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The BAU Baby

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“This one is a real kicker.”

Rossi raised an eyebrow, Garcia seemed particularly twitchy over the case, her mood in great contrast to the bright and colorful clothes she wore.

“And why’s that?”

“Becuase it involves somebody we’ll all find a little familiar.”

A picture was put up on the screen of a young girl, 16 at most. She had h/c hair and e/c eyes, the picture a clipping from a newspaper, titled “child genius helps catch pedophile”

Derek’s eyebrows shot up, everybody glanced towards Reid, who seemed just as shocked as the others.

“Child genius?”

“Yup! Y/n L/n has an eidetic memory just like our own boy genius, along with a condition that makes her brain hyper-fixate and over-analyze whatever she focuses in on, it’s extremely rare and most commonly known as-”

“Sherlock syndrome!” Reid’s eyes were wide and excited, everybody knew this meant he was going to go off on a tangent that none of them wanted to hear. “It’s extremely rare and there are less than 15 cases of it throughout history worldwide!”

“Well, if we don't act soon there may be one less.” Multiple reports of Y/n helping police officers catch criminals were in the file, whether it be calling the police or finding the crook herself.

“Helping the police since she was ten?”

Garcia nodded as she clicked through numerous photos of the young girl, many with different families.

“When she was 10 she noticed that her teacher acted differently than the others, more touching and close, willing to tutor after hours that no other teacher would. She asked her foster parents about it and they reported it to the principle. And upon further inspection done by the police-”

“-Hours upon hours of child pornography found on all of his computers, along with clothes of missing children dating back 10 years.” Reid looked up from the file and at the photo of the young girl.

“That’s more than enough to make anybody a target. But if this is a single kidnapping why are we being called in?”

At Derek’s question four more pictures of different girls popped up on the screen. “All of these girls have been reported missing within this month. Only one of them found.”

Rossi seemed surprised at this. “Alive?”

“Alive and confused. She had no idea where she was or who took her. All she knew is the girls she was held with, and that the same song was played on an endless loop.”

“The song?”

“Calendar girl, old song-”

“Old killer.” Rossi finished, Reid shook his head.

“Or maybe somebody who just has an affinity for that time period. The 50’s era is becoming more and more popular lately, it’s evident in fashion, architecture, and tv shows.”

Hotch stood up, file in hand. “Well let’s just hope none of these girls are found dead in a poodle skirt, wheels up in 10.”