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was it poetry?

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was this poetry?

jimin's thoughts were scattered. his skin was cold. water dripped from his soaked bangs into his eyes, and he made no move to wipe it away.

was this on par with the beautiful lyrics namjoon had once penned onto paper, the rhymes and flows that had escaped yoongi's mouth like burning fire, aggressive and desperate and so, so passionate?

hm. fire was funny. fire currently sat between his fingers, almost touching the damp skin but not quite. he watched his own face be eaten up by the flame, the bright smile he had worn curling up into gray ash. it took jeongguk's face next. what a pity. his eyes had been so bright, so happy, the bunny smile stretching over his entire face so much jimin thought it had to have hurt to wear it. it would hurt to wear a smile now. it certainly would've hurt to him. after all, the screech of tires against the road was never a sound that made people want to smile.

hoseok was next. all the power and energy that had been squeezed into a narcoleptic, surging outward in his moments of true excitement whenever he danced, gone. the flame ate away at his smile, too. or maybe it wasn't the flame. maybe it was the muddled thoughts and the extra pills that had made their way down his throat.

he was cold, and his fingers were starting to burn.

yoongi had burned, though, hadn't he? he'd been swallowed up by the flames of his own self-hatred, his own inner spark coming out and showering the room in his fiery passion, his roaring soul and his dead dreams. but he was okay now, wasn't he? he burned, but he made it out okay.

he dropped the picture to the side just as the flames reached jin's broad shoulders. he remembered those. he remembers jumping onto his back for piggyback rides and worming his way up to sit on those shoulders, laughing until he couldn't breathe as seokjin kept unbalancing.

tears began to burn him, too. he couldn't escape the burning, it seemed.

taehyung. had he started it all? jimin wasn't sure. had this all started when tae had called jin in a rush, stammering and crying and with shaky, bloodstained hands? jimin wasn't sure. maybe it had started long before that, when they'd all met for the first time, when they'd been set up to die off after drunk nights under the stars and cheap fireworks by a bonfire at four a.m. and their hangouts in the train cars where they'd designed a home just for them.

jimin wasn't sure. he knew though, that water had lapped at taehyung's head, just as it was doing to him now.

his face contorted into a sob, and he felt nothing and pain rip through his chest all at once.

was this poetry, the way he cried and reminisced and bled from his soul? was this poetry, the way he sunk below the freezing waters, opening his eyes underneath to feel the burn of water and to see the rippling view of his bathroom ceiling?

was it poetry the way his chest went tight, lungs ached until his body screamed for air?

was it poetry, the feeling of a salty breeze on a summer's day, cold against his face as he sat in the back of a truck? was it poetry, the laughter that came from deep within his gut that he had only ever shared with his brothers that would never again be heard from him?

was it poetry in the way his vision went dark, but his heart became lighter?

a boxy smile came into view, brown hair light against the sunshine and eyes lighter than they'd ever been before against the tan face.

"jimin! you made it!" he grabbed his hand and began tugging him, jimin doing nothing to stop the eager boy.

a motel glowed behind him, the sign still shining blue even in the sunlight. another sign read "no vacancy," but the one in front of him began pulling him towards it all the same. he thought he heard the faint sound of jin's squeaky laughter inside, thought he heard the gentle melodies of a piano coming from somewhere in the distance. was that one of yoongi's melodies?

the boy in front of him frowned for a moment, stopping before turning and looking behind jimin like he expected to see someone.

"where's namjoon-hyung? isn't he with you?"

jimin found his words at last, with peace in his heart and a calm smile overtaking his face for the first time in so long.

"not yet, taetae. but he'll come soon, i know it."