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Book 1: Water ~ Elements Collide

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He felt numb. All over just numb. He'd screamed so much he wasn't sure if he had a voice anymore. Percy had seen sights unimaginable even in the worst nightmares. He watched all his friends in pain and misery as their souls left their eyes. It's not like you see in the movies, it wasn’t poetic or peaceful, this was brutal and painful. Everyone’s bodies covered in blood some with no bodies left. It would make the bravest warriors sick to the stomach. And Gods were these heroes brave.

They thought Percy was brave, the brave leader who they would follow to victory. But Percy saw no victory in war, only blood, so much blood. Inside Percy was terrified, so scared that he wouldn't be able to protect his family and his fears became true as each fell. He kept going, knowing others would be looking to him but he couldn't hold onto that strength when he heard her scream.

It was excruciating and made his heart drop. Percy turned to see Annabeth, his most treasured wise girl being crushed slowly by the Earth titan. "ANNABETH!" he yelled not to try and stop Gaia, he knew she wouldn't stop but just to let Annabeth know he was coming for her. He ran with every fibre in his body reaching her as her screams faded. Gaia threw her aside like she was just a pest leaving Percy to just catch her before she hit the ground.

He carefully pulled her into his lap and looked her over trying to see where the blood was coming from so he could stop it but it came from everywhere. The blood seeped into his shirt as he held her close. "P-Percy" she stuttered, her breathing becoming very difficult. "Shhh Annabeth I’m here, it’s going to be okay" he knew it wouldn't be but he wanted it to be more than anything. She was the only one he had left and now he was going to lose her too.

He wiped tears from her eyes holding back his own for her sake, she wouldn't want to see him cry, and he had to be strong for everyone else. But she knew, she always knew. She slowly reached up and stroked his cheek "I-it’s okay Percy, death isn't t-the end". "No don't say that you’re not going to die, you’re going to be fine, and we made a promise remember. We would win this war and go to college in Rome where I would marry you. We were finally going to be free of all this" he said firmly like it had to happen as his hand went over his pocket that held the ring.

"I-I don’t think I’m g-going to be able to k-keep that promise P-Percy, I wish I could stay with you forever and grow old we-with you but t-the fates have other plans, but I can keep one part of that promise" she smiles gently moving her hand to his pocket. Percy gets the ring out of his pocket and gently places it on her finger making her bloody face smile with pure happiness making a smile appear on his face even if it was pained. "I have and will always love you wise girl, not even death will change that" he says as he strokes her hair trying to comfort her unable to hold back gentle tears.

Percy felt her shake in his arms and just held her close knowing he could do nothing else. "A-and I love you too seaweed brain, more than any w-words could des-describe". He leans down and they share one last kiss saying everything that needed to be said with that one action. Percy sees her breath becoming slower knowing she was leaving soon "P-please wise girl, don't leave me here alone" he whispered in her hair. "We we-will see each other again I-in Elysium, this is not g-goodbye my love" she said as a tear fell from her eyes. "B-be happy P-Percy, move on a-and don't j-join me too soon" she mutters quietly. "Keep fighting Percy, I-I love you" she manages out as her last breath leaves her making her motionless in his arms.

He can feel his soul leaving with her, all he can do is hold her body close, he puts his forehead to hers and whispers "I love you Wise girl" and his tears fall fast and harsh down his face landing on hers. He held her head to his chest and screamed in complete anguish crying for everything he'd lost. "I’m so sorry" he mutters over and over knowing that if he was faster he could have saved them, he should have saved them. Percy looks up to see Gaia laughing. She was actually laughing as lives were lost and innocence destroyed, laughing at the fact she just destroyed everything he held dear. His vision became red.

He was engrossed in such anger that he barely remembers moving. He gently lays Annabeth down and slowly stands looking at her with such hatred she faltered. She had taken everything from him, everyone. "You’re dead" he barely whispers but it’s enough to make her spine shiver in fear but she tries to laugh it off "oh the great leader Perseus Jackson, did I kill some of your precious friends, what a shame, it’s not my fault you couldn't save them" she mutters with her voice dripping in sarcasm. She would later regret that because the second she blinked Percy was gone only to appear in front of her seconds later.

"No, you killed my family" he growled and attacked with pure fury, slashing and cutting her body. She swiped for him but he jumped on her arm and ran up to her face slashing her eye making her scream. She threw him off but he landed on his feet "This" he said as he raised his arms, water gathering beside him as the very ground shook and cracked. "This is for my family" he said hurtling the water towards her. "For Leo" he said hitting her again "for frank" hit "for Hazel" hit "for Jason" hit "for Piper" hit "for Nico" hit "will" hit "Grover" hit "Thalia" hit "for every demigod you've hurt" hit and the earth surrounds her feet "and for Annabeth" he growls making the water surround her entering the cuts he made before bursting her apart from the inside.

All that remained was a pile of dirt on the ground. Percy breathing was heavy and he fell to his knees dropping his sword, the ground still shaking from his anger and pain. They had won, he could hear others yelling in victory behind him but he couldn't find anything to celibate. He just sat there seeing the bodies of his family splayed across the battle ground as his own body was covered in blood he just looked red. "Percy" he heard a strong but gentle and deep voice say in front of him. He didn't even have the will to look up but knew who it was "my son, I-I'm so sorry, rest now" his father said crouching in front of him placing a hand on the side of Percy's neck.
Percy just closed his eyes wanting to block everything out. The cries of victory, the cries of loss and pain, the cries of the Gods over their lost children but when he closed his eyes all he saw was his family’s bodies.


When he was finally able to open his eyes again he was kneeling on the pristine marble fall of the Olympus throne room. All the Gods sat on their thrones but not looking grand and powerful, just sad for all the children they lost. "Perseus Jackson, you have once again saved Olympus. We would offer you immortality" Zeus announced.

But Percy just looks up at him before slowly standing wobbling slightly as his wounds sting and his exhaustion setting in, Poseidon nearly coming to his aid but seeing the determination in his sons eyes he sit back down "no. the only solace I have is knowing one day I will see them again, don't take that from me, please" Percy says as his eyes drift to the floor. Zeus sighs at the lost hero "very well, then we would each bless you for your service, our greatest and last standing hero, the strongest of them all." he says.

Apollo gave him the ability to heal others with his water. Ares gave him the knowledge and skill to use every weapon created. Artemis gave him the skill of archery as well as a blessing with animals. Hephaestus made him more resistant to fire. Athena gave him wisdom. Hades gave him more power over the earth and favour in the shadows. Hermes gave him enhanced speed and stealth. Zeus blessed him with the grace of the skies, they air would work with his water. And his father gave him more power over the water and its creatures as well as crowning him prince of the seas.

"We would also grant you a title. You are Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, Prince of the sea, savour of Olympus, Champion of the gods, Patron of heroes, Protector and leader of demigods, the loyal, wayward hero and the strongest in history. Master of swordsmanship and defier of the fates and prophesies, bearer of burdens and the bane of those who threaten your friends.

Your great achievements will forever go down in history and will be told throughout the years to come, Retriever of the master bolt, the golden fleece, the master bolt, Hades helm and the twelfth legions eagle. Navigator of the labyrinth and sea of monsters. Bane of kronos and Gaia. Conqueror of titans, monsters and gods, bearer of the sky, praetor of the camps, survivor of torturous and the savour of Olympus.

Percy couldn't bring himself to speak not knowing what to say, he didn't see a need for any of this, he'd failed to save his friends and he definitely didn't see himself as a hero so he just bowed his head in thanks which shocked many of the gods, Percy had always been somewhat rude to the Gods never bowing to their authority but he just didn't have the effort to be snarky. Percy wobbled again and falls to his knees and this time his father couldn't just watch. He rushed over to Percy’s side shrinking to his size and put an arm around his waist to keep him stable.

He could feel Percy’s body shake and when he looked in his eyes they just seemed broken, no longer the fun and sarcastic eyes you would get lost in like the sea but a frozen ocean cracking with each blink. Poseidon was about to try and comfort his son with words that he knew deep down would do nothing to help his child. But as he opened his mouth a bright light filled the room even making the gods have to look away.

Finally able to see again Percy sees the ones who brought him all this pain. The Fates. The three women stood before him with waves of power seeping from their bones making even the gods shiver. "Perseus Jackson" the first one announces "your may not be at peace just yet" these words made Percy’s blood freeze "there is another battle that needs to be won"

"NO!" Percy yells standing tall making the Gods look at him astonished "no more, find another hero, haven't I done enough, haven't I given and lost enough!" he shouted at them making the gods feel even more respect for the broken hero being able to stand up to the beings that literally controlled your fate.
"We truly are sorry; you are the only one who can save the worlds. You may not rest yet. This is out of even our control young hero. You will go to the world above our own and stop its destruction and therefore the destruction of this world"

Percy just shook with anger "I don't give a dam about the world, what has it ever done for me!" he yells truly wanting to not care but as always his loyalty to the innocent being living there over took his selfish wants. He thought of his mother and the other camps. He again fell to his knees but this time not from pain, just from utter exhaustion "I’m so tired" he whispered. "Tired of being the hero", why couldn't he be saved for once. But he would take this burden and any other given to him so others didn't have to.

"There must be another way, find someone else!" Poseidon practically begged wanting his son to finally rest. But the fates shake their heads "it must be him and it must be now, we are sorry." Poseidon is about to argue more but Percy lays a hand on his shoulder and gives him a look that says it all. Percy would take this pain so others wouldn't have to. Poseidon nodded knowing his son was right even if he hated it.

"there may be no gift we can grant you that would equal what you have done for this world but is there anything you request" Zeus asks finally with no malice or anger, he truly felt pity for the demigod as did all the gods, they knew he was doing this for their children. "Can- can I speak to my mum before I go" he says so quietly Zeus barely hears him but he nods and with a flash his mother appears in front of him confused until she sees her son sat on the ground.

"Percy!" she yells and rushes over to him kneeling in front of him and assessing for injuries but Percy just holds her hand "It's okay mum" but she knew it wasn't she could tell just with one look that he was heartbroken so all she could do was hug him tightly like she would when he was a child leaving him to just cry in her arms "I’m sorry baby" she whispered in his ears. The gods looking down saddened, it was easy for them to forget he was only 17.

"Mum.. I have to go away for a while" she looked like she wanted to protest but she knew there was no stopping him. She nods and strokes his hair as tears fall from her face "then you come back to me, you hear, you hold on and you come back to me, promise" she said firmly but with a gentleness in her voice. Percy nods "I promise" he tries to smile but it doesn't quite have the same cheekiness to it. "I love you mum, I’m sorry I’ve put you through all of this, you’re the greatest mum in the world and you deserve better". Percy says looking her in the eyes meaning every word.

She holds the side of his face and looks him in the eye "there is nothing better than you, I wouldn't change you for anything Percy Jackson and never forget that, never forget I love you. Please smile again, your smile is one of a kind" she says tears dripping from her face. All he can do is nod, knowing it would be an insult to fake a smile. She kisses his head and hugs him tightly. "My baby, I love you" she whispers as her body is transported back home in a flash.

Percy looks up at the gods with tears in his eyes but not letting them fall "look after her" They nod but that's not enough for Percy so he gives them a horrifying glare making even Zeus squirm "swear on the river Styx you will look after her, if you break it I will personally hunt you even if I am in another world I will find a way" he said calmly but that just made it that much more terrifying. They all swear and he nods satisfied.

Poseidon moved again towards his son and to even his surprise he hugged Percy tightly "I know you are lost right now and it may take time but know your friends are at peace and one day you will be as well". His father truly hoped that Percy wouldn't have to fight anymore; all the gods did in fact even Ares who had now come to respect the boy, man he had become. The Gods truly considered him one of their own even if he was just a puny demigod. Percy's dad squeezed him tightly before letting him go.

"You must go now young hero, to save this new world" the fates said raising their hands power filling the room. "How will I know what to do?" he asks really unsure of what is happening. "You will know" they reply in a riddle as ever before Percy is surrounded in a bright light that feels like its burning his skin but he doesn't let a scream pass his lips. Since torturous he had become pretty good at withstanding pain. Percy felt his very being fading until he could no longer feel anything around him. It was just dark.

At first Percy felt weightless. Like nothing was holding him, he could feel a cold air hitting him as he fell, at least he assumed he was falling, he still couldn't bring himself to open his eyes. It’s a strange feeling to him but soon that feeling was replaced by cold. A freezing cold like none he'd felt before. He finally pried open his eyes slowly to see the moon moving away from him or wait he was moving away from the moon. Sinking deeper into cold water, he knew he should start swimming up, he couldn't drown but he could freeze to death but no matter what he tried he didn't have the effort or the want to move. 'Sorry wise girl' he though as he sank, she wouldn't be pleased to see him so soon but he just couldn't bring himself to move.

He closed his eyes ready to leave but something made them shoot open, another presence in the water. A boy. Percy felt drawn to him with an overpowering need to protect him. He saw a large creature behind him but didn't have time to question it as they sank deeper. A storm at the surface making the waves crash against the boy making him drift further apart.

Percy gathered all of his strength and swam towards him willing the water to help him, he got closer and closer until finally he reached out and grabbed the boy’s arms. The second he touched him the boy’s eyes shot open shining a blue nearly white colour as power rose from around him. The water around them coming together making an orb, Percy didn't know why or how but his body responded as he pulled the boy closer and willed the water to protect them, any way it could. Protect was Percy's only thought, just protect. His vision turned to black as he fell into a deep sleep not knowing the next time he saw daylight it would not be for a long time.