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Moonlight's Dance

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Chapter One


Aaron was about to leave the office but was taking one last look around. He shut the lights off and made his way downstairs. He passes the desks in the bullpen and stops short. Reid had left that ever present black fur coat of his at the desk. It was weird to not see it on the younger man’s nimble body. He never went anywhere without it. Aaron picked it up and was extremely surprised at the softness.. He wanted to bury his nose in it and inhale deeply. He shakes his head to clear it.


What the hell?


Maybe he should take it back to him? Reid always freaked out when anyone touched his coat, but he left it here? Aaron decided it would be best to take it back. He tucks the coat under his arm and gathers his bag, heading out and locking up.


Aaron looked around the nearly empty parking lot before making his way to the black SUV. He climbs in and shuts the door. He carefully lays the jacket in the passenger seat. He lets his gaze linger on it for a moment before starting the car and pulling out.

The drive to Reid’s appaperment was fairly short with it being so late and almost no traffic. It wasn’t until he was halfway up that he realized that he probably should have called because Reid might not even be awake. To late for that now, he was already at the door, the coat tucked over his arm. He knocks three times and waits. For some reason he was really nervous as he counted the seconds in his head. Finally, just as he raised his hand to knock again, the door cracked open. A usually bright hazel eye peered out. It seemed dull and lifeless now.


“Reid...I have your uh..coat-”


What the hell? He should not stuttering this much. It was weird. Aaron was pulled out on his thoughts when Reid jerked the door open and was on his knees, head bowed. Aaron looks down in shock.


He crouches, looking at the smaller man on the floor. He seemed paler than usual and he had……. silver? In the roots of his hair.


“Rei-Spencer, look at me.”


Obediently, Spencer looked up. Aaron gasped at what he saw. Spencer’s face was almost the color of paper and he looked extremely tired. For some reason, it seemed right to drape the coat around his shoulders so Aaron does. The effect was almost magical. He automatically looked better. His skin regained color and the grey in his hair was gone. But he still hadn’t moved from his spot on the floor.

“Spencer are you okay?” Aaron asked, still not moving his fingers off his chin.

Spencer seemed to shake in the fingers, but he nods, eyes bright.


“Then let's get you to bed, okay?”


“Yes sir.” Came the quiet reply.


Quickly and gracefully, Spencer obeidenly stands. Without a word. That was not normal, not for Spencer. Maybe he had woken him up? Yeah. That’s it.


Spencer turns and looks at Aaron as if to make sure he followed. Aaron complies and steps into the dark appaperment. His eyes meet Spencer’s in the light from the hallway. They seemed to have a strange light within. Aaron shakes his head and blinks rapidly.


“Bed. It’s late.”


Spencer bows his head submissively. It was weird. But it could wait. Aaron follows the younger man inside He shuts the door and carefully makes his way towards Spencer, who was standing still and watching him.  He looked dead on his feet.


“Spencer, you look like hell. Go to bed.” He orders in his ‘Unit Chief’ voice. He is relieved when Spencer doesn't argue. He didn’t say anything, but turns on his heel and heads to the bedroom.


Aaron follows, to make sure he actually went to bed. He watched as Spencer strips off his suit and hangs it up before pulling on sweat pants and approaching Aaron. Aaron stares at the younger man in confusion and before he knew what was happening, he was being kissed. It was soft and gentle and lasted no longer than five seconds before Spencer was pulling away and crawling into his bed.


“Spencer? What was that?”


He got no answer except soft breathing. Figuring he had fallen asleep, Aaron backs out carefully, locking the door as he left.

Aaron finally makes it home around twelve thirty and sinks onto the couch with a sigh. Spencer Reid had kissed him. Doctor Spencer Reid; who hated having any one touch him, who needed to have everything in order, who had never shown any interest in him ever ; had kissed him.


Buy why?


But for some reason, that wasn’t the weirdest part of the night. The way Spencer submitted, on his knees and then standing when he was told without a word. Then the way he looked so frail until he put the coat around the younger man’s shoulder. Then he seemed fine, silent but fine. Spencer whom they could never get to shut up sometimes, was silent. Aaron rubs a hand over his face and sighs. He made a mental note to confront that tomorrow. He feels sleep pulling him so he gets up and goes to the bedroom. He strips down to his boxers and passes out promptly as soon as he lays down.


Aaron arrives at the office early, and he knew Reid would be a few minutes behind. Reid, who he was confused about. The younger man was attractive enough, well attractive wasn’t really the right word- adorable maybe? Yeah. Adorable . He was so lost in thought that the knock on the doorframe of his office made him jump. Spencer stood there, looking just like he did any other, vibrant and lively. Aaron sits up.


“Come in Spe-Reid.”


Spencer enters obediently. He stands in front of the desk silently. He seemed to be waiting for something. Aaron spoke first.


“Reid, what was that last night? You looked like hell and then you- you kissed me.”


Spencer’s face changed to a look of….fear?


“What’s going on Spencer?” Aaron asked softly.


The use of his first name caught the genesis's attention. He digs in his bag and then places a small velvet box in front of Aaron.That just confused him even more. He opens the box and inside was a simple woven silver ring.


“Is this... an engagement ring? Spencer, what the hell is going on? Answer me!”


Spencer bows his head slightly and speaks for the first time.


“I just figured we would get married the human way was well.”


Aaron was floored.


Married?!? What the hell are you talking about?


Spencer sits down, perched on the edge of one of the chairs opposite of Hotch and adjusts the black coat on his shoulders.


“I am a Selkie.” He said as if that explained everything. When Aaron looked even more confused, he continues. “A Selkie is someone who resembles a seal in water but a person on land-”


“Like a mermaid?” Aaron interrupts. Judging from the offended look on Spencer’s face, that was the wrong thing to say.


“No. Not like mermaids. They are a completely different species. The Selkie are a peaceful species, we use our song to guide others home, not to hurt them. Now as I was saying, I am a Selkie and when you were in possession of my pelt, you created a Bond. Basically you own me. I am your submissive.”


Aaron stared at him shocked, and then let out a laugh.


“Did Dave put you up to this? Or Morgan? Am I being pranked?”


Spencer looks at him, confused.


“I don’t understand- You don’t believe me, do you?”


Aaron stops laughing and smiled widely.


“That was good. You had me for a second.”


Spencer looks at him and exhales slowly.


“May I stand?”


Aaron raises an eyebrow. So he was holding strong to this. Well two can play at that.


“Yes you can.”


Spencer stands and adjusts the bag on on his shoulder.


“Follow me please.”

Spencer takes him to the shower room. Aaron looks around.


“Okay, what now?”


Spencer takes his bag off and sets it on a towel hook on the wall and begins to strip his clothes off and taking time to fold them neatly, keeping the coat on. Aaron raises an eyebrow and finds himself checking the younger man out. He really was beautiful. Aaron wonder why he never realized that before. Spencer turned and turned the water on and let it run for a moment before stepping back and kneeling down, bowing his head. It was less than a minute before Spencer was gone and a black seal was in his place. It blinked twice and had an unmistakable look of I told you so on it’s face.




The seal tilts its head and gives a soft bark. He nosed at the faucet, seeming to want to turn it off. Aaron reaches over and turned the water off. Spencer noses into a towel and rolls around until he was human again. His hair was still wet, but other than that he was dry. He looks at Aaron with slightly red cheeks.


“Believe me now?”


Aaron nods, speechless. Spencer starts to pull his clothes back on, before kneeling back in front of Aaron.


“We need to talk about this.” Aaron says.


“Here really isn’t the best place.”


“My office?”


“Yes sir.”


Spencer nods, not moving. Aaron stared at him, still unused to not getting any sass from the young genuses.


“Shall we?”


“I’m waiting for you. You never rise before those above you.”


Aaron sighs and stands, holding out his hand. Spencer takes it and carefully stands, grabbing his bag as they exit the room. They make their way back up to Aaron’s office and Spencer stops in the doorway


Aaron realized Spencer was no longer with him and turns.


“Come in.”


Spencer does so and sits back in the chair he was in earlier. He waits for Aaron to sit down and address him again.


“So this...Bond, how does it work?”


“You tell me what to do and I do it at that moment. You saw that already. If you wish to punish me or shut me up, take my pelt away. If I do not have it on me and it is being controlled by my mate, I will have no voice until it is returned to me.” Spencer pauses and lets that sink in. “You have to Mark me before my next heat. Now that I am bonded, my suppressants will not work.”


“What happens if I don’t mark you?”


“I will give off a hormone that will drive every man and woman near me in too deep lust for me. But I must stay loyal to my mate. Because if I don’t, it might kill me.”


Aaron is quiet for a moment.


“How do I Mark you?” He asked slowly, not really sure how to react to any of this.


“May I?” Spencer asked, gesturing between them.


“Of course. And Spencer, you don’t have to ask permission to do everything.”


“I do if it is an order.” Spencer says, standing and walking around the large desk between them.


“Then, this is an order.” The words made Aaron feel strangely powerful, and Spencer stopped moving and makes eye contact. “This relationship will not change the way we act towards each other. Meaning you are not my underling as a person. As a person, we are equal.”


Spencer shivers and nods.


“Yes, my Bonded One.”


Spencer pulls Aaron’s chair back and sits on his lap, straddling him. Aaron stares up at him. He had no clue what to do.


“You’ll know what to do in a moment.” Spencer says softly, against Aaron’s ear.


Then they were kissing. A jolt goes through Aaron and he found he knew exactly what to do. He kissed Spencer for a bit more before breaking the kiss and moving his lips down the slender neck. He tugs on the collar of Spencer’s shirt, uncovering a gland. It gave off a scent that was just so Spencer that almost made him dizzy. He opens his mouth and bites down. Spencer cried out in pain and Aaron pulls away immediately. The loud scream quickly turned to sobs and Spencer leans against Aaron’s chest, hand on the newly broken gland.


“Oh god Spencer! I-I’m so sorry. Did I do something wrong?!?” Aaron panics.


Spencer shakes his head and sits up straight, taking a shuddering breath.


“N-no. It’s not you. I-it’s supposed to h-hurt. Because we weren’t having sex.”


Aaron cups the younger man’s face.


“I’m sorry.”


Spencer nuzzles Aaron’s hand and gives a small half smile.

“Thank you, Aaron.”


“Spencer, I have to ask. Who else knows the truth about what you are?”


“Morgon. Mostly because I had to tell him because I accidently saw me Change.”


“Will he know about us?”


“Not until we tell him.”


“Okay. We can handle this. We can do this.”


Spencer nods, the pain seeming to have subdued.


“We have work to do.” He says softly, moving to climb down.


“That we do. Oh and about your question, my answer is yes.”