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Lies and Truths (Eleventh Doctor x Reader)

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You just had to take the children.

Angie and Artie (Both really weird names) were fidgeting impatiently in a corner, while the Doctor pranced around the console trying to get to god knows where.

'Are we there yet?' Angie moaned.

Clara shushed her. 'Be patient, Angie. We'll be there soon.'

'Yes, we'll be there soon.' you sat on the edge of the support railings, perfectly balanced. 'Just you wait.'

'Yes!' The Doctor shouted as the ever so familiar sound filled the TARDIS.

Artie frowned. 'What's that sound?'

'That, Artie, is the sound of us traveling-'

'Through space. You said that a million times, Doctor.' you stuck your tongue out at him. 'Don't repeat yourself.'

'Oy! Don't stick your tongue out at me!' he gave you a mock disapproving look.

You hopped off the railings and walked towards him and Clara. 'Whatever.'

'Are you two married?' Clara asked, all of a sudden.

'What? No!' You and him said at the same time. 'Never!'

'You sound like an old married couple.' she snorted and turned away. 'Come on, Angie, Artie.'

The Doctor beat them to the door and opened it, sticking his head out. You, not being able to resist, stuck your head out beneath his, and Clara beneath yours, and you heard the children sticking their heads out.

'Well, here we are. Hedgewick's World. The biggest and best amusement park there will ever be, and we've got a golden ticket. Eh? Eh? Fun.' The Doctor told you excitedly.

'Fun?' Clara asked in a questioning tone.

'Uhm.... that doesn't look like fun much.' you pointed out.

'Your stupid box can't even get us to the right place. This is like a moon base or something.' Angie said grumpily.

You gasped. 'You called the TARDIS a stupid box! It's okay, girl, don't be mad, she just doesn't know how brilliant you are.' you whispered to the TARDIS. It beeped, a little more happier, and the Doctor looked at the children, offended.

'Firstly, never call the TARDIS stupid, you're right, (Y/N), and it's not the moon.'

'Actually, I think it does look like the moon, only dirtier.' Artie noted.

You opened your mouth to protest, but the Doctor beat you to it. 'Hey. Guys. It's not the moon, okay? It's a Spacey Zoomer ride, or it was.'

Suddenly, a door slid open, revealing a man in a tall hat. He peered at you, the Doctor, Clara and her kids, and asked, 'Psst. Excuse me. I don't suppose you happen to be my lift off planet? Dave's Discount Interstellar Removals?'

Clara answered, polite as usual, 'Afraid not.'

'They were meant to be here six months ago. Well, that's Dave for you, see? Unreliable.' The man shakes his head sadly.

A woman's voice interrupted them, cutting through the air-

'Stay where you are!'

You sighed and turned around. 'I am getting sick of that line.'

'Throw down your weapons and identify yourselves.' she growled.

The Doctor raised his hands and waved the glittery golden ticket. 'No. No weapons. Golden ticket. Spacey Zoomer. Free ice cream?'

'Actually, Doctor-' you started to cut in, but he wordlessly put a finger to your lips.

'No weapons? Who are you? This planet is closed, by Imperial order.'

'Doctor-' you tried again.

'No. No weapons. None-'

Exasperated, you tapped his shoulder. 'Doctor!'

'What?' he turned around. 'I'm in the middle of something important here.'

'Uh.... I'm kind of armed a little.... I have weapons, so...' you winced a bit and slowly took out a switchblade. 'Does this count as a weapon?'

The lady's eyes narrowed. 'Any more you have failed to notify us with, perhaps?'

'Does a swiss army knife count as a weapon?'

'Drop them.' she said, and you dropped them. 'I'll ask one more time, who are you?'

The Doctor cleared his throat. 'How about this?'

He took out his psychic paper and showed it to the woman. She nodded.

'Oh. Welcome, Proconsul. I wish they'd told us you were coming. Any news of the Emperor?'

'Oh, the Emperor. No, no. None that you'd, er,'

'We pray for his return. If there is anything you need, my platoon is at your service.'

'Right. Righty-o. Well, carry on, Captain.' the Doctor saluted the woman and they left. Immediately, he turned to you. 'What were you doing, carrying a weapon like that?!'

'Firstly, I'm an alien who crashed on Earth and earned a MIT degree in engineering and technology, duh I would carry a swiss army knife, and secondly, everywhere you go is dangerous! I have to be armed!'

He huffed and stormed away from you.

'Oh my god, you are so fricking childish!' you snapped at him.

The old dude pokes his head out again. 'Are they gone?'

'Yes.' you say glumly.



'Wow!' The kids bounce around in microgravity, and the short man called Porridge operates the gravity. Clara takes pictures of them with her phone.

'Smile! Say, Spacey Zoomer.' she snaps some more photos, and you take the phone from her.

'No, no, no. You're getting the angle all wrong.' You move a little left, then a little more, then you tilt the phone. 'Like that. Ha!'

Clara looks at the phone and then at you. 'How do you do that?'

'Photography, 1 year.' you smile.

Porridge turns off the anti-gravity and the kids stop. They run over to you and Clara. 'I think that was the most fun I've had in my whole life.' Artie beamed.

'It was...' Angie shrugs. 'Okay.'

'Clara, I think outer space is actually very interesting.' Artie tells Clara, eyes shining.

'Right. Wonderful day out, Doctor, but time to get the kids home.' Clara signals to the Doctor.

The Doctor is crouched on the ground, and is scanning something with his screwdriver. 'Yeah. Er, no. Not actually ready to leave.' he mumbles.

'Why not?'

'I don't know. Reasons.' he waves her off, but Clara stubbornly asks him, 'What reasons?'

'Insects. Funny insects. I should add them to my funny insect collection.' he mumbles, and you roll your eyes. 'You don't have a funny insect collection.'

'You collect funny insects?' Clara asks at the same time.

He chooses the answer Clara. 'Yeah, I'm starting to, right now.'