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What We Lost

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A nearly a year has passed since the catastrophic fallout at Scorpion, with Sly, Toby, Happy, and, of course, Paige leaving to form Centipede.
Walter, Cabe, and Florence are still working at Scorpion, but things aren’t as they were. Cade, as much as he hates it, struggles out in the field for long periods of time. He’s been promoted to a position which keeps him more at a desk than anything, but he helps where he can. Florence has just received a research grant from MIT and has been spending most months of the year in Boston, she’s also had a girlfriend for the last 7 months and there’s even talk of them moving in together.
Walter is still taking on jobs, nowhere near as major or in the big leagues which the old Scorpion were so often summoned to. But he’s also got some regular clients now, and he’s been commissioned by the city to upgrade network connections. A menial and boring job, but the pay is good. He’s still working out of the garage, eating fermented fish and constantly keeping busy, even taking up a guest lecturer position at CalTech, thankfully not Ralph’s class. He even flew back to Ireland to see his parents and try to rebuild a relationship with his parents; it was about 60% successful.

Centipede is growing, but it’s taken a recent dip in income, as the novelty has worn off for many. But, they have a whole building to themselves, state of the art facilities and offices. They’re taking on interns and hiring assistants to keep up with the workload. Paige works out of a 6th floor corner office with a panoramic view over LA, something she’d only ever dreamed of. She is receiving calls from multiple government agencies as well as huge corporations.
Sly is the head of the tech department: writing code for them or for their clients. He’s ended his political career, but often offers legal advice, given his success at Cabe’s trial. He’s also helped to expand Warlock’s Chest, it’s become a popular tourist spot with many stars doing book signings and photo ops there.
Happy has an entire basement level to herself - it’s too noisy anywhere else. She’s begun to teach twice a week, an all-female class to encourage getting girls into engineering because “they’re just better at it than the boys”.
Toby is mostly doing consultation work over the phone because he’s too busy being a stay-at-Home Dad to Max and Ella, twins they adopted a couple of months ago. Ralph baby-sits regularly and Paige is always offering parenting advice, mostly to Toby who is trying very hard not to give them lasting psychological trauma.

Although their situations have changed dramatically and their lives don’t feature hallucinations, imminent drowning or the risk of nuclear fallout anymore, they are all content and doing what they’re doing what they’re best at.

Until now.