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Delinquent Habits

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“Hey, Izuku, are you sure this is the right way to U.A?" Bakugou asked nervously. He looked around the area, unfamiliar to him. Izuku had said to follow him because he "knew where to go", but it was becoming more and more apparent that was not the case.

"Don't worry about it Kacchan.... I'm sure we have to be close now." Izuku said calmly, trying to reassure his friend that things were going to be alright. "Truth be told, I'm not completely sure myself of where I'm headed ever since my phone died, but it can't be too bad, right?"

They continued to walk for several more minutes, until they finally reached a nearly empty street, devoid of any actual Hero schools. "We're lost, aren't we?" Bakugou asked in an annoyed tone. "If you weren't sure where we were headed, you could have just asked someone on the street, Izuku." Bakugou laughed lightly after speaking. "I'm pretty sure this is our prefecture, did we go in circles?" He thought.

"That's easier said than done for me, Kacchan..." Izuku looked towards the ground as he said this. He wasn't the best at handling social interactions, never was. Even with Bakugou's support, he still ended up getting bullied a lot when he wasn't with the other boy. "M-Maybe we could ask those girls over there?"

Bakugou looked towards where Izuku was pointing. A group of girls were gathered around a vending machine, a few had an assortment of weapons, and one seemed to have horns? Either way, they were the closest thing to help they had.

Bakugou seemed hesitant about going over and asking the group of girls. He spoke with a lack of confidence and a shaky tone, "I don't know Izuku, they look like the type that doesn't want to be bothered."

Izuku examined them from afar a bit longer before looking around. There was nobody else nearby, the best chance they had right now was asking this group of girls. These girls who happened to be carrying weapons. "K-kaachan, I'm n-nervous about this too but it's not like they'll j-just assault us for asking a simple question about directions...right?"

The blonde boy looked down and lightly kicked a pebble away from him as he stuffed his hands into his pockets thinking it over. "If we're going to talk to them, I should take the lead. You get anxious around girls, and we just want to ask for directions and leave. Hopefully they're just a bunch of cosplayers or something and those weapons aren't real."

Izuku seemed to agree as he nodded, still looking rather uneasy about this. The two boys each took a deep breath and exhaled before making their way over to the group of girls. As they got closer it was clear the group had noticed them. The tallest girl was gesturing toward them and appeared to be muttering something to the girl with what looked like vines for hair. The horned girl simply rested her hands on her hips and locked her sights on the two as she shot them a wide eyed smile, that for some reason felt very cold and malicious. As if it belonged to a sadistic bully.

Bakugou took a deep breath, then walked towards the group. He felt unsafe as he came closer and closer to them, but he didn't really have much of a choice in the matter. Izuku followed close behind, practically hiding behind Bakugou as he did so. "I-I hope I made the right call for this..." He muttered behind Bakugou.

The two approached the girls and spoke. "Um... Excuse me, but I think we're lost? We were heading to U.A but-" he was cut off mid sentence by the smiling horned one, who almost looked like a... Horse.

"If you no pay, we give no info!" she spoke in a very disjointed accent, probably not used to speaking Japanese. "If you no pay, we break knee!" She smiled "innocently", how innocent it actually was, was debatable.

"We just want to go to U.A... Please," Bakugou insisted, he'd dealt with these type of aggressive people before, they were mostly all talk, so they'd give up after a while and just give him what he wanted. This however...

"I don't think you understood very well what we meant, bucko." A green haired girl chimed in, a dinosaur symbol on her sleeve. "So I'll repeat it slowly. You pay us. We give you what you want." She said as she tapped her baseball bat on his chest.

"Kacchan, what do we do...." Izuku asked from behind his friend, still afraid to show himself. "T-The only money we have we're going to use for lunch, right?" He really didn't want to not eat that day, but it seems like that's what was going to happen if they wanted to even show up to class at all.

"Just hold on a minute Izuku... Look, we're not looking for trouble, we're asking for directions, do we really have to pay?" Bakugou asked more firmly this time, his voice louder and more assertive. He didn't want to be hurt, but most of all, he didn't want his friend to get hurt.

"He really thinks we're just a few posers... Setsuna, give him the rundown." The orange haired girl with a ponytail said, her strong and commanding posture indicating that she was most likely the leader. The green haired girl, "Setsuna", nodded.

"You know, I don't really like your tone. So you think we're just a joke? Just some gals playing dress-up?" She asked, sarcasm dripping off of her every word. The boys nodded nervously. "Alright then... Book 'em, girls."

The horned one quickly grabbed Bakugou by his collar and shoved him aside. "No hide, that no fun." She said quite bluntly, as if that was a completely normal statement. She quickly began to walk towards Izuku, slowly tilting her head forwards.

"Don’t you hurt him! He’s my fri-” Just as Bakugou was about to finish his statement and begin preparing to fight back, the “air” suddenly knocked the horse girl out for the count quite quickly.

“What the… Wait a second. I know this trick, is that you Hagakure?!” The orange haired girl asked, seemingly angered. “Those stupid cheap tricks won’t get you anywhere!” She continued.

“Maybe it won’t do me much good, but it will for them!” She exclaimed as a pink haired girl quickly came out of an alleyway and hit Setsuna with a baseball bat, not quite knocking her out but still shaking her off her feet. Soon, a brown haired girl jumped from the roof of the building.  She was floating alongside what seemed to be a frog-like girl, both quickly landing and hitting the orange haired girl head on.

“God damn, all right, we get it! We’re leaving!” Setsuna shouted while picking up her horned friend and carrying her on her back. “Cowards and their ambushes…” She muttered as she ran off with her orange haired friend.

“You two okay?” The pink haired girl asked them, quite obviously concerned.

“W-We’re fine, thank you! You, uh, really saved our skin back there…” Izuku said with a bow as Bakugou walked over beside him. “Just… Just out of curiosity, you wouldn’t happen to know where U.A is, right?”

A tall black haired girl walked towards them, a shorter girl with purple-ish hair accompanying her. “You want directions to U.A? Alright, but since we did technically save you... “ A small smile appeared on her face. “I think we all agree that we deserve something for that.”

Bakugou sighed and reached into his pockets. “He-” He was cut off by Izuku already having given them his money. “Okay…” He quickly took his hands out of his pockets, confused at how quickly Izuku just gave them his money.

“They, uh… They did help us, didn’t they?” Izuku said while looking back at Bakugou. “So, it’s really only fair.” He added, he didn’t seem to mind giving away money if there was a good reason for it.

The invisible one counted the money, then gave the girl a thumbs up. “Yeah, alright, this is good. Listen up then…” The ponytail girl began to explain to them the directions, eventually letting them go on their way.


The day continued as the group of girls, the same one that saved Bakugou and Izuku, called “1-A Girls Squad” stood by their usual spot, chatting amongst themselves, waiting for Yaoyorozu to come out of U.A so they could continue their antics.

“Say, Ashido…” The invisible girl Hagakure spoke. “Why did you say we needed to, y’know, save those two? They didn’t really give us that much money, and things could have gone wrong.” She asked the pink haired girl.

“I-It’s… Well…” Ashido stuttered as she remembered the day she first saw those two.


Bakugou and Izuku were heading home from their middle school, chatting about arcades, the newest Heroes and All-Might. Ashido “stalked” them, thinking on whether or not she should do something to them. That is, until a sludge monster came out of a manhole and quickly latched onto Bakugou, seemingly suffocating him.

She was shocked at just how quickly the “monster” had acted, they even considered stepping in for a moment, until Izuku went in himself and threw his book at the monster, then tried to pull Bakugou out of the sludge mess.

Ashido saw this and was impressed to say the least. The boy was nothing special, his hair plain, his physique nothing to write home about and, well, if he had a quirk he certainly wasn’t using it. That meant he was a boy who could do basically nothing who was still throwing himself at danger.

All-Might quickly arrived and took care of the villain, while most people didn’t remember this incident due to how many crimes All-Might took care of in a daily basis, Ashido didn’t. She always kind of hoped she’d find the boy again.



“Let’s just say there’s something special about that boy,” Mina answered with a grin. “I’m waiting for him to impress me.”

Hagakure was quiet as she processed this before saying, “You have the weirdest taste, Ashido.”

Mina laughed, only a little nervously. “It’s nothing like that.”

“Whatever you say,” Hagakure replied. It was pretty clear that she didn’t believe her friend, but arguing would only make her look more suspicious, so Ashido kept her mouth shut. It really wasn’t like that. She just thought something… interesting was bound to come from that boy. Nothing weird about it.


The gang found themself rather bored that day. They had all decided to wait around for their leader, Yaoyorozu, to finish up whatever business she had at UA while they just spent the day talking bullshit and coming up with future plans. Uraraka was dead set on figuring out where Kendo’s gang had run off to and making sure they knew to not even think about retaliating in some way or another. No one else seemed to really care for that since none of them had gotten hurt in the small little scuffle that transpired earlier.

After a few hours if waiting around the neighborhood that housed the prestigious academy they were all relieved when their leader was seen walking out of it’s gates with the mass of students.

Most of them rushed over to the richest member of their group, while Mina dragged behind a bit and kept an eye out on the crowd. She had hoped that green haired kid would be out soon so she could introduce herself properly at the very least.

After a while passed and she couldn’t make out that fluffy hair in the crowd she felt it may just not happen. Her friends started motioning and calling for her to hurry up and regroup with them so they could bail on this scene.

“Just give me a minute, fuck!” she yelled back at them before standing on her tiptoes to try and get a better look, but she still found herself not being tall enough to see far into the crowd.

Just as she was about to give up on trying to talk with this boy she found so interesting, she made out his freckled face as he moved through the crowd with his blonde friend.

She smiled a bit and straightened up her leather jacket and made sure she didn’t have any food or drink stains on her black acid shirt or blue jeans. After her quick little inspection of herself she cleared her throat and stuck her hands in her pocket as she waited by the entrance for Izuku Midoriya.

He and his friend came within range of her, closer than she expected. She tried to look cool and mysterious, but she couldn’t help smiling due to the excitement she had about talking with the boy that had impressed her so much.

Just as they got close as they could, the pink girl nudged her head up and placed a strong hand onto Izuku’s shoulder to make sure she had his attention. “Yo! Member me?” she asked the boy in an excited tone.

Izuku at the sudden unsuspected touch and question that was obviously asked by a girl caused him to jump up as he shrieked at a high pitch,”EEEEUUAAAEEEEHH!”

Mina and Bakugou both found themselves jumping at his scream of shock, so did anyone else nearby as it pierced the ears of any poor soul within a ten yard radius.

After Mina recomposed herself she noticed the blonde boy had now started standing between her and Midoriya,”You’re from that group earlier, is there something you wanted?” He didn’t seem intense or angered about seeing her again, but it for sure felt like he was standing between the green haired boy and herself for some reason.

Mina just lightly shrugged and maintained a light smile before putting her hands into her jacket pockets,”I just, ya know wanted to say a few words to you guys! You seemed to keep your cool all things considered! Ya know, earlier when we came and had to save you and all?”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow at her remark, still feeling like there was something she wanted from them. Her and her friends had already taken their money in exchange for helping them and giving them directions after all.

Mina then took a step closer and peaked around the explosive boy as she looked Midoriya right in the face, noticing a large blush covering his face as he stared at the ground. “It’s a good thing we jumped in when we did huh? I bet you would have tried to fight em off all by yourself if they tried to hurt your friend here right?”

Bakugou glanced toward his friend and noticed Izuku had gone and covered his face in his arms after he had looked up from the ground and accidently made eye contact with this pink delinquent type girl.

“Uh-uh...y-yeah I th-think if they did actually g-get violent with Kaachan I would h-have tried to stop it,” he lowers his arms some and looked over the girl once more, wondering if she was going to mock him or something. She seemed genuine about what she said and didn’t seem as rough around the edges as some of her other friends.

He seemed to ease up just a tiny bit but maintained a very stressed and flustered condition speaking to the girl. “E-even if I couldn’t do m-much to help at all...I just wouldn’t be able to sit back if they were h-hurting my friend...or anyone for that matter.”

Bakugou didn’t feel the need to say anything about Izuku’s statement. He had seen first hand that Izuku meant those words, and would live by them.

Mina smirked at his answer and took another step closer before nudging at his arm with her pocketed hand,”Woah dude, taking on a big challenge even thinking ya can’t do shit? That takes some brass balls!” Whatever level of calm Izuku gained earlier went right out the window at that statement as he covered his full face again and began mumbling.

Bakugou let out a soft sigh and patted his friend on the back,”Come on Izuku let’s head to the station before we miss our train.” he turned back to Mina and with a rather soft tone remarked to the horned girl,”Hey, he doesn’t usually get compliments like that, so I’m sure if he were able to muster up a thank you he’d say it a hundred times probably.”

Mina just laughed lightly under her breath at how easily this boy could fall into an anxious wreck. Hard to believe he had stood up to a powerful villain back then. She smiled back at Izuku and said one more thing before he and Bakugou began walking off,”You’re gonna stay at UA right? My friend comes here so I’ll be hanging around here a lot when I’m skipping classes or just in the area! Maybe we can talk again sometime?”

Izuku stopped in his tracks and slowly, with a very nervous aura radiating from him, turned his head and did his best to look at the girl. “Um...s-sure we could again if you wanted. I’m...I-izuku Midori-Midoriya by the way…”

Mina smiled and took a few more steps closer toward him before taking out her left hand from her jacket’s pocket and flashed a thumbs up,”Mina Ashido! Maybe we can both cut classes together sometime in the future and I can show ya how to unwind in the city like we do?”

Bakugo just kept his mouth shut, deciding it wasn’t right to butt in and say what was best for Izuku to do here. It took a while as the green haired kid began mumbling under his breath again.

After over ten seconds of it a small smile was noticeable from what parts of his face were visible as he finally remarked,”, I d-don’t know about the c-cutting school part but maybe one d-day after classes we could t-talk some more out here?” He could feel his heart nearly jump out of his chest just agreeing to chat with this girl he had only met today.

Mina nodded her head agreeing to that, glad to at least get some progress with this boy that fascinated her so much. The two boys soon walked off after that, and Mina returned to her gang to learn they had gone and made plans to go spray graffiti under some bridges and possibly steal a street sign for the hell of it.

Either way, this delinquent girl was looking forward to what hanging around here could bring for her.