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This is how I imagine Bull, Max, More Max, and Evie well her body anyway.


Evie always knew she was different. She grew up in a rich home but didn’t enjoy all the things most of her siblings did. Roland and Hesbeth liked to go to the hottest spots to be seen, they enjoyed shopping and flaunting their money. She had money and knew that it was a good thing. She saw others struggle and never took what she had for granted. She loved her family, she really did, but except for Max, they never understood her. She wanted to help, to heal.

She wanted to be a doctor but, came from a family of Lawyers. Her brother, Max, wanted to be a cop and really, truly didn’t care about what his family thought of him. He knew Evie would love him regardless of his life choices and that was enough for him. Evie wished she was more like Max. But she succumbed and went to law school as the youngest of the Trevelyan family. She was in grad school the year that Max became the detective that he always wanted to be. He was good at it, really, really, good at it. He grew in the ranks quickly and was the go to person for the top-level cases.

Evie was so proud of him. When she graduated law school he was there with some of his friends to support her. The rest of her family was there too, but it was really to represent the Trevelyan Law firm rather than to support her. They were to have a family luncheon the next day, they had reserved the swankiest restaurant in town and all the elite of Ostwick would be there. But for now, now she was celebrating with a few of her real friends (the ones that were not trust fund babies that she grew up with) as well as Max and his.

That’s when she first met him.

His name was Lawrence Hissrad. An awful name for a guy like him. He was big and tall and charming. His nickname was Bull and it suited him. He was tall, but that wasn’t the way to describe him. Bull was huge. He was easily 6’8” if not taller, and his shoulders were twice as wide as she was. And then there were his arms. They were tatted and sexy as hell. Evie loved big arms. His biceps are probably as big as her thighs.

Okay well maybe the part just above her knee. She had pretty . . . powerful . . . yeah that’s what they were. Evie had powerful thighs. She was never willowy like her mother or sister, and she didn’t care. Okay, well she was starting not to care. She was an awesome person, and her less than perfect body belonged to that awesome person. Except maybe her thighs are too powerful. But Bull looked like the kind of guy who would appreciate a little more. He was wearing a tight blue T-Shirt that did nothing to hide his pecs and the slight definition of his abs. His milk chocolate skin was flawless, and his eyes were as clear as dark honey. He had an easy smile that tugged on the large scar that ran across his left eye and split his brow. Evie knew there was a story there, but she wouldn’t be the cliché that asked the question. Between that and his left earing, it just intensified Bulls rugged good looks. Yes, there is no way she could ever think of him as Lawrence.

“So, looks like you got out without being a total asshole.” He said to her randomly at the bar they were hanging out at. “Do you know what you want to do now?”

Evie knew what she wanted to do, she just knew there was no way her family would allow it.  

“I’ll end up at my family firm and make millions just like the rest of them.” She told him. “Won’t I be impressive.” She added, mocking herself easily.

He looked at her closely for a while, she squirmed on the inside being scrutinized so overtly.

“Nah . . .” Bull finally said, “I asked what you wanted to do.”

Evie just looked at him, squinting with one eyebrow raised. She didn’t know what to say so she defaulted to the humor that she and Max were the only ones to develop in her uptight family.

“Well, I want to open a bar with cheap ale, expensive whiskey, and sexy men to work it. Do you need a job?” She eyed Bull up and down to ensure that he didn’t mistake her meaning. Bull had really caught her off guard. How could he possibly know? She met him like what, 30 minutes ago?

“Hah,” Bull chuckled a deep rumble starting from his belly. It poured over her like thick cream on fresh peaches. Almost made her shiver. “No seriously though? I really want to know.”

“What makes you think I don’t want to work in the most prestigious law firm in the Free Marches? You met me like half an hour ago.” Evie reminded him.

“Maybe, but I know your brother, and he knows you, and he told me a lot about you.” He brought his beer up to his lips to take a long drawn out pull of it. She watched his throat swallow; his neck was large and watching it stretch out like that made her think of other reasons for him to throw his head back. She felt her lips part slightly with want but hid her face before he started talking again. “According to him, you aren’t anything like the rest of the Trevelyan Law Firm, and that’s a compliment coming from him. I know you originally wanted to be a doctor, but they wouldn’t have it. I also know that him becoming a cop ostracized him to everyone else in the family and that’s why were having this little get together tonight because he isn’t invited to the big shin dig tomorrow.”

“Okay, . . .” Evie said, not knowing what else to say. It really took her a moment to digest what he was saying. Not just that he was saying it but that her brother talked about her that much. “You and Max must be pretty close, yeah?” She asked him.

“Actually, I am a Private Eye in Skyhold, we collaborated a few times, that’s how I got to know him. We just clicked, he’s a funny fucker and we were social so when I was up here visiting people, I asked what he was doing, and he invited me along.” As Bull was talking Evie grew disappointed. She wanted him to be around more she realized.

“Oh.” Was all she said. “So, you aren’t from around here?”

“Nah,” He said, taking another long swig of his beer, “Disappointed?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

Evie never felt like she should hide the truth away, so she answered honestly if perhaps a little breathy. “Yes. I was hoping to get to know you better.” She looked up at him then with a flirty look in her eye, “Too bad though.” She told him quite saucily while flipping her long dark hair over her shoulder. She thought for a moment that it was easier to be flirty and funny when there was no future involved. As Evie looked at Bull, she was sure she spied a moment of interest before it was covered up with a neutral grin.

“Well there’s a thought.” Not one to be daunted he asked her again. “So, what do you want to do?” He asked her pointedly staring her in the eye. Bull really wasn’t going to let this go was he, Evie thought.

“I want to open a pro-bono firm. You know represent the little guy. The ones who have a cause but can’t afford decent representation.” Now that she said it out loud for the first time, she couldn’t stop. “I want to represent the rape victims, the down trodden, and the ones taken advantage of. I have the money to open and support a firm for at least ten years. I will have to take some paying cases to ensure that I can keep great quality Lawyers. I need the ones who haven’t lost their ideals yet but are still ruthless.” She paused in her tirade and slowly looked up at Bull to gage his reaction. “I’ve never told anyone that before. It felt good.”

“That is good. I’m glad you told someone. It helps make it more real, don’t you think?” He asked her.

“Yeah, but I could never do it.”

“Why not?”

“My family would stone wall me. They have too many connections here and no one would want to fight such a powerful family.”

“Hmm, I’m sure you’ll work it out. Just focus on that passion and don’t let it go.” Bull drank the last of his beer and got up to get another. He paused, “Can I get you a drink?”

“Whisky and ginger, please.” Evie watched him saunter off, for it was a saunter. He held himself so confidently for someone of his bulk. She had seen large men before. Her father’s security walked with confidence, sure, but they were stiff and always tried to be intimidating. Even to her. Though she was never intimidated. She was so busy watching Bull that she failed to notice when Max sat down.

“So,” He said startling her out of her reverie, “you met Bull?” He was wagging her eyebrows at her like he knew her thoughts. Though he probably did. There was a reason he was so good at his job. Max had an easy manner that made people drop their guard around him, purposely or not. His smile was a little crooked with one dimple on his right cheek. His eyes were an intense bright leaf green. They were striking, and Evie knew that between the eyes and his smile that women had been trying to get their claws into his trust fund for years. Though the women had zero chance, Max knew that he was gay from the time he was 10. Never made a big deal out of it. Evie felt like she always knew, when she was old enough to understand something like sexuality, never thought it was weird, never knew the hell Max had to go through.  Max couldn’t have been happier to be cut off from the family fortune and making it on his own. Now men and women alike wanted him for his good looks, charm, wit, and sexy body, instead of his bank account.

“Yeah, it’s too bad he’s not from around here and I probably won’t see him again.” She looked back at him in line at the bar staring at his very carnal body. Not wistfully, she only just met him after all, but with definite interest and a tiny bit of a pout.

“Well . . . I kind of wanted to talk to you about that.” Max said clearing his throat. He was slightly uncomfortable which was unusual considering we told each other everything. She immediately thought she was lusting after Max’s territory or something.

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you and he . . ..?” Evie started before being shut down by Max’s amazing laugh.

“Andrastes tits, you think me and Bull . . .” He broke off into more laughter and Evie notices Bulls eyes shoot toward her at the table grinning. There is no way he could know what they were talking about, right?

“Okaaay,” Evie drawled out, looking back to Max as he wiped a tear from his eye. “I was just asking, Maker.”

“We work together, there is no way. Besides,” Max took a sip of his Whiskey neat, “He isn’t my type. I like them pretty, you know that.”

“Yeah, I guess I do. I was just wondering why you were so uneasy.” Evie always knew how to get a conversation back on track. It was one of the things that made her such a good lawyer. Max’s mood immediately shifted from jovial to somber.

“Well, I was going to tell you that you probably would see him again.” Evie looked up at Max as he spoke, desperately wanting to ask him more, but knowing that sometimes silence was the best way to keep someone talking. He took his time, had quite the large swallow of his whiskey, and Evie could see nervousness radiating from him. She folded.

“Hey,” she said softly grabbing Max’s hand. “You know you can tell me anything right?” Max only nodded so she continued, “I love you and there is nothing in this Maker forsaken world that could possibly change that.”

“I know,” Max sighed, “I just don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Hah!” Evie burst out laughing, then turned to look at Max her face changing from cheerful to one of sincerity, “You are the bravest person I know. I admire you so much. I hardly doubt you could tell me anything that would disappoint me unless you gave in to Mother and Fathers demands.” Evie paused for a moment there, looking into Max’s eyes hoping desperately that wasn’t what he was going to tell her. She waited.

“Well, Bull works a lot with different police all the time and he knows the Chief in Skyhold really well.” He looked at her then and whatever he saw on her face was enough to keep him going. “Well I guess Rutherford has heard a lot about my work here and told Bull that he thought my talent was waisted up here. He asked him to see if I was amenable to a transfer. That he would like to meet with me to see if I would be a good fit for his team.”

Evie’s heart dropped into her stomach just then, but she didn’t show it. She was really good at hiding her emotions. She could hide them from her parents, she could hide them from her class mates, hell, she could even hide them from clients and judges alike. But Max knew her too well, she couldn’t hide them from him, as much as she tried.

“Hey, nothing is official yet, Princess.” Max reached to take her hand and Evie almost let her face give in, but it was neither the time or the place. So she schooled her face and told Max the truth.

“That would be such a great opportunity for you. I am so proud of you Maxwell Trevelyan. I will miss you, but . . .” Max cut her off.

“Wait, I was thinking that you could come with me to check it out.” Evie looked at him blankly then. “So, I know you don’t want to work with the family, no matter what you tell everyone else, so maybe take this break, come with me and perhaps there will be something there you might want to do. You could escape the Trevelyan name for a while and if nothing clicks for you, you can come back. A few weeks would hardly affect anything here for you, after all.”

Evie had so many emotions running through her head. Hope, fear, excitement, nervousness, joy, anxiety, but the one that finally won out, the one that she couldn’t hide from anyone to save her life, the emotion was relief. Sweet beautiful relief, she never wanted to go to her family’s law firm. She never wanted to take on asshole clients who were trying to get away with something. She never wanted to work and live under her parents’ thumb and under her siblings’ scrutiny. For a moment Evie wanted to cry. Instead she allowed her relief to turn into pure unadulterated happiness.