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AN- Whelp, hey guys. I wasn't planning to post this on ao3 since I have so many other unfinished works...It was a tumblr exclusive but I've had several people ask me to post on here for easier reading. So, here I am.

I think I should clarify that this work will be more explicit and probably my ticket to hell. But, I don't really care. Priest Kakashi is just too hot of a concept to pass up. Anyway, if religious imagery combined with sexual situations offends you or triggers you in ANY way, please click out and don't read this. Because this will be heavy with it. Any questions you have, feel free to message me on tumblr! If anyone doesn't know, my blog is :)




**Chapter 1: Covet**



The first time he saw her was on a Thursday. Her pink hair was bright beneath the midday sun, pulled back into a ponytail that slid over her shoulder as she turned to greet an elderly woman with a soft smile. And as she handed her a dose of medications to help the poor woman with whatever ailments she was suffering from, her eyes lifted and met his. It was only a few seconds but felt like much longer.


Kakashi blinked, caught in the depths of her jade gaze. He was dangerously close to dropping his gaze to the rest of her body but managed to tear his eyes away before he could give in to temptation. Knowing it was best to separate himself from it, he decided to go back inside the parish and let the team of nurses do their job.


The church had organized a clinic to help those of the community that could not afford medical care. He had been surprised by how quickly the local hospital had responded, eager to help the cause. They had sent over a team of volunteer nurses and a tent to set up on the lawn outside the church. And she had been the head of the team. For the hour that they had set up, Kakashi couldn’t help watching them, but more specifically, her.


He could tell she was in charge from the moment she arrived, instructing the other nurses where to go and how to help the enormous crowd that had shown up. It was a pleasant surprise, though it was difficult to see so many people in need.


At lunch, Sisters Of The Leaf had brought the nurses a sack lunch and set up a table to serve those still in line for medicine. It was during this time that the girl who Kakashi couldn’t seem to stop glancing over to, came over to sit on the front steps. He had been standing in the vestibule, the front doors open wide to let in the sun, saying goodbye to one of the parishioners when he noticed her on the steps. She had her sandwich on her lap, though it didn’t look like she had even taken a bite of it.


He watched her smile up to the woman leaving, shaking the stray hair out of her face before she caught sight of him lurking in the doorway behind her. She turned and blinked in surprise, laughing breathlessly. “You scared me.”


“Oh, I’m sorry.” He took a step into the light and glanced out at the tent where she had been working all morning. The line of people had lessened but, by the looks of it, they would be here for a while.  


Good , a voice in the back of his mind said, making him frown and push it away. “We’ve had a bigger turn out that I expected.”


The girl sighed and looked toward the crowd, nodding solemnly. “Yeah,” she said, dusting the breadcrumbs from her fingers. “It’s sad that there’s so many people in need. I didn’t think it would be anything like this.”


“There will always be people in need. I’m thankful that there are people like you who care enough to help.” He didn’t know why he said it, or why he had singled out her alone when he should have been thankful for the hospital for agreeing. But, the words were out of his mouth and she turned to look back up at him from the steps.


“Well,” she said, smiling though he could see a blush across her cheeks. “I’m happy to help. Are you the priest?”


“I am,” Kakashi said with a nod and a soft smile.


The girl sighed and stuffed her uneaten sandwich back into the bag before standing to her feet. From two steps down, she was just tall enough to reach his waist and realizing this, Kakashi couldn’t help taking a step down. He didn’t want any excuse to imagine her anywhere below his waist. “I haven’t been to service since I was a kid.” He watched her tilt her head back and look up at the building stretching high above them. “I used to love listening to the church bells.”


“You’re welcome back anytime.”


With her head still leaned back, he couldn’t help notice her throat and how it tightened as she swallowed. She lowered her gaze to him and nodded, holding her hand out for him to shake. Before he could tell himself that touching her probably wasn’t the best idea, especially with how his body was already responding to being near her, his hand closed around hers. “I’m Sakura. The sisters told me you’re Father Hatake?” He nodded, unable to do much else with her palm still pressed against his. “It was nice to meet you.”


“Nice to meet you, as well.”


Their hands separated and she gave him a final smile before turning to return to the tent. As she crossed the lawn, Sakura turned and smiled at him from over her shoulder, her pink ponytail swinging with each step. He swallowed tightly.



AN- I figure I should also explain, these chapters will be shorter than usual. Well, up until I get to the *good* stuff anyway.