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You Are My Sunshine

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You are my sunshine
My only sunshine

"Now, tell me. Didn't you miss this, too? Just me and you, backstage, where nobody can find us?"
"Of course, Tommy. Summer is just awful-- I'm glad it's over." Elliot smiles at Thomas. The two are nearly inseparable, save for the three months' break each year.
"Where are we going today?" The younger boy says, smiling brightly.

You make me happy
When skies are grey

"Hey! It's raining in this room, Monkey!" Thomas radiates happiness as he opens another door. "This place is so magical!"
"It wouldn't be half as magical without you." Elliot returns the smile with a soft grin, blushing as Thomas takes his hand to lead him into the next room.

You'll never know, dear
How much I love you

"Are you sure the others aren't too far behind us?"
"It's fine, Tommy. We can go a little further ahead before--" Elliot can't finish his sentence, as something forces him to be quiet. It's the fact that Thomas is clasping his hand tight. Really tight. And something is trying to pull that hand away.

Please don't take
My sunshine

"Tommy?! Tommy?! Thomas!" Words can't meet the emotion Elliot's feeling. He's stuck running through the dark hallways, screaming out one word over and over as if it was the only one he knew. After all, it was the only one that mattered.

Please don't take

"Please... no, no, no... Tommy, Tommy, please! Polaroid..? Say something, please!" Tears come fast. 

My sunshine

"Oh, god... Tommy..."