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The End Is Not The End Unless You Say It

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*Third POV* 


Below the starry night sky of Lima Ohio lays a small tent and inside that tent is a blonde woman, who looks to be in her mid-40's, combing her 5 years old daughter’s beautiful shiny onyx hair while humming a melodic tune. “Mommy what are you humming?” asked the daughter. 


 “It’s called Eternal Flame my darling Santana, it’s one of the many songs your father sang for me.” Said the mother. 


 “Can you sing it for me?” a young Santana requested. 


 Just as the mother was about to reply, a handsome man with a British accent answered as he sat down next to them inside the tent “I am saddened to inform you, my darling angel, that the detective does not have an ounce of musical talent like us”.


 “Lucifer!” the woman yelled.


 The little girl giggled as her mother playfully scolded her father who is currently wearing a smug smirk.


 “Oh you think this is funny?” the mother asks her daughter as she moves in to tickle her. 


“Daddy help!” the daughter yells to her father as she tries to escape her mother’s grasps. The couple then started to tickle their daughter who is now giggling uncontrollably. 


As laughter died down the father confessed “You two are the most important beings in my entire immortal life and I will do everything to make sure that you never get hurt fo I love you both very much”. “Aww we love you too Lucifer right Santana?” the said and looked at their daughter for reassurance. “Yes!!! I love you and daddy soooooo much!” the little girl said enthusiastically. Then the scene fades as it becomes a distant memory.  


12 years later 


Now we see a 17 years old Santana desperately trying to stop her tears from falling as she sees her mother's cofin slowly being lowered to the ground.  She looks to her left and sees three of her best friends holding each other as they mourn the death of a mother figure that loved them as her own,  they tried to hold her too yet she did not want to be held at the moment, she then looks to her right where she sees her father solemnly looking at his wife's grave with no tears at all. 


They went straight home after the funeral not bothering to have an awekening since they did not believe in any of those. Afterwards Santana's friends hug her goodbye and offer their condolences, she then runs to her room and jumps on her bed and cries on her pillow,  she continues to cry all day until she falls asleep dreaming about the happy memories she has of her mother.


A week after the funeral 


Today we see Santana getting ready for school dressed in a red cheerleading outfit. "My name is Santana Decker Morningstar but I go as Santana Lopez" she says as she starts to take over the naration. 


"Why do I need to go as another name you may ask? Well you see my family is different,  no I do not belong to a family of mafia nor do I belong to any organization ,  oh no this story is far more complicated than that and it all points down to my father. 


 You see my father is the devil, and I am not just exaggerating because he is evil.  He is the actual devil, Satan, Samuel and many other monikers that he was bestowed upon. As contrary to popular belief my father is actually not the evil incarnate, he never chose to rule hell for all of eternity, his father was the one who actually gave him the position.


Which is why after a few thousand years he grew bored and went up to earth. And where pray tell will the devil go?  I'm sure some of you will say Vegas for it's known for it's luxurious lifestyle.  


Well my dad has a sense of humor,  so ironically he went to the city of angels -- Los Angeles. And this is where he met my mother. 


How they met is a story for another time " she finished her naration as she went down the stairs and went out the door,  passing by her father sitting on his lounge chair holding a glass of scotch in his hand and staring at nothing.  


As Santana drives her car to school she continues her naration,  " After my parents got married they had me. And as the years pass by my mother has stopped aging, because of her bond to my father,  and sooner or later they know that their friends will find out. " She thoughts as she parks her car on the school parking lot.  


" So at the age of five we move to a quaint little town of Lima Ohio into a mansion in the better part of town and changed mine and my mother's last name into lopez after a friend and colleague of my mother back in LA". She adds as she gets out of her car and heads towards school. 


As she walks she is met with two blonde girls also wearing a red cheerleading outfit and their hair in a high ponytail. When the girls see her they immediately join her and links their arm on both of Santana's side. 


" These two are my best friends" She starts her naration again. 


Then she looks at the blonde on her left who started talking about the next routine their cheerleading coach has prepared for the day, "This is Quinn Fabray, I've known her since we've move in to our mansion next to theirs, I was six back then and she was only a few months older." She says in her monologue.


" Her actual name is Lucy Quinn Fabray but she hasn't gone as Lucy since we started middle school." Santana says in her mind unbeknownst to the blondes who are still talking. 


Flashback on when Santana's family moved in to Lima


We see a 6 year old Santana looking at a white mansion while holding a slightly worn down monkey stuffed toy given to her by her older half sister in LA.  


" Hey monkey,  why don't you come with me and give this fruit basket to our neighbors?  From what I've heard they have a daughter who's your age. " Santana's mother said as she kneels down to her daughter's eye level.  


" Where did daddy go mommy? ", Santana asked her mother while her eyes are looking for her father. 


"Daddy went to check the house baby, come on honey let's go" her mother answers as she leads her daughter to the neighbor's front porch. 


As the mother and daughter duo walks up to the front porch of their neighbor's they see a little chubby blonde haired girl wearing thick circle eye glasses reading a book under the shade of a large tree.  


Sanatana lets go of her mother's hand as the front door opens revealing a couple in their mid 40's. She then walks up to the girl and waits until the girl looks up from her book.  


" Hi!  My name is Santana! " she introduces herself as the girl looks up. 


"Uhhh I'm Lucy.... " the girl said as she observes the stranger. 


"What are you reading? " asks Santana trying to make conversation. 


" It's the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy" says Lucy as she shows the cover of the book to Santana


" Oooh I love that book!  Did you know that in the end oomph.. " as Santana was trying to finish her sentence as her mouth was covered by Lucy's small soft hands. 


"Are you nuts?  No one wants a spoiler! " Lucy scolded Santana.


" Sorry... " a sheepish Santana apologises. 


" So you read too? Or is this the only series you've read? " asks a curious Lucy with a tiny bit of hope on gaining a new friend with the same interests as her. 


" Of course not pretty girl!  I have personal library full of books!  You should come by sometimes! " invites a enthusiastic Santana happy with the idea of gaining a new friend in her new home. 


"Really,  you have your own library?" asks Lucy , her eyes twinkling excitedly and her cheeks blushing from being called pretty.


"Yeah! " Santana says as she grabs her new friend and leads her to their home next door, oblivous to the trouble they will later get into with their parents for forgetting to ask permission first. 


And this was a start of the life long friendship of Santana and Lucy who later goes by as Quinn.  


End of Flashback 


Santana is brought back to reality when Quinn snaps her fingers in her face to get her attention.


"San,  are you okay? " Quinn asks with a worried face. 


" Maybe we should go to the park later and grab some ice cream?! " suggested the other blonde. 


" Sure Britt why not?" answers Santana as she closes her locker.  


" The other blonde is Brittany Pierce,  Quinn and I met her on the first day of middle school and the three of us instantly clicked and has remained the best of friends up to this day. " Santana narates as they walk to class.


" The three of us are called the Unholy Trinity because we're famous and not too nice to people. We actually have another in our group and her name is. " Santana's naration gets interruped as they see and hear their names being called by a small brunette girl sitting on the middle row.  


" San, Q, Britt over here! " the girl shouts as she calls them over. 


" Ah yes the last person in our group,  her name is Rachel Berry we met her on the first day of highschool." Santana thoughts when they sit down next to Rachel as the class starts. 


" She tends to be a annoying when she's in school but she's different when we're all together.  Well all of us act different in school. " Santana starts her naration as she clearly isn't listening to what her teacher is discussing. 


" They all know my secret and surprisingly accept it, even the Catholic little miss perfect Quinn. " Santana Continues her thoughts as she leans her head on her hand on top of the table. 


" We spend most of our time together at my home away from the judging eyes and ears of people. In my place anything is acceptable. " Santana thoughts as she yawns catching the attention of her teacher who doesn't call her out for it. 


" With all the time we spend together my mother had love all of my best friend as they were her own and they have loved her as their own as well,  especially Rachel who hasn't know her mother until recently. So when she died they were greatly affected as well. " Santana finishes her thoughts as the school bell rings signaling the end of the first period.  


 After First Period 


*Santana's POV* 


"Hey Tana how are you? " Rachel asks as she moves in to give me a hug. 


"I'm fine midget" I say as I move away from her hug. 


"You sure?  Cause you never run away from a hug? " asks Britt with a questioning gaze. 


"I'm fine really stop it already! " I said harshly. 


" We're just worried about you S" Q confeses.


"I know,  but I'm fine guys really". I sigh as I try to convince them as we walk to our next class. 


"Okay if you say so,  how's your dad? " Rachel inquires. 


"Eh still not talking heck he hasn't even moved from his Kyo since after the funeral and he keeps murmuring "disgraceful humans". I'm afraid he's gonna snap any moment now " I tell them.


"Just the thought of him snapping makes me shiver in fear but on the other hand doesn't he need to like eat or something? " ask Q. 


" My dad's the devil, he doesn't have the limitations that us humans have and he's never liked humans from what I know,  Uncle Amenediel says he only tolerates them" I said. 


"Maybe we should bake him a cake to make him feel better! " Britt suggested excitedly. 


"Uhh I don't think so Britt" I told her. 


" Well whatever you need just know that we're always here for you and your dad Tana" Rachel said changing the subject as the two blondes nodded their agreement.  


"Thanks guys" I said greatful for them.  "Well this is my class,  see guys later in glee" I said as I bid them goodbye. 


Later in Santana's Class 


*Third POV* 


" I'm sure you're wondering as to why popular cheerleaders are a part of a nerds club like glee?" Santana narates as class starts.


" Well we all blame Rachel for it,  not that I don't enjoy glee club mind you." Santana stated yet again ignoring her teacher's lesson. 


"Rachel has always been the ambitious one, and she has the talent to back it up,  so when she heard that the glee club is being reinstated and needs member to compete she practically begged us three to join." Santana continues as she leans on her chair. 


" We were reluctant at first,  not that we fear for our popularity of course, it's just people in McKinley our real judgemental bitches, they throw slushy at those they consider on the bottom of the social hierarchy" Santana thoughts as she flomps her feet on top of the table. 


" Despite being our friend Rachel is still in the bottom of the social hierarchy,  maybe it has something to do with her annoying way of talking to others or the fact that she has two gay dads,  which is why me, Q and Britt had to work hard in stopping all the slushies on Rachel" Santana continues her thoughts as leans her head on her hands. 


"Anyways we didn't have a choice in joining since our cheerleading coach practically forced us to join set on us destroying the club as she stated,  that woman sure is a lunatic. But in the end we enjoy it cause not only do we get to spend fun times , as Britt likes to say , we also compete which is a huge ego boost when we win so it's a win-win" Santana ends her thoughts as she hears the bell ring signaling the end of yet again another class. 


Santana then gets up and walks out of her classroom and  into glee club not bothering on looking at the assigment written on the board. 


 Later In Glee Club  

*Santana's POV* 


As our club advisor mister Will Schuester or Mr. Shue, a man in his early thirties who seems to love wearing vests, tells us his plan for this year's Sectionals when suddenly Miss Emma Pillsbury our school psychiatrist, a woman also in her early thirties,  bolts in to the room looking really pale. 


" Emma, what's wrong? " Mr.  Shue as clearly worried about his girlfriend. 


"Th....  Th...  There's a.... " Ms. Pilssbury tries to say while shaking.  


As we're all looking worriedly at Ms.Pillsbury , Noah Puckerman, a muscular guy with a mohawk, barges in the room holding a baseball bat and locks the door behind him. 


"Dude you will not believe the fuck is happening out there" he says still clearly shaken from whatever is happening out there.  


"What the hell are you talking about dude? " Finn Hudson,  a tall boy who has a somewhat constipated face , asks his best friend.  


"Zombies dude!" Puck says as I internally panick. 


"Oh please,  zombies aren't real Puck" Kurt Hummel , a boy that is obviously gay by just the way he dresses, says


"Yes they are!  And they are tons of them outside! " Puck argues. 


"That's impossible Puck!  Look! " Tina Cohen-Chang, an asian girl, says as she pulls the curtain of our club room.


When Tina pulls the curtain we all froze in fear from what we see outside.  There are people, who looks to be decaying, feasting on the flesh of humans.


" Oh fuck" I said as we all watched in horror.


"I think my dad just started the apocalypse" I confessed as I looked at everyone.