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The Kims

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It's a night like all the others; the man is drinking while Seokjin is cleaning and the little boy is in bed fast asleep. The man orders Seokjin over he sighs walking over, prepared for what might happen. The man tugs on his shirt pulling him down onto his lap, Seokjin sits there and watches the man running his fingers through his brown locks.

"How was work?" The man questions a strong smell of alcohol hits Jin's face, yet Jin still faces him remembering what will happen if he turns away.

"It was great," he lies attempting to muster a smile. "And you?"

He sits there blankly as the man talks about his day; he doesn't listen but instead thinks about what his life has come to. He's desperate, he needs the money and a place to stay for him and his child. He can put up with anything just to make sure his baby has everything.

"Were you fucking around with that asshole Ken again? Huh, whore?" the man slurs angrily, the grip on Jin's waist becoming tighter.

Jin attempts to shove his hands off with no avail, the man shoves him onto the floor making him hit his back onto the coffee table. He looks up at the man who is standing over him with a scowl on his face; the man drags him, on the floor by his hair. He lets out a cry as the grip gets tighter.

"What did I tell you about fighting back huh?" The man roars, causing small a cry to erupt from the back room. "How about he sees his little bitch of a father getting beat?"

Seokjin jumps up despite the pain in his back. "Don't touch him!" he screams.

Fear hits him as the man starts to walk towards him, closing the space between the both of them. "Don't tell me what to do whore," the man hisses wrapping his hands around his neck, slamming him into the wall.

Seokjin desperately scratches at the man's hands and face, choking out pleads hoping it will end; the little boy runs into the room begging and screaming for the man to stop. The sound of muffled police sirens surrounds the house the man lets go off Seokjin, turning his attention to the police who were now knocking on the door. Seokjin swallows trying to catch his breath as he crawls over to his son, pulling him into his lap trying to calm him down.

Unaware of everything, the sounds around him now become a muffled noise as Seokjin holds onto the boy protectively. He watches as the police cuff the man and the others walking towards him, he doesn't hear the police screaming at him, but he can see their angry faces all he can do is sit there and stare as they snatch his little boy from his arms.

It's a nightmare like all the others; the man is gone while Seokjin lives happily and the little boy is safety in bed fast asleep. He jumps up from his sleep, his heart races as he looks around the dark room trying to catch his breath. He stiffens feeling something warm pressed against him, hearing a small whimper brings a small smile to his face, his little boy laying right there. He plants a soft kiss on the boy's forehead before laying back down.

Everything is alright.