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I Still Want You

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Jungkook wakes up to soft lips on his neck and chest and a hand wrapped around his cock. His eyes flutter open, his body reacting instantly to the stimulation. A head of ash blond hair peeks above the sheets and he smiles, moaning softly as the hand stroking him picks up speed. 

Hyung,” he whines. 

“Oh I’m sorry Jungkookie, did I wake you?” 

It’s amazing how easily Jimin can make him lose his senses these days. He used to be able to handle it but it’s almost like a switch was turned on and Jimin got even more powerful than he used to be. Taehyung tried to warn him at the start, but Jungkook had been stubborn. He’d been so sure he could handle Jimin’s duality from sweet older hyung to teasing sex demon. 

How wrong he was.

There’s no sign of Taehyung in the room either so Jungkook doesn’t even have a buffer to help him out now. It’s just him and Jimin and Jimin’s incredible ability to drive him crazy with just one small touch. 

His hand slowly pumps him while his mouth trails down his bare chest, a teasing smirk on his lips when he catches Jungkook’s eye. 

“W-What’re you doing?” Jungkook groans, hips bucking upwards into Jimin’s hand. “Don’t we have—nnng—a photoshoot today?”

“That’s hours away,” Jimin purrs as he drags his tongue further and further down until he reaches his belly. He squeezes his cock gently and Jungkook lets out a low whine. “You’re so cute, Jungkookie…”

He licks at the head, his tongue pressing into the slit, and Jungkook stuffs a fist into his mouth to keep quiet. Warm lips suddenly engulf him and he gasps, body arching off the mattress while Jimin holds him down and eagerly bobs his head between his legs. 

Fuck, he loves Jimin’s mouth. 

Jimin suckles at the tip for a few seconds and pulls off with a teasing little smirk. It’s so unbelievably absurd how easily Jimin reduces him to mush but Jungkook can’t even be bothered to care anymore. Not when Park Jimin is between his legs and mouthing at his balls like a starved man. He pumps Jungkook’s cock a few more times before dragging his tongue up and down the shaft, moaning about how wonderfully hard Jungkook is and how good he feels.

His hands grab at Jimin’s hair, digging into his scalp as Jimin works his lips over his arousal before finally lifting his head and letting his cock slip from his mouth with a loud wet pop

“Fuck,” Jungkook grunts. “Why’d you stop?”

“You’ll come too soon,” he giggles as he licks his lips. “Besides, I want you to fuck me now.” His brain isn’t even fully functioning at this point but Jimin doesn’t care as he crawls back up the bed and lays beside him. “Jungkookie, please,” he whines, taking Jungkook’s hand and wrapping it around his own cock, already semi-hard from all the stimulation he’d been giving Jungkook and from touching himself earlier, no doubt.

As soon as he starts jerking him off, Jimin makes a slew of pretty noises that excite Jungkook even more. He loves being at Jimin’s mercy, but seeing him come undone by his own hand is even better. 


“You’ve been such a damn tease,” Jungkook growls, taking hold of his cock with more force and pumping him quickly. Jimin’s mouth falls open as his eyes roll to the back of his head. “You’re so needy, hyung.”

Ahhh—will you p-punish me?”

Jungkook stills his hand and Jimin whimpers. “Is that what you want?”


“Turn over.”

Jimin immediately gets on his hands and knees and Jungkook keeps stroking him slowly, eyeing his ass curiously and trying to form a plan in his head. Taehyung makes it look so easy. He’s so good at bossing Jimin around, at getting him to his knees and whining for his cock, and Jimin is so powerful all it takes is a look and Jungkook will be at his mercy. 

Jungkook isn’t very experienced yet, though he’s learning. He’s fucked Jimin enough times now to know what he likes, so it’s not like he’s going in blind, but Jimin has these moods he gets in and sometimes it’s a little hard to gauge what it is he wants if he doesn’t outright say it.

He moves behind him on the bed and has to calm himself down immediately because Jesus fucking Christ. His ass. Jimin has complained about them being obsessed with his ass before but it’s just. so. perfect. 

He feels drool dripping down his mouth and quickly wipes it away, biting his lip as he stares at him. He knows Jimin said to fuck him but that’s so vague. There are so many possibilities.

“How do you want me to do this?” he says as he takes a hold of Jimin’s hips. “Fingers? Tongue? Cock?”

“Want your cock,” Jimin whines over his shoulder.

“Okay. Did you prepare yourself already?” Jungkook says, dipping a finger between his cheeks. 

“I did,” he says breathlessly. “All for you, Jungkookie.”

Jungkook sucks in a deep breath and says a quick prayer of thanks to whoever he can before leaning over his back and kissing at his neck. 

“You want my dick that badly, huh?” His hand slips down between Jimin’s legs as he grabs his cock once more.

Jimin mewls when he starts furiously jerking him off. “Y-Yes!”

“Tell me, Jimin-ah. Tell me how much you want me.”

Shit,” he moans, his head falling to the sheets. “Jungkookie, please…want your cock filling me up with your cum I need it—”

“You’re so filthy, hyung. Aren’t you ashamed of how needy you are?” He slaps his ass and Jimin lets out a tiny sob. “Answer me.”

“I-I am ashamed. Please punish me.”

He’s still getting accustomed to this small bit of roleplaying and humiliation kink that Jimin enjoys but he hopes he’s doing all right. He turns Jimin over onto his side suddenly and Jimin stares up at him with wide eyes. 


“You’re flexible,” Jungkook says with a shrug, grabbing for his leg and lifting it up so that he can position himself easier. His cock presses against his rim and he thrusts forward with a soft moan, nearly coming right then and there as the warm heat of Jimin’s ass envelops him. Jimin squirms at the weird position since it’s not the most comfortable for either of them but Jungkook makes it work. 

He slams into him repeatedly, praying no one else in the dorms will hear what’s going on. Jimin tries to keep quiet when they’re intimate but sometimes moans slip out and even though the rest of the members know about them, it doesn’t make it any less awkward at the dinner table. 

“F-Fuuuck,” Jimin groans, his hands clawing into the sheets. “Jungkookie–shit–”

“You like that, hyung?” he pants, his hold on Jimin’s leg slipping as his thrusts grow more erratic. “You like being punished like this?”


“Jiminie hyung is so dirty.” He feels a little bad for saying these things but he knows it’s part of the scene and it’s something Jimin enjoys, so he bottles up his uncertainty and continues on. “You’re so—ahhh—needy for my cock—”

Jimin suddenly cries out and Jungkook worries for a second that he might have hurt him, so he stops moving, but Jimin shakes his head and gives him a thumbs up to keep going so he does, gripping Jimin’s leg tighter against his chest as he pounds into him. 

“Are you gonna cry, Jimin?” he continues. “I’m fucking you so deep because you said you needed to be punished.”

Jimin’s eyes are clenched shut as he throws his head back with a soft cry. “Oh god—”

“Yeah? You like that? You like it when I treat you like this, don’t you?”

Jimin nods with a soft cry. “S-So deep, Kookie, you’re so deep—”

“H-Hyung looks—ah shit,” he grunts, unable to keep it up anymore. “Hyung, I can’t do this.”

Jimin looks up at him worriedly. “Is everything okay? Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine, I just…I can’t keep up the scene anymore.”

He looks away shyly, thinking he’s disappointed him and ruined the mood. He feels a hand reaching up to touch his face and he blinks, turning back to face Jimin’s gentle smile.

“It’s okay, Kookie,” he says.

He lowers Jimin’s leg back down until he’s on his hands and knees again and Jungkook reluctantly pulls out of him, ashamed that he couldn’t even do this one thing for him. 

“I’m sorry,” he says, pouting. “I wanted to make it good for you…”

“You did, baby,” Jimin coos, turning around to pull him into his arms. As sweet as the moment is, Jungkook remembers that they’re both still incredibly hard. “We still have time to spare. Do you want to continue?” He pets Jungkook’s hair gently, kissing at his sweaty forehead. 

“Yeah,” he whispers. 

Jimin smiles and kisses him on the mouth before getting comfortable on his back and spreading his legs for him. Jungkook moves into position above him and lines himself up, pressing back into Jimin’s hole with ease. Once he’s fully seated inside, Jimin moans and wraps his arms around him as best he can while Jungkook starts to slowly rock into him. 

“That’s it,” Jimin praises. “Good boy, filling hyung up so well…”

“No fair, you know I come too quickly when you do that,” he whines.

Jimin grins up at him. “Oh really? Should I stop then?”

“No, please continue.”

“Jungkookie has such a big cock,” Jimin gasps, throwing his head back when Jungkook thrusts down just right. “So big and perfect—”

Jungkook leans over him, kissing him desperately as he rocks his hips faster and faster, driving his length as deeply as he can. Jimin’s broken moans tell him he’s hitting the right spot. 

“Oh Kookie—Kookie—I’m c-coming,” Jimin babbles against his lips. “I’m—I can’t—”

“It’s okay, hyung,” he says. 

Jimin gives a violent shudder as he suddenly comes, his legs wrapped tight around Jungkook’s waist while Jungkook continues fucking him. He spills between their bodies while Jungkook keeps thrusting, staring down at Jimin’s beautifully flushed face and shining eyes. 

Jimin smiles up at him in a post-orgasmic daze and brings a hand up to touch his face, whispering, “My handsome Jungkookie” and that’s all it takes to have Jungkook come with a cry of Jimin’s name on his lips, back bowing into an arch as he spills inside of him. 

When he’s finished, he carefully pulls away and lays down beside him on the soiled bed sheets. Jimin’s legs tangle with his own as he pulls Jungkook flush against him, leaving no space between them whatsoever. He blinks tiredly as Jimin strokes a hand through his hair and then to the back of his neck, peppering soft kisses down his face. 

“You okay?” Jimin asks as he pulls away. 

“Yeah. Sorry again that I couldn’t keep the scene up before, hyung. I don’t like hurting you…”

Jimin smiles fondly. “It’s really okay. I got to indulge your praise kink in the end, so I’m happy.”

Jungkook turns red and tries to change the subject. “So, uh, where’s Taehyung?”

“He woke up early,” Jimin yawns. “I barely had a chance to say goodbye before he was gone. Then I got bored.”

“You could have played with your phone like you usually do.”

“Mm, but playing with you is more fun.” He kisses his nose and Jungkook scrunches his face up cutely, which causes Jimin to lean in to pepper his face with more kisses until they’re giggling together and Jimin’s flipped Jungkook over so that he’s holding him down in the sheets. 

Jungkook grins up at him and Jimin grins back, ducking his head down to kiss along Jungkook’s neck and jaw before moving to his lips. Jungkook moans and whines against his mouth while Jimin laces their fingers together as he kisses his breath away. Jungkook melts into the bed, hips bucking up a little when Jimin starts to roll his own down against him. 

“We can’t,” Jungkook protests, breaking the kiss. “Not again.”

“I know,” Jimin sighs and rolls onto his back. 

Jungkook gently strokes a hand down his cheek. “I’ll make it up to you later though.”

“Oh, will you?”

“Yep. I’ve got plans.”

Plans?” he giggles. “Well I can’t wait.”

His plans don’t quite factor in the fact that Jimin looks like a literal sex god all day during the album photoshoot. Once he’s had his hair and makeup done and put on the clothes he’s assigned to wear, he’s unbelievably stunning and Jungkook finds himself staring one too many times.

“You’re being a little obvious, Jungkookie,” Taehyung chuckles as he walks up beside him.

Jungkook flushes pink. “Can you blame me?”

“Nope. I just told him I wanted to bend him over that chair over in the corner but all he did was wink at me. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?”

“I told him I had plans for him later but I can’t even remember what they were,” he pouts.

Tae nods in understanding. “He has that effect.”

“Who has that effect?” Seokjin asks as he walks up behind them, a knowing smirk on his lips.

Jungkook and Tae both jump a little but try to keep their faces neutral. “Just a friend,” Jungkook says quickly. “You don’t know him.”

“Hmm, nice try, brat, but you don’t have any friends.”


“Stone cold,” Tae mumbles.

“I think,” Seokjin continues, “that you’re both talking about our sweet Jiminie over there.” They say nothing, trying to avoid his eyes, and he barks out a laugh. “I’m right, right? Of course I am. You two are so easy to read.”

Jungkook’s face burns. “We were just saying how nice he looked.”

“Uh-huh, sure, it’s like you think I was born yesterday.” He wraps his arms around both of their necks and leans in close, muttering, “So is this what you two do all the time now? Compare notes on Jiminie? How does it work?”

“Let’s go, Kook,” Taehyung grumbles, ducking out from his embrace.

“Yah, don’t be like that, Taehyungie. I was only teasing.” Seokjin pouts when Tae refuses to look back at him and turns to Jungkook. “Did I say something bad?”

“Not really,” Jungkook shrugs. “I think Tae’s just a bit sensitive about the topic, that’s all. Sorry, hyung.”

“Is everything okay over here?” Jimin asks as he walks over, eyes sweeping over all three of them. He has an uncanny ability to tell when there’s tension and immediately moves over to where Taehyung is standing, laying a gentle hand on his arm and leaning in close to ask him what’s wrong.

Jungkook looks away out of politeness. Seokjin hums thoughtfully. “I’m sorry I butted in like that,” he mumbles after a moment.

“It’s okay, hyung.”

“Not if Taehyungie’s hurt by what I said. I’m gonna go apologize.” He ruffles Jungkook’s hair and makes his way over to where Jimin and Taehyung are, placing a hand on Tae’s shoulder as he apologizes. Taehyung seems to brighten up a little and from where Jungkook stands, it looks like things are resolved quickly.

He’s so distracted that he doesn’t notice Jimin sauntering up to him until he’s right in front of him. “Jin hyung said something insensitive, huh?” he says.

“It wasn’t that awful, but Taehyung didn’t like it.”

“Well, they seem okay now so that’s good.”


“So were you and Tae discussing all the ways you wanted to fuck me later or something?”

Jungkook chokes on his own saliva and stares at him with wide eyes. “W-What?”

“Do you think I’m an idiot, Jungkook?” he grins. “Even from across the room I could tell what your conversation was about.”


“You said you had plans for me later, right? Will you tell me them?”

His mouth feels dry. Jimin cannot do this to him right now; he’s not prepared enough for this.

He leans in closer, batting his pretty eyelashes, and Jungkook swallows a lump in his throat. He tries to lean away but Jimin suddenly grabs his arm and locks him in place and his lips are awfully close to his ear as he whispers, “Truth be told, I can’t stop thinking about this morning. How your cock fit so perfectly inside of me, how hot you looked when you came…”

Jungkook freezes and tries to calm his breathing. Jimin’s hand slides down his chest and he nervously looks around the room to see if anyone is watching. No one even seems to care though. Even Taehyung is busy talking with Namjoon and Seokjin now so it’s just Jimin and him.

“H-Hyung, we’re in public,” he says worriedly.

“And?” His hand moves lower, caressing down the side of Jungkook’s thighs.

“A-And you shouldn’t say these things.”

He squeezes his thigh gently. “Is Jungkookie embarrassed?” He nods quickly and Jimin giggles as he pulls away. “Okay, I’ll stop.”

Jungkook breathes a sigh of relief then squeaks when he feels Jimin’s hand groping his ass.


But Jimin is already walking away with a slight sway of his hips, casting a sultry look over his shoulder and leaving Jungkook a flustered mess in the middle of the room. Taeyhung walks back over to him after a few minutes, unable to hide his smile.

"He’s a demon, right?” he chuckles.

Jungkook shakes his head. “How have you survived this long?” he says.

“I’d like to say I’ve tamed him over the years but that’s a lie. He’s wild, Kook. You’re still learning.”

“He just—right in front of everyone—”

“Yep, that’s Jiminie,” he says with a fond smile. “You know, he actually fingered me while we were waiting backstage once. Like no warning or anything, just casually slipped his hand into my pants, and I’d like to say I had it under control but I was putty in his hands. He played me like a fiddle until I came and then went up on stage like nothing ever happened.”

Jungkook groans. “And I’m supposed to blow his mind later? I don’t know what to do…”

“Maybe blow his dick first and then see where that goes?”

Needless to say, Jungkook is more nervous for the end of the day than he’s ever been before. He doesn’t want to disappoint Jimin, even though he knows how silly that sounds. Jimin could never be disappointed in him. And Taehyung had even agreed to let them have their fun without him, saying he wanted to discuss some things over with Namjoon about a song he wanted to work on, so that left Jungkook without anyone to help calm his nerves.

A knock at his door sometime after 11 alerts him and he sits up anxiously, going to answer it and trying to keep his expression neutral when he sees Jimin standing on the other side, his hair damp from a shower.

“Hi, Kookie,” he greets as he steps into the room. “Sorry it took so long. I wanted to freshen up.” He stops and looks around. “Oh, is Taehyungie not joining us?”

“He said he wanted to let us have some time to ourselves,” Jungkook explains.

“Aww, he’s sweet.”


Jimin cocks his head to the side. “Are you okay?”


His eyes narrow. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not—”

“Please tell me what’s wrong.”

He looks so sad and shit, this is not how he wanted this night to go at all. Jungkook flops down on his bed and covers his face with his hands.

“I told you I had plans for tonight but I don’t, hyung. I’m really sorry, I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“Oh Jungkookie, you could never disappoint me,” he says gently, sitting down on the bed. “I don’t expect you to be all knowledgeable on sex, you know? Even if all we did was kiss tonight I’d be happy.”


Jimin carefully strokes his hand through his hair. “Of course. Sex isn’t everything to a relationship. It’s fun, certainly, but I don’t want to be with you or Tae just because of that.”

Jungkook feels himself relaxing and smiles up at him. “Thanks, hyung.” He sits up suddenly, feeling a renewed determination kick in, and before Jimin can question him, he’s pushing him down into the mattress and kissing the breath right out of him. Jimin moans against his lips, his eyes fluttering shut while Jungkook cups his cheeks and slides his tongue into his mouth, swallowing all of his cute noises.

He grinds down in Jimin’s lap and is pleased to feel how hard he’s already become from just a few small kisses. Knowing he can get this kind of response from him is exhilarating. He breaks the kiss and softly nuzzles his nose against Jimin’s, giggling when he hears a whine erupt from Jimin’s lips when he rolls his hips just right.

“Don’t tease me,” Jimin pants but Jungkook ignores him and braces his hands on either side of his head while he grinds down against him once more. “Jeon Jungkook!” he cries. “Y-You brat…”

Jungkook laughs, ducking his head back down to kiss him again and Jimin returns his kiss with such ferocity, pulling at the back of his hair. Jungkook continues to move his hips, nearly laughing at how worked up Jimin is becoming.

“I can feel you, Jimin-ah,” he teases, lips ghosting over his neck. “I didn’t even do anything and you’re already this hard.”

“F-Fuck,” Jimin whines as he wets his lips. “Jungkookie, hurry up.”

“Hurry up with what, hyung?” He lifts Jimin’s shirt up and drags his lips down his chest, stopping to flick his tongue over one of his nipples. Jimin’s head tilts back in the sheets as a soft cry escape his mouth. Jungkook continues his journey down his body until he comes to the waistband of his pants. He pulls them down all the way and tosses them to the floor, leaving Jimin in just his skin tight underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination.

His thighs tremble on either side of his head as Jungkook leans down to mouth at his cock through the slim material. Jimin gasps, fingers sliding through Jungkook’s dark hair, and Jungkook moans as he opens his mouth wider to take more of his clothed erection inside. His tongue playfully flicks at where he thinks the head is, causing Jimin to squirm beneath him, his stomach tensing as heat coils in his belly.

Please,” Jimin whimpers. Jungkook suckles at the tip hungrily, moving his head from side to side with a moan and Jimin’s hand suddenly tightens in his hair and pulls him off. “E-Enough teasing,” he says. “Blow me seriously.”

Jungkook grins and hooks his fingers into the underwear, keeping his gaze on Jimin as he pulls it down and off. Jimin’s cock springs up cutely, all fat and red and dripping with pre-come, and Jungkook is thirsty. His hands stroke up his thighs, pulling his legs apart for easier access. His fist wraps around the base and he gives him a few pumps before leaning down and licking at his sac, tongue playfully curling around his testis.

“Oh god—” Jimin moans, hips canting upward and giving Jungkook more to suck on. He teases his balls while he jerks his cock, keeping his attention focused on Jimin’s reactions. “J-Jungkook that’s—how did you—”

He pulls Jimin’s cock closer and teases the head with his tongue, swirling it around and around before he sucks it into his mouth. A small cry leaves Jimin’s lips before he stuffs a fist into his mouth, his whole body shuddering.

Jungkook sets to work, knowing Jimin won’t last very long like this. He takes him as deep as he can, his cheeks hollowing out as he deepthroats him. He loves sucking Jimin’s cock so much, there’s literally no better feeling in the world than seeing his hyung laid out for him like this, his legs spread wide as Jungkook swallows around him.

Fingers pull at his hair and guide him and he bobs his head with more enthusiasm, pulling back just enough to let Jimin’s cock slip from his lips. He flicks the head with a smile and Jimin rolls his hips impatiently.

“I’m gonna come,” he warns.

Jungkook sucks the head back into his mouth and moans, holding him down as he works to bring him to his climax.

“Jungkookie—f-fuck baby—I’m coming!”

Jimin’s body goes rigid for a split second and then Jungkook’s mouth is flooded with come. It’s gross and messy and shouldn’t be as hot as it is, but Jungkook is pleased with himself. He continues sucking until Jimin is completely spent, only pulling away from his softening cock once Jimin shoves at him.

He licks his lips and swallows what he can, spitting the rest out into a tissue and waiting to see what Jimin will do next. The older man takes deep breaths for several long minutes and when he finally sits up, he’s looking at Jungkook like he wants to eat him.

It’s pretty hot, actually.

Jungkook just smiles cutely and makes a point of licking his lips again. Jimin’s eyes follow his tongue and before he can say anything, Jimin tackles him, kissing him desperately while his hands grab for Jungkook’s sweatpants.

“Need these off,” he groans against his lips, yanking his pants down just enough so that Jungkook’s cock springs free. When he realizes he’s not wearing underwear, he grins. “Oh. Well this makes things easier.”

He wraps his hand around him and Jungkook whines, head tossing back and forth in his pillows.

“You’re so hard just from sucking cock,” Jimin gasps. “What am I gonna do with you?”

“Dunno,” he grins, “maybe you should punish me.”

Something primal flashes in Jimin’s eyes as soon as the words leave his mouth and he tightens his hold on his cock, jerking it quickly while Jungkook’s laughs dissolve into breathy moans and he throws his head back in his pillows. Jimin bends down to kiss and suck at his neck and Jungkook melts. He doesn’t care how he gets off now, he just wants Jimin in every way that he can have him.

Jimin works him into a frenzy, sliding his free hand up and down the expanse of his upper body while his lips attack his neck.

“Such a brat,” Jimin whines into his skin.

Your brat.”

Jimin blinks down at him and suddenly his cheeks flush and he smiles his beautiful crescent smile and leans in to kiss him.

“M-Make me come, Jiminie,” Jungkook gasps against his mouth. “Please…”

Jimin’s fingers curl around his length tightly and give it a few more pumps, his thumb swiping along the head repeatedly until Jungkook feels the heat coiling in his belly unleash. He comes with a broken sob all over Jimin’s hand and finds himself giggling when he’s finished.

“Was that okay?” Jimin asks. “I’m sorry I didn’t do more…”

“That was enough,” he says, reaching his hand out to caress the other’s face. “I don’t need to fuck you to prove I love you, hyung.”

Jimin shakes his head with a shy smile. “Aish, what is this? Stop learning from Jin hyung.”

“I didn’t, this is all me.”

“You’re naturally this sappy?”


“Unbelievable.” He moves until he’s lying beside Jungkook on the bed, curling his body around his comfortably. “This was nice,” he mumbles, “getting to spend some alone time with you.”


“I’m sleepy now though…”

“Do you want to stay the night?”

Jimin nods with a yawn. “I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.”

Jungkook smiles softly and ducks his head down to kiss the top of Jimin’s hair. “Sleep tight, hyung.”

Arms tighten around his middle. “Good night, Jungkookie. I love you.”

His heart feels like it’s going to burst out of his chest. How is Jimin so gentle and sweet after what they’ve done? How can he spout his feelings so honestly without worry? Jungkook turns his head to better face Jimin, his cheeks flushed as he leans in close to give him a peck on the lips.

“I love you too, Jimin.”