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Together Again

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            It had been a very long day. Oliva had AGAIN been passed up for a promotion, the heel on her shoe had broken, and her train had been running late meaning she’d BARELY made it to the bank before close, so of course it was absolutely insane. The only Brightside was she kept an emergency pair of flats in her desk in case of shoe malfunctions.

She sighed and looked at her phone while standing in line. She HAD to withdraw cash today to pay the rent and the ATM had been out of order. And of course there was mom dragging her screaming child. Could things get any worse?

“EVERYBODY GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND!” Three men stomred in, waving guns in the air, all wearing black and ski masks. Olivia dropped to the ground quickly while the small part that wasn’t terrified said of. fucking. course. The rest of the tenants followed suit.

One of the men that was carrying a briefcase stormed over to the counter and pointed his gun at the poor teller who looked like he had wet his pants. One of the other gunman spoke.

“Now, listen up. We do not wish to harm anyone. But we will have quiet and calm while we carry out our mission. If I see any phones, I will spatter the wall with your brains.” The small boy started crying to his mommy and she tried to console him to being quiet. Everyone held their breath, scared of what the gunman would do but he merely walked over to the counter, grabbed the bowl of lollipops, then thrust it into the hands of the boy, whose eyes widened and the crying was replaced with the sounds of wrapper crinkling.

Olivia adjusted her skirt which had started to ride, and she looked up at one of the gunmen trying to get a good look at any identifiable features. Gunman 3 who was standing by the door looked over at her, and his eyes widened in shock He whistled to gunman 2 who strode over and the two were whispering quietly. Gunamn 3 gestured to her and Gunman 2 looked over and his actions froze. Some of the other hostages looked over at her in confusion and Olivia’s face matched theirs. Who were these men? Past clients whose books I hadn’t been able to get published? Schoolmates? Family? I bit my lip in worry when Gunman 2 came over to me.

“Is your name Olivia Wilson?” I hesitantly nodded my head. Then, he used his gun to gesture to the camera hanging in the corner.

“Look directly at the camera.” I did as I was told. Then after a moment, Gunman 2 whistled for the guy still at the counter.

“But the case isn’t filled yet!”

“Don’t care, we’re going! Now! Or we leave your ass behind to get arrested.”  Gunman 1 let out a frustrated groan and slammed the case closed and then ran out behind the other two. The sound of a car speeding off was the only sound that could be heard amongst us. One of the other hostages finally spoke up.

“Are you like a superhero or omething?” That broke the tension and finally there was some laughing and murmuring amongst the crowd. It took a few more hours for the polce to show up and take everyone’s statements. When I got back to my apartment I called my llandord and before I could even explain she said

“Honestly, don’t worry. I know you. Can you get it to me before the end of next week?”


“Alright, have a goodnight.” And she hung up. I was still shaken up so I just ordered out from the Chinese place down the street. She stuck only to Disney movies on Netflix, not waniting to see any news to remind her of the day. Thankfully, it was Friday and she dind’t have to get up fro work again til Tuesday. So she knew she could sleep in tomorrow morning…

…or so she thought. The next morning, the buzzer from down below was going off. She groaned as she saw the clock only said 7:30, but she stepped over to the screen to see who was at her door so early. A burly man stood there in a suit and shades.

“Our boss would like to speak with you.”


“Our boss would…” She cut him off

“No I heard wht you said. But you can’t expect me to just come downstairs and go with ywo strange men do you?”

            “Look at your phone” Olivia furrowed her brows and went to grab her phoen from her nightstand. There was an address and a picture of a license plate being texted from an unknown number.

            “This is where you’ll be taken to, and it’s the license plate of the vehicle. Feel free to text it to whomever you wish. We are under explicit instructions nt to let any hurt come to you.” I took a deep breath. I’d bet 3 years salary that this has to do with what happened yesterday. I quicky texted everything to my best friend and added If I don’t text you in an hour, I’m at this address and in this car.

            I quickly through on a light sundress to fight the already oppressive humidity then headed downstairs. The car was an F5 type arctic white Jaguar and the man opened the passenger side door for me.

            “Hello, Olivia.” I froze and turned. Sitting next to me, in the drivers seat, was Thomas William Hiddleston. Crime lord of the underworld of London. But to me he was just