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The Crane and Her Heart

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The Crane and her Heart



I don’t own any of the characters. Touken Ranbu is owned by Nitro+.

Chapter 1: The summoning

It was just another evening in honmaru, with the swords busying themselves with chores and expeditions. The saniwa requested Pierre the resident smith to forge a new sword. As she approached, she felt worried that she would wind up with another duplicate. Upon opening the door to the smith, Pierre looked up at her.

"Ah, saniwa-sama! You're just in time—I believe I’ve crafted a new sword. It took three hours and twenty minutes from start to finish. I hope it's to your satisfaction," he said, knowing if he failed to smith a new sword he would certainly not get paid by the Government.

"Good. I was waiting in anticipation for the sword’s unveiling," she walked over to the stand where the sword was and, using a talisman, brought the sword to life. There was a bright light and once it died down, there—standing before her—was a figure dressed in white.

"Yo, I'm Tsurumaru Kuninaga, are you surprised to see someone like me here?" Tsurumaru asked, turning around. That's when the saniwa saw it: unlike other citadels’ male Tsurumaru, this one was female, and very pretty at that. She had her white cloak with golden chains going from one arm to the back and on the other arm, the crest of the crane. Her white undershirt was partly opened, revealing some cleavage. Where there should have been long pants there were instead a pair of shorts. Her boots were blue and green with a hint of gold, with white socks. Her hair was neck length with strands coming over each of her shoulders. Her bangs lightly hung over her round face, her lips were full, and her golden eyes reflected both innocence and mischievousness in them. When she spoke her voice was soft, tone sweet like honey.

The saniwa smiled. She felt like she was looking at an angel in human form.

"Welcome to the citadel, Tsurumaru Kuninaga," the saniwa motioned Tsurumaru to follow her. Together they left the smithy and the saniwa began to speak about the citadel.

"I will introduce you to the others tomorrow, but for now it’s late and I'm sure you’d like to get some rest. If you have any questions you may ask Konnosuke. He will certainly be able to answer them."

After she spoke a fox appeared and looked at Tsurumaru. "Master, is that our new sword?" he asked. The saniwa nodded as Tsurumaru pet Konnosuke, who wagged his tail happily in response.

"Konnosuke, please inform one of the troops to go get some female clothing for Tsurumaru here, and for your hard work you’ll be rewarded with some fried tofu." The saniwa knew that it was late and felt bad to burden her troops with the task, but knew it couldn’t be helped.

Konnosuke nodded and scurried off. The saniwa turned back to Tsurumaru and opened the door to a room. "This will be your room. Tomorrow after introductions you may decorate it to your liking," she said before leaving.

Tsurumaru looked around her new room: it was rather plain. It had a dresser, a bed made with white sheets, and a closet where a futon was placed. There were a few shelves to put items on and above her dresser was a stand to place her sword upon.

"This place looks interesting… I wonder if Mitsu-bo, Kura-bo, and Sada-chan are here yet?" she wondered aloud as she placed her sword on the stand and began changing into a white silk nightgown.

She yawned and crawled into bed. Her eyes widened upon feeling the softness of the cushions. "Whoa, I'm surprised a bed can be this comfy!" she remarked before turning on her side and looking out the window at the moon before slowly falling asleep.

The next morning Tsurumaru woke up to a few things in her room which hadn’t been there the night before. She went over to the closet and saw lots of articles of women’s clothing. She opened one of the drawers and inside she found some bras and underwear. She grabbed one of each and, noticing an eye-catching white sundress with a bird on the bottom, decided to surprise everyone by wearing that instead of her usual clothes. She took off the nightgown she put on last night she placed it on the bed before changing into her new attire.

"Hmm, it's almost time for me to meet the others," she murmured to herself. Then, looking over her room she noticed a mirror. She took a moment to admire herself, amazed by what she saw.

"Is this really me?" she asked herself, smiling. She realized she looked absolutely beautiful. A few minutes later she heard some bells ringing and Konnosuke outside her door.

"Tsurumaru, it's time to go introduce you to the others." Tsurumaru looked at herself one last time before opening the door and walking out of her room. Konnosuke wasted no time leading her to where everyone was waiting to meet her.

Meanwhile Heshikiri Hasebe was standing with Shokudaikiri Mitsutada on one end of the meeting place, addressing an audience of swords who had gathered. Among the swords present were the Genji brothers Higekiri and Hizamaru, the Sanjou swords, the Samonji brothers, Ichigo Hitofuri, the Awataguchi tantou and wakizashi, Nansen Ichimonji, Chiyoganemaru, Shizukagata and Tomoegata Naginata, the Kunihiro brothers, Izuminokami Kanesada, Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, Kogarasumaru, Shishiou, Ookurikara, the Sadamune brothers, Kenshin Kagemitsu and Azuki Nagamitsu, Oodenta Mitsuyo, Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Yamatonokami Yasusada, the Kotetsu brothers and Nagasone, Kasen Kanesada, Fudou Yukimitsu, Nakigitsune, Koryuu Kagemitsu, Sohayanotsurugi, Aoe brothers Juzumaru Tsunetsugu and Nikkari Aoe, Uguisumaru, the Rai brothers, Sengo Muramasa, Tonbokiri, the ootachi brothers Taroutachi and Jiroutachi, Ookanehira, and Daihannya Nagamitsu.

"Master, you did not need to come all the way out here to make the announcement. I, Hasebe would have gladly done so in your stead," Hasebe began before the saniwa cut him off with a gentle smile and a shake of her head.

"No, Hasebe. This time I must make the announcement, for it is important," At the word ‘important’ all the swords looked at her.

"Last night we had a new addition to the citadel. However, they are different from everyone, so I ask that you please treat them with the utmost respect and care. I will not tolerate any unfair treatment of their person no matter how they look, or what they are. Understand?"

Everyone in attendance nodded.

"Then let me introduce the new sword…"


That's all for Chapter 1. Please stick around for Chapter 2! I know I mentioned a lot of swords, however not all of them will be in this fanfiction—they are just the swords that the saniwa has. I hope you enjoyed this!

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Chapter 2: The Competition Begins. Part 1

Last time on Crane and her Heart… we saw Tsurumaru manifest and how she was about to be introduced to the others. Now let's enjoy chapter 2!

"This is Tsurumaru Kuninaga," the saniwa said, which Tsurumaru took as her cue to move to stand beside her.

"Tsuru-san!" Taikogane shouted excitedly before running up to and hugging Tsurumaru. Tsurumaru laughed and hugged Taikogane back. Mitsutada walked over only to stop close by and was about to ask the question on everyone else’s minds, but Hasebe beat him to it.

"Master, why is Tsurumaru a girl?" he asked the saniwa as Taikogane and Tsurumaru parted and Taikogane looked Tsurumaru over and realized that Hasebe was right.

"I do not know. Regardless of how unique this Tsurumaru is, I want you to treat her as you would anyone else," as the saniwa looked over her swords she noticed a few were sizing up Tsurumaru. She quickly turned away to hide a smile. This will be interesting.

"Are you surprised?" Tsurumaru asked, following with a soft laugh, not yet aware that she would soon be the catalyst for fierce competition among residents of the honmaru.

She walked over to Mitsusada and began talking with him to catch up on recent times. Taikogane left momentarily to drag Ookurikara over to join them; when Tsurumaru saw Ookurikara she smiled and waved, only for Ookurikara to look away. When he saw the look in some of the other swords’ eyes as they gazed upon Tsurumaru, he couldn’t help but frown. He didn't like where things were headed, not one bit.


Mikazuki Munechika’s POV

When the bell rang, I left my quarters with the rest of the Sanjou swords. Kogitsunemaru and Ishikirimaru were talking about what the meeting could entail. Iwatooshi on the other hand was carrying Imanotsurugi on his shoulders. Not many know this, but Imanotsurugi is actually a female sword. Many mistook her for a male, but none of us bothered to correct them: after all, it is a Sanjou school secret. When we arrived I could tell my brothers and sister were shocked at seeing the saniwa there. Why, even I was a little surprised.

Though what came next was something that even I couldn't imagine happening: out walked the illustrious Tsurumaru Kuninaga. However, the first thing I noticed was that she was female. I saw Taikogane Sadamune run up to her to hug her… And I immediately felt envious. Others think I'm an easygoing old man, but what they don't know is that there is another side to me, one I don't show. Just like the waxing and waning of the moon, I keep people guessing what is going on in my mind. When my eyes met Tsurumaru’s I understood how one might desire her: she was radiant, beautiful with a certain mischief in her eyes. When she spoke I felt another feeling one that I never thought I would have…

I want her to be mine and mine alone. I thought to myself. However I soon became aware that others were looking at her hungrily. It was then I vowed to myself that I will have Tsurumaru fall for me, for she had already captured my heart the instant I saw her. They can try, but not a one of them can compare to the likes of me—well, perhaps Higekiri can. Indeed, perhaps him I can see posing a problem for me. We are similar, and with that he could easily sway Tsurumaru’s heart…


Heshikiri Hasebe's POV

When I arrived to the meeting place and saw the master there, I was both happy and shocked that she had taken it upon herself to make the announcement: after all, I'm the attendant and I should be the one to do those types of things, not her. When I asked her why, she didn't let me express my concerns like she normally might and the reason she gave was one I can't say I was expecting. But after hearing Master's announcement and saw Tsurumaru Kuninaga in the flesh, I realized why she had come and said what she did. I had seen other Tsurumaru before in mock fights yes, however the one before me was beyond words… It was shocking to think there was someone more becoming than Master.

Her voice was so soothing; however it also filled me with dread. I know from talking to other citadels’ warriors that their Tsurumaru were pranksters at heart. Even though she was pretty I would have to say on guard: after all, I'm Master’s attendant and must be aware and prepared at any time for battle. Although that is what I told myself, my mind betrayed my sensibilities as the mental image of Tsurumaru by my side in battle flashed through my head… And how comforting it was!

I quickly shook my head to clear that thought from my mind, only to find Fudou looking at me with a smirk on his face, as if he knew something I didn't.

Only once Master left did I see Tsurumaru in all her glory. I thought maybe, just maybe, having someone by my side, even while serving Master as her attendant didn't seem so bad. Who knows, maybe I can even have her as my partner.

I frowned silently at that thought. No, you shouldn't think like that, you are the master’s attendant. Your life revolves around doing what the saniwa wills.

But even if I think that way, why does it that I feel like I'm being torn in two?

Higekiri’s POV

I was shocked when the saniwa made the announcement and Tsurumaru Kuninaga walked up to stand by her. The first thing I noticed was obviously the fact that Tsurumaru was female rather than male. I looked at my brother and it was apparent from his expression that he was truly surprised.

After the saniwa left, I looked around to see the others’ reactions and was not pleased with what I saw. In their eyes I saw the same passion that I felt: the desire to claim her as one’s own.

My brother looked over at me and spoke.

"You okay, anija?" I nodded, knowing he could read me: I wanted Tsurumaru to be by my side along with my brother. I saw my brother shake his head as if he understood what I wanted though I knew he would support me in it even though he shook his head. The only individual who could provide some competition would have to be Mikazuki, we are so alike and yet so different… Jealousy is often an emotion I try to avoid for it might turn me into a demon however I can't help but feel that when I think of them together. I quickly squashed that thought and instead though of how it would be if Tsurumaru was mine and how well she would get along with my brother.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looking over I found my brother staring at me. He was silently trying to calm me down and draw me away from these new feelings.

The moon and the crane or a demon and the crane… which one would be victorious, I wonder? I looked away and met Mikazuki's gaze and saw the challenge in them and knew he saw the same in mine.

The challenge is on. It didn't matter if we are in the same team, so long as Tsurumaru and I are together. That is all that matters.

Well that’s it for chapter 2. Sorry if some of them were OOC. The next chapter will have more POVs of the swords who will compete for Tsurumaru’s affections. This chapter is just the reaction of the danshi. After the other POVs, the true part of the story will begin. I know this is earlier than a week, but it's been in my mind all day. As always you can review if you like. Till next time.

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Chapter 3: The Competition Begins Part 2

Izuminokami Kanesada’s POV

It was another morning of sparring with Kunihiro when the bell rang, so we stopped momentarily to go see what all the fuss was about. There, I saw the saniwa with Hasebe and Mitsutada. I was confused, why was she here? She never shows up to make announcements. I could tell the others were curious as well.

"Why is the saniwa here, Kane-san?" Kunihiro asked me. I shook my head.

"I don't know. It must be really important if the saniwa herself is here to make the announcement," I replied just as the saniwa began to speak. Some of her words thoroughly confused me: why wouldn't we treat the new sword like we treat each other? It didn't make sense—at least, not until I saw her.

Don't get me wrong I seen lots of Tsurumaru Kuninaga from other citadels, but never one that was female, and suffice to say I was shocked by all this.

"She is really pretty isn't she Kane-san?" Kunihiro asked and I could only nod in agreement. I wonder how the Shinsengumi would react to a female warrior. After all, for it was not common back in those days for women to take up the sword. I can say one thing though; I'm really interested in meeting this Tsurumaru and getting to know her.

And then she spoke and looked at us… I felt something different from a desire for comradery with her stir within me. Though I did not know it at the time, I would soon learn that it was a feeling of want that had awakened in my chest.


Kasen Kanesada’s POV

When I arrived at the meeting ground, I had no choice but to stand near Ookurikara which didn't really please me so much, though I was certainly curious to see the new sword. I was positioned by the bells in such a way that I could make out the crest design of a crane.

So we have another Date sword on our hands. I hope Osayo will stay away from this one. Tsurumaru Kuninaga is known to be a trickster, and I don't want him hurt. Just then the sword in question stepped forward and I realized that I wasn’t looking at another man. The way she walked and carried herself it was graceful; she looked like something out of a story book rather than a fellow touken danshi.

I was pushed aside as Taikogane ran past me and up to Tsurumaru in order to hug her. He could have at least said “excuse me” before pushing past me… though as I watched them hug, I was overcome with an urge to write a haiku about her, or maybe some other kind of poem. It's not often one sees a muse standing before them.

At that thought I quickly frowned. Since when was one of the Date a good muse? I asked myself, yet unaware that what I wanted was for her not to be a muse for my work but my girlfriend.

The shock hit me fast and I nearly gasped however was saved from anyone seeing this ungraceful act by Ookurikara grumbling as he was pulled by Taikogane to see Tsurumaru, and let out a sigh of relief. However, when I saw Ookurikara look over the crowd I followed his line of sight and saw, much to my disgust, looks of wanton hunger in most of their gazes, some worse than others. Though I knew many of them wouldn't act on their urges, there are a few who I wasn't too sure could restrain themselves. I do know I wouldn't mind if Tsurumaru was mine; I do get along with Mitsutada quite well, so I don't think it would hurt too much for her to keep me around.


Kashuu Kiyomitsu's POV (Because why not?)

When Tsurumaru Kuninaga first appeared before us and I saw he was in fact a she, I became jealous. I bet she thinks that she’s cuter than I am, and she might command more of the saniwa's love, while Yasusada and I are pushed aside. However no sooner did that emotion arise did it go away: perhaps it would be fun to have someone to talk to about cuteness and beauty as well?

Don't get me wrong, I love talking to Yasusada but at times it feels as though he doesn't truly understand what I'm saying. Nonetheless, I love him, just as he loves me for how I am. Our relationship started shortly after I came back from Kiwame training: he just wouldn't leave my side due to his worrying about me. Though what had happened was a total accident….

Anyway, I noticed five other swords in particular who all gazed at her with lust in their eyes—there were others yes, minus of course those who were already taken and the members of the Awataguchi family. Some genuinely appeared to want to forge a friendship with her. However the five individuals I picked out of the group had those ridiculous looks of love in their eyes; I could tell there would be a competition for her soon enough, one that might end up hurting Tsurumaru in the end.

See, I’ve been at this citadel from the start along with Hasebe and Imanotsurugi so I already know about the Sanjou’s secret, but I had a feeling she didn't want the others to find out so I kept quiet about it. I'm glad she is with Iwatooshi because I'm afraid if the word gets out that Imanotsurugi a girl the other tantou might go after her… or maybe not.

After being here as long as I have you come to realize some things. I knew there was a storm coming, and I vowed then and there to help Tsurumaru see it through. Who knows, maybe she’ll find that special someone who she belongs with. I looked over at Yasusada and he shot me a smile, one that said he had a plan. One I had a feeling I would not like.


Normal Pov

Tsurumaru watched as the saniwa walked away before looking over at her new allies and friends, before she was gently pulled away by Mitsutada to catch up while Taikogane continued to drag a reluctant Ookurikara along. Once Tsurumaru had left the other swords began to leave to attend to the duties they were assigned to for the day. Mikazuki walked over to Higekiri, fully aware he was watched by the other three would-be competitors and the Sanjou swords.

"I wish you the best of luck with having her fall for you. Don’t think for a moment that such a thing will be easy," Mikazuki said, a smile hiding his true feelings.

"Likewise Mikazuki, though I don't think you and I are the only ones who will be after her.” Higekiri replied, knowing that the others were listening on their conversation. Mikazuki just laughed and hid a smirk behind his usual smile.

Izuminokami and Kasen watched the two of them and Hasebe just shook his head and spoke. "I know you all have feelings for Tsurumaru but I will not allow it to disrupt our focus. Remember we have a job to do, and it’s not fighting over a female sword—"

"You have a thing for her too, like it or not, Hasebe… hic!" Fudou stumbled before he began to walk away, already losing interest in what was going on. "Besides I think the saniwa would agree that you need someone else in your life besides her," He said taking another drink of his sweet sake and heading in the direction of Jiroutachi’s bar.

Hasebe was at a loss for words at Fudou's claim and walked away, determined not to let it bug him. Meanwhile, Horikawa dragged Izuminokami off to finish their sparring session as Kasen walked away on his own, determined to write down the haiku he came up with upon seeing Tsurumaru. One by one the other two groups left as well.

All five of them knew there was a war brewing, one whose outcome would decide Tsurumaru’s fate.

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                                                                                         Chapter 5: The First Sutor


Not long after Tsurumaru left her room for to the bathing area, she crossed paths with several of the other sword warriors, with whom she exchanged greetings and pleasantries, though she remained blissfully unaware of their lingering stares as she carried on her way. She continued with a spring in her step until she nearly stumbled over a small white tiger.


She smiled softly and knelt down to pet it. "You’re a cute one, were did you come from?"


The little tiger started purring and moved closer, which allowed Tsurumaru to gently pick up the feline and nestle it between the crook of her arm and chest while shifting her basket into her other hand, against her hip.

She continued with her new companion stopping when she noticed the tiger’s ears twitch and looked over to a nearby parted set of screens. A spare, young boy with white hair peeked out before running over to her.


He bowed deeply. "S-sorry about that, they aren't usually this bad,"


Tsurumaru couldn’t help but smile as the timid child struggled to speak. "It’s okay! It’s cute,” she began, noticing four other tiger cubs gathering at the boy’s feet. “I'm guessing it belongs to you?"


"Y-yes, they are mine," he said as the little tiger pounced from Tsurumaru's arms, eager to join its kin.


"What's your name?" Tsurumaru asked.


"Um, Gokotai..." the boy brought his hands together and entwined his fingers.


"That's a cute name," He’s so timid. I have to try my hardest not to play tricks on him. He might get really spooked. "I’m Tsurumaru. You have excellent timing: you see, I'm sort of lost… can you help me find the baths?" This was of course a lie: she knew exactly where they were thanks to the tour the saniwa gave her, but she thought this might boost the boy’s morale.


"Yes," he said, turning to lead Tsurumaru to the bathing area. As they were walking, Tsurumaru looked at the different areas they passed, the setting sun framing everything in a new, comforting light.


"Um…" Gokotai started to speak but did not finish. He could not bring himself to ask her what was on his mind.


"Is everything okay, Gokotai?" she asked.


He nodded as one of the tigers meowed at him and nudged his shin, as though it was trying to encourage him. Gokotai nodded and turned his gaze at the ground. "I w-was wondering if it would be alright if... we hung out again?"


Tsurumaru knelt down and pulled the boy into a hug, startling him more than a little. "It's okay, and I would love that," she said before releasing him and standing back up. Gokotai nodded quickly and frowned when he noticed they had arrived at their destination.


"Um, here we are..." he motioned to open the door. Suddenly, one of his tiger cubs took off causing him to jolt upright. He gave Tsurumaru an apologetic look. "S-sorry, but I should go after it," Tsurumaru nodded and waved before he sprinted in pursuit, his other tigers at his heels.


Tsurumaru watched him turn a corner and disappear from sight before sliding open the bathhouse doors. She looked around at the spacious bathing area, noticing quite a few pools of steaming water scattered about as well as a small waterfall in a far alcove. Tsurumaru smiled to herself and placed her basket down before taking off her robe and putting a towel around her. She took a seat upon a short stool at the cleaning station off to the side and began to clean her hair—


—When she heard the voice of another individual directly behind her.


"This is quite a surprise; I didn't think we would meet so soon," the voice said as Tsurumaru quickly whipped around and blushed. In one of the baths sat a man with blue hair and a captivating pair of deep blue eyes with slivers of gold in them.


Mikazuki’s POV

I just returned from a mission, covered head-to-toe in Retrograde blood. I was not prepared for the slasher interloper. Fortunately, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro and Honebami Toushirou dealt with him swiftly enough, granting me freedom to trade blows with our true enemy: a curious Retrograde unit that that had somehow regenerated by absorbing his ire. We then helped the town out as usual, giving them food and the like. My only wish was to freshen myself up with a relaxing bath. Fancy that the object of my desires and affections was planning to do the very same thing!


I watched her look around the bath house with a smile that turned into a smirk when she didn't notice me. I watched her go over to the bathing area and when she started to wash her hair I decided to speak up.


"This is quite a surprise; I didn't think we would meet so soon," I said, watching her whip around and focus her attention to where I was reclining in the water. I chuckled a little at this and I waved over to her. What a perfect opportunity for me to acquaint myself with this beautiful crane without interference.


I saw her about to leave—no, I couldn't lose my chance. I was not about to let good fortune slip from my grasp!


"You don't have to leave, after all this bath is big enough to share. If you’re worried about me looking, I will just turn my head away when you get in," I offered. She hesitated before nodding.


Yes, truly the gods were smiling upon me.


Tsurumaru's POV

I was shocked to see another person here—I didn’t know the baths were occupied! I was prepared to leave the instant he spoke. As much as I wanted to deny it, he was right: there was enough space. Besides, if he does try anything I can always escape easily. Still… there was this alluring look in his eyes, easy but firm, beckoning me. I just nodded and turned away to finish cleaning my hair.


Once I finished I looked back and saw he was true to his word: he was facing away in order to respect my wishes. I tread slowly, carefully, making sure I kept an eye on him in case he tried to sneak a peek. Soon I reached the edge of the bath and slipped in, but not before I made certain my towel was wrapped around my torso. "Okay, I'm done."


He turned around. I blushed. Oh my… he was certainly handsome.


"What’s so funny?" I asked. He chuckled as I awaited his response.


"Nothing is wrong; I just think it’s adorable that you’re blushing. This actually isn't the first time we’ve met. Well, met as a human being,” he laughed. “After all, Gojou was an apprentice of Munechika. Hence my namesake: Mikazuki Munechika."


I frowned in confusion. What did he mean? I thought, but before I could ask him, he quickly changed the subject.


"How are you enjoying the citadel?"


"It’s fine and lively," I said with a smile and closed my eyes, finally allowing myself to relax in the water.

chirabata hoshi wo tsunagete soko ni
mada mienai seiza wo sagashita
omoi doori ni wa naranai
soko ni wa kotae mo nai
demo kimi to yuku ashita wo mitai to omou kara


I opened my eyes and faced this Mikazuki fellow. He was singing while looking at the sky, which was full of stars. I closed my eyes again and listened to the song.

te wo nobashite
Endless Night yoru ni egaku
Endless Night bokura no hoshi
nando demo asa wo mukae mata bokura wa aruku
Precious Night

Mikazuki's POV


When I saw Tsurumaru relaxing, the song I sang at the concert came to mind and I decided to sing to her, remembering that some girls liked being serenaded. Halfway though my song I noticed her shuffle and turn towards me, curious as to the song’s source. She smiled and closed her eyes again. I gently and silently moved closer to her.

dakedo ima wa
sotto yokaze ni makase
oto no nai hoshizora ni tsutsumaretai
kimi ga waraeba
konna boku ni mo
imi ga aru ki ga shita
fushigi sa
yoake ni wa mada hayai kara
hanashi wo shite iyou
kimi no kore made no toki


I was a few feet away from her and noticed she opened her eyes. Reflected in them were countless stars strewn across the night sky above. I knew that this was my opportunity to seize her heart. I sidled up even further and reached up to brush away a stray flower petal that had gotten stuck in her hair. Not for an instant did I stop singing, for I dearly hoped that she could understand the innumerable emotions I longed to convey.

awainai kimochi wo
itsumade demo
Endless Night yoru ni egaku
Endless Night bokura no hoshi
nando demo miushinattara
mata kimi wo mezasu yo
Precious Night
dakara ima wa
sotto yokaze ni fukare
kumo no nai hoshizora ni


Her eyes locked with mine and I saw the blush starting to form again; even so I didn't stop singing. I softly smiled and ran my hand through her hair.

Tsurumaru's POV

The song was so beautiful; I could easily fall asleep listening to it. I felt the water move but I didn't pay it much mind—he was probably getting out. However, I was surprised to hear his voice was closer and when I opened my eyes found him regarding me tenderly. His eyes were hard to read, almost as if he was hiding something; I felt his hand in my hair I tensed up only to relax as I saw he pulled a flower petal way. He then put his hand back on my hair and ran it through, gently stroking as a mother would to her child.

owaranai yoru ga sotto
bokura wo tsutsunde michiteku
kimi wo kanjitara kokoro awasete

'Why is my heart beating faster? Why am I blushing?' I looked deeper into his eyes, unable to pull my focus away from those shimmering golden crescents.

「soba ni ite ii ka?」

'Wanting to stay by my side, always will search for me?' I was wondering why he was carrying on singing this stuff. I felt like I heard this song somewhere before, but I’m not really sure where.


Endless Night yoru ni egaku
Endless Night bokura no hoshi
nando demo asa wo mukae mata bokura wa aruku
Precious Night

Normal POV


At the “precious night” part Mikazuki let his hand leave Tsurumaru's hair and gently ran it over her cheek. He smiled when Tsurumaru unconsciously nuzzled into his hand. Mikazuki knew the song was nearing its end made certain not to break eye contact. He allowed his hand to wonder down to her chin and, gently grasping it, leaned in…

dakedo ima wa
sotto yokaze ni makase
oto no nai hoshizora ni tsutsumaretai
Itsumade mo
kimi no soba de


Each line brought their faces together and as he uttered the last line he descended upon Tsurumaru’s lips.


There suddenly came a bang at the entryway door, breaking the spell of the night. He frowned and sat back down.


Ah, I was close. Whoever disturbed us will have to take full responsibility for their actions. Mikazuki thought to himself and looked at Tsurumaru, her blushing face turned to look at the water. "I am sorry," he said, apologizing to her even though he desperately wanted to kiss her still.


"It's fine. I don't know why I didn't stop it," Tsurumaru said as a new voice rang out.

"There you are Mikazuki," it began, its owner taking a few steps forward only to stop when he saw Mikazuki wasn't alone. The man cursed mentally when he saw just how close Mikazuki was sitting near Tsurumaru; that wouldn’t do at all. He walked over the night air filled with tense silence.

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                                            Chapter 4: A long-awaited reunion



After the Date-gumi left the meeting point they all gathered near a sakura tree to catch up. Mitsutada had headed to the kitchen to fetch a tasty bento lunch to celebrate Tsurumaru's arrival.

Tsurumaru was awestruck by the tree’s size. "This is a really big cherry tree, I didn't know they could get this big," she said as she extended an arm to grab a flower. She frowned when she realized she couldn't reach it.


"Don't worry Tsuru-san, I’ll get one for ya," Taikogane proclaimed before starting to climb the tree.

Mitsutada arrived with the bento and a blanket. "What are you doing, Sada-chan?"

"Oh, I'm getting a flower for Tsuru-san since she wanted one!" he replied, his wild gesturing causing him to slip and fall off the branch. He landed with a thud on Ookurikara and the two collapsed with a shared grunt.


"Sorry, Kara-chan!" he apologized, hastening to get off Ookurikara’s back while Tsurumaru laughed at his antics. Mitsutada walked over and offered a hand to Ookurikara.


"I don't need your help," Ookurikara murmured, shifting to lean up against the tree before sitting down at its base. Taikogane rubbed his back from the fall.


"T-that was so funny!" Tsurumaru giggled uncontrollably for several moments as she struggled to compose herself. Once she calmed down, she took a hold of one end of the blanket and helped Mitsutada lay it out upon the ground.


"Today I made a very special bento in celebration of your arrival at the citadel, Tsuru-san. I present to you… Mitsutada’s deluxe curry and rice balls bento!"


With a flourish of his hand he opened the lid of the box to reveal its contents to the others. Inside the lacquer container there were curry balls, some baby octopus, pink rice balls, some rice and a few omelets with a stunning crane motif. "Whoa, Micchan that must of been hard to make!" Taikogane said, awestruck, sitting on the blanket with Tsurumaru and Ookurikara.


"Not at all Sada-chan; you see, I was woken early this morning by Konnosuke who cryptically instructed me to prepare a big bento for four. I was confused at first, but since I thought it was something the master wanted I went ahead and made it. Only once I saw Tsuru did I realize the reason Konnosuke had asked: clever fox figured that we should celebrate our reunion."


Tsurumaru picked up a pair of chopsticks. "It looks good Mitsu-bo, and I'm glad I'm finally here with the rest of you," she said with a smile. They wasted no time digging in, filling in Tsurumaru of various goings-on as they ate.


"I'm sure you will get along with people here just fine Tsuru-san, though it may be strange at first. Also, you might have noticed we have a lot of tantou here, the smith often likes making them," Mitsutada said with a wink to Tsurumaru as he picked up a curry ball.


"I'm sure I can handle it! After all, surprises are a key part of life, without them it's boring. Though I have to ask… who was the one in red and black standing next to a blue and white guy?" she asked.


Taikogane took a quick bite of his rice ball before answering her question. "That’s Kashuu Kiyomitsu, the first sword who came to this citadel. He loves cute stuff. He often can be found arguing with the guy in white and blue, Yamatonokami Yasusada."


Tsurumaru hummed and picked up a curry ball. She regarded it for a moment before taking a bite. Her eyes widened. "This is really good Mitsu-bo," she said taking another bite.
The gesture, though small, made Mitsutada smile a little. "Thank you Tsuru-san, the curry balls have some chocolate in them for added sweetness, and the rice balls are cherry flavored."


After they were finished eating, Ookurikara rose to his feet and looked sternly at Mitsutada. "I need to talk to you alone now."


"Eh, were you going Kara-bo?" Tsurumaru asked. Mitsutada shrugged.


"He just needs to talk to me about something, don't you worry," he offered as he hurried to follow after the other man. When he finally caught up to Ookurikara, the former grabbed him by the wrist and led him further away to a clearing.


"What did you want to talk about, Kara-chan?" Mitsutada asked.


Ookurikara looked back at Tsurumaru and Taikogane before speaking. "It's about Tsurumaru. I'm worried something is going to happen to her." He wasn’t used to showing his emotions but seeing Tsurumaru as a female sparked a sort of “big brother” instinct in him.


"What do you mean, Kara-chan?"


It took a few moments for Ookurikara to speak. "Today when Tsurumaru was introduced to everyone, I noticed some of the others looking at her with this lustful glimmer in their eyes—five in particular looked downright lovesick. They might try to do something with her."


Mitsutada placed a finger on his chin, carefully considering his response. "That would not be good for Tsuru-san. She could end up hurt in the end, or worse...."


He shook his head before continuing. "They are our comrades; though I can see where you're coming from: men often have coveted woman because of their beauty. Rest assured, I shall not let the same happen to Tsuru-san."


"Yo, what are you guys doing over there?" Tsurumaru called out to them as Taikogane moved to place a flower crown upon Tsurumaru's head.


"We’ll be right there, Tsuru-san!" Mitsutada called back before nodding to Ookurikara, knowing full well that his sentiments were shared and that he, too, would protect Tsurumaru.


(Back to when Mitsutada and Ookurikara were talking)


Taikogane had tried climbing the tree once more and smiled when he reached a branch full of flowers.


"I did it; did you see Tsuru-san?" he asked with glee as he began to pick some of the sakura flowers off of the limb. He had a surprise gift for Tsurumaru in mind.

"Yes I did Sada-bo, it was better than your first attempt," she chuckled at the thought as she watched him pick the flowers. She frowned and turned away briefly. "…Sada-bo, why were the other swords acting weird earlier?"


Taikogane halted at her sudden question. It was in that moment that he himself realized that the others were eyeing Tsurumaru. However, he couldn't bring himself to tell her that, because he knew that indicated that some desired her in a more-than-friendly manner, so he opted to lie instead.


"I don't know Tsuru-san. Maybe they were in shock because they have never seen a female sword before and they didn't know how to act. You did sure surprise them today with your appearance."


"I see, so female swords are uncommon, then? I'm guessing other Tsurumaru are male? Hmm, I wonder how they would react if I met any of them…" she wondered aloud. Taikogane almost dropped the flowers as he envisioned how that might go.


'That would not be a good thing Tsuru-san: if you meet them and they hit on you, some of the swords might get jealous and try to hurt them... I know for a fact the few that did look at you with longing in their eyes are sort of the deadliest warriors we have.'


"Yes, there is no record of a female sword in any citadel, and all Tsurumaru we came across were indeed male," he answered quietly.


Tsurumaru looked up at Taikogane in surprise. "Did you hear that?" He nodded. She turned away, spotting Ookurikara and Mitsutada nearby. She decided to call out to them: she dearly wanted them to come back so she could get out of the awkward situation. Taikogane climbed down the tree and gently placed the flower crown on Tsurumaru’s head.


(Back to normal time)


Soon daylight came to an end. The four took the darkening sky as their cue to pack up the bento and blanket and head back to the citadel. Mitsutada needed to help finish preparing dinner, he explained, adding that they had set up a party just for Tsurumaru.


"I had lots of fun catching up," Taikogane said as Ookurikara nodded.


Tsurumaru laughed, facing the entrance to her room. "Yes, it was lots of fun. I’ll see you again at dinner, but in the meantime I'm going to take a bath."


Taikogane was about to ask if he could help with dinner when he saw Sayo walking by. He quickly waved to the other two. "I'm going to do something, I’ll meet you at dinner," he said quickly, taking off in the direction Sayo was going.


Ookurikara and Mitsutada both gazed at each other before Mitsutada cautiously looked around. Seeing no one nearby gave Ookurikara a quick peck on the cheek.


"I'll see you at dinner too," he said, waving and walking away, pretending to not to see Ookurikara's blush. Ookurikara frowned and walked towards his room hoping to find a way to get rid of the blush.


'Why did he do that?'  he thought to himself not to sure what was going through Mitsuada's mind.


Tsurumaru on the other hand had returned to her room and ventured over to her closet. She withdrew a white kimono with sakura flower patterning from within. She then opened one of the drawers and grabbed the basket of hygienic products the Saniwa had given her: it was filled with some different smelling lotions, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash and a quaint little bag. Unable to contain her curiosity, she opened the bag without delay. Inside, she found a few long things that looked like small rolls and note written on pretty colored paper.


Tsurumaru, I’m sure you're wondering what these are. As a woman, you will need to use those once a month due to your body’s regular menstruation. I fear you may not know what I mean by that… let’s just say a woman’s body goes through a cycle which allows her to have a baby. If she is not expecting after a time, she will bleed. Being a sword I don’t know if you would or not, nor if you will be able to have a child, but I’d rather take precautions.


The Saniwa

Tsurumaru replaced the note and zipped up the bag, placing it deep inside the drawer. 'Well if that does happen it would be a big surprise for a sword to bleed like that…'


And with that, she grabbed her basket and her kimono and headed towards the bathing area, unaware that she was going to have her first encounter with one of her suitors.



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Chapter 6: The Argument and First Mission


Hasebe's POV


It was dinner time and for once, the saniwa was joining us. I was excited for this opportunity, and made my preparations for our evening to go smoothly. However, when we joined the others in the dining hall, I noticed two of the swords were missing: Mikazuki Munechika and Tsurumaru. The fact that it was those two alone made me worry.

Master looked at me and made her request.


"Can you please find Mikazuki and Tsurumaru, and bring them here?" She asked me as she sat down at her seat.


As it was my master’s order, I agreed immediately. However, I was not to sure where they were until Fudou slurred.


"Hic... I saw Mikazuki go to the washroom..."


I nodded in thanks and headed towards the mentioned place, while sorting my thoughts.

Tsurumaru. She was unlike anyone I've seen before. I thought of her as a flower that needed to be protected, yet as a sword I knew that would only injure her pride. But still, she was on my mind constantly, and apparently our master picked up on it.
I recall that I did not expect it when she called me into her office and sat down with me. She explained exactly what was going on and she said the same thing as Fudou did to me.
After the discussion she told me that I deserve to be happy and if I want to try and be with Tsurumaru then I am able to. She has faith in me, and knows that I will do my duties to serve while being in a relationship to the out-most respect.


That meeting cleared up the torn feelings that I had. Master shall always come first, but she now has granted me the freedom to attempt to court Tsurumaru. As I came to the conclusion, I had arrived at the washroom. Just as I reach for the door, I notice a voice singing from within.
Mikazuki often sings at the concerts he and the other swords perform at. That should be him.

I opened the door and walked in. The sight of Tsurumaru and Mikazuki sitting in the bath together made my blood boil. They were sitting too close together for comfort - something must have happened between them.




Even my own exclamation surprised me. I felt a wave of jealousy run over me, and met Mikazuki's glare with one of my own before lecturing them.


"It is inappropriate for a male and female to bath together! They need to bath separately! That way, the male doesn't try anything with the female, and no-" and that fool Mikazuki interrupted me - with laughter.


"Hahahaha! Don't be angry, Hasebe! The bath is large enough for everyone to bathe together. Besides, it was I who offered her to join me when she arrived." Despite his usual laugh, I can tell he was not happy at this interruption.


"Tsurumaru, it is inappropriate for a lady to bath with a man, I hope you would use wise judgement in the future and not let this happen again! It would not do if someone would try something to you! After all, you're the only female sword at this citadel - you should be on guard at all times, just like if we were going out to battle!" Even though I loved her, I lectured her. I need her to know that it was not a good idea for this to happen again.


What came next, I think, surprised everyone present. I saw Tsurumaru get out of the bath. I looked away to give her some privacy. I heard her walking, then stop right in front of me.


"Hasebe, can you look at me for a second?" Her sweet voice asked and, unable to help it, I turned and looked at her, grateful that she had put on her robe.




The noise rang loud in the bath house, and I reached up to feel the stinging in my cheek, shocked at what she did.




I saw tears flowing down her face, and I was still in shock at what had happen, but was drawn out of my shock when I heard Mikazuki speak.


"You’re not doing yourself any favors with her, Hasebe." He said, walking past me and leaving me to my shame.


I sighedm and left the room and headed back to the dining room. Upon arriving, I saw Mikazuki fully dressed and sitting with the rest of the Sanjou swords. Though when I came through the door, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

Normal POV


Upon Hasebe's return to the dinning hall, it went silent all the swords looking at him, or more specifically the red handprint on his cheek.


"Hasebe, are you ok?" Ichigo asked him, only for Hasebe to nod.


"I'm fine - just a slight disagreement happened, that's all," Hasebe said, taking his seat - only to look at the door when it opened again and Tsurumaru walked in. Only this time she was wearing a short white sleeveless dress.


Upon seeing her, Hasebe felt a wave of regret for what he said in the bath house, and knew he had to make it up to her later. However Tsurumaru ignored the looks, and went right over to sit with the rest of the Date swords.



The next morning, all the swords were present to hear who was assigned which daily task, and before Hasebe could speak Konnosuke came running up.


"We got an emergency mission!" He said and when he got the attention of the swords, he read off who was going.


"The swords that are going: Heshikiri Hasebe, Sayo Samanoji, Monoyoshi Sadamune, Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Hotarumaru and the leader shall be Tsurumaru Kuninaga. You will be going to the Dewa Providence in the Sengoku Era. The only downside is that we don't know what the Renegade army is after," he said


"Me? Leader? That's a surprise," Tsurumaru said looking shocked, never thinking she would be leader so soon.


'This is good, now I can get a chance to apologize to her,' Hasebe thought to himself before speaking.


"Let's all prepare, and meet back here soon as we can," Hasebe said, and the 6 swords left to go get ready.


An hour later, they were at the time travel device and Kashuu told Tsurumaru how to work it, and in a gold light they disappeared from the Citadel and landed in the Sengoku era, right outside a forest that leads to one of the castle town.


"We do not know what the enemy has planned, so we should gather information," Kashuu advises to Tsurumaru, who put her hand to her chin in thought.


"You’re right, we..." However she was cut off mid sentence as she avoided an arrow that was shot at her. Sayo spoke.


"They are here." He drew his sword and attacked a wakizashi alongside Monoyoshi.


Soon the battle commenced, the toudan driving the time renegade back. However, they were unprepared for the sneak attack by an ootachi on Monoyoshi and Sayo, who were focused on fighting their opponents.


"Watch out!" Kashuu called while his blade clashed with an enemy tachi.


Both of them turned - only for a clang to sound as Tsurumaru was there, holding her blade against the ootachi.


"Man this is a surprise, attacking us like that," She said and pushed the tachi back a little. Though she frowned - once the ootachi singled his blade in the air before running off, his comrades following him.


"No you don't!" Tsurumaru gave chase to them, her team not far behind her.


They chased the enemy through the thick woods, realizing that it was heading for the Oda castle, only to lose them in the dense forest. Monoyoshi looked around, trying to scout for them, but failing though he saw they were near a cliff overlooking the Dewia Providence. Tsurumaru walked towards the cliff to look at the town, trying to figure out which one they were at before turning to her team. It was at that moment that the cliff Tsurumaru was on broke and fell, taking her with it.


"Tsurumaru!!!!!" The team yelled as Hasebe tried to grab her hand, only to miss and watch Tsurumaru fall down the cliff.


Tsurumaru hit the ground hard and let out a small scream of pain as one of the rocks landed on her ankle before rolling off, stopping nearby. She looked up at the cliff, trying to find her team and seeing no sight of them sighed to herself.


She looked around her surroundings and tried to get up, only to wince in pain from her ankle. She looked at it and saw it was bruised as well as swollen. Though she didn't let that stop her. Using her sword she was able to get onto her feet, although a little wobbly, and began to walk using her sword as a cane, hoping to reach a town to get her ankle looked at. Though what she wasn't expecting was to be surrounded by warriors and not recognizing the crest with them.

Meanwhile back with the others


After Tsurumaru fell with the cliff, the others tried to look and see if they can spot her but no luck.


"We have to go down and find her," Kashuu said to them.


"I agree, however we don't know what the enemy is after, and it’s dangerous to split up right now. We should send a message to the master asking for help; that way we can go find her and have the new unit figure out what the enemy is after," Hasebe said looking down at the cliff, wanting to go searching them.


They quickly turned around with their swords drawn, only to stop when they saw it was another unit of their own.


"Looks like you could use some help!" a voice rang out.


Soon the sakura petals disappeared, and there stood another team made up of  Izuminokami, Kasen, Mikazuki, Hizamaru, Taroutachi, and Higekiri.


"What are you guys doing here?" Sayo asked them, feeling angry that he let Tsurumaru come to harm since it felt like he broke his promise to Taikogane.


"It turns out that the enemy will send more then one unit to this era. So, the master sent us to help you guys," Higekiri said and looked at the team before frowning. "Where is Tsurumaru?" He asked as the 1st team looked at each other.


"She fell down the cliff, when we  chased the enemy here. We were trying to figure out where they were heading when the cliff broke taking Tsurumaru with it," Hasebe said, looking at the ground and feeling ashamed.


"We should split up and search," Izuminokami said looking at them


"I agree. Brother, you go with Mikazuki and Sayo to see if you can find any reason why the army is here. Hasebe,Taroutachi, Izuminokami - you guys go check by the river to see if she is there. Monoyoshi, Hotarumaru, Kiyomitsu, and Kansen you guys search the forest below," Higekiri said to them as they all looked at him.


"Why you splitting us up anjia? And where would you be going?" Hizamaru asked and Higekiri looked at him.


"I'm going to the Mogami residence. There is a good chance she might have been taken there, and it's easier to sneak in with one person, since i was there for a while I can easily navigate the residence. I have you with Mikazuki and Sayo since i know you guys can handle the army if they show up," He said, before looking at Higekiri.


"Before you object - this is what I was told by the Saniwa. We have to split the two teams, and up to how I seem fit," He finished, stopping Hasebe’s objection before it began.


With reluctance the group of 11 agreed, and went their separate ways to find their missing teammate, as well trying to figure out what the time renegade army were after.

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Chapter 7: Rescue and New friend

Tsurumaru was surrounded by different men, only for them to part when someone new rode up on a horse.


“Who are you and why are you here?” The man asked, holding his blade up making sure the tip was touching Tsurumaru’s neck, making her breathe slowly, not wanting to get impaled, and opened her mouth to speak.


“I’m just a traveler on her way to the capital, I was walking when i fell from the cliff and landed in your territory,” She explained, leaning more of her weight on her sword.


The man looked her up and down before looking at his troops, and noticing the sword, frowned before looking at one of the soldiers and nodding his head towards Tsurumaru’s direction. The soldier nodded and walked up to her. He held out his hand and motioned for the sword. However Tsurumaru frowed at this, putting her blade closer to her body.


“I won’t let you touch my sword, and please let me be on my way.” She said to him, only for the general to frown at that.


“You are in the territory of the Mogami clan, and unfortunately we cannot  let you go. You are coming back with us to castle. Try to resist and we will kill you on the spot,” The solder spoke, holding up his blade to prove a point.


Tsurumaru can only nod before taking one step and falling to the ground again, letting out a painful grunt. It was then that the leader noticed the badly damaged foot and frowned before putting his sword down.


“You will ride with me, anything funny and you die,” He said as one of the soldiers picked up Tsurumaru, placing her in front of the General on his horse.


The General then looked at his men and motioned them forward, leading them pack to the castle. Tsurumaru looked at the sword that was strapped to the general’s waist, trying to see if it was familiar, before looking at her surroundings and trying to remember the road back to the cliff. A few hours later, they came across a mansion and standing outside was the lord to greet his party. Tsurumaru recognized the man as Yoshiaki Mogami - the one who helped during the Sengoku war leading Toyotomi's troop to victory.  The General dismounted his horse before grabbing Tsurumaru and placing her in front of the lord, sword held at the back of her neck.

“My lord, we found this woman trespassing near our residence, she said she is a traveler. However, if she was, then she wouldn’t be holding that sword which she refuses to give up,” The general said, bowing as Tsurumaru glared at him.


Yoshiaki walked up to her and grabbed her chin in his hand, tilting her head back to meet his eyes, before looking her up and down and noticing the sheathed sword in her hand. Seeing that she wasn’t that much of a threat, he let her chin go and walked back to his spot.


“Bring her to the meeting room. I will join you shortly,” Yoshiaki ordered while  walking away, as one of the attendants held Tsurumaru by the arm and gently helped her through the residence.   


Soon, Tsurumaru was seated on the floor facing a rug that holds the lord of the house. She looked around, her eyes drawn to a sword that was very familiar to her nearby. Minding the guards, she crawled over to it and touched it, rubbing her hand along the black sheath, recognizing that it was Higekiri, then a voice spoke up behind her.


“A marvelous sword, isn’t it?” the voice said, making Tsurumaru quickly turn her head to face the new person and saw it was Yoshiaki. He continued talking, “The sword’s name is Onimaru and its been in my family for years. It is a good sword that can kill demons,” He continued before taking his seat.


Tsurumaru crawled back over to her spot and sat down. She then looked up at the lord, wondering what is going to happen to her when she felt someone grab her foot.


“I will ask again: Who are you?” Yoshaki asked.


Tsurumaru didn’t answer but looked away from him, and when she noticed her foot was bandaged, quickly lashed out and kicked the servant away. Jumping up, she turned and ran as best she could to the exit - only for her cry out in pain as she felt a cut to her leg making her fall. she looked back and saw that it was Yoshiaki, who had Higekiri - or rather Onimaru as known to these people - drawn and some of her blood dripping off the tip.


“Guards, take her the holding cells,”  Yoshiaki ordered and a few guards grabbed Tsurumaru.


The guards led her down to the cells. Throwing her in one and locking the door, they made sure to take her sword away with them. Tsurumaru sighed and leaned back against the wall, looking up at the sky through the barred window.


‘What have I got myself into? All I knew was that I had to get away,’ She thought.



Higekiri walked through the forest on his way to the Mogami residence, when suddenly he grabbed his head as a memory popped up: it was him being used to cut Tsurumaru on her leg. He quickened his pace to the mansion and arrived there just as night was falling. He smirked, remembering the layout well and thanks to his memory he knew was Tsurumaru was being held at. He then felt light-headed, as another memory came to his mind;


“My lord, the woman is in the holding cell, and we present you her sword,” One of the guards said, holding out Tsurumaru to Yoshiaki.


Yoshiaki smiled, standing up and taking up the sword, before drawing it and looking it over in appreciation.


“We will keep this beautiful sword, and if the woman doesn't answer my questions tomorrow we will kill her.” He said, sheathing the sword and placing it next to Higekiri.

Higekiri didn’t like this at all, and knowing this need to act when they fall asleep. He heard footsteps behind him and quickly turned, drawing his blade. He saw that it was the other teams. He sheathed his sword and turned fully to face them.


“Why are you here?” He asked, not happy about this one bit.


“We find the Time Renegade Army’s goal: To assassinate Yoshiaki Mogami before he can help Ieyasu,” Taroutachi spoke up.


Higekiri looked back at the place that held his former master, knowing it will be awhile before he goes to join Ieyasu.


“The master said once we regroup with Tsurumaru, we must proceed to protect Yoshiaki till he goes and aids Ieyasu,” Hasebe said, only for Higekiri too look at them with a frown.


“Yoshiaki has Tsurumaru as his prisoner,” Higekiri revealed.


Each sword held a different reaction, but each one had the same feeling: that they need to rescue Tsurumaru. Kashuu opened his mouth to speak, when there was a commotion from the house. Turning their attention to where the noise was and only to see the Renegade Army attacking, they all quickly took action each to end the Renegade Army.


Meanwhile with Tsurumaru,


She felt a shake hit the building, and a loud roar she recognized from an Ootachi. Before she could ask what was going on, there was some noise in the hall and the guards were flown back, making dents in the wall. Tsurumaru looked from the guards to the person standing in front of cell. The person was a little on the small side, his hair was white and sticking up a few strands - it looked like ears. His face was pale, his eyes were brown and highlighted with black and pink under them. His outfit was all black, with fur coming off the right shoulder, he had black arm guards with red dots at the top and red string underneath to tie them, he wore black boots and on his back was a black tail and a black jacket that was tied in the front.  


“Touken…..Danshi…..” The person said - but it sounded like they don’t know how to speak.


Tsurumaru knew she was helpless without her sword, and when the bars were cut by this stranger, flinched back a little at the noise and crawled back as the figure walked towards her, its blade razed.

“Who are you?” She asked while looking for a chance to escape. 

The figure didn’t answer her, but his looks reminded her of a nue. She then silently thanked Shishio for showing her his nue at the party.


“You’re a nue, right?” She asked, hoping to stall for time. It seemed to work, as the person now known to her as a nue put his sword down, looking at her in confusion.


“Can you help me escape here and find my sword, please?” She asked, using the wall to stand up to look into the nue’s eyes.


“Help…...You….?” The nue asked in confusion, not to sure what to think after all, there was no such thing as a female Touken Danshi - a touken soldierman.  


“Yes,” She said gently and, stumbling over a little, reached out to touch him.


The nue stumbled back, and glared at her - before seeing how helpless she looked and remembering his former master, nodded in agreement. Tsurumaru smiled at this, only to let out a gasp as the Nue picked her up bridal-style and carried her out of the cells.


“If I remember correctly, my sword should be in the audience chamber. Can you take me there?” She asked the nue, who continued to walk as if he didn’t hear her. There were more shouts as they came to a hall, and to the audience chamber. As Tsurumaru had said, her sword was mounted next to Higekiri’s. She watched as the nue placed her down and walked over to her sword. She watched him pick it up and walk back to her.


“Sword…..Rescue….” He said, before picking Tsurumaru again and walking out of the audience hall.

The nue then climbed through a hole in the wall, leading outside, and she saw the Time Renegade Armory attempting to attack the house, only to be stopped by the Touken Danshi. Tsurumaru looked at the Nue and was about to ask to be taken over to them, when he jumped onto the roof watching the battle going on.


“Touken….Danshi…..” The nue said watching them before looking down at the woman in his arms, who was staring at the fight that was going on. He put her down and drew his sword, ready to join the fray.

A few minutes before

Higekiri’s POV

The Time Renegade Army began their assault upon the home of my former master, and as usual we went into action, fighting each wave as they came. Sadly for them, with the 11 of us, we manage to defeat them quickly. Thankfully there were no casualties this time, and I was about to go inside to get Tsurumaru when I heard the dingling of her chains on her cloak. I looked to where the noise was coming from, and saw a man carrying her out. When I saw the tail and ears, I knew it was no man. I noticed the others had there swords turned and ready to strike.


“Touken...Danshi….” His voice called out, and I saw him look at us before looking at Tsurumaru.


I watched him put her down and jumped into the battle ready to fight us, and I wasted no time and with  my sword in hand. I was about to attack when more of the Time Renegade Army appeared in front of us. We began to fight them off while fighting the nue. We were winning, when all of  a sudden a cry was heard. I looked back and saw Tsurumaru holding off a wakizashi while still on the ground, her sword drawn and her bandaged ankle bearing her weight.


“Tsurumaru!” we all cried. Before any of us could do anything the nue killed the wakizashi, before picking her up and leaving the battlefield.


“Higekiri! Go after them we will deal with these guys,” Kashuu said while slashing down an enemy. I nodded and took off as the other Danshi opened a path for me.


I jumped over the roof and began to run in the direction I saw him take her.

Normal POV


The nue ran through the forest with Tsurumaru in his arms not wanting to give her back to the Touken Danshi. He looked down at Tsurumaru who looked at him and spoke.


“Please Nue! Take me back to them,” She asked him, only for the nue to shake his head.


Tsurumaru let a little yelp as she was dropped, and looking over at the nue saw him gripping his head in pain. She then crawled over to him and patted his head.


“It will be ok,” She said to him, trying to soothe him.


It seemed to be working as the nue looked up at Tsurumaru, before quickly standing drawing his blade. Tsurumaru felt a little scared when his blade was drawn, but when he turned around she saw what had his attention - it was Higekiri, standing a short distance from them and his blade drawn.

“Let her go.”


The nue shook his head in refusal.


“Wait, Higekiri - ” Tsurumaru said trying to stand but let out a yell of pain as she fell back to the ground, due to her ankle.


The nue looked back at Tsurumaru, and Higekiri took the chance to attack him - only for the nue to stop his attack. He began to fight back against Higekiri, but every now and then fell to the ground in pain before getting back up and attacking Higekiri who avoided and blocked his attacks. Soon, the nue fell to the ground again and grabbed his head letting out a cry. Higekiri, realizing that  this was his chance, quickly raised his sword and brought it down - only for to be met by Tsurumaru’s blade and Tsurumaru herself in front of the nue.


“Tsurumaru, why are you protecting him?” Higekiri asked, lifting up his blade, not believing that Tsurumaru would protect her kidnapper.


“I can’t let you hurt him, he saved me and he is in pain,” Tsurumaru said as the nue looked at the both of them.


“He saved you?” Higekiri asked in surprise, not expecting that answer.


“Yes, and I want to bring him home with me, and take care of him. He is scared and lonely. Isn’t he like us? We should help him understand that there are other ways than the way the Time Renegade showed him. I know he won’t hurt me,” She said to Higekiri, hoping for him to understand.


“Stay…” The nue asked, standing up before bending down and picking Tsurumaru up from the ground and into his arms.


Tsurumaru looked at the nue and spoke.“Yes, stay with me,” She said, gently reaching up and petting his head.

Higekiri watched the scene and shook his head as he put his sword away.


“The others won’t like it, and the choice is up to master, however if he betrays us in anyway I will cut him down myself,” Higekiri said as he walked over to the two of them.


Looking at the nue, he reached his arms out to take Tsurumaru but the nue stepped back a little, not fully trusting him.


“The others probably returned already, we should head to the village and get some food. Night will be upon us really soon.  With Tsurumaru unable to fight, that will only leave us two, so I will carry Tsuru for a bit. That way, you can give your arms a rest,” He explained to the nue, leaving off the last part of Tsurumaru’s name to see how she would react and was rewarded with the blush she had at the mention.


Tsurumaru blushed at hearing Higekiri use only part of her name and liked how it sounded, before she touched the nue’s cheek.


“It will be ok,” She said to him as the nue looked at Higekiri and, trusting in Tsurumaru’s words, placed her in the other sword’s hands.


“Come on, let's go,” Higekiri said once he had Tsurumaru and began walking away, with the nue following them.


“I don't know what to call you yet, so I will call you Nue for now,” Tsurumaru said looking over Higekiri’s shoulder to the nue who nodded.


Higekiri didn’t like that he had a demon sword with them, but if it would make Tsurumaru happy then he would put up with it. After all, Tsurumaru seemed attached to the nue and, if possible, the nue might be the key to winning Tsurumaru’s heart.


‘This might work out well for me,’ He thought, looking down at the girl in his arms with a small smile before looking at the nue with his plan in mind.

Chapter Text

Return and Nue Babysitting Begins


At the citadel


A light shone in the court yard as the swords return home, minus Higekiri and Tsurumaru, and were greeted by the other swords and the Saniwa.


“Master, forgive me, the enemy had an opponent we were not familiar with. They took Tsurumaru, with Higekiri giving chase. We were about to follow when the Chu-Wakizashi and Kunai showed up. However, before we could fight them, the Kibishii showed up and it turned into a 3 way battle. We had no choice but to retreat,” Hasebe said, bowing to the master in shame.


“It is alright. We are searching for Tsurumaru’s and Higekiri’s location as we speak. We will find them and return them home. Do not worry Hasebe, you guys tried your best,” The saniwa said, worried about the two swords.


Sayo walked over to Taikogane and spoke. “I’m sorry. I promised to watch her and I failed,” he said looking down at the ground.


“Osayo…” Kasen said about to walk over when he froze in spot for what had happened.


Upon hearing this Taikogane wrapped his arms around Sayo in a hug, shocking him. “It’s ok, I know you tried,” He said to Sayo, who hesitantly wrapped his arms around Taikogane to return the hug.


Sayo was confused as why Taikogane hugged him instead of being mad at him, but decided not to focus on that and wrapped his arms around Taikogane, not to sure why he liked that.

Sayo’s POV


Taikogane and me were hugging. I don’t know why, but I liked the feeling of being in his arms. I can see Kasen staring at us along with the other swords. However I didn’t really care what they thought. At that moment, all my thoughts were focused on Taikogane. I remember last night: he followed me to my garden that my brothers made for me. He did something strange then too. He gave me a bouquet of cherry blossoms, surrounding a sunflower, saying how it reminded him of me.  How I am a sunflower I do not know, though hearing those words made me happy and I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach - just like I do now in this hug. I was dragged out of my thoughts when I felt something wet on my shoulder and saw how Taikogane’s shoulders were shaking, making me realizing he was crying.


“Why are you crying?” I whispered, not wanting the other swords to hear me and what was said back made the butterflies multiply tenfold.


“I’m worried about my sister, but I’m really happy you made it back to me safely,” he told me. However, we pulled apart when we heard the time device whirring. Looking back, we saw Tsurumaru and Higekiri appear with one other person.

Shortly before Higekiri, Tsurumaru, and Nue returned to the Citadel


Normal POV


Shortly after they left the forest, they found an abandoned hut near a river. After making sure no one was around, they entered the hut to rest for the night. Higekiri placed Tsurumaru down, watching as the nue sat nearby and was watching him too.


‘If I can get the nue to trust me, and not the others around Tsurumaru, I might have more of a winning chance. I’m sure Mikazuki already made one move towards Tsurumaru, so I should make mine. If I can show Tsurumaru that the nue really likes me, then she most likely will choose me. Though first, I need to make my move - but how without the Nue around?’ Higekiri thought to himself and smiled when he got an idea.


“We need food. Can you go see if there are any wildlife nearby?” he asked the nue.


The nue was unsure, but upon hearing a growl from Tsurumaru’s stomach, tilted his head in confusion.


“I am hungry, come to think of it,” she said. And at those words, the nue walked out of the hut, leaving the two of them alone.


Higekiri walked over to Tsurumaru and knelt next to her, before reaching out and taking her foot in his hand. Tsurumaru watched him closely as he took off the bandage and assessed her ankle to see how badly it was damaged. Higekiri frowned at the bruise on the ankle.


“It’s not broken so that is good, though I don’t think you should walk on it until you get to the infirmary,” he said before he noticed a cut right above her knee.


“What happened here?” He asked gently.


“It happened when I was chasing down the History Renegade Army,” she said as an explanation.


Higekiri hummed, leaning closer to see how deep the cut was, though the action made Tsurumaru blushed. The cut wasn’t very deep and that alone made a wave of relief flow through him knowing it wasn’t as bad. However, instead of pulling away, he gently placed his lips right on the cut and gently ran his tongue over it. At this action Tsurumaru felt her blush deepen and her body suddenly felt like it was on fire.


“Hige-Higekiri?” She asked.


“Hm?” He responded as his pulled away, leaning his cheek right above the cut and looking at her with darkened eyes.


“Why?” She asked him, trying to calm her racing heartbeat.


Higekiri knew he had to answer carefully to not alarm her.


“Because I….” He started but before he could the nue returned.


Nue, upon seeing the scene before it, dropped the rabbits he carried. He then walked over and, shoving Higekiri aside, placed his own head in Tsurumaru’s lap. Higekiri frowned at the Nue and the feeling of jealousy flared up, but he quickly squashed it down.


“Did you find any food?” he asked as the nue just pointed towards the door where the few rabbits laid.


Higekiri handed Tsurumaru her sword before walking over to where the rabbits were. However, a golden light started to envelop them, startling the Nue who jumped up and looked around.


“Pick up Tsurumaru,” Higekiri told the nue, and watched as the nue did just that just as he disappeared along with the other two.

The Citadel


After the bright light disappeared, the other swords smiled at seeing there commards return.

“You’re back! Thank gods you aren’t too hurt!”Hasebe said and walked up - but stopped and drew his sword. “You!” he called, seeing the Nue with Tsurumaru in his arms.


“Touken…...Danshi…….” The nue growled as he gently placed Tsurumaru’s feet on the ground, but still held her close as he drew his sword, not wanting to let her go.


“Nue, please calm down,” Tsurumaru tried to ask, but the Nue ignored her and she saw the other Toudan draw their swords at Nue.


Higekiri looked over at the two of them, and pulled his blade out as well - though pointing it at Hasebe.


“Leave them alone, Hasebe,” He said, wanting to show the Nue that it could trust him.


“Why should we? He kidnapped Tsurumaru! And not only that, he is with the Time Renegade Army!” Yasusada said, remembering the details that Kashuu had told him.


The Nue growled louder, trying to figure out his chances when he saw a familiar face.


“Honebami…..Toshirou….., Mikazuki….Mune...ichka.” He said, calling out the two swords, making Honebami and Mikazuki to look at the Nue carefully.


Mikazuki walked up, blade still drawn towards the Nue, as he saw Higekiri tighten his grip on his own blade. He stopped an arm’s distance away from the Nue and Tsurumaru. Knowing he was being watched by the other swords and the Saniwa, he looked at Hasebe.


“Perhaps we should hear Tsurumaru out. I believe to him we are a threat and by the way his holding Tsuru thinks we are going to hurt her,” Mikazuki said to Hasebe.


Mikazuki sheathed his own sword and nodded to Higekiri, who also put his own sword away, before walking closer to the Nue. Tsurumaru took the chance to reach up and pet the Nue’s head, making the Nue look at her.


“It will be ok,” She told  him before looking at the swords and the Saniwa.


“The nue saved me, and helped take care of me with Higekiri after we lost the others. I want him to see what life is at the citadel is like and that the Touken Danshi are not the enemies. He is one of us and I will take full responsibility for his actions, please let him stay,” she pleaded with them.

The Saniwa, hearing Tsurumaru’s reason, put a hand to her chin, thinking it over. After a few tense minutes, the Saniwa came to a decision and walked forward. The swords stepped aside, allowing her to pass them.


“Master?” Hasebe asked as she passed him, not paying him any mind and stopping next to Mikazuki.


“I will allow it Tsurumaru,” She said with a small smile before turning to the Nue.


“I will let you live here. However, you must learn how to live like a Touken Danshi. Tsurumaru pleaded your case for you to stay here. Don’t make her regret that choice, and you will be rooming with her. I will hold off on giving you a proper name till after you learn how to be a Touken Danshi and prove your loyalty to me. Understand?” She asked the Nue.


The Nue looked hesitant, but slowly nodded agreeing to the terms the Saniwa placed.


“Stay….With….Tsurumaru…?” He asked making the Saniwa nod.


“Yes, you stay with her. However, at the moment she needs treatment. I will take her to the Infirmary. The rest of you, do not attack the nue and instead tell him the rules,” she said, addressing them all and nodded to Honebami once all her swords sheathed their swords.


Tsurumaru smiled at this and sighed once the Nue had sheathed his sword, before letting his grip on her loosen. The Nue then watched as one of the other swords, the one he called Honebami come forward and take Tsurumaru from him.


“Don’t worry, she will be ok,” he told Nue before going with the Saniwa to the infirmary, leaving the Nue with the others.


The Nue looked around, wondering what to do now, when Mikazuki placed a hand on his shoulders before introducing him to all the swords. The other swords said their greetings back before Kashuu Kiyomitsu walked up to them.


“The rules are simple: We all have chores that are given to us at the beginning of the day, and we will get sent out on missions or expeditions to bring back resources or fight the Time Renegade Army. Though I have a feeling a new job will be added: to teach you how to be a Touken Danshi,” he said, watching as the Nue nodded.


“Kashuu….Kiyo….mitsu?” the nue tried saying and Kashuu nodded.


Soon the swords all departed to do their own thing - except the Date-gumi, the Genji Brothers, Mikazuki and Sayo who all walked over to the Nue, Mitsusada dragging Ookurikara with them.


“Welcome to the citadel! We are close to Tsurumaru as well. We used to be long to the Date clan along with Tsurumaru, so I hope we get along!” Taikogane said, before grabbing Sayo’s hand and walking off to show Sayo a patch of flowers he found.


“Come on, we will show you around the Citadel,” Mitsusada said while Ookurikara looked at him.


“Why am I being included?” He asked, only for Mitsusada to smile.


“Because he is dear to Tsurumaru and I’m sure she will be happy to hear that you two are getting along,” He said - only for Ookurikara to grunt, knowing that Tsurumaru was a soft spot for all the Date swords.


The nue nodded before Mitsusada turned and walked around, ready to give the tour. A reluctant Ookurikara and a curious Nue followed, leaving only Mikazuki and the Genji brothers. Once they were a distance away, Mikazuki turned to Higekiri and Hizamaru.


“If your thinking of using the nue to get close to Tsurumaru, you should think otherwise,” Mikazuki said with a tight smile.


“Wouldn’t dream of it. Though I don’t think that will be a problem. After all, me and Tsurumaru were alone for a little bit, ” Higekiri replied to Mikazuki.


At hearing these words, Mikazuki felt jealousy creep up, but hid it behind a fake smile and laughed.


“That maybe be so. However I already made my intentions to Tsurumaru clear. As I’m sure you have. Good luck with getting the Nue to like you,” He told Higekiri, before walking away to find where the Date-gumi took the Nue.


“Anija, are you ok?” Hizamaru asked his brother, only for Higekiri to shake his head.


“I’m fine, ummm…” He trailed off, forgetting his brother’s name.


“It’s Hizamaru,” Hizamaru, said making Higekiri laugh.


“Sorry, and to answer your question, I’m alright. I’m just curious how Mikazuki made his intentions clear to Tsurumaru, that is all. I made mine clear when I gave her a kiss on the leg.” He explained to him as Hizamaru shook his head.


“From what I heard, he kissed her on the lips,” Hizamaru answered to Higekiri’s  question.


“I see. So we both had kissed her. That make things difficult.” Higekiri said, placing a hand to his chin in thought.


“Anija?” Hizamaru asked snapping his brother out of his thoughts.


“Come on, we need to figure out on what to teach the Nue,” he told his brother as he walked away, making Hizamaru chase after him. Unaware to them, the whole conversation was heard by Kansen.


‘This won’t do, I need to make my move soon. I think I will go see her in the infirmary and give her my poem that I wrote for her,’ He thought before heading to the infirmary.

Chapter Text

                                                                                                      The 3rd suitor and Nue’s lessons begins 

Kasen walked down the hall to the infirmary with lots of thoughts going through his mind.


‘I hope she likes the poem I wrote about her it truly fits her, though I can’t believe that Higekiri and Mikazuki had already made there moves I refuse to lose to them. Tsurumaru is a gem in her own right and deserves to be treasured like a goddess, the other Tsurumaru’s that have come here aren't as graceful as this one.’ He thought as he nodded to the other swords he passed however he stopped as he got an idea.

Quickly he changed his direction and instead went to his room and began to look for an item he got on a mission. Shortly after he had found it and gently picking it up smiled at the gem inside, It was a hair clip with a crystal rose at the end of it.


‘This will look beautiful on her.’ He thought and left his room heading back on the path to the Infirmary.

Tsurumaru’s POV


I was stuck here in the Infirmary while the Konnosuke’s and the repair smiths worked on fixing my ankle. I don’t know how long time has passed since I was brought in here, however it also gave me time to think on the recent events in my life. It all started back in the bath where Mikazuki and I kissed for the first time only then to be scolded by Hasebe, I wonder if we weren’t interrupted what would of happen? Shortly after the mission started and that's when the next event happened Nue and Higekiri.

They were careing towards me and when Nue when to get food for us Higekiri kissed me thigh right above my knee. The sensations I felt was odd and was the same sensation when Mikazuki kissed me, like I didn’t want it to end. I shook my head to clear my thoughts when I heard the door open up, I looked over and saw Kasen Kanesada there in the doorway.

‘I wonder what he wants? I know he is not injured because I was told earlyer by Sada-bo that Kasen hasn’t been sent out recently.’’ I thought to myself wondering why he would come here, I know he didn’t really care for my brothers Kura-bo and Sada-Bo.

I watch him walk in and sit right next to me before he spoke.

“How is your healing coming along?” He asked


“It's coming along fine, after all it's just a sprained ankle.” I answered with a shrug.


“I’m glad it’s coming along smoothly. I wanted to give you something I wish it was in a better setting however I feel if I wait, it will be to late.” He said making me confused.


I watch as he reached into his kimono and pulled out a beautiful box decorated with flowers and little sparkles. Smiling at me he opened the box and reaching in pulled out a amazing beautiful hairpiece, he then reached over and placed the hairpiece in right above my ear. When he pulled away I looked in the hand mirror that Sada-bo gifted me and was surprised how the gift fitted so well in my hair, reaching up I gently touched it and looked at Kansen.

“It is a crystal flower. I found it on one of my missions that I was given, and seeing its elegance I bought it. Sadly I never found a reason to wear it, but then you came along and it hit me that if anyone deserves such a beautiful peace that it should be you.” He said as he gently picked up my hand and placed a kiss on the back of it.


I blushed at the action and quickly pulled my hand away, placing it near my chest trying to calm my pounding heart. In his eyes I saw the same look that Mikazuki and Higekiri had, that look alone made my heart pound.


“When I first saw you it was like looking at a goddess and it inspired me to write a poem for you.” He said as he pulled out a peace of paper and unfolding it began to read.


The beautiful crane shone like the sun in the sky

The havens in awe at the beautiful smile she wore

Kindness and graceful that makes the moon and stars envy

Laughter soft as flowers floating down

Eyes shining like the sparkling stars

Gentleness as fresh fallen snow

Heart as pure as the crystal clear lake

After he finished I felt like my face was on fire and I didn’t know how to respond to a poem of that kindness. He then placed a hand on my cheek and gently turned my face so it was facing him.


“I meant every word in that poem Tsurumaru and I would be honored if you will give me the chance to show you how much you mean to me.” He said to me


Before I could say anything Konnosuke spoke


“Ok your all set and ready to go.” He said to and taking my chance I quickly got up and ran out of the room not being able to stay there a minute longer.

Normale POV


Kasen watched as Tsurumaru ran out the door and sighed before getting up.


“Don’t worry I’m sure she has lots of things on her mind, and don’t forget it’s only been a few days since she materialized here.” Konnosuke said to Kasen as he walked out the door.


Kasen looked back at the fox and nodded before leaving determined to prove to Tsurumaru how much she means to him.




Nue followed behind the 2 Date swords quietly listening as they showed him around, when he saw Ookurikara brake off from them and enter a building.


“Ah that’s the training hall, we train there to get stronger and to improve our fighting styles.” Mitsusada explained as he lead the Nue to another room and opening the door gestured for the Nue to enter first.


Nue upon entering the room looked around and saw what appears to be a cabinet, a cutting board, refrigerator, and a stove with a sink nearby.


“This is the kitchen were the meals are cooked and today I will teach you how to cook a meal.” He said and the Nue looked at Mitsusada like he was crazy.


“Cook….Cooking…?” He asked as Mitsusada nodded and took out some ingredients.


“As sword warriors we need food to help this human body of ours from starving and don’t give me that look you will need food as well to survive. Besides I think Tsurumaru would love to have a meal cook by you.” He said as he watch the Nue move towards the counter were the food was on.


“Tsuru….eat…” Nue asked with a tilt of his head and Mitsusada nodded.


“Yes let’s begin.” He said as she started to show the Nue what to do.

Nue followed each instructions given by Mitsusada and placed the rice into the cooker, placing the lid on it. He looked over and saw Mitsusada cutting up some vegetables and. Mitsusada held out a peace of the tomato. Nue looked at the tomato peace and stuck his tongue out at it while his face scrunched up.


“Now don’t be like that give it a try, after all you would need to taste your food that you make to make sure it's done correctly and everything is fully cook.” He said as the Nue shook his head refusing to eat the raw tomato.


Soon everything was ready to go and it was at that time that Mikazuki came into the kitchen.


“That smells good Mitsusada, however if you would allow me  I would like to take Nue to teach him how to eat.” Mikazuki said with a smile.

“Mikazuki...Munechika…..” The nue said as Mikazuki picked up a tray and handed it to the Nue who took it carefully, before taking his own leading the Nue out of the kitchen and into a sitting room.


“Just follow what I do.” He said giving no room for the Nue to refuse before setting down his tray at the table


Nue frowned and followed Mikazuki’s lead placing his tray across from him and sat down on the mat as Mikazuki did the same. He saw Mikazuki pick up his chopsticks and followed the same way only to frown when he couldn’t pick them up correctly. Mikazuki laughed softly and reached over the table and taking the Nue’s hand in his own helped him placed the chopsticks correctly, before he helped him making the grabbing motion.


Nue let Mikazuki lead him in what to do with a tilt of his head and soon he understood what to do and pulling his hand away placed his hand down and picked up some rice with hsi chopsticks only for it to fall off and Nue to frown. It took a few tries but after 5 minutes Nue was able to pick up the food and Mikazuki smiled in pride at the motion before picking up his own food.


“Do you like the citadel?” He asked Nue.

The Nue nodded as he picked up some fish and ate it. He tried to remember the words he understood, and then spoke.


“Teach…me?” Nue asked trying to say the words correctly.


Mikazuki just chuckled into his sleeve before pouring some tea and handing a cup to Nue, who took the cup wondering what to do.


“Like this.” Mikazuki said and taiking his own cup of tea put it to his lips and took a few sips.


Nue watched closely and lifted the cup up to his lips took a drink only for him to drop the cup and stick his tounge out at the taste.


“Haha, I’m guessing you don’t like Jasmine tea, don’t worry we will find you one that you like.” Mikazuki said.

Soon the food was cleared on both trays and Mikazuki standing up motioned for Nue to do the same, as he picked up his own tray. Nue stood up with his tray in hand and followed Mikazuki out the door back to the kitchen where they placed there tray and dishes near the sink.


“Tsurumaru?” Nue asked wanting to find his friend however Mikazuki shook his head.


“Not at the moment we need to teach you had to say some words properly however I’m not the one to teach that, and I must take you to your next teacher.” Mikazuki told him before heading towards the door knowing that the Nue will follow.

They walked down the hall and through the courtyard to one of the other halls and turning down it Mikazuki lead Nue to another room. Opening the door Mikazuki smiled at the sight inside, as he waved to the Samonji brothers minus Sayo who was asleep cuddled next to Taikogane who had his arms around Sayo in a hug. Nue walked in and frowned at the position not understanding it one bit.


“It's called cuddling, two people do it when they care deeply for each other, ether romantically or a close bond like family.” Mikazuki explained as Sazou spoke.

“Welcome Nue, We will be teaching you how to speak and write properly.” Saizou said to Nue and Mikazuki gestured to a seat at the table which Nue took.


“After your done here then you may go see Tsurumaru.” Mikazuki said before turning and leaving the group alone.

Chapter Text

Nue was getting tired of sitting around and doing this lesson on how to write it was boaring and not interesting enough, however everytime Nue tried to leave they would manage to get him back sitting.


“Are we done yet?” He asked wanting to go explore the citadel


“We are almost done your learning well, your writing could use a little more work but for now it will do. I understand you want to explore however till the master says your allowed to be on your own you will have to stay here till another picks you up.” Saizo said to him


Nue waited patiently for the time to escape this room, wondering when it would be. A few hours later he saw his chance the 2 brothers were busy with sayo and Taikogane that he was able to slip out of the room, and once outside looked around heading down a left hall. He kept on alert in case he need to find a place to hide  however before he got very far an arm was wrapped around his shoulder, he quickly turned around and was going for his sword when he saw the Touken Danshi that stopped him. The touken danshi was wearing a blueish purple kimono with spots on it, a long obi that had flowers and patterns on the end. His hair was black and tied back, and he had some red eye make-up around his eyes, though what drew the nue most of all was the bottle that the Touden had plus the smell of alcohol.


“You look lost don’t worry I know a place we can go.” He said cheerful.


Nue didn’t know how to respond to this feminine male but he did know one thing, the male stunk and he didn’t like the smell. He tried to get away but had no luck as the older sword began to walk taking Nue with him. Nue tried to find escape but everywhere he looked he couldn’t find a way, soon the both of them were at a room and Nue saw outside the door a sign that said Bar.


‘What is a bar?’ He thought glad that he could finally read, write and pronounce words with out stumbling on them


The Touden took Nue into the room, and what the Nue saw left him speechless. Inside the room there was a cabint of liqour, sake, and all sorts of achoal behind a counter that was L shaped with stools sitting in front of it, and on the stools were a few touden he didn’t know.


“Your the stray that Tsurumaru brought home huh?” Another male said


“Oh Nihongo don’t be like that we must celebrate upon gaining a new friend.” Said the male who dragged Nue here.


“Jiroutachi you shouldn’t just bring that thing here, and Nihongo you shouldn’t be at ease around it. Don’t forget he was once our enemy.” Hasebe said  to the two males.


Nue guessed the drunk smelling one was Jiroutachi, and the one who called him a stray was Nihongo. Though upon hearing the repmending one talk he frowned knowing that he was the first sword to draw his blade upon him when he arrived and knew for a fact that he and Hasebe would never get along. Jiroutachi walked Nue over to the bar and sitting him down before going behind the bar and pooring him a glass of sake.


“Here ya go best drink in the world.” Jiroutachi said


“It smells.” Was all Nue said as he took up the cup.


He drank the small cup and instantly stuck his tongue out disliking it. Hasebe frowend at this and took a drink from his own cup.


‘Master why did you let this being stay here? He might be playing us for a fool.’ Hasebe thought to himself before speaking up.


“Jiroutachi I was wondering how to get someone to notice me.” Hasebe asked Jiroutachi


“Your talking about Tsurumaru correct?” Nihongo asked as Hasebe nodded.


Nue instantly payed attention wanting to gather info on what this man feels for Tsurumaru and how to figure out a way to not let it happen, since he didn’t want Tsurumaru to end up with someone like him. Nue tried to get up and leave but Jiroutachi wasn’t having it, each time Nue tried to leave Jiroutachi dragged him back making Nue frown.


“What you need to do Hasebe is show her what she means to you. For example give her a gift to show your love maybe chocolate I think she might like that.” Nihongo told Hasebe trying to give advice.


“Your right I will have to show her.” He said with determination in his eyes as he stood up.


Nue watched this and imanged flames flowing behind Hasebe and tapped his claw tip on the counter board out of his mind, and wanting to be free. As if his wish was heard a new face appeared in the door and Nue instely perked up seeing Tsurumaru standing there, however he tilted in confusion at what she was wearing. Instead of her usual inner outfit she wore a white mini skirt and a white halter top with the crane symbol around her hip showing off her smooth stomach.  The males in the room was speechless at her outfit, and Hasebe felt the need to lecture her about dressing appropriately however he maintained himself upon remebreing Nihongo words.


“You look very beautiful this evening Tsurumaru.” Hasebe said walking over and picking up her hand laid a kiss to the back of it.


Tsurumaru blushed at this and pulled her hand away as Nue quickly rushed over shoving Hasebe aside and hugging Tsurumaru.


“Eh Nue?” She asked him.


“Tsurumaru come for me?” He asked


Tsurumaru ran her fingers through his hair and smiled.


“Yes I did, I need to go meet Kashuu Kiyomitsu and I wanted to bring you.” She said before looking at the boys. “You surprised by my outfit?” She asked as they all nodded.


“What is it for?” Nihongo asked


“It's a surprise.” Was all Tsurumaru said and taking Nue by the hand lead him from the room leaving the others speechless.




They soon reached Kashuu room and Tsurumaru opened the door walking in with Nue following behind her.


“That outfit looks nice on you.” Kashuu  said as Tsurumaru nodded


“Thank you, I couldn’t have gotten it without your help.” She said praising him


“What can I say I got good taste.” Kashuu  responed with a smile as Tsurumaru and Nue sat down.


“The concert is coming up soon, and the master wants you to sing a duet with Izuminokamui and he picked the song If I’D Reached Out even though it is a duet between Me and Yasusada. I think it would be a good song for the both of you so I agreed to let you and him sing it.” He said with a sigh before pulling out a page of lyrics and handed it to her.


Tsurumaru looked over the lyrics noticing it sounded kind of romantic and painful, she placed the paper down and looked at Kashuu.


“I will sing it with him, but didn’t the master want me do a few songs with the others?” She asked him as Kashuu nodded.


“Yes you will be singing Beautiful Tragedy with me,  and Kimi No Uta with Mikazuki, Izunokamui, Higekiri, Hizamaru, and myself, plus you will have a solo song to sing which is up to you what you want to sing. Also you will sing a solo with Mikazuki and Higekiri.” He explained and laid out another sheet this time with the song order.


Tsurumaru picked it up and scanned it over before placing it with the other peace of paper and wrote a song down that would surprise everyone. Once she finished she handed the paper over to Kashuu who looked at the song and smiled a little, for on the paper was the words Error.

“It sounds sad” He said placing the paper down as Nue looked over the 2 papers Tsurumaru had.


“Sing?” He asked looking at the two of them


“Yes Tsurumaru will be singing at this years concert, and don’t worry I will make her as beautiful as me.” Kashuu said before looking at Tsurumaru.


“We need to go clothes shopping for you to pick out an idol outfit.” He said


Tsurumaru gathered the papers when she heard the door open and looking up she saw  Yasusada standing there panting.


“We have a big issue and I was told to get you.” He said to them as Kashuu stood up with the other 2 and together the 4 of them ran to the court yard and upon arriving were shocked at what they were seeing; in the middle of the court yard was a mess their were paint everywhere and in the center was Taikogane, Sayo, Imanotsurugi, Aizen, Mouri, and Urashima. All 6 of them were covered in paint and on the ground were slingshots.


“What happen here?” Hasebe asked coming up with Mitsusada.


Taikogane POV


When I looked around I saw all the swords looking at the six of us and I quickly stepped up to kind of shield Sayo with my body. You see what happen was that I was at the market with Tsurumaru helping her pick out outfits and I saw a set of gear called Paintball. I asked the store person what it was and they told me it was called Paintball; the goal was to take out all your opponents with paint. I thought it would be fun and since we had lots of gold thanks to the treasure hunt we had I bought a few sets.


Once we got back to the citadel I went to look for Sayo and found him by his flower bed. I walked over to him and showed him what I got thinking it would be fun to play with him, however as we were gearing up Imanotsurugi, Aizen, Mouri and Urashima walked up wondering what we were up to. Once I told them they wanted to join it was then I figured out Imanotsurugi was a female due to the fact the armour it came with showed off her chest a little and having an older sister I knew what the bumps were. It was a great game and we all had fun I even saw Sayo smiling a little bit, yet like all fun it had to come to an end.


I watched as the other swords gathered during the game and when Mii-chan walked up with Hasebe I knew it would be hard to talk our way out of this one. After a lecture we were almost punished when Sayo said he liked the game, it was thanks to him saying that we got off with no punishment but to clean up our mess, and next time to do it in the field away from the garden  and the citadel.


Tsurumaru POV


By the time the citadel was cleaned of paint it was time for dinner, and this time it was a BBQ to celebrate the victory the pvp team had against their opponents. I was going over the list of songs that was going to be sung at the concert and looking at the 2 songs I was going to sing with Mikazuki and Higekiri noticed a song with the 3 of them singing. I looked over at the songs and the lyrics the master had given me earlier and knew that I would have my hands full with practice, I made my own list of songs that I was going to sing the order was like this:



Kashuu-Beautiful Tragedy

Group-Kimi No Uta

Mikazuki & Higekiri-Acute



 Izuminokamui-If I’D Reached Out 


I also noticed that most of this concert had me singing and it made me wonder why mostly me.


Normale POV


As Tsurumaru was looking over the list the Saniwa who was nearby smiled slightly knowing it would be a small concert, however she had heard Tsurumaru singing earlier and was amazed at how well she could sing. That gave the Saniwa the idea of another concert and  insistently made a reservation for a concert to be held. The stair of this attraction would be Tsurumaru, as the Saniwa was giggling a little she was looking forward to the concert and wondered how both 3 of her swords who had feelings for Tsurumaru will do. 


'Yes this would be a wonderful concert, I just hope the other 2 don't get jelouse.' She thought to herself 

Chapter Text


The very next day Tsurumaru woke up feeling something in her bed, upon sitting up and looking around she discovered Nue was sleeping next to her. Quietly as possible she slipped out of the bed smiling softly when the Nue shuffled a little bit, and went over to her closet to pick out the outfit for the day. She was reaching for her inner outfit that she worked in when she remembered what she was doing today.


‘That's right I’m going shopping with Kashuu to get ready for the concert.’ She thought to herself and reached for a casual outfit instead.


Her outfit contained of light blue shorts, and a white low cut blouse, looking over she made sure Nue was fast asleep before walking behind the dressing screen and started to get dress. Nue woke up shortly after looking around for Tsurumaru and upon seeing a silhouette behind a screen went over to it. He was about to look behind it when he heard Tsurumaru’s voice coming from behind.


“I should get some outfits for Nue as well, I’m sure the master won’t mind. Maybe get Nue his own room too. I will ask about it later.” She said out loud unaware the Nue was on the other side of the screen.

It was at that time there was a knock on Tsurumaru’s door before it opened up and inside stepped Kashuu. Nue growled slightly not to happy with someone else in Tsurumaru’s room making Kashuu laugh a little.


“Don’t worry I’m not going to harm her, I came by to drop you off some clothes and to help you get ready to go shopping. Master thinks it would be in your best interest to experance it.” Kashuu told Nue walking over.


Tsurumaru then walked out from behind the screen making Kashuu freeze in shock at how well her new outfit fitted her and showed off her body somewhat. Tsurumaru waved to Kashuu before walking over to the vanity she had gotten as a gift and started working on her hair, while Kashuu took Nue behind the screen and instructed the Nue on how to get dressed. 15 minutes later after some arguing between Kashuu and Nue both of the males walked out from behind the screen Kashuu with a smile and Nue with a frown not liking the clothes one bit.

“Whoa now that's a wonderful surprise, that outfit really suits you Nue.” She said making the Nue blush a little not use to getting compliments.


He was wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans that showed off his figure a little his fur seemed to be brushed out and made to look like a fancy scarf, on his feet were black sneakers and his tail was placed like a belt. She then looked at what Kashuu was wearing; Kashuu had black tank-top on with a red line circling the neck line that showed off his shoulders, black jeans that had his symbol on his left hip and on his feet were small combat heeled boots.


“Man you both look really good in those outfits.” She told them when she really thought they looked hot in them.


“Thank you, we’re going to Shibuya to look for your outfit since apparently it's the fashion district of Japan.” Kashuu exsplaned


“Why do I has to come?” Nue asked with a pout glad for once to have that long english and speaking lession.


“Because while we’re there we are also finding you some clothes sence you can’t wear the same ones all the time.” Kashuu told him.


“Shall we go then?” Tsurumaru asked before running out the door and accidentally bumping into Taroutachi making them both fall to the ground.


“Are you ok?” Taroutachi asked her.


“Uh ya I’m ok are you alright?” She asked with a blush


Taroutachi nodded to say that he is and Tsurumaru quickly got off of him and offered a hand to help him up. Taroutachi shook his head and got up off the ground himself before walking away to hid his blush at seeing Tsurumaru’s outfit. Kashuu and Nue watching from the doorway at the interaction between the two of them, however the moment was short lived as Taikogane and Sayo joined them.  Taikogane was wearing a white shirt, light blue vest that reached his hips, blue jeans and black shoes while Sayo was wearing; a blue shirt with a dark blue jacket that went down to his hips, jeans and blue open toe shoes.


“Tsuru-chan can we go to Shibuya with you? I heard there is a great restaurant that I want to take Sayo to.” He asked


Sayo blushed and softly grabbed Taikogane’s hand as he was still unsure what to do and why he kept getting butterflies in his stomach.


“Sure you can join us.” Kashuu said seeing there was no harm done.


So together the five of them went to the transporter and were transported in the back streets of Shibuya.


“We should meet back here in a few hours.” Kashuu said as both Sayo and Taikogane nodded before taking off unaware they were still holding hands


“Aww they look so cute on their first date maybe we should spy on them you know to make sure things go ok.” Tsurumaru said wanting to record Taikogane’s first date to show to Mitsutada.


“We are here for cloth shopping not spying.” Kashuu said as he lead the way to the 104 shopping building.


Upon entering the building the 3 of them were in shock at all the different stores that were there as well as the different brand of clothing. They went into the nearest store and began to shop clothes for Nue. A few hours later they reached another shop that Tsurumaru dragged them into fully aware of all the bags they had. Inside this new shop there were lots of different kimonos and Tsurumaru was drawn to one that was on display. Picking it up she smiled at the design and quickly placing her bags down went into the dressing room to try it on leaving the other two waiting.


“We almost done yet?” Nue asked Kashuu wanting to get back to the citadel and plan a way for Tsurumaru and Hasebe to never be alone.


However before Kashuu can answer Tsurumaru stepped out of the dressing room and what she was wearing made both of their eyes widen while the other males in the store had jaw dropping reactions.


“Do you like it?” Tsurumaru asked shly not to sure how to deal with the reactions but secretly was filled with glee that she surprised everyone there.


Kashuu walked over and inspected the outfit before giving a nod.


“This will be perfect for you to wear to the concert.” He said as Nue walked over.


“Tsurumaru….pretty..” He said not to sure what to say in situations like this as he hadn’t gotten that far in his lessons yet.

With both of their approval she went back to the fitting room and changed her clothes back to what she was wearing before. She stepped out of the dressing room and walking over to the register bought the outfit as well as the shoes she found. After paying for the items she gathered up her bags and the 3 of them went back to the back-alley to meet with Taikogane and Sayo, however upon reaching the teleportation sight they were taking back at what they saw. There before them was Taikogane and Sayo engaged in a deep kiss both of them having blushes on there face.

A few hours earlier with Sayo and Taikogane.

Shortly after arriving in Shibuya and departing from the the others both Sayo and Taikogane walked down the street holding hands and looking at the different shops they passed. They soon came to the building were the cafe that Taikogane wanted to take Sayo to, and both looked at the machine that were moving people up and down.


“What is that thing?” Sayo asked Taikogane who shook his head.


“I don’t know but shall we find out?” Taikogane asked Sayo who nodded.


Together they boarded the elevator and pushing the floor 5 button began to ascend to the 5th floor, upon arriving at the 5th floor the doors opened and both of them stepped out of the elevator and looked around spotting he cafe Taikogane wanted to take Sayo to.  Upon entering found a seat next to a beautiful view of the city and they didn’t have to wait long for their waitress to show up.


“Hello I’m Jen and I will be your waitress for today.May I interest you in our special today? It is our cake set were you get your choose of cake and a drink all for  1328 yen today?” The waitress asked as she handed them menus


“We’re not quite sure what we want yet.” Taikogane answered

“Ok I will be back shortly to take your orders.” She then walked off to another table to help the customers there


They looked at the menu and Sayo couldn’t decide what he wanted since there was so many to choose from and Taikogane was having the same issue.  A few minutes later they finally decided on what they wanted and placing the menus down waited for the waitress to come over.


“Sorry it took so long are you ready to order?” Jen asked once she came back to the table.


“I would like the mango parfait and a chai tea latte. As well as a wasanbon roll.” Taikogane said as Jen wrote the order down before looking at Sayo.


“I would like the Hokkaido pound cake and a Iced mocha Latte.” He said


Jen nodded and wrote down the order before walking to the kitchen to have there order made.

“Why did you get the parfait?” Sayo asked


“Well I thought we could share it together.” Taikogane said with a blush


At hearing the response Sayo looked down to hide his blush but Taikogane saw it and thought it was cute.


“You look really nice today Sayo.” Taikogane said


“Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself.” Sayo responded unaware how to act in a situation like this and just going off what he was told by his brothers.


They then talked about how things were on the battlefield and how their are new plants growing in the garden as well as the upcoming concert.  Soon Jen had arrived back with their ordres.


“Ok we got one wasanbon roll, a mango parfait and a chai tea latte.” Jen said placing the order in front of Taikogane.


“We also have a Hokkaido pound cake, and a Iced mocha latte.”: She said as she placed sayo’s order in front of him. “Enjoy.” She said and walked away.

They both began to eat when they heard a clap and when they looked over saw 2 people kissing and others congratulating them. Taikogane waved their waitress over to them to ask what was going on.


“Oh they just got engaged and kissing like that is a sign of love they have for each other.” Jen explained before walking away to clear the now vacant table.


Sayo and Taikogane looked at each other then looked away blushing before continuing to eat and half way through began to feed each other some of their own food.  A half hour later they were finished, they got up and Taikogane paid the bill before leaving. They took the elevator back to down to the bottom floor both holding hand and wanting to kiss each other unknown to the other one. They walked out of the building and to the meeting point arriving before the others had, Sayo looked at Taikogane with a blush and taking a chance walked over to him.


“Sayo are you-” He was cut off as Sayo wrapped his arms around Taikoganes neck and kissing him.


Sayo felt nervous kissing him first however was relieved when Taikogane kissed back. They kissed for a few minutes before pulling away and Sayo recalled what his brothers told him.



“Nii-San I have a question.” Sayo said to his brothers.


Both brothers stopped what they were doing and payed attention to Sayo as they waited for him to speak.


“Lately when I’m around Taikogane I feel weird.” He started out


“Weird how?” Souza asked.


“Like there are butterflies in my stomach, I’m really happy to be around him and often I find myself thinking of him and when I saw Midare kiss Taikogane on the cheek I felt angry. Is something wrong with me?” He asked.


“No nothing is wrong with you Sayo. The symptoms you're explaining to us sounds like your in love with him.” Kousetsu said placing a hand on Sayo’s hair and petting his head.


“Love is complicated like that and there will be times that being in a relationship will be hard, its normal to feel that way when your in love. You get those feelings and sometimes always want to be around them.” Souza explained as Sayo looked to the ground thinking what his brothers have said.




Sayo looked into Taikogane’s eyes and saw love and admiration in them, even though he was nervous he took the leap of faith and was shocked at Taikogane’s next words.


“Sayo I have strong feelings for you, I want to be there to wipe away your tears, to hold you when your scared, and just be by your side through everything and in a way to always be there for you. I love you Sayo.” Taikogane confessed


Sayo looked to the ground for a moment before looking back at Taikogane and speaking.

“I don’t know what love really is, though I do know I want to be by your side through everything, to be there for you. I want us to be together. I have really strong feelings for you and the things you said you want I want them too. I don’t know if I can say I love you just yet sense I don’t know what this love is, but I’m willing to take this leap with you.” He said


Taikogane smiled at his words and gently kissed Sayo again only this time the kiss was a deep one, to which Sayo returned just as deeply. However their moment was short live when they heard a soft clap behind them, making them pull apart.


“Congratulations you two.” Tsurumaru said to them with a smile.


“I’m happy for the both of you.” Kashuu said and looking up saw the portal that would lead them back.


They disappeared in a trail of flower petals leaving nothing left to show that anyone was there. Once they were back at the citadel Kashuu went to look for Yatsusada wanting to spend time with his boyfriend, while Sayo and Taikogane walked to the Samonji room to share the news with Sayos big brothers before telling Taikogane’s famliy. Nue and Tsurumaru went back to her room only to find a door next to it and a sign saying ‘Nue’s Room’. Tsurumaru entered her room placing the bags down before helping Nue set up his room.




A few weeks later, the day of the concert had arrived and Tsurumaru was a nervous wreck in her dressing room as she waited for her turn to go on. She looked at her outfit and with a sigh picked it up and started to get ready not knowing that tonight was going to be one that she would remember.  

Chapter Text

Tsurumaru sat backstage waiting for her turn to shine and since it has been a few songs, and at the moment the Sanjo swords were singing Break In The World. After they were done it would be her turn and Tsurumaru was hopping she didn’t make a fool of herself. Looking into the mirror Tsurumaru didn’t recognize herself her dress was white and gold half kimono with a golden obi tied around her waist with red string, underneath the kimono she wore a white skirt while the top cut off like flower petals, her sleeves light and flowing with golden frills around the end stopping just short of her wrist. She sighed and put on thigh high black heels that was picked out before standing up and giving her a once over.


‘I can do this, everyone is counting on me.’ She thought as she heard a knock on her door.


“Tsurumaru its time for you to get to the stage.” The voice said.


“Be right there!” Tsurumaru called back


She picked up the crane hair clip that was a gift from her group and walked towards the stage, as she drew near she heard and saw the crowd making her more nervous. She had been practicing all week and now it was time to show it off. The song soon ended and the stage grew dark as the Sanjo group left the stage and walked over to the side to see the next song. A small golden light shone and the music started and out walked Tsurumaru, her outfit making the other swords especially her suitors entranced with how well it fitted her. Tsurumaru looked at the crowd and with a smile began to sing.

Can you see the tears I cry? Slowly falling from my eye

Blurring all the colors of living

Why did you leave me standing alone to drown?

I’m calling and I am falling down

As she song the first verse she placed her hand on the side of her head and trailed it down her face and neck before twirling around. Her hand was held out and at the last line of the first verse she placed it over her heart.


This blue and red and white is just blurring in my sight

I am shouting from the world here inside me

I am not really sure what I’m looking for

I’m tired chasing to comprehend

I’m wondering when it will end?


Her voice rang out the sadness that the song portrayed and the back up dancers started to spin in there place and mocking Tsurumaru’s movement, Tsurumaru walked down the alie to the center stage and at the last line feel to her knees bring her hands to her face and sang the chorus.


Am I breaking down again?

I am breaking just like then!

But I want to know that I am breathing, I’m breathing

I wonder if I just saw you

I am dreaming hoping for something new

The words are stuck that you stand for -ERROR-


As she sang the chorus she placed a hand on her heart and reached out to the sky as if she was reacting for salvation. Her voice sounded so sad like she was on the edge of braking and as soon as she sang Error her hand drop to the ground as if she was trapped. She then stood up and looked around as the next verse was sang


On distant day I see light swaying away

And it’s overflowing up in the high sky

Can you decided and tell me, what is your choice?

My ears are welling up by your voice


The lights were really dim and she reached her hand out again making sure the light was on it before spinning on her heels as she walked to the left side of the stage and reached out a hand to the audience, before spinning again and running to the other side reaching out the other hand as if she was begging for help as the next verse was sung.


The consciousness is floating by

Melting all I feel and I see the world inside me get blurry

What are you standing there and comparing to?

I’m sad, I’m failing to comprehend


I’m wondering when it will end?


The others backstage were mesmerized at the feeling and movement Tsurumaru was emitting even Nue was shocked and was fighting in instinct to run out and hug her.  Kashuu smiled at the effect and power in Tsurumaru’s voice and began to walk to the center stage knowing once the song was finished it would immediately go into their dute once the song began the chorus once again.


Is this my distorted soul?

This is my distorted goal

But I want to know that I am breathing, I’m breathing

I wonder if I just saw you

I am dreaming hoping for something new

The words are stuck that you stand for -ERROR-


Tsurumaru turned to face the stage as she began the first line of the chorus and began to run up the walkway as she sang only to meet her backup dancers who grabbed her arms and hands and turning her around held her as the next part was sung.


Even if I give it all, even if I lose it all if I just forget it all

Can I? No I can’t

I am still restless soul, laughing out with no control, I am killing what is whole

This is ERROR


At the beginning of that verse the dancers walked from behind her and placed a blindfold across her eyes and tying it in the back as a staff was placed in her hand. She began to twirl it around her body while moving and as soon as she sang the word mata the lights turned to red as if was showing a darker side of Tsurumaru.


Am I broken by your words?

Do you know what “broken” is?

Though you know that tears are only hurting, their hurting

So tell me, are my words reaching

With my words are lining and blurring

They’re just overlapping with colors wrapping


Once the chorus began once again Tsurumaru still blindfolded dropped the staff and then began to spin on her heels once again as the dancers try to grab her as if they were simboling her chains. Kashuu walked up to a chair and sat in it and smiled as it rises out to the stage as the last verse was sung.


Am I breaking down again?

I’m breaking just like then!

But I want to know that I am breathing, I’m breathing

I wonder if I just saw you

I am dreaming hoping for something new

The words are stuck that you stand for -ERROR-


The dancers backed away and bowed as the chair finally showed up and as Tsurumaru knelt on the ground in front of Kashuu, while taking the blindfold off and sang the last word. At the last word the lights changed and new music started to play.


As they both began to sing the first part Kashuu stood from the chair and walked down the stairs stopping right behind Tsurumaru as he began the first verse.


Kashuu : Overtaking the darkness to avoid it catching up

Inviting you, we’ll overtake it

At the very least, the love that has been shattered


As he sang he knelt down and hugged Tsurumaru from behind and as one the stood together as Tsurumaru sang.





We cannot change things back to how they were

At the very least I want to protect you

If we can meet again, at that time
Forever, together with you


During Tsurumaru’s  verse she pulled away from Kashuu and walked forwards before looking back at him and holding out her arms to her side as she was protecting him. She lowered her arms and reaching out to him before turning and walking back to Kashuu as they both sang the next few lines.


Both:   Risking my life, this heartbeat that I feel

This beautiful tragedy that continues to spill over and fall

With you, like this NOW & FOREVER

If we can escape, no matter where

Even if, right now, a miracle doesn't occur


Tsurumaru : Shielding my wounds, even if my heart crumbles

Even though I know that we cannot

Return to how things were


They both reached out their hand and grasped each others, as they sung together the lights went dark and the dancers with black masked showed up grabbing both of Tsurumaru’s and Kashuu’s free hand pulling on it making their linked hand brake and them reaching out for each other as the verses were sung.





Falling as I throw everything away

It was to protect only you


Kashuu broke free of the hands holding him as he started singing Nani mo and running up grabbed Tsurumaru’s hand and pulled her away from the dancers placing them back to back as they faced the dancers and sung as they avoid the dancers attempt at reaching them.


Both: Despite this, for some reason, I keep on hurting you

A loop of sorrow


Even if I could turn back time

This beautiful tragedy of travelling down the same path


Kashuu still holding Tsurumaru’s hand ran down the walkway to the center stage as they sung the 2nd part of the verse, and upon reaching the center stage Tsurumaru began to sing as the lights turned to a white.


Tsurumaru: The you who came to my mind in the moonlight

I recall your smiling face

Even if that is an illusion, even then


Risking my life, this heartbeat that I feel

This beautiful tragedy that continues to spill over and fall


Tsurumaru let go of Kashuu’s hand as she began to sing her part and Kashuu’s hands went to his face covering it as if he was crying as Tsurumaru knelt on the floor. Kashuu then started to sing once again.


Kashuu: With you, like this, NOW  & FOREVER

If we can escape, no matter where

Even if , right now, a miracle doesn't occur


He crawled over to Tsurumaru and held her in his arms as they sang the last part of the verse.


Together: With you like this, NOW & FOREVER

Even if, right now, a miracle doesn't occur


The lights dimmed as he sang the final verse making the theater dark, and using that darkness both of them walked down the stairs that was on the side of the stage as the lights turned on and a voice sounded over the speakers singling a short break. Tsurumaru walked back to her dressing room knowing that once the break was over and a few songs were played it would be time for her duets with her fellow swords. She then left her room to go have a break with her

fellow warriors who all were congratulating her on her performance.  


“That was really good, the Saniwa thought up a good story for thoughs 2 songs which really payed off.” Yasusada said as he leaned his head on Kashuu’s shoulder and Kashuu wrapped an arm around him.


“The woman who questioned her life and fell into a dark place. She tried to get free of that dark place but the chains of her past murders wouldn’t let her go and she fell back into that lifestyle as her own light was taken away. She then met a ruler who was brink of ruin and they fell in lover, however they couldn’t escape their past no matter what they tried. The darkness tore the 2 apart from each other, but the king didn’t give up and fought his own darkness to save the woman he loved. Together they ran away, however it was to late as the woman he loved died leaving the ruler in pain.” Horikawa read from the paper that explained the detail of why the 2 songs were sung back to back.  


They all then wondered what would the next part of the duets  will bring, and all of them feeling like the story of the ruler and his lover was far from over in this concert.

Chapter Text

Tsurumaru’s POV


As I waited in my dressing one for my time to go on again I took off the current dress  I was wearing and placing it on the rack took another one off. It was a short white dress  ending just above the knees with a skirt like trail going down the side with ruffles in it and ruffles around one of the shoulders, it was one that Mitsu-bou made me for this occasion. To be honest I wanted to surprise Higekiri this session, as for my song with mika I had another outfit picked out to turn heads.


The saniwa knew this of course and had giving me permission to wear I want with the songs I sing. I let out a giggle placing a cape around me to hid my outfit I walked out to the others. The others looked at me confusingly and the way I was dressed, however before they could ask the current song ended and soon the shinsengumi team walked back staged.

Higekiri POV


I walked out of my dressing room as soon as the song was coming close to the end, remembering the meaning of the song that was going to be sung by Tsurumaru and I; Cendrillon which is a story of a girl gone to a dance to kill the prince but falls in love. Funny enough it reminds me of the current situation I was in the silent battle between others for Tsurumaru. Thanks to Nue I also found out that Taroutachi has feelings for her as well, however he won’t act on them purely because he knows that she has enough of us going after her. I looked over at the other side and smiled when I saw Tsurumaru across from me on the platform. Soon the song ended and it was time for our moment to begin.


Normal POV


The melody for the song started and both Tsurumaru as well as Higekiri were out on stage. Tsurumaru having discarded the cloak right as she had entered. Upon seeing on what Tsurumaru was wearing he felt a string of desire flow through him but suppressed it as Tsurumaru began the begging of the song.  As Tsurumaru sang ‘ahhhh’ They walked towards each other before Higekiri takes her hand and walks them down to the center stage and Tsurumaru begins to sing the first line of the song.


Tsurumaru: After showing me a dream where we dance all night it s eems

The sound of the ticking clock snaps me awake

Fingers leering me away, telling me they can not wait

So I leap down 3 at a time as I make my escape


Tsurumaru turned and began to walk back as she sang the last part of her verse. Higekiri grabs her hand as he begins to sing his verse.


Higekiri: You tremble from the cold inside the carriage

Dance in these clothes

That will turn back into rags

And you’ll be you by the dawn


Tsurumaru walked back with him and he spins her before pulling her towards him embracing her before he lets her go and they walked to the left and right of the stage as they began to sing together.


Both: A voice whispers softly and tells me

Find a hidden mask man in the crowd

I te a blade under my dress and devise a plan

To deprive him all of he has.


They both walked back to the center and as Higekiri reaches for her Tsurumaru turns her back in a spin before they started to dance together each one mirroring the others move.


Both: Orphans gather inside the castle

Each of their smiles, hidden gone or fake

The wings of an angel won’t guide you

To the truth or tell you which path you should take.


Higekiri and Tsurumaru then turned to face each other before spinning and walking towards the edge of the stage facing each other and reaching for their hands as they sang the verse.  As the melody plays Tsurumaru walks softly to Higekiri as Higekiri spun once before stepping forward and walked towards Tsurumaru as he sang his verse.


Higekiri: The glass slipper, left upon the stair

Slowly burns into ash

And fades into the air.

Tsurumaru walked over to the left side of the stage and did a twirl before going to her knees as she sang the first part of her verse.

Tsurumaru: I know you want to go home

You’re quivering to the bone

You glance at the tower clock,

Check the time

Kicking my glass shoes away

Can’t say what I wanna say

My fingers slowly reach up and wrap around like a vine.


Heigkiri walked over as Tsurumaru stood up and turning to face him reached out her arms. Higekiri smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her as he began to sing his verse.


Higekiri: I try to remedy her falling sadness

Impulses running up my body like

Electricity Suddenly.


Higekiri let go of Tsurumaru and grabbed her hands as they both walked a little away from each other letting their hand’s run down each others arms till only their fingers were touching. Tsurumaru spun around and made a motion of grabbing something off her leg as she sung her part and made a slashing motion as she sung her verse.


Tsurumaru:   Hoping that the bell will never ring

I cry out a last pained farewell to you

With the knife in my hand

I slice through your tuxedo

But my feelings I wish you knew


Higekiri grabbed her hand as soon as she made the slashing moment and holding it in a grip pulled her back to him .


Higekiri: The lone prince in love with the princess

Gunpowder mixed with the scene of perfume

My eye covered mask breaks in two.

Didn’t know it would happen this soon


They let go of each other and danced away from one and other. As the 2nd melody begins to play Higekiri and Tsurumaru went back the walk way and grabbed each others hand and Tsurumaru quickly let go and turned back walking to the center of the middle stage and sang as a lone light shone down on her.


Tsurumaru:   I still feel his warm breath

Rubbing right up against my skin

But now it feels like a dream from Long ago.


At the last part Tsurumaru reached up out with her hands before bringing them over her heart as the light flickered off Tsurumaru and a new one landed on Higekiri with it highlighting Tsurumaru.


Higekiri: The silver moon creates a veil

Glowing round your body

Your smile shines like the brighter star


As he sang the last line of his verse he walked over to Tsurumaru who turned and faced him both of them grabbing each others hand. Higekiri spun with Tsurumaru before they faced the audience once again and started a dance where they mirrored each other as they sung together


Both: Ripped the dress you won’t need it again

Throw off your crown it’s well past its use

I connect with you by gazing into your eyes

And I feel a flame now ignite


Both of them faced each other once again and Tsurumaru danced around Higekiri while he tired to follow her in the circle as the lights turned to a midnight looking color as they sung the next verse.


Both: You and me now forever truthful

No need to be who you don’t wanna be

As long as I do my duty and stop your tears

I’ll make sure you stay here with me.


They then walked back up the walkway to the main stage as they continued sing, and in the middle of the walkway Higekiri grabbed and  kissed Tsurumaru’s hand with a smile.


Both: I sometimes wish time would just stand still

So the sweet moment stays in my  grasp

I want to be able to store it deep in my heart

To ensure these memories last


They reached the main stage and branching off into different directions as they sang the last part of the song before meeting in the middle.


Both: This sensation fills me with such joy

Our deep love now can surely never fail

My whole body feels like it’s been forever changed

Almost like we’re in a fairy tale.


They met back at center stage as soon as they sang the words ‘My whole body’ and Tsurumaru wrapped her arms around Higekiri as his wrapped around her waist and as the last verse was sung they had their faces close together to give the image of them kissing.


The lights then turned off and still holding Tsurumaru’s hand Higekiri ran off the stage with her and once they were backstage the others congratulated them. Tsurumaru quickly pulled away and with Imanotsurugi went back to her dressing room so she could get into the outfit she was going to sing in with Mikazuki. The new dress was a kimono that clasped around her neck and had slits on the side and was a white with light blue pattern on it, as Tsurumaru was changing into the kimono Imanotsurugi got everything else ready for her to put on. Once she had the dress on Tsurumaru placed the sleeves on which only went up to right below her shoulder and was tied with a ribbon, she then put see through knee high socks, and she slipped on the black heels she got.


“Wow Tsurumaru you look really pretty, Mikazuki will have a hard time keeping his hands off you, good thing your song is one with lot of skin contact.” Imanotsurugi said to her.


“Yes well lets hope he and the others would be surprised. Though I won’t lie I’m nervous about the song I have to do with Higekiri and Mikazuki. I have a feeling the master picked out that song for a reason.” SHe said with a sigh and smiled as Nue came in.


“Tsurumaru here.” He said handing Tsurumaru some flowers making her smile.


“Thank you Nue.” She said


Nue just nodded as Imanotsurugi finished Tsurumaru hair so now it was now in a bun with a hair ornament sticking out of it. Together the 3 of them left the room and Tsurumaru couldn’t help but feel butterflies in her stomach at this song which had 2 lovers who were in a forbidden relationship. Tsurumaru walked up to stage as the genji brothers finished their song. Mikazuki walked up to the top of the main stage, while Tsurumaru walked to the center stage and Mikazuki began to sing while walking to the center stage..

Mikazuki:   A feeble fire is lit at the edge of my heart

Without my knowing, it spreads into

Burning passion

My butterfly flapped about aimlessly,

Leaving behind some powder on hand.


They met at the middle of the center stage and both of them grabbed each other hands intertwining their fingers as they sung together.


Both: Pulling apart our intertwined fingers


They let go of each others hands and wrapped around each other as Tsurumaru sung a quick line bringing their faces so close that they were almost kissing as she sang her line.


Tsurumaru: And I move so I can kiss you


Both: What we’re doing might be unforgivable,

And that’s precisely why we’re so fired up.

Pulling away Tsurumaru turned around as Mikazuki’s arms wrapped around her waist and they began to sway back and forth as they sung. Mikazuki’s hand wondering up her stomach and were now resting right above her chest in a back words hug as they sung the next verse together.


Both: I want you to embrace me closely and

Gauge my limit.

Please make me believe that this is not a sin.


Mikazuki turned Tsurumaru’s head to face his and brought there face close to his.


Both: I want you to kiss me and repaint my body.


Letting Tsurumaru he twirled her around and pulled her close as they continue to sing.


Both: I want to be intoxicated and drowned in your charm.


They broke apart and Tsurumaru walked to the stage and placing her hands on her heart sung while looking at Mikazuki.


Tsurumaru: It might be necessary for you to tie me up;

If you love me, then show me some fidelity.

I can’t help but like weird things,

So let’s just go as far as we can go.


Tunring back around Mikazuki walked up to Tsurumaru and grabbing her hand spun her around before they began to dance mirroring each other moves.


Both: With a heart that has gone astray,


Mikazuki grabbed her hand again and pulled her to him.


Mikazuki: We will melt so easily,


Tsurumaru placed her hand on Mikazuki’s chest before walking backwards letting their hands stretch between the two and held each others hand tighter trying not to let the other go.


Both: That there’s no free time for us

Even to feel each other’s tenderness.

What has been repeating is not our dream

But the unmistakably realistic we.


They let each others hands go


Both: I know as soon as we touch, we can’t turn

Back, but that’s fine, for your my one and only love.


Tsurumaru went to her knees as she sang


Tsurumaru: As dawn breaks, I become uneasy

And end up crying in tears.


Mikazuki knelt behind her


Tsurumaru: You whispered “It’s ok” to me,

But were you also crying?


Mikazuki embraced her from behind again and holding her close.


Both: I want you to embrace me close and gauge my limit.

Please make me believe that this is not a sin.


They stood up and Tsurumaru turn around and as one they put their faces even more closer to each other.


Both: I want you to kiss me , and repaint my body.


They broke away.


Both: I want to be intoxicated and drowned in your charm


Mikazuki pulled Tsurumaru even closer leaving no room between them entwining both of their hands, and as one they raised them above their head.


Both: Draw me closer, as if we are two magnets

That even if we separate, we will reunite again


They broke apart and walked up to the catwalk to the main stage.


Both: Let’s become one: it’s ok not to be able to turn back.


They reached the main stage and as one wrapped their arms around one and other as they sung the last line.


Both: That’s fine, for you’re my one and only love.


The lights dimmed as the music stopped making the crowd applauded loudly at the end and both Mikazuki and Tsurumaru were walking back stage when suddenly the lights went out and a scream was heard.

Chapter Text

As a scream was heard all the Touken Danshi were on guard and quickly grabbing their weapons went back out onto the stage only to freeze as the lights came back on and in the middle of the stage was a chuu-wakizashi and some kunai along with Ootachis and Nagitanas.The saniwa quickly thinking threw up a shield around the audience to protect them as she gave orders.


“Hizamaru, Higekiri, Mikazuki, Kogitsunemaru, Imanotsurugi, Nue, and Tonbokiri go help evacuate the audience. The rest of you keep the Time Renegade army at bay, and try not to destroy the theater. “ SHe ordered and the swords took off.  


The group that was signed to the audience quickly evacuated each section and making sure none of their enemies got pass the others. The Chu-wakizashi and Kunai went straight for the audience only for Tsurumaru, Izuminokami, Kashuu, and Iwatooshi standing in their way.


“You won’t get pass us.” Kashuu said and attacked one of the kunai.


Soon all the audience was evacuated and the the others joined in the battle, but were overwhelmed by the amount of Chuu-Wakizashi’’s that were there. It was then the Saniwa saw two tachis come out from under the stage and Kinnosuke quickly went to investigate. Upon seeing what was hidden he quickly ran back to the saniwa and spoke.


“We need to get out of here, there is a bomb under the stage.” He said and the saniwa looked back at her warriors.


“We must retreat outside quickly before this place blows up.” She said and quickly ran for the excit her warriors right behind her.


However the Chuu-Wakazashi wasn’t having it and shot a web string aming to take the Saniwa, but Tsurumaru upon seeing this quickly went into the way of the web string shot and got caught instead.


“Tsurumaru!” called Yasusada and was about to turn around when Izuminokami quickly dashed back to where Tsurumaru was tied up.


“Get out of here we’ll catch up.” he said to the others.


The Time Renegade army then disappeared back to where they came from as a rumbling happened and parts of the ceiling started to fall down. .  Quickly they all managed to make it to the exit however Tsurumaru and Izuminokami were not so lucky and a piece of debris blocked the exit.


“Shit the exit is blocked.” Tsurumaru exclaimed and looked around for another way out.


It was then Izuminokami got an idea and grabbing Tsurumaru’s hand quickly led her down a hallway to the manager's office was, upon reaching it he quickly pushed Tsurumaru and himself under the desk to protect themselves from falling debris. After a while the shaking stopped and outside as the dust cleared showed hardly any of the theater standing.


“Kane-San!” Horikawa screamed and quickly ran to the ruins of the building.


“They are still alive I can feel it.” The Saniwa said


The other swords quickly joined in to rescue their trapped comrades, hoping they get to them in time. Meanwhile Izuminokami pushed some debris out of the way and crawled out from under the desk, before offering a hand to help Tsurumaru out. Grabbing his hand she got out from under the desk and looked around at the mess that was left.  

“We need to get to the exit and find the others.” Izuminokami said to Tsurumaru who nodded.


They then began to walk carefully over the debris to make sure they did not trip, however unknown to them that a gas was released from the now destroyed piples. Upon reaching reaching what was left of the auditorium Tsurumaru felt a sense of dread overcome her, and she collapsed to her knees placing her hands on her head.


“No no not again.” She said remembering the time her beloved master Sadayasu died and she was buried right next to him in the ground.


The memories all flashed before her the death of her master, the burial and how long she was underneath the ground holding on to the remains. Izuminokami looked back when he heard Tsurumaru speak and ran back to her bending down and hugging her.


“It will be ok Tsuru, we will be fine.” He said trying to bring Tsurumaru back to the present.


Tsurumaru didn’t respond and instead kept saying Sadayasu’s name over and over again making Izuminokami worry.


“Tsurumaru please answer me, your safe and not alone. I’m here with you ok, just come back to me, I won’t leave you here alone. I’m sure the others are trying to find us as well so please come back.” He said into her ear.


Slowly Tsurumaru reached out and grabbed Izuminokami’s shirt as her breaths started to even out, and slowly but surely she came back to the present.


“Izuminokami?” She asked making him smile


“Yes I am here Tsurumaru your not alone.” He repeated to her looking into her eyes and still seeing the fear she had there.

Placing a hand on her cheek he bent down and kissed her forehead making her blush, before moving down and kissing the opposite cheek that his hand wasn’t on. Pulling away he placed his free hand in her hair and gently ran his fingers through it trying to calm her down even more. Tsurumaru then felt some dripping down her leg and upon looking down noticed a cut that she had received when she fell to her knees.


Upon seeing the cut Izuminokami ripped off part of his shirt and wrapped it around the cut on her left knee to stop the bleeding. He then felt a hand on his cheek and raising his head up captured Tsurumaru’s lips with his, and upon tasting her lips he felt he was in heaven. He then deepened the kiss running his lips amongst Tsurumaru who opened her mouth letting his tongue meet hers. Her eyes began to close as she wrapped her arms around him however 2 faces appeared in her mind's eye and she quickly pulled away.


“No we can’t do this.” She said looking away feeling guilt well up in her chest.


Izuminokami reached up and grasping Tsurumaru’s chin gently turned her head to face him.


“Your right we shouldn’t have done that, but honestly I don’t regret it, I like you alot Tsurumaru and I will prove to you that I can be worthy of your love.” He said softly before pulling away and standing up. Tsurumaru looked at the ground but let out a small shrek when she was suddenly picked up making Izuminokami chuckle a little.


“Don’t worry your safe.” He said making Tsurumaru pout a little.


Upon reaching the hall to the exit he gently placed Tsurumaru down and began to move some of the debris to make an exit for them.

Tsurumaru’s POV


I can’t believe I just kissed Izuminokami so deeply, I don’t know what came over me but at the time we kissed I thought I saw Higekiri and Mikazuki, but that's not possible. Ok calm down Tsurumaru you need to think all of this through; Mikazuki kissed you on the lips, Higekiri kissed you on your thigh, Kasen made a pome and declared his feelings for you, Izuminokami kissed me deeply, and Hasebe has been acting strange around me. From what I have seen its different from how they interact with others, so does that mean they all have feelings for me?


I heard a grunt and looking up I saw Izuminokami had cleared a path for us before he came back over and picked me up again. We manage to walk down the hall without tripping or falling over debris. As we got closer I heard talking and recognizing the voice called out.


“Were over here Mika!” I yelled hopefully he can hear me since his voice was the closest to us. It wasn’t long before there was light shining right above us and we saw Iwatooshi’s face.


“Are you guys ok?” called Iwatooshi and I can see Horikawa right beside him.


“I’m fine but Tsurumaru needs to be lifted out first, her knee is damaged.” I heard Izuminokami speak out.


I then saw Iwatooshi’s sword form be lowered into the hole. I reached up and grabbed it with my hands as Izuminokami gently placed me on my feet as my weight leaned on the sword. I then felt Izuminokami grab one of my arms and placing it around his shoulder before grabbing the pole making sure i was caged in his arms, and i quickly realized what he was doing so the hand that was wrapped around him grabbed the back of his shirt as he called up.


“Ok you can pull now.” He said as he made sure I was held tightly between the sword and him.


Normal POV


When Tsurumaru and Izuminokami were pulled out of the ruined building a paramedic took Tsurumaru away from Izuminokami to have the knee examined. As soon as he was able to Horikawa hugged his partner tightly.


“I’m so glad you guys are safe Kane-san.” he said as Izuminokami hugged him back.


“I’m sorry for worrying you.” Izuminokami said as he pulled away only to get hugged by the other Shinsengumi swords.


As the Shinsengumi swords were all around Izuminokami, the Dategumi plus Nue all went over to Tsurumaru.


“Tsurumaru ok?” Nue asked


“Yes she just has a cut on her knee its nothing to serious, it should heal within a few days.” The Paramedic said


The other swords soon joined them and the Saniwa spoke


“We should be more careful from now on, I didn’t expect that they would do something like this.” She said


“It’s not your fault master, they caught us by surprise that is all.” Tsurumaru said as she let out a soft yawn.


“Come we should return home.” Konnosuke said and they all agreed


“You all did well today.” The Saniwa said as she opened  the portal and a flash of cherry blossoms they were sent back to their home.




Once they were back home they were greeted by all the other swords.


“I’m so glad you guys are safe.” Hasebe said


“Thank you Hasebe, that means a lot.” The saniwa said to him


Hasebe felt so much joy at his masters word, and as she walked away he quickly followed only for her to stop.


“Hasebe tend to Tsurumaru for now, I’m sure she wants a bath and then make sure she gets food and rest understand?” She asked.


“Yes I will do this to the utmost expense.” He said


Nodding the Saniwa turned to go none noticing the smirk on her face.


‘Let's hope this will help him confess to Tsurumaru.’ She thought as she went to her room


Meanwhile Nue was glaring at Hasebe not liking the order one bit, however he calmed down when he felt Tsurumaru pet his head.


“Shall we Nue?” She asked


Nue nodded and as they passed Hasebe smirked in his direction. Hasebe just sighed and followed behind them making sure to do as his master said and hopefully will manage to get Tsurumaru away from Nue for a time so he could talk to her.

Chapter Text

Tsurumaru sighed as she walked to her room, her mind a mess of feelings and confused. She felt someone grab her arm making her look to the side and saw Nue their holding on to it.


“Tsurumaru upset?” He asked


“Nonsense Tsurumaru is just tired most likely, and I Hasebe will help her out the best I can.” Hasebe said


Nue looked back and glared at Hasebe when he spoke, still not to happy the Saniwa let him follow and help him. HOwever Nue smirked at an idea that came to his mind, one that would sure make Hasebe mad and show Tsurumaru that he was not worth her time. Upon reaching the room Hasebe opened the door for her.


“Thank you, you can wait out here while I grab my bath stuff” SHe said


Walking into the room Tsurumaru paid no mind that Nue followed her in and grabbed his cleaning stuff. Looking back at Hasebe he stuck his tongue out while holding up his bathing supplies, Hasebe seeing what he had in mind planned to stop it. Nue walked outside and waited for Tsurumaru with a smirk, however Hasebe wasn’t going to fall for Nue’s tricks.


Tsurumaru walked out of her room shutting it behind before looking at the two males.


“Shall we?” Tsurumaru asked before seeing Nue’s basket


“You know girls and guys can’t bathe together right Nue?” Tsurumaru asked him only for Nue to shake his head


“Bathe with Tsurumaru. Family ok, Tsuru family.” Nue said looking sad and Tsurumaru melted at the expression.


“Very well but only this time.” She said and Nue nodded at that.


Tsurumaru walked down to the bathing area with Nue and Hasebe behind her. Upon reaching the bathing area Hasebe spoke.


“I really don’t think Nue should bathe with you Tsurumaru, after all it wouldn’t be fair to the other swords if Nue bathed with you, and they couldn’t.” Hasebe not wanting Nue to bathe with her.


Nue growled however Tsurumaru put a hand on his head and looked at Hasebe.


“Nue go in and get ready for the bath I will talk to Hasebe alone.” Tsurumaru said.


Nue frowned at this, but nodded heading inside closing the door behind him, however he waited right next to it and eavesdropped on the conversation. Upon hearing the door shut Tsurumaru looked at Hasebe with disapproval in her eyes.


“Why are you acting like this Hasebe? Nue is innocent and he sees us as family, there is nothing wrong with him bathing with me.” Tsurumaru said


“I’m just trying to look out for you, just like I do for the others in this citadel. I don’t fully trust him Tsurumaru, but I am trying to accept that he is here to stay.” Hasbe said in defence


“Still that is no way to treat him, and I don’t need protection I can handle myself.” Tsurumaru said getting angry


“Please understand I care about you Tsurumaru and I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Hasebe said placing a hand on Tsurumaru’s shoulder.


“Nue won’t hurt me.” She said softly.


“It’s not just him, others look at you with hungry eyes, they undress you in their minds. You are a really beautiful Touken Danshi Tsurumaru and I’m not the only one who sees it.” Hasebe said placing the hand that was on her shoulder up to her cheek cupping it.


Tsurumaru didn’t know what to say at that words knowing he was right and it made her mind more of a mess then it already was, however what came next was a big surprise for her. Hasebe wrapped both his arms around her and whispered into her ear.


“I will always protect you Tsurumaru, even if it means fighting the others for you.” He said placing a kiss on her neck. “I won’t let the others use you. I promise.” He whispered into her neck.


Tsurumaru shivered when Hasebe placed a kiss on her neck and as she went to push him away the door opened behind them and Nue was looking at them. Hasebe looked at Nue still holding Tsurumaru in his arms, wondering what Nue would do now. Nue walked over and punched Hasebe making him let go of Tsurumaru before hugging Tsurumaru to himself.


“Don’t touch her like that.” Nue said protectively.


Hasebe stood up and glared at Nue, and his protectiveness, however before he could do anything Tsurumaru pulled out of Nue’s embarrassed and stood between the two.


“That is enough!  Hasebe you said you would protect me from the others, but can you protect me from yourself?” She asked him


Hasebe hearing her question didn’t know how to respond, one the one hand he can tell her yes he can and try not to act upon his feelings for her, or say no and hope that she will give him a chance to prove himself.


“I am sorry Tsurumaru I acted out of line, it was not my intention to make you uncomfortable. I just wanted to let you know that I really like you and care for you, I lost control of my emotions and there is no excuse for that. I shouldn’t have done that, but the others had shown you how they feel and I wanted to do the same. I don’t think I can protect you from myself, but if you give me a chance I will do my best to make you happy.” Hasebe said deciding to lay his cards out.


“I forgive you, but please I need time to think.” Tsurumaru said


“I understand please call for me when your done.” Hasebe said and with a bow before walking away.


Tsurumaru sighed and looking at Nue shook her head.


“You shouldn’t go punching people like that, I understand you were worried but please don’t do it again unless you have to.” Tsurumaru reprimanding him.


Nue nodded and went back into the bath house with Tsurumaru following him. Tsurumaru sighed and started to take off her clothes when she heard the water move, looking over her shoulder she saw Nue was in the bath with his eyes closed. Tsurumaru finished undressing and washed her body first before walking over to the bath. Getting in Tsurumaru sighed at feeling her muscles relax, and let out a sigh of content. Nue opened his eyes at her sigh, and swam close to her laying his head on her shoulder.


“Tsuru ok?” He asked


Tsurumaru smiled and placed a hand in his hair petting him as she spoke. “I don’t know Nue, I’m confused on a lot of things.” She said when she heard the door open.


Looking up she saw the other 3 swords of Date-gumi wearing towels, Nue looked at them and Mitsusada spoke.


“Sorry for interrupting but I had a feeling something was wrong earlier and when Sada-chan overheard  Nue saying it was ok to bathe with family begged us to bathe with you. I hope that is ok Tsuru-chan.” He said


Tsurumaru nodded and looked away as she heard the other members of her family wash and get in. Maybe this is what Tsurumaru need a chance to talk to her fellow Date-gumi swords and see what they had for advice.


“What is on your mind Tsuru-san?” Mitsudata asked when he noticed Tsurumaru looking upset over something.


“I’m having trouble understanding things at the moment Mitsu-bo, and it's bugging me. Earlier today when me and Izuminokami was trapped we kissed, and when it did my mind went to two other Touken Dashi and I pulled away. Then just a little bit ago Hasebe and I were talking and he said somethings before placing a kiss on my neck, not to mention when I was in recovery before the concert Kansen wrote me a poem expressing his feelings for me, then when Higekiri and I were stuck with Nue after we got separated Higekiri kissed my leg, but the most surprised I had is a kiss I shared with Mikazuki. I don’t know what is going on and I’m conflicted.” Tsurumaru explained


The Date-gumi plus Nue listened closely to Tsurumaru and at the end of her explaining what was wrong Mitsusada and Ookurikara shared a look both thinking it's time to go into big brother mode.


“What do you feel about each of them?” Taikogane asked her


“Well with Hasebe I feel like he does care for the others here, but most of all I admire his loyalty. He may seem strong but I think that's because he cares for our master and wants to please them. With Kansen it’s a bit difficult, I don’t like how he treats Kara-bo but his poetry and Haikus are lovely, not to mention how he cares for Sayo and even helped design Sayo’s flower bed. Izuminokami I don’t really know him very well, but I get a scene he is really loyal and kind even though he fights with Mutsunokami a lot.Though I think without Horikawa there Izuminokami might be hard to control.  Higekiri I feel comfortable around him and at peace when I’m near him. I can actually see myself settling down with him, though I feel sorry for Hizamaru sense Higekiri forgets his name, but even still we were both in the Adachi clan so we have some history, and it's the same with Mikazuki. To be honest when Higekiri and Mikazuki made their feelings known I was already torn between the two and now the others involved I feel like things will be messy. I could be by their side and be happy. I was upset when Hasebe ruined the kiss between me and Mikazuki, though when I was with Higekiri I didn’t want him to stop.” She answered

” She answered


“Don’t choose Kansen.” Ookurikara said


The other 4 looked at him and Ookurikara sighed


“He made it clear that he tallerates us, he only seems to get along with Mitsusada. I have a feeling that if you choose him, you will be torn between your loyalty to him and us. I don’t want that to happen to you.” Ookurikara said before looking away not all that comfortable with revealing how he feels.


“The choice is hers Kara-san.But from what it sounds like is Tsuru-san is that your in love with not one Touden but two.” Mitsutada said


“Love?” Tsurumaru asked and looked at the sky remembering her time with all five of thoughts Toudens, and realized that her family was right. Looking back at them she smiled a little.


“Thank you all.” She said


Silence fell between the 5 of them each of them in their own thought, however Nue, Ookurikara, Mitsutada and Taikogane all wondered by the end of all this, will Tsurumaru be alright. With that floating through their minds they all made a silent vow right there, to protect Tsurumaru to the best of their abilities more often now, and not to leave her alone with the others.


Chapter Text

After the talk with her fellow Date-Gumi Tsurumaru got out of the bath, knowing that the others would look away. Placing the towel around her she began to gather up her things still thinking of their words. Nue was about to follow her when Taikogane placed a hand on his shoulder, shaking his head.


“She needs time alone to figure things out.” Taikogane said


Nue watched Tsurumaru walk away and turned to the other Date-Gumi


“Tsurumaru hurting?” He asked


“No she is’t hurting, just confused on the matter of her heart.” Mitsutada told him


Tsurumaru placing on her robe walked out of the bathing room and down the halls back towards her room lost in thought as it started to rain outside.


Tsurumaru’s POV


This was all confusing, these emotions running through me. The words Mitsu-bou told me back there keep ringing in my head, and makes things harder than it is.


‘Why me? WHy do they want me?I may have the symbol of the crane but I do the opposite of the crane, they shouldn't waste their time on me .


These words keep ringing in my head as I walk, and the smell of soil became more noticeable to me, and as I passed the yard where the time device was a thought entered my mind.


‘What if I go save   Sadayasu from his fate?’  I thought to myself


I shook my head to get rid of that thought knowing that if I did that then I would be no better than our enemies, with a heavy heart I continued back to my room when lighting flashed. I dropped by bucket that held my bathing stuff and walked out into the rain, wanting nothing more then to go back to Sadayasu’s side.

Normal POV


Ishikirimaru looked outside when the lightning flashed, having a really bad feeling. Getting up he looked at his fellow Sanjo swords.


“Excuse me I need to go check on something.” Ishikirimaru said

Ishikirimaru walked out of the room closing the door behind him, before taking off into a run where the feeling was leading him to. Turning a corner he saw Tsurumaru drop her bucket and walked out into the storm, knowing the storm was getting worse he called out.


“Tsurumaru!” He yelled hoping for her to hear him


When she showed no sign of responding he opened his voice to try again when Tsurumaru stopped. Ishikirimaru thought that she was going to turn around and wallk back but to his horror she looked at the sky and with a flash of lighting he saw her eyes and they were lifeless. Fear gripped his heart and he ran out there into the storm to were Tsurumaru was staring at the sky, with a second to spare he was able to get her out of the way as a lightning bolt landed where she was just at. Looking down he saw her eyes looking at him, the broken look in them made his heart clenched.


“Ishikirimaru are you ok?” A voice yelled out


Ishikirimaru turned around to the voice and saw Konnosuke there looking at him.


“Yes I’m ok I just thought I saw something, could you do me a favor and pick up the bathing stuff of Tsurumaru’s I’m going to take her to the Sanjou room.” He said as he ran back to the porch


Konnosuke looked down and noticed Tsurumaru in Ishikimaru’s arms looking like a doll.


“What happen to her?” He asked


“I don’t know but ever since she got back from the concert she has been acting strange. Due to the fact that Gojo was an apprentice to Sanjou I’m going to take her back to the Sanjou room and maybe she will talk to us.” Ishikirimaru said


“Ok I will pick things up here and take them to her room.” Konnosuke said and began to gather the items up.


Ishikirimaru walked back to the Sanjou room and as he was about to open the door it slide to the side and Mikazuki stood there. Upon seeing Ishikiri wet looked down and saw Tsurumaru in his arms and with wide eyes stepped back and let them into the room.


“You ok Ishikirimaru-Dono?” Kogitsunemaru asked


“I am fine It’s Tsurumaru that I’m worried about.” He said placing Tsurumaru down on one of the futons that was laid out.


“Is she ok?” Mikazuki asked coming over with one of his dry kimonos.


“I honestly don’t know Mikazuki.” Ishikirimaru said


Imanotsurugi took the kimono form Mikazuki and grabbing Tsurumaru’s hand gently pulled her up, and once standing he took her behind the changing screen. Taking off Tsurumaru’s wet thin kimono, placed the blue one she got from Mikazuki on Tsurumaru, once finished Imanotsurugi grabbed Tsurumaru’s hand and lead her over to the Kotsu. However they didn’t get very far when Tsurumaru was picked up by Mikazuki who took her the rest of the wat to the Kotsu. Sitting down he placed Tsurumaru in his lap as he wrapped his arms around her and held her while his brothers sat down.


Tsurumaru reached up with her hands and placing them on Mikazuki’s spoke.


“I want to go back to Sadayasu side. I passed through many hands and now I’m in new hands. Sooner or later I will bring death to my current master as like I did to my others.” She said feeling the warmth seek back into her bones.


“Tsurumaru don’t talk like that, you will not bring death to our master. If you were not here now you wouldn’t be able to feel the emotions and joy that you share with everyone.” Kogitsunemaru said


“Emotions…..I don’t want emotions.” She said


“Why Tsurumaru?” Ishikirimaru asked


“If I didn’t have emotions then I will be…” She started but was cut off


“If you didn’t have emotions Tsuru then you will not know the feeling of protection for Nue, or the kindness you have towards the younger swords. The joy you have with your family would not be there, and you wouldn’t have love Tsuru.” Mikazuki said to her as he laid his head on the top of hers, holding her closer to him to give her comfort.


“He is right Tsurumaru, emotions are important. As weapons we didn’t have that, but now with these bodys we do.” Imanotsurugi said from her spot on Iwatooshi’s lap.


Tsurumaru leaned back into the body behind her and closed her eyes taking in the warmth around her. The Sanjou swords looked on upon her and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what brought this on, Mikazuki looked at his brothers and sister with a sad eyes.


“I got orders from the master, we are not to tell Tsurumaru though, but we are going to the Kamakura Era. Tsuru is not suppose to know till its time for us to depart. I don’t like the fact that I’m going with the other 4 though.” He said


“If my memory serves me its Izuminokami Kanesada, Higekiri, Kasen Kanesada, Heshikiri Hasebe are going with you two.” Kogitsunemaru said


“Yes the others that are trying for Tsurumaru’s heart, however with recent events I will have to make sure she stays ok. I have a feeling this mission will be even harder on her.” Mikazuki said to them

“Poor Tsurumaru, not only does she have to deal with you 5 but also her past.” Imanotsurugi said sadly.


“We should all get some sleep, I will take Tsurumaru back to her room.” Mikazuki said as he gently switched hsi hold on her and stood up.


“Sleep tight Mikazuki.” The others said and left Iwatooshi and Imanotsurugi room.  


Mikazuki walked down the hall carrying Tsurumaru in his arms when he ran into Higekiri.


“What are you doing Mikazuki?” Asked Higekiri


“Taking Tsurumaru back to her room, she fell asleep at the sanjou room.” Mikazuki said with a smile


“Then you wouldn’t mind me tagging along. I would like to talk to you about the upcoming mission.” Higekiri said.


Mikazuki sighed and nodded to be polite, since they will be on the same long mission. Together the two walked down the hall.

“I’m worried about how Tsuru will take it when she finds out where we are going. Her history isn’t a good one, and what do we tell her that we believe the goal of the Historic Revolutionst are planning to making sure that Adachi clan survives?”  Higekiri asked


“I am wondering about that too. I have a feeling this mission will tear her apart. Ah we reached her room.” Mikazuki said and opening the door noticed that Nue was not there but a note was left explaining that Taikogane sadamune wanted him to spend the night.


Mikazuki walked over to her bed and placing her down and was about to leave when he felt a tug on his kimono. He looked back and saw Tsurumaru looking at him with tired eyes.


“Please stay.” She said not wanting to be alone at the moment, and scooted to the middle of her bed before looking at the door.


“You too please.” She said and Higekiri walked over.


Once Tsurumaru let go of Mikazuki’s kimono both of the males crawled into the bed, one on each side of her and wrapping their arms around her held her in a tight embraced. Slowly Tsurumaru feel asleep feeling secured in the arms of two people she trusted, Mikazuki and Higekiri following shortly behind her. Outside the storm roared on as if a prequel to what would be coming for the six swords and one of their hardest battles that they would have to face.


The next morning it was still storming outside but not as bad as the night before, and both of the males woke up before Tsurumaru and looked down at her.


“She is quite pretty like this.” Higekiri said


“Mmm yes she is.” Mikazuki agreed not wanting to get up yet.


Higekiri looked over at Mikazuki and an idea came to mind.


“The other 3 will be a problem but for us two I have an idea.” Higekiri said softly as to not waking the woman sleeping between them.


“Oh and what is this idea?” Mikazuki asked in the same voice


“We both want her heart for our own, and the two of us will be even matched so why don’t we focus on taking out the competition first then go for each other?” Higekiri said


“That dose sound like a good plan but in the end of its Tsurumaru’s choose.” Mikazuki said


“Yes it is.” Higekiri said.


Tsurumaru then choose that time to slowly wake up. Both boys focas went back to the woman as she blinked waking up.


“Mmm what time is it?” She asked and Mikazuki let out a little chuckle.


“Its almost time for the morning meeting.” Higekiri said


“I don’t wanna go I just wann stay here like this with the two of you.” She said not fully awake.


Hearing her words both of the males eyes widen not expecting her to say that to them.


“It is nice and as much as I would like for the 3 of us to stay in here like this, we don’t need Hasebe to lecture us.” Higekiri said


“Yes it would be nice but we are going to be sent out today so we have no choose.” Mikazuki said.

“Mmm” Tsurumaru moaned before sitting up and stretching her arms.


Both the males sat up as well and let their arms go from her and got out of the bed.


“We’ll leave you to get dress. See you in a little Tsuru.” Mikazuki said and both boys walked out of the room to get changed themselves


A half hour later all the swords were gathered in the courtyard with Hasebe standing by the bell with Mitsutada.


“Since its raining I will get to the point. Due to the rain field duity would be on hold. Horse duty falls on Honebami and Namazou Toushirou, Kitchen duty is Ishikirimaru and Shokudaikiri Mitsutada, Sparing Taikogane Sadamune and Gokotai. Now we have a mission as well, and the people are going are: Tachi Higekiri, Uchigana Izuminokami Kanesada, Uchigana Kansen Kanesada, Myself, Tachi Tsurumaru Kuninaga, and the leader is Tachi Mikazuki Munechika.” He said reading off the list and the chores before speaking again.


“We are heading to the Kamakura Era shortly before the Adachi clan is attacked be ready in 30.” Hasebe said


Tsurumaru froze up and looked to the ground it was a past she would love to change, but knew she couldn’t, however someone spoke up.


“Do we know what their aim is in that era?” Ichigo Hirofumi asked


“Yes we belve the our enemies are going to prevent the assassination of the Adachi clan.We must stop them and preserve history, even if we must do it ourselves.” Hasebe said


Tsurumaru feel to the ground at the words already dressed for battle thanks to Mikazuki telling her earlier. Higekiri and Mikazuki looked at Hasebe not to happy with his words, knowing how hard that era was on Tsurumaru.


“How dare you say that like that?” Higekiri asked angerly.


“I am just stating our orders we are sword warriors to server our master and protect history is our sworn duty.” Hasebe said.


“Enough Hasebe, you should think before you speak on that matter.” Mikazuki said with deadly calmness in his voice making the swords around him shiver.


Nue growled and was about to launch at Hasebe to kill him when Ookurikara grabbed him and with a look made Nue submit.


“Tsurumaru I know its hard for you to hear these words, but it is our duty and why we were given these bodies.” Hasebe said wondering why he felt like the bad guy when he was just following his master faithfully.


The swords all walked away to do their own thing leaving the 6 there ready to go for they knew about the mission ahead of time. Tsurumaru stood up and walked over to the time platform.


“Lets get this over with.” She said emotionless.


The swords all gathered around as they put in the coordinates and in a flash of gold was gone.

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