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ACT 5 ACT 2: The Impossible Symphony

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"Jude Harley, some call you the Mage of Void, any idea why?"

"Hell if I know, sir. It's... honestly one of those confusing titles that nobody ever really thinks through until it becomes a relevant question, I guess. They say John is a Heir of Breath, but what does Breath have to do with Wind based powers?"

"So... flowery nonsense?"

"I suppose so, though, if I had to put something to it, I'd say it's due to me being able to make just about anything I can set my mind to. Like a mage drawing an object from the void, maybe? Ah, but some people can literally pull things out of thin air even without a sylladex, so what do I know?"

"Like miss Lalonde in the aftermath of the cloning incident."

"Yeah. Like that. No idea how she's managed it but it's a thing."

"So, what are your thoughts on the Alternian girl who looks like your sister, Colonel Claire?"

"Ah, well. They spent so much time together on Alternia and Colonel Claire's got our mom's maiden name, plus they've got the same first name, so it's pretty easy to think of one as Sis, and the other as Sis from another universe... And believe me, I've met a lot of Alt-verse Joeys."

"Two incidents involving the Quantum Mirror that I've got on noted record."

"Yeah. The one from the Broken 1969 Loop World is pretty nice. We stay in touch, though lately she's busy working with Silica and Keiko on the Aincrad side of things."

"And the other?"

"...The clingy Joey. Yeah... I really hope we don't run into her again if she holds a grudge."

"Always a reasonable concern."


"Do you have any concerns towards Disclosure?"

"Only that if it happens, I'm requesting that to the people watching this, you just... leave our families alone, okay? No pesky reporters outside our houses at all times of the night, no surprise interivews or what-ever lurking behind any corner... No people watching our kids outside of school like a bunch of perverts, got it??"

"I think that's a perfectly valid request, all things considered. Anything else?"

"Hmm... To all the conspiracy nuts out there like I used to be when I was a kid? You'd be better off trying to join the SGC than fighting against it. 'Exposing' stuff the SGC's trying to hide...? Even if there's stuff that doesn't get covered by Disclosure, don't try to dig it up. Chances are we're burying it for the sake of EVERYONE'S SANITY! Either that, or its a case of some really dangerous people out there doing really dangerous things."

"Like Anubis and English."

"Yeah, like them! And- say- if SOMEHOW this comes out and one or both of them Haven't Attacked Earth yet? Well, consider that a lucky break, or us somehow putting a stop to it before things could get out of hand."

"And if this comes out after such an attack that's been repulsed?"

"Well, if you're watching this, and the world ISN'T currently being dominated by a vicious former-Goa'uld-turned-spirit-ghost-robot, or a megalomaniac child parading around in a giant snake mech? Well... All I've got to say is there's one Team Designation who almost certainly put in a lot of effort in the local Galaxy to make a normal life possible."

"While I know who you're talking about... For the camera... And who would that be?"

"That'd be SG-1!"