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Younger Generation

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Chapter 1: Getting to School

Harry’s POV

We walked into Flourish and Blotts, more like were ushered in since Mrs. Weasley and Hermione just had to meet Gilderoy Lockhart. He was signing books today and they happened to be the books we needed for Defense Against the Dark Arts this year. We no more than stepped inside when I heard my name called out in excitement.

“It can’t be Harry Potter!” A high pitched male voice exclaimed. The blonde man had leapt up from behind the counter he was seated at and grabbed my arm. “Big smile now, Harry. Together you and I will make the front page.” He was way too excited about all of this. I gave a half smile for the camera as he drug me over to the counter and handed me a full stack of his books, pre-signed.

When it was all over and done, I just dumped them into Ginny’s cauldron and turned to talk to Ron. I almost missed the thankful look on his mother’s face. We talked for a moment before a young boy bumped into Ginny and made her drop a few of the books.

“I’m so sorry!” He murmured as he dropped to collect his own finds and help her retrieve hers. He managed to get all but one book off the floor before Draco and his father appeared. Lucius Malfoy used his cane to block the young boy’s attempts to grab the book and picked it up himself.

“Well, well, well, Arthur Weasley.” He said in that normal snobby tone of his.

“Lucius.” He responded coldly. You could feel the tension.

“Busy time at the Ministry, I hear.” The snear on his face pissed me off. “All those raids… I hope they’re paying you overtime?” He posed it as a question, but we knew it was a taunt.

I stopped paying attention to the conversation and turned toward the boy that was still on the floor. He was hugging a few magical creatures books to his chest. I helped him up and shooed him away from the chaos unfolding behind me. The two older wizards were now in a fist fight. I stared at them for a moment before Hagrid came in to break them apart.

A snigger echoed from above and I looked up. Draco and a small female version of him were watching us from halfway up the staircase. I rolled my eyes and followed the Weasley’s out of the shop. “Hey, Ron, did you see the little mirror behind Draco?”

He just shrugged and kept walking. I frowned slightly and followed his family back to The Burrow.

Griffin’s POV

I paid for my books and hurried out of the cramped little shop. I couldn’t wait to delve into my new creature books! Grandfather would be so proud of me. I made my way over to Ollivander’s shop to meet up with my father again and we headed back home. I showed him my books and he just laughed. He told me I was acting just like my grandfather.

I spent the next few weeks making sure everything was packed into my trunk. I had it filled to the brim with extra books. Everything was tucked in to fit as much as I could. I was wishing Grandfather had taught me the spell to do to my trunk what he did to his briefcase at that point. Father helped me get my trunk to the car and took me to the station. We walked onto the platform and I looked around.

The platinum blonde boy and his father stood nearby with a woman and a little girl. The girl looked my age, by I wasn’t really sure who she was. Father told me that we don’t normally associate with snotty pure bloods so I skirted them and went to find my spot of the train. As I was searching, I came across some older kids with Chocolate Frog cards of Grandfather and couldn’t help but smile.

I found a compartment with only one other student in it. It was a girl with long platinum blonde hair and a tiny hedgehog. She paid me no mind so I knocked. “Can I sit in here with you?” I asked her gently.

She looked up and her blue eyes met mine. “Sure!” She said happily. “My name is Syrena Lovegood and this is Niffler.” She motioned at the hedgehog.

I chuckled and struggled to hoist my trunk up into the overhead compartment. I took a seat across from her and pet the small creature’s belly. “My grandfather had an actual Niffler that followed him around on his journeys. He was pretty mischievous.” I replied. “My name is Griffin Scamander.”

We talked for a bit before a shadow crossed our open doorway. “Hey, I can’t find anywhere else to sit and my brother disappeared so can I sit in here?” It was a dark haired girl, she seemed to be a little nervous and her accent was strange.

Syrena nodded and introduced us to her. She let her pet Niffler and she sat down next to Syrena. She introduced herself as Natalie Finnigan. I sat back and watched them talk for a while. Eventually the train began to move and we waved to our parents before settling back in our seats again.

We rode in a comfortable silence for a while. I had a book in my hands and the girls were playing with the tiny hedgehog. A small knock broke the silence and we all looked up. The scared looking girl in the doorway looked a little familiar, but I couldn’t place her. My family didn’t really spend much time with other wizarding families.

“Have you three seen any Slytherins walk by here?” She was rather quiet. I looked to the girls to answer since I’d been reading about Thunderbirds and Phoenixes and wasn’t paying attention to anything else. Both of them shrugged and the little hedgehog slipped off the seat and bounced onto the floor.

The new girl leaned down and picked him up before he could run past her. “Niffler!” Syrena exclaimed and gently took him back and cuddled him. She kissed his little nose and returned to her seat.

Natalie frowned in worry and then turned back to the girl in the doorway. “It’s about time to get our robes on, where are yours?” The girl looked down the walkway and nodded. She took off and Natalie closed the door again.

They both looked over at me. “I’m not looking.” I replied and buried my face in my book again. I stretched out on my bench and turned my face into the seat to make them feel better about it. I heard one of them giggle and felt my cheeks flush.

We all got finished getting dressed by the time the train was crossing the bridge. Natalie made a confused noise and I looked up from fighting my tie. There was a blue car flying next to the train and a dark haired boy hanging out of it. We watched in awe as he was pulled back inside the car and it flew off.

“What in the…” Syrena just shrugged and fixed my tie for me. I thanked her and we kept an eye on the window until we got to the school. We were ushered out and into the presence of a huge man who introduced himself as Hagrid. He led us to a fleet of boats and out across the water. Syrena and Natalie sat together in one and the other blonde girl joined me in mine.

We were almost all the way to the far shore when that same car flew over us and slammed into a tree. “That poor tree!” I exclaimed. The girl in the boat next to me stood up and covered her mouth. I could see Syrena looking distressed too. What was going on here?