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Bad Bets.

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Sheriff Noah Stilinski wasn't a good person or a good parent, he had fallen into drinking, gambling, drugs and prostitutes after his wife committed suicide to escape his abuse.

Claudia had thought she had saved her child by secreting him away to live with her mother before ending her own life by purposefully driving off of a cliff in The Preserve near Beacon Hills, she had tried to make it look like hers and Noah's two-year-old son Stiles had been in the car and died in the wreck with her, but a quick search of traffic cams nearest to the area showed that she had been alone and going back to even earlier in tapes of traffic cams and security cameras around the town's bus station showed that Claudia had put the Stiles a bus a whole hour before she drove over the cliff to her death. A search of the bus station's records showed that Claudia had sent Stiles as an unaccompanied minor to the town where her mother lived. A couple of calls to lawyers and other law enforcement showed that allegations of abuse had been lobbied and that custody of Stiles had been signed over to Claudia's mother by Claudia.

A quick showing of how Claudia couldn't have possibly been in her right mind when she said or did those things or made those allegations later and Sheriff Noah Stilinski had his son back in his custody before the bus that Stiles had been on had even gotten out of California.

In those two years that had passed, Noah had neglected his very young child by leaving him alone for hours at a time sometimes even overnight while Noah partied, slept with prostitutes, drank, did opioids and methamphetamines and gambled away his last dime one too many times leaving him owing too many people too much money.

Now here he was with the only thing he could offer up to try to settle his debts.

The four-year-old Stiles had a thumb in his mouth and his free hand was clutching Noah's pant leg.

Peter Hale's gaze was appraising, seeing how much he thought the boy was worth, if it wasn't enough, Noah would be killed and Stiles would still be taken by Peter and his people either way, but if it was enough, well, at least Noah would walk away with his life and maybe even a little cash to get him through for a little while.

"Derek." Peter called out and a massive black wolf with glowing blue eyes trotted to Peter in reply.

Then Peter looked to Noah and said "Unzip his pants, only unzip, nothing else, not unbutton, not pull down, only unzip."

Noah had been told very specifically how to bathe and dress Stiles if he so much as wanted this transaction to even be considered and Noah had complied, he still complies even now thinking it to be a test to see if he followed the instructions.

Peter looked down at the massive black wolf and gave a subtle nod of his head and then the giant black wolf stalked towards Stiles.

Once the wolf as right in front of Stiles it pushed its elongated snout into Stiles' open fly without any preamble and Stiles gave a tiny surprised yelp but didn't move save for clutching Noah's pant leg even tighter in his tiny hand.

Noah saw the black wolf's bright pink tongue dart out and take a quick flick at the little boy's tiny, tightie-whitie covered clock.

The little boy's breath hitched and stuttered as he gasped, his face crinkled adorably in confusion when he looked up at Noah with saucer sized eyes wide with innocence and said "Daddy?"..

The little boy gave a confused, uncomfortable grunt like he was constipated and trying to poop when the massive black wolf's nosed into the opening at the front of the tightie-whities and licked the tiny boy's bare cock, his breath came out a stuttered whine when the wolf licked his bare cock, one, two, three more times.

The boy took a timid step back in an attempt to dislodge the wolf's tongue from inside his underwear but the wolf just followed with a huff of annoyance licking even harder and more frequently.

"Daddy make it stop!" Stiles whined as he tried climbing up into his father's arms to escape the wolf's tongue.

The wolf pulled back for a moment, sat on its haunches, looked back at Peter Hale and licked its chops.

There were several other men in the large, barren room, at least twelve other men, not counting Noah, Peter Hale and the giant black wolf that Peter had called "Derek", whether it was Derek Hale, Peter's nephew in Fully Shifted Form or some other werewolf with a massive black Fully Shifted Form and blue glowing eyes that just happened to be named Derek ..

Some of the men chuckled at the way the wolf looked at Peter and licked its chops, a couple of others stared at the very young, very tiny, four-year-old Stiles with laser-focused hungry leers of pure deviance like they couldn't wait to get the go ahead from Peter to have their ways with the little boy.

"Strip him down." Peter gave the order to Noah. "Let us see if what you're offering us is worth taking your neck off of the chopping block for."

Noah looked down at his son's confusion filled amber colored eyes and began hefting the young boy's shirt over his head, but the boy grabbed his shirt and pulled it down with a surprised, confused, very embarrassed, slightly afraid and slightly chastising (or as chastising as a four-year-old could be to an adult) "Daddy!.. What are you doing?!"..

"I'm taking off your clothes so your new wolf friend can get better access to licking you without your clothes in the way.

"I don't want him to lick me there, Daddy, that's a bad touch!" Stiles said it like Noah didn't know any better and Stiles was being the grown up and getting onto Noah for allowing it in the first place.

There were amused huffs of laughter from some of the men in the room.

"Adorable." Peter Hale stated with an eyeroll. "Now take off his clothes like you were told."

It was done with some struggle from the four-year-old, but eventually Stiles stood naked, trying to cover himself as he backed against Noah's legs when the wolf started to nose and lick at the boy's crotch again.

The young boy gave a shivery chittering noise that turned into a weakly sighed out moan of confused pleasure as the wolf licked his cock and balls and the wolf's tongue slithered between the boy's clenched together thighs getting his taint and catching the rim of his hole with the tip of its tongue.

Stiles pressed hus back tighter against Noah's legs the little boy's back growing taut and stiff the more the wolf nosed and licked at his now naked crotch.

"Turn him around, bend him over at the waist and spread his asscheeks so Derek can get better access to his hole." Peter commanded.

Noah let out a tight breath of reluctant arousal as he gripped Stiles on the shoulders, spun the boy around, bent him over and spread the boy's cheeks like Peter had ordered, Stiles' head was trapped between Noah's thighs and Noah had Stiles' arms pinned against his thighs with his elbows so that the boy couldn't squirm away as Noah held the little boy's asscheeks apart and exposed his tiny, tight, little virgin pucker to the massive wolf..

"Daddy!"... Stiles let out a shocked cry as the wolf's entire big, broad, long tongue licked Stiles from balls to taint to hole in a slow, rough drag of the pad of its tongue..

The boy cried out again as the wolf's tongue circled and laved at his hole with the tip of its tongue dipping in every once in a while until the wolf was licking all the way into the boy's hole and the boy was a mess with tears, squeals, shrieks, cries of confused pleasure, discomfort and pain at the thing squirming inside of him..

"Alright Derek.. I've seen enough.." Peter stated with his eyes glowing red and his pupils blown with a deviant lust. "Sheriff, you've brought us a sweet little fuck toy. Sweet enough to wipe your slate clean. I suggest you leave now while you still have at least your life left before I decide to take that too."

When Noah started walking away, the still completely naked Stiles followed behind him only to be stopped by a man with sandy blonde hair and sunglasses..

Stiles tried to go around the man with a shout of "Daddy!", Noah didn't stop and no one explained anything that was happening to the tiny naked boy with the big innocent doe eyes as his father disappeared and he was left naked in a large room with thirteen leering men and one giant black wolf.