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Azula Week 2018

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“Why are you such a strong firebender?” The question, admittedly, caught Azula off guard. The young firebender lifted her head up to look at her therapist who was sitting safely on the other side of the cell. Even with Azula bound in a straight jacket and tied down to a chair the old man still didn’t feel safe actually entering the cell.

Smart, Azula thought. Just because Azula’s hands and legs were bound and tied didn’t mean she couldn’t bend still. Even now she felt the familiar heat of her chi beginning to pool in the pit of her lungs.  

“I was born lucky.” Azula said evenly. “Gifted, a prodigy like my grandfather.” She explained her golden eyes focusing on her doctor. As of late Azula had noticed that her thoughts had gotten less hectic and it was starting to get easier to focus. She would hate to give any credit to the doctor or the pathetic waterbending peasant that seemed determined to help her heal but it couldn’t be denied that ever since they had started working together Azula had been starting to think clearer. Like she had before the comet came.

“Beyond that.” Her therapist prompted. Azula hummed and tilted her head back again so it was hanging over the back of the chair.

“I trained rigorously everyday for as long as I can remember.” She explained. “Once in the morning when the sun rose, once during midday when it was at its zenith, and once at dusk when it began to set. I honed my gift, sharpened it until I am what you see before you.”

“A broken princess?” He asked gently. “Pushed beyond her own limits?”

“I wouldn’t expect a fool like you to understand.” Azula said defensively. “I was a child of war in many ways I inherited it like I inherited my firebending, I was crafted to be the perfect weapon to win the war for my father but more importantly for my nation. I had no true limits.”

“If that were true you wouldn’t be sitting here speaking to me, restrained like a wild animal.” The doctor said softly. “It doesn’t sound like you had much of a childhood.”

“When your country is at war and you're being groomed to take the throne and possibly continue that war you have no real time for a childhood.” Azula said matter of factly. “Once my mother and Zuko left I had no time for petty children games.”

“With Zuko gone you were the sole heir to the throne.” He said softly. “You were forced to shoulder a greater responsibility then most people could even begin to comprehend.”

“Very good doctor.” Azula said sounding a little bit like her old self. “Tell me what other ground breaking discoveries do you have to share with me?”

“This all ties together.” He pressed on. “Your firebending, your family, and childhood it’s all interwoven.”

“Enlighten me.”

“Your fire is fueled by your rage all of which comes from the deep seeded issues from your childhood.” Azula snorted at his answer.

“You think I’m such a good firebender because my mother didn’t love me?” Azula couldn’t help but laugh. “I was born with a gift that I honed and perfected, it’s truly that simple.”

“You're mixing up strong and good.” The doctor said causing Azula to scowl. “I speak about the actual intensity of your flame.”

“Then why didn’t you say that?” Azula demanded.

“My apologizes.” The doctor said. “The strength of your flame comes from rage, a rage that stems from your childhood.”

“Do you agree?” He asked when Azula gave him no answer. “Well perhaps we can talk about it more tomorrow.” He said softly when it became clear that she would say no more.

“Azula I am here to help, it is my hope that one day we can work through your childhood traumas and eventually get you out of that cell so you can begin to build your firebending on something more substantial.” He said. "I believe that is the key to your recovery, have a nice day." He added before moving down the hallway leaving Azula alone to her thoughts.