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We all Fall Down

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He felt it as his soul left his body. Turning to see it fall to the ground as a pained cry came from his former student. that pulse in the air that no one else seemed to notice. Then again he, one Hiruzen Sarutobi, was dead. Not how he imagined he'd go but protecting his village was a bonus. His important people were safe.


Turning to look at the shinigami he had summoned, Sarutobi noticed it was looking all around. Apparently, it to noticed the pulsing in the air. And the way it was reacting he quickly deduced it wasn't normal. So, when the shinigami moved away from his body, Sarutobi followed.




Attending one's own funeral was a strange feeling. But he stood there watching his family, friends, and the villagers he had protected for so long, show their grief. It had Sarutobi feeling highly emotional. He knew he had the respect of his village. But not to this extent. It'd been a bit of a shock to him as the Eulogy was read, it began to rain. Kind of fitting to him.


Though the shinigami hadn't left nor had it taken more souls of those that had died. No, that was done by... other shinigami. That alone had him curious. He'd been raised under the belief there was only one death god. But Sarutobi had not asked about it. Especially when the one he was bound to keep getting more and more agitated. The pulsations had become more frequent over the last three days. Getting stronger only to become weak, but never ceasing. And now over the last twenty minutes, or was it thirty? They had gotten incredibly strong and closer together.


Sighing, he turned away as his own funeral finished. Just to feel his soul being pulled rapidly towards what was left of the front gates of Konoha. Where he saw his particular shinigami looking left and right before it darted out the gates and into the forest. Relaxing as he was pulled along, Sarutobi's vision was bathed in a brilliant flash of lilac and silver. Leaving his incorporeal body feeling almost refreshed.


When his vision cleared, Sarutobi immediately recognized the clearing that they were in. Only because it held an old dry well. Something he had always thought out of place. And currently said well had a reddish glow coming out of it. The feel of that light had Sarutobi ready to run. It was exceptionally powerful. Almost, if not on par with Kyuubi. But this power was not malicious in the least.


As the light flared brighter, Sarutobi instinctively lifted an arm to cover his face. And an explosion of power rocked the forest around him. Once it quieted down he dropped his arm and watched as the shinigami floated to the well and peered over its edge into its depths. Only to fly back as a large yellow backpack came barreling out, causing Sarutobi to blink at what he was seeing. Because soon after the backpack landed it revealed a pale, heart-shaped face framed by raven locks.


What had him staying still was the fact as a set of piercing blue eye was looking directly at him. The face they were set in pinched in confusion until the shinigami moved, drawing the person's attention. Causing shock and delight to brighten those piercing blue eyes, as the person finished pulling themselves out of the well. REvealing to him a scantily clad, beautiful teenage girl.


"Ryuk! Why are you here? And who is that old man?" the girl asked as she slides from the edge to stand on the forest floor.


When the shinigami stopped, Sarutobi felt his jaw drop. Right before his eyes, the damn thing shifted into a lanky goth man clad all in black leather and buckles, large black crow-like wings sprouting from his back. A pale hand scratching at gravity-defying spiky black hair that resembled Kakashi's.


"I think the question Lady Miko Kagome, is what are you doing here in this world. Do you not have an important quest to finish?" the shinigami now named Ryuked hissed.


Sarutobi watched the interaction with great interest. The professor in him awakening. Though outwardly he would appear detached, uncaring as if it was an image in his crystal ball. Wondering if this was a horrible joke or how his afterlife was going to be. When the girl,  Kagome fidgeted. Sarutobi lifted a hand and rubbed at his bottom lip, wondering what was causing this reaction from the petite girl.


"Well...  we did... but Magatsuhi had merged with... Naraku. Tried to kill me... again. Rin, to. Sesshomaru killed him. Or we all thought he did. After the battle, I went and well... Magatsuhi somehow survived. And uh well... Ryuk... It was supposed to vanish... not return to my body," the girl, Kagome said.


Sarutobi didn't understand a single word of it all. And he was by no means a dullard in his old age. But what the girl was saying,  mentioning names that seemed vaguely familiar for some reason. Had him wracking his brain for why.


"Then how did you  get here?" Ryuk asked in that hissing voice of his.


At the question, Sarutobi felt the air grow very heavy around his spiritual body. It was almost suffocating. And he knew it was coming from the girl, who seemed to be glowing that odd Lilac light from earlier as her eyes flashed silver. Her anger was a very palpable thing as the shinigami threw its hands up placatingly.


"Magatsuhi... He connected with me, trying to undermine what I... and I saw them all be sucked into the void that appeared under us. He came along too. Shippo was with me until the moment I touched the bottom of the well," The girl, Kagome said, her body going rigid.


"you mean Magatsuhi is here? Dammit, this isn't good, Lady Miko Kagome," Ryuk moaned, hiding his face in his hands comically.


Sarutobi couldn't take his eyes off the girl. She looked distraught. Tears glistening along the edges of her blue eyes. It made something in him want to protect her. Just as something connected in his mind.


"Wait for those strong pulses over the last few days, as well as the weaker ones. Could that have been her friends?" He asked.


The moment the other two looked at him with very different reactions, Sarutobi wondered if he had said something important.


"Pulses?" Kagome asked, her gaze turning back to Ryuk with a sharp intensity.


"Yes. The last three days have been strong to faint at times, pulses. You are by far the strongest. The last weak one was in my former village, Konoha," Sarutobi explained.


Another low groan came from the shinigami. Who was looking even paler than before? Red eyes glazed before it shook its head, eyes clearing up to look at the girl. Sarutobi noticed both seriousness and sadness in its gaze.


"Lady Miko, your friends are here, but you all landed at a different point along the timeline. this is the future that came from that battle. The world you were from is...erased," Ryuk told the girl.


Who, Sarutobi noticed, seemed oddly calm. Though he knew that meant nothing. This was the calm before the storm.


"Ryuk, you mean to tell me the future I came from... is gone and replaced with...this," The girl, Kagome said, with a wave of her arms, that Sarutobi found a bit offensive. "So, my mother, gramps, and little brother Sota do not exist."


He didn't like the really like how she referred to his home and country, but he'd be upset to learn his own family no longer existed in that manner too.


"No, they do exist... just won't know who you are... Cause, you see... your timeline was only created so you could be born and do what you were destined to do," Ryuk said in a very bored sounding voice.


Flinching Sarutobi just waited. He knew that how it was stated was horribly wrong. There could only be so many ways to soften a blow like that, he was sure. And how the shinigami just handled it was not one of them.


"Ryuk, you are telling me the Kami... allowed my timeline just so I could be born and ow their bidding?"


Shuddering at how low, sweet, and calm the girl's tone was. Sarutobi watched as the shinigami seemed to curl into itself in fear. Which was impressive, he was death. A collector of the souls of the departed.


"Yes?" Ryuk said.


"Oh, okay. So, instead of killing you. I'll give you one option for you to agree to. Help me find my nearest companion before your little soul over there starts to corrupt and turn into a phantasm that will hurt those he loved most while alive," Kagome stated, a saccharine voice with a smile to match. "And, I will give you a dozen apples to boot."


Sarutobi could say he was honestly scared shitless. there was no real killing intent coming from the girl. But that lilac light was much brighter, a hint of silver-colored her blue eyes. All while the air was going from heavy to outright oppressive.


"Kagome..." Ryuk whined. "Fine. Your nearest companion is in Konoha. IT is Shippo,  your adopted son."


In no more than a second, the air was back to normal. The girl smiling as the lilac colored light completely vanished. And all traces of the silver in her eyes was gone. Leaving one Hiruzen Sarutobi wondering just who this girl was. Because there had been no Miko, or priestess, for almost five hundred years. All spiritual stuff was done by monks at temples. Yet he was sure Kagome was really a Miko. A very powerful one. Meaning people would either try to control her or outright kill her. Since Priestesses could talk to and control the Bijuu.


"Okay, let's go. I do not know what will happen to my mischievous kit if left alone for too long," Kagome chirped as she turned in the direction of the village.


Sarutobi watched as she hefted the insanely large yellow backpack onto her back with ease. Making him wonder if she had superhuman strength like second Hokage's granddaughter, Tsunade. Shaking his head, he followed Ryuk and the girl as they walked back to the village in silence.




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