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hyung :(

why the sad face :(

i know i’m being gross but i miss you :(

aw you’re too cute to be gross. i’m seeing you tomorrow, remember? that’s just a few hours away :)

send me a selca :(

i’m not decent lol


wow THAT cheered you up aplenty :p

hyungggg i wanna see you. all of you :(

i feel weird sending dick pics /o\

okay :(

i’ll see you tomorrow, so… ;)

ugh don’t tease me :(

would you feel better if i took a decent selca?

actually yes :D



lol what

i can see your bare shoulders ;_;

you’ve seen my bare shoulders before!

not when you’re shirtless :(

tokki omg /o\

why is that blanket over your chest? why do blankets even exist?

to hide my boner when we’re making out?

you get a boner too? ;_;

hell yes! you’re hot as fuck.

oh /o\

you’re a fucking great kisser too.

um thank you /o\

and you make the prettiest noises when i kiss your neck.



don’t tease :(

goodnight tokki. see you tomorrow :)

can’t wait to see you, hyung <3

all of me, right?



he’s positively sure he’s on the brink of pleasurable death because he forgot how to breathe two seconds ago and now he’s practically biting the back of his hand because he wants to stop all the uncontainable noises from escaping his lips.

and jin-hyung isn’t helping at all. on the contrary, he’s the cause of his demise.

“feel good, tokki?”

he nods, mouth still occupied with the back of his hand, eyes unable to look away from the way jin-hyung is looking at him. he doesn’t dare to look any lower because he knows he will come if he sees the way jin-hyung’s thumb is lazily toying with the underside of his cock, the way those other fingers are slip-sliding over his heated flesh in a merciless caress.

it was his brilliant idea to want more from their make-out session, and while he’s dry humped jin-hyung’s thigh and crotch several times before, this is the first time he’d wanted bare-skin to bare-cock contact, and he wants to be good so bad, he very nearly made jin-hyung’s neck bleed from the way he was biting and sucking on his collarbone in his attempt to keep his orgasm in check.

“hyung. shirt off. please.”

he’s done trying to make properly constructed sentences because time is of the essence and how are they both still fully clothed under these circumstances?

jungkook tries not to gape from the quick ease that soft sweater is off jin-hyung’s body, and all that skin is making him heady. he grabs hold of jin-hyung’s wrist, nearly blinded from the way a finger was drawing patterns on his balls, and gasps out loud.

“hyung, no. i don’t want to… not yet.”

he lets his head fall back in sweet, painful, relief when jin-hyung’s hand leaves his aching cock, soft kisses pressed against his forehead.

“for what it’s worth, you’re a champion for not coming even after all that. you’re so good, tokki.”

he preens because he can’t help it, glowing under the praise.

“i want to see you, hyung. you said i could.”

he’s lost all inhibitions at this point, and while he’s nervous about not being good at hand jobs, he knows that everyone’s got to start somewhere. he leans up on his elbows, eyes greedily taking in all of jin-hyung’s nakedness as clothes fall off that body with a kind of grace that he knows he may never have, and melts against the way jin-hyung’s kissing him, just blushing peach skin everywhere.

he kicks his cargo shorts off, his damp boxers following suit, and straddles jin-hyung’s thighs, more than a little ravenous.

how can a person be completely in the nude and still look so…comfortable? and confident?

jungkook runs his hands over jin-hyung’s hips, completely aware that jin-hyung’s cock is bigger than his own, thicker, plumper, and as pretty as the man himself.

“you’re so…pretty.”

“thanks, baby. you know, you can touch me if you want to.”

he nods, throat a little dry from the intensity behind jin-hyung’s eyes, and wraps a hand around jin-hyung’s semi, just feeling the girth and warmth, suddenly overcome by the thought of that inside him one day, and he knows he’s blushing because his face is oh-so-hot.

“are you shy, tokki?”

“what, no.”

he bites his lower lip, refusing to look at jin-hyung’s face, before letting a line of spit string down from his mouth to the head of jin-hyung’s cock, and he watches the way his saliva drips over the flesh like precome, and feels something in him bloom with pride as he sees the cock rise into full hardness.

“fuck, fuck, fuck tokki.”

he slides his hand up from the base of jin-hyung’s cock, putting more pressure on the tip, pressing the tip of his thumb into the slit, before releasing pressure and slipping his hand down again, terribly encouraged by the way jin-hyung’s hissing in pleasure.

“does it feel good, hyung?”

“good. great. amazing. phenomenal. delicious.”

he pauses in surprise, laughter spilling past his lips.


jin-hyung’s pink all over, plush lips even more obscene from the way he’s been licking on them, but he breaks into a soft giggle at his faux pas.

“did i say “delicious”? i didn’t realize.”

“stop making me laugh! you’re ruining the moment.”

“well, my cock is still in your hand. i don’t think a slip-up could ruin this moment.”

jungkook feels a stab in his chest, a weird intensity that permeates his entire being with warmth and longing, and he is overcome by the sudden realization that this is the moment he’d fallen in love for the first time in his life, and it had to be jin-hyung’s stupid freudian slip that did it.

he finds himself crawling up jin-hyung’s body, so helpless from the turmoil inside his heart, that all he could do is look into jin-hyung’s eyes, clamming himself up from admitting his feelings because this feels far too soon to fall in love, right?

“hey, are you alright? do you want to stop?”

he shakes his head, nuzzling the space under jin-hyung’s neck, only to be alarmed by the purple bruise already forming on the skin there.

“oh no, i left such an ugly mark on you. i am so sorry, hyung.”

“hey, don’t worry about it. i wear hoodies all year round, so no one will see it. and it’s not ugly, tokki. it’s like i’m carrying a piece of you with me. how can that be ugly?”

he groans into jin-hyung’s shoulder, half-laying on the broad chest under him.

“why are you so sappy? even your dick is sappy.”

“you got a problem with my dick, kid?”

he squeezes jin-hyung’s cock at that and giggles when jin-hyung yelps unceremoniously.

“hey! i’ll have you know that this precious cargo has consistently gotten rave reviews.”

the realization that there’s been others before him, that he’s in no way jin-hyung’s first, is something he’d already known but suddenly makes him feel terribly inadequate. it doesn’t make sense to feel jealousy, especially since none of those others are present anymore, but it’s a sore spot for him that he’s a lot younger than jin-hyung, hell he’s a virgin in fact, and doesn’t have the confidence to try new things just yet.

“hey, i was just kidding, yeah? did i upset you?”

he burrows his face against jin-hyung’s neck, hand still wrapped around jin-hyung’s dick, and kisses the bruised skin tenderly.

“hyung, can you… can you take care of me? of us?”

he’s glad he doesn’t have to explain himself because jin-hyung’s whispering comforting words, aligning himself on top of him, a hand wrapped around both their cocks, and stroking them together. he shuts his eyes, the sensations of jin-hyung’s cock rubbing up against his own and a hand keeping the friction between them so fucking good making his mouth water.

he presses kisses across jin-hyung’s shoulder, helpless from the intensity of everything, before he finds himself pressing open-mouthed kisses against jin-hyung’s swollen lips.

“can i…can i kiss your chest? is that okay?”

he nods frantically before yanking his shirt off in haste, throwing his head back when he feels jin-hyung’s very wet mouth all over his chest. he jerks from the sensation of jin-hyung’s lips over his nipple, and he’s got a hand at the back of jin-hyung’s head, keeping him there, asking for something he couldn’t put into words just yet.

the back of his hand is once again pressed against his mouth when he feels a tongue circle his nipple, lapping at him to the rhythm of the hand jerking him off. he’s so, so close, and before he could say anything about that, he succumbs to the delirious sensation of jin-hyung’s mouth sucking at him, and he comes, keening into his hand.

he feels jin-hyung pull away, jerking himself off, and he whines at the feeling of warm come splattering over his cock.

he couldn’t help himself from running his fingers through their come on his abdomen, and he laughs weakly at the face jin-hyung makes at him when he saw what he’s doing. he lets himself be cleaned up, sighing happily when jin-hyung finally settles in next to him, holding him close.

“how do you feel, tokki?”


he remembers smiling stupidly at himself before falling asleep on jin-hyung’s shoulder.