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Something was terribly wrong. Her head was throbbing and it was hard to see after she woke up from a nap. From the spot on the couch, Sakura staggered towards the bedroom. Catching herself on the threshold when she stumbled, she winced audibly at the creaking floor before sitting on the bed with her head in her hands. Usually, Sakura never had this bad of a migraine unless it was from continuous stress from working at the hospital. Her head was pounding, causing her teeth to ache and a pain that radiate from the back of her head to just between the eyes. It felt as if someone drove a kunai into her left temple and then ran it across to the center of her forehead with excruciating force. Squeezing her eyes shut and trying to concentrate all of her remaining energy, she moved so that she was laying flat on the bed. The pink haired woman took a pillow from the other side of the bed to place over her eyes, pressing down with her hands with a whimper.

She barely heard the person coming into the home, turning to her side in a fetal position once the sound of food steps came closer to where she was laying. The bed dipped next to her and a cold yet rough hand was placed rather comfortingly on her bare shoulder, slowly moving through her hair before finally resting on her cheek. No words were exchanged, and Sasuke knew to be quiet as the other writhed in pain. There was no reason to further aggravate the issue, so he got up to allow his girlfriend room to recover from her migraine.

Time passed, and a disheveled Sakura came out of the bedroom. She shuffled into the kitchen, the smell of dinner still bubbling on the stove. The pink haired woman rubbed her eyes as she sat at the kitchen island, her right leg tucked under her. Elbows on the table, and head in hands, Sakura did not pay any attention as feet padded into the kitchen after her. Jumping at the ginger touch on her back, already messy hair whipping behind her as green eyes peered up at Sasuke. With a sigh of relief, the kunoichi smiled softly before fully turning towards her boyfriend.

"Quite the headache you had earlier, hm?" Her smiled fell a little once those words cut though the silence. Sakura rubbed the back of her head, watching the Uchiha walk back to the stove after placing two sets of chopsticks and soup spoons on the island for dinner.

"Yea, I'm fine now, Sasuke-kun," he glanced at her wearily. She leaned forward a little, her tone a little louder, "I really am! It's from work, most likely..." Sakura trailed off, knowing that she was just lying through her teeth. That would not get her anywhere, her boyfriend knew when she was lying.

The Uchiha turned the stove off, stirring the soup once more before getting two bowls out of the cupboard. He ladled the food into the bowls, "You were asleep for quite some time, talking as well. Something about some incident? Did something happen?"

The bowl of hot food was placed in front of his girlfriend, who clasped her hands together and muttered itadakimasu before digging into her meal after Sasuke sat down. She paused, sitting in silence as she muddled over briefly over what Sasuke said.

She decided to be truthful, placing her chopsticks down on the rest with a sigh, "I had another one of those dreams. You know, those dreams I keep telling you about... The ones that keep coming true?" He hummed, giving a curt nod as a sign that he was listening to her. Sakura got very quiet, her voice a mere murmur, "I... Feel as if people are going to be in trouble very soon."

The other had a difficult time believing his girlfriend when she spoke about this predictive dream thing of her's, as he never saw with his own eyes if they became true or not. He figured she was just tired and these insane dreams was a product of her mind playing tricks on her once again. His girlfriend did sleep for quite some time, she just could have had an off sleep deprivation dream. Her job was over demanding at times, it could have been a compile of stress that added to the bizarre features.

But upon seeing her eyes water, he leaned over to move her head by the chin gently. They both may have been ninjas of powerful caliber, but they were also human as well. And she was very keen on emotions, a sympathetic and empathetic woman who cared for not only him but as well as so many children as well.

Onyx eyes peer at her, face blank yet eyes full of an odd mix of curiosity and confusion. His hand cupped her cheek, lovingly running his thumb against her soft cheek.

"Look... Tell me about it. Where, when. How. Talk to me," Sasuke spoke softer, a little embarrassed. He never really had to ask Sakura to vent before, "Please?"

Sakura was rather shocked when her significant other said please, knowing then he was showing some sort of concern for herself. She leaned forward, arms on the counter top and head hung low.

"I saw an explosion. It was at the hospital in the intensive care wing... I don't remember it all... It was rather, short and abrupt yet so surreal. There were no faces, but I can clearly remember seeing a man dressed in the military uniform," she closed her eyes, head beginning to throb again.

Images started to flood her mind again, migraine creeping back slowly. She did not want to talk further of this, her dreams were too toxic for her to continue. But upon looking at the older in the eyes, the mixed look of concern and curiosity still firmly set. She swallowed the lump in her throat, thumbs twiddling out of nervousness. Sakura let out a nervous laugh, looking back for some stability.

"I remember it was at the hospital, like I said. The intensive care wing, I could feel the vibration from some sort of explosion all the way from maternity. It was dangerous, I can still feel the warmth of the smoke when i ran to aid them. It feels so real still..." There was a brief pause, and a deep sigh, "I've been having these dreams for so long, honestly I forgot when this all started. Early today, I went to Tsunade-sama to see if it was just stress and not some contracted disesase, as it was just horribly effecting my work. She concluded that it was and sent me off to go home. Shizune took my place last time I heard."

There was another stiff silence, Sasuke reaching out and placing his hand upon her cheek once again. His hand ran through soft pink hair until it was resting on the back of her head. Pulling her close gently, their foreheads gently pressed together in a loving gesture. He knew he was bad at comforting others, but this was the best that he could do for the mean time.

Their lips pressed gently together briefly, Sasuke was the first to break apart and press their foreheads together again. "Look..." he started, voice a whisper, "Trying to believe you, but unless it somehow happens, I personally think you should not worry. There has not been an invasion in years, Sakura. I am pretty sure we are safe."

As much as he was unable to properly portray his feelings, she did have a minute inkling that perhaps she really was just overthinking things too much and just needed to relax. Perhaps her job was starting to get the best of her, staying up night and day to take care of those that were less fortunate then herself. It was in her nature to care, and it greatly upset her that there was any inkling of hatred especially near those children. She was terrified for  the patients, and even if it was a dream it was so surreal. The warmth from the smoke, the smell of blood. It all  made her uncomfortable and low key depressed.

Getting up from her seat, going to the cupboard to grab a glass. She took a sip of water quietly, peering down everywhere but Sasuke. There was a thick, almost awkward silence between the two, to which neither not only did not speak up but did not continue to speak about the conversation.

The medical ninja sat back down with her glass of water, head hung low and posture slumped. Clearly she was not only exhausted from having a restless nap, but as well as the fact that her own boyfriend was not consoling and really comforting her as well. Then again, it was Sasuke and sometimes the man was not very keen with his own emotions. So, honestly the pink haired woman could not completely blame him and quite frankly she could not care anymore if her boyfriend could not properly comfort her. Quickly, she ate her food and got up to wash her dishes.

Sending a brief glance towards the other once more, Sakura made her way to start her shower. Maybe getting clean would help clear her mind and relax her body. It has been a rough past couple of weeks, between numerous nightly calls to the hospital, getting almost no sleep all on top of these intense migraine inducing nightmares. The constant overthinking was starting to take a toll quickly as well, and she hoped that this shower was going to help relax and put her in a better state of mind.

At the same time, she felt as if there was something terribly wrong. Sure, Sasuke was right. There has not been a major invasion in Konohagakure in years; even though the last one was quite devastating and the village itself is still recovering slowly. But besides that, there should not be an inkling of fear inside the pink haired kunoichi. The dreams were quite vivid, and it sometimes made Sakura want to stay up the entire night just to avoid the situation. Sleep deprivation sounded so much better than having to witness gore for one more second.

The shower hissed to life, steam filling the room slowly. Pale skin became the same shade as her hair once Sakura stepped into the warm stream. Her muscles relaxed visibly, and it seemed that all of her worries melted away in the couple of minutes that she was standing in the warm stream. Pressing her head against the wall, she allowed the water to hit the top of her back while she stood there in thought. Her head began to throb as she began to overthink, eventually sitting in the tub with her head in her hands once again.

Perhaps for too long, as there was a firm knock on the door that shook her from her thought process. Kneeling, she poked her head out from the shower curtain and quietly said Come in. The door cracked opened and Sasuke poked his head through, onyx eyes unusually soft. There was a soft hum, the door opening further so that he could enter. He knelt down next to the tub, elbows on the ledge.

He said nothing, more or less nonplussed at the fact that his girlfriend has not recovered from a simple nightmare. He knew that she was a rather sensitive woman when it came to the children at the hospital, especially due to the amount of care and energy that she puts into those children. They were all basically her own children, a young and kind mother figure she hoped that all those children of war had. He cannot fathom how terrified she must be feeling, and honestly he wished that he could understand emotions much better instead of being confused how to act around someone. It terribly upset him, as he felt helpless for the first time in a long time.

But all unemphatic and unsympathetic being aside, Sasuke could tell that the other was stressed and was in need of help to relax her mind by here chakra alone. The Uchiha leaned into the shower, turning it off before leaning back down. He moved the wet strands of hair out of Sakura's face and tucked it behind here ear. Keeping the silence, he stood to get a towel so that he could wrap her up so that she was no longer wet and cold. He began to towel dry her rather roughly as an attempt to be loving. It ended up with the kunoichi moving away and drying off herself, her gaze on the floor.

He cared for this woman, honestly. As much as it was difficult to share emotions or put himself into her shoes, Sasuke did care about Sakura. He could tell that she was worried and borderline paranoid about the situation at hand. It was not that he did not trust her, that took years of molding and figuring himself out on all levels, but he needed to understand and see the situation. If it did not happen, he would not believe it even if it pained him.

"Perhaps another nap?" Sakura tensed at the suggestion, shaking her head, "And why not? Please, you do have a long day at work tomorrow. So please, do rest..." Sasuke sat her down on the bed, leaving temporarily to get another towel for her hair to try once more at a gentle gesture. He ended up messing her hair until it formed small knots on the top of her head, causing the other to sigh and to go grab her brush.

"I know I should, but I rather not have those dreams again, Sasuke-kun. I rather avoid them at all costs. Sleep deprivation sounds much better than watching death behind my eyelids," Sakura frowned, but forced a small smile as she tried to not push the subject further, "Besides, I don't go in until later. Around seven am and my shift ends early, around five. I get to stay in bed with you, I know you don't have any missions for quite some time as well. Perhaps we can have a date later today?"

She knew that he was trying to be kind and helpful in this moment, but sometimes she wondered that he was rather bad at it and sometimes should not help. Putting the brush on the bedside table, she laid back and stared at the ceiling when she did not get an answer.

Perhaps Sasuke was right, maybe she was just over thinking too much. It was about the children and mothers who were in need of medical care, in a ward that was in higher security compared to the rest of the hospital. People from all walks of life and the ones that she cared about greatly as they were in her hands. In her care. In her life even if they were for a short amount of time. She treated children that did not have parents with the love and compassion that she knew that they deserved.

And she was not going to allow someone to tell her that she could not be afraid for their lives. Sakura sat up and leaned forward, the towel no longer covering herself as she walked towards the dresser.

"I know you mean well... I know you're trying, Sasuke-kun. And, honestly, I very much appreciate it," she stumbled a little as she put her pants on, catching herself on the wall, "But I need to have a serious talk with Tsunade-sama about this issue that I am having. And I mean no harm by saying this, but I do not know if you are going to be able to help me..." She stopped to look at her significant other, eyes tired and face barely holding a smile. She trudged over towards him to engulf him in a tight hug. And for this moment she felt as if everything stopped, the warmth of his body soothing her worried soul.

There was another moment of silence, thick and but not as uncomfortable as the last. They trusted each other; it took years for them to gain the trust that they have after all those years working together. The only true issue was that Sasuke was so emotionally inept, that sometimes Sakura would rather not explain and talk about her issues with him. More or less, she was quite terrified that he was going to do something that was not favorable and would cause more issues than good outcomes. And that is something that she does not want to happen.

Despite after all these years of gentle prodding and making sure that he was able to fully trust his former team members to some sort of extent, Sasuke sometimes still had issues when things did not go his way on top of his emotional ineptness. He felt as if he should be in control despite sometimes knowing that it is extremely toxic to do so.

Being oblivious to his own actions had no perks when it came to his own girlfriend, who sometimes was perhaps too giving when being compared to himself. He was not a violent person towards his significant other, sometimes he would get into a childish pout if he did not get his way and that was the extent of it. He loved Sakura so dearly despite being sometimes unable to voice how he felt without some sort of tantrum. And despite this, he would prefer to take care of it himself as he felt as if it would be much more efficient than having her worry over practically nothing. Rash decisions was something that he did not like, figuring it was more about the emotions and not the end product.

Humming, Sasuke held her tighter to himself and started to move backwards towards the bed. They both fell backwards, Sakura firmly in his grasp with both arms on her lower back. Her legs began to intertwine with Sasuke's, head pressed against his chest and eyes half lidded. For the first time today, they both felt safe in each others arms and, finally, comfortable with the silence that they both continued to respect. The gentleness of her significant other's touch, the warmth from his body lulling her back into a relaxed state. The world seemed to stop once her hair was being petted, the sense of serenity washing over both of them. Ginger kisses were placed on the crown of her head, nose nuzzled in pink locks.

Maybe things will be okay in the end. Maybe all she needed was the warm and comforting embrace from the one that she loved the most to sooth her mind. The tender touch, how his hand ran down her back slowly albeit a little clumsy. She felt at home, all worries melting away at a single touch.