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Drabbles and One Shots

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“Okay, whoever gets Gina off her phone, gets all this money,” Jake says to his co-workers. Standing around the table is Terry, Charles and Amy. Charles goes up first, he slowly walks up to Gina.

”Hey Gina!” He says. Gina immediately reaches for her stapler, throwing it at him without looking up once. 

Jake tries a dance party, Amy tells her about the dead historical figure, Terry goes as far as to change his Facebook relationship status, to no avail. They had given up all hope when elevator dinged, opening up, Rosa enters the precinct. She sneaks up behind Gina, Gina still distracted.

”Who you texting? Are they hot?” Rosa asks, jokingly. She knows that Gina was texting her.

Gina turns towards Rosa, a smile immediately forming on her face. “Rosie! You said you weren't coming in today.” 

“Well, I felt better. Plus it’s Wednesday, we always get lunch on Wednesdays. I couldn’t miss it,” Diaz says, oddly sentimentally. Gina just smiled kissing Rosa on the cheek. Rosa notices the the shocked faces staring at her from the kitchen. “What’s up with them?” she asks.

Gina shrugs, “I think they had a bet to see whether they could make my look up from my phone.”

Rosa smirks, “Well, I better go collect my prize money, I’ll pay for lunch today.”