, that took long enough,” Jin huffs and then turns on his heel and walks to his car, shoves his stuff into the passenger seat, and drives off. 

Yoongi texts him an hour later in pure panic over what he’s just done. Jin sends him a few emojis with the tongue.




  • You really need to stay on topic.
  • Your topic could be stronger.
  • Maybe you should research more.
  • I’m providing some links for you just in case.
  • And a link to help cite your sources
  • Actually I’ve cited them for you, I’ll send those in a separate email.
  • Just add those in properly (again, I’ve sent a link on how to help you do in text citations).
  • Just read over those things I’ve sent over in a doc on the notes, I’ve highlighted main problem areas in yellow. Red means you need to cite your source or you’ll get flagged for plagiarism. The green means you did good and don’t have to change it.
  • Also. Your voice is passive and it should be in active voice.
  • Just add some info from those sites I sent.
  • Overall, Good job. You’ve improved a lot since last time :)




The whole entire document has been highlighted yellow and there’s a lot of red sprinkled in. His name has been highlighted in yellow and he realizes it’s because it’s been misspelt. His ending sentence and the date are in green though, he counts that as a win.

The thing is, the dude who peer edits his stuff isn’t actually a shitty dude (Jin doesn’t actually know his name, while Jin sends him his full name, ‘N’ tends to block out his own name except for the first letter. Another weirdo thing he does to add to his mental shit list of the dude). He’s always been nice when he tears Jin’s papers apart and helps piece them back together. Jin has never thought of himself as bad in English, this dude just happens to be way better. Besides, Jin doesn’t give a rat’s ass about English courses. He’s getting a degree in acting. He doesn’t need to know how to write a thesis or cite sources. He can read goodly already, thank you.  

While his editor is a hard ass about everything, Jin is a hard ass about other things.


  • You rambled. Said the same thing three times in different ways.
  • My eyes crossed reading a few sentences.
  • Please use smaller words.
  • Please use less words.
  • Please use less small words when making up for the lack of big words.
  • Please use less big words.
  • Some parts were very boring.
  • Like wow did I almost fall asleep.
  • You’re over the word count.
  • I’ve highlighted the areas where you need some work and tone it down just a bit. Overall good job :)
  • :)
  • :)
  • :)



 Jin highlights the entire thing and sends it back to his editor with a satisfied smirk. It’s petty, even he knows it, but it still makes him feel better




On Sunday, Seokjin starts packing his bags for his classes on Monday. He rubs at his eyes tiredly and then groans a bit, hears his phone ringing. He’s tempted to ignore it. But he doesn’t.

“Yoongi,” he says. 

“So I went out to dinner with Jimin and I leaned in to kiss him but then I chickened out last second and now I think he thinks I tried to head butt him.” 

Jin snorts. “How did you even manage that, Min Yoongi?” 

“I give up,” Yoongi sighs. “You were right, I’m a bitter old man who doesn’t know how to romance.” 

“You heard that?” Jin asks and then snorts. “Jimin is sweet. He’s nice. He’s young, Yoongi.” 

“Is he too young?” 

“You guys are literally Fourish years apart, it’s fine, Yoongi.” 

Yoongi huffs and then gets quiet for a minute before he talks again. “Leaving already?” 

“Yes, dear. I’ll be back Wednesday.”

“But then you just leave again Thursday,” Yoongi reminds him. “Don’t be late Wednesday. I’m not shooting you, just doing the edits and you’ve got great form but when you don’t sleep your eyebags are a bitch to get out.” 

Jin snorts. “You’re so sweet to me.” 

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll pick you up Tuesday night,” Yoongi murmurs and then sighs again. “I’ve literally

Slept or dated models that were...that were just—and then Jimin—fuck.” 

Jin smiles. “Tongue tied there, buddy?” 

“Shut up.”




Jin gets to his extended stay hotel around midnight. He’s exhausted and the plane’s WiFi was awful. He’s managed to shove more information into his paper and has sorted the sources out accordingly. Ok, he can’t lie. His paper is way better now. 



Fixed it. Green light me.  


He sends out to the fellow classmate when he has WiFi again in his room. He’s finished majority of his work when he decides to just take a late grade on the rest or cram it in during class. But he needs sleep. He’s exhausted and jet lagged and he wants to sleep for days. 

He closes his eyes. 

And his alarm goes off way too early. 

He opens them and groans, wants to cry. So he kicks his legs out like a petulant child and then sits up and wipes his face. Ok. Time to go. 

He showers quickly before he’s out the door and traveling down to his first class, holding some overpriced coffee in his hand when he arrives just a couple of minutes too late. His professor is used to it by now.



Monday night, he gets back a response from N his editor and he squints at it sleepily.


  • Anything highlighted is what you need to work on.
  • Your in text citations need work.
  • Got off topic again.
  • You changed your last paragraph, I preferred the first one as a whole but the citations and quotes are better this time.
  • Anything highlighted is what you should fix. 



Jin clicks on his doc and the entire thing is still fucking highlighted. He’s also got an email with N’s work and he opens it angrily and skims through it to see he hasn’t changed a goddamn thing.


  • Anything highlighted is still too fucking boring to fucking read that I fucking fell asleep again. If only you had an editor that would warn you about being so fucking boring and rambly and shit.
  • Hm
  • Oh Fucking wait
  • You do
  • :)
  • :)
  • :)
  • P.S These are passive aggressive smiley faces
  • P.P.S. how’s thise for a passive voice?
  • :)
  • Seokjin


He slams his laptop and goes to fucking sleep.




He forgets about that assignment completely and then goes to the bar in the afternoon. His favorite bar tender is there, cleaning up a bit but he lets Jin in anyways and lets him order before they’re technically open. 

“What happened now?” Hoseok asks lightly, staring at Jin before he slides his beer over to him. 

It’s something local, a pale ale that’s far too bitter for most people. Hoseok has tried to get rid of it but Jin and only one other customer order it enough that he can’t remove it from his inventory. 

“Fucking class is killing me,” Jin groans, hides his face in his hands. “I’m a fucking model. I don’t need this shit.” 

“Yeah, but you did promise your mom to graduate,” Hoseok argues and Jin groans again and collapses in on his arms. “She should be proud that her son is the face of Gucci.” 

“No, no, no,” Jin says and sits up, wiggling his finger at Hoseok. “Versace. Gucci couldn’t afford me,” he corrects. 

Hoseok rolls his eyes so far back he almost swallows them. “Whatever. You’re annoying regardless of the brand,” he jokes. Jin thinks he’s joking???? “I’m kidding,” Hoseok laughs. “I like you. It’s why I’m letting you into my bar two hours early and letting you drink that shitty beer only you and one other person in this entire city actually enjoy.” 

Jin shrugs. “I have acquired tastes.” 

Hoseok nods. “I’m glad you made it home safe the other night. I was gonna do it myself but then that dude stepped in,” he says. 

Jin looks Him over. “Yeah? Do you know his name?” Jin asks. 

Hoseok shakes his head. “No. You two order the same shitty beer though.” 

Jin smiles. “Well then. I think I puked on his shoes, so, I’m gonna pay for a whole whopping seven drinks for him. Whenever he’s here, tell him he’s got seven shitty beers, on me.” 

Hoseok laughs and leans in. “Seven? Oh. Big big spender.” 

“Fine. Ten.” 

“Wow, such a difference.” 

“He’s got fifty Fuck drinks on me,” Jin finally says and Hoseok nods and leans back again. 

“Fine. Fifty,” he agrees. 

Jin pays for fifty drinks, tips big time, and then leaves and realizes he may or may not have gotten a little swindled out of some money. Whatever.




As soon as he steps into the library, he regrets it. He’s a couple of drinks in, not exactly drunk but pleasantly buzzes and his face is a little too hot and he can’t exactly focus. His flight leaves in exactly six hours and he’s got some time to kill. He’d rather spend it in a bar but he can’t be a drunk and get on a plane. So he’s in the library, reading over a text book and taking notes, trying to sober up just a bit more. 

“Is someone sitting here?” Someone asks, interrupts Jin’s note taking and he looks up to see a tall boy with a hand on the chair across from him.

Jin shakes his head. “No.” And then looks down and continues to take notes, squinting his eyes again. He stares at the same few words and then looks up and sees the boy in front of him, writing away and without a care in the world. “How do you do that?” 

The boy looks up slowly, blinks at Jin a few times as if he can’t believe he’s been interrupted. When Jin’s stare doesn’t falter, he speaks. “Do—do what?” He asks slowly, a bit confused. 

“Study without wanting to stab your eyes out.” 

“Without gauging my eyes out?” The stranger laughs and shrugs. “I like studying. I like reading,” he admits with a gentle shrug. He likes shrugging, apparently. 

“Hm,” Jin hums and nods and looks back down at his own work again. “Do you ever think about how much time we waste on studying?” Jin asks, looking up again. “I mean, think about it. That’s a lot of fucking time on homework and studying.” 

The boy looks up again and nods. “Yeah, it’s a lot of time,” he agrees. “I don’t mind it. I’ve got nothing else better to do. Unless it’s work. But, honestly, I’d rather study than work.” 

“I love working,” Jin admits and then looks down when the boy doesn’t answer again. But then just continues talking anyways. “What do you do?” 

“What do I do with what?” 

“Work,” Jin says. Stares.

The boy gives up and puts a cap on his pen. “Oh. I’m a barista,” he says and shrugs. “Hours are shit and pay is worse but I’ve been working there since I was a freshmen and didn’t know any better. I don’t, I don’t really like change so I don’t know. I hate it but not enough to change it. Don’t all college kids hate their jobs because they’re broke and underpaid?” 

Jin nods, bites at his lower lip. “I guess yeah.” 

They’re silent. The boy slowly uncaps his pen again and then looks down at his books. 

“I’m not underpaid. I actually get paid really well. I like my job,” Jin speaks up. “I really like my job.” 

“Then why are you here?” The boy asks seriously, sounding a bit flustered. 

“My mom wants me to get a degree,” he explains and then sits back in his chair, sets his pens down. 

“Oh,” the boy replies. 

“I’m a model. She says that I should have a back up plan. Looks don’t last forever,” Jin laughs softly. He needs Fucking sleep. Or another drink. Or a drink while he’s asleep. Maybe drinking in his dream?

The boy blinks a few times. “Oh?” 

“Right. And, and I was modeling on the side when I got here years ago and then my career kicked off and now, now I’m in Fucking Milan one day and then going to France the next. But then I have to do this shit. I have to, I have to study. I have to cite sources, fix my fucking papers,” he says angrily and then sighs loudly, rubs his eyes tiredly. “Sorry. I’m—I’m stressed.” 

The boy nods. “Oh.” 

They’re quiet. 

The boy is the first to speak this time. “I’m Namjoon. I’m also very stressed.” 

Jin looks up at him and blinks a few times. “Yeah?” 

Namjoon smiles and nods. “Yeah,” he agrees and laughs softly. “I took an extra class this year thinking I’d get ahead of them game. I was wrong. It’s so—I feel like a fucking idiot. Like, like there’s people in there with like years of prior knowledge and I just thought it was a beginning level or something,” Namjoon complains. 

“Fucking right? I feel that,” Jin agrees and sits up. “I’m taking an English class. I speak it just fine, right?” 

Namjoon nods. “Yeah, absolutely.”

“Thank you! My fucking peer editor thinks I’m like—I think they think I’m a fucking idiot or something. They literally tear my shit apart all the fucking time. They’re rude about it too. They mock me,” Jin exaggerates. 

Namjoon laughs. “God. What a fucking stick in the mud. You’re supposed to help people. They need to get the stick out of their ass, man,” Namjoon chuckles. “I peer edit too. And, and like I’m trying my hardest not to go off on this guy. But his shit is just, oh my god, it’s like a kindergartener wrote it.” 

Jin laughs loudly and then they get shushed so they lean in closer together. “Seriously?” Jin chuckles.

Namjoon nods and grins wide. “Seriously. He misspelled his name.”

“What a fucking idiot,” Jin chuckles and then leans back in his chair again. “I’m Jin.” 

Namjoon nods and holds out his hand for Jin to shake. “Namjoon. I think—I think I said that already. I can’t remember.” 

“Namjoon,” Jin says again and smiles, shakes his hand and then lets go of it. “Are you good at any of this?” He asks, points at the books. 

Namjoon nods. “Yeah, Uhm, I wouldn’t, actually, I wouldn’t use those books,” he says lightly and looks at Jin. “I could show you.” 

Jin nods. “Yeah, that would be great.” 

Namjoon leads the way. 

The library is huge and it’s nearly empty for a Tuesday night. Might be because people actually have better things to do than sit in a library but whatever. Jin doesn’t complain too much internally. He doesn’t mind the company. Namjoon is cute. 

“So, uh, what’re you majoring in?” Jin asks. 

“Uhm. There’s a long winded version but I’m very stressed and even saying it out loud makes me want to yank my hair out,” Namjoon chuckles and moves down one of the rows of books. “Essentially. I’m doing philosophy.” 

Jin nods. “I’m doing acting. I regret every decision I’ve ever made with it too.” 

Namjoon snorts and then stops suddenly and Jin bumps into him, presses him into the books. They laugh and then Jin steps back. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to...well, do that,” he laughs and then clears his throat. 

“It’s fine. I stopped suddenly. Uhm—so, yeah, these books right here will help you out more,” Namjoon explains lightly and points. 

Jin reaches out for it at the same time Namjoon does and their hands kind of lock but neither moves. Jin laughs and bites his lip. “Sorry?” 

Namjoon turns and smirks. “S’okay.” 

They’re quiet. He can hear Namjoon swallow. And then Jin moves so that he’s pressing Namjoon into the books again. “Uhm. You’re a little gay right?” Jin asks softly. 

Namjoon smiles wide. “I’m a lot more than a little gay,” he responds. “You?” 

“I’m open to interpretation,” Jin responds smoothly. “Do you know what they say about stress? And how to relieve it?” 

Namjoon laughs, throws his head back as he does and Then Jin shushes Him. “No I don’t. Refresh my memory,” he whispers, leans in as Jin leans in. 

“They say sex is the best stress reliever,” Jin whispers, looks around the row of books and then looks back down at Namjoon. His dick is already interested. 

“Really?” Namjoon asks and shrugs. “Guess you’ll have to prove it.” 

Jin chuckles and then leans in, kisses Namjoon and then licks into his mouth almost immediately. 

It’s quick. 

They can’t have actual sex here. 

But Namjoon can get on his knees for Jin, can pull down his ridiculously expensive jeans and take all of Jin’s dick into his mouth, bob his head, hollow out his cheeks. And then he can swallow his come and Jin is almost hard again just by the sight of it.

Namjoon is so turned on by the time Jin gets his hands on him. He shushes the other boy, shoves Him back into the books again and Namjoon muffled a laugh into Jin’s neck. Jin gets his hand into his jeans and grabs his dick and then pumps him, jerking him quickly. 

Namjoon throws his head back, lets out a quiet, broken sound and Jin attaches his mouth to the side of his neck. He finds a sensitive spot and Namjoon tenses up in his hold, bucks his hips up towards Jin’s fist harder. 

“Want me to blow you? Finish off in my mouth?” Jin whispers in his ear and Namjoon nods quickly, bites at his lower lip to keep from groaning. 

So it’s Jin’s turn to sink down to his knees. He opens his mouth and then sucks on Namjoon’s head, still pumping him with his hand. It doesn’t take much else before the boy is grabbing at Jin’s hair and coming in his mouth on a soft cry. 

His whole body trembles and twitches as Jin pumps him through the aftershocks. Then he goes boneless and then both sit down and lean against the books beside of each other. They fix themselves quickly and then relax again. 

Jin is the first to laugh and break the silence, panting a bit still. “That was a surprising turn of events,” he says lightly, feeling a lot less tired and definitely more sober. 

Namjoon grins and nods. “Definitely surprising, not unwanted. I got my dick sucked by a model. That’s dope.”

Jin snorts. “I got my dick sucked a nerd,” he says playfully and turns to grin at Namjoon. 

Namjoon laughs and nods. “I think I’m the winner here,” he jokes lightly. 

That’s when Jin’s phone buzzes. He reaches down and slides it open to see a new email. It’s from an hour ago but the reception is wonky at best in the library. “He sent an actual list of what I did wrong,” Jin snorts.

“Who did?” Namjoon asks and laughs. “Your editor?”

“Yeah,” Jin laughs too loudly and then shushes himself. “A fucking list and he’s like going off on me about not taking this seriously.”

Namjoon laughs loudly, scrunches his eyes up. “Oh my God, seriously?” 

Jin nods and chuckles. “Seriously. This guy is—wow. He’s insane.” 

“I wish mine were insane,” Namjoon says. “This dude is just—he’s not bad. But he’s just—he tries his best, ok? But at this point I’m tempted to offer out my services and just do his damn work at this point.” 

Jin snorts. “God. That bad? Guy sounds like an idiot.” 

“He’s trying,” Namjoon says again, “but he’s a fucking dick about it. Probably has, like, little dick syndrome because he’s taking shit personally. And yours sounds like he needs to take that stick out of his ass,” Namjoon chuckles and then stops. “Wanna read the kindergartener’s paper?” 

“Oh god yeah. Will I even be able to or is it that bad?” 

“Fuck, you tell me. Just read his work and laugh.” 

“Fuck, ok. I’ll let you read my dude’s. You will fucking fall sleep after the first sentence,” Jin says and they grab their phones and open up the documents and switch. 

Jin reads the first sentence and then freezes up. He knows that sentence. He knows it far too well. He knows this whole thing. He looks up and stares at the wall across from him feeling a bit dead inside. 

He’s reading his own god damn paper that he sent to his editor this morning.




Jin stares blankly ahead as he waits for the photographer to arrive. Jimin’s there because he’s always there. “What’s going on?” He asks lightly. 

Jin shakes his head slowly and pouts his lips. “Nope. Don’t wanna talk about it.” 

Jimin nods. “Is Yoongi our photographer today?” He asks and looks around. 

“Nah, he’s in the back today. He’ll be editing,” Jin says lightly and then nods. “Ok. I’m talking about it. I slept with someone. Sort of. We sucked dicks. Mutual dick sucking.” 

Jimin turns and looks at him. “Yeah?” 

Jin nods. “And I regret it. But not because the dick sucking was bad it’s just that, that I shouldn’t have sucked this persons dick.” 

Jimin blinks at him and nods. “Ok? Why?” 

“Because—well, it’s complicated. Doesn’t matter. But the point is I can’t take it back but, but we like work together on shit. Like, like he’s my damn editor,” Jin sighs and shakes his head. “This is gonna be so awkward now. I can’t face him ever again,” he says and throws his head back dramatically. “And I mean-Jimin?” 

He looks up when the boy walks away quickly, wiping at his face.




“Jimin won’t talk to me,” Yoongi says quietly when Jin’s done with the shoot and he goes to the back to see Yoongi about it. 

“What?” Jin asks and makes a face. “That kid is like halfway in love with you.” 

“He’s—he literally won’t talk to me. I asked him out to lunch and he just shook his head and walked away,” Yoongi sighs out and then relaxes back into his chair. “I hate models,” he groans and throws his head back in despair. 

“Great. Anyways. Back to me,” Jin says lightly. “I sucked my editor’s dick in the library last night.” 

“You did what with whom?” Yoongi fumbles and then sits up. “The dick that edits your shit for English? The one that implied you couldn’t read?” 

“No. No. He knows I can read. And write. Just at a kindergarten level. Yeah. Well. I sucked his dick last night. He has a nice dick,” Jin says lightly. “I may drop out of that class. It’s not too late to withdraw.” 

“You’ll have to take another semester of it.” 

Jin curses and then sighs in defeat. “I’ll be a grown adult about it. I’ll talk to him.”



  • I’m sorry things are weird now
  • I’m sorry I implied you had a stick up your ass
  • I’m sorry I called you insane
  • And boring
  • But you are really good at dick sucking
  • And I enjoyed myself then
  • Can this please not effect anything?



  • I’m sorry I called you an idiot
  • And a kindergartener
  • And stupid
  • And I enjoyed you swallowing my come and jerking me off
  • I wouldn’t let this affect us.




  • Will you meet me for coffee or something on Friday?
  • We can talk about our papers in person. 




  • No.
  • Let’s do smoothies or something.
  • I really am tired of coffee.





They sit in front of each other awkwardly and Namjoon sips on his smoothie lightly. “So.”


Namjoon is the first to talk officially. “I didn’t know you were a model,” he says lightly and bites at his lower lip.

 Jin frowns. “I told you I modeled last time,” he points out, remembers rambling about it. 

“I didn’t know it was like, like legit modeling. Like. For Gucci,” Namjoon says lightly and slurps at the smoothie again. “It’s cool. 

“It’s Versace. 


Jin hums and smiles a bit, stirs his drink around to keep his hands busy. “I work for Versace,” he corrects. 

“Versace? Nice. Nice. Just Versace or like, Gucci or Chanel too? Or...or no? I don’t know how modeling works, honestly.”

“Gucci couldn’t—“ Jin stops himself. “Nah. Just Versace. Until fashion week kicks in and then I’ll probably go over to McQueen or something,” he admits.

“That’s really cool,” Namjoon says again and sips. 

It’s awkward. 

“So, Uhm. You make coffee,” Jin says. 

Namjoon nods. “I do,” he agrees and nods again. “This is awkward.”

“Yeah, right?” Jin says and laughs softly. “It’s really Fucking awkward.” 

“We shouldn’t have done that,” Namjoon says and shakes his head, laughing. “We shouldn’t have had...blowjobs. We shouldn’t have blowjob-ed.” 

Jin snorts. “I agree completely with your made up word. We should have never blowjob-ed,” he teases. “But, Uhm, you live and you learn and now we know not to do it again.” 

“Exactly,” Namjoon agrees.




Twenty minutes later, Jin shoves Namjoon against the wall in the single bathroom in the nearly empty smoothie place. He kisses him, parts his legs and shoves a thigh so that Namjoon can rock against it. 

Namjoon moans, leans in and kisses down Jin’s neck and lightly sucks on his exposed collar bone. “Don’t leave marks. My manager will kill me,” Jin whispers. 

Namjoon sucks harder and leaves a mark.




Namjoon leaves the bathroom first, his legs still wobbly and feeling a little dazed as he sits down at their table. Jin comes out second and nods awkwardly at the worker before sitting down in front of Namjoon. 

They stare quietly at each other for a few moments. 

“My hotel is’s like fifteen minutes away,” Jin offers, tries to seem casual. 

Namjoon shakes his head and then says, “my dorm is only seven minutes away.” 

“Seven is a good number,” Jin laughs. 

And Namjoon stands up and leads the way back to his place. 

Their clothes are already coming off before Namjoon even has time to lock the door. Jin’s mouth is already on him, sucking marks and stripping him down. They can make noise in here. 

Maybe not too much, but Namjoon doesn’t have to bite his lip so hard to groan when Jin palms him through his jeans.

And then fucks Namjoon into the too thin, too loud of a mattress.




Namjoon stares up at the ceiling after they’re done and laughs softly. “Well.” 

“Well,” Jin agrees and lays next to him. “I haven’t had sex in a year.” 

“Really?” Namjoon asks and turns to look at him. “You’re a model. What the fuck, dude?”

Jin laughs softly and shrugs. “I just work a lot. And I go to school too. I—shit what time is it?” He asks and sits up, moving to grab his watch. “My flight leaves in two hours. I got some time,” he sighs and lays back down. 

Namjoon snorts. “Where to?” 

“LA,” he says softly and closes his eyes. “I’ll leave tonight, get there by early morning. Have to come back Sunday. Leave Tuesday night. Come back Thursday night. And do it all Fucking again,” Jin sighs. “I’m stressed.” 

The other boy hums, turns on his side and leans in to kiss Jin’s chest. “You have two hours left, yeah?” Namjoon asks softly. “And do you know what they say about stress?” He asks and moves Jin around so the lanky boy is straddling Namjoon’s thighs.


“Sex is a great stress reliever,” he replies and his hands go to Jin’s hips.

 "Let’s prove that theory, yeah?”

Namjoon bites his lip and then Jin rides Namjoon until he comes inside of him and then has to rush to get to the airport, body a little sore but oh, oh so worth it.




  • Your shit is still boring
  • Please use smaller words. They kind of get lost and lose their touch if you use too many of them.
  • Can I eat you out when I come back?
  • Overall, it’s less boring. Slept less. 




  • Fixed your name finally.
  • Use bigger words.
  • If you eat me out, I’ll find you bigger words to use for you.
  • Overall, it’s better.




  • What if I eat you out
  • And then get dinner
  • And then you eat me out after dinner.




  • I will come
  • and have a full stomach
  • Then get dessert in the shape of a model’s ass
  • And your paper will still be torn apart by me
  • But I’ll be in a far better mood
  • And more willing to cite your sources for you.
  • And possibly change a few words in your paper to make it better.




  • Deal.





Jimin still hasn’t spoken Yoongi and Jin’s had enough of his best friend sulking. The next time he sees Jimin, Jin grabs his wrist and pulls him away. 

“Dude, what’s your deal?” He asks seriously. 

“I like Min Yoongi,” Jimin blurts out. 

Jin nods and then blinks a few times and then nods again. “Ok? And? He likes you too.” 

Jimin makes a face and then looks away. “You knew?” 

“Of course I knew. I’ve always known. It’s really fucking obvious, dude.”

“If you knew then why’d you suck his dick? Like, like I know we’re not together but it’s still shitty because you knew.” 

Jin squints his eyes in confusion. “Suck—suck my editors dick?” He asks slowly. “I sucked my editor from school. His dick is the dick I sucked in the libra--how would I even suck Yoongi’s dick in a library? When have you ever seen him even walk near one? I don’t think he even knows what a library is.” 

Jimin’s eyes widen. “Oh my god. You said editor. You said editor the day they sat Yoongi out to Fucking edit our pictures,” he says and reaches out and grabs Jin’s arms. “You’re an idiot. You fucking said editor.” 

“I’m the idiot? You thought I sucked Yoongi’s dick. I would never. Tiny penis,” Jin says and wiggles his pinky at Jimin. 

“He doesn’t have a tiny penis,” Jimin says and his eyebrows furrow. 

“You did sleep with Him! I fucking knew it. He said he didn’t but I knew!” 

Jimin blushes a deep red and steps back. “That’s why I was pissed because you—fuck. Ok. I’m just gonna talk to him,” he says and steps back. “Thanks for not sucking his dick.” 

“I am a true friend,” Jin agrees and smiles a bit fondly at the thought of himself.




Namjoon is far from quiet when Jin eats Him out. He’s splayed out all over Jin’s hotel bed and he looks good like this. He’s naked and his legs are draped over Jin’s shoulders as Jin uses his hands to spread him and lick inside of him. Namjoon sighs softly, tangles his hands in Jin’s hair and tug a bit. 

“Fuck,” he whispers, his back arches as Jin’s tongue slides deeper into him. “Oh-oh fuck. Jin,” he gasps and squirms. 

Jin pins his hips down onto the mattress until Namjoon is coming untouched and practically crying. 

“Give me ten minutes and then fuck me,” he whispers and then laughs when Jin groans a bit and ruts against his thigh. “Impatient?” He asks. 

“I have a boner from hell. Ten minutes will kill me,” Jin complains and laughs. 

“I could tease you for ten minutes, have you begging to fuck me.” 

Jin smirks. “I never beg.”

 He begs.




Jin finds himself in a different routine, one that involves a lot more sex and he finds himself a little bit less stressed. It’s fine. He doesn’t mind sex at all.

And he doesn’t mind having someone to talk to either. 

He lounges back on Namjoon’s bed, frowning a bit at his own laptop as Namjoon digs his toes under Jin’s thigh, seeking warmth. Jin smirks a bit, reaches down and just lightly caresses his calf as he scrolls down the school webpage. 

“That tickles,” Namjoon murmurs, wiggles his leg to shake Jin off. Jin shrugs but doesn’t stop. Namjoon kicks at him lightly. “Jin,” he laughs lightly. 

“Are you ticklish?” Jin asks lightly and turns to grin at him. 

“No. Just—Jin,” he laughs loudly and falls back on the bed after he gets pinched.

“Namjoon, that was so delayed,” he says, concern crosses over his features and he pinches him playfully. “Why are you so delayed? Oh my God. Are you ok?” He asks as he keeps pinching him. 

Namjoon laughs and then fights back, shoves Jin back on the bed and moves his shirt up to expose Jin’s stomach. “Payback’s a bitch, bitch.” 

“Namjoon, no!” Jin screams and then flails pitifully when Namjoon presses his cold hands into his stomach. “Get your icicles off of me!” 

There’s more screaming until there’s a knock on the door and Namjoon sits up. “Come in.” 

In comes his friend, Jungkook, Jin thinks, and then just stops. “Am—am I- 

“I was studying,” Namjoon says lightly and Jin nods. “What’s up?” 

“Bar tonight?” 

Namjoon turns to look at Jin. “Wanna go?”

Jin looks at his laptop and sees the time and, yeah, yeah he’s going to go. He can fly out tomorrow morning. “It’s fine.”

“Cool. Meet us at the bar as soon as you’re ready, we’re heading out,” Jungkook says and then walks out of there. 

“You cool with hanging out with my friends?” Namjoon asks before crawling out of bed to start getting dressed. 

Jin shrugs. “It’s cool.” 

“You don’t really have friends here, do you?” Namjoon asks lightly. 

Jin shakes his head and moves to get into his clothes again. “Don’t have time, honestly. My best friend works for the company I model for, he’s there main photographer and editor. And then I just—honestly I just hang out with him. Which is sad. If you met him, you’d understand,” Jin snorts. “You’d like him.” 

“Yeah?” Namjoon asks and grabs some hoodie from the closet and a hat. 

“Yeah,” he agrees and walks over to Namjoon and grabs the hat and pushes all of his hair back before settling it down again. “You should meet him sometime.” 

Namjoon smirks and his hands curl into Jin’s hips lightly. “He’s all the way in LA.” 

Jin shrugs and then moves to cup his face in his hands. “Guess you’ll have to come with me one weekend." 

“Can’t afford it,” Namjoon snorts. “Not all of us are famous models, Jin.” 

“Maybe you should be.” 

“You’re insane,” he accuses fondly and then pulls away. “Come on. We got friends to meet.” 

Jin lets go of his face only to tangle their fingers together and lets Namjoon lead.




They get plastered and Jin wakes up with slight hangover and pressed all along Namjoon’s naked body. He knows they didn’t have sex, he’s not sex sore. But still. They’re naked. 

Namjoon groans in his sleep, slaps at Jin’s thigh lightly. “Shut your damn alarm off.” 

Jin groans and reaches over to shut it off and then sits up and rubs his eyes. “Fuck. My flight leaves soon. My shit is in my hotel. I’m gonna Fucking miss my plane. Shit.” 

Namjoon turns so that they’re no longer spooning but they’re facing each other. “Go catch your flight. I can mail you your stuff or keep it here,” he offers, struggles to open his eyes. 

Jin looks down at him. “Yeah?” 

“Yeah,” he agrees. “What hotel?” 

Jin tells him. It’s some fancy place across town. 

“Been there before. Dropped off a drunk dude there once.” 

Jin blinks. “You did?”

“Yeah. But I was also drunk so I can’t remember much of it,” he admits and sits up, eyes refusing to open. 

“Funny,” Jin says and snorts. “You wouldn’t happen to like a shitty beer down at that bar near here would you?” 

Namjoon snorts. “The one with that one bartender that has a heartshaped mouth when he smiles? He bitches about my drinking choices all the time. Oh-oh, fun fact. I get free drinks there. We should go. Apparently the dude I saved came back and bought me fifty free drinks.”

Jin smiles a bit and nods. “Yeah,” he says softly and then leans in and kisses his cheek. “Sounds good to me.”




Yoongi eyes him weirdly and then snaps a few candids. “Why’re you happy?” He asks. 

“I think you’re confusing us again. I’m usually a happy person, you’re the one that looks miserable,” Jin replies easily. “Do you even enjoy anything out of life? What’s your favorite part?” 

“Sleeping. It’s like foreplay but for death,” Yoongi replies and then shakes his head. “You’re happier,” he accuses. 

“Maybe I am." 

“You got laid.” 

“I’ve been getting laid.” 

Yoongi snorts. “You’re sleeping with your editor?” 

Jin nods and then shrugs. “Yeah.” 

“It’s gonna come back and bite you in the ass, Jin,” Yoongi warns. 

Jin frowns and then smirks. “I sure hope it does,” he says slyly and Yoongi snaps far too many ugly snapshots of Jin.




“I actually get to stay the next two weeks here,” Jin tells Namjoon lightly once he’s back in Namjoon’s dorm the next week. 

“Yeah?” He replies, looks up from his computer and smiles. “Break?” 

“Yeah. I need it. The traveling is getting to me. My grades have slipped a bit and I gotta focus,” he admits lightly. “They understood. Gave me two weeks off.”

“Damn,” Namjoon chuckles and then closes his laptop. “ sex?” 

Jin looks up from his own laptop. “Two weeks off of work to focus on my studies,” he repeats and then slams his laptop closed and leans in to suck at Namjoon’s neck. “You count as studies,” he whispers.

Namjoon laughs and curls his arms around his shoulders and pulls him closer. God. Two weeks of this? Jin is in heaven.




“What’re you doing here?” Jin asks three days later, rubs the sleep from his eyes and stares at Yoongi standing in front of him in his hotel with bags. 

“I didn’t realize how much I hate change until you weren’t there for me to grab food with on Saturday so I panicked and booked a flight here,” he rushes out. 

“Where’s Jimin?” 


Jin laughs. “You couldn’t go?”

“No. He was working. Company wouldn’t let me follow him so I panicked and came here instead. Let me in. Stop being rude.” 

Jin laughs a bit awkwardly. “I— 

That’s when he hears Namjoon behind him. 


Of course Namjoon walks up to the door, rubbing his tired eyes from under his glasses and wearing all of Jin’s too-expensive sweats that Jin knows Namjoon has no idea are designer. Namjoon would blanch at their prices and go on a rant about capitalism and consumerism and communism and any kind of ism, really.

Yoongi blinks twice and then smiles. “I’m Yoongi,” he says.

Namjoon looks up at him and then up at Jin before back to Yoongi. “Oh,” he says softly and nods. “I was just--I was just helping him study. I’m not-- 

“Yoongi is my best friend,” Jin says lightly and snorts. 

Namjoon’s body relaxes. “Oh thank god, I thought this was about to be some really fucked up shit like this is your husband or something,” he sighs out. 

“No,” Yoongi snorts. “Absolutely not. I have a boyfriend who’s much better looking.” 

Jin rolls his eyes. “You’re just saying that because you have to. I am literally the most handsome human on this-- 

“Actually, you’re second. I think Jay Park takes the number one spot, babe,” Namjoon interrupts. “He’s got the smile and the neck tattoos. And besides, you’re like a pretty pancake. Yeah, everyone likes you but it’s pretty bland and your personality is flat.” 

Jin stares at him and then shakes his head. “No,” he says and shakes his head harder. “No. No. Guards, behead him. Treason.”

“You’re a model not a king.” 

“Same difference when it comes to me.”

Namjoon laughs. “I literally hate you.” 

“Can I come inside? I really need to throw up and scowl,” Yoongi interrupts and then barges inside. “God, this place is--

“Huge, right?” Namjoon laughs. 

Yoongi turns and then looks Namjoon up and down. “I was gonna say it looks like shit. But it is pretty big, I guess. First apartment was bigger than this, though,” he says without really thinking. 

It’s Namjoon’s turn to snort. “You models are so bougie.” 

“Yoongi’s not a model. He’s got the legs for it but a beer belly that Versace said no to,” Jin replies easily. 

“It’s not true,” Yoongi argues. “It’s not. I’m better behind the camera than I am in front of it. I, personally, don’t like to restrict my diet just to take one nice picture. Like I said, looks fade, my skills are forever, mate. While you’ll one day be on the streets reminiscing on this glamorous life you once had, I’ll still be fucking models all day every day.” 

Jin laughs right in Yoongi’s face, grabs Namjoon’s hand and leads them towards the living room area of his hotel room. It is large, too large for the average person, too nice. But for someone like Jin and Yoongi, it’s barely a cornerstone. 

“You have got it bad for Jimin, dude. You ain’t fuckin’ no random models, you’re settling down,” Jin says lightly and Namjoon snorts and squeezes his hand back. 

Yoongi smiles a bit softly and huffs out a small laugh, runs his fingers through his hair and shrugs. “Guess so. Looks like I’m not the only one though,” he comments. 

Namjoon lets go of Jin’s hand and Jin pretends it doesn’t slightly sting. He smiles through it anyways.




“This is seriously what you guys do all day?” Yoongi asks him, two days into staying with Jin.

Jin, in turn, nods and blows on his ramen until it cools a bit before he slurps it into his mouth. They’re on the bed. All three of them. (It’s big enough, anyways). Jin and Namjoon are nursing their own bowls of ramen, eating it silently next to each other as they skim through their laptops at their work. “Yeah.” 

“When you said you needed a break, I thought you meant you were doing fun stuff,” Yoongi says and picks at his own take out. 

“Nope,” Jin chuckles. “I needed two weeks off to catch up on school,” he explains. “This is what me and Joonie do pretty much 80% of the time.” 

“The other twenty is reserved for sex,” Namjoon adds in without looking up from the text. 

“Exactly, we have a routine.” 

Yoongi nods. “I like that routine,” he admits and smiles a bit. “I like how quiet it is. It feels settled.” 

Neither of the other two respond.

Jin graduates soon and there won’t be a reason for him to ever come back again. 

They haven’t talked about it. 

They should.




They don’t.




When Jin’s mostly caught up on all of his work a week later, and Yoongi is alone back at Jin’s hotel while him and Namjoon chill in the smaller, less nice dorms, that’s when Jungkook decides to barge in again. They’re completely clothed and just sitting next to each other and working, but Jungkook still covers his eyes. 

“Is it safe?” 

“We’re doing homework, Kook,” Namjoon deadpans. 

“Oh, really?” He asks and lets his hand fall. “Why? He’s a model.” 

Jin laughs out, slightly offended. “Wow, not all models are whores. We work a lot. We--I’m offended.” 

“Oh, hush. He’s just saying that because you’re pretty,” Namjoon chuckles. 

“I am way less offended and actually flattered,” Jin amends. 

Jungkook nods politely and smiles. “I’m here to invite you out. We’re going to a club or something.” 

Namjoon groans. “I’m ok, dude. I have some work-- 

“No. No. We’re going. I’m tired of looking at texts or watching you study. We’ll be there. Mind if I bring someone else along?” 

“Nah, dude. The more the merrier.” 

Namjoon groans but Jin just smiles widely. “You’re gonna have a fucking blast with Min Yoongi.”




Kim Seokjin is not wrong. They have a blast with Min Yoongi the first night.

And then the second night that they go out. 

By the third, they’ve moved on from local shitty places to weird places that Namjoon isn’t sure he can afford to even take a piss at. But he’s there, anyways. And the fourth night that they go out, Namjoon still hasn’t sobered up from the previous three nights, but he drinks anyways. 

The place is fancy, it’s huge and blue with red lights and weird art pieces around. Kim Namjoon is already properly drunk and it’s not even midnight yet. But he’s uncomfortable and hungover and still drunk and he doesn’t really know where Jin’s gone to, but he’s alone. Probably somewhere with his rich model friends (and Namjoon’s own friends because they all seem to like Jin better, anyways).

He sighs, moves on wobbly legs towards the balcony. He’s got several wrist bands on to show that he’s allowed up at the top in the VIP section (thanks to Min Yoongi). And there’s an open tab so he’s got limitless drinks (thanks to Jin). And Namjoon is miserable (thanks to his crippling anxiety). 

It’s in that internal dialogue that Namjoon finally spots Jin. He’s tall and lanky, like all models anyways. But he’s a giant dork with glasses on because his eyes have been too dry to rock the contacts and dancing around like an idiot around Yoongi and Yoongi’s boyfriend who showed up last night. There’s more models and more friends that don’t belong to him and he doesn’t know, but they dance around like idiots too. Even Jungkook is there.

He belongs with them even if his pockets can’t keep up. 

He blames his misery for the fact that when he heads to the bathroom and there’s someone rolling a joint, Namjoon slides him whatever cash he has and the man gives it to him. It’s not safe, could be laced with anything. But he doesn’t care. The alcohol is making him feel worse and he’s a little desperate to feel anything but that right now. 

The weed makes his head fuzzy and he feels heavy from the expensive drinks. The walls of the ridiculous club start closing in on him and he simply just walks out of the VIP, down to the main entrance and outside. He rips off the bracelets, lets them fall behind him and he walks around to the side of the building so he can rest against it on the dirty pavement. 

He doesn’t know how long he sits there, but it must be a while because his joint is almost done and Jin stands off to the side of him and just stares in confusion. 

“I don’t think I belong here,” Namjoon says quietly, head tilted back against the side of the brick building, his hands tremble as he presses the joint to his lips. His fingers are starting to numb, starting from the ends of his finger tips. 

Jin smiles down at him, walks towards him and sits down, takes the joint from his hands and stumps it out and pockets it. “Where do you belong then?” He asks lightly, pulls his legs up and rests his forearms on them. “Do you belong in the ocean? Are you a fish? You are a fishy person.”

Namjoon smiles slowly, it’s the alcohol. And the drugs. “I don’t--I don’t know,” he admits and lifts his head up to look out at the street. “I just know that it’s not here and I intend to fucking find where I belong.” 

Jin laughs softly and shakes his head. “You belong right here,” he says easily, “with me.”




Namjoon stares up at the other fancy hotel he’s been dragged to the next morning, still drunk (or hungover, he can’t tell anymore, it’s been days). It’s Min Yoongi’s place and it’s impossibly nicer than Jin’s and he had no idea that could actually happen. Rich people are strange. Jin runs a hand down his arm and then laces their fingers together and moves to open the taxi door but Namjoon tugs him back.  

Jin laughs, turns around and stares at him. “Come on, loser. The party is this way,” he chuckles. 

“I don’t want to get out of the car,” Namjoon sighs, thinking of all the homework he has to catch up on. “And I don’t like your friends.” 

Jin grins at him and settles back into his seat. “Why don’t you like my friends, huh? Cause they’re rich?” 

“Exactly. I can’t keep up. How do you party so much?” Namjoon complains 

Jin shrugs. “This isn’t a party. It’s a sober-up get together,” he corrects him lightly and tugs on his hand again, and, when Namjoon still doesn’t move, his features drop to something a bit more serious. “Do you really not like my friends?” Jin asks quietly. 

Namjoon turns to face him. “I don’t like you,” he says and then smiles a bit. “Your friends are cool though. Min Yoongi is my favorite. He’s still second to Jay Park. You’ve been moved down to third place, overall.” 

The older boy laughs loudly. “I hate you,” he says far too fondly and then gets a little serious. “Why don’t you wanna go in, Joon?” 

“It’s...It’s cold,” he says and sighs loudly. 

“You accuse me of being prissy, look at you! Won’t even get out of the car because it’s cold. I can’t control the weather, Joonie!” Jin argues. 

Namjoon laughs and then shoves Jin out of the taxi first before he follows him inside.

There’s quite a few people over by the time Jin and Namjoon show up together. Tae shows up with sunglasses and holding an ice pack to the side of his head. 

“I have never partied that hard, like, ever,” Jungkook admits and sits down on the couch and melts into its cushions. “I don’t even know why I’m here. I think my carpet makes me sick.”

Yoongi chuckles, balances a cigarette in between his lips as he searches for his lighter. “Really? Damn shame. Did worse back in ‘09.” 

Jin blinks a few times. “You were, like, fifteen.” 

“I know,” Yoongi snorts. “I was a terrible kid.” 

“At fourteen I was starring in commercials,” Jimin says lightly, looking oh so sober and happy and Namjoon slightly hates him because of that.

“I was probably goofing off in school,” Jin admits and laughs. “You?”

Namjoon thinks it over for a second and then shrugs. “At fifteen? I, uh, had just started working somewhere, I think. I have a bad memory,” he admits, moves from beside Jin to sit down next to Jungkook to rub his head lightly. 

They stay quiet for a bit before Jin moves out of the room entirely, moves to grab a beer when Yoongi comes up behind him. “So. What’s going on with you two?” 


“It’s not nothing,” Yoongi laughs. “You guys are being weird. You two went from being grossly domestic to eerily separated. Had bad sex or something?” 

Jin shakes his head and then looks Yoongi over. “We haven’t had sex in, like, a week.” 

“What have you been doing then? Like when you go over to his when I’m not dragging you out of his dorm to go party?”

Jin takes a sip of his beer and smiles a bit down at the ground. “I don’t know.”

He does know.

They’ve been working on school things together, editing each other’s paper’s. Jin’s helped Namjoon make flashcards and helped him study, they’ve caught up on tv shows together when Namjoon was too wired from partying and studying to sleep. They’ve drunkenly stayed up and talked about the universe together, about multiverses, about anything and everything. Jin has held Namjoon while he napped or had a headache. 

He’s done a lot with Namjoon and none of it was sex. 

It’s almost too intimate to admit it out loud.

So he doesn’t. 

He grabs another beer and walks over back to Namjoon and hands it over. “Your favorite,” he says lightly and sits down next to the boy. 

“Ya know, after this week I don’t think I’m ever drinking again,” he laughs softly and Namjoon’s fingers leave Kook’s hair and, instead, tangle into Jin’s silently. “I can’t keep up with you models.” 

“I don’t think I can either,” Jin says quietly and nuzzles his face into the crook of Namjoon’s neck and breathes him in. 

He’d take this over partying any day.




The day before his last day, Jin checks out of his hotel room early and takes his stuff over to Namjoon’s dorm. Namjoon eyes his packed bags but doesn’t comment on them. 

“What’re you gonna do without me?” Jin asks, smirks over at Namjoon.

Namjoon snorts, doesn’t look up from his text book and simply says, “get some goddamn peace and quiet, you and those damn friends of yours. God!”

Jin laughs loudly and then shakes his head, walks over to Namjoon and shuts his text book in retaliation. “I just want you to know that that hurt. I am hurting. That was hurtful.”

He takes Namjoon’s face in his hands and squishes his cheeks together and Namjoon shoves him away, laughing, showing off that one dimple Jin’s a little dumb for. “Don’t you know any other words except hurt?” 

Jin stares blankly at him and then blinks. “That hurted me.” 

“I hate you,” he laughs, shoves Jin again and then pulls him closer. “It’s gonna be so weird you leaving,” he admits. 


Namjoon nods. “Yeah. Who will help me study and then suck my dick?” 

“Well. I mean, I can help you study. We can facetime and stuff. But the dick sucking will be reduced. Unless you, I don’t know. You get it from other people,” Jin says and looks away from Namjoon’s stare. 

Namjoon snorts. “I’m good,” he says lightly and then gets a bit more serious. “You can have sex with other people too, ya know?” 

“I know.” He didn’t. “I don’t want to.” He doesn’t.

“I don’t either.” 

They’re awkwardly silent until Jin reaches over and kisses Namjoon square on the mouth until the awkward is gone and so are their clothes. 

Their sex is usually fast, hard. This time it’s soft, it’s gentle.



Jin wakes up before Namjoon does, gets ready silently and in the dark and he’s slipping into his shoes when Namjoon wakes up, his hair is everywhere. “Hey,” he whispers, voice deep from sleep. 

“Hey,” Jin replies quietly, leans in to kiss him. “Didn’t mean to wake you.” 

“So you were just gonna leave without saying goodbye?” Namjoon asks, sits up on his bed and frowns at Jin with sleep heavy eyes. 

Jin smirks, takes in his disheveled look and then leans in and kisses him softly. “Didn’t wanna wake you, is all,” he says softly against his lips. “See you soon?” 

“See you,” Namjoon agrees and grabs Jin’s face and kisses him properly.




Jin thinks about the kiss all day, smiles to himself and runs his fingers across his lips, still tasting Namjoon.




They’re not dating. They’re not. Of course not. But it’s the closest to dating Jin’s been since this whole modeling thing took off. And, maybe, had it been when he wasn’t internationally well known in the modeling industry, it could’ve been something more. Maybe.  

Or not. 

He doesn’t know.

He’s not good with thinking about alternate lives or whatever. Jin just knows that any maybe’s or could’ve beens don’t exist. 

He’s not a nobody. He doesn’t have a normal job. He’s Kim Seokjin. And Kim Seokjin is a fucking model. 

The theme for the Met Gala is Ex Machina, which Jin had to google several times and even ask Namjoon a couple of times to double check his outfit followed the theme for the event. 

“It means from the machine,” Jimin says, standing next to Jin in their cleverly matched outfits at the event, both of them standing in front of an interviewer. 

They’re wearing something dark, with bold reds accented, and chains, and metal parts covering their skin that’s visible. Namjoon loved the look, screenshotted it several times when Jin sent pictures. Jin hates it. He feels overdressed and stuffy. He’s usually ok with feeling that way as long as he gets to change out of it after an hour. But he can’t. He’s here and he’s stuck here for a long time.  

“We googled it several times,” Jin adds in lightly, smirking a bit at the interviewer. 

“I’ve got to say that out of all of the male outfits, I do think you two are my favorite. Did you guys match on purpose? Is this a couple thing?” She asks. 

Jimin snorts. “No, this is because of our management team.”

“Yeah, definitely not a couple. I don’t date other models,” Jin admits. “Besides, me and Jimin are exclusively screwing other people.” 

Jin meant it as a joke. They all even laughed. 

Everyone laughed. 

It. Was. A. Joke.




Sort of.




Confirmed news:

Park Jimin of Bangtang Modeling officially confirmed his relationship status as taken on twitter following the news that he and Kim Seokjin are officially ‘exclusively screwing other people’. Following the joke heard around the world, Jimin took to twitter to clear up the air and admit he has been seeing the world renowned photographer Min Yoongi who works almost exclusively with Bangtang Modeling.

Kim Seokjin has yet to reveal who he is ‘exclusively screwing’.




“So, exactly who are you fucking?” Min Yoongi asks, chewing on his food casually as he stares at Jin from across the room.

“It’s---me and Namjoon said the other day we wouldn’t screw other people. It was just a joke, I don’t know why people are making this such a big deal,” Jin complains, closes his eyes tightly and glares at his phone. He’s thankful Namjoon’s nose is so far up college’s ass that he hasn’t even seen the petty news. 

He doesn’t even know how he’ll take it.

So far, Jin has been able to keep his private life, well, private. It’s the travelling. Hard to get pictures of Jin or any news when he’s constantly somewhere new all the time. He groans again. 

“Namjoon knows you’re a model,” Yoongi reminds him. “If he thought that your modeling life only came with perks, he’s seriously in for a rude awakening.” 

“Yeah, well, with the back and forth it’s like--a lot of shit has calmed down. So it sucks to be in two cities across the country a few times a week, but it does come with its perks,” he admits. “And the school does good with keeping me out of the public eye too.” 

Yoongi nods, takes another bite of his burger. “Yeah,” he agrees around a mouthful. “I mean, Jimin admitting me and him are dating kind of took heat off of him. Maybe say the same thing?” 

“But we’re not dating,” Jin argues and sits down. “I just--I don’t know.” 

Yoongi sets his burger down. “Jin, I’ve never seen you so serious. Literally. I--it’s worrisome. Just, just grow some balls and ask the dude out. It’ll be fine.” 

“You think so?” 

“I know so.”



It’s not fine.




“So, you want to officially date me so you can confirm you’re officially dating someone online so that gossip blogs will stop mentioning the fact that you said you were fucking around with someone exclusively?” Namjoon asks seriously. 

Jin wishes he would’ve done this in person. But he’s not going back for classes that week and waiting another full week to talking to Namjoon about seemed worse at the time. “Well, now that you’re putting it that way it seems like a shitty idea.”

“No kidding,” Namjoon deadpans. “I don’t--I don’t want to be dragged into this, Jin. Like, like yeah, I like you. But also, I’ve seen what shit like that can do and I just--it’s just not the time. Or...or really the right reason,” he says slowly. “Don’t ask to date me just because it’ll look better on you.” 

Jin realizes his mistake and he bites at his lower lip and nods even though Namjoon can’t see him. “Yeah,” he agrees. 

“Sorry, Jin. Maybe, maybe we should fuck other people.”

Jin snorts. “Yeah,” he agrees again. “See you around, Joonie.” 

“See you.”





  • Good work.
  • No complaints.




  • You’ve definitely improved a lot.
  • Just work on those citations.
  • And fix whatever’s been highlighted.
  • Also. Anything in that orange are words I suggest you looking up in the thesaurus, changing some of them will really help your paper. 





He avoids Namjoon for far too long, keeps their conversations short and light and to the point. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t.

It aches.



Fashion Week lands during Hell Week for Jin. He tries to email his professors about it but they don’t accept it as an excuse and his managers have already booked him a year in advance out to some of the designers so he’s completely fucked.

The year before the weeks were off by just one and it was two weeks of Hell but it was doable. Jin stares at his laptop on the plane over to New York and tries to start on his next paper but only gets half of a quarter of the way in before he switches over to different classwork. It’s then when he feels his chest kind of constrict and he just stares blankly ahead.

“I’m really fucked,” he whispers, wipes a hand over his face and groans.

“Get some sleep,” Yoongi tells him lightly, sitting across from him, his shoulder preoccupied to Jimin. “You’ll need it.”

“I have work to do,” Jin says softly and just sighs. “I can do this. It’s my last month. I can fucking do this.”


He doesn’t.


Jin is known for many things. For goofing off, never taking things seriously, overworking himself without any complaints. He’s known for everything except this.

His whole body trembles as he hides in the bathroom, his forehead and eyes are covered in a gradient black that drops to silver glitter under his eyes and down his cheeks. His hands clink and clank from the metal on them, the severed head he’s supposed to be carrying is thrown haphazardly somewhere next to the toilet. He’s in his third day of fashion week.

Four more days. Four more days.

But the work keeps piling up. His modeling, the demands they need from him for this week, more offers, having to pretend to be ok at the after parties and rub shoulders with designers to get better and more jobs. And then he’s got his school work that he’s been shitting out. He knows it’s shit, he knows it’s nothing like he’s been turning in before. 

All of this and Namjoon still hasn’t--- 


This is the best he can fucking do, damnit. This is all he can do. He’s spread so thin.

Jin gasps, grips the porcelain of the sink tightly and drops his head down to hide from his reflection.






Don’t cry.

Don’t cry.

Jin’s bottom lip trembles and his eyebrows furrow, he clenches his eyes tightly and keeps repeating to himself to not cry. He can’t cry. He’s too Fucking busy to cry. He doesn’t have time.

His phone buzzes in his pocket and he almost doesn’t reach for it. But it could be anyone, could be work, his school. So he reaches down and glances at the number. He answers it faster than he should when he sees It’s Namjoon.

“Hey, doing ok?” Namjoon asks, his voice sounds weird. Jin smiles. His voice sounds like his mouth is full noodles. The mental image is enough to start to soothe the shaking.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Jin admits quietly. “Namjoon, I can’t do it all. I’m so overwhelmed.”

“Do what you can, babe,” Namjoon says gently. “Do what you can and don’t worry about anything else, ok?”

“I’m sorry I haven’t called,” Jin says quickly, sits up from the sink and stares at himself in the mirror. “I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you. I’m sorry I asked you out. I’m sorry I--

“Jin,” Namjoon interrupts. “It’s ok,” he says softly. “I promise, it’s ok. Don’t worry about me.”

Jin sighs and nods. “Ok. Ok. I have to—I have to go. But, Uhm. We need to talk,” he says quietly and closes his eyes. “I miss you. And we need to talk. I’ll be back as soon as this shit is done.”

“I’ll keep my door unlocked for you, then,” Namjoon chuckles. “Come back whenever you can, Jin. I miss you too.”

They hang up.

Jin doesn’t cry. He walks the runway several times with several designers, he ‘parties’ with those same designers, and then he does it all over again the next day. He squeezes in work here and there and texts Namjoon some random emojis that he gets emojis back to.

By the time Fashion Week is done, Jin is asleep in a taxi that takes him straight to the dorms. It’s a couple of hours away but it’s the most sleep he’s gotten since the week started.

He wakes up only when the taxi stops and he silently gets out and grabs his one bag and starts his walk to Namjoon’s dorm. He’s too scared to look at the grades because he knows he wasn’t able to do even half as much as he expected to get done. But when he does, he sees everything turned in and on time. Everything is neat, perfect, finely tuned with sources cited, blog posts turned in with responses, modules done, peer edits, and discussions finished.

He walks inside and finds Namjoon asleep with all of his work spread out on the floor. That’s when he sees it, it’s Namjoon’s own work and his work all mixed together. Something inside of Jin kind of breaks and he drops his bag and just walks straight to the sleeping boy, crawls under the covers and wraps him up in his arms, tucking his face into his neck.

Namjoon makes a soft noise and sighs, wraps an arm around Jin and starts to thread his fingers through the long, dark hair. “You’re early. Or late. I don’t remember,” Namjoon murmurs.

He looks just as wrecked as Jin. “You didn’t have to do my work for me, Joonie,” Jin whispers into his neck and then kisses the warm skin.

Namjoon is silent for a long while, debating his answer, before he finally does speak. “I couldn’t let you fail, Jin. You’ve worked too hard for this,” he whispers. “And you always take care of me. It’s time I paid back the favor.”

“You don’t owe me anything,” Jin whispers and pulls back to look at Namjoon’s face, brushing the boy’s too-long of hair away from his face.

Namjoon smiles softly but doesn’t answer, again. Not for a while. When he does, it’s something new. “How long do I got you for?”

Jin smiles at him and then laughs, leans in and kisses his mouth gently. “A while. I’m finishing up the last bit of school without interruptions.”


Jin smirks. “Maybe one.”


Jin has always hated school. But the next month of school feels less like Hell and more like Heaven. He feels normal.

He ignores his hair, lets it grow out until it covers his eyes and then just uses scrunchies or a beanie to keep it away from his eyes. He throws out his overused contacts and wears his thick, black rimmed glasses that match too well with Namjoon’s own. His designer jeans and button downs are ignored for comfier clothes, sweats and joggers with oversized sweaters and the occasional worn down skinny jean when he feels like putting in the slightest bit of effort.

School work still sucks, he spends most of his time in the library or on Namjoon’s bed with his work spilled out around him. Namjoon is always around. He spills his own work too and it feels almost too natural to just slide over what he doesn’t understand and have Namjoon teach him, or for Namjoon to slide his own work over and ask if it’s too much or if it makes sense. Or just help him study, listen to Namjoon ramble and rant.

He hasn’t made homemade soup or noodles or anything in over a year, but he finds himself in Namjoon’s kitchen at random hours of the day, his muscle memory kicking in with his mother’s recipes.

He’s not so tired like this. Not standing in Namjoon’s kitchen, in some soft pullover that isn’t his and jeans that probably aren’t his either. The owner walks into the kitchen and he’s wearing something designer without realizing it and Jin smirks. Namjoon would die if he knew. So he doesn’t comment.

“What’s for dinner?” Namjoon asks quietly, hides a yawn behind a hand and then wraps his arms around Jin’s middle. This last month has been the most affection Namjoon has ever shown and neither is complaining.

Simply, Jin leans back into the hold and sighs. “Something my mom used to make us. It’s quick and simple but good,” he admits. “Gotta get some of that color back in your cheeks.”

“Says you,” he retorts and pulls away but not far, only to stand off to the side and keeps a possessive hand on Jin’s hip, rubs a thumb over the bone. “You don’t need color. You need some meat.”

“I’m a model. We are literally skin and bones on a good day and sometimes the bones are optional,” Jin jokes lightly. “I have to stay thin. It’s how I make the big bucks, babe.”

Namjoon grunts in disapproval but drops it and drops a kiss on his shoulder along with it. “You know, you never did talk to me about that thing.”

“What thing?” Jin asks, turns the knob of the stove down to just let the pot simmer.

“I dunno. It’s why I’m asking you. You said you wanted to talk when I called you during that show or whatever.”

Jin stares at the pale green wall before him and blinks a few times. “Yeah. No. Forget about it,” he laughs.

“What? Why? I just remembered about it, tell me.”

“Nah,” he laughs, turns to face the other boy. “Not yet.”

“Ok,” Namjoon caves and kisses Him instead of arguing.


The month passes too quickly and once it’s over, it’s really over. Jin goes to sleep next to Namjoon one day, belly full of food and head full of vocabulary he didn’t know existed, and then wakes up to his expensive white sheets and alone with a busy schedule for shoots.

He’s in the middle of some shoot in the faux desert when he remembers he never talked to Namjoon about what he wanted to say.

But school is over.

He never will.

Something in his chest aches.


Jin is in LA during his graduation ceremony back in New York. He stares at the friends he managed to make on their Snapchat stories and instagrams and longingly watches them in their graduation gowns. He’d have been there had he not needed to have a meeting with his company.

After the meeting (something that doesn’t last more than twenty minutes) he stands outside in the hall and just breathes.

“Hey, got a second meeting with the boss,” Yoongi tells him lightly, grabs his shoulder and gently shoves Him towards the other door. “He’s in a shit mood so be careful. Don’t wanna get your ass fired for flicking your hair too much.”

Jin snorts. “He loves me. He’d never fire me.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and lets Jin go once he gets to the door and he walks inside only to scream loudly when there’s a loud chorus of “congratulations!”

What’s the most surprising though isn’t the mini party held for him, it’s the fact that Namjoon is there and is holding out graduation robes and the hat. “You couldn’t come to graduation, so graduation is coming to you,” Namjoon explains and Jin takes it and puts it on with too-wet of eyes and a fond smile.

His latest Instagram post is a picture of him sitting in a chair wearing his graduation gear and Namjoon kissing his cheek. It’s happy.

He’s happy.


Namjoon stares down at the phone in his hand as Jin drives quietly through the streets of LA. It’s so dark and his backseat is packed with his graduation shit and Namjoon’s things.

“How long do I have you for?” Jin finally breaks the silence. He’s not as chipper as he usually is, he’s a bit tired and still taken aback. Something in Him feels different, almost wrong.

Namjoon looks up and over at him. “Uhm. A week. Then I’m catching an early flight home,” he says quickly. “I...I hope it’s ok that I didn’t get a hotel. If it’s not, then I can grab one. Yoongi said-

“You talked to Yoongi?” Jin interrupts.

“Yeah. I wanted to make your graduation special since you couldn’t be there,” he says lightly. “So is it ok?”

Jin rolls his eyes and reaches out to place his hand on Namjoon’s thigh and squeezes. “I literally took over your room for months last semester. I promise you it’s fine,” he says and snorts. “Whenever you wanna come visit, just know that you’ve got a home with me.”

Namjoon smiles softly. “You too. Except my place is a lot less nice than yours. And it’s small. And I live with my parents. And sister. And three dogs.”

“I’d love to meet them,” Jin admits and then sighs loudly when he’s stopped behind a train. Then he just stares and waits.

They’re quiet.

But not for long.

“I think...I think I’m ready to talk now,” Jin says slowly.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

Jin nods. “Something’s been bothering me recently. And, and I couldn’t figure it out until today when I saw you.”

“What is it?”

It’s just past two in the morning and the train is long and loud and Jin just sighs a bit and stares ahead. “You can literally lose everything in a second,” he whispers, not looking away from the traintracks. “Literally everything you’ve ever worked for, just, just fucking gone. Everyone you love and care for just...they can vanish.”

Namjoon looks at him. “What happened?”

Jin shakes his head and then looks down at his hands. “Just, I was panicking during fashion week. I just—I almost couldn’t do it. If I hadn’t, my career would be over. But I was so overwhelmed with everything, Joonie. And..and I wouldn’t failed college. Everything I worked for just—just fucking ruined.”

Namjoon shakes his head, reaches out and tangles their fingers together. “But nothing is ruined,” he reminds Jin and squeezes their hands. “You graduated and your career is taking off.”

“Thanks to you,” Jin says softly and looks down at their tangled hands, at how his hand is smaller than Namjoon’s, how he’s lighter, his fingers thin, nails perfectly manicured. How Namjoon is everything that he’s not but he’s everything that he wants. “I love you

Namjoon swallows audibly and looks away from Jin. The train is finished passing through.

“I love you,” Jin repeats and lets go of his hand in favor of gripping the steering wheel and driving forward, “and you don’t have to love me back. Or say it back. There’s no expectations or anything. I know this, this isn’t ideal. I know this lifestyle isn’t what you want and, honestly, I don’t care if you love me back or dont, but you should know that I love you.”

Namjoon nods slowly and then looks away. “Ok.”



Jin’s place is how Namjoon expected it but bigger, lonelier, barely looks lived in. It looks like something out of a magazine (including the owner, which, technically, he is is). Namjoon whistles lowly and laughs a bit as he walks inside, removes his shoes at the door.

“Do you work tomorrow?”

Jin nods his head, walks away from the living room with Namjoon’s bag and disappears for a few minutes. He comes back out in sweats and glasses and the bag is gone. “Yeah,” he finally answers and rolls his eyes when Namjoon scoffs at the delay. “Shut up. I’m tired.”

“Me too,” Namjoon replies and smiles.  

They stand around, hands in their pockets, feeling awkward. Until Jin breaks the silence. “I’m not scaring you off, am I? Did I say the wrong thing again?” He asks, worries at his bottom lip.

“Not this time, no,” Namjoon chuckles and then smiles. “I’m--I’m processing it.” 

Jin nods. “Ok.” 

And then they curl in together in Jin’s bed and Namjoon reads while Jin goes through his phone, it’s just like old times. But better. Because now Namjoon knows what Jin feels and he hasn’t run away. Yet.

When Jin checks his instagram post, he smiles at the fact that it’s gotten so many likes. He likes it especially that Namjoon’s private instagram liked it too, even if he wasn’t tagged. But the comments are insane and keep coming in and Jin ignores them all. 

But then stops to laugh when it’s Taehyung’s comment that pops up, mocking everyone’s elses: 

Kim Seokjin is fucking who now?  

And Jin responds with far too many winky faces and a heart.




Namjoon didn’t really plan for anything. He just knew that there was a certain model he’d been missing so when he booked his flight and called Yoongi, he hadn’t planned out what he would do once he was there after the mini-graduation. He thinks that he’ll stay in at Jin’s until he gets home from work. Like normal people do. 

But Jin has other plans. 

The sun hasn’t even risen when Jin’s alarm is going off but Jin isn’t in the bed beside him. Namjoon opens one bleary eye and looks around, hears the shower shutting off and he sits up with a groan. When Jin comes back in, towel wrapped around his lower half and exposing his middle, Namjoon groans even louder. “It’s too early to make me feel bad,” he complains and looks away. 

Jin smirks and doesn’t bother with drying his hair. They’ll be messing with it on set anyways. “Come on, get dressed. Don’t wanna make me late, yeah?” 

“What?” Namjoon whispers, eyes already shutting again. 

“Come on, Nerd. You get to experience the model life,” Jin sing songs, crawls over to the bed and leans in to kiss his mouth a few times. “And my make up artist wants to meet you.” 


By meet, Jin means kill.




“Ah. So you’re the one making my life fucking miserable,” Lisa says sourly, turning Jin’s face roughly away from Namjoon to attack the side of his neck with make up to hide all of the hickies. 

Namjoon blushes a bit and looks down at his feet. Jin’s got something in his hair and it’s wrapped in foils and a plastic bag to keep it from dripping onto his face and make up. They’re in a warehouse. Some weird abstract set up that makes his eyes hurt. Everyone here is dressed more like him than Jin. Namjoon is thankful for that. 

“Sorry,” he finally answers. 

Lisa looks up at him and squints. “Are you ok? That was delayed.” 

Jin’s eyes widen and he sits up to look at Namjoon. “I told you, you’re really delayed, babe. It’s freaking me out.” 

“Shut up,” Joon snaps and laughs softly, blushing more in embarrassment. “I was--I was thinking of other things, asshole.” 

“My penis, probably,” Jin says and leans back in the chair again and closes his eyes. 

“Jay Park’s actually. Mentally, when we’re having sex, I’m picturing him instead of you,” Namjoon teases and laughs loudly when Jin looks offended. 

Lisa laughs loudly, throws her head back and has to step back from her stuff because of how hard she’s laughing. “I like him. I take it back,” Lisa says once she’s calmed down and turns to Jin. “Jennie needs you first, not-Jay Park.” 

“Laugh it up, Lisa,” Jin grumbles, grabs Namjoon’s elbow and squeezes. “Gonna be ok by yourself with her?” 

Namjoon nods and smiles politely. “Absolutely. We can talk about your research papers and how we met.” 

“Please don’t. Yoongi sometimes still calls me in the middle of the night to laugh at me about it,” Jin begs and then kisses him and leaves. 

“How did you two meet?” Lisa asks lightly. 

Namjoon grins down at his feet. “Now that’s a story.”

“A story I am more than willing to tell,” Yoongi pipes in.




Jennie shoves something in Jin’s hair and reminds him to breathe and that everything will be ok. Which means his team is doing something drastic and didn’t tell him. Or they did tell him and he forgot.

Regardless, two hours later, his hair is nearly white and the sides have been shaved down to almost nothing. The top part of his mop is still long and the ends are a bit crispy and he’s warned to not touch it too roughly for the next week or so. 

When Jin comes back to where Namjoon was with Lisa, he finds Yoongi there too and they’re all laughing around a phone. He makes a face but then hears some weird noises and sighs in relief because it’s not an embarrassing video of him they’re watching. 

Yoongi’s the first to look up and he nods. “You look like a taller, more broad shouldered version of me,” he says lightly, referencing to his own white mop of hair. 

“It brings out the bloodshot in your eyes,” Lisa comments and nods in approval. 

Namjoon stands and walks over to Jin, reaches out and tangles their fingers together with one hand and then runs a hand through the blonde hair with his free hand. “I like it.” 

“Yeah?” Jin whispers. He didn’t realize how much he needed this approval until he got it. 

“Looks nice,” Namjoon says and smiles at him. This smile is different, it’s not polite, not tight lipped or cheesing too hard. It’s fond, it’s reserved just for Jin. “Feels awful though.” 

“Terrible,” Jin agrees. “Literally it’s like I have hay for hair.” 

“Hay? That’s kind of you to say. I was thinking more like sand paper. But like, like tiny bits of sand paper. Like if you gave scissors and sand paper to children and told them to make long strands of confetti and then to glue that confetti onto your head. That’s kind of what it feels like.” 

“That’s oddly detailed and I’m as disturbed as I am turned on,” Jin admits and then leans in and kisses Namjoon as he laughs, swallows the happy sound down and keeps it safe in his belly.




He’s there exactly for a week before Jin convinces him to take off of work for a few more days and stay with him. Namjoon puts up a valiant fight by nodding his head and asking what his excuse should be. 

“It can’t be anything too detailed,” Jin says, sitting on his side of the couch as Namjoon lays his head on Jin’s thighs and squints at his phone. 


“Because they’ll know you’re lying. The less detail the less guilty conscience you have.”

Namjoon nods and then looks away from his phone and up at Jin. “How many times have you used that trick to lie to me?” 


Namjoon stares and then smirks. “Fucking liar. I know your trick now, I’m gonna’ ask for details. Weirdly specific details.” 


“Big bet.” 

Namjoon gives them too many details and they don’t believe him for a second. But they also don’t fire him. So it’s all ok.




The last few days are spent doing domestic things, like buying a new rice cooker or driving an hour out of the way so that Namjoon can visit places he found online and swore they said it was closer. But Jin doesn’t mind, he likes his face and how his eyes light up when he sees something new.

They have sex exactly two times. And then they’re too tired to do much more than nightly blow jobs and hand jobs. 

Jin doesn’t mind. 

When the few days are up, Namjoon insists on just getting an uber to the airport. But Jin insists on taking him instead. He walks Namjoon inside and everything and then they stand at Namjoon’s gate and don’t move for a while. 

Namjoon stares at him, completely eye level with him. The airport is crowded and Jin needs to leave but he can’t seem to get his feet to move. They stare awkwardly at each other until Namjoon speaks up. “Jin?” 


“I love you too,” Namjoon says softly, reaches up and pulls his beanie down more over his hair, it’s some sort of nervous habit, to fidget and fix himself. 

Jin’s eyes widen a bit comically. “Namjoon, why are you so delayed?” He asks. 

Namjoon frowns. “What?”

“That love confession was ages ago and you just now said it back? I’m worried, Joonie. First the pinches and now this? Are you ok?” He teases and smiles widely. 

Namjoon smiles even wider, his dimple is so prominent and perfect. Jin drops his bags from his hands and takes the few steps forward and wraps Namjoon in his arms. The taller boy buries his face into Jin’s neck and hides there, grips at the models long sleeves tightly. They stay there wrapped up in each other for so long that Namjoon almost misses his flight.

Eventually, Namjoon does let go and Jin reaches up and cups his face gently and smiles. “Stay with me.”

“I can’t. I’m poor,” Namjoon replies with a soft laugh. “I’ll come visit you when I can.”

“Or I’ll come to you.”

“Calm down, model, some gossip blogger might think we’re exclusively screwing each other or something,” Namjoon teases. 

Jin shuts him up by kissing him for so long that he doesn’t notice the paparazzi. 

Nor does he care because Jin’s hat completely obscures most of Namjoon’s face and the world gets to continue to wonder who the hell Kim Seokjin is fucking.




Jin: if you were here rn what would you do with me?  

Namjoon: probably make you test me on my flash cards.  

Namjoon: I bought glow in the dark pens.

Namjoon: we wouldn’t even need to turn the light on.  

Jin: keeping the romance alive by sexting  

Namjoon: you love me.  

Jin: yeah. Yeah I do.  

“Wipe that disgusting smile off your face, it makes me sick,” Yoongi complains. 

“Choke on a dick, Yoongi. Not yours, though. Tiny penis,” Jin replies, waggles his finger at Yoongi who promptly throws himself at Jin and Jimin is the one to tear them apart, all three laughing far too loudly at work.




Jin visits Namjoon two weeks later. When they see each other, Namjoon doesn’t let go for far too long and Jin is weary because the paps have been increasing the more he hints at Namjoon with cute little posts on twitter and a few instagram pictures with vague quotes about missing people.

He wants this to be as normal as possible, wants Namjoon to feel normal. Namjoon can post all about them in his private social medias and doesn’t tag Jin. And Jin, well, posts pictures of the two of them with X’s covering Namjoon’s face so they can’t see who it is.

“It’s to keep you out of the public eye while still showing off my boyfriend,” Jin explains to him when Namjoon doesn’t get it. 

“Why post at all about it?” Namjoon asks in return while he drives them towards McDonald’s so Jin can indulge in his cheat meal. 

“Because I want this to be as normal as possible,” Jin admits and looks over at his boyfriend. “I want us to be normal.” 

“We are normal,” he argues and smiles. “As normal as one can get when one is super handsome and perfect and everyone loves and the other one is you.” 

Jin squawks, offended, and then crosses his arms over his chest dramatically. 

“Babe, I’m kidding. What do you want from McDonald’s?” Namjoon asks lightly. 

“Nothing. I’m not hungry,” he replies like a petulant child.

“Seriously?” Namjoon asks in disbelief. “You don’t want fries on your cheat day?” 


“Seokjin, you always want fries on your cheat days,” Namjoon argues. 

“My hatred for you runs deeper than my love for fries, Joonie.” 

Namjoon gets him fries anyways and Jin breaks character and laughs when Namjoon drives over a curb.




He’s happy. They’re happy. Even when Namjoon goes back to school, they’re still happy. There’s less time for them, sure, but Jin still makes it out to New York as often as possible.

Jin sits on the floor with Namjoon, balances the bowl on his thighs as Namjoon keeps it between his parted thighs and leans forward to slurp the rice noodles into his mouth. He moans around it and then sighs. “God, I love this.”

“Well, you can have it more often if you wanted,” Jin says lightly.

“Can’t afford it,” Namjoon says instantly and shrugs.

“Your boyfriend is the most sought after high fashion model,” Jin dead pans. “What do you mean you can’t afford noodles?”

Namjoon slurps faster and shrugs. “I mean I’m not the most sought after high fashion model and that I can’t afford noodles,” he says lightly again.

Jin huffs loudly and shakes his head. This boy will be the death of him. “Joonie—

“No,” Namjoon cuts Him off and looks up from the laptop on the floor. “This is supposed to be normal, remember? You’re not Kim Seokjin fashion model in here. You’re Jin who likes dad jokes and buys me dinner once a week because you feel like I’m not getting enough nutrients in me.”

“You’re not,” Jin agreed. “You literally ate cereal with water three nights ago.”

“I ran out of milk halfway through filling up my bowl. I just needed it a bit more wet,” Namjoon argues over a mouthful of noodles. “I have milk now. My paycheck came through. I could’ve even bought dinner tonight.”

The offer makes something in Jin’s body just melt a bit. Namjoon is a last year college student with a mountain of debt and a job that pays him too little and works Him to death. But he’s still there, offering to buy Jin dinner like Jin can’t afford to buy Namjoon’s entire building, like Jin is sporting the new collection of designer clothes that have yet to even debut.

Instead, Jin sits criss crossed on Namjoon’s dorm floor, cluttered with books and pages and everything and they watch Netflix and eat take out because if Namjoon can’t afford it, he won’t do it. Won’t ask for help. Won’t ask for anything at all not even after all this time.

“Nah,” Jin finally disagrees and shakes his head. “It was on my way anyways,” he says lightly. “Missed you.”

Namjoon looks away from the laptop and looks over at Jin and smiles a bit dumbly at Him, then looks at his take out. “Missed me while you were busy being the most sought after high fashion model?” He asks jokingly.

“Especially then,” Jin laughs, “because all of these people were there but I just really really wanted to see you there.”

Namjoon looks up again and keeps smiling, his one dimple deep and doing things to Jin’s heart. “You’re a sap,” Namjoon accuses. “I would’ve rather been there than writing my thesis on multiverses.”

Jin makes a soft noise and then throws his head back. “God, you speaking nerd really turns me on sometimes.”

That’s when Namjoon decides to forget the noodles and crawl over Jin’s legs and settle himself in his lap. He leans forward, kisses the corner of his mouth and trails it lower so he can breathe hotly into Jin’s ear before licking its shell. Jin flinches under him, grabs at his slim hips.

“What about if I talk to you about my theory on mermaids?” Namjoon whispers hotly.

Jin smiles and then groans when Namjoon sucks at his neck. “Can you suck and talk? Cause I’d love to hear about your mermaid theory while you’re sucking my dick.” 

“No,” he whispers into Jin’s skin. “But you can suck and I can talk.” 

“If you can talk while I’m giving you head, I’m gonna’ need to read more fanfiction to get these blowjobs skills,” Jin jokes and moves Namjoon around so that he can sit at the end of his dorm’s bed and Jin is nestled in between his parted thighs on his own knees. 

Turns out that, no, Namjoon can’t talk about mermaids while getting his dick sucked.


Namjoon can’t visit anymore, his job cuts him back on hours so he spends his days saving every penny and studying even harder. So Jin takes several flights out of LA to New York several times a month instead. Namjoon lets him into his dorm, holding a bowl of cereal closely to his chest and then sits down to stare at his laptop, legs crossed on the bed. 

“I thought you were out of milk,” Jin says suspiciously, remembering how Namjoon complained for the third time that swapping water for milk was the worst idea ever. Which, Jin agrees. It is the worst idea ever but Namjoon won’t let him buy him groceries. 

“I am,” he agrees, a little delayed. 

“Did you use water again, Joon?” 

“Nope,” Namjoon says and continues to eat and read. “I used your fancy coffee creamer that you left last time. It goes bad in two days so I thought I’d use it up.” 

Jin makes a face. “That-that sounds like a terrible idea. That’s, oh shit, that’s worse than using fucking water, Namjoon.” 

Namjoon looks up from his laptop and chews slowly. “I didn’t say it was a good idea, I’m just saying that’s what I used.” 

“Why? Namjoon, put it down. We can grab milk. You don’t have to— 

“Jin, it’s fine,” Namjoon waves off. “It’s like, it’s like a lot of sugar at once, ya know? Because the creamer is just like a shot of sugar and there’s currently like dozens of shots of sugar That I’m consuming with every bite. But you know, it’s fine. I’ve had worse. I’m broke. I’m broke and hungry and it’s fine. Also. Is my eye twitching?” 

“No,” Jin says and then sighs, grabs the bowl of cereal and moves it away from Namjoon. “You don’t have to keep doing this. Namjoon. Seriously, if you need help I’ll help you.” 

Namjoon chews on his lip and shakes his head. “I don’t want to feel like I’m just using you. You wanted this normal.” 

“And it is normal, remember?” Jin asks. “As normal as it can get with one of us being a 10 in a room full of 8s.” 

Namjoon smiles. “I’m the 8?” 


“Jay Park is an 11, for sure,” Namjoon says sweetly and Jin rolls his eyes.

“Quiet. I’m serious, here. We’re a team. We’re dating. If you need groceries or something, I can get you. You don’t let me shower you with extravagant gifts--

“I’m not your sugar baby, Jin, that’s why.” 

“So let me at least shower you with decent meals and necessities.” 

They’re quiet for a few moments before Namjoon finally nods and tugs Jin down into his lap. “Thank you.” 

Jin smiles triumphantly and nods. “It’s all good, babe.” And then ruins the tender moment with a smug, “what would you do without me?” 

But Namjoon’s quick witted and responds easily with, “probably date a doctor. My mom always did want me to marry smart and rich.” 

Jin snorts and then buys Namjoon way too many groceries.




When Jin visits again, the first thing he does is take Namjoon to an organic grocery store and stockpiles all of the things he knows Namjoon will need. They’re in line when Jin sees it, some magazine on the newsstands and his picture on the front of it. 

“I will never get used to that,” Namjoon admits, hooks his chin on Jin’s shoulder and then kisses it. “My boyfriend on the covers of gossip magazines."

"I bet Jay Park doesn't get this much attention," Jin grumbles bitterly.

Namjoon smirks. "Nah. My boyfriend's cuter than him, anyways. That's why it's you being gossiped about and not him." 

Jin smiles and feels pride swell in his chest. Fuck, yeah. “Yeah, you’re the reason I'm even on those things right now,” he snorts after a moment and then grabs at it and goes to where they say he gave an exclusive interview. Funny how he doesn’t remember doing that at all. “Lies. All lies. I think I met the writer at some smoothie bar in LA and they asked me a question and now suddenly it’s an exclusive interview.” 

“They seem to kind of hate you,” Namjoon points out as he reads over Jin’s shoulder. 

“Half of the people I meet hate me and the other half wanna fuck me, Joonie,” Jin says lightly and continues reading. 

“I am both,” Namjoon says lightly and then kisses his cheek to soothe the burn. 

“Can I hate you be our always?” 

“Oh my god I hate you.”

“I hate you too,” Jin says with over exaggerated mirth laced with his words.

It’s awful. Namjoon loves it.




When Namjoon graduates, his section is filled with entirely too many models for people to handle. Jimin and Jin are both there with the ever elusive Taehyung (which Namjoon met accidentally in New York and has adored since). Min Yoongi is there, holding Jimin’s hand and scowling a bit too much and Jungkook is there with them, one more year left and then his section will be filled with models too. 

His parents are there next to Jin, smiling happily and Jin looking far too proud and beautiful for his own good. He walks up to get his degree and trips on his way to get it. It’s exactly how he pictured graduation going, except reality is better. He gets to trip into the arms of his model boyfriend. 

“We’re celebrating this weekend,” Jin says happily. 

Memories of Namjoon’s birthday flash back into his mind with too expensive dinners and a crazy trip. “Ok. But we’re doing it my way,” Namjoon says easily. 

His way involves going to his favorite bar and drinking his and Jin’s favorite beer as Hoseok laughs and finally meets the rest of the boys. It’s completely the perfect night. 

He’s only slightly buzzed when they tumble back into Jin’s hotel room and Namjoon fucks into him slowly, murmuring how much he loves him into his skin until they’re both overwhelmed by it. When they bask in the afterglow of it all, Jin is the first to talk. 

“Move in with me?” He asks quietly, running his fingers through Namjoon’s hair gently. 

“Move across the country and leave the life that I know to follow my model boyfriend around?” Namjoon asks softly. 

“Doesn’t sound too bad, yeah?”

 Namjoon laughs softly. “As soon as I get a job, I’m paying half the rent.” 

“No. You can pay for utilities. The rent in LA is insane and makes me cry sometimes,” Jin admits. 

Namjoon agrees easily and settles into Jin, nuzzling under his chin and falls asleep. When he wakes up, Jin is knocked out entirely and there’s a notification on Namjoon’s screen about JIn just having posted. 

He smiles when he sees a blurry picture of him and Jin on Jin’s page, it’s the two of them entangled in each other at the bar, and laughs at the caption under it. ‘Kim Seokjin is f***king who now?’ 

He posts the same picture on his own instagram, the less blurry version that Yoongi managed to capture on his phone, tags Jin in it and captions it with a simple response to Jin’s: 

Kim Seokjin is fucking me.