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Bleeding Red Roses

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Midoriya had been bullied by his childhood friend since the age of four when they first presented.

Midoriya didn’t mind though because Kacchan wasn’t like other Omegas. He was rough and tough with a mouth to match but oh boy, Midoriya had it bad. Despite being an Alpha, he allowed for the Omega to push him around because it made Kacchan so happy to be the leader. Midoriya always wanted to see his Kacchan smile despite being the one in pain.

As long as Kacchan looked at him and beamed those pearly whites, Midoriya didn’t mind the bullying.

His mother on the other hand, didn’t like it one bit.

Midoriya Inko would watch as Izuku came home with bumps and bruises but hoped that one day he would stand up to himself. She wanted him to be independent but at the same time, she hated just standing on the side lines. Watching her son get beat up and pushed around caused her Alpha to stand up on end but she stayed in the shadows.

Until one day, fifteen year old Izuku came home with a black eye and a broken nose.

Enough was enough.

“I don’t want you to see that boy anymore, Izuku. He’s terrible for you and an even more terrible Omega. I can’t believe his parents let him go around acting like a complete savage.” Inko had told him while cleaning up his wounds. Izuku had tensed up a little at the mere mention of not being with Kacchan and glared at her so fiercely, Inko was stunned.

“You don’t deserve to talk about him like you know him. Fuck off.” Izuku growled out to her and he even had the nerve to push her away from him. Inko stared at him in complete shock because this was no her little Izuku.

“Young boy, who do you think you’re talking to like that?! Are you forgetting who's the Alpha of this house?” Inko crosses her arms as she glared at her son with nothing but anger. This “Kacchan” character was destroying her precious son and she wouldn’t stand for him talking to her like this.

“I don’t fucking care. Don’t talk about Kacchan like that!” With that Izuku had moved passed her towards the front door and yanking it open before hurrying down the front porch.

“You get back here right now, Izuku! You’re grounded and I forbid you from seeing that boy!” Inko marched right after him but Izuku didn’t care. He had one goal in mind and it had nothing to do with her.

Inko growled to herself as she slammed the front door shut in favor of grabbing her laptop to pull up information about growing teenage Alphas. The information was basically what she expected it to be; hormonal change, constant stress and sweating, bleeding gums due to Alpha fangs growing. Izuku had gone through all of the changes but this was something she never seen or heard before. What Alpha just lets someone beat them up for years without doing something about it?

After a few minutes of calming down, Inko pulled up the tracking app she had on her phone and typed in Izuku’s cell phone number to find out where he had gone. Once she had the address written down, Inko quickly put on her shoes and coat before getting into her car to fetch her son.

The house she pulled up to was relatively big with a small garden in the front yard that had all kinds of flowers blooming in it. Inko parked right in front of the gate then made her way towards the front door. She tried her best to keep herself calm but closer she got to the house the angrier she became. Inko knocked hastily on the door and waited for it to open for her.

Once it did, she was a loose cannon.

“Where’s my son?” Inko asked the blonde lady standing in front of her. The lady blinked at the hostility in her voice before answering.

“Son? Listen lady, my kid’s in heat so no one is over here!”

“Don’t you dare lie to me.” Inko pushed passed her to head into the house and immediately caught wind of her son’s scent coming from upstairs.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing barging into my house like that?!” The blonde Alpha asked trailing after her; clearly upset. Her Beta mate stood up from his spot in the living, immediately giving off a scent of distress and anger.

“I’m taking my son home! He shouldn’t be hanging around no one’s child that behaves like an animal!” Once upstairs, Izuku’s scent began to mix with someone else’s causing Inko to freeze.

His scent shouldn’t be mixing with anyone!

They were too young for that!

“What the fuck did you just say?! Listen you crazy bitch, you can’t just come inside of my house and insult me and my family-” the blonde Alpha blinked owlishly behind her and started to sniff the air again. “What the fuck? Oi, brat, what the fuck are you doing in there?!”

The unknown lady shoved passed Inko and went to a closed room door down the hallway. She slammed the door open and almost immediately Inko was tackled with her son’s scent and someone else’s. The Alpha in her was appalled at just how strong the scents were together before she hurried towards the room to see why the blonde Alpha had suddenly stopped her tyrant.

Inko’s eyes widen when she spotted her son pulling a blonde haired male closer to his chest as he growled at them. Izuku’s pupils were blown wide open with a sliver of green outlining them that seemed to be darken by the second. The blonde that he had in a death grip was definitely knocked out for the night against his chest but that’s not what caught her off guard.

It’s the fact that they were both naked.

“Midoriya Izuku, just what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Inko yelled at her son, who just growled in return. Inko growled right back as she charged towards the bed and grabbed his arm from the blonde boy. “Get up! We’re leaving!”

“Let go of me!” Izuku yelled at her while trying to rip his arm out of her grasp.

“Now, wait a damn second! You’re not going to hurt my baby!” The blonde Alpha yelled at her when the two Midoriyas got into a tug of war with each other.

“Stop it! You’ll wake Kacchan!”

Ah, so this is that little heathen that’s been hurting Izuku! Inko thought to herself and released Izuku to grab the blonde male, who jolted awake at the mere contact.

“Get your hands off my son!”

Inko was suddenly tackled by the blonde Alpha and the two of them were ready to brawl it out for their children but they didn’t get the chance too because a small Omega cry interrupted everything. Inko and the Alpha turned their heads to the source of the noise to see that it was the blonde kid whining softly into a pillow as he tried to curl up into a ball. Izuku was trying his best to recreate the nest their parents had ruined but the omega wasn’t satisfied.

“You ruin everything! Why can’t you just leave us alone!?” Izuku yelled at his mother. Inko pushed the lady off of her before grabbing his arm and yanking him off the bed.

“Put your clothes on right now! We’re leaving!” Inko used her Alpha voice on her son and Izuku began to do as he was told.

“Masaru, get them out of here!” The blonde Alpha told her mate, who had decided not to intervene because you did not want to get in the middle of two Alpha’s fighting. She then slowly made her way over to her son, who was panting heavily and sweating profusely as cramps rocked through his body. “My poor little Katsuki, mama’s here now. Don't cry.”

"It hurts." The omega whimpered out as tears poured down his cheeks. Izuku attempted to go over towards the bed again but Inko had grabbed his arm tightly.

"Let go! He needs me!" The young Alpha called out to her but Inko wasn't having it today.

“Please don’t make this harder than it has to be.” Masaru told Inko when she tightened her hold on Izuku’s arm. She ignored him and dragged her son out of that room even though she could feel resistance in his steps.

“I can’t believe you, Izuku. That boy is not your mate! He’s not even mate material, for crying out loud! He’s the one that gives you all these bruises and the fact that you just sit back and take it, is appalling! You’re never ever seeing him again, am I clear?!” Inko yelled at him when they got in front of her car. Izuku just glared at her and next thing Inko knows there’s a harsh sting across her cheek. In shock, she released her hold on him and blinked in surprise at the scent of hostility coming from him.

“I told you not to talk about Kacchan like that and you deliberately disobeyed me! I don’t care what you do or say about me but you will never talk about Kacchan like that. Do I make myself clear?!” Izuku’s eyes were nothing but dark pits that showed Inko her own reflection. She looked absolutely terrified.

“Y-yes.” She stuttered out, still not believing the situation. How dare he use his Alpha voice on her?!

She’s his mother! She's the one that's supposed to be giving commands!

When they arrived home, Izuku had headed up to room even though Inko wanted to investigate the marks on his skin. She let it go eventually because she was tired of arguing with him. All Inko wanted for her son to do was chose a mate that would treat him right. Someone that wouldn't hurt or verbally abuse him. That's all she wanted but of course, Izuku refused to be reasonable. 

When she was done with making dinner, Inko went upstairs to fetch her son while being as quiet as possible. For some reason, she didn't want him to be even more upset than he already was by her making unnecessary noise.

"Izuku, dinner is ready. I even prepared your favorite." Inko spoke softly against the door. She waited for a few minutes before slowly opening it. "Izuku?"

Instead of finding her son, the only thing that greeted her was an opened window.

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Midoriya Izuku had been declared missing that same day.

Midoriya Inko had explained to the police again and again that Izuku had just left the safety of their home when she was making dinner but they were convinced that she had done something to him. Once she explained what had happened before he went missing that day, the police had questioned the Bakugous, the family that had torn Inko’s apart.

“I didn’t do anything to her kid! That crazy bitch was the one that came here causing trouble! I didn’t even know her kid was here the first time because he snuck into my Katsuki’s window!” Mitsuki Bakugou had snapped at the police. She had still been hung up on what happened a few hours earlier and was trying her best to calm down so that she could take care of her son, who seemed to be going through his worst heat yet.

“Officers, I assure you that we have nothing to do with Midoriya Izuku’s disappearance.” Masaru Bakugou commented while placing an arm around his wife’s shoulders.

“Ms. Midoriya claimed that you all found Izuku in bed with your son and that they were both undressed. Did the two of them mate, perhaps?” The officer asked her and Mitsuki saw red just remembering the scene.

“No! I checked my son for any kinds of marks and to see if he had been...sexually active but there wasn’t anything which was why we didn’t go to the hospital.”

“And after that fiasco, did Izuku come back?” The officer wrote down what she told him on a notepad then glanced back up at her.

“No, I spent the night with Katsuki because I was worried that he would and Katsuki was running a fever. I just wanted to make sure that he was okay during the night.” Mitsuki sighed softly causing Masaru to kiss her cheek to calm her down.

“Thank you for your cooperation. It’s unfortunate that you all had to get involved with this but I had to stop by.”

“We understand, Officer. It’s just been one of those days.” Masaru commented because Mitsuki hurried upstairs to check on Katsuki. The officer chuckled at him.

“You have no idea.”


Ten years had passed and Midoriya Izuku had been declared dead.


“Bakugou, are you home?” A soft voice called out to her friend as she shut the door to their apartment. She set down the bags of groceries onto the kitchen island before taking off her scarf as well then headed to one of their rooms. “Bakugou?”

A low groan could be heard from inside.

She took that as a sign to go in and opened the door to find it pitch black inside. She slowly made her way through the darkness while bumping into the bed a few times before making it to the window and opening up the curtains to let in all the light. There was a low growl from the bed causing her to turn around to see the person she had been calling curled around his pillow with the comforter halfway off his body. She sat down on the bed and placed a hand on his poofy blonde hair.

“Bakugou, I got you food~” She said in a singing song voice that had him groaning again.

“Fuck off.” He commented causing her to smile.

“But our little Omega needs to come eat. C’mon, you gotta get up or else the big bad Alphas are gonna eat it all again.” She began to talk in a baby voice that caused Bakugou to open one eye at her. “You know, I’m doing you a favor by coming to wake you up first. The others would demolish it.”

“Then I would have to demolish them.” Bakugou slapped her hand away from her head before stretching his body out and popping some bones.


“Fuck off, Pinky.”

“Now that you’re up, I expect for you to be in the kitchen in two minutes. That’s all I’m giving you before I wake the others up.” Pinky, otherwise known as Mina, patted his head again before leaving his bedroom. Bakugou sighed softly as he sat up on his bed then glared at the mirror across from him.

Another day, another headache.

“Morning sleepy head! I’m surprised you actually got up on time!” A male voice greeted Bakugou when he finally left his room. He gave whoever it was that was talking to him a middle finger than headed over to the fridge to fix himself some orange juice.

“So rude.”

“Enough, guys. Let’s just eat now that our little Omega is up.” Mina beamed at him while Bakugou groaned.

“Stop calling me that. I’m taller than you.”

“I can’t help it, honestly. I just wanna take care of you.” Mina smiled while the others chuckled at Bakugou’s face. He looked extremely done with life but he didn’t seem to mind because it was just in her Beta nature.

The five of them had created a pack when they were in their final year of high school together. It consisted of two Alphas, Kirishima Eijirou and Sero Hanta, Two betas, Mina Ashido and Kaminari Denki, while Bakugou was the only Omega. He didn’t mind it though. They were a pretty tight knit pack and only formed because of how they didn’t really fit in with society’s standards.

Bakugou was too harsh to be an Omega.

Kirishima was too kind to be an Alpha

Mina was too loud to be a Beta.

Sero wasn’t an uptight and controlling Alpha.

Kaminari wasn’t calm and collected enough to be a Beta.

A group of misfits but Bakugou wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“So, what’s everyone doing today? I know you all aren’t going to just sit around the apartment all day.” Mina asked looking around the kitchen island to see who was going to share their plans for today.

“I gotta head out to work soon. Fires don’t put out themselves.” Kirishima told them while taking a sip of his coffee.

“I’m just staying home today.” Bakugou added in. Mina gave him a look but shrugged.

“Cool, anyone else?”

“Sero and I are meeting up with a few old friends. It should be an interesting experience.” Kaminari looked nervous but loosened up when Sero patted his shoulder.

“You’ll be fine because I’ll be there with you. You know I got your back.” Sero told him with a smile. Kaminari rolled his eyes at him but Bakugou noticed how relaxed he was.

“What about you?” He asked Mina.

“Um, I might call up some of my girlies. It’s been awhile since we went shopping. I wonder if they have mates now.” Mina hummed the last part to herself but smiled anyway.

Everyone’s acting weird, Bakugou thought to himself but said nothing as they all started to get ready for the day. He walked back to his room after he ate breakfast and decided that a little nap wouldn’t hurt anyone.


The sound of thunder clashing startled a man awake. He glanced over at his clock to see that it was late in the evening and that the weather had turned into something merciless. Scarred hands ran through dark curly strands of hair before sliding down his face. Just as lightning flashed sending shadows across his room, the man stood up from his bed and walked over towards his desk where there were pictures of a certain blonde Omega scattered over the top. The man picked up a particular picture of the blonde staring off into the distance as the evening sun set behind him and kissed it.

“I’m so excited to see you again, Kacchan. It’s been too long.” The man sighed out to himself as he caressed the picture with the utmost care.

Way too long.

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Ten years is a long time to not see the people you cared about.

Midoriya had left his home ten years ago because he needed some fresh air. His mother didn’t understand how he felt about Kacchan and Midoriya himself feels as if he barely understood it either. Maybe things went the way they did because he had grown up thinking that Kacchan was his this entire time and having her interfere with their relationship terrified him and upset his Alpha big time.

When he snuck out his window, he didn’t mean to stay out for so long. As he stated before, he just wanted some fresh air. That was until he ran into a group of kids that were older than him. They had smelled Kacchan’s scent all over him and were curious about how a “twerp” like him got so lucky. Midoriya tried to ignore them the best he could but they just kept pushing him by saying crude things about Kacchan.

If Midoriya couldn’t handle the rude things that his mother said about Kacchan, dealing with those assholes were a piece of cake.

Every time his fist collided with the leader’s face, Midoriya felt satisfaction consume him. If Kacchan could see the damage that he could do, Midoriya doesn’t doubt that he would be proud. A proud Omega was a happy omega and Midoriya would do anything to please Kacchan.

Even if that meant killing someone.

“Let’s get out of here! That guy’s crazy!” Someone from the group had yelled at his friends with a bloody face and even bloodier shirt.

Midoriya stood tall with his hands bleeding from the punches his fist landed in the  asshole’s face that was currently unconscious underneath him and tried to calm himself down. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he finally was able to burn through the tension that fight with his mother had given him.

Midoriya Izuku might’ve been quirkless but he was nowhere near weak.

“You’ve got balls, kid. Not many people would take on that many Alphas especially those older than them.” A man with dry skin and dull red eyes appeared from an alleyway with a smile that sent shivers down his spine.

“Who are you?” Midoriya asked already raising his fist for another fight. The man smiled at him again when his eyes landed on the boy laying at his feet.

“You’re a tough one. I like it.”

That’s when Midoriya has met Shigaraki Tomura and so began Midoriya’s downfall into villainy.

“I’m going out. Don’t wait up for me.” Midoriya told Shigaraki, who looked up from the bar and waved his hand dismissively.

“Bring back milk.”

Midoriya left the bar to embrace the pouring rain and began his departure from the alleyways. He pulled his blazer closer to his body while keeping his head down every time he passed certain stores just in case someone from his past saw him and tried to apprehend him. Midoriya couldn’t have things falling apart right now after a decade of freedom.

Once he was close to the apartment building, he went into the back alley to climb the fire escape which led up to a certain room. Midoriya couldn’t help but grin to himself when he stood in front of the omega’s room and could smell him through the glass window. Slowly and carefully, he opened the window then soundlessly entered the room. There on the bed, rested his sweet Kacchan; snoring peacefully away without a care in the world. Midoriya inhales the calming scent of cinnamon and pumpkin that he had been addicted to as a child and walked over to the bed. He squatted down in front of Kacchan’s face before reaching his hand forward to caress his cheek

“You grew up so nicely that I don’t know what to do with myself.” Midoriya sighed softly then leaned over Kacchan to bury his nose into his scent glands on his neck. Leisurely, he licked over the sensitive skin causing the omega to whine softly in his sleep. Kacchan’s eyebrows furrowed together as he moved his head so that Midoriya had more access. Something feral bubbled up in Midoriya’s chest at the invitation and he began to suck on the glands, watching as Kacchan squirmed underneath him.

“Kacchan, you’re so cute.” Midoriya nuzzled him with his nose then sighed softly at the warmth Kacchan was starting to give off. “Your heat will be here soon. I can literally feel it.”

Kacchan just hummed in his sleep.

“I would help you through it but Shigaraki would get mad at me. So, you can have this.” Midoriya pulled off his blazer then took off his shirt and placed it on the dresser. “Now you’ll have worthy material for your nest.”

He remembers how Kacchan had build his very first nest with him but it had been destroyed not even minutes later. Midoriya growled threateningly at the memory that had resurfaced but the tension in his body didn’t last long since Kacchan had responded to the noise with a soft coo that turned Midoriya’s instincts into overdrive.

“You know, I was going to leave you alone but when you make noises like that, I just can’t stay away.” Midoriya took off his pants then joined the snoozing omega and pulled the sheets over the both of them. Almost instantaneously, Kacchan had curled up against him and taking in his scent.  Midoriya, of course, wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled his hair. “Ah, you’re so cute.”

Bakugou woke up feeling like he had just won a million bucks. There was something in the air that eased his nerves and calmed him down significantly. I mean, who ever thought that Bakugou Katsuki would wake up smiling?! Bakugou doesn’t remember what he dreamed about but he does remember someone covering him with kisses that had his omega keening at the affection.

Such a good omega. I love you so much.

Bakugou heard someone tell him in the back of his mind and he clenched his teeth as a small moan tried to escape.

One day, I’ll fill you up with my pups and take care such good care of you. You’ll never want to leave.

For fuck’s sake, Bakugou clenched his fist when he felt all his blood rushing south. He wasn’t a kid anymore! He didn’t just sprout random hard ons! Also, why the fuck did his sheets smell like this?

“Bakugou, you alright in there?” Kirishima knocked on his door then tried to open it but it was locked. “Ah, is it that time again?”

“No, you idiot!” Bakugou’s face turned a bright red at the assumption. It wasn’t misplaced though because he only locked his doors when he was going into heat.

“Oh, sorry.” Kirishima laughed nervously. We’re going out soon, would you like to join us?”

Bakugou was going to decline the offer than he remembered that he needed to pick up some things from the store.

“Yeah, let me get dressed first.” Bakugou told him and waited for Kirishima to walk away from the door before getting out of bed. He carelessly glanced towards his dresser where his mirror was to see that his scent glands were swollen. Completely in shock, Bakugou hurried towards the mirror then gently touched the glands around his neck and winced. They were extremely sensitive to the touch causing him to whimper every time he tried to investigate them.

“You alright in there? I can hear you whimpering.” Mina’s voice coming from the other side of the door caused him to jump ten feet into the air.

“I-I’m fine! Fuck off!” Bakugou tried to cover up the stutter with a swear and wondered if she caught on to it.

“Well, fine then.” Mina walked away from the door thankfully while Bakugou started to freak out even more.

What the hell did he do last night? He thought to himself. Sighing in frustration, Bakugou went to go shower and try to soothe the swollen glands then came back out to get dressed.

“Stupid Omega genes fucking up everything.” He cursed while pulling pants over his hips. Bakugou searches around for a shirt to wear when he spotted a black one on his dresser. He pulled it over his head and froze at the scent it was giving off. It smelled really familiar to him but he couldn’t place it.

“Ugh, whatever.” Bakugou mumbled to himself as he grabbed his jacket and left his room.

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Bakugou was listening to his friends chatter on about nothing and everything while they walked through the streets of their hometown. He was unfortunately in the middle of the group because his friends didn’t want any strangers trying to feel him up every time he passed. Though Bakugou would quickly kick the asshole’s ass for trying to grope him, his pack members always worried so damn much.

“We know you can take care of yourself. We just want you to know that you can rely on us too!” Kirishima had told him one time after someone had decided to get real touchy while passing by him.

Bakugou appreciated that they cared but it got overbearing sometimes.

“We’re going to have to take the train if we want to head out to the city. I hope you don’t mind.” Kaminari had turned back to look at him while Bakugou shook.

“It’s whatever.”

He hated how they knew he didn’t like crowded places.

“We’ll try our best so that no one gets close to you.” Sero patted his shoulder as they headed towards the station.

It was quite hilarious that his pack mates were serious about keeping people away from him on the train. They made a circle around him to ward off anyone that wanted to get too close and Bakugou couldn’t help but smirk at an asshole that had attempted to grab his ass when he walked pass. Kirishima had nearly ripped the dude’s arm off causing Bakugou to  feel extremely smug.

“You guys can go do whatever the fuck you want, I’m going to the pharmacy over there to pick shit up.” Bakugou told them when they emerged from the train. He was assaulted by the different scents everyone was giving off that passed them and scowled. He hated coming outside.

“You sure, bro? I don’t really wanna leave you alone.” Kirishima told him but Bakugou just shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s cool. I’ll meet you guys back here in two hours.” Bakugou waved dismissively at his friends before heading towards a pharmaceutical store.

As soon as he entered the store, his feet lead him to the Omega isle where he started to look for a heat blanket that reacted to his body temperature; in case he got too hot, it’ll cool him down significantly. Bakugou picked one of those up along with fever medicine and a salve that he would rub on his lower abdomen if the cramps got too bad. That shit worked magically. Bakugou then found himself walking towards the section where there were different candles that he could light before the first wave of heat hit him.

“Lavender vanilla or honey pecans.” Bakugou held the two candles up to his nose and took a deep whiff of both of them before deciding on the lavender and vanilla but he put them bothin his shopping basket. “I’ll just get both.”

“Looks like you’re prepared, huh?” A guy with dyed blonde hair and red earring asked him when Bakugou was heading towards the register. Alpha, his omega screamed out at him and instantly Bakugou growled at him. “Whoa, baby, I was just gonna ask if you needed any assistance for the upcoming week. I can tell that you’re going to be going through it alone. I wouldn’t mind handling it for you, gorgeous.”

“As if you could handle me in my heat. Fuck off and bother someone else with that bullshit your spitting out.” Bakugou snapped at him. The Alpha took offense to the rejection and puffed out his chest.

“Fuck you! Who would want a broken Omega anyway?” The guy shoved passed him causing for Bakugou to get shoved into the counter. The Omega’s eyes widen in disbelief and he was so close to grabbing that guy’s head and slamming it into the wall when someone that was walking passed him touched his shoulder.

“Calm down, let me take care of it.” Whoever the fuck touched Bakugou told him as he headed after the Alpha. Bakugou didn’t know what just happened but a wave of calmness settled over him just like it did this morning.

“Sir, are you alright?” The store clerk asked as he rushed over to him. Bakugou just shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s fine. Just ring me up so I can get out of here. I’m suddenly over today.”

“Actually, how about you just take it?” The clerk told him with a smile. “I’m the owner of this store and seeing as how that guy treated you, you could use the good fortune.”

“Thanks, I, um, appreciate it.” Bakugou nodded his thanks at him then left the store.

The hour flew passed quickly which Bakugou was grateful for because he wanted to go home and prepare for his upcoming heat. He could feel his body already getting hot and his mind beginning to cloud over. Bakugou shook his head to clear his thoughts but he desperately wanted to prepare his nest and sleep the entirety of his heat. It’ll be a nice week of hibernation.

“Aw, look at you. You’re so precious.” There was that voice again. From the guy that told Bakugou that he would handle that dick of an Alpha. Bakugou tried to get a good look at him but his eyesight started to get blurry.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Not now.” Bakugou rubbed at his eyes but everything was still so cloudy. His body went limp and he almost fell forward but the man caught him.

“Let’s get you somewhere more private, okay? I don’t want anyone else to see you like this.” The man whispered into his ear because of how close they were. Since they happened to be so close, Bakugou was able to smell him more and realized that very same scent belonged to the shirt he was wearing.

“What the hell?” He mumbled out as he was carried to an alleyway. Bakugou’s senses were foggy but there was no mistaken that this guy was an Alpha.

Bakugou cursed softly when his back was pressed up against the brick wall of a store and strong hands gripped his hips while a knee settled between his thigh. The bags that he was holding so desperately onto fell from his fingers as he placed his hands onto the man’s shoulders to try and balance himself. His head felt as if it was swimming and he also couldn’t grasp what was happening.

Why wasn’t he afraid of this guy? Why were his instincts so happy to embrace him?

All Bakugou knew was that his body felt relaxed around the Alpha and there was no sense of danger here.

“I love how you’re covered in my scent. It makes me so, so happy.” The Alpha nuzzled his cheek before kissing it. Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows as his hips started grinding against the man’s thigh.

“H-help.” Bakugou’s fingers curled into the man’s shirt while he felt a strong wave off heat ram into him.

“As much as I would love to, I can’t. Not like this, anyway.” As soon as Bakugou felt him pull away, his grip on him tighten.

“D-don’t leave…..n-need...h-help.” Bakugou wasn’t one for begging but he seriously couldn’t function right now. What Alpha didn’t want to take advantage of a willing omega going into heat?

“No. Let go or else, I’ll have to do something that’ll upset you.” The Alpha reaches up the remove his hands and moved away from him just as tears welled up in Bakugou’s eyes.

“Y-you d-don’t want me c-cause I’m broken? I-I’m sorry.” Bakugou stuttered out when he remembered what that dickwad of an Alpha said before. He didn’t want to admit that the insult actually hurt him but right now the floodgates were open. He suddenly felt cold when the man moved away from him and it sucked even more because Bakugou still couldn’t fucking see anything.

Everything was so fucking blurry!

Suddenly, Bakugou was turned around so that his front was pressed against the brick wall and his body was slightly bent. Besides getting whiplash from the movement, Bakugou bit on his bottom lip when he felt his legs being spread apart and his ass was flushed up against someone’s front. Bakugou moaned at the contact before shivering when he felt lips against his scent glands.

“I never want to hear you say that you’re broken again, do you hear me?” The Alpha growled into his ear before rocking his hips against his ass. Bakugou shook at how good it felt. The Alpha grabbed his hips again and thrusted forward causing Bakugou’s eyes to flutter shut. “I never ever want to hear you degrade yourself because that’s what you think people want.”

Bakugou grunted as he felt slick pool in his underwear at those words.

“Fucking hell.” Bakugou groaned out when he felt the man’s hand slide to his front to undo the zipper of his jeans. He sighed at the feeling of having that pressure off his cock but choked up when a firm hand wrapped around it to stroke it gently.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, do you know that? I loved it whenever you looked at me. It turned me on so much to have those fiery eyes stare at me that it was all I thought about in the comfort of my room. I love how you growl when you curse. I love it when you try your best to not let your instincts define you. I fucking love it when you let me touch you.”

Bakugou couldn’t stand how this man was saying all of this while grinding against his clothed ass and jerking him off at the same time. It made him extremely hot as he tried to rock with him and keep a consistent rhythm.

“Do you like me praising you, my omega? Do you like it when I stroke your ego?” He purred out into his ear before pressing his lips against his neck. Bakugou could only nod his head. “You’re so fucking wet. I can feel it, baby. Are you like that because of me?”

“Fuck, yes.” Bakugou growled out as he thrusted his hips forward into his hand. The Alpha removed his other hand that was on his waist and used it to grab blonde strands of hair to pull his head back onto his shoulder. Bakugou arched his back when his scent glands were rubbed upon by the Alpha’s very own.

“I’m been waiting for this moment so bad. You’re so sexy and I just wanna eat you up. I can imagine being inside you, you know? I bet you’re so fucking tight and wet. I’ll fuck you open so nicely then fill you up with my knot. Would you like that? Having me fuck you on my knot till your belly is filled with my cum? Would you want me to fill you up with my pups, Kacchan?”

It felt like a bomb went off as Bakugou came loud and hard onto the brick wall. His body clenched up at the intensity of it and the Alpha has to hold him up as he milked him for all his worth. The two of them rocked into each other slowly as Bakugou came down from his high.

“I knew that would get you off. I love you so much, my little Omega. You’re so cute.” The Alpha kissed the side of his face before tucking Bakugou’s already hardening length back into his pants and zipping them up. “You’re going to need new pants. I’m afraid we ruined the ones you got on.”

He was right.

Bakugou could feel how wet they were from his slick.

“I can’t fucking believe this. How am I going to get home now?” He huffed out in annoyance. He jumped a little when he felt a heavy weight on his shoulders and glanced backwards to see that it was a black trench coat.

“Cover up with this till you get home.” The Alpha knelt down to grab Bakugou’s bags and placed them on his wrists. “Go straight home without stopping.”

“What about my friends?” Bakugou couldn’t believe he was actually about to abandon his pack. “They’re my pack.”

“Go straight home and I promise to visit you tonight.” The Alpha brushed their lips together and next thing Bakugou knows, he’s left alone in an alleyway. He growled to himself about how unfair this was as he rubbed at his eyes.

At least, he could actually see now.

Fucking finally.

Chapter Text

“S-someone help me! Help!” A man cried out as he crawled on the warehouse floor. Blood dripped heavily from his head, he couldn’t move his legs because they had been beaten and broken, and one of his arms had been twisted till it broke painfully; now it was limp by his side. He whimpered at the fact that no one could possibly hear him from here. The last thing he remembered was walking out of that pharmacy store then everything went dark.

“Why would anyone want to help such a pathetic excuse for an Alpha? Your kind doesn’t deserve any help.”

There was that voice again! But the man couldn’t see where the other was. The warehouse was dark but not incredibly so.

“P-please I did nothing wrong!” He screamed out at his aggressor.


The man screamed again when someone stepped on his legs and he felt something crack.

“You disrespected my omega therefore, I’ve decided that you need no use of your limbs.”

The man screamed when someone grabbed his arm that was still working and pulled it back before stomping on his elbow causing it to shatter. Tears blurred the man’s vision as he was rolled over onto his back to stare up at the unfamiliar man.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about-” The man blinked in confusion before remembering that blonde Omega that had made fun of him. He couldn’t believe this was happening. “All t-this because of that fucked up omega? Why can’t you see he’s broken?! It’s not my fault!”

His attacker’s eyes seemed to glow red in the darkness of the warehouse just as the sunlight seemed to have disappeared. The man swallowed thickly before his attacker charged at him and wrapped his hands around his neck. He struggled to get him off of him but his attempts were frail.

“You’re the one that’s broken! I’m disgusted to even have the same title as you! You’re a disgrace, a cancerous disease that needs to be rid from this world for your stupidity and blindness! Kacchan is the greatest Omega that has ever walked; the most gracious and beautiful and you dared to walk in his gloriousness just to contaminate him with your ignorance-”

“Izuku.” A smooth voice called out to him from the entrance of the warehouse. Said Alpha, blinked away the angry tears in his eyes before looking up to spot one of his pack mates there. “Time to go home. The asshole’s dead.”

“Really?” Midoriya looked back down at the man he had been strangling to see that his eyes were glassy and unfocus as he stared up at him blankly. “Oh...I see.”

“Handyman wants to talk to you. Says something about you not getting any milk. He’s kind of pissed.”

“Dabi, couldn’t you go get the damn milk? I was busy.” Midoriya stood up from the corpse and pulled out a white handkerchief from his back pocket. He began to wipe the blood off of his hands as he walked towards his pack mate.

“Yeah, but I didn’t feel like doing it because he didn’t ask me to.” Dabi narrowed his eyes at him then snorted. “Someone must’ve had fun earlier.”

“You can say that.” Midoriya commented not looking up from cleaning his hands just as a black portal opened up in front of them.

The two of them walked through it to remerage into the bar where Shigaraki and Kurogiri were waiting for them. Shigaraki glanced over to them and was going to speak when he started to sniff the air suddenly. A low rumble escaped him before he looked at Midoriya specifically.

“You smell like sex and death.”

“Thank you.” Midoriya smiled at him as he walked over to the bar to get something to drink. Kurogiri fixed him a glass of wine then placed it in front of him.

“Yet, you don’t have any milk.” Shigaraki sighed out in frustration. “All I want to do is eat some cereal.”

“Go get the milk yourself, fucking slacker.” Dabi commented from the couch. Shigaraki clenched his fist but let the tension melt from his body.

“Midoriya, I sense that you’re going to be leaving again. So, this time, bring back some milk. No fucking around with your omega.”

“Ah-ha, okay. I’ll bring some back, I promise.” Midoriya downed the glass of wine then began heading upstairs to shower.

He had to be presentable when he met Kacchan later.


The first thing Bakugou did when he got home was take off his clothes. He threw his pants in the washing machine but kept the shirt because it smelled so much like that guy and the scent was driving him crazy. He then gathered up snacks from the kitchen for his one week shut in before proceeding to his room. Once there, Bakugou locked the door then began to rearrange his bed into a comfortable nest. There were at least six thick blankets that he kept in his closet  that he used for his nests that were covering the exterior of it then the heat blanket would go in as the base. Bakugou took a quick shower before lighting the candles that he brought and he was glad that he did all that first because not even three minutes later his heat was in full bloom.

“Fuuuck.” Bakugou growled out into his pillow as he rubbed his scent glands all over them. That scent he smelt before was all over his sheets and it was turning him on more than he would admit. He grabbed the shirt that he had been wearing and buried his face into it to try and find the scent that had been so potent before. As soon as he did, his body tensed up as he came against his sheets so hard with a low moan that his body felt like a noodle afterwards.

Just let me sleep, Bakugou groaned out in his head and he soon found himself dozing off.

Bakugou woke up to someone kissing the base of his neck then trailed down down his spine with their tongue. He huffed softly and turned his head to see who it was when a burst of happiness exploded in his chest.

“You’re happy to see me, I’m glad.” Midoriya sighed happily. He had came through the window again but this time he was carrying a plastic bag and a book bag. One filed with things for his omega and the other with his very own clothes. “Can you sit up for me? I have something to give you.”

“Mhm.” Bakugou could sit up but it took him an awfully long time to muster up the strength for it. Midoriya just smiled at him though because he was so cute~

“Your scent glands are already swollen, Kacchan. You gotta be really careful when you rub against them.” Midoriya reaches into the plastic bag and pulled out a collar with a pillow like material covering the inside. “This will make sure that you don’t agitate them and that I don’t mark you because I want you to be conscious when that happens.”

“Mmm.” Bakugou gave him a dopey grin but closed his eyes when the cool material of the collar was fastened around his neck. That felt so much better, he thought to himself. Midoriya smiled as well then began to take off his clothes. It didn’t seem fair for both of them to be dressed.

“Can I come inside your nest? It’s so beautiful and it looks so cozy. Can I lay next to you?” The Alpha asked and his omega nodded his head.

Carefully, Midoriya made his way into the bundles of blankets and clothes before settling in front of Bakugou, who was watching him idly with lidded eyes. Midoriya then cupped his face in his hands and pressed their foreheads together. Bakugou purred at the intimate contact.

“Those ten years were so lonely without you. I would’ve taken you with me but I couldn’t do that to you. I wanted you to live your life to the fullest before I came back into it. I know that you work at a bakery now but you had to take some days off because of your heat. I went there one day when you were working and saw just how happy you were even if you were swearing up a storm but that’s my Kacchan. My most precious Kacchan.” Midoriya’s eyes darken a little as he leaned forward to gently kiss him. He remembered the day they shared their first kiss which unfortunately became their last. He felt himself tense up at the memory but Kacchan brought him back to reality when he responded to the kiss. When he pulled away so that they could breathe, Kacchan tried to pull him back.

“Deku, more.” Bakugou whimpered against his lips. A surge of energy went right through Midoriya as he kissed him again. This time was a lot rougher than before because Kacchan knew who he was.

Kacchan remembered him.

Chapter Text

If Kacchan’s heat meant nothing but cuddles, nuzzles and handjobs, Midoriya would’ve helped him through it way sooner than this.

Seriously, he thought that there would be more to it but seeing as though the last heat Midoriya attended was ten years ago, he assumed that they got worse the older his omega got.

“Kacchan, stop it.” Midoriya laughed softly when he felt his nipping at his collarbone after Kacchan’s fifth orgasm since they got in his nest.

“Deku.” Kacchan cooed at him so softly and Midoriya kissed him sweetly before rolling over on top of him. Bakugou grinned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around him. As they were kissing so lovingly, Bakugou’s phone began to ring notifying that he had a phone call. Midoriya growled when Bakugou reaches for it and accepted the call.

“Where are you? We’re getting ready to board the train!” Kirishima’s voice could be heard through the phone. Bakugou purred into phone as Midoriya started to kiss down his body towards his cock that was hardening within seconds.

“Bakugou? Are you alright?”

“Heat.” The Omega hummed out to him before moaning softly as Midoriya licked at his cock and kissed it.

“O-oh! Are you already home?” Kirishima asked him; clearly not expecting that answer.

“Mhm.” After Bakugou confirmed that he was at home, Midoriya grabbed the phone and ended the call.

“Kacchan, pay attention to me.” The curled haired alpha told him as he stroked Bakugou’s length at a pace that the omega couldn’t keep up with. Not even seconds later, he came in Midoriya’s hand completely out of breathe. “I’ll never get tired of seeing that face.”


Midoriya moved back up the bed to pull him into his chest where his Kacchan could rest peacefully without any disturbances. Kacchan nuzzled his neck which caused Midoriya to growl playfully then nip at his nose. Hearing his omega laugh breathlessly against his chest and watching him snuggle up as close as possible to him made Midoriya feel on top of the world. He finally was able to sleep next to someone that wouldn’t wake up and kill him.

A few hours later, the sound of Midoriya’s phone vibrating woke the groggy Alpha up and interrupted Bakugou’s sleep. Midoriya frowned but grabbed his phone anyway to see who in their right mind was texting him when he was busy.

‘Where’s my milk?’ The text read.

“For fuck’s sake.” Midoriya sat up then ran a hand through his hair. Kacchan whimpered at the lost of warmth and it upset Midoriya greatly but he needed to leave. “I’ll be back soon.”

“No.” Bakugou whined out. This was the first heat he was spending with someone and he’d be damned if he left before the week was over.

“I’m really sorry.” Midoriya told him as he kissed him then climbed out of the nest. He began to get dressed just as Kacchan started crying. “No, don’t cry! You’re going to make me cry.”

“Deku, stay.” For once in your life, you asshole, Bakugou thought but his wording was limited. Midoriya went back over to the bed and nuzzled his nose.

“I’ll be back, I promise.”


“You and Dabi are going on a month long trip in Europe. Go pack your things.” Were the very first words, Shigaraki said to him when Midoriya walked through the door with a gallon of milk.

“Excuse me?” Midoriya asked with wide eyes.

“Toga got herself in some trouble. You idiots need to get her out of there. Oh, thanks for the milk too. I can finally eat my fucking cereal.”

Midoriya almost threw the jug at him.

“Yay, trip to Europe.” Dabi said in a lackluster voice. “So much fun.”

“But I can’t go! My omega-”

“That’s precisely why you’re going.” Shigaraki picked up a photo on the bar and held it up to him with two fingers. “You’ve been too focused on him lately. It’s time for you to remember where your loyalties lie. Be careful what your next moves are or else…” Shigaraki places all of his fingers on the photo and the sunny picture of Kacchan turned into ashes.

Midoriya instantly saw red.

“Don’t you dare threaten him.”

“I won’t if you do what you’re told. We’ve been living a good life here so far. I can’t take any chances because you want to go get your dick wet in some blonde bombshell.”

“Are you trying to insult him or compliment him for his tastes in omegas?” Dabi asked but Shigaraki ignored him and that smug smile on his face.

“What’s it going to be, Midoriya?”

“Fucking fine. Just stop talking about him.” Midoriya places the jug of milk on the bar and Shigaraki clapped his hands.

“Brilliant.” He sighed out. “That went easier than expected. “Also, how can I not talk about him when you have so many pictures of him scattered around your room?”

“He’s cute. You should be proud.” Dabi commented flickering through the tv channels.

Midoriya was filled with pride at the fact his pack members were pleased at his choice of mate but another side of him was angry. He didn’t want anyone complimenting Kacchan like that. Angrily, he stomped his way upstairs.

“Such a moody, child.” Shigaraki tsked.

“He’s literally in his twenties.” Dabi glanced over to him in confusion.

Shigaraki just shrugged.


Bakugou sweared that if he ever saw Midoriya again, he was going to beat the ever loving shit out of him.

When the Alpha didn’t show back up that night, Bakugou had found himself crying into his sheets. His Omega was truly heartbroken and Bakugou’s cock was hard as a rock the entire remainder of the week. Despite being extremely hot, his bed was freezing because Midoriya wasn’t there to take care of him like he said he would. As soon as Bakugou’s heat ended, he trashed his entire room in tantrum. His pack mates were worried about him but every time they mentioned what happened, the omega would growl at them.

He fucking left again, of course he did. Bakugou clenched his fists in anger as he headed to work the following Monday. At least there, he would be able to focus on other aspects of his life.

“Bakugou, good morning!” Ochako waved at him when he entered the bakery. The omega grunted at her distastefully because his heart was hurting but no one else needed to know that. “Did you have a good heat?”

And another grunt from the blonde.

“Ah, I was just asking cause you smell a tad bit different.”

Cue a heated glare from Bakugou.

“You don’t wanna talk about it. Got it.” Ochako smiles regardless of his attitude and went to take someone’s order at the cash register. Bakugou sighed to himself as he clocked in for the day then went to go put on his apron.

Let’s see how long he could hold his anger.

Chapter Text

“Something’s wrong with Bakugou and I’m worried.” Ochako sighed softly to resident pretty boy Todoroki Shouto.

It’s been an interesting day for the owner of the bakery since her number one employee had been acting insanely weird since he got back from his week off.

“He seems fine to me.” The Beta muttered out as he nibbled on a chocolate chip scone. Ochako shook her head in disagreement as they watched Bakugou angrily mix together batter for his special cupcakes.

“Earlier today, he wouldn’t even talk to anyone, even the customers, so I put him back in the kitchen. Now, he’s muttering to himself about how he fucked up and that he must be broken. Things like that.” Ochako remembered her friend angrily washing dishes while speaking nonsense about him not being wanted.

Todoroki hummed softly to himself then leaned on the counter to look at the blonde Omega. Bakugou was now placing the cupcake batter into the trays he had laid out on the counter while his mouth moved rapidly as if he was cursing himself.

“Broken, huh? Usually, that term would be used for people who don’t fit their secondary gender and that they would be deemed undesirable to others. I could see where he would think he’s broken but on the contrary, there’s nothing about him that needs to be fixed.” Todoroki shrugged his shoulders as Ochako turned around to look at Bakugou again with a wild fire in her eyes.

“You hear that, Bakugou?! Todoroki and I totally find you desirable and wouldn’t mind having you as a mate!” She shouted through the bakery; catching the attention of everyone present.

Todoroki choked on his scone.

Bakugou had immediately grabbed a knife.

“The fuck are you saying?! Never say bullshit like that again or I’ll kill you myself!” The Omega’s cheeks redden in embarrassment but Ochako just grinned.

“Hey, hey, isn’t he cute when he says he wants to kill you with that blush on his cheeks, Todoroki?” The Alpha commented as she nudged Todoroki’s shoulder jokingly.

Todoroki was still dying on the scone he was choking on.

No one seemed to notice.

“Shut up, round face! I can’t believe you’re doing this right now!” Bakugou screeched at her. He couldn’t believe what was happening right now. The customers seemed to be amused but Bakugou felt like he was going to catch on fire.

Ochako just beamed at him because finally, Bakugou was talking again. Granted he was throwing threats at the two of them but at least he wasn’t consumed in his thoughts anymore. The last thing she needed was for him to go mute right now.

“Who do you think he got with during his heat? It has to be someone we know because duh, we know everyone.” Ochako grabbed a plastic cup and filled it with lemonade before handing it to the Beta, who downed it in two gulps.

“I was...literally…. dying...for...two minutes.” Todoroki panted out but Ochako just patted his head to calm him down.

“C’mon, give me some guesses! I know he’s in a pack with two Alphas and two Betas. It had to be one of them.” The brown haired alpha rubbed her chin. She never met Bakugou’s pack members but she could smell their scents on him every time he came to work. Even if she didn’t have a pack of her own, she knew that they would spend every morning covering each other in their scents to let people know they were spoken for.

An inseparable friendship pact.

(Or mating pact if you were into poly)

“You think one of his own pack members would tell him he’s broken? That’ll be a pretty harsh thing to say to your pack’s only omega.” Todoroki asked her with a raised eyebrow.

“Things happen, ya know?” Ochako glances over to the tv that was playing in the corner of her bakery and frowned at what she saw. “Now, would you look at that?”

“This just in: a mutilated body was found in one of the shipping warehouses downtown. Reports say that the body must’ve been there for at least a whole week due to the nature it was found it. No suspects have been reported, yet.” The news anchor announced through the speakers of the tv.

There was a close up of the body that Ochako shivered at and immediately looked away towards Bakugou, who was staring at the tv as if he recognized the guy.

“What’s wrong, cupcake? You know him?” She asked catching Todoroki’s attention again.

“A week ago that guy tried to hit on me because I was getting ready to go into my heat. He was a really dick about it and pushed me into the counter because he would take no for an answer.” Bakugou told them in a low voice as his eyebrows furrowed together.

“Did you-” Todoroki started but Bakugou pointed a knife at him.

“Don’t even finish that sentence. I was busy trying to get home before my heat fucked me over royally.” They don’t need to know I almost got dicked down in an alleyway by a guy that I assumed was dead, Bakugou thought to himself as he placed the cupcakes into the giant oven.

“Crazy world we live in, huh? Maybe someone saw what happened and wanted to be a hero!” Ochako sighed dreamily as she thought about it. Todoroki made a face at that.

“Don’t even get me started on heroes.”

“Yeah, yeah, Endeavors’ an asshole. We get it.” Bakugou commented causing Todoroki to narrow his eyes at him. “Don’t you have a job to get to?”

“No, Ochako said I can stay as long as I like.”

“Then zip it. We’re actually trying to work here.”

“Are you guys really?” Tsuyu commented from the register. So far she was the only one actually working and not turning this place into a group hang out.

“She’s right. We’ll entertain you more later, Todoroki.” Ochako walked away from the table he was sitting while Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“‘We’ won’t be doing anything later.” He told them but of course, he was ignored by everyone. “Oi, pay attention to me!”

“Do you guys hear that?” Ochako asked Tsuyu and Todoroki, who shook their heads. “I thought so. Must be the ghosts of all my exes.”

“Fucking assholes, all of you.” The Omega went to go check on his cupcakes when he began to think about Deku.

Could he have something to do with that Alpha’s death? After all, he was the one that said he would handle him. Bakugou felt an uneasy feeling settle in the pit of his stomach. It didn’t ease his nerves that Deku had disappeared right before the news report. I swear if that idiot had anything to do with this, I’ll pulverize his stupid Alpha face, Bakugou huffed out in anger.

Chapter Text

For the past few days, Bakugou spent his time with his friends trying to ignore the sharp pain in his chest that got even more  intense every day he spent without that damned Deku. He hated being dependent on someone else but with the way Deku had came back into his life, Bakugou couldn’t help but miss him. The worst thing about it was that Deku’s scent was disappearing from his room. No matter how hard Bakugou tried to replace the scent with something similar, he couldn’t find anything that smelled like oak trees and morning dew. His pack mates noticed his change in mood and tried their best to cheer him up but all Bakugou wanted was his fucking Alpha.

And they weren’t even fucking mated for crying out loud.

But boy did Bakugou wish they were after the time they spent together. His omega was distressed at his Alpha’s absence.

“Do you want a hug?” Mina asked him one afternoon when everyone was chilling in the living room. She noticed that the omega had been less talkative at home and would seclude himself in his room. Bakugou shook his head as he curled up against the arm rest and stared drowsily at the tv. Mina looked over to their other pack mates and saw that they were concerned as well. She huddled over Kirishima who was closest to her and began to talk to him.

“It’s been two weeks. What on earth is wrong with him?”

“I have no idea. He had his heat then went to work but he’d been fine then. A little quiet but he was still himself. Now, he’s just….unusually quiet and I kind of hate it.” Kirishima responded to her while glancing at the now sleeping Omega.

“To be honest, he reminds me of my sister when her mate had left her for someone else. We didn’t know what was wrong with her till she started crying and became severely depressed. Till this day, she still doesn’t have a mate because the heartbreak was too painful.” Kaminari commented causing them to look at him.

“Your sister is an omega, isn’t she?” Sero asked him and Kaminiari nodded his.

“D-do you think someone was here when Bakugou had his heat? And that’s why, he’s been so…” Mina covered her mouth with her hands as Kirishima’s eyes widen.

“When I called him to see where he was, the call was ended quite abruptly. You guys don’t think that he was being…” raped, the world echoed in the back of his head causing him to freeze.

Tension began to fill the room causing Bakugou to wake up because honestly what the hell was going on with his pack members? Everything was fine when he dozed off but now everyone looks sick to their stomach.

“Bakugou.” Kirishima called out to him suddenly. The omega frowned at him but raised an eyebrow in question. “Were you...did someone...this is harder than I thought.”

The fuck, Bakugou thought to himself.

“Did anyone come into your room when you had your heat?” Mina asked straightforwardly causing Kirishima to blush.

Bakugou just shook his head though that wasn’t exactly the truth.

“Oh. So when you ended the call with me you were just...busy?” Kirishima asked next and Bakugou nodded his head.

“Whew, you guys scared me for a second there.” Sero breathed out.

“You would tell us if you had a mate right?” Kaminari asked. “Because they might be the reason you’re so sad now.”

What the hell? I’m not fucking sad over stupid Deku, Bakugou voice in his head. If you’re not sad then why aren’t you talking to anyone?

Well, now he’s irritated.

“Hey, we were just worried about you, alright? No need to growl.” Sero commented and Bakugou blinked owlishly.

He didn’t even realize he was growling.

The omega got up from the couch and hurried into his room to avoid being judge even more.



“Wipe that look off of your face. It’s making me uncomfortable.” Dabi glanced over to his roommate, who was staring blankly at the vanilla colored wall.

“I miss him so much.” Midoriya sighed out in distressed. Dabi rolled his eyes then focused on whatever the foreign lady on the tv was saying.

“That’s great.”

“You wouldn’t understand. I doubt you’ve ever been in love.” Midoriya hissed at him.

“Guilty As charged.”

The two of them were in a hotel room waiting for Toga to give them the signal they needed to start the job but so far nothing. Midoriya was slightly worried that the girl would’ve done someone to fix everything up but he trusted her to an extent. She was part of his pack after all.

“I promised him I would be back then I’m shipped off to Europe and been gone for two weeks already. Life really isn’t fair.” Midoriya flopped on the bed and buried his face into the pillows. He tried to remember what Kacchan smelled like but the scent was so faint, Midoriya wanted to cry even more.

“What happened to you being  the villain that fucked up that guy?” Dabi asked; getting extremely tired of his whining.

“He’s gone when Kacchan is involved. My sweet little Kacchan.” Midoriya’s Alpha started to whimper pathetically causing Dabi to stand up abruptly.

“She texted me the signal. Let’s go before I chuck you at the damn window.”

“But I’m mourning.” Midoriya rolled over on the bed to stare at his friend. “I miss him so much.”

“If you don’t get your ass out of that bed so we can do this mission and go home, I’m going to call handyman and tell him that your precious ‘Kacchan’ doesn’t need his life anymore. Maybe then you’ll do your job.”

Midoriya sat up from the bed and glared up something fierce that even had Dab’s alpha trembling just a bit.

“I’ll kill you before you even touch your phone.”

“Is that right?” Dabi asked mockingly with a smirk on his face; small blue flames danced on his finger tips. Midoriya growled in response but soon calmed himself down.

“Let’s just get this over with, okay?” He told him as he grabbed his jacket and bag. The sooner they helped out Toga, the sooner they go home.

The sooner Kacchan would be back in his arms.

Two more weeks, Midoriya thought to himself. He could try and survive two more weeks without his Omega.

Chapter Text

A whole month and two days have passed since Bakugou had went into a life of isolation. He only came out of his room for work then disappeared into after he came back home. His pack members were insanely worried about him but Bakugou wouldn’t give them the time of day. He avoided them at all cost. Bakugou’s felt empty as ever and he desperately craved the touch of his Alpha. The longer Midoriya was away, the more Bakugou felt extremely fragile and alone.

That was until one night, the heavens answered his call.

Bakugou has been sleeping peacefully in his room when a rush of cold air flung itself over his body then suddenly disappeared. The omega blinked the sleep out of his eyes and rubbed out them softly before a familiar scent nearly knocked him out. He looked around the room to find it and grinned for the first time in weeks when emerald green eyes made contact with his.

“Kacchan, I missed you so much.” Midoriya went over to the bed to embrace him in a tight hug. The Alpha purred in content at being reunited with his lover and inhaled his scent over and over again. Finally being able to touch Kacchan felt like an utter dream and he definitely didn’t want to wake up.

“Why did you leave, nerd?” Bakugou muttered out against his shoulders as his arms wrapped around him. Midoriya was gonna answer when Bakugou squeeze incredibly tight. So tight that, the Alpha felt like his back was gonna snap.

“A-ah, that hurts, Kacchan!”

“Good.” Was all Bakugou told him as he closed his eyes and buried his face against his neck. Midoriya whimpered at the pain shooting up his back but moaned softly when he felt a tongue run over his scent glands.

“Kacchan, you’re sending out mixed signals. Do you want to hurt me or for me to fuck you? I’ll be happy with either.”

“I fucking know you would, you fucking masochist. Get off of me.” Bakugou pushed him away then got underneath his covers again to glare at the Alpha.

“I wanna cuddle with you, Kacchan. I missed you so much that I started going crazy.” Not like I wasn’t crazy before, Midoriya said that last part in his mind.

“If you could tell me why you left for a whole month then I’ll let you lay with me.” The Omega crossed his arms and glared intensely at him. Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck nervously because how was he supposed to tell him he had to help his pack mate kick a few people?

“Um, I had to go travel abroad for my job. I forgot I had to leave when I was with you and I, um, had to leave immediately.” Midoriya offered nervously. He wasn’t sure if Kacchan believed him or not since the blonde was staring blankly at him and it made him incredibly nervous. Despite the frown on his face, Kacchan pulled the covers up allowing for Midoriya to wiggle underneath them after he took off his shirt and pants.

“You should’ve called or something.” Kacchan huffed out in irritation that soon went away as his alpha pulled him into his arms to scent mark him. The omega closed his eyes at the smell of Midoriya’s scent because he was finally smelling the real deal and not cheap air fresheners. “You also better be glad that I’m too happy that you’re back to be mad at you. I planned on kicking you to the curb but fuck, I missed you so much.”

“I know, I’m so sorry. I never want to be that far away from you ever again. I just got you back into my life after all.” Midoriya turned his head slightly so that they could kiss properly and he swears that he was over the moon. If he could, Midoriya would kiss the omega all day and night. “Kacchan, I got an idea!”

“What is it?” Kacchan’s eyes were still focused on Midoriya’s lips as if he would rather be kissing than talking. Midoriya couldn’t help but shiver in satisfaction.

“Let’s go on a date in the morning.”

“Huh?” The blond wasn’t expecting that at all.

“I plan on mating you soon so I want to go out on a few dates with you. I want to go to all your favorite places and see everything that you adore. I want to spend time with you.” Midoriya kisses his forehead then nuzzled his nose which caused the omega's cheeks to turn red.

“Do whatever the fuck you want. Just keep on kissing me.”

The next day, Bakugou met Midoriya in front of his apartment complex without waking up any of his friends. Midoriya had left early that morning to go change into new clothes and Bakugou felt like melting at the mere sight of him. He hurried over to the Alpha and attached his hands to the fluffy green and black strands of hair.

“You got a haircut.” Bakugou grinned at him as his hands brushed over the shaved sides of his head. Midoriya was turning a bright red and Bakugou could hear his heartbeat pounding against his chest.

“Yeah, I wanted to look nice for our first date.” Midoriya puffed his chest out in pride at having his Kacchan smile up at him.

“It looks really nice, Deku.”

Oh, Kacchan, I love you so much.

“So, where do you wanna go first?” Kacchan asked him and Midoriya grabbed his hand in his to entwine their fingers.

“Well, since you like spicy things, I made a reservation at this restaurant that I think you’re going to like.” Midoriya kissed the back of Bakugou’s hands causing him to elbow him in the side. “You’re so abusive.”

“I have every right to be after you left like that, asshole. You have no idea what I went through. It was terrifying to have the love of your life disappear like that especially when he’s been gone for ten years already.” Bakugou sighed out to him. When he looked up at Midoriya, he could see cloudy green eyes staring down at him and they seemed to be getting darker by the second. “Deku?”

“I’m the love of your life?” The Alpha asked childishly. Bakugou tilted his head in confusion but nodded. Midoriya felt on top of the world right now. After so long, he finally got a confession about of how much his Kacchan loved him.

“What else would you be? We’ve already been through so much together and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. It’s kinda like we’re soulmates.” Kacchan asked him so nonchalantly with a shrug of his shoulders. Midoriya tightened the grip on their hands and chuckled to himself. His heart felt incredibly full at the confession and he couldn’t contain the emotions consuming him. The blonde shouldn’t say words like that to him so easily because it’ll make Midoriya go insane.

“Kacchan, if we weren’t in public, I wouldn’t hesitate to do you against the wall.” Midoriya said dreamily as a pretty blush covered Kacchan’s cheeks.

“As if you haven’t tried to already, idiot. Let’s get going before we miss our reservation!”

Chapter Text

Midoriya had taken them to a cozy little hole in the wall restaurant that only had a few people in it since it was so early. Though it was bright outside, the interior was dark to set the atmosphere while candles were lit on each table. Bakugou felt proud of Midoriya for setting this up for them and followed after the waiter to head towards their seats. Once they ordered their drinks and looked over the menu, Bakugou had decided to engage in a conversation.

“Since you know what I do for a living, tell me about yourself. What job do you have that requires you to travel abroad?” Bakugou leaned against the table; distracting Midoriya from gazing into his eyes in the candle light.

“Um, I’m an interpreter and a translator for this company one of my pack mates work at. It’s a pretty decent job seeing as they pay me a lot.” Good save, Kacchan looks proud, Midoriya thought to himself. Kacchan didn’t need to know that he spent the last month killing people that didn’t know when enough was enough.

“That fucking explains why you’re wearing such expensive clothes.” Bakugou twiddled with his fingers then spike again. “Tell me about your pack mates. What kind of people are they?”

Ah, they’re... interesting.

“Well, One has an obsession with cereal.” And killing people.

“Another loves everything girly and sweets.” And loves to stab people then draining them of blood.

“One loves to watch tv and gossip.”

Also likes creating bonfires of corpses.

“And the last one enjoys working at a bar.”That last one is definitely the truth.

“Sounds like an interesting group of people. Hey, what do you like to do for fun? I like to sleep in a lot because it’s the only time I can actually be stress free.” Bakugou asked next.

Does stalking you count as something fun?

“I take up photography.” Midoriya smiled brightly.

“Oh, wow. You have to show me some, Deku. I want to see if you’re actually good at that shit.”

Their conversation was cut short when the waiter returned with their drinks and asked if they were ready to order. As promised, Midoriya got Bakugou the spiciest curry that they had while ordering himself some salmon. Bakugou smirked at him but Midoriya reaches across the table to grab his hand and hold it tenderly.

“Can I give you something?”

“Sure?” Bakugou eyed him curiously as Midoriya reaches into his coat pocket to pull out a long velvet blue box. For some reason, his omega was extremely happy that his alpha came bearing gifts on their first date. “The fuck is that?”

“Kacchan, I can tell that your omega is happy. You don’t have to put on an act for me.” Midoriya chuckled a little then placed the box in front of him. “Open it.”

Bakugou scowled a little before grabbing the box to open it then felt his eyes widen at what he found. The omega couldn’t even believe what he was staring at. Midoriya, his alpha, had purchased him a gorgeous necklace that had an emerald gemstone attached to a shiny silver chain. Bakugou didn’t even know how to function the words to tell Midoriya how he felt.

“Would you like for me to put it on you, baby?” Midoriya asked with a knowing look on his face.

Bakugou was too stunned to tell him off and nodded his head anyway.

“When an Alpha gives his potential mate a gift to remember them by, it usually counts as a courting method. Though, I already know you chose me. I don’t know what I’d do if you picked someone else.” Probably kill them and lock you up, Midoriya thought to himself as he stood up from his chair to help his Kacchan put the necklace on.

“Stupid Deku, of course no one comes close to you.” Bakugou turned his head slightly to kiss his cheek as Midoriya had placed the necklace around his neck.

“Good, now let’s eat.” Midoriya told him when he spotted their waiter coming back with their dishes.



By the time they had finished eating, a parade had started downtown right near the restaurant. It was easy to see who the parade was for because of the giant All Might floats and balloons that wafted down the street. Millions of people were crowded at the railing they put up screaming All Might’s name while waving around his merchandise. Bakugou squeezed his way passed people to see the legend himself sitting on one of the nicer floats waving his hand.

“I forgot it’s his birthday. I guess people wanted to throw a huge fucking party.” Bakugou muttered to Midoriya, who looked indifferent as they were covered with yellow, blue, and white confetti. “Aren’t you happy to be front and center? We’re inches away from the number one hero!”

“I would rather spend my time alone with you.” Midoriya told him which caused Bakugou to look back at him. The Alpha smiled at the blush on his cheeks then leaned down to kiss his forehead. “But I suppose we could stay here. After all, you love him.”

“You love him too, asshole. Unless, that changed as well.” Bakugou was suddenly sad at the news but turned back to the parade when dancers came out.

Midoriya watched him for awhile then turned to look at the parade as well. If his pack mates found him here, things would’ve gotten complicated. After all, All Might could recognize his face from one of the crimes they were committing and he appeared to stop them. Of course, All Might wasn’t able to since Kurogiri got them out faster than a snap of his fingers. Midoriya huffed out in annoyance of watching the hero parade around in all the smiling faces around him. Most likely from all the people he saved.

“Fucking pathetic. Kacchan, let’s go-” His words were cut off when he noticed that his omega wasn’t anywhere near him. Midoriya immediately started to look for that explosive head of hair in the crowd thinking that he must’ve gotten caught up with everyone.

Midoriya was going to yell out to him but his instincts caught wind of his omega’s scent...along with another alpha. He turned his head in the direct the scents were coming from with his eyes searching when he found his omega being harassed by some asshole. Kacchan’s hands were sparkling with tiny explosives as the man inched closer to grab his waist.

Midoriya Izuku instantly saw red.

Before he knows it, he’s pushing through the crowd towards them smelling so threatening that everyone got out of his way easily. Kacchan saw him first and relief washed over his face but it was short lived when Midoriya turned the alpha around and grabbed him by the throat. Squeezing it impossibly tight while lifting the man off the ground.

“Oi, Deku, put him down!” Kacchan yelled at him.

“Why was he touching you?” Midoriya asked without looking at his omega. “He shouldn’t put his hands on things that aren’t his.”

“Deku, stop! You’re creating a scene! Are you forgetting who’s here-”

“Young man, is there a problem?” A hefty voice spoke from behind him. Midoriya gritted his teeth before turning his head to look at All Might in all his shining glory. Bakugou gulped at Midoriya’s expression and quickly went to stand in front of his alpha.

“It was just a misunderstanding. That guy was just being an asshole and my alpha-”

“Needs to be put on a leash.” A new voice called out lazily. Bakugou’s eyes widen at the sight of Eraserhead and he backed away from them. Midoriya noticed how distressed his Omega was becoming and finally released the alpha, whose face was starting to turn purple.

“Don’t talk to him like that.” Midoriya growled at to him while grabbing Kacchan’s wrist. “We’re leaving.”

“Not so fast-”

A loud explosion went off in front of All Might and Eraserhead causing them to turn away from the scene allowing the alpha and omega to escape.

“We have to find them!” All Might told his friend but Eraserhead just shook his head.

“Enjoy your birthday. Everyone else will take care of it.”



“Deku, you’re going to fucking pull my arm off!” Bakugou panted out as Midoriya lead them through the city hurriedly. He had no idea where they were going but his legs wouldn’t stop moving. “Fucking idiot, do you hear me-”

Bakugou was cut off because Midoriya suddenly stopped moving and whirled around to slam their lips together. Bakugou’s eyes widen at the suddenly kiss and he tried to pull away since they were in public with people watching but Midoriya squeezed his wrist even harder causing him to whimper. The kiss was rough and messy but there was passion underlying it. Bakugou’s eyes fluttered shut as he returned the kiss equally as passionate and held onto Midoriya’s jacket with his free hand. The alpha’s lips trailed down his lips to his neck where he began to nibble and lick at where his mating mark would be.

“Every day that goes by without you having my mark pisses me off. I don’t want other Alphas touching you like they know you; like they have a chance to fuck you.” Midoriya growled out heatedly against his skin causing Bakugou to shudder and pull him impossibly closer. They kissed again but this time the alpha released his hold on him and their arms were instantly wrapped around each other.

“W-we should find a love hotel or something.” Bakugou panted out with pink lips and disheveled hair. Midoriya grinned wickedly at him and they were going to move again until they heard a voice.


Time seemed to freeze as Midoriya turned around to find his mother standing a few feet away from them with groceries in her hand.

“Is that really you?” Midoriya Inko covered her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes. Bakugou found himself inching behind his Alpha as the taller male glared at his mother then smiled as innocently as possible.

“Hey mom.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya Inko thought she was staring at a ghost the longer she stood in front of them. Her heart felt extremely fragile at the sight of her only son standing so much taller than her now. His hair was shaved at the back and sides, forest green eyes didn’t hold that innocence she was use to, shoulders broaden and chest puffed out. Her son had grown into a strong Alpha and she would be extremely proud that he kept up with his appearance until she noticed the blonde omega behind him. Inko could feel anger clawing its way out of her but she ignored it and focused on her son.

“You’ve grown so much, I barely recognized you.”

“Yeah, things change after a decade.” Izuku stood firmly in front of the omega when he noticed his mother’s eyes dart behind him.

“I’ve been looking for you ever since you left. I still can’t believe I allowed for myself to get so angry at you. We never should’ve had that fallen out.” Inko whipped the tears from her face. She had already lost her husband and she had assumed she lost Izuku too but here he is. Standing and breathing in front of her. “I hope you can forgive me and accept my apology. I want us to go back to normal.” I want you to come home. That part sent unsaid.

“Apologize to Kacchan then I’ll accept your apology.” Izuku looked deadly serious at his mother and didn’t budge when Kacchan tugged at his hand.

“It’s fine, really-“

“Nonsense, she disrespected you and as your alpha it’s my job to protect you from all things harmful. You’re pretty when you smile, Kacchan. She took that away from you for a while.”

Inko couldn’t believe what was happening right now.

“Years after that horrible fight, you’re still choosing him over me? Izuku, I thought I raised you better than this but apparently I failed!”

“If this is all you’ve had to say to me then we’ll be leaving. Kacchan and I have plans at a love hotel later and you’re ruining the mood.” Midoriya tugged at the stunned omega’s hand so that they could leave and Inko felt like she was losing her son all over again.

“You need to talk to her, Deku. Stop fucking ignoring the woman.” Bakugou pulled his hand out of Midoriya’s grasp, surprising both Midoriyas. “She’s your mom.”

“She’s no kin to me if she can’t respect my mate.” Midoriya growled out to him. Inko stepped forward but froze when angry green eyes glared at her. “You’re doing it again. Ruining my time with Kacchan because you’re unhappy.”

“I just want you to come home. I want to get to know my son again!” Inko yelled at him, catching the eye of bystanders. “Do you not understand that you abandoned me?! I felt so guilty about what happened that I had been depressed for many years! Now that you’re back, I just want to hold you close and never let you go!”

“Too bad the feeling isn’t mutual.” Midoriya snarled out at her. He held out his hand towards his omega. “Come now, Kacchan, I’m getting impatient.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you till you and your mom sit down and have a sensible conversation.” Bakugou crosses his arms over his chest. Midoriya stared at the both of them before he began laughing.

“You’re so funny, Kacchan-”

“I’m being fucking serious.” Bakugou deadpanned at him. Midoriya narrowed his eyes at his omega before speaking again.

“Come here, now, Katsuki. I won’t repeat myself again.” Midoriya hissed out in his Alpha voice. Bakugou’s eyes widen at the command and without his consent, his body headed over to where Midoriya was standing and he placed his hand in his. “There we go.”

“Izuku, please.” Inko begged and hoped that her son would change his mind. Instead, Izuku turned around to head down the street with his omega following closely behind.

“He’s upset again.” Ochako commented a few days later at work. She was leaning against the counter with Todoroki. They were watching Bakugou quietly work in the kitchen with a white bandage wrapped around his wrist. “Do you think something happened with that Alpha he’s seeming?”

“Undeniably.” Todoroki sipped on the lemonade he was drinking then cleared his throat. “If his Alpha makes him sad all the time, he doesn’t deserve him.”

“You hear that, Bakugou?! That Alpha doesn’t deserve you if he can’t make you happy!” Ochako yelled out to the omega, who jumped at the sound of her voice.

“I think I’ve done a pretty good job of making him happy.” A voice spoke out behind them. Ochako turned around along with Todoroki to see a tall Alpha dressed in a black suit standing there. “What happened a few days ago was just a misunderstanding.”

“The fuck are you doing here, asshole? I’m trying to fucking work.” Bakugou snapped at Midoriya while his friends watched from the side lines.

“I wanted to apologize for my behavior and seeing as how you’ve been avoiding me, this was my last option.” Midoriya took a deep breath as he looked into his omega’s eyes. “I really miss you, Katsuki.”

“I don’t fucking care. Leave me alone.” Bakugou growled out at him, obviously not in the mood to fucking talk to that asshole. The bruise on his wrist throbbed angrily causing the blonde to grit his teeth. Midoriya seemed to noticed and began to sulk.

“I was just upset. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that. It was just a mistake, I swear.” Midoriya tried to explain but Bakugou wasn’t having any of that.

“So was me letting you back into my life. Now piss off!” Bakugou yelled at him and his friends decided that enough was enough.

“Sir, I’m going to have to have to ask you to leave. You’re upsetting my customers and my workers.” Ochako told the alpha sternly. Midoriya scrunched his face up at the mere sight of her and laughed.

“As if I care about any of them. I’m only here for my omega.”

“He’s not yours anymore.” Todoroki’s voice caused the green haired alpha’s blood to boil. Midoriya turned towards him with eyes narrowed in fury.

“And I suppose he’s yours now? As if Katsuki would ever lay with anyone that wasn’t me, especially some Beta with daddy issues.” He hissed out at him.

“If you don’t leave now, I’ll call the police!” Ochako yelled at him. She pulled out her cell phone from her apron and held it out threateningly. “Your move, asshole.”

Midoriya glared intensely at her but decided against acting out his instincts. All Might and he’s team was already trying to find his whereabouts and the last thing he needed was for them to find him here. They were probably looking for Bakugou too and it was only a matter of time before they found them. The alpha just chuckled darkly to himself as he started to backs away from the counter.

“I see now. You’re forcing me into a corner.” Was all Midoriya said before turning around and walking out of the store.

“Hey, are you alright?” Ochako asked Bakugou, who had a death grip on the edge of the kitchen counter. The omega was definitely distressed, judging by the scent he was giving off and how he was shaking. “Would you like the rest of the day off?”


Ochako wasn’t expecting for his voice to sound so small.

“Todoroki, can you make sure he gets home alright? I’d hate for that guy to be waiting there if he goes by himself.”

”Yeah, Yeah.” 

The walk to Bakugou’s place was quiet seeing as how they both didn’t really have anything to talk about. Bakugou was busy trying to avoid any though of his alpha as Todoroki watched him with his hands in his pokects. They suddenly were in front of his apartment building where his pack members would be waiting inside.

”Does your pack know about him?” Todoroki asked him.

“No and you better not tell them either.” Bakugou grunted out to them as he held his wrist. It was really beginning to get on his nerves. 

“Did he do that to you? You shouldn’t be with an abusive alpha-”

”He’s not fucking abusive, okay?!”

”What happened today at the store proved that he was.” Todoroki tilted his head a bit. “You can tell me.”

”I told you he’s not alright? Just leave me alone.” Bakugou told him as he quickly rushed into the building. He didn’t want to answer anymore unnecessary questions.

Chapter Text

“Is it ready?” Midoriya asked when he walked into the bar; not even bothering to greet his pack mates.


“A hello would’ve been the appropriate greeting.” Shigaraki told him as he sipped on a spoonful of milk from the cereal he was eating. Midoriya glared at him intensely then looked over towards Dabi.


“Yeah, it’s done. When are you bringing him over here?” The fire user asked him, finally giving Midoriya the answer that he needed.


“Tonight. His heat should be due in a few hours so he won’t be able to fight back because of how drowsy he’s going to become.” Midoriya couldn’t wait for the sun to set. He would use Kurogiri to fetch Kacchan then he was going to have him all to himself! No one was going to know where he was and no one was going to take him away from him.


“Can’t believe you pulled that stunt at that dumb parade. Everyone was recording it.” Dabi commented which caused Shigaraki to to finally turn to look at the green haired alpha.


“You’re going to have to lay low for a while so that they don’t catch onto your scent. If you get caught, we all get caught.”


“I know, I know. That’s why I’m bringing Kacchan here so I won’t have to leave. Unless, you force me to fetch your fucking milk again.” Midoriya scowled at his leader, who just shrugged his shoulders. He then headed towards the basement door where everything he needed was placed inside it.


The basement had been transformed into the perfect heat room. The walls were padded to be soundproof, there was a bathroom with a shower, and so many blankets along with Midoriya’s clothing covered the ground that it was pretty hard to walk in. The alpha just wanted the room to be perfect for its guest that was going to be arriving soon. He wanted his Kacchan to be able to make the perfect nest with all of these items and let him into it like before.


“We’re going to have so much fun in here, Kacchan. Just you wait.”

“You’re taking your heat leave already?” Todoroki asked the omega, who was signing out a form on the counter of the shop. Bakugou barely glanced over to him but nodded his head.


“It’s later than usual.”


“Is it because of-”


“I swear I will shove this pen down your throat if you continue talking.” Bakugou scowled at the Beta, who just stared blankly at him. Ochako came twirling into the building from taking out the trash and gasped when she noticed what Bakugou was doing.


“I was worried that you might’ve been pregnant since your heat didn’t come on time!” The Alpha exclaimed.


“As if! Also don’t fucking yell that out loud! I don’t need everyone knowing what’s going on!” Bakugou shouted at her. Ochako nodded her head.


“You’re right, I’m sorry. I was just really concerned about your well being.” Ochako slyly walked over to Todoroki and gave him some money.


“Did you fucking bet on if I was pregnant or not?!” Bakugou yelled at them completely appalled.


“Well, you were moody and we found out you had an alpha, so assumptions were made. Money was also involved.” Ochako sighed softly. “I was so counting on you being pregnant.”


“I knew better.” Todoroki told him with a firm nod of his head. Bakugou rubbed at his temples then handed his boss his heat leave form.


“I’m leaving now. Don’t burn the place down.”


“No promises!” Ochako gave him finger guns while Todoroki stood up as well.


“I’ll walk you home.” He spoke while automatically heading towards the door.


“Hey, asshole, I don’t need you to follow me everywhere!” Bakugou yelled at him but allowed for the Beta to tag along.


“Technically, I’m walking beside you.”


“Fucking whatever! I’m still right.” Bakugou places his hands in his pockets as he felt his body become unbearably warm. He couldn’t wait to go home and shower before surrounding himself in a shit ton of blankets.


“Do you spend your heats with that alpha?” Todoroki asked suddenly.


“I don’t see how that’s any of your fucking business.”


“I was just wondering if you had someone to help you through it.” Todoroki shrugged his shoulders under the scrutiny of the Omega’s eyes.


“The fuck?” Bakugou stopped walking to stare at him. “Are you offering what I think you’re offering?”


“Yes?” Todoroki offered but then shook his head when he saw the omega’s face. “No. Definitely no.”


Bakugou didn’t say anything but ran hand hand through his hair. Part of him wanted to take up the offer but at the mere thought of it, he felt the necklace around his neck feel dreadfully heavy, almost like an anchor pulling him down. No matter how pissed off he was at Midoriya, he couldn’t even consider being with anyone else.


“Thanks but no thanks. I’m fine on my own.”


“Ah, good. That would’ve been an awkward experience for both of us.” Todoroki looked relieved at being rejected and Bakugou suddenly felt pissed.


“Don’t fucking offer yourself up like that to be kind! Also, don’t look so fucking happy about me rejecting you!”


“I’m sorry but could you imagine being with me? I can’t stand your face when you have clothes on and imagining it with you naked just makes me want to gag.”


“You’re not fucking good shit either!” Bakugou yelled at him with a red face. The two of them bickered all the way to Bakugou’s apartment not even noticing they were being watched.


Bakugou’s heat hit him a few hours later and instantly he had been surrounded by blankets despite sweating bullets. He growled lowly when the cramps hit him full force and tried to ignore the tears gathering up in his eyes. The cool metal of the necklace Midoriya gave him felt amazing against his skin but it made him terribly sad. His omega missed his alpha after being apart for so long and he hated the fact that they had gotten into a fight. Bakugou gritted his teeth at the pain that coursed through his body until he felt a cool hand place itself onto his forehead.


“My sweet omega is in so much pain.” Midoriya’s voiced pulled him out of his haze and Bakugou didn’t know if he was happy about it or not. The alpha bent down to pick him up then kissed his forehead.


“What...are ….you doing?” Bakugou panted out at him but Midoriya just grinned as he began to walk through a dark wispy portal.


“I’m taking you home.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya watched as Bakugou crawled around the heat room gathering up materials to build into his nest. It was only a matter of time before the omega was satisfied on what his nest looked like and the alpha couldn’t wait for that signal. Getting Bakugou here was easy as pie which made Midoriya even happier.


Things were going according to plan.




The green haired male instantly headed over to where his Kacchan was waiting for him to get inside of his insanely large nest. Midoriya was quick to pull Bakugou into his arms and kiss him again and again. His omega pulled him closer as if he wasn’t already close enough.


“As expected, your nest is beautiful.” Midoriya kissed his forehead while Bakugou basked in the praise. The omega didn’t say anything but lifted his head higher to kiss him properly. Despite being pissed at him, Bakugou missed him more than he thought he would. He wanted Midoriya to be in his life more than he was willing to admit and regretted saying that he made the mistake of letting the alpha in.


There was one way that Midoriya would know that he was sorry.


“You can mark me.” Bakugou told him as he hugged the alpha tightly.


“Kacchan, are you sure? I know I hurt you a lot. I couldn’t bear to do it again.” Midoriya couldn’t believe how easy this was. Bakugou just nodded his head.


“I meant it when I said that we’re soulmates. I’m not letting you go because of what happened.”


Midoriya couldn’t even fathom how fucking happy he was right now. Holding Kacchan in his arms while the two of them were sitting in a gorgeous nest and in the safety of a heat room felt like a complete dream to him. He never thought that this would happen. Midoriya Izuku was finally going to mate Bakugou Katsuki and no one was in his way.


Not this time; not ever.


Kissing his omega felt more than satisfactory. Ever brush of their tongues had Midoriya feeling in top of the world and that nothing could bring him down for the next few hours. He laid him down on the abundance of blankets before slotting himself between his legs. Bakugou had wrapped his arms around him so that they weren’t too far apart for long and moaned softly into the kiss as he felt his alpha’s fingers rub against his entrance.


“You’re generating so much heat here, Kacchan. I can’t wait to get inside you.” Midoriya kissed the sides of his face before smiling at how red the omega’s cheeks were getting.


“Fucking shut up.” Bakugou huffed out at him.


“You’re much more talkative than last time. How come?” Midoriya asked while easing his fingers into that suffocating tight wet heat that had Bakugou keening at the pressure.


“D-depends.” Bakugou shook when Midoriya sunk his fingers all the way into him. The omega only dreamed about shit like this and it was leaving him breathless. Just a few thrust of his fingers caused Bakugou to spill all over his stomach.


“Such a pretty face. Have I mentioned how much I love you, Kacchan? I don’t think anyone can beat how perfect you are.”


Bakugou sighed at the praise but then choked on his spit when he felt Midoriya’s cock press up against his entrance. He gritted his teeth a little bit when Midoriya eased inside of him.


“Ah, yes~ you feel so good around me, Kacchan. I wish you could see how you’re just sucking me in as if I belong there.” Midoriya pushed farther inside of him while closing his eyes to marvel at the feeling. “You’re so tight, I can barely move.”


“C’mon, Deku. Stop playing around, I’m dying here.” Bakugou bit his bottom lip to stop himself from whimpering but Midoriya was making it impossible not to. He figure that the alpha was big but not big enough to nearly tear him in half.


“Sorry, I’ll move now.” Midoriya grabbed his hips before pulling out a little then immediately thrusting back in. Bakugou arched at the direct hit to his prostate and urged him to go even faster.


“Fucking give it to me. I can take it.”


“I know you can, baby. I just wanna feel you, right now.” Midoriya snapped his hips forward repeating aiming for that bundle of nerves that made his Kacchan tighten around him so wonderfully. Bakugou held onto the blankets underneath him as he came onto himself once again. The alpha growled at how his omega squeezed him so deliciously before continuing to fuck him back open again.


“Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan.” Midoriya moaned it like a mantra over and over again as he fucked into him. He could feel his alpha teeth elongate through his gums as he prepared to mark his mate. Bakugou tilted his head back slightly as his mouth dropped open revealing his sharp canines as if his body sensed that Midoriya was close. The alpha licked his lips when he could feel the base of his cock growing to knot his omega.


“Fuck, yes, Deku.” Bakugou had propped himself up on his elbows to get a better view of it since he could feel it getting caught in him and Midoriya leans forward a bit to kiss him. Bakugou growled loudly into the kiss then pushed Midoriya backwards so that he was sitting on his lap.


“Kacchan…” Midoriya groaned while his omega began to ride him with his hands pressed firmly on his shoulders. The alpha looked up into crimson red eyes that stared down at him wickedly while the lights behind him shined brightly. Was it wrong to think of his omega as an angel? An angel that was hellbent on riding him into heaven.


“D-Deku, I can’t..” Bakugou didn’t even need to say anymore because Midoriya grabbed his hips again before thrusting up into him. His omega screamed as his orgasm came for the third time and Midoriya leaned forward to bite his neck as he met his release as well. Blood rushed into the alpha’s mouth while Bakugou dug his nails into his shoulders to steady himself. Once he let go, he moaned lowly when Bakugou had bit him too; permanently sealing the bond between the two of them.


A wave of satisfaction hit the both of them and Midoriya laid Bakugou down on his side comfortably or as comfortable as the omega could get since Midoriya’s knot rested snug inside of him. Bakugou scrunched up his face a little when Midoriya started wiping away tears and sweat from his face with an end of a blanket.


“I’m not a fucking baby.” He told him sharply.


“You’re my baby now, Kacchan. We’re going to be together for a long time, don’t ruin the moment.” Midoriya kissed his nose which caused his omega to huff. “Can you feel our connection?”


“I feel contentment  and discomfort.” Bakugou tried to adjust his hips a bit but a sharp sting from Midoriya’s knot caused him to stop.


“I feel it too.” Midoriya couldn’t help but laugh at Bakugou’s face. His omega was glowing so beautifully that all the happiness in his heart was boiling over. He couldn’t help but gently grab Bakugou’s bruised wrist and kissed it lovingly. “I’m so happy, Katsuki.”


Bakugou raised an eyebrow at his name but closed his eyes to rest. His heart finally fucking calmed down so that he could sleep properly and he wasn’t going to postpone it any longer but he wasn’t going to leave Midoriya hanging.


“I’m happy too, Izuku.”

Chapter Text

“I’m coming!” Kirishima yelled at the front door as heavy knocks card from it. It was pretty early in the morning so he had no idea who would show up at a time like this. He didn’t even have time to style his hair yet!


“Hello-” Kirishima’s voice got stuck in his throat when he saw the one and only All Might standing in front of him with a detective. He had no idea why All Might out of everyone he knew would be here.


“Sorry to interrupt your morning but I’m Naomasa Tsukauchi. Of course you know All Might already.” The detective smiled at him before continuing. “We’re here to speak to Bakugou Katsuki. He lived here, correct?”


“Bakugou? Yeah, yeah, come in.” Kirishima let them inside of their shared apartment then closed the door behind him. “Um, I’ll go get him!”


All Might and Naomasa nodded their heads at him before he disappeared down the hallway. The number one hero glanced around to make sure no one was present to hear their conversation before he spoke.


“Are you going to arrest young Bakugou or just engage in conversation?”


“It depends on him. Either way we need to bring him in for questioning about the Alpha he was with on your birthday. If things get out of hand, well, I’m sure you can deal with it.” Naomasa told his friend just as Kirishima came back without the omega.


“So, it seems like he’s not here after all. I could’ve sworn he locked himself in his room but he’s not there at all.” Kirishima frowned confusingly.


“Perhaps he’s with his Alpha then? Do you know his whereabouts?” All Might asked which caused Kirishima to laugh.


“He doesn’t have an Alpha. Never been interested in anyone and probably never will.”


“According to his coworkers, he did. The Alpha showed up at his workplace and it had been obvious that they known each other very intimately.” Naomasa glances over to All Might, who crossed his arms. “It seems that this case has escalated.”


“Wait, what case?! Did Bakugou do something?!” Kirishima was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that one of his best friends has a mate and he has no idea about it.


“It seems like young Bakugou has been in contact with very dangerous Villains. We have to find him as quickly as possible.”

Bakugou woke up to the feeling of something in his hair and glanced up to see Midoriya sitting by his head running nimble fingers through blonde locks. The omega sighed peacefully then smiled at his mate; his Alpha. After a decade of missing his touch, they were finally bonded for a lifetime and nothing was going to take them away from each other. Midoriya leaned down to kiss him gently which Bakugou returned before speaking.




“Morning, Kacchan. Did you have a good heat?” Midoriya asked with a smirk on his lips. Bakugou scowled at him but felt his cheeks redden.


They had been in this room for an entire week doing nothing but fucking each other’s brains out the whole time. There were dark bruises on Bakugou’s waist from when Midoriya had held onto his hips too tightly as Bakugou rode him off into the sunset and their scent glands were completely red from rubbing on them too much. Overall though, Bakugou was extremely happy with all of that because it meant that he was taken.


Fucking finally.


“Alright, I’ll go get you some breakfast.” Midoriya told him as he stood up and pulled on his boxers. Bakugou sat up slowly then yawned loudly.


“You don’t have to. I’ll come with you.” The omega insisted looking around the room for his clothes.


“No, Kacchan. You’re still tired. Just relax.”


“I’ve been relaxing all week. Why won’t you let me get my own fucking food?” Bakugou was starting to get angrily now. Why was Midoriya acting this way so suddenly. Emerald colored eyes stared at him for a few seconds before nodding his head.


“Okay, get dressed then.”


Bakugou found his clothes then headed upstairs to the main floor behind Midoriya. He was a bit anxious as he smelled scents of people he didn’t know and almost stopped walking. They must’ve been at Midoriya’s place and his pack members must be the ones he was smelling. Midoriya was probably trying to keep Bakugou all to himself.


“Oh? Look who rose from the dead.” Someone said from the bar with shaggy light blue hair and dry skin. Bakugou was already creeped the fuck out.


“Kacchan, this is Shigaraki. The one on the couch is Dabi and the girl is Toga. They’re my pack members.” Midoriya said in a strained voice. Bakugou didn’t notice it but the Alpha was warning his pack members with his eyes. If they do much as uttered something that could reveal Midoriya’s career, he’d end them right where they stood.


“Hey, you’re cute.” Dabi smiled brightly at him which caught Bakugou off guard.


“I’m not fucking cute! Cute is for babies. I’m obviously a grown man.” Bakugou scowled at him but jumped when Midoriya pulled him into a tight hug.


“You’re my baby, Kacchan, so that makes you cute.” The Alpha squeezed him tightly while Shigaraki just rolled his eyes.


“I can’t believe I’m even witnessing this right now. It’s disgusting.”


“You’re just jealous.” Midoriya told him while kissing his Kacchan’s scent glands. The omega shuddered at the contact buy smiled softly. “I’ll whip you up something really quick.”


“Sure, go ahead. I’m not going anywhere.”


“Can you look at these pictures and tell me who came into the shop a week ago?” Naomasa was back at Ochako’s shop with a file of pictures to identify the Alpha Bakugou had been with. Since he wasn’t there at the parade, he needed to be sure Ochako and her friends picked out the right face before he sent his men out.


The Alpha sniffled a bit before nodding her head. She couldn’t believe Bakugou had just disappeared like that and was worried sick about him. She wished that she could’ve done something but what? What could she have done to prevent this?


“We’ll get him back.” Todoroki told his friend while rubbing her shoulders. The two of them opened the file to see a few pictures of men that were unfamiliar to them. They were almost losing hope until they saw the very last photo of a young boy with a million freckles.


“That’s him! He’s older now but I’d recognize that face!” Ochako exclaimed. Naomasa looked at the photo and it confirmed his guesses.


“This is Midoriya Izuku. He had gone missing ten years ago without a single trace left behind. He and Bakugou were close as children and he had shown obsessive signs towards the omega since then. He has currently been charged with Villain activity and I’m certain Bakugou is with him.”


“Villain activity?! Bakugou wouldn’t be involved with that!” Ochako was beginning to feel faint. She knew the Omega well enough to know he would never get involved with scum like that!


“I understand ma’am but he is still in danger. Thank you for your cooperation. We will get him back as soon as possible.” Naomasa collected the photos before leaving the shop.


“I can’t believe this is happening. Do you think Bakugou knows about that alpha being a Villain?” Ochako asked Todoroki, who was frowning.


“No but I’m sure he’s going to find out very soon.”

Chapter Text

“This has been fun and all but I should really be heading home. I gotta go to work tomorrow.” Bakugou got off of the couch and stretched his limbs before turning to Midoriya, who had been sitting at the bar. “Hey, I said I’m ready to go now.”


“I heard you.”


“Then why aren’t you getting up?” Bakugou frowned, not understanding the situation he was in. Midoriya turned to looked at him in the eyes and smiled softly.


“You’re not going anywhere, Kacchan. You’re staying here with me.”


“Like hell I am. I’m being serious, Deku.”


“So am I.” Midoriya stood up from the bar to walk over to him. “After what happened, I realized that I can’t lose you over stupid things. I can’t lose you to a stupid Beta either.”


“What the fuck are you talking about?” Bakugou scowled at him. If Midoriya wasn’t going to let him leave, he’d just walk out. As soon as Bakugou started heading for the exit, his eyesight began to falter. The omega rubbed irritatingly at his eyes then blinked them to clear them up but it was no use. “What the fuck is going on?”


“I nullified your eyesight for the time being.”


“You what?! You don’t have a quirk!” Bakugou glared in the direction the alpha was. “How could you do that?”


“Don’t worry about it, Kacchan. It’ll just make you angry.” Midoriya walked over to him and cupped his face into his hands. He watched as unfocused eyes darted all over his face. “So cute.”


“You fucker!” Bakugou’s hands popped with explosions but he found his body turning into mush. “W-what is happening?”


“Just sleep, okay? You’ll feel better in the morning.”

Bakugou woke up hours later in a completely different room with a collar around his neck that connected to the muzzle around his mouth. His hands were locked together with some kind of device that prevented him from using his quirk. The omega blinked the sleep out of his eyes and was glad that he could finally see what was around him. Anger boiled in his blood because fucking Deku had a quirk this whole time but what was it?


“You’re awake! I’m glad. You were really starting to scare me.”  Midoriya entered the room with a tray of food and a bright smile on his face. Bakugou didn’t even acknowledge him. “I’m sorry, Kacchan. I told Shigaraki you didn’t need to be chained up but he didn’t listen to me.”


Go to hell, Bakugou growled out in his head. He couldn’t believe this was his mate now.


“I guess I should be honest with you now.” Midoriya places the tray of food down on the ground to look at his omega properly. “I’m a villain, Katsuki. I have been for the past decade or so. Shigaraki took me in the day I went missing and I’ve been with him ever since. It’s not a bad lifestyle though. I enjoy what I do.”


Bakugou squeezes his eyes shut so that he could hold in his tears. He was angry at himself for even believing all the bullshit Deku had told him. Did that idiot even love him like he said he did? Or was that a lie too?


“Kacchan, you’re breaking my heart!”


How the fuck do you think I feel?! Bakugou strained against the chains but gave up when Midoriya knelt in front of his face.


“I do love you, Katsuki. I love you so much which is why I had to do this. None of your friends understand you like I do. You need this. You need me.” Midoriya kissed his forehead before smiling brightly. “We’re going to be together for a very long time. I hope you won’t stay mad at me for too long.”




“It’s been weeks. I can’t just sit around and wait like this anymore.” Todoroki was tired of waiting for the cops to find any trace of Bakugou and was ready to take action himself.


“You can’t just go out there! You have nowhere to look!” Ochako insisted but Todoroki wasn’t listening. He was already putting on his coat and preparing to to leave her apartment. She knew that he and Bakugou had a complicated relationship but at the end of the day they were very good friends. “Todoroki, we just have to wait till All Might-”


“How do you know he’s going to find him in time?! They don’t even have a lead on the asshole that took him!”


“He’s All Might! If anyone could find Bakugou it’s him!” Ochako insisted as she hurried over to her friend.


“You know better than I do that sometimes he doesn’t make it in time.” Todoroki clenched his fist angrily. “How do you know he’ll find him in time?”


“I….I don’t know but we can’t lose hope.” Ochako told him as she grabbed her friends hand. “We’ll get him back. I promise.”



Bakugou whimpered as Midoriya removes the muzzle from his mouth and shuddered when the alpha had looked at him with so much love in affection in his eyes, it made Bakugou sick.


“Kacchan, don’t look at me like that. You’ll realize soon that this is the best option for you.” Midoriya cupped Bakugou’s face in his hands. “Think about the pups, Kacchan. They won’t like how upset you are.”


“What pups?” Bakugou snarled out at him while trying to get his face away from him but Midoriya wouldn’t let him move.


“Our pups.” Midoriya places a had on the omega’s stomach and closed his eyes. “You were very fertile during your heat.”


He couldn’t be pregnant! There’s no way this loser could tell so early!


“I know you don’t believe me, Kacchan. It’s okay though because in a few months you’re going to see that I wasn’t lying.” Midoriya pressed his lips onto Bakugou’s for a passion filled kissed before quickly putting the muzzle back on.  The omega screamed against the metal while his eyes flared daggers at his alpha as he stood up.


“Don’t worry, Katsuki. We’ll move you somewhere more comfortable soon.”


Chapter Text

Midoriya had been right.


So far, no pro has been able to find his whereabouts after months had passed. Not only that but Bakugou had noticed that his stomach was beginning to become a rounder and smooth to the touch. Midoriya was ecstatic at the news and wanted nothing more but to cuddle the omega to death which he started to do regardlessly. Bakugou had slowly given up on the heroes and began to give in to Midoriya. The alpha did take good care of him considering Bakugou’s condition and made sure that he was comfortable. The amount of food the blonde ate on a daily basis was also astonishing so he couldn’t just starve himself when Midoriya was spoiling him.


The idiot even took the muzzle off.


“Your belly is so cute, Kacchan.” Midoriya purred softly as he ran his hand over the smooth skin. “It amazes me at how big you’ve gotten. We must be having a lot of pups.”


“Probably why I’ve been eating so much.” Bakugou admitted as he settled down into the nest he made. Midoriya was obviously excited for his kids to arrive and he carefully placed himself inside of the nest to join his lover. The omega didn’t mind his presence and soon found himself dozing off to sleep.


Midoriya eyed him carefully then glanced back down at his swollen belly to see that his mate had at least two months to go before he went into labor. The alpha growled softly as he remembered how hard it had been to get supplies for his nest. The pros were littering every nook and cranny looking for Bakugou and so far they haven’t been able to find them even if they did get a little too close, Dabi would lead them away. It was only a matter of time before they were found though. Midoriya could feel it in his bones that their time was running out and soon someone, anyone, would come out of nowhere to ruin what they had going on.


“I’ll protect you no matter what, Kacchan.” Midoriya kisses the blondes head while gently rubbing his stomach. “I’ll protect all of you.”




Bakugou had been missing for thirteen months now and Todoroki is tired of waiting. So tonight he would be taking to the streets and searching for his dear friend whether the heroes liked it or not. Bakugou could’ve been dead by now or smuggled out of the country and no one would’ve known about it till the very last minute. He knew that Uraraka would’ve thrown a fit if she found out what he was about to do but he didn’t care anymore. She can be disappointed all she wants as long as Bakugou was safe and sound.


Todoroki zipped up his bag then exited his apartment with the intention to meet Kirishima downstairs. The Alpha was more than happy to do this little rescue mission since his packmate had disappeared and Todoroki was glad that at least someone was on his side during this.


“You got everything you need?” Kirishima asked him when Todoroki exited the elevator.


“Yeah, let’s hurry up and leave before some pros spot us.”


Lately, there’s been a curfew for everyone so that the pros could focus on finding the missing omega and if anyone was caught after curfew they would be but into police custody and questioned like a criminal. Todoroki scowled to himself as he and Kirishima had disappeared into the dark alleyways. It was going to be a challenge to find Bakugou’s after so many months passing and while Todoroki was a little bit doubtful, he was still going to try.


“His scent isn’t going to be easy to sniff out. It faded quite a lot on his clothes.” Kirishima told him and Todoroki nodded his head in agreement. “We should start looking for other villains. They might lead us in the right direction.”


“Or we just find a random villain hideout.”


“Yeah but it’s worth a shot, right?” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck anxiously. “It’s all we really have to go off of right now.”


“You’re right, you’re right. I’m just hoping for the best but expecting the worst.” Todoroki admitted. He really didn’t know how this was going to go but he wouldn’t give up. He wouldn’t let his friend down so easily.


The villains they did find were some thugs that thought that they were though shit and it was easy to get rid of them. Todoroki was like a completely different person as he made those villains give away any kind of information about Bakugou’s whereabout. He had rarely used his flames in the past but he couldn’t help but use them to his advantage now while Kirishima fucked up people behind him. The villains in the area were surprisingly loyal as they kept quiet about everything and ended up paying for it by losing a limb or two. It took them hours before they found someone that didn’t want to get burnt to a crisp. The guy was a shaking mess as Todoroki’s flames had lit their hideout on fire and he was honestly terrified of what was going to happen next.


“I know where he is okay?! Just stop with the damn fire!” The villain screamed and he jumped when Kirishima had hardened his skin. “Alright, Alright! I saw this guy with a lot of burns and this school girl chick carrying a bunch of omega supplies towards the docks a few days ago! Both of them were Alphas so I figured they must have an omega hidden somewhere!”


“Really? Which docks?” Todoroki asked him and the villain flinched at how serious he was.


“N-near that old shoe factory a few blocks from here! I wouldn’t lie to you.”


“If you enjoy having both working legs, that is.” Kirishima nudged Todoroki’s shoulder. “Let’s go check it out. If the guy is lying, we’ll just come back and find him.”


Todoroki narrowed his eyes at him but then nodded his head as they quickly left the villain alone.


They had to find Bakugou quickly.




Midoriya was sitting at the bar where Shigaraki was sitting next to him when he felt it. Another presence coming in close to their hideout. His eyes narrowed in suspicion before he pushed away from the bar and headed downstairs where Bakugou was still nesting. The omega had given birth to four gorgeous pups and Midoriya had been there for him throughout the entire thing. He suspected that Bakugou would have more than one but he didn’t expect for him to have this many. Truly, everything was going perfectly.


Except one thing.


“Kacchan, we need to get you somewhere safe now.” Midoriya told the omega who was busy trying to bottle feed one of the quadruplets. Bakugou just glared at him.


“You’re too loud, idiot, They’re trying to sleep.” The blonde told him as he checked on the little ones. They were thankfully still snoring peacefully after a long day of screaming their heads off. “What do you mean go somewhere safe? What’s happening?”


“We seem to have unwanted guests and I don’t want you present for what I have to do.” Midoriya began to pack a bag of everything that his mate would need while Bakugou watched him in confusion. If Midoriya was going to move him, that must mean that someone was here to take him back home. He was about to be rescued and as much as Bakugou wanted that, he knew that his children would need their father as much as they needed him. “Kacchan, you have to help me with this. I don’t want you to get hurt.”


“Why would I get hurt?” Bakugou mumbled out to him and cradled his son closer to his chest while trying to calm him down. “I can’t carry all of them-”


Bakugou’s words were cut off when the sound of wall breaking came from upstairs. The whole room shook from the intensity of it and the omega quickly went to cover his kids from any type of debris that would fall on them. Midoriya growled as he smelled a very familiar hero’s scent and dropped the bag he had onto the ground. Bakugou watched as his mate headed up the stairs then paused to look back at him.


“I’ll be back soon.” Midoriya told him with a soft smile. “I have some business I need to take care of.”




“Hey, what do you think is going on in there?” Kirishima asked Todoroki as they sat in the back of a police car. They had called the pros to meet them at the docks but of course ended up being arrested in the process for breaking the law. All Might had appeared with a bunch of pros and they didn’t hesitate to jump into action.


“I have no idea but I hope that Bakugou is okay.” Todoroki told him as he watched from the window. All Might had gone into the building without hesitation along with some cops and it irritated him because he couldn’t help them.


“I’m sure he’s fine. He’s strong after all.” Kirishima told him but the both of them jumped when a loud explosion went off and debris trickled down onto the roof of the car. The red head chewed on his bottom lip a little to resist the urge to go running into the disaster zone. “He’s going to be fine.”


Todoroki was going to comment when everything in sight turned black and his hearing had disappeared completely. He couldn’t smell the sea water near the dock or feel the leather of the seats anymore. What the hell? Todoroki thought to himself as he tried to make sense of the situation but nothing seemed to be working. He rubbed at his eyes again but he couldn’t even tell if he was even touching his eyes.


A few minutes later, everything came blaring back and he had to put his hands over his ears because of how loud everything was. Todoroki looked out the window again to see that the building was now on fire and all of the pros seemed to be fighting some kind of monsters.


“What the hell just happened?!” Kirishima asked in a panicked there were tears running down his face and he had a death grip on Todoroki’s arm.


“I think…one of them has a quirk that allows for them to take away your senses.” Todoroki told him as he swallowed thickly. He didn’t want to experience anything like that again and hoped that whoever had did it was taken out.


“That’s insane.” Kirishima told him just as a soft cry had escaped into the air. The two of them frowned at the sound. “Why does it sound like a baby is here?”


Todoroki had no idea but the reaction from the heroes outside told them that it wasn’t a good thing.




“Don’t touch him!” Midoriya yelled at All Might, who was getting too close to Bakugou. The blonde omega was trying his best to comfort his pups but it didn’t seem to be working.


“Enough of this! You’re going to hurt them!” All Might yelled at him while punching one of those creepy monsters in the face. They had teleported in out of nowhere and were proving to be a bit difficult to eradicate. The green haired Alpha growled at him but didn’t do anything. He wasn’t fighting All Might like the hero had expected him to.


His quirk is something I’ve never experienced before. All Might thought to himself as he watched the young male. If he was a hero, he could’ve used it to help people but instead, he used it to hurt them. How tragic this was indeed. Eraserhead had managed to stop him from using his quirk which was now why everyone was able to see again. Without his quirk though, he was rather useless.


“Midnight, get the omega out of here! He needs a hospital!” He called out to the hero, who had used her quirk to put the distressed omega to sleep.


“No! Leave him alone!” Midoriya screamed at them and All Might was momentarily stunned at how shrill his voice was. The panic and fear in his eyes were real as he struggled against the bonds Eraserhead held him with. “He’s mine!”


“Enough of that, boy!” Eraserhead had yelled at him while the Alpha struggled against him. Things had began to simmer down once Midnight was able to get the missing omega and his pups out of there then into an ambulance.


Midoriya had slowly lost the fight in him as he watched the ambulance drive away then growled threateningly when a cop had put quirk nullifying cuffs around his wrists. Eraserhead had finally released him but kept a close eye on the alpha as he was lead to a police car.


“The others escaped before we could do anything.” He told All Might, who just nodded his head.


“Yes, I’m aware but we got who we were looking for. Let’s clean all of this up and get to the hospital. I want to check in on the omega before I turn in for the night.”