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I just ate

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Dr. Reid was brilliant, his IQ higher than the average thermonuclear engineer and he could read 20,000 words a minute. On top of all that he remembered everything, which wasn’t always the greatest thing. Things like irrefutable facts about the human body were things he wished to forget.

He was sitting in the bullpen, vaguely listening to Hotch speak. Still, more focused on the timer that was burning a hole in his conscious. He didn’t need to check it, it was at thirty eight hours now, he knew that. Now it was just running the mental checklist of what his body was going through.

At six hours he had used up 95% of his body’s energy, glucose. He was feeling, what was the word, hangry. But now, after thirty eight hours, he had no glucose left, and his body was running on other things like Ketone Bodies. Once he hit seventy two hours he would be limiting his brain to about forty percent of it’s normal energy. They were about to be on vacation, so his brain wouldn’t really needed to work.

He was yanked out of his thoughts by a snap in his face, “Hey Reid, you there?” He blinked his vision back into focus, only to have JJ in his face. He nodded, pulling his head back from hers. “ Oh yes, sorry, I zoned out for a moment”. She gave him a look, but returned to her seat.

“Anyway, I want you all to enjoy your vacation and stay safe”, Hotch continued. “Keep in contact with me though, I expect check a check in every two days or so”. The room nodded in agreement, they all just wanted to go home. Hotch cracked a smirk, and waved his hands, “go get out, go home”.

Before Reid could really process it, everyone but Garcia had left. She was lingering, hovering over Reid. “Hey Smart boy, do you need a ride home”.

The walk home burnt him a lot of calories, calories he hadn’t eaten, and if he collapsed. “Yeah, that would be great”. He stood up, hanging on tightly to his chair. God imagine if he collapsed in front of Garcia.

She offered a hand to Spencer, and it was politely declined as he followed her out to her j car. “It’s going to rain today, I’m glad you finally accepted a ride home”. She started the car, and the heat washed over Spencer. He closed his eyes for a minute, or so it felt like.


When Spencer woke up, the wasn’t at home. He was on a couch, a very soft couch, and wrapped in a blanket. It smelled like Christmas cookies and peppermint. He didn’t move, but he cracked his eyes open. He heard soft voices in the room he was in, so he quickly shut his eyes.

“Baby Girl it’s fine, he’s welcome here for the whole vacation if he wants,” Derek’s voice said softly. Garcia said something to soft for Reid
to hear and Derek chuckled. “He couldn’t be cold under that blanket if he tried, yeah go on baby girl I’ll take care of him”.

He heard footsteps towards him and tensed up, the sudden movement noticed by Garcia. “Spencer, are you awake hun?” He froze up, god please don’t touch me. He heard Derek cross the room, and kneel next to him. “He probably just had a bad dream, hey you need to get going before it gets dark”.

There was a hand on Reid’s forehead for a moment, then words of departure from Garcia, then silence. “Alright pretty boy, I know you’re up what’s going on?” And in the moment Reid could have died.