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“Hyungs? I wanna try something” Jimin spoke softly as he walked into Yoongi’s studio where the two eldest rappers were working. The youngest of the three was wearing nothing but one of Hoseok’s jumpers and a pair of baby blue panties that the rapper had got a while back to try out. It was obvious that Jimin took a liking to the soft material and how they looked against his skin, they had easily become one of his favourite panties that his boyfriends had brought.  

Hoseok and Yoongi turned around with a soft smile, looking him over. Yoongi motioned him over and pulled the younger down onto his lap and kissed his cheek. “What’s that baby?” he asked softly, starting to brush Jimin's fringe from his face gently. He absolutely adored how adorable his boyfriend looked in Hoseok's Jumpers, making him look even smaller than he was and he knew the other rapper loved Jimin looked in his jumpers too. The two of them were always buying larger sized shirts and jumpers just because how cute Jimin looked, it really was becoming a problem since the youngers closet was now full of them. 

"Well...You know how when I bottom it's either Hobi Hyung fucking me or you Yoongi Hyung..." Jimin spoke, his voice quiet and shy. It was no doubt the other two could see the growing blush on the youngers cheeks and how he started to squirm a little. "So..uh i was kind of thinking maybe.... if you guys wanted to or were okay with it.... that next time i bottom you could both fuck the same time" he whispered the last part, is cheeks a bright crimson and he kept his head down. Both Yoongi and Hoseok were shocked to what their boyfriend was requesting and they slowly looked at each other as if in a silent conversation. "Actually, don't worry about it, it was a silly i-" Jimin's words were cut off by Hoseok's soft lips pressing to his own, the youngest of the three immediately melting into the kiss and leaned against Hoseok, letting out a tiny whine when the older male pulled back. 

"it's not a silly idea, we would be more than willing to try that with you kitten" Hoseok smiled as he started to play with Jimin's hair again. He smiled fondly as Jimin looked up at him with wide eyes, as like he was surprised buy the answer. Which he was, he didn't actually think the other two would agree to that. 

"You're really okay with this?  Like you’re not both just agreeing to this just because I want to try it?” Jimin asked softly, which only made Yoongi hold onto him tighter and start kissing over Jimin’s jaw and neck.

“Baby you know we don’t agree to things we won’t like and that’s the same thing for you Remember the time Seokie wanted to fuck you in the practise room and you didn’t want to do it and that was the end of that. We don’t agree to things we don’t want. So, we want this” Yoongi spoke softly and Jimin nodded slowly leaning into Yoongi’s touch.

“Sorry I didn’t agree to that again Hobi Hyung. Was scared someone might walk in” he murmured softly, still feeling a little bad about not doing what Hobi wanted even though he had no reason to be guilty

“Shh kitten, I know you were scared and that’s why I didn’t push it. I honestly don’t mind you said no. We have amazing sex here anyway so it’s not like I’m going to miss out of good sex with you” Hoseok chuckled softly and kissed Jimin quickly once more “So back to your request. We would be more than happy to do that with you” he smiled a Jimin who couldn’t help but quietly squeal in excitement and wiggle a little in Yoongi’s lap.

“Jimin-ah, stop wiggling your hips” Yoongi huffed softly as he placed his hands on Jimin’s sides to hold him in place. Jimin blushed and leaned back against the eldest male’s chest, murmuring a soft shy sorry.

“Why don’t you go to our room and prep yourself for us baby boy? We just have to finish this track and we’ll be in with you in around ten minutes. The others are at practise so we can have some fun yeah? Plus, you won’t have to hide your pretty noises from us” Hoseok said, smiling at how Jimin’s eyes shone in excitement. The youngest nodded and kissed both of their cheeks before getting up quickly. “Eager aren’t we kitten?” He teased as Jimin walked to the door.

“Shh, can’t help being eager” Jimin huffed childishly as he opened the door “You two hurry up and finish the song please. M’really needy right now, all I can imagine is you both fucking me” Jimin said as he lifted the jumper to show his hard on through the panties which made both rappers groan at the sight and nod. Jimin smiled and nodded “Now work” he said before leaving the two alone.



When the two rappers finished of the song they were working on they immediately got up and went to their shared room, almost running to the room. They wanted to be with their boyfriend so bad. As they opened the bedroom door they were gifted a beautiful sight of Jimin laying on their shared bed, writing slightly as he fucked himself with one of the larger toys they had. Hoseok was the first to move and practically pounce on the younger, moving next to him on the bed and started to kiss him deeply. "Seokie you are one eager boy" Yoongi chuckled even though he was extremely eager for this. 

"Oh hush. Like you're not eager too. Come on look at our pretty boy. Such a little slut fucking himself like this" Hoseok hummed, running his hand down Jimin's chest, smirking when the youngest let out a small whimper. "Awe Jiminie are you needy for your hyungs? The toy not satisfying you enough?" he grinned and removed Jimin's hand from the toy to start fucking the younger with it himself, pushing it deeper inside him causing the younger to cry out loudly.

"He's already very stretched out so much isn't he" Yoongi said once he was sat on the end of the bed, looking at Jimin's hole that was stretched around the toy "You think he'll really fit both of us inside of him Seokie?" he asked as he started to stroke Jimin's cock, wanting him to at least cum once before they started anything else. Jimin sobbed softly from the increase of pleasure and started to squirm even more. 

Hoseok chuckled at Jimin's reactions and nodded "I think he will. With some extra stretching once one of us inside him. If not, we’ll work up to it eventually. No rush if it doesn’t happen today” Hoseok said “Don’t wanna hurt our boy” he said pushing the toy in deeply, smirking as he heard Jimin moan loudly, not at all hiding his noises from his boyfriends.

“Please! I need you both.” Jimin cried out, interrupting their conversation as he rocked against the toy in need, his cock leaking in Yoongi’s hand craving a release.

“Cum first baby boy. Then we’ll give you what want” Yoongi smirked, rubbing the slit of Jimin’s cock which only made him jolt and writhe from both of their touches, moaning loudly as he squirmed Jimin could feel himself getting closer and closer to an orgasm, the toy plunging deep inside him and how Yoongi was rubbing his cock just made everything so intense.

It wasn’t long before Jimin’s hips stuttered and he let out a cry of pleasure as he came hard into Yoongi’s hand and a little onto his stomach. Yoongi and Hoseok smirked and eventually stopped the movement of the toy and the stroking when Jimin started to whimper from the oversensitivity. “Aren’t you a good boy Jiminie. Our good little slut” Hoseok cooed as he leaned down to lick at the cum on Jimin’s stomach while Yoongi licked at his hand.

“Please hyungs. Need you inside me already. Need both of your big cocks” Jimin spoke dirtily, panting softly. Both of the rappers nodded and kissed Jimin before starting to strip from their clothes. Once stripped, Hoseok carefully pulled the toy and set it aside to be cleaned later, he then grabbed the bottle of lube, putting a good amount around and in Jimin’s hole which made the younger squirm a little. He then rubbed some amount of his cock and went over to Yoongi, doing the same thing but rubbed him for a little, making the older moan and thrust into his hand.

“You go under Jimin and go inside him first, you’re bigger than me so it’ll probably be easier with you going first and then I can stretch him out” Yoongi said and Hoseok nodded, kissing the older deeply before moving onto the bed laying onto his back. “Get on top of him Jiminie, gonna ride Seokie for a little bit yeah?” Yoongi smiled, running his hands over Jimin’s back soothingly who hummed and leaned into the elder’s touch before moving to straddle Hoseok’s lap. Yoongi helped Jimin sink down on the others cock, smiling at the soft whimpers and moans from Jimin and the groans from Hobi as he was surrounded by Jimin’s warmth.

“So big Hobi” Jimin moaned softly as he placed his palms flat against Hoseok’s chest and slowly started to bounce on his lap. He soon found a steady pace, moans and whimpers escaping his mouth. Yoongi watched them both with lust filled eyes, stroking himself for a little while as he let Hoseok and Jimin have a moment to themselves before he softly asked Jimin to lean forward so he had access to the youngers hole so he could stretch him out.

“I’m going to stretch you out for me now sweetie. You let me know if it gets too much or you need a rest okay?” Yoongi said, not doing anything until the younger nodded. Once he got the confirmation he grabbed the bottle of lube that Hoseok had left on the bed and placed some on his fingers and on Jimin’s hole again. He knew it was getting messy but he’d rather the mess than Jimin being in pain. There was no such thing as too much lube. Yoongi carefully slipped one then two fingers inside Jimin at first along side Hoseok’s cock, looking up when he heard Jimin gasp.

“You alright kitten? Is it too much?” Hoseok asked softly, brushing Jimin’s fringe from his face. The younger shook his head and tried to press against Yoongi’s fingers “I think you can keep going Yoongi Hyung, our baby seems to want more with the way he’s trying to push back against them” Hoseok laughed fondly. Yoongi nodded and pushed his fingers inside his youngest boyfriend more, smiling at the loud moans coming from him. He was glad the other members weren’t in the dorm till later because Jimin could get very loud.

“More Yoongi Hyung! Please I need more. I want you inside me too. Please hurry” Jimin practically begged the oldest rapper as he laid his head on Hoseok’s chest, the other starting to gently stroke Jimin’s hair as he was stretched even more. Yoongi nodded and continued to stretch him until he though Jimin was ready the youngest as a mess of whimpers of moans as he squirmed on top of Hoseok who was cooing softly as he kept him close.

“Your ready baby, I’m gonna go inside you now” Yoongi spoke softly as he pulled his fingers out. He grabbed the lube once again and spread a good amount on his cock before he moved onto the bed and behind Jimin. “Just let me know if you need me to stop okay baby” he said softly as he positioned himself next to Hoseok.

Jimin nodded and turned his head a little so he could watch Yoongi, “Please Hyung, I want you” he said his voice cracking a little. Yoongi nodded and leaned down to press a soft kiss to Jimin’s spine before very carefully pushing in. Him and Hoseok letting out a groan while Jimin cried out at the unfamiliar stretch. He gripped onto Hoseok and buried hid face into the older male’s neck, panting softly as Yoongi continued to push inside of him.

“Baby are you okay? Do you need Hyung to stop?” The dancer asked softly, stroking Jimin’s back soothingly.

“N-No. Please don’t stop. Fuck I feel so full” Jimin whimpered as he slowly got used to the feeling of stretched that far. Yoongi nodded and stayed pushed inside of he younger for a while to let him adjust to the new feeling. Once he heard Jimin say he could move he slowly started to thrust his hips. Hoseok stayed still for a while to let Jimin get used to it first. Jimin moaned loudly and pushed back a little as Yoongi started to fuck into him. “Seokie…. fuck Seokie…. ah please move too. Wanna feel you both fucking me” He gasped out as he looked down at Hoseok with tear filed eyes, but his eyes were full of need and lust that Hoseok couldn’t deny him. He nodded and slowly thrusted his hips along side Yoongi. It was a little harder for him to truth because of the tightness and angle but he could still move a little bit to give himself and Jimin pleasure.

“Fuck baby, this feel good sweetie? This like what you imagined?” Yoongi moaned as he held onto Jimin’s hips, Hoseok’s moving making the whole thing more pleasurable for him too. He smiled at the moans coming from Jimin as they both fucked into him at a steady peace.

“Yes Hyung, fuck it’s even better than I imagined. Both of you feel so good inside me” Jimin moaned loudly as he started to suck on Hoseok’s neck, knowing the older had an extremely sensitive neck and he used that to his advantage during sex as well as out of the bedroom when he wanted to tease him too. Hoseok groaned and pulled Jimin away from his neck to kiss him deeply, both of them moaning into the kiss as Yoongi fucked into Jimin a bit quicker without pulling out, not wanting to do that and ruin the feeling they all had.

“Shit I’m close already” The dancer moaned once him and the singer pulled away from their kiss. Everything was so much more intense than usual for all of them that the other two nodded also in agreement. The two eldest rappers continued to thrust into Jimin, speaking filthy words to the younger. It was Yoongi who first spilled inside of Jimin, his nails digging into the youngers hips, his thrusts slowing down but the pleasure not dying down as the other rapper kept thrusting into their boyfriend.

“Shit I’m cumming!” Cried Jimin as he jolted suddenly and came between Hoseok and him, cum now painting their stomach and chests, clenching around Hoseok and Yoongi as he came. He started to whimper from over sensitivity as the dancer continued to fuck up into him for a little while before he was also filling up Jimin with a moan of the youngers name.

The three of them slumped in exhaustion, Jimin and Yoongi now laid on each other over Hoseok. “Guys I love you both but both of you laying on me like this is heavy” He said from underneath them with a whine, making Jimin giggle softly and Yoongi chuckle before carefully pulling out and moving off the bed.

Slowly after Yoongi pulled out so did Hoseok causing Jimin to whimper softly, his body extremely sensitive as well as worn out. All he wanted was to he held and cuddled now. Knowing Jimin, both rappers quickly cleaned themselves off and then Jimin with the packet of wet wipes they kept in their room. They would have a shower later but right now they needed to hold the youngest.

“Shh kitten, we’ve got you” Hoseok whispered as he laid down next to Jimin and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him tightly into his arms, easily making the youngest the little spoon, his stomach pressed to Jimin’s beck. He stroked the youngers stomach to comfort and relax him as Yoongi laid down on the other side of him

“You did so well Jiminie, we are so proud of you. Took us so well” Yoongi started to whisper soothing words in Jimin’s ear, knowing the younger always needed that reassurance after sex, and usually with anything since he could be very insecure. But his boyfriends were quick to always reassure him that he was doing good. Jimin hummed softly and cuddled up with both of them, nuzzling into Yoongi’s neck happily, slowly drifting off to sleep. The other two weren’t surprised that hr was. Of course, Jimin would be tired after that.

The two rappers  smiled as they watched Jimin drift of, raising their brows when he started to mumble something. “What’s that baby?” Hoseok asked. Jimin only smiled and replied softly before falling asleep properly.

“We’re so doing that again”