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Possibly to late

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The doorbell rang and Amelia slowly lifted her head from the bed, who could it be ? Had Daniel come for his answer ? Or had Jasper returned sooner than expected ?
When it rang for the third time she got up, feeling she moved like a sloth, walking to the door, whom ever was outside apparently wasn't giving up.


She opened the door and gasped, blinking her eyes in surprise, she didn't know what or who she expected, but she definitely didn't expect to find Tom Hiddleston on her doorstep.


"Tom ? What on earth are you doing here ?" She was wondering if the lack of food and sleep made her hallucinate.


He gently pushed her into the hallway and closed the door behind them. "Ami what the hell is happening ?"


"Uh Tom, that.. I.. I can't talk about it, it is something I have to handle, okay ?" She looked at him, her eyes begging.


He shook his head. "Nope sorry, that isn't acceptable, you don't get to run away with your tail between your legs, Zac deserves better than this".


"It is not like I have a choice Tom, It isn't something I want to do, but I can't drag him down with me". Her voice getting a bit high pitched.


He looked at her worriedly, then he grabbed her arm lightly and pulled her into the living-room. "Sit down, then I'll go make us some tea and we take a look at this problem".


She sat down without saying anything, she didn't have the energy, how could Tom help and why was he here ?


Five minutes later he came back from the kitchen with two cups of tea and sat down next to her on the couch. "Now tell me what is going on Ami".


"How do you even know something is wrong ? I only told Zac I had some things to take care of". She looked at him.


He tapped his temple. "Well I am pretty smart, no I talked to Zac yesterday, you know he is about to crack right now right ? He tries to hide it, telling himself you are going to come back".


"I wished I didn't have to hurt him, but I can't go back". She felt so bad knowing Zac was hurting because of her.


Tom sighed. "I had a hunch something was very wrong and I was going back to London for a couple of days, so I changed my flight to Copenhagen, and I can see I was right".


"Tom I know you are trying to help Zac and it is so sweet of you, you are such a good friend to him, but this isn't something you can fix". She sipped her tea.


He looked at her with determination. "Ami I am capable of a lot more than you could ever imagine, now please tell me what the problem is, if you are right and I can't help, I promise to leave it be and Zac will never know I was here".


She sighed, what could he possibly do ? But on the other hand what did she have to lose ? She still didn't know what to do.


"I have an ex called Daniel, we were together for 6 years, but I broke it of almost 3 years ago when I found out he was a lying cheating scumbag". She said slowly.


Tom nodded and let her talk. "He sent me a video four days ago, an old video from when we were together, I didn't even know it existed".


"And I can sort of guess that you are not exactly proud of that video". Tom looked at her with great compassion.


She nodded and tried to find the right words. "I don't want to go into details, but yes I don't want that video to get out. I don't want Zac to see that and Daniel wants half a million dollars or me back".


"Well that was high demands, what is on the video ? Sex or something illegal ?" He sipped his tea.


She found it really strange sitting in her couch talking to Tom about this, she had only met him twice and he was a big movie star, she blushed. "The first, nothing illegal".


"And consensual I presume ? Well of course, it would be stupid to try and pressure you if it wasn't". He said mostly to himself.


She sighed and looked at her hands. "Yeah in the eyes of the law anyway, he actually did pressure me, but you can't see that on the video and he wouldn't be prosecuted for it".


"You know that Zac wouldn't care right, I know him, and he wouldn't think any less of you and neither would I". His eyes caught hers.


Amelia wasn't totally convinced, but that wasn't the most important. "Even if you are right, then the tabloids would still care, the tv network would care and the public would care".


"What is your plan ? Are you going to let him extort you ?" He looked at her, waiting for an answer.


She shrugged looking like she was going to cry. "I honestly don't know. I don't have that kind of money and I could never be with him, so I don't know, and I have to give him my answer today".


"Ami will you allow me to try and fix it ? Let me talk to him, maybe it is possible to make him see what is right". He looked at her with kind eyes.


Could he do something ? What would he do ? "Tom that might be a really bad idea, I don't want to drag you into it".


"I kind of dragged myself into it, please let me try, for Zac and for you". He grabbed both her hands, and those eyes were burning into hers.


Who could possibly say no to that face ? If anyone would be able to talk sense into Daniel it had to be Tom. "Okay Tom, you are not really giving me a choice are you ?"


"Nope not really, now give me his address". He got up and was almost out the door before she had finish giving him the address.


Now she could only wait, she wasn't really afraid that Daniel would hurt Tom, he was too chicken to do that.