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Intimacy with a Villain

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It was evening by the time the two of you returned to your humble apartment, thoughts on what you’d prepare for dinner running through your mind.

The minute you stepped through the door Saitama’s hands were on you in an instant, the door is shut with a soft click. The groceries and other items you bought were left on the floor as you were whisked away to the bedroom, a trail of clothing being discarded on the floor.

Once your back hit the soft covers of your bed, rough yet warm hands cupped the soft and supple flesh of your rump as an eager mouth practically made love with your own. Tongues interlocked and danced with one another shamelessly, too intoxicated with each other’s taste to stop.

Once the need for oxygen became too much, you broke the kiss with a loud gasp. Saitama didn’t waste any time to start attacking your neck. Each mark he began to place on your [s/t] skin tingles slightly, the pain being soothed from quick swipes of his tongue.

Soft whimpers or sighs would escape your kiss-swollen lips from each mark he made, delight coursing through your body from receiving such attention from your lover.

The bald villain was like a ravenous beast that had not eaten or drunk anything in days as his mouth traveled down your body, stinging marks being left over the soft expanse of your body. His hands fondle your breasts, the tips of his thumbs rubbing against your nipples.

Soft whimpers escape your parted lips as he teases the sensitive buds on your chest, his mouth occupied with leaving your soft skin untouched. As he left marks on the upper half of your body, one of his hands moves down to caress your hip. Saitama’s fingers gently ran along your stomach before traveling down, his fingertips barely touching your dripping sex.

Two of his fingers gently caressed your lower lips, eliciting a soft moan from you. The appendages became slightly coated with your arousal as he continued to caress you before moving his hand away, causing you to whimper. The sight of his coated fingers causes you to slightly flush in embarrassment especially as he said, “Look at this, I’ve barely started and you’re already this excited.” His dark cherry red eyes bore into your own [e/c] as he brought his fingers up to his mouth before licking them clean.

The act itself was sinful.

Your body burned with the desire to feel his tongue licking a particular part of your body instead of his fingers. “Sai..~” You whined out, gaining his attention immediately. “Please,” you whimpered as you spread your legs, allowing him an easier access to the most intimate part of you.

Saitama chuckled at your silent yet insistent request, a smirk curling upon his lips. His hands drifted along your hips before guiding toward your legs as he shifted his body downward, his gaze settling on your glistening sex. He held your hips down as he sensually dragged his tongue upwards and along your outer lips, causing you to moan quietly.

Slipping your left leg over his shoulder, he used his unoccupied hand to spread your lips. He wasted no time with slipping two fingers inside of you, the appendages curling slightly to rub your walls each time they moved. The feeling of Saitama’s fingers along with the addition of his tongue being inside of you caused your soft moans to gradually grow louder.

The pleasurable stimulation caused a familiar tightening feeling to settle in your belly. Saitama took notice of the fact you’re close to reaching your release. As the movement of his fingers inside you increased, the closer you felt toward your release. Feeling your velvety walls clench around his fingers told him you were about to reach your breaking point.

Instead, he decides to pull away at the last minute, causing you to release a choked whine at the sudden loss. “Saitama,” you let out a frustrated huff of his name.

“Don’t worry, [Y/n],” he stated, amused by the sight of your frustration. “I have something much better for you.” His voice had taken on a deeper tone as he flipped you over with ease, guiding you to be on your hands and knees. Gripping your hip with one of his hands, he used the other to guide the tip of his throbbing cock to press against your entrance.

With a flushed expression, excitement coursing through your body, you gave Saitama a cheeky reply. “Alright, but you better not disappoint me.~”

He smirked at your cheekiness before saying, “I live,” he slipped inside of you with ease, “to entertain.” He snapped his hips forward, pushing the rest of his cock deep inside of you. Saitama basked in your warm tightness as you gripped the soft sheets underneath your body rather tightly, a choked moan escaping your lips while your back arched from the sudden jolt of pleasure.

Saitama gripped your hips lightly as he began to set a rhythm, his pace a little too slow for your liking. “Faster,” you whined after a moment of impatience. He obliged to your desire, his grip slightly tightening on your hips as his pace increased, his cock reaching deeper inside of you. “Sai..!~” You barely managed to say his name, moans easily spilling from your lips.  

During this intimate moment, with the strength Saitama held your hips, you were sure he’d leave finger-shaped marks on your [s/t] skin. A possibility that you wouldn’t mind in the least, the thought only fueling your desire. As Saitama went in faster and deeper, he finally brushed against your g-spot. “Saitama!” You cried out his name repeatedly as he constantly brushed against those sensitive bundle of nerves, pleasure shooting through your body like bolts of lightning.

Your inner thighs quivered, the familiar tightening feeling in your belly returning. Saitama released a soft grunt as he felt your walls tighten around him suddenly, a loud “Saitama!” escaping your lips as your orgasm hits you at full force.  

The smell of sex was thick in the air. Sounds of skin meeting skin echoed within your bedroom, your moans and whimpers along with Saitama’s grunts melding together.

Your arms shook as you tried to hold yourself up, your moans flowing out nonstop. Saitama leaned down to press his mouth against the back of your neck before trailing it over a mark he made earlier, his warm breath causing a shiver to run down your spine.

While Saitama would normally give the minimal amount of effort due to disinterest, this was one activity, especially since it involves you, is something he’d never allow himself to not give his utmost best in to satisfy both of your desires.

“Damn, you feel so good,” he grunts out softly in your ear, a satisfied feeling coming over you from his statement.

With a sharp thrust of his hips, Saitama’s pace increased as he pushed deeper inside of you. Both of your bodies were joined as one at this moment, pleasure being received equally. “Saitama..!~” You cried out his name loudly as you reached your sweet release for a second time, the upper half of your body crashing onto the bed. After a few more thrusts, Saitama lets out a brief moan of your name as he reaches his own orgasm.  

A pleased and contented expression appears on your face at the feeling of Saitama’s seed spilling inside of you. When he was done he pulls out slowly with a satisfying pop, his cum spilling out and running along your inner thighs. Your breaths came out in short gasps as you tried to regain your bearings, your body feeling slightly sensitive.

After your breathing settles into soft pants, you suddenly find yourself flipped onto your back. With a startled gasp, your [e/c] gaze shifted up to come in contact with Saitama’s cherry red eyes. The sight before you caused the desire to pool within your nether regions.

A smirk had curled upon his lips once again, his eyes dark with lust as he said, “Keep making those sounds for me, alright?” Instead of the usual monotone, the villain’s voice had slipped into a deep husky purr.

Seems like dinner would have to wait.

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The first time you’d encountered Saitama after a long while, you could think of nothing else but the fear coursing through your mind. After all, the bald villain had snuck up on you when you least expected it just to ask a simple yet strange question. Saitama had spoken to you in a crowded part of the shopping district, yet the world around you went silent, filled with nothing but the soft erratic thumping of your heart in your chest.

You realized you could only answer based on survival instinct alone, spewing some form of nonsense on the forefront of your mind. If Kyoko hadn’t come by when she had, you worried voicing your continued opinion would eventually cause the other to grow annoyed, and possibly break your neck. That night, you slumped back into the bed in your room, wondering why you couldn’t forget that strange situation.

The feeling of cold sweat running down your spine came not out of fear for your life, but because of the pleasant warmth that suddenly burst to life in your neck. You wondered if Saitama had felt it at the time, the pulsing of your mating glad against his palm. An omega reacting to the touch of an alpha.

No. Absolutely not.

Kyoko assured you such an event would weigh down on your shoulders and inevitably conjure up irrational and strange thoughts. Perhaps you could have asked her for advice, but the pinkette probably wouldn’t have let you live it down before actually helping you.

Although, you still wondered if you should’ve asked for her help back then. There was so much you could have, should have asked. But instead, you simply told her you’d be fine before retreating into the comfort of your room as the villain's scent invaded your mind.

Mint. A soft, strong tone covered in an earthy scent.

How could you ever explain to Kyoko that you were remembering the warmth of Saitama’s hand and the reassurance of his words against your ear? He could have easily desolated the place, killing many people if he felt like it. Yet, he had no intention of taking a life that day.

You saw right through the villain's false threat as your skin pricked up in excitement before you caught yourself from leaning further into Saitama’s calloused hand. Your eyes had nearly slipped close in the delight of his scent, the purr dying in your throat as the rational part of your brain snapped some sense into you before you did something you’d regret.

Shocked, you realized you’d almost presented to a villain.

Sighing, you grabbed your phone to check the date, your eyes widening in shock. You noticed the date for the beginning of your heat was edging closer. So that's why you reacted in such a way. Sighing again, you knew you needed to schedule a heat at least once every few months to keep your body from resisting the omega medication you took.

Huffing, you blame yourself for being so punctual. You knew you’d have to talk to Yuria about taking time off from patrols. Other heroes, like Tatsumaki, finding out your biology would be a headache you didn’t feel like dealing with. Setting your phone back down on the nightstand you turned over in bed, deciding your heat would have to wait. You weren’t one to miss your heat, so what would go wrong with skipping just one?

You never realized just how many incoming heroes worked in the police department, and it was an amusing sight to see how excited they all were after finishing up a day’s job of patrolling. You were accustomed to peaceful patrols (the majority of the time you went patrolling), but it was refreshing to experience common criminal activities in Z-city.

Your recent accomplishment had been arresting the perpetrator of a jewelry store robbery without any injuries to the employees and citizens.

“You did great today, Berserker!” The officer praised as he took the individual into custody with a smile. “Happy to help.” You said with a smile as you left the scene, ignoring the pain radiating throughout your body. It had been a few weeks since delaying your heat, the effects fading away as your body adapted to the sudden changes.

The time of your second meeting, you had sensed Saitama not far from where you were. Alarms rang in your mind as you sprinted toward his location, eyes glowing a vivacious [o/e/c]. As you turned into the alleyway, where the scent was the strongest, you prepared to rush in and save whoever was there.

Entering the alley, you noticed a C-rank hero on the ground, her eyes closed shut. Looking up at the one who rendered her unconscious, your [o/e/c] eyes narrowed. “Saitama.” You sneered, your body tense as you prepared yourself for anything.

“[Y/n].” Saitama said with a dull tone as he turned towards you. “Your hero friend here decided to bother me. I didn’t want to make a scene, but as you can see,” he gestured toward the unresponsive hero, “I had no choice, so run along and pretend nothing happened.”

Ignoring his words you took a step forward while surveying the injuries Saitama had inflicted on the young hero. “Back away from her, and let me take her back with me.” Your voice falters slightly, but your tone left no room for argument.

“Back away?” He scoffs. “I’m going to kill her.” The villain’s matter of fact tone made you grimace. Saitama’s cherry red eyes watched you intently as you calculated the best course of action.

“Where’s the other one?” You question, hoping Saitama would understand the message as you readied your stance and grounded the heel of your shoes firmly against the concrete.

“So you wish to fight me?” He chuckled at this, turning towards you completely yet retaining the same relaxed posture, showing no evidence of distress. “You’re in luck, though. It’s just me.”

At the end of his sentence, you leap towards the villain, trying to hit him with a punch that would distract him just enough to rescue the hero and allow you to retreat. As much as you’d want to fight the villain, you knew your current strength would be no match against him at the moment.

Saitama dodged the hit with ease as he realized your intention. Grabbing your arm, he managed to pin you to the ground. You winced once hitting the ground, expecting a broken bone or something painful that never came. Instead, Saitama had grabbed you with just his thumb and index finger.

You took the opportunity and freed yourself with a sweeping kick, attempting to reach the hero in time. With terrible timing, a jolt of pain suddenly shot through your body again, but you made sure not to show it.

“You’ve gotten a bit stronger, [Y/n].” Saitama chuckles as he exchanged blows with you, not an ounce of strength placed in his attacks. Scowling, you became angry at the villain's comment, feeling as if he was toying with you.

Without warning, the scent of mint flooded in the air around you, distracting you enough to lose your footing and miss. A series of kicks and punches that had pushed Saitama back had come to a halt, your thoughts becoming a jumbled mess. The tempo of your attacks had vanished and what replaced it was the sickening feeling of slick running down your inner thigh.

“Not now!” You thought in a slight panic. A sudden kick to the side brought you out of your thoughts and knocked you to the side. You gritted your teeth at the dull pain in your side, but that didn’t stop you from trying to get up and continue the fight, a menacing growl rising in your throat.

“Stay down, [Y/n].” Saitama said as he pinned you back down again, his knee pressed against your stomach to stop any further movement.

“Let her go.” You whispered, your body suddenly weaker than you’d remembered. Every thought in your body was fighting with instinct, the hero part of you wanting to get up and whisk the poor, unconscious hero away, but the omega side of you wanted to obey.

Saitama frowned as he said, “You should be the one heading home, [Y/n]. Omegas so close to their heat are more likely to be attacked by any alpha wandering around the streets.” He pressed his knee a little harder against your stomach, causing you to wince slightly. “Unless that’s what you’re into.”

“How can you tell?” You managed to choke out through the pain. “Your scent blockers can’t do anything to block the stench of that slick.” He replies as he leaned down a bit, pulling the fabric covering your neck to relish in the lovely scent coming from you. He leaned down closer and pressed his nose against the omega’s gland, driving you crazy from the sensation. “So needy,” he chuckled darkly, “I could mark you right now and you would accept it, wouldn’t you?”

“P-please… don’t…” You managed to mumble, breathless as you focused all of your attention on not going into heat as opposed to getting out of Saitama’s hold.

With that response, Saitama released his hold on you.

He got up and looked over you strangely, before crossing his arms. “It’s not my style to take an unwilling omega. But your scent was so arousing I almost couldn’t help myself.”

"Can't believe... you have standards." You huffed, bringing yourself up slowly and trying to calm your trembling body.

The villain ignored your remark as he walked over to the unconscious hero, bringing his hand to her neck.

“N-NO! Saitama, don't!” You yelled with all your might as you rushed toward the villain with the last bit of strength in your body. Your legs gave out on you before you could reach him, your body hitting the ground as a cry of defeat left your lips at the sight of the hero’s limp body.

“I have to get rid of loose ends, [Y/n].” Saitama mumbled as his grip tightened on the young hero’s neck. The sound of snapping bone met your ears, your eyes widening in shock. You watched in horror as the young hero’s body was dropped to the ground.

Your own negligence was the cause of an innocent hero's death. Because you’re an omega you couldn’t save them, a repetition of words coursing through your mind as tears fell from your eyes.

You pressed your head against the cool concrete as tears continued to fall, your body shaking and growing weaker by the second. You had grown cold while crying on the floor of an alleyway, completely at the mercy of a  villain. You felt a hand on your temple, pushing back damp strands of [h/c] hair as the panic settled in, quiet whimpers escaping your lips in desperation.

Saitama sighed at the sight of you, debating on what to do before he made up his mind.

You felt your body being picked up, but you could no longer make any attempts to escape. The last sensation you felt was the soft uneven breathing of the alpha carrying you to who-knows-where, the comforting scent of mint the villain was oddly giving off eased your mind.

The sound of muffled voices from a television coming from outside the room you were in slowly roused you from your deep sleep. Then, a loud bang of a door caused you to jolt upright in the bed. Vaguely, you remembered the fight with Saitama and the sudden onset of your heat as a young hero died in the process.

Sighing, you glanced down at your palms and noticed sweat had settled upon them, waves of arousal dying in your core as your heat slowly simmered down.

“I went ahead and administered medication to delay your heat. You've been cleaned and changed,” Piercing scarlet eyes glared at you from the corner of the room. “Genos!” You murmur in surprise, your body moving on instinct as you leapt out of the bed and into a defensive position.

Genos stared at you, sneering. “I wouldn’t recommend any sudden movements. The last thing we need is your scent to force any nearby alphas into a conflict.”

Narrowing your eyes at him, you remained in the same position. “Well, what do you want with me?” You questioned while not letting your guard down for a second.

“As much as it would please me to kill you right now, Master has given me explicit instructions to leave you unharmed.” The cyborg sighed, his glowing optics narrowing at you. “You were merely brought here since Master felt it in him to help a defenseless omega.”

“Why you....” The insult died on your lips from the harshness of Genos’s glare, reminding you of the position you’re in.

“I have no interest of being here any longer than I have to,” he says he moved from the spot he was in, “Now, do you need another dose?”

You remained silent, not wanting to comply with the villain or consciously take any medication offered by him, even if you felt the tingling in your neck return and the slow build up of slick once more. The villain could not recognize the signs much to your relief. He was a beta and a cyborg, so not much of a surprise.

“Hmph, so be it.” Genos left the room after that, the tension easing after he was no longer there. Huffing, you let out the breath you didn’t realize you’d been holding and settled back down on the bed, afraid for what was to come as the thick scent of the unknown invaded your senses. The smells were aggressive, causing a small headache to gradually appear.

Quickly, you covered your nose with the borrowed shirt you’d been given, believing that if you allowed yourself to smell anymore, you’d have a terrible migraine for weeks. Instinctually, you knew what was happening, the strong mint scent sticking to your skin evidence of the alpha's claim, but rationally you wanted to fight it.

Soon, the soft voices you heard when waking up stopped and the sound of doors opening, and closing followed after rather quietly. You examined your surroundings in one last attempt to formulate an escape plan. The room had one window, but it was too small for you to actually make your escape.

Soon enough, you heard footsteps heading toward your way. You waited in tense anticipation as the alpha approached. The bald villain entered the room, lacking his usual outfit. Pausing near the closed door, Saitama took a moment to inhale the scents in the room. He could easily sense and smell what Genos couldn't.

“No defensive position?” Saitama questioned with a smirk on his face as if the situation was a joke to him.

“Don’t feel the need.” You huffed, the lie falling from your lips easily. You wanted nothing more than to fight and escape, but as Genos so graciously implied, your full heat could be triggered at the expense of a fight.

“Then, I’ll get straight to the point. You’re more troublesome than I originally thought, [Y/n].” Saitama explains as he took slow steps towards you, exuding the musky scent of mint before settling down on the bed beside you without warning.

“How?” You inquired. “You have me where you want. You can kill me at any time you want. So, what are your intentions?” A hint of anger and annoyance tinged the words rolling off your tongue.

Chuckling, Saitama looked at you with a hint of amusement shining in his cherry red eyes. “Killing you would have been ideal and using your life to bargain with other heroes might be even better, but no.” He grabbed your face without warning, staring deep into your slightly fearful [e/c] eyes. “Turns out we’re fated mates.”

Your eyes widened in shock from his statement, your hand moves to push Saitama’s hand away to allow you to stare intently at the floor. Your body was shaking, your breath quickening at the mere thought of his words. “It can’t be…” You whispered, confusion and shocked laced in your tone.

“Alphas and omegas are rare in society as it is, but for us to be fated mates, what are the chances?” Saitama leaned back with a humorless grin on his face. “A villain and a hero fated to be as one, how ironic.”

After a moment, you decided to speak. “What do you want?” You mumbled, shaking in frustration while resisting the urge to sit up just a little bit straighter, accentuating the natural curves of your body for the alpha to notice.

“Hm?” Saitama hummed with a smirk, tracing a line down your spine, forcing you to do just that.

“What do you want with me?!” You lashed out, attacking Saitama and knocking him back against the bed. You straddled the man against the plush mattress, gripping his shoulders tightly in anger. You released a small gasp in surprise, the alpha's arousal evident beneath you.

“Isn’t it obvious?” The villain inquired as he gripped your wrists and flipped you over, effectively reversing your positions without harming you. “I’m going to claim what belongs to me.”

“I’ll never belong to a villain.” You growled, trying your best not to give into the sensation welling up inside your body.

“We’ll see.” Saitama murmurs as he leaned down toward you nipping at your neck while toying with the gland, causing shivers to course through your body. He nipped at your neck again before sucking a deep mark at the spot. "We’ll save the bond mark for later.” He mutters, smirking.

Slowly, Alpha pheromones filled their small quarters, drawing out your omega without much remorse. You were fading, and as much as you wanted to resist, your omega begged for the attention from an alpha, your alpha.

You tried to fight as rough hands removed layers of clothing one by one, prolonging the time it would take for it to be over with. You tried to hate it too, but Saitama proved to be rather gentle and affectionate as he ran his hands and lips carefully over your soft body, making sure you grew accustomed to his touch.

Then, he moved and undressed before you, revealing old scars received at a time before he became who was today. “So many scars…” You whispered, unconsciously tracing the numerous old wounds peppering Saitama’s torso. The omega in you wanted to nurture the man before you, a soft purr rumbling in the back of your throat.

Saitama chuckled at your response before he cut off your purr by pressing his warm pair of lips against your own. The contact was surprisingly soft, welcoming a response from the omega. Saitama deepened the kiss, flicking his tongue against your bottom lip and hungrily invading your mouth once you gave him access.

The villain drew a moan from the hero, paying attention to your response as his tongue danced with yours, the kiss ending with a gentle bite tugging on your bottom lip.

“You’re mine, [Y/n],” Saitama whispered in your ear, tasting the sweet name of his omega as it escaped his lips.

Those words drove you crazy, your omega no longer allowing any form of rational thought to come across your mind.

Saitama assaulted your chest, trailing kisses and leaving stinging marks down your body until reaching your womanhood, his tongue teasing your most sensitive parts. You couldn’t suppress the soft keens and moans leaving your parted lips from ministrations on your body.

Soon enough, Saitama began to prepare you as he inserts one finger after another to stretch your slick entrance. During this point you were at the height of your heat, your scent soaked in arousal as Saitama pleasured you.

You felt your mind go blank as an orgasm hits you full force, causing a loud cry to leave your lips. You pant, trying to regain your breath before you took in Saitama’s scent. The alpha’s scent oozed desire as you felt your legs get parted by rough calloused hands.

Saitama lined up at your entrance before he leaned down to capture you in a heated kiss. After a moment he pulled away to look at you. “What do you want, [Y/n]?” The bald man breathed heavily, looking for approval in his omega’s eyes.

“I want you, Saitama…” you whispered as you wrapped your arms around Saitama’s neck, drawing him in for another kiss.

The pain happened fast, a deep pressure soon replacing it as the villain bottomed out, filling you completely with everything you never knew you’d wanted. You whimpered, but the soothing purr of your alpha calmed your body from rejecting the strange sensation.

Your scents mingled for some time and having your glands so close to each other brought a new feeling of connectedness, the omega allowing the alpha to continue.

Saitama’s gentle demeanor shifted as time progressed, his movements becoming more desperate as he thrust into you, but he never became reckless enough to hurt you. As he neared his peak he flipped you over onto all fours and attacked the bundle of nerves deep inside your core with more precision from this  new angle.

You screamed in pure pleasure, enjoying the roughness you were experiencing from your  alpha while realizing you’d never go back to the toys that you had to try to mimic this pleasure.

“I’m going to knot you.” Saitama grunts out, not asking for permission from the hero beneath him. He brought his lips to the back of your neck, placing a chaste kiss on the flesh before biting down into the gland. The action drove you into your final orgasm, your entire body filled with ecstasy as you rode out Saitama’s own, the knot soon forming deep inside you.

Both of you collapsed onto the bed after, breathing heavily against each other. You reached back and brought your lips to press gently against Saitama’s collarbone.  

“Here.” The alpha murmured helping to  position you comfortably to be able to reach his neck. Saitama didn’t know if he would regret the action later, but at that moment you were all that mattered. And anything you wanted, you’d get.

You bit down without hesitation, breaking the skin and reaching the gland with your sharpened teeth. You released your hold on Saitama and shifted back into his embrace, falling into a deep and peaceful sleep in the arms of your fated mate.

Chapter Text

Far from the city and seemingly located in the middle of nowhere lies an old island known as Blue Coast. Blue Coast was ironically known for the color of the waters surrounding the large land, seemingly more clear and a lovely shade of blue that made the sky hide behind clouds in shame. On this island, a resort called Sunset Isles was slowly in production. The creation of this resort is ran by the famous Samuel Fawkes, your father.

Your family is known for their popular vacation spots and extravagant hosting and now that they have enough money and still more island room, your father decided to send you his daughter, a very strategical woman to venture forth through the unclaimed parts of the island to see if he could expand more or not. A group of four heavily trained men were with you as you as you set forth deep into the jungle for this great business opportunity (that’s what your father had said). 

As you walked through the dense forest, you took in the sight of the exotic birds, plants, and flowers. The life here was beautiful and you couldn’t help sketch some of the things you saw when your group stopped to take a moment to glance at the map that had been prepared. To you, it was nice to see all the animals roaming around the area freely instead of being in cages. The breeze that passed by was cool, creating a comforting atmosphere for traveling. 

“Ms. Fawkes, we’re ready to head further,” Marcus calls out to you. Looking up from your sketchbook, you turn to look at him. “That’s great! Let’s go ahead and continue,” you say as you slipped your sketchbook back into your brown satchel. The group ventured further with the help of the map, the rest of the island being marked off as they went. The spots your father planned to build in were marked and observed. The further your group went gathered the attention of suspicious eyes. 

Taking a couple of sips from your canteen, you sighed and turned your attention toward the sky. The sun was setting which meant you’d have to settle for camp soon. Sighing again, you walked over to a tree not far from you to lean against it. Instead, when you took one step the ground was taken out from under your feet. With a surprised yelp, you found yourself snared in a net high above the ground.

Your group were instantly alert as they rushed over to help you, confused by the sight of the trap. “Are you alright, Ms. Fawkes?” Marcus calls up to you while the two others search for the a knife to cut you down. “Yes, I’mー,” before you could finish, the sound of loud rustling cut you off. Out of nowhere, men holding spears hopped out from behind large bushes, speaking in a language you were unable to recognize. The men of your group were caught off guard, one managing to escape during the confusion. From your high position you watched in surprise as the natives easily subdue them. 

You weren’t aware that there were any natives living on the island, especially since your father had told you previously the place was uninhabited. The expressions on their faces were fierce and slightly frightening as the men of your group were forced to walk in a single file, bounded tightly with the spears close to their neck. You were worried about your group and yourself as the two of the natives brought you down before slipping a wooden pole through the rope and onto their shoulders, their steps in perfect sync as they followed after the others.  

Quietly, you studied the men as you were taken deeper into a denser part of the forest. They didn’t wear any tops, which revealed old battle scars. Their legs were covered by dark pants, their feet remaining bare. You also noticed that their arms and back were covered by dark, intricate tattoos. From your observations, you could tell these men were guards, if not warriors. The one in the back noticed your curious gaze, the expression on his face causing an unpleasant shiver to run down your spine. You looked away from him, ignoring his slimy chuckle. 

A few minutes pass before a clearing could be seen up ahead. The large space was filled with tents and large structures, some resembling regular houses all made from materials like wood or stone. There were native men, women, and children watching curiously as your group were brought to a large stone building. The room you all were brought in resembled a throne room. An old man with gray hair and a long gray beaded sat upon a colorful red mat located in the center of the room. Adorning the old man’s body was long blue and gold robes, his right ear riddle with small golden piercings. You assumed he was the chief. 

The rope no longer covered your body and you were smart enough not try an escape attempt. The chief didn’t look like the patient type. “Ahmek mel thema!” One of the natives that captured your group exclaimed as you and the others were forced upon your knees in front of the old man. Your satchel along with the other bags and equipment your group brought were placed in front of him, too. 

It was silent as the chief glanced over the things in front of him, the map your father had given you for this expedition held lightly in his hand. The chief’s brows furrowed briefly before his gaze shifted toward your group. “Selma tha mek?” His voice was gruff as he spoke, but it only provided confusion. “I’m sorry,” you spoke up, your voice calm as the chief turned his attention to you, “We don’t understand you.” The Chief lets out a grunt at this before repeating himself, this time in English. “Why have you come here?” Surprised, you remained calm as you answered. “We didn’t mean to venture this far out into your land, sir. In all honesty, we didn’t know there was people out here this far on the island.”

The chief rubs his beard in thought, the map still in his hand. “I’ve never seen people like you before. Why have you come to the Reim Isle?” Learning of the island’s actual name was another surprise, but you remained steadfast. The chief watched you with a calculative eye as you spoke. “We’re from across the seas. We only came to expand land for the resort near the coastline that I believe is north of here. My father sent me to do this job at hand.” The chief’s eyes grew dark at this and in a booming voice, stunning you and your group, he said, “You are the ones that have been damaging the isle! You’ve disrupted the peace, destroying nature in your path of creating that strange structure. For that, your lives should be forfeited!” Marcus and the others grew tense as the guards positioned around them grew closer, their weapons pointed at them.  

You grew nervous about the weapons being pointed at you and your group. Quickly thinking of something, you blurted out the first words that came to mind. “Wait! How about we make a compromise?” You’d rather not have bloodshed being the conclusion to this situation. The chief raised his hand, the guards stopping at his command. Noting his silence, you continued. “It’s only the four of us here that have trespassed,” you referred to your group, forgetting the other that had ran. “Allow us to head back and you won’t see any of us again.”

Hearing your statement, the chief rubbed his chin in thought. Opening his mouth to reply, he was interrupted by the loud sound of the wooden doors being opened. Your eyes widened at the sight you saw, fear slowly settling over you. A bald man wearing similar attire to those that brought you here calmly walked in, but what he was dragging behind him stunned you. 

Marcus was brutally beaten, the bruises adorning his body excessive. The bald man’s expression was calm as he dragged your unconscious friend by the hair toward the chief. For a split second he turned his head to look at you, time seemingly slowing as his dark cherry red eyes gazed into your [e/c]. Something flashed in his dark eyes, but you couldn’t decipher it when he looked away. 

Marcus was dropped in front of the chief, a brief exchange was made before the bald man moved to stand by his side. The chief’s expression was dark as he prepared to send you and your group to the afterlife, your pleas dying on your lips. As the guards edge closer, Saitama watched with mild interest. 

To him, you resembled a scared and fragile rabbit, one that tries to remain courageous in the presence of a predator. To say the least, the bald warrior was rather intrigued. With the blades of the spears close to your neck he yells out, “Tak!” This causes the men to halt and the chief’s gaze to instantly to him. Dropping to one knee, Saitama leans in to whisper something in the chief’s ear. You, along with the others, watched with bated breaths. 

Your heart was thumping loudly in your chest as the chief rubbed at his beard again, in thought. With an accepting grunt, Saitama moves away from him before both of their gazes settle on you. “A preposition has arrived for you,” he states with a hardened expression. “Here, you will stay,” he points at you, “and learn of our way of life while also teaching one of my people your kind’s way of life.” 

You nodded along to his words, letting him know you were paying attention before he continued. “If you agree with these terms, your life along with your companions shall be spared.” The instant he finished speaking, you felt the tension in the room settle on your shoulders. Without having to think about such a decision, you nod and say, “I agree.”

With that, the others were set free before they went to grab Marcus. They look at you with concern brimming in their eyes before they were rudely ushered out, leaving you with the chief and the bald man with the strange cherry red eyes. 

Chapter Text

Saitama wasn’t the patient type. 

Though he honestly had no one to blame but himself as he wasn’t particularly fond of operating rooms. For the safety of you and your newborn, the doctors opted to deliver via C-section. Even though he’d never admit it, it terrified him to think of his wife going under the knife, but you and the doctor both reassured him the procedure was so quick and minimal these days.


He wished he could see you already. He wanted to be next to you and be able to see his child, to make sure the both of you were healthy and safe. Slowly, he was growing irritated, his crimson gaze darkening the longer it took. He was ready to tear down the building to get to you, but from Genos’s phlegmatic words, he was able to keep control of his rousing temperament. 

Finally, a nurse called him over. She leads him down a small hallway as she explained to him that you’d be a little out of it with the pain medicine, but that everything went well. He found the tension in his body releasing once he learned you and the baby were in great health.

When she broke the news to him that his child was a girl, Saitama felt his heart skip a beat. 

A little girl, his daughter. 

He couldn’t help the prideful feeling coursing through him.

Finally reaching the room, he quietly made his way to you. Amusement shines in his eyes at the sight of your sleepy expression as fondness warms his heart. A small smile curls upon his lips at the affectionate look in your eyes as you held the tiny bundle lovingly in your arms. That affectionate expression soon turns to him once he’s by your side, the smile on your face growing even more.

Love and pride shine in his eyes as he settles in the bed next to you, like a protective blanket. You didn’t need to hear any words from him, knowing well enough he was just as happy as you were.

After all, even villains deserve some happiness.