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Silver Mate

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Blood Thirsty

"Have you sent the letter?" Harry asks before taking a bite of the meat. He hums in satisfaction while licking his fingers and looks at Zabini. The man is gritting his teeth and his otherwise blank eyes are bright with disgust. Harry takes another bite.

"Yes, but I don't understand - why me?" Zabini asks as his lips twist in a grimace, "And why are you are so disgusting?" 

"She was your girlfriend, wasn't she? She will believe it if it comes from your mouth." Harry replies. He doesn't answer the second question and takes another large bite and enjoys watching Zabini cringe.

"Don't you think that it's time you accept what you are." Harry murmurs before taking a sip of coconut water. The liquid trickles down the left corner of his lips. Harry wipes it off with the back for his hand. Zabini is trying really hard to stay put. He is obviously very disgusted. Harry just loves annoying this man. 

"Speak for yourself." Zabini hisses, his eyebrows furrowed, "I am not an animal. Werewolves are magical creatures. They aren't animals or beasts. You are sick and mad. I wish I could leave and I would if you would just let me-"

"Alpha." Harry barks, his lips upturning in a smirk as his savage eyes meet Zabini's furious ones.

The man spits, "Alpha", through gritted teeth, "-if you would just let me tell the truth to Pansy."

It's not like Harry wants to despise the other man. It's just instinctive. Zabini was Draco's boyfriend at Hogwarts. Harry doesn't want to be possessive of her but he can't help it. He doesn't want to feel this desperate urge to have her here with him but the fact remains that he is feeling all this and he tried to get rid of all these feelings but he can't.

If he had his way, he won't touch her with a barge pole. Be that as it may, he can't live like this. That's why he sent the letter. She won't want to come but what she wants is irrelevant. She will obey him whether or not she wants to.

"You can't trap her. She won't let you. You may be powerful and all but she's very beautiful. Her eyes are deceptively innocent. She'll have you wrapped around her little finger before you know it. Mess with her and she'll ruin you. Actually she'll make you ruin yourself and you won't even know it until it's too late. She doesn't forget or forgive." Zabini suddenly murmurs.

Harry growls before punching the table, "Don't toe the line Zabini."

"I was only warning you." Zabini says calmly, "May I leave now?"

"Yes." Harry replies before looking back at his meal.

"You're right you know?" Harry continues softly. No-one knows about the pact he made with Greyback. Maybe it's time to let Zabini know.

"About what?" The man asks.

"She won't have to stay for long. I've already made arrangements for your ex-girlfriend. Maybe I'll send you with her too. After all, misery loves company and both of you can be miserable together. Maybe I'll bond with Pansy after you leave." Harry chuckles and glances at the tall man.

He asks sharply, his eyes gleaming with rage and fear, "What did you do?"

Harry smirks and leans back, "I found a way to break this bond."

"What are you going on about?" Zabini scowls, "There is no way to break this bond. What did you do? What nonsense is this?"

"You may leave now and please send Pansy." Harry murmurs politely and closes his eyes, deciding to keep it a secret. He doesn't want Zabini to interfere with his plan. 

"Stop manipulating Pansy. There is no way to break this bond. Someone is fooling you."

"Leave." Harry repeats carelessly, his eyes closed, "And do send Pansy."

"You- you- how dare you?"

Pansy is Zabini's mate and the woman is still unaware of the fact. Harry forbade Zabini to tell her about it. He is afraid that Harry will hurt the woman if he went against his orders.

"I assure you that I am not manipulating her." Harry mutters calmly, "Now. Leave."

"She thinks that you will claim her."

"I made it very clear that I won't claim her. She knows the truth. She knows that Malfoy is my mate."


"No buts Zabini. What we do is no concern of yours. It's her choice." Harry drawls, "Don't try my patience. Please leave."

"All this because of my past relationship with Draco. You'll regret this one day." Zabini's snaps angrily and Harry still doesn't look at him.

"If you don't leave my room this instant, I'll make you regret the day you were born." Harry drawls, "Don't forget to convey my message to your mate."

Zabini storms out of the room. Harry opens his eyes and chuckles as he looks at Zabini's retreating back.

Draco snuggles up in her blanket with the television remote in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. She is very tired tonight. She sips her coffee and flicks through the channels. She stops when she comes across an interesting movie and places the remote on the table. 

Then she takes another sip and leans comfortably on the armrest. The movie is interesting but she's feeling sleepy. She is not done with restocking the shop yet. It'll take longer than she had planned.


An owl taps on her window and she grumbles wearily, "Who can it be? It's so late." before getting up and heading towards it.


"COMING." She snaps furiously, feeling stupid for being angry at an owl and opens the window to let it inside. It's Scoot, Severus's short tempered owl. She frowns, wondering what can be so important that Severus couldn't wait for tomorrow.

The owl looks impatiently at her before dropping the letter in front of her feet. Draco picks it up and closes the window.

It's very short. Draco goes quickly through it. Severus has requested her presence immediately at Hogwarts in Headmaster Dumbledore's office. She scowls. It must be important otherwise he won't have called her at such a short notice. But she is so tired and would rather just go to sleep. 

She sighs before closing her eyes. She has a bad feeling about this. For the past few days, she has been very temperamental. She crumples the letter and throws it at the wall before heading to her bedroom to get ready. She respects her godfather and can't just ignore his request. 


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Claimed by a Beast

"What are you - how can you even - this is ridiculous. You want me to accept this madness. I - I am not - I am no-one's mate." Draco mutters, stunned at the sheer audacity of these people and while she says this, she stares at her godfather. She can't believe that he is actually agreeing to this. She doesn't want to be bound to a beast.

"Draco, please try to understand." Severus starts and Draco looks at him, her eyes narrowed and her lips parted in disbelief, "You know what will happen if you don't go. There is no way to break this bond."

Her heart races. She is terrified. She doesn't want to be owned. Werewolves treat their human mates horribly. Potter already hates her so much. After the dark lord's death, she had thought that she would finally be able to lead her life as she wants to. She had thought that she was finally free. 

"I don't want to go." She whispers desperately. Will she ever be free? 

"Unfortunately, you have no other choice, my child." Dumbledore murmurs gently. 

Surprisingly it's Sirius Black-Snape who slams her hands angrily on the table and hisses, "You planned the holiday for her and Remus because you knew that Remus won't allow you to do this."

"I know you don't trust me but she's the only one who can stop him." He addresses Sirius before turning back to look at Draco, "I have called Ronald and Hermione. Maybe they will be able to explain-"

Draco cuts Dumbledore off, "I don't want to understand anything. I can't live as his slave. I just can't."

Dumbledore continues gently, "-that he is completely ruthless. He is sadistic. So many muggle disappearances have been reported. We're unable to find the corpses. Disappearances of ex-death eaters from Azkaban were also reported. He might have ordered their execution, converted them or even-" Dumbledore stops, his eyes disgusted. Draco wonders what could be worse then being converted.

"-fed upon them. He-" Shacklebolt murmurs and Draco hisses, "STOP", horrified.

"He won't do that." She hisses, "That's completely absurd. Whatever his faults might be, Potter won't do that. He is not a monster."

"You are saying this because you have been away for a long time."

Draco whirls around. It's Granger. The bushy-haired woman is standing with Weasley. 

"She is right. Several attacks have been reported in the past few years. The survivors told us that it was Harry. He is very cruel and he is demanding from us to send you to him. You are his mate. If you don't go, he will attack more people. He doesn't care for anyone, men women or children. He abducted our daughter Rose." Weasley mumbles, his eyes pained.

"She is only seven." Granger murmurs, "But that's besides the point. You are his mate and our only chance. Maybe you can bring him back on right track."

"I am sure that he hasn't hurt your daughter. She is practically his daughter too. I am not interested in involving myself in another war-"

"The fact remains that you'll die if you don't meet him soon. He will find you and take you away, screaming and kicking." Granger finishes, her brown eyes tired and sympathetic as they gaze at Draco, "Look at the bright side. You can help us."

Draco stares at them. Her eyes flicker towards all the faces one by one. They don't care about what happens to her. 

"And there is another thing. It might interest you to know that-" Draco turns back around to look at Dumbledore who continues softly, "Zabini is a member of Harry's pack. He wrote the letter in his blood. The letter can be perceived as a warning. He might hurt your best friends if you don't agree. I believe Pansy is there too." Draco stares, shock written all over her face.

"Draco don't be afraid -"

Draco snaps furiously, "Of course I am terrified. Being a werewolf's mate is equivalent to marriage. I want a chance to choose my life partner."

"We can't force you. At the end, it's your choice." Severus murmurs and Draco slumps down on the chair, glaring at her hands. She doesn't really have a choice.

"Let Remus return. He'll not let them do this." Sirius mumbles, her hands on Draco's knees and her eyes soft.

Draco stares desperately at her before sighing tiredly, "I'll go." and turning towards Dumbledore whose eyes are melancholic. 

No one except Sirius cares. Like no one had cared when she was marked as a death eater. Not that they could have prevented it. It was a necessity at that time. They didn't know the truth. 

She stands up and walks out of the office.

"Draco wait." Severus calls but Draco ignores him.


Pansy groans, "Alpha... Please."

Harry growls and leans towards her neck when suddenly the door slams open. Harry freezes, his eyes glued to Pansy's and takes a deep breath. He doesn't need to turn around to know that it's Draco.

While Harry smirks, Pansy's eyes become sharp and annoyed.

"Potter meet me outside." Draco snarls viciously. Rage is emanating from her entire being. She is still standing on the entryway.

"Alpha." Pansy mumbles, her eyes half-lidded and Harry drawls, "Never use that tone with me and I am busy right now. Wait for another ten minutes."



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Harry had asked her to wait and he had expected her to do just that. He had thought that he would ruin her life, that he would snatch everything from her just like her world took everything from him. But she didn't wait.

He had known the exact moment she had set her foot in his territory and he knew the moment she left it. He also knows that eventually she'll come back. She's just like a tornado. She just came and turned his life upside down. Ever since she left, he has not had a single moment of peace and it's not because of the bond.

There is something about her presence that is urging Harry to bring her back, something that is not letting him concentrate on anything else. More than two hours have passed and she should have returned till now. The bond should have compelled her to return. She is the weaker one amongst them and she shouldn't be able to resist the pull. He doesn't know how she's doing it.

He clenches his fists and presses his head against the tree trunk. He would not go after her. That'll make him the desperate one and he won't let that happen. He wants to hear her voice once again. He is sure that the bond is responsible for this. Why did she have to be his mate? He didn't want a mate at all. He didn't anyone at all.

"-pha. Alpha." Harry comes out of his musings and opens his eyes very slowly. The weather is nice. A gentle and cool breeze is flowing in the clearing. He had instructed Smith and Boot to find her.

"Did you find her?" He asks. They look apologetic and shake their heads silently.

Cautiously and slowly, Smith starts, "No, but we have visitors."

Harry frowns in confusion.

Boot clears his throat and starts politely, "Fenrir Greyback and Tom Marvolo Riddle. Blaise is - he didn't know about it. He was furious to see Riddle. Theo had to retrain him."

He wonders why they are here when he had asked them to stay away. They were supposed to wait. His blood boils as he gets up and growls menacingly under his breath. Smith and Boot back off in alarm.

"Have Blaise and Pansy bring drinks and food in the red cave." Harry orders. Red cave is reserved for entertaining guests.

"Sure Alpha. Anything else?" Smith asks.

"If Draco returns, keep her away from the cave. Hide her somewhere. If she creates trouble, terrify her. But don't cast any curse on her and don't hurt her, neither physically nor mentally." Harry orders.

They bow their heads before murmuring in unison, "We won't dare Alpha."

This being said, Harry heads towards the cave. Dressed in a white vest and tracks, Harry stretches his arms lazily.

On entering inside, he finds them seated on a couple of rocks. Riddle's looks have changed drastically. He looks like he is in his mid twenties, much like Harry. His eyes are still red and he is dressed in red robes and black trousers. Whereas Greyback looks as idiotic as he always did. With his maniac grin and blood thirsty, leering eyes, he looks more monstrous than he ever was. Riddle seems sane though and quiet and very very still. Harry wonders how Greyback healed Riddle. He must have done something. Harry had only spared the man at the end. He hadn't healed Riddle. The Horcruxes were already gone. The healing was impossible. Harry had thought that Riddle would eventually die.

"Why are you here?" Harry sneers at them. There is no point of beating about the bush, "I told you to wait."

"Why Harry Potter. Is this the way you greet your guests?" Greyback grins.

Riddle doesn't say anything. He doesn't even blink. He might as well be carved out of stone.

"Why. Are. You. Here?" Harry asks roughly after settling down on one of the rocks.

Zabini comes in with Pansy right at that moment with drinks and some food in their hands.

"She smells delicious." He murmurs lecherously and licks his lips, "You keep your side of the pact and I'll keep mine. I'll break the bond and you'll give Draco to us in compensation."

Harry's fingers turn into claws and his hand reaches Greyback's neck in response. It's an involuntary reaction. Harry realizes that he is suddenly very furious. His whole frame is vibrating with rage. Everything said and done, Draco is his mate and his first and natural instinct is to protect her. He is also very possessive of her.

Before he knows it, Zabini is screaming in his face. His hands are around Harry's neck and he is yelling, "You bastard. How dare you?"

Harry gives in to his anger and lashes out. His claws slide over Zabini's cheeks and dig in his shoulders until he starts bleeding and lets Pansy drag him out.

"I'll bring her over when I'm done with her. Stay out of my territory." Harry snaps at him, "Drink, eat and leave."

All the while, Riddle stays quiet and stares at him with his blank red eyes. Harry wonders what the man is thinking but he keeps his questions to himself and stands up to leave.

"I'll wait." Greyback growls under his breath, "You know what happens when a werewolf breaks a pact and you don't want that, do you?"

Harry doesn't reply. He walks out of the cave. He'll go to search Draco once Greyback is gone. There are children in his territory. They must be having their afternoon nap. He can't leave them alone until he is sure that they are safe.

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Welcome To Hell

Draco paces in her bedroom. It's been just a couple of hours since she came back. She tried cooking. Nothing complicated. She made salad and when that turned out to be a complete mess, she tried to heat pasta. She ended up burning it. So she tried brewing but even that didn't work because she is feeling restless. So she resorted to pacing. She can't sit still for more than a few moments.

Potter actually had the audacity to command her. She won't tolerate it. She doesn't want to. She won't take orders from him.

But staying away is not going to work. She is not in pain or anything. But she is sweating profusely and it seems that her blood pressure is falling low. Her breath is quick and her heart is pounding.

She needs to leave. With a frustrated sigh, she slumps on the edge of her couch and covers her face with her hands. Even are palms are burning. It's almost as if she is having a fever. 

Resigned to her fate, she gets up just a minute later and closes her eyes before apparating directly in front of his room. It's more like a small one-room hut. There are several such huts and caves in the clearing and there are trees, a lot of trees. It's really beautiful. The forest is huge and dense. She is certain that it's full of herbs and flowers and ingredients which are expensive and rare.

But that's besides the point. She should say goodbye to her career. The interns will be able to handle it for a month or so. Her elf, Sleezy will give the letter to Severus if she doesn't return in three days. He is the only one could take over the shop and train the interns in her stead. She worked hard to build her goodwill. She can't let her hard work go to waste.

The moment she lands in front of the hut, her head ache and body ache disappear. She is perfectly normal now except for the fact that she really wants to leave. It's a pity, considering the fact that she had often dreamed of living in the middle of a forest with a lovely brook flowing nearby. Now, however, she knows that this is the end of the future she had started building for herself. She can fight and scream but it won't do any good. Ultimately, she will have to give in. Werewolves are violent, dominating and very possessive. In addition to all of this, Potter is an extremely powerful wizard. Her life is over. She will live for Potter now onwards. 

"Malfoy. Go inside." Someone whispers urgently and she turns around. However, before she can utter even a single word, she is simply pushed inside Potter's room by - by a couple of wizards. One of them is Zacharias Smith and the other is Terry Boot. She wonders when they were bitten. Maybe Potter bit them out of spite. She falls on the floor and glares futilely at it. She eyes the bed. Maybe she should sleep. There is not be much to do in this forest. She should get accustomed to her new life.

But the bed belongs to Potter and after the scene she fell upon a few hours ago, she has no desire to even touch it. Maybe she should ask for a private room. It's reasonable, isn't it? Even while dating, people take time to know each other. They don't simply start sharing bedrooms. Not that this is a courting or dating. This is purely torture that is being inflicted on her by Potter. He could have chosen anyone - anyone at all but he chose her. A perfect way to ave-

"Don't forget, Potter. You don't have a lot-" She freezes. It is- it is- but it can't- "She has come back. I can smell her. She has come back. She smells delicious."

Her jaw drops open in shock.

"I am sure that you are mistaken." Potter's voice is confident and low.

"Oh no. She is here and I demand you to fulfill the pact right now."

The arrogant, dirty, overexcited voice belongs to Fenrir Greyback who is supposed to be dead.

"I told you. I have a few scores to settle with her. You will leave politely or I'll have to call my pack. You have no one. Riddle is not one of us and certainly not a match for my pack." Potter snarls.

Draco stares at the door, stunned. Riddle, as in the dark lord is still alive. But their beheaded bodies were found- how is this possible. She swallows nervously, expecting to hear heavy footsteps and growls indicating that his pack is backing him up but it doesn't happen. It's very quiet actually. What has she gotten herself into? What's happening? 

"Do you see your pack around Potter? They hate you and they don't want you as their leader. They would rather have me. You are in no position to threaten me." Greyback yells and Draco can hear the laughter in his voice.

"Let's go Fenrir. Potter will tell us when he is done with her. Let him have his fun for a while." Draco shudders, wondering why did their dark marks disappear if the dark lord is alive.

"All right Potter. I'll come back if you don't contact me yourself within a few days. Come atleast five days before the full moon or I'll be here." Greyback yells and then no-one says another word.

Draco huddles in the corner of the room, her knees pressed to her chest and her hands around her knees. What pact iss Greyback talking about. Why did he want her? Greyback is not a human being. He is a beast. All werewolves are beasts but only once a month. Greyback is a monster inside and out, full moon or not and she is terrified of him.

She wants to cry but that would make her weak and give Potter an upper hand over her. The door suddenly slams open and Potter comes inside. He closes the door and looks at her. The moment his lips upturn in a smirk, she knows that he already has the upper hand. He knows that she is terrified.

He leans towards her and she presses back against the wall. He is handsome and muscled and his eyes are green and bright but somehow, he is not the boy she knew as a child. He is dangerous and she wants to leave. He wraps his fingers around her wrists and yanks her towards him. He is strong and she has not alternative but to stand up.

She bites her lower lip hard when he turns her around and twists her hand back before shoving her face-first into the wall. She closes her eyes and places her forehead on the wall and tries hard to stifle her moan.

But suddenly, his fingers change into claws and they dig in her wrist and she can't help screaming in pain. She is sure that her wrist is bleeding.

"Don't dare to disobey me again. You really don't want to mess up with me." He murmurs in a low voice.

"I - I want my own room. I won't sleep here where you- you-" Her voice is a bit desperate and it's a mistake to sound so terrified. She is only giving him more power.

He laughs hard and pulls her by her hand. She has no choice but to go along. To her utter disgust, he drags her towards the bed and pushes her face-first on it. She feels like vomiting when he presses her head on it and hisses, "You're my mate and you'll sleep here, right on this bed. Say goodbye to your old life Draco."

After a few seconds that feel like hours, he pulls back but she doesn't move. Her eyes are slightly damp. She doesn't want to stay here. It's hell.

"Welcome to hell Draco." Potter laughs before stalking out of the room, leaving a very humiliated and frightened Draco Malfoy in his wake.

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Laid on the bed, she stares at the ceiling quietly.

She had spent most of the day in the bed. As disgusting as it was, it was still better than sleeping on the floor. It seems that Potter never cleans the place. It's untidy and the bedsheet stinks.

As the day had dragged on, her fear had only increased. He could kill her and no-one would ever know that she died. No-one would care about what happened to her. If she fled away from here, the dark lord would find her. She has no way out. He doesn't know the truth about the dark lord. No-one in this pack does. If she went back to seek help from others, they will try to convince her to help them get rid of the dark lord and Potter. She isn't sure what Dumbledore wants to do with the green eyed man.

He took her wand when she was asleep. Atleast the dark lord didn't deprive his servants of their wands. She finds it difficult to decide whether it's better to live as Potter's slave or the dark lord's.

She turns to look at the door when it makes a small sound. It opens and Potter enters inside. Dressed in a vest and trousers, he leans against the closed door and stares at her. She meets his blank gaze. 

"Where is my wand?" She asks him. Her voice seems off even to her own ears. Her mouth is dry. She is starving. She should have eaten the food they left for her. She is also very thirsty.

"I have it. Don't worry. You won't need it." He answers and slowly his lips upturn into a grin so evil that she shudders. She looks away and returns her gaze to the ceiling.

"I was about to snap it." He says. Draco's eyes widen with fear as she looks back at him.

He continues, "But then I didn't. I'll break it if you don't obey me."

She breathes hard and tries to calm her racing heart. She nods and closes her eyes as tiredness catches up to her.

"Why didn't you eat anything?" Potter asks.

She doesn't answer.


Harry's blood boils when she ignores him. He is being polite. She just has to be difficult. She didn't get out of this room at all and she didn't eat anything. She's behaving as if he is some monster who wants to starve her.   

He locks the door. She flinches. He chuckles. She covers herself with a blanket. He takes his vest off and turns the lamp off before laying down beside her. Moon light is streaming inside through the window. Her eyes are clenched tightly. Her breath is rapid. She is terrified. It's so easy to play with her. He plays with the edge of the blanket. He picks it up and lets it fall back. With every movement, she shudders or flinches. She is sweating. He can smell her terror, her uneasiness.

And then in one swift move, he picks up the blanket and covers it over himself as well. She flinches. But she doesn't say anything. She doesn't display her terror and Harry needs to see it. Slowly, he starts shifting towards her. She has no space to back off now. 

She takes the blanket off and tries to sit up.

That's when he makes a move. In just one heartbeat, he climbs over her. He places both his hands on either side of her head and knees on either side of her waist and brings their faces close.

She is scared and her heart is beating really fast. Her eyes are wide and so beautiful that he almost loses his train of thought.

"You'll do as I say." He whispers softly and exhales on her cheeks. She averts her face to the side.

"You'll eat when I say and you will drink water and do everything I ask you to. You are my mate." He continues. 

"I don't belong to you." She replies softly. Her voice shakes. He smiles before murmuring in a low voice, "Yes you do."

He nuzzles her cheek. She gasps. He pulls back and smiles. 

"Say that you belong to me. Say it." He murmurs gently before turning her face towards him. Their eyes meet once again. He had thought that she would be disgusted but her eyes say otherwise. They are wide and startled and her cheeks are slightly red. 

She nods slowly. 

"Say it." He orders sharply.

"Yes, I belong to you." She says in a trembling voice.

"Alpha." He snaps furiously.

She takes a deep breath before hissing furiously, "Yes, I belong to you, Alpha."

She is so angry. He grins at her and lays back down beside her. She doesn't cover herself with the blanket again. Nor does Harry. He tries to sleep but realizes that he can't. He can't think about anything except her intoxicating eyes and flawless beauty. He really hates Zabini more than he has ever hated anyone. 

She waits for him to do something because he is not asleep. But he doesn't. He doesn't even move. He just keeps on staring at the ceiling and finally falls asleep around an hour later. Only when she is sure that he has slept does she allow herself to think about it. She has never been in a relationship. This was the first time anyone came so close to her and it wasn't disgusting. He was surprisingly very gentle. It was - it was nice in fact. He didn't kiss her. He could have and she had expected him to. But he didn't. She wonders why. She also wonders what pact has he made with Greyback. 

She finds herself wondering what kissing him would be like. She tells herself that it's natural to be curious and with this thought, she closes her eyes and tries to sleep. It was nothing. He was trying to terrify her and he must have thought that it worked. She was only curious and maybe a very tiny bit excited. 

Morning dawns and sun peaks through the window. Draco wakes up and yawns loudly. Potter is absent. She crosses her legs and stares at her hands wondering how to talk to him. If she is supposed to live here, then she will at-least need some basic necessities.

The door opens abruptly and she arranges her skirt over her legs. She looks up to find Potter at the door with some clothes.

"No one can enter our room without our permission." He says cautiously. He has some clothes in his hand. They are neatly folded and washed. He places them on the bed and settles down on the edge.

"They are Pansy's. Washed and clean." He mutters. She averts her eyes.

"I suppose you didn't look around otherwise you would have found it. There is a bathroom to your left." He says.

She doesn't reply.


Harry waits for her to acknowledge his words. But she doesn't. She hates it when she ignores him. He cannot bear it. He locks the door quietly. She gasps. Her eyes are wide.

He turns around and heads towards her side of the bed. She backs off when he settles in front of her on the edge. He moves closer to her. She looks at him. He smiles. She is in a thin shirt. He reaches for the top button and places his fingers near it.

"What- what are you doing?" She whispers. Again her eyes are wide. It's difficult to read her. He can't tell if she is scared. He doesn't remove his hand from her button but he doesn't open it. He simply looks into her eyes. Her fingers wrap around his wrists. It surprises him. Maybe she wants to push his hands away. But she doesn't do that. 

"You will answer me when I talk to you." He murmurs in a low, dangerous voice. She stares quietly at him, her fingers wrapped tightly around his wrists. 

"You will, won't you Draco?" He asks softly, his eyes boring inside Draco's soft eyes.

Why are her eyes not wide with terror?

"Yes." She replies. Her breath is fast and her pupils are dilated. 

"Alpha." He insists and pulls her collar. Her heart is racing and her fingers tremble slightly. He doesn't understand. She ought to be uncomfortable and scared. She doesn't seem terrified. 

Why isn't she terrified?

"Yes Alpha." She murmurs blankly. He smirks smugly and tries to pull back. Surprisingly, her hold on his wrists is too tight. She is lost in her thoughts. He frowns and tries to pull back again. 

"Draco." He says and she pulls her hands back very abruptly. Her cheeks are flushed. She lowers her face.

He stares at her, stunned and confused.

He is about to stand up when she whispers, "What was the pact- pact that Greyback was talking about?"

Harry grins smugly before answering her, "Greyback will remove our bond."

"And what'll he get out of it?" She asks.

"You." He answers gently.

She literally trembles. Her face becomes white and now her eyes widen with terror and she shudders violently. 

"You- you can't be serious. You aren't serious, are you?" She murmurs in a panicked voice. Her fists are clenched on her lap. 

"I am. You have a few days and then you'll leave." He says calmly.

"He is a werewolf. I won't be able to escape." She says softly.

"I don't care." Her eyes are so sad when he says this that he is forced to look away. Without looking at her, he walks outside and slams the door. Why is he so angry?  

You'll regret this one day.

Zabini's words flicker in the forefront of his mind. He'll not regret anything. He wants to be rid of Draco and this annoying bond. 

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After a shower, she walks out of Potter's room and comes face to face with Bellatrix Lestrange. If there's anyone who disgusts Draco more than the dark lord and Greyback, it's Bellatrix.

"How is my vittle niece?" She grins, her dirty teeth glinting in sunlight. Why Potter would keep this woman here is beyond Draco. She ignores the woman and brushes past her. Why would he break her out from Azkaban?

Draco has worn Pansy's skirt. Their sizes are different and the clothes are very uncomfortable. She needs her clothes even if it's only until Potter leaves her at Greyback's mercy.

She starts searching for Potter and it's during this search that she comes across a very small girl. She is in the middle of a play ground. It has a wooden fencing and several swings for kids. The girl's hair is red and she is drawing something. Draco wonders what a child is doing here. Weasley told Draco that Potter took his daughter and this girl does look like a Weasley.

Draco heads towards the seven year old kid. She opens the door and sits down in front of the child.

"Hello." Draco whispers. The girl looks at her. She is so adorable. Well, all kids are adorable but she is really cute. She has brown eyes and red hair. They are not as bushy as Granger's. She has a heart shaped face and a cute smile.

"Hello, are you Draco Malfoy? Uncle Harry's mate." The girl asks.

Draco nods, surprised.

"It's nice to meet you, aunt Draco." She mumbles and goes back to drawing.

"What are you drawing?" Draco asks gently, feeling awkward at being addressed as an aunt.

"My dad and uncle Harry and maybe-" The girl stops and looks at her before grinning, "- I'll draw you as well."

Draco smiles at her before murmuring very softly and very cautiously, "You won't draw your mom. Surely you miss her too."

The girl's smile falters at that and she looks at her file.

"What's your name?" Draco asks softly.

"Rose Weasley." The girl answers clearly.

"I didn't mean to frighten you." Draco says politely.

"I'm not frightened." Rose's eyes are calm and her words are clear.

Draco nods and Rose returns to her drawing.

"Uncle Harry will punish me if I tell you about mom." Rose murmurs a few seconds later.

"How does he punish you?" Draco asks, alarmed. Potter is really unstable and violent.

"Well, he starts by reprimanding me but then I smile at him and he forgets that he has to punish me. He says that I have a beautiful smile and it makes him forget."

Draco stares at the child. The man who has been trying to frighten her ever since she came here- how can he be so gentle with a child.

"So I'll tell you. Uncle Harry becomes sad when I talk about mom so I don't talk about mom with him."

Draco nods quietly. Rose continues sketching.

"I'm a werewolf." She says.

Draco's heart sinks. Why would someone bite a child?

"I wasn't bitten. I'm a werewolf since I was born. Mom knew. She never told dad and asked me to keep quiet about it. So I didn't tell dad too. She used to give me medicines so that I can get rid of the disease - she called it. She expemimented. So Uncle Harry brought me here. He is my godfather."

"Experimented." Draco corrects the child. Her heart is in her throat.

"That's why Potter brought you here?" Draco whispers. She can't believe her ears. How can Granger do this to her own child and then hide such a big thing from Weasley.

Rose nods. Draco gets up.

"Will you play with me?" The child asks. Draco smiles at her.

"Yes. I need to talk to your godfather right now. You can come and visit me in his room." Draco answers gently.

"Can I bring Teddy?" Rose asks, her huge eyes gazing innocently at her.

"Yes." Draco says.

Then Draco leaves, intent on finding Potter.


"I need a spy." Harry murmurs. It was difficult but he managed to arrange a meeting with Michael Corner.

"Why?" Corner asks him coolly. Harry meets his cool gaze with his indifferent one.

"It doesn't matter. Will you do it?" He asks curtly.

"If he -"

"I'll take you out of there if you are caught. You have my word. I want you to find out whether Riddle is a werewolf or not. Besides that, I want you to check if Riddle has contacted his inner circle yet." Harry promises and Corner nods. Harry doesn't stay to watch him leave. He has known Corner for a while now and he knows that Corner is the fastest and sharpest Greyback has.

Harry walks back towards the clearing. Most of his pack has gone to arrange food.

"Potter. I need to talk to you." The sharp and authoritative voice belongs to Draco. Harry stops in his tracks. He is in the clearing now. Pansy and Blaise are practicing hand to hand combat and there are a few others as well. They are talking amongst themselves. Bellatrix and Carrow are not there. Harry will have to keep an eye on them.

"Potter." Draco presses sternly. Harry takes a deep breath, trying to prevent himself from hurting her. She is new and needs time. She'll learn, not that he'll keep her here for very long but she'll behave while she is living here. He'll just have to teach her. If he does end up dueling Greyback, then she'll have to learn to keep her tone down with him. He is beginning to think that there is no way to break this bond. Maybe Zabini was right Maybe Greyback is fooling him but to what end. Why would he want Draco?

Harry closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He must be patient with her.

"Potter." She hisses impatiently.

Don't hurt her. Don't hurt her. Don't hurt her.

He tells himself and opens his eyes just a second later.

Everyone is staring at him. They know his intolerance for impudence.

Draco is in front of him, her nose in the air and her stance confident. Her eyes are sharp and cautious.

"Don't use that tone with me and address me as 'Alpha'. Don't try my patience Draco. I don't take kindly to impertinence." Harry hisses coldly at her. The change in her stance is immediate. Something akin to anger flashes in her eyes before they become blank and she backs off and lowers her head.

She is - humiliated - no - maybe she is irritated or sad. Harry frowns, irked at not being able to read her.

Why is she not terrified?

"I need to talk to you Alpha." She murmurs, her eyes lowered.

The tension in the clearing grows. Blaise is gritting his teeth and staring at his feet whereas Pansy is simply looking blankly at Harry.

There are around six people in the clearing and Harry can feel vibes of fury and hatred from each and every one of them.

That Draco can get this kind of reaction out of his pack members is really surprising. Why are they angry on her behalf? It's only been a day since she came and she spent most of it inside his room.

He nods silently and she turns around to head towards his hut. He follows her and finds her seated on the edge of the bed.

"Weasley should know about her daughter."

Harry doesn't even stop to understand the implications of her words. He lets irrational rage take over his entire frame and his fingers wrap furiously around Draco's neck.

"She is my god daughter. If you hurt her, I won't leave you alive, mate or not." She places her hand on his fingers and tries to remove them. Her eyes are wide and stunned. Her face is turning white. Harry glares at her.

However when he lets her words register in his mind, he pulls back. She starts coughing and takes deep breathes. She strokes her neck and a lone tear slides down her cheeks as she gazes at the floor. Yet again, she is sad and humiliated but she is not scared of him.

He scowls. How can she hide her emotions so well? He can never be sure about what she is feeling.

"He misses _" She stops and coughs again, "-her and doesn't know that she is a werewolf. He deserves to know so that he can prevent it from happening to his second child too."

He swallows as her gaze returns to him. She opens her mouth to say something and then closes it.

"What were you about to say?" He asks almost gently. He knows that it was uncalled for. He shouldn't have presumed. He shouldn't have hurt her.

She shakes her head quietly, her eyes still shining with unshed tears.

"Tell me." He insists.

"It's Sunday." She mumbles, "He has an off. Granger has some classes today. He must be at the pitch or at the twins' shop."

His irritation grows when his question goes unanswered. He knows that this most certainly wasn't what she wanted to say.

"What are you waiting for then? Get ready. You were the one who wanted him to meet his daughter." He snaps at her. There is a voice inside him that's screaming at him to stop being a git. But he ignores that voice.

"All right. I'll get ready. Give me five minutes."

He should apologize. It's only human. But he doesn't. Instead he pats her hair patronizingly and murmurs, "Good girl." She flinches and bites her teeth. He pulls her hair back and glares at her for a moment before letting it off and turning around.

But it's okay if he didn't apologize. He's not really human.

"Make it quick." He snaps coldly at her before closing the door behind him.

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Can I Escape?

Can I escape? How shall I escape?

Stood in front of the mirror, she stares at her reflection and wonders.

Her eyes are shining with tears and her cheeks are dull. Her neck has his finger prints and her hair has lost its shine. She is dressed in Pansy's hand me downs. She washed the pair she wore yesterday and needs a place to dry it.

Pansy's clothes are uncomfortable. She is shorter and thinner than Draco. She wipes her damp eyes and steels herself. If this is going to be her life then what's the point of crying? At Hogwarts, everyone was either scared of her or disgusted of her. They chose to stay away from her and she accepted that. Her own house-mates were either jealous of her or were only interested in father's wealth. So she steered clear of everyone and once she got marked, it just became worse. It doesn't feel bad when Potter comes close to her. It races her heart and makes her a bit nervous but it's not hurtful. Maybe it's because he is Potter. Potter has always been handsome. She accepted the attraction she felt towards him long ago.

She just chose to stay quiet about that. She never let him know and to have him so close is unnerving.

He is short-tempered and enjoys humiliating her. She had only wanted Weasley to know that his daughter is alive and happy. It wasn't a crime. Yet Potter hurt her. It's not like she isn't accustomed to being hurt. Yet, she had wanted to live with people who won't hurt her.

Does the pain ever end? She wonders. It's painful to be yelled and glared at and that too when she was just leading a quiet life away from the world that still despises her. She hadn't wished to return. She was content.

How should I escape? I don't want to live here.

No-one likes her here. The pack stares and points at her and the fact that Potter doesn't respect her at all is a big cause of the dirty looks she got from some of the male members. Maybe they won't hurt but that would be because they are afraid of Potter just like her house-mates were afraid of father. She is not a person in their eyes. For them, she is only Potter's mate just like she was only her father's daughter for her house-mates.

She had only wanted to make an identity for herself.

As she feels rage take over her entire being, she trembles and closes her eyes. She won't let her anger control her. She would harness it. She won't behave like a caged animal because that's what he wants her to be and that's what the dark lord and Greyback want too.

I don't to stay here. I'll leave. I won't stay here. I won't be caged.

She opens the tap and splashes cold water on her face. She doesn't know how to talk to Potter about the clothes. Maybe she can wash her single pair and just repeat it.

She glares at her own reflection. Why is she so weak? Why couldn't she just stay away?

"How long will you take?" Potter yells impatiently and she takes a deep breathe. A part of her wants to yell back but the other part of her wants to stay quiet. Nobody is going to listen to her. What's the point of saying anything?

"Coming." She says and picks up her wet clothes.

She opens the door and finds him standing in the middle of the room. Rose is with him. The little girl is staring wide eyed at her uncle. Her gaze flickers towards Draco.

"Where should I put them?" She asks because she doesn't want to hang them in open.

He stares at her, confused before murmuring, "You washed them?"

"Yes. I've -" Her breath catches as their eyes meet. It's so unfair. She has money that she earned. She worked hard to earn it and still she is where she started- with only one pair, "- I've only one pair."

"I gave you Pansy's clothes. They were clean. Where are they?" Potter mutters through gritted teeth. She averts her blank eyes away from his annoyed ones and bows her head. So this is how she's going to live now onwards until Greyback comes to take her away which she thinks isn't going to happen. Potter is enjoying tormenting her. She is his toy and he's playing with her.

I don't want to live here. I can't live with this man. He hates me.

She wants to tell him that the clothes don't fit. She wants to tell him that she doesn't want to wear her clothes, that she wore second hand clothes when she first started her shop because she didn't want to take money from father and worked hard to afford things on her own. But she doesn't say any of that because she is afraid that he'll ask her to give her money to him because she is his mate and has no say in anything related to her own life.

"Answer me. Where are they?" He asks impatiently. He is always so impatient. He is always on edge. He doesn't like defiance and that's not what she's doing. She doesn't want to provoke him. She wants him to stay away from her.

"They are in the wardrobe. I'll wear them as well." She replies, knowing that it's a lie. They don't fit her. She keeps her head bowed. She simply can't meet his eyes. When she was young, she was afraid of father. He wanted her to be a death eater and she didn't. The fear didn't go away as she grew up and she doesn't remember a single day when she met her father's gaze confidently.

He wasn't a violent man but he wasn't kind, patient or soft-spoken. Just like Potter, he hated defiance and mother was always walking on eggshells around him.

Draco had dreamed of marrying a man who would treat her like Arthur Weasley treats Molly Weasley. It was a far fetched dream but she was atleast allowed to dream. That dream stayed with her even when she was marked by the dark lord and then he was defeated and Draco was free. So she fled away from the wizarding world. Muggles are really very simple. They are happy in their simple lives and simple troubles and so Draco had thought that maybe she would marry a simple muggle doctor or scientist once she settled down.

Of course, fate found a way to mock her.

"But why have you washed your old pair? You could have done it later." Potter asks her. He is irritated. He is always so irritated.

"Look at me." He orders and she does. His eyebrows are furrowed.

"Answer me." He says.

"I need a place to dry them. I worked hard to be able to buy them." She says quietly and looks at the wet clothes in her hands.

He sighs impatiently and waves a hand. In the matter of seconds, they dry and she is left staring at him. He is powerful and dangerous. She wanted a simple man. She didn't want a man like her father.

"Thank you." She murmurs and folds them neatly before placing them on the bed with a sigh of relief. She'll change when she returns.

Rose's small arms wrap around her legs. She is so adorable that Draco smiles at her. She kneels down and kisses her cheeks and hugs her tightly. She closes her eyes when she feels a lump in her throat. She doesn't want to live here. The desire to be free is so desperate that it's painful.

"Let's go." He says firmly. His eyes are hard and his lips are pressed in a straight line. She nods quietly and they walk out. Rose wraps her small fingers back around Potter's hands.

Potter side-alongs them in front of Hogwarts.

The moment Draco sets her first foot in the Great Hall, she curses herself mentally. She had completely forgotten that Sirius was appointed as the new headmistress. When Draco opens the door, Sirius stops mid speech. She had also forgotten that today was the first day of the upcoming year. Silence falls throughout the room and the students stare at her.

"Tuck in." Sirius booms with forced cheerfulness, knowing that she can't spoil the day for the students. She is a good woman and will prove to better than Dumbledore. She exits the hall after looking at Draco and then towards the door and Weasley, Granger and Severus get up from their seats too.

Students stare at Draco as she enters inside the hall. When Potter enters the room, several jaws drop in shock. Many gasps are heard as well.

Draco exits the hall through the other exit and Potter follows her.

Just a few moments later that Draco is in front of Sirius, Severus, Weasley and Granger. Rose is hidden behind Potter's legs which is why Weasley and Granger have not seen her yet.

Sirius's eyes narrow when they fall upon Potter's finger marks on Draco's neck. The woman is glares at Potter. Severus is frozen, his eyes hard as they gaze at Draco's face and attire.

Sirius is the one who makes the first move and hurries towards Draco. Her hands go straight for Draco's neck. Of course Potter moves to block her. However, Sirius was trained to be an auror and she is an ex-convict who escaped from Azkaban. Of course, he is no match for her, werewolf or not.

At the age of forty two, she doesn't look above twenty five and has the energy of a teenager. The moment Potter attempts to step in front of Draco, the woman literally punches him in the face. Rose must be somewhere behind Lavender right now. Perhaps that's why Weasley hasn't seen her yet.

"Don't forget who I am Harry." She mutters coldly, "I spent hours dueling with Remus. I defeated him in hand-to-hand combat innumerable times. I am so ashamed of you today. You hit her. How could you do so?"

"You are supposed to be my godmother, not hers." Potter snarls. Of course he would be jealous of such a small thing. The woman was only trying to heal Draco. He is completely insane.

"Yes, you are my godson and I had thought that I had managed to remove the damage the Dursleys had done to you. Apparently not. My love wasn't enough and you don't even remember what I taught you. Yes I am your godmother but only in name. I failed my best friend. I failed Lily and Remus. I failed myself and I failed you." The words are like a slap on Potter's face who backs off immediately, his eyes wide and startled.

However, Sirius is not finished.

"Sirius. Calm down. Don't say anything you'll regret." Severus murmurs, his hands on Sirius's shoulders.

The woman shrugs him off and looks at Draco before asking, "Why are you still with him?"

"I -" Draco begins and with a jerk she realizes that she does have to return alone with Potter who strangled her not an hour back. If he can strangle her in the light of the day, who knows what he is capable of doing at night. Maybe he'll just kill her once she has slept. She shouldn't provoke him.

"I tried. It's not possible. The bond won't let me leave." Draco murmurs and then closes her mouth.

Angrily, Sirius turns to look at Harry. She is literally trembling with rage as she snarls, "She isn't your property. Why are you doing this? If you don't stop, you will just end up losing everyone."

With these words, Sirius stalks away. Severus glares coldly at Harry and follows her.

"Daddy." Rose's soft voice suddenly echoes in the silent corridor. It's small and Weasley practically shudders and his eyes follow the voice.

But Rose doesn't run towards Weasley. She spreads her arms and calls, "Daddy."

Weasley sobs. Yes he sobs and that's what makes everything worth it. The shine in Rose's eyes and the relief that courses through Weasley's body and the terror in Granger's eyes as they meet hers - all these are very satisfying. Draco doesn't regret her decision.

Draco glares at the woman who takes a step back.

"Why did you leave me Rosey?" Weasley asks.

Of course, Rose starts crying. She is only seven and all this is very overwhelming for her.

"Daddy. I am a werewolf ever since I was born and mommy was giving me medicines. She said that she wanted to take the monster out of me." Rose's arms are wrapped around Weasley's neck who seems gobsmacked. His eyes are wide and his body has frozen. He turns towards Granger very slowly who doesn't deny anything. She looks guilty and her eyes are damp as she looks desperately at her daughter's back.

"She was experimenting on me, she said. She didn't want me to be a monster. But I am not a monster daddy. Uncle Harry said that I am a good girl and I have a beautiful smile." She mumbles.

The pain on Weasley's face is unbearable and Draco looks away. Her eyes fall upon Potter who is looking silently at his best friends.

Just a few minutes later, Weasley turns towards Draco and Potter and murmurs, "Take her with you. She isn't safe here. They will take her away and will kill her or maybe treat her as their guinea pig. I'll meet you later Rosey and I'll owl you too."

Rose goes willingly in Potter's arms.

"Thank you Harry. I don't know how to thank you. You - you don't have time. You should go. Go through Sirius's floo."

"Draco wanted you to know. I don't really care." Potter mutters blankly.

Weasley is a gryffindor and right now he is very emotional which is why the man embraces Draco tightly before mumbling, "Thank you Malfoy. Thank you so much. I'll- I'll talk to Hermione. Thank you for bringing Rose here."

Draco pats his back awkwardly and watches as Potter's eyes flash. A bead of sweat trickles down her forehead. She doesn't want him to hurt her again.

Weasley pulls back a moment later and wipes his eyes before kissing Rose's entire face. He ushers Potter and Lavender towards Sirius's office and Draco follows them silently, suddenly very reluctant to follow them.

No-one is paying attention to her and now she has spent enough time with Potter. Maybe the bond has settled and won't make her go back.

She takes an unsteady breathe and takes a u-turn. She'll hide in Severus's room. Surely Severus must have something to help Draco in case the bond urges her to return. Potter won't even notice until he reaches the forest and if Severus refuses to help, Draco will escape and hide somewhere else, somewhere neither Greyback nor Potter nor the dark lord will ever be able to find her. With this thought in her mind, she opens the door of her godfather's room and walks inside. She takes a deep and relieving breath only after she finally enters his bedroom and sits on the edge of the bed. Maybe it's all over and she can return to her peaceful life.

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Can I?

Sirius is fuming, seated behind her desk.

"I told you Severus." She hisses furiously.

Severus sighs. They have already had this discussion innumerable times. She knows that they don't have any other choice. There is no way to break this bond. It would not settle until the first year ends and even after that she would have to live close to Potter. Of course, they can choose to live their own lives, marry and then make their families. She'll just have to accept that she can't get rid of him or this bond.

Severus knows this fact because that's what happened with Lupin. When he realized that Narcissa was his mate, he hid the truth from her. He tried to break the bond but couldn't. He contacted the senior most werewolves and even some vampires. But this is old magic and it's just impossible.

"We have spoken innumerable times about this. You-"

Severus stops speaking when the door opens and Potter comes inside with Lavender and Weasley's daughter. Weasley is behind them and Draco is nowhere to be seen. They come inside and Severus stays silent. Sirius simply turns her chair around to face the other side which is why she doesn't know about Draco's absence.

Severus waits for Draco to come inside but she doesn't. Potter simply heads towards the fireplace and floos over and is followed by Lavender. There are some things Severus doesn't understand. For one why is Weasley letting him take Rose away and for another does Weasley even know that Draco didn't follow them.

But Severus has no time to waste. Potter will try to come back the moment he realizes that Draco isn't with him.

"Lock all the fireplaces Weasley. Draco is somewhere in the castle." Severus drawls and stands up.

Sirius shoots up from her chair. Her eyes are wide as she regards him and Weasley.

"Where is she? She was following us." Weasley mutters, his jaw agape.

"I think she is in my room." Severus replies curtly and whirls around.

"Severus but- but She can't stay away. The bond is very young." Sirius gasps as she follows him.

"That's what I don't understand. What's she thinking?" Severus replies, his pace quick as he heads straight towards his room.

"Draco open the door." He calls. She doesn't reply.

"Draco, please open the door." Sirius murmurs while knocking on the door.

"I want to talk to Mr. Lupin." Comes Draco's hoarse voice. Severus looks at Sirius.

"We don't know where he is. We don't know when he'll be back. Please open the door." Severus murmurs.

When he finally hears footsteps, he sighs in relief but the relief is short-lived because the sight that greets him when the door does open will haunt him till his last breath.

Draco is crying. She is not just sobbing. She is crying hysterically. She hasn't done this ever since she was six and broke a chandelier in Lucius's study. Her eyes are red and swollen and her face is drenched with tears. She is trembling all over. The way she throws herself in Severus's arms is heartbreaking. This is another thing that hasn't happened even once in the past many years.

Even when she was marked, she took it quietly.

What could be worse then being marked?

Severus's heart sinks. There is really nothing he can do. He can't send her back to Potter when she is crying like this.

He wraps his hands around his quivering frame and suddenly she is six and reaches only till his knees and is crying hysterically because she broke the chandelier and father would punish her.

"Please break this bond. I don't want to g-go b-b-back" She begs him. She had begged him to repair the useless chandelier and he had. Lucius had never realized anything. But this time, he can't help her and it makes him helpless. He can't bear it.

He grits his teeth, places his chin on her head and stares at Sirius whose eyes are damp. She blames herself for it although none of this is her fault. Potter lived with his horrid relatives because Dumbledore wanted it and what Albus Dumbledore wants, he gets.

"I don't want to live with him." She sobs. Severus stays quiet. It's inevitable. She'll have to return.

"He keeps on yelling at me. I can't as much as voice my opinions in front of him. I'm scared of him. He is just like father. I can't even speak. It's suffocating. He is exceptionally powerful and very dangerous." She mumbles, "I don't want to live with him."

She sniffs and what she says next is so chilling that Severus wonders if he misheard.

"He made a pact with Greyback and the dark lord. He is insane. "

"They are dead Draco. What are you saying?" He asks frantically.


Draco bites her tongue furiously. She shouldn't have said anything.

"They are alive. I don't know the details. They are alive and the dark lord has his body and they are living in the forest. And- and-" Draco murmurs after pulling back. She hiccups and wipes her eyes.

Severus stares at her. It's actually Sirius who speaks up.

"Are you just making it up?" The headmistress asks, her eyes wide with something akin to fear.

Draco shakes her head.

"No." She says, "The dark lord is a werewolf. I don't know when he was turned but he was a werewolf when I was marked. I am his mate. Potter made a pact with them. Greyback will break our bond and Potter will give me to them."

Draco doesn't remember a day in her life when Severus was so stunned. His eyes are wide as he hisses, "Why didn't you tell me about this? Do your parents know? You can't break this bond. It's not possible. Is Potter out of his mind?"

Draco nods before hiccuping and wiping her eyes. There is no point of staying here now. They don't care about her. None of them do.

"But how is this even possible? You are Potter's mate." Severus mutters. Sirius is staring speechlessly at her.

"I'll just go back." Draco says quietly.

"Draco listen to us." Sirius says and Draco shakes her head. There is no point. She doesn't want to be used as a weapon.

"It's getting uncomfortable. I need to go." She lies and walks towards Severus's fireplace. The bond isn't bothering her yet. Maybe it won't compel her to return. She'll hide somewhere they'll never find her again.

"Draco please wait." He hisses but Draco has already tossed the floo powder and whispered, "Remus Lupin's cottage.", knowing that it would be empty right now.


Chapter Text


Not so Heartless

It's after midnight and she's still not back. On finding that she hadn't followed him, he had been enraged. Day has turned to night and she has still not come back. Although Harry was not feeling any urge to have her with him which was surprising since he had felt it initially, still his heart was not at peace. He had yelled at his pack members for just lazing around the whole day when it wasn't their fault. He was the one who was forcing them to waste their lives in this forest. They had retreated to their caves and had stayed inside. Even the kids had stayed inside their hut.

Harry stares at the ceiling quietly. The room is dark. They use lamps, lanterns and candles at night. Most of the others have run out of candles and oil.

There is a sudden creak and the door opens slowly. It's dark but Harry can still see Draco's lean figure. She is shivering although it's not very cold. So it must be because of the bond. He becomes very still. Nervously, she stares at him for a few moments before crawling inside the blanket.

She turns towards him and he waits for her to close her eyes.

The moment she closes them, he waves his hands and the lamps light up. Her eyes shoot open and before she can do anything at all, he wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her close.

"Get off me." She murmurs. He glares at her.

"Quiet." He demands. Of course, she doesn't listen to him. She continues struggling and tries to push him away, mumbling, "Get off. Get off me."

He takes her hands in his and twists them behind her back and wraps the fingers of his left hand around both her wrists.

"Be quiet." He demands firmly. For once, she complies with him and snaps her mouth shut. She is taking deep breaths and he can still sense her anxiousness but now it's mixed with something else- something akin to relief or maybe excitement.

Her eyes meet his. She's not disgusted or even furious or terrified. She's only anxious. Her pupils are dilated and her heart has started racing and she is taking fast breaths. He is confused.

It's - not unpleasant to be this close to her. It's - actually - it's quite nice holding her. She is warm and beautiful and soft and sweet and spicy all at the same time and she won't stop quivering.

He doesn't know whether the bond is corrupting his mind or it's him placing all the blame on his bond. Before today, she only seemed to be an annoyance, neither beautiful nor sweet. Maybe it's because full moon is really close now. Just another five days. Maybe that's why he is confused.

Suddenly, her lips twist in a sneer. In the matter of seconds, her body language changes and she starts struggling again.

"I hate you. Get off me." She snaps at him. He wonders why he was waiting for her when he could have slept hours ago when the rest of the pack retired. She is so annoying and non-compliant.

He glares at her. It's her fault. She is a tornado and has turned his life upside down. He is feeling all kinds of things now. He doesn't want the pack to hate him or to suffer because of him and suddenly he doesn't want to keep Blaise away from Pansy and he wants Draco to stay with him.

His eyes widen at the last thought. He shouldn't want her to stay. He made that stupid pact with Greyback. It didn't seem stupid at that time. He shouldn't have met that beast at all.

Suddenly she spits at him.

"I hate you. I'll never accept you as my life partner." She sneers at him. Her eyes are literally burning with unbridled rage. She looks stunning like this. As such she always looks stunning. He knows he shouldn't think such things about her but it can't be helped. She has ruined his plans. There was no place for a defiant, strong woman like her in his life.

"You are mine. Scream and rant all you want and just where the hell were you today?" He pulls her hair back with his right hand and bares her neck. The words are his and the voice is also his but he is surprised. That's not what he had planned to say. He doesn't know what he did want to say but this wasn't it because her face is changing colors quite quickly. The redness fades and whiteness replaces it when Harry leans closer to her and takes a deep breath. She smells of - he can't exactly place it. The scent is very familiar and his nostrils flare automatically. The scent belongs to a werewolf.

"Who were you with?" He murmurs in a low, dangerous voice. She struggles again but held like this against his body, she can barely move. She is warm and soft. He breathes again, intent upon finding out whom she was with.

It clicks very suddenly and when it does, something snaps inside him. He glares menacingly at her.

"You were with Remus." He hisses at her but her face is pulled back and he needs to meet her eyes. So he releases her hair and she murmurs, "So what if I was. I am not answerable to you. Just who the hell do you think you are. This is your fault. I had a life. You had no right to interfere in it."

"You-" He roars angrily, "I'll teach you not to use this tone with me. By the time I am done, you -"

"What will you do Potter? I have seen things that you can't even imagine. I have lived with monsters." She says and shoves him away. He lets her because - because her eyes are pained right now and he doesn't want to see her in pain. She pulls back but she doesn't get out of the bed. She lays down on her side and stares at him with hard, unforgiving eyes.

"When I came here, I knew that I was giving my life up. It's not your being a werewolf that bothers me all right. I have spent years around Greyback and the dark lord. I am not Granger and you are not a monster. Yes I hate you and I'll never accept this bond. You are a very heartless man Potter. You gave me to him on a silver platter and I hope when the truth unveils in front of you, you are satisfied." She finishes. He stares at her, confused and stunned speechless.

Her eyes are sad as she continues, "You don't have any idea about what you have really done. After all these years, you are still rash and stupid and don't think before acting. I had thought that my troubles had ended with the dark lord. Little did I know that they have doubled and it's your fault. At-least he didn't know about it back then. I am sure that he does now."

He keeps on staring at her. She is not making any sense.

"What didn't he know earlier? What are you saying?" Harry asks quietly.

She shakes her head and turns to lay down on her back. She stares at the ceiling quietly.

"I can duel him. I can duel Greyback. It's been in the back of my mind since yesterday." He murmurs gently.

She turns on her side and looks at him. Her eyes are sad and it's like she has already accepted her fate.

"I am telling you that I'll duel him and I'll defeat him. You don't have to worry." He says. She doesn't reply. But she just looks so small and sad and he can't bear it.

So he adds impulsively, "You don't have to leave your life behind. We can work something out."

But still she keeps on staring at him with those pained silver eyes that have accepted that she'll be given over to Greyback and Riddle.

"I don't understand. I can defeat Greyback. Why are you so unhappy?" He asks in a rough voice, "Is living with me so - so bad? I won't hurt you."

"Greyback won't come alone and he won't play by the rules. You don't have anyone behind you." She says. She avoids answering his last question. He chooses to let it go.

"I have my pack." He says.

She chuckles bitterly, "They despise you. They'll never fight for you. Blaise and Pansy might fight for me but they are only two people. You don't know the reality of the dark lord and you literally have no-one. The wizarding world hates you. Greyback and the dark lord have spread rumors about you."

"What reality? What rumors?" He asks, frustrated. Why is she talking in riddles?

She closes her eyes, "Go to sleep. Also, I am not Remus Lupin's mate. I hid in his cottage. Mother and Remus had just returned. We just had a talk. "

"Does he know about this reality you are talking about? Tell me. I don't understand anything." He asks. She doesn't answer and he wonders if she has already slept.

"Why are you worrying Potter? You are happy in your little world and as unhappy as your pack members are, they are safe over here. Just go to sleep. What do you care if the dark lord burns this world to create his own empire from its ashes? Maybe I'll be his queen- an almost dead queen but a queen nevertheless. You just go to sleep. Don't worry."

Her words are so chilling that he keeps on staring at her. What she's saying doesn't make any sense. Why would Riddle mess with him. Harry is minding his own business. Knowing that she won't answer his question he lays on his back and tries to sleep. But try as he might, he finds unable to lose himself to the peacefulness of slumber.


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It's quite early but Draco wakes up. She yawns before opening his eyes. When she tries to move, she realizes that she can't. She is spooned in Potter's arms. Instantly her instincts start screaming at her to get away from this man. The embrace in itself is not confining. His arms arms loosely wrapped around her waist and his chin is resting on her head. He is snoring lightly. It's too intimate. He is clearly insane and she doesn't want to get attached to an insane man.

She tries to push his hands away from her stomach but realizes that she can't. It's very close to the full moon. Maybe that's the cause of this because otherwise he stays on his side of the bed.

She stops struggling and simply stares at the wall in front of her. The dark lord and Greyback will pay them another visit. Draco sighs morosely and thinks back to the day when she had realized that dark lord is a werewolf. It was a gloomy day. It was raining outside and the dark lord was in his office with Greyback. Mother was in her room and Draco was wandering around. She was humming to herself when she crossed the office and overheard the dark lord giving instructions to Greyback for the full moon night. A few days later when she returned to school, she started feeling dizzy. It wasn't anywhere close to what she felt when was away from Potter but it was still hard to pay attention in class.

So she spoke to her parents about it. She told them what she had overheard and that was when they told him that she was the dark lord's mate. After the battle, she realized that since the dark lord's soul was broken in seven parts, it was impossible for the bond to manifest properly. The dark lord had never known about Draco being his mate. Getting marked as a death eater got rid of the episodes.

But now she is certain that the dark lord knows and although Greyback is the one who does most of the talking, it's the dark lord's mind that's behind everything.

Subconsciously, Draco's hand reaches Potter's and wraps around it. He continues snoring.

"You are a good man Potter." She says, knowing that he is asleep, "But I don't want to be forced to live with anyone."

Harry wakes up to Draco's murmurs. It's early and Harry is not a morning person.

"You are a good man." She says, continuing after a little pause, "But I don't want to be forced to live with anyone. Of course, I want a family, a husband and a child but I want a normal husband. It would have been fine if he were a middle class man with an average sized house. Father was always brilliant in every field. I felt inferior in front of him. I thought that I didn't deserve to be his daughter. You are too much like father and I never wanted to marry a man like either of you."

He continues snoring lightly. Draco doesn't know that he is awake and she'll stop talking the moment she does. He doesn't even move.

"And if it was just that one thing, it would be fine. I would somehow adjust. But you went and made that pact with the alpha and the dark lord won't lose this opportunity. I am his mate and somehow he knows that now and he will come after me. He will use me to restore his sanity."

Harry wants to turn her around and gape at her. What is she saying. Riddle is not a werewolf. He doesn't smell like a werewolf.

Instinctively, he turns his hand and entwines their fingers.

Of course the spell she was under breaks immediately. The way she literally starts struggling when she realizes that he is awake is astonishing. Her hand was wrapped around his of her own volition.

"Who gave you the permission to cuddle with me? You stink. It's so suffocating." She snaps at him.

He gapes at her for a few seconds. She continues glaring at him. He sighs and waits for her to yell some more at him.

She sits up before hissing, "Do you ever brush your teeth or even bathe?"

I won't lose patience. I won't lose patience. I won't be angry. I won't be angry.

He keeps on chanting this mantra in his mind because she is obviously not done.

She sniffs her wrist and makes a face before snapping again, "I smell of dog breath now. Do me a favor and shower atleast until I am here."

I won't lose patience. I won't lose patience. I won't be angry. I won't be angry. I won't.

"How much did you hear?" She glares at him. He sits up and looks calmly at her.

"I heard everything." He says, "I'll defeat him. You won't have to go with him. It's unbelievable that Riddle is a werewolf. He didn't smell like one."

She rolls her eyes before getting out of the bed.

As she takes out her own clothes from his wardrobe, the ones she was wearing when she first came here, she murmurs, "He has a huge pack. They obey him. They have to if they want to stay alive. Your pack just detests you and knows that while you might hurt them, you won't kill. You aren't a murderer Potter, no matter what that old coot expected you to do. I know this, the dark lord knows this, Greyback knows this, their pack knows this and your own pack also knows this. Why the wizard kind was so quick to believe that you literally killed innocents and tormented them and ate children is beyond me."

He stares incredulously at her. This is news. He loves children. Why'll he eat them? He isn't a monster.

"I'll have you know that I didn't turn anyone except Bellatrix and Carrow twins. Amycus is with me and Alecto is with Greyback. I brought children over here because they were either abandoned by their families or were orphans. No-one was ready to take care of them because they were werewolves. I tried to find families who would adopt them and accept them."

"Bellatrix and Amycus are most probably spying for the dark lord. I think no-one except his pack knows that he is a werewolf." She says and turns towards the bathroom, "If I am forced to live with you, you'll follow some rules Potter."

He grits his teeth and glares at her retreating back.

She is infuriating but I won't be angry. I'll keep patience.

"You'll shower daily." She sneers at him from the entryway of the bathroom.

"You aren't my mother." He snaps back at her.

She crosses her arms before leaning forward and narrowing her eyes at him.

"No but I am your mate and it's your fault that I have to live here. I want clean bedsheets. I won't wear Pansy's clothes. I want my own. I want my shampoo and soap and conditioner. I want my comb and my cosmetics. I have sensitive skin Potter and I need to take care of it. If I have to live in the middle of nowhere, I'll do it my way. You'll not neglect the education of kids and I'll not waste my time while I am here. I want a place to set my lab. Even your lab will do and I know that you have one. It's just hidden somewhere. Also, I need an owl to communicate with my interns and I need my apparatus from my lab. I don't have much time left and while I am still alive and sane and able, I'll do my best to stock my apothecary and since you have wasted so much of my time, you'll help me do it. I have lost business because of you and you'll help me recover the loss. The interns need a potions master and I am sure Severus doesn't have patience. So you'll do it Potter. I know you are a potions master and Remus gave me your degree. You'll train them when I'm gone. It's all your fault. I can't play with their future and I can't let my hard work get wasted and since it's your fault that I am in this trouble, you'll take over my apothecary." She is literally demanding things. Harry's head is spinning.

"Are you serious?" He asks, his mouth half open. She was with Remus yesterday. She spoke to him which means that Remus said something to her and now she is not scared of him. It's Remus's fault. He must have told her about the degree. Only Remus knew that he gave exams. How can she order him? No-one orders Harry Potter.

"Did I stutter?" She drawls arrogantly, her eyes still narrowed and hard.

"You- you- you - you-" He stammers.

"Stammering doesn't become an Alpha, Potter. Now I'm going to shower. I want my wand on the bed when I return otherwise I'll find yours and hide it." She says.

Harry's jaw falls open in shock.

"Also, I want you to tell me exactly at what time we are going to get my things otherwise I'll make your life very difficult. I don't need to be a werewolf to make your life a hell."

Then Draco straightens, turns her nose arrogantly in the air and whirls around with a grace that would have impressed even Severus Snape.

Harry is left staring at her retreating back with his mouth open and head still spinning. He thinks and heads towards the exit.

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"Ah, well..." Harry finds himself at a loss of words. Blaise and Pansy are seated in front of him. The former is irritated and latter is just amused.

"How long will you take, Potter?" After around ten minutes of Harry's stuttering, Blaise finally loses his patience, "Even if we don't have anything better to do, I would prefer to drown rather than sit here and listen to your stammering."

Harry opens his mouth and closes it. He tries to find the anger that he often feels towards the man inside him but can't. He stares at the other man, surprised. Blaise stares back, his eyebrows raised.

"Listen." Harry finally starts.

"We're listening." Murmurs Pansy. She is oddly cool about everything. Harry wonders if she is aware that Blaise is her mate. Harry feels rotten for forbidding Blaise from telling Pansy.

"I shouldn't have forbidden you." Harry mutters, his eyes averted. He stares at a huge tree to avoid the man's eyes.

"I apologize." He continues.

Blaise doesn't answer but Pansy does.

"I know the truth ever since Draco arrived here. No harm done." She speaks softly and Harry's head snaps towards the woman. Their eyes meet and Harry feels so guilty. He always knew. He vented out his bitterness and loneliness on her. It wasn't fair on her.

Draco has compelled Harry to feel such things and the weird thing is that he doesn't want her to leave. But he doesn't want to cage her. He wants to deserve her and he really doesn't know where all this is coming from. It's so sudden. She deserves to have a lab and a life that is not restricted to this forest. She deserves to achieve her dreams and have a nice house and all the luxuries.

His pack members deserve it too. His eyes flicker towards Blaise who is still stunned. His eyes are slightly wide with disbelief. He wants her to be proud of him. But he's nothing but a good for nothing werewolf and the wizard kind believes that he eats children. Maybe Ron thought that he ate their daughter. He needs to have a proper talk with his best friend. Ron and Hermione are not responsible for his turning into a werewolf.

He can only imagine what they'll think when they realize that he spared Riddle. He should have killed him when he had the chance. Greyback will be easy to get rid of. This could very well lead to another battle and Draco is right. His own pack detests him. How will he defeat Riddle? He literally has no one except Draco. No-one will believe him.

What has he done?

Only five days are left until the full moon. He doesn't have time. He can't risk Riddle knowing that Draco doesn't like Harry.

"Potter! Earth to Potter." Harry blinks a couple of times and focuses on Blaise.

"You are forgiven all right. Now that we have settled it, I'll give you an advice. Sometimes what we see is not true." Blaise says.

"Just tell him. What's the point of beating about the bush?" Asks Pansy before rolling her eyes.

"No. It's between them. They need to talk. We can't hold their hands and show them the way. She is very stubborn." Blaise replies and then turns back to Harry whose jaw has dropped in shock, "Look here, Potter. We don't know what you plan to do about that pact and I don't understand how could you have been so reckless. You didn't talk to anyone at all."

"I am-"

"There is no time for apologies. Full moon is close and I'm sure they'll pay us a visit soon. Take a decision and convey it to the pack. Those who came from other packs do not want to fight or involve themselves. However, those who fought in the war won't back off. They'll do it for Draco even if they despise you. You can apologize properly after all this is over. Right now, you need to hurry up." He says.

"But she hates me. They'll use it to their advantage. She would rather die than live with me." Harry says and he is embarrassed to realize that he sounds like a petulant child.

Before Harry knows it, Pansy is scowling at him, "She doesn't hate you alright. Draco she - she is very complicated. Talk to her. Spend time with her and spend time with the pack for gods sake. They are not weapons Potter. They are human beings. They have their lives and they have families. You are forcing them to stay away from their families."

"You'll have to listen to Draco." Blaise murmurs very seriously. Harry stares at him, confused.

"What do you mean? I do listen to her." He says, his eyebrows furrowed and Blaise looks at Pansy. Harry is suddenly very envious of the silent conversation that occurs between them. He looks away.

"Pay attention to what she says. She'll talk if you do so. Always remember that."

Harry looks into Blaise's eyes and tries to understand.

"I don't understand." He murmurs after a few moments.

Pansy snorts before muttering, "You will. It'll take a bit of time but it's okay. Good things always take time."

This being said, they walk away, talking to each other in low whispers.

They have walked a few steps when Blaise turns towards him. He looks quietly at him for a few seconds before saying, "I'll announce your decision to the others so that those who want to leave can leave before you talk to us. We know some things. We'll share our knowledge with you."

Harry nods gratefully and smiles. Pansy smiles back at him but Blaise doesn't. Harry sighs. Some things can be forgiven but not forgotten. They leave after that.

That's when the door of his room opens and Draco's eyes start searching for him. She is annoyed.

Harry raises his hand and summons Draco's wand and stands up to go and give it to her. She is scowling at him, her arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

Potter heads towards her. When she notices her wand in his hands, she relaxes a bit. As such most of the potions doesn't require much magic but there are certain complicated potions that do and Draco simply wants her wand although she does know wandless magic.

Potter has an odd look in his eyes. His green eyes are quiet and thoughtful as his handsome figures nears. Draco's cheeks feel warm when the thought crosses her mind. Of course she knows that Potter is handsome and there is no point of thinking otherwise. She has had childhood crushes on a number of boys in Hogwarts. However, she never did anything to befriend any of them. Her house-mates told her stories about how there was no point of trusting the male population of Hogwarts if you wanted a serious relationship, atleast not Slytherins and Gryffindors.

Draco was never really interested in flings and all. She used to dream about having someone who would love her and treat her like a queen and when she had dreamed this, she had certainly not imagined the dark lord or Potter as her life partner.

She is human after all and Potter is her mate and being attracted to him is reasonable. That doesn't mean that she has to do something about this attraction of hers or she has to let Potter know about it.

"Draco." Potter's steady voice catches her attention and she blinks at him and watches him carefully. Something is definitely different. But what could have changed while she was bathing?

"Your wand." He says and she takes it quietly.

They watch each other for a few moments before she murmurs, "Your lab and - and my things."

"Yes, I'll show your lab to you. We'll go to take your things as well. But- but I think that you should talk to others in the pack and try to engage them in teaching the kids while we are here. You were right. We shouldn't ignore their education. Most of them are from our year and were turned during the battle. Some of them are our juniors. Maybe you can ask them as to what they want to pursue. I think that Nott is interested in potions and even Pansy and Blaise are maybe."

"And what are you going to do, eh?" She asks, her eyebrows raised in surprise. She hadn't expected Potter to agree with everything Draco said. Remus had told her that she shouldn't be afraid of Potter. He had said that she had a lot of power over Potter because of being his mate. She hadn't believed it. She had only wanted to make her life a little bearable.

"Have you forgotten that I can take just four trainees at once and I already have two back at home. I need to supervise them. Maybe I should call them here-"

"No." Potter's voice is urgent and Draco stops immediately.

"I mean," He continues calmly a moment later, "There's no need. I have called my owl, Hedwig. She's living with the Weasleys. She's a bit furious at me I guess but she'll come in a few hours and I'll apologize to her. Just try to adjust for the time being please."

She stares at him. What's he planning to do?

"What have you planned?" She asks but he ignores her question.

He looks at Brown and Nott who are seated on the grass and are looking at the sky and his eyes flicker towards Blaise and Pansy who are walking with Smith, Boot, Bones, Macmillan, Finch-Fletchley, Thomas and Finnigan towards the pair. There were more. Draco wonders if they have left.

His green eyes slide towards the children. They are sketching. Rose is looking at the sky. Maybe she is missing her parents.

"She is very introvert." Draco says, "I am worried for her."

"I could never believe that Hermione would hurt her own child." Potter murmurs and Draco studies him. It must have been painful.

"No-one is perfect Potter. Moreover, I think that she does love Rose. We never asked her about it. She must have done it for a reason. She never seemed cruel to me. She respected Lupin." Draco answers him. His skin is flawless and smooth.

When he turns to look at her, she averts her eyes. Her cheeks feel warm once again and she curses herself for getting caught while staring at the man. She really dislikes him so much.

"Maybe I'll owl her then." He says quietly although he seems a bit amused too.

He continues politely, "You don't hate me, do you?"

"You are very annoying and unhygienic." She says bluntly and looks back at him, "You really stink. You workout aggressively daily and you-"

"I understand alright. I'm not five." He snaps at her, his cheeks very red, whether in anger or embarrassment she doesn't know.

"Don't act like a child then." She snaps back and they glare at each other.

He is the one who looks away first and mutters, "I'll just show my - our lab to you and maybe I'll take the trainees you can't. I don't want to be blamed for ruining anyone's life."

"I'm trapped in this place." She hisses, "Of course I dislike you. What do you expect from me?"

"I'll just show the lab to you and get out of your way. Please follow me." He mutters through gritted teeth before walking towards a cave. She follows him.


Chapter Text



Outwardly, the cave seems small and certainly not enough for a potions lab. However, when Draco enters inside, her eyebrows rise in surprise. It's a proper lab and is larger than hers. There are a few hearths and a few cauldrons around. There are several wooden cabinets with vials and bottles consisting of ingredients and potions.

What irks Draco is that it's really dirty. It's obvious that it's not been cleaned for a very long time. She peers at Potter who's obviously waiting for some kind of praise. He is sorely mistaken though because the first thing that escapes Draco's mouth is an annoyed, "It's so dirty. But then I should have expected it. You don't clean even yourself. Why would you clean a lab?"

He stares at her for a few seconds. She grimaces and looks around the lab yet again.

"Do you always have to be so rude?" He snaps angrily, "I am trying my best Draco and you-"

She whirls around and doesn't let him continue, "We have always hated each other. Did you think that my behavior would change just because I happen to be your mate?"

"It's not my fault alright." His eyes are burning with fury as he continues loudly, "I didn't choose this. I didn't want to ruin your life or your career."

She glares at him and clenches her hands before hissing furiously, "You don't feel any discomfort in my absence. It's only me. It's entirely your fault. Why should I be the only one who has to bear the wrath of this stupid bond?"

His shoulders suddenly slump and he averts his eyes to look around the room.

"All this fuss just because the room isn't clean? Give me five minutes-"

"I have my wand. I'll do it myself. I don't need the likes of you intruding in my work. Get out!" She literally barks out the order. His jaw clenches and his nostrils flare. His eyes burn with unbridled rage.

"What did you say?" He asks in a low, dangerous voice.

"Get out!" She repeats sharply, her arms crossed.

"Don't you ever dare to use this tone with me Draco." He is positively seething with fury.

"I'll talk howsoever I wish to. Just get out! I have work to do and don't forget about the owl you are supposed to provide me. I need to communicate with my trainees and customers." She murmurs and points her wand at the fireplace to light fire in the hearth.

He leaves a few moments later. Draco tries to find contentment inside her. She wanted to yell at him. She wanted him to know exactly how much she detests him. He knows that now. Then why is she still unhappy?

Unable to find any sort of answer, she chooses to concentrate on the task at hand. She is an adult and it's really unbecoming for her to behave like an unstable teenager.

Harry storms out of his lab. Atleast it was his until a few moments ago.

No thank you.

No nothing.

Let alone thanking him, she didn't even smile. No! She literally screamed at him. They asked him to listen to her. What's he supposed to listen to. She is so bitter all the time.

He kicks the tree trunk of the closest tree. Full moon is only four days away now and they can't even talk to each other civilly. Riddle would know and would exploit the knowledge. He kicks the trunk again.

"Ummm. Harry, why are you fighting with a tree?" Says a quiet voice and Harry whirls around. All the thoughts of Draco fly out of his mind when he comes face to face with Neville Longbottom. The man disappeared after the war and no-one knew as to where he went.

Harry looks carefully at him and sniffs lightly. He shakes his head in disbelief. Neville can't be a werewolf. He must be mistaken. He sniffs again and his eyebrows rise in surprise.

"When did this happen?" Harry asks him, stunned.

"Let's sit down, shall we?" Neville says and settles down on crossed legs. Harry follows his example and sits across from Neville. It's so good to see a friendly face. It's so pleasing to have someone smile at him that Harry wonders if he should invest his time in making his pack happy rather than forcing hatred in their hearts for him. Neville has lost a lot of weight. He is looking quite handsome.

"It think-" Neville stops and clears his throat before looking nervously at Harry, "Greyback bit me Harry. I think Riddle ordered him to."

Harry nods silently.

"Why didn't you come back?" He asks a minute later.

"I knew that he was alive and so was Riddle. I had to hide from him." He says. Harry nods again.

"Secondly, Ginny didn't want me any longer. She couldn't accept the fact that I was turned."

"You should have come here then."

"I would have except that Ginny is my mate and I had to stay close to her and- well I heard rumors about you. I didn't want you as my alpha." Neville says sheepishly.

"What changed? Where is she? Surely, she can't stay away for very long." Harry says. His cheeks are warm. He is embarrassed. What was the point of spreading all these silly rumors? What was he thinking?

Dean, Seamus and start approaching then when they see Neville.

"You know what changed Harry." Neville says, his warm eyes smiling at Harry.

Harry only looks blankly at him.

"You have her now. She has changed you, mate." Says Neville, grinning at him, "You are behaving like a sane man now. Last I saw you, I couldn't even recognize you."

"What?" Harry glares at the man, "She is insufferable and rude and I absolutely hate her. I wanted to be good and so I gave my lab to her and she started shouting at me for being dirty. She keeps on telling me about how I can't keep myself clean or my room clean or my clothes clean and how I don't care about my pack or the kids. Then she goes on and on about how I am the most reckless man alive on this earth and that I stink and that she hates me. She is hyperactive and aggressive and won't sit still for a single moment. Full moon is only five days away and still I am not bothering her at all but would she even notice it. No! She finds new things to complain about. She throws a fit and disappears and I worry about her and then she returns and fights with me. She is absolutely insuf-"

Harry stops when sounds of helpless laughter reach his ears. He looks around, his cheeks warm. His pack members have gathered in front of him and they are howling with laughter.

"-insufferable." Harry continues, "I told her that I would take interns if she can't and that the pack can pursue their career if they like and that I want the kids to study but she finds new things to crib about. She is the most difficult woman I have ever met."

Those who had stopped to listen to him start laughing all over again. Their faces are red and their eyes are dancing with mirth. Neville is chuckling although he is sad as well. Harry wonders if he misses Ginny.

"Don't worry mate." Harry starts, "Ginny will have to come here in a day or two and then they would torture us together. Why, Pansy can join them too."

"No thank you Potter. She is already very difficult. Don't put ideas in her mind." Blaise licks his lips and looks at Pansy from the corner of his eyes who glares at him with narrowed eyes.

"You're a lucky man Harry." Neville says very suddenly and very bitterly, "Draco is-"

Suddenly a red light hits Neville who yelps and Harry looks around to check the source. Laughter ceases at once and everyone points their wands at the intruder but when Harry notices an enraged Ginny Weasley stood beside a tree, her wand pointed at Neville, he relaxes and chuckles.

"You- you- it's all your fault." She screams.

"Mate!" Harry smirks at Neville who is staring at Ginny and his panicked eyes turn towards Harry, "Run! Come back when she has exhausted herself and I'll show you your room."

The pack starts giggling all over again when Ginny runs after a very red Neville Longbottom. Harry enjoys the peace, cursing himself for the millionth time for leaving Riddle and Greyback alive.

How would he stop them? At the end, he'll be forced to return to the wizarding world and they will throw him behind the bars. That would leave Draco and others defenseless. He'll have to be very careful. He should talk to Draco. He can't afford to be reckless now.

Blaise and Pansy must have spoken to others but Draco and he need to sit with them and discuss this properly.

Riddle could bring his army any day now and he will go to any extent to take Draco away before the full moon. Greyback must have put this condition knowingly in front of him. Harry fell into their trap so easily.

He sighs and looks at his quiet pack members.

"I am starting with DADA today. Please tell me which subjects are you all interested in teaching. As long as we are here, we must take care of their studies."

They look at him. Each and every one of them is surprised. It makes Harry wonder whether they take him to be some kind of heartless beast. Maybe they thought that he was the second coming of Voldemort.

He sighs yet again and heads towards the playground in which the kids are playing.

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"Yes, my lord." Fenrir answers. This isn't exactly how he wants to lead the second life he was granted by Harry Potter, the man who he turned himself right in front of the entire wizarding world.

"Potter isn't going to bring her." The dark lord murmurs in a deep voice. As unstable as the soul of this man is, he is still powerful and there are many people who still believe in him. He would kill Fenrir if he were to go against him.

"I think that we should wait." Fenrir says, knowing what the man will say. No-one knows who turned the dark lord or whether the wolf who turned him is still alive. The transformation healed his soul but it's still unstable. He won't survive long. That's why he needs Malfoy's daughter. She is Voldemort's mate. He'll suck her life force and magic and use it to restore his stability. It's very ancient magic and book didn't say anything about the effects it'll have on the victim. The ritual was declared illegal centuries ago. Somehow the dark lord found a book and brought it to Fenrir.

"I don't think so. We don't have much time now."

Fenrir lowers his eyes and closes them. But Draco is Harry Potter's mate too. Fenrir would die at Potter's hands if he aided the dark lord in capturing her. The dark lord took everything from him, first his sanity and then his pack. Other packs believe that Fenrir is the alpha but his pack knows the truth. He wonders if Draco knows that she is the dark lord's mate. It's possible that she doesn't since earlier the dark lord's soul was divided and now it's very unstable.

"But, my lord- what if Potter doesn't want to-"

"You shall duel with him and win Draco Malfoy for me or-" The dark lord murmurs softly and Fenrir takes a deep breath but doesn't look at the dark lord, "-or you shall die."

Fenrir will die in both the cases. If he lost, Potter would kill him now and if he won and gave the Malfoy girl to this monster, Potter would kill him later.

"Yes, my lord." Fenrir replies and stands up. He doesn't meet the dark lord's eyes. Instead he turns around and leaves the cave.

He is at the exit when the dark lord says, "We shall leave now. Potter is gone for the day and his pack detests him. It won't take long to eliminate them. Gather the pack."

"Yes, my lord." Fenrir whispers, knowing that he has no alternative but to do as told.

Draco wipes the sweat off here face and takes a deep breath. Now the potion should sit for four hours and then it'll be ready. She has made fifty vials of wolfsbane-II. It's a variant of wolfsbane. She didn't change the name out of respect for Severus as he was the one who had invented wolfsbane.

She is so tired that her head is spinning. She didn't eat anything after breakfast. Blaise brought lunch for her and Pansy came to check if she had eaten but she didn't speak to them. Longbottom came later and took the food away. She was surprised to see him but didn't talk to him. She would live here if she is forced to but she won't be forced to befriend any of them. She would rather stay at a distance.

Granted, Pansy and Blaise were her best friends at a point of time but they didn't think twice before abandoning her when she took the mark. They didn't know that she was the dark lord's mate. They didn't ask her about her reasons. They didn't care when she cried in pain whenever the mark burned.

For the rest of the school, Draco was Blaise's girlfriend but her house-mates knew the reality. Draco had no boyfriend. She didn't have any friend even.

She still has fifty vials to brew of Polyjuice, Pepper-up, Draught of peace, Draught of living death and Felix Felicis but she has no energy right now. She writes down the names of the potions and ingredients required for them on a piece of paper and sticks it to the wall. After a last glance at the burning cauldrons, she walks out of the lab.

It's a nice day. She looks around and is very surprised to find Longbottom, Ginny and Lavender teaching three different groups of children. There are around five kids in each group. She is also very pleased that Potter paid attention to what she was saying.

"Draco, can we talk?" Draco whirls around when she hears Pansy's gentle voice. Blaise is besides her.

"No." Draco answers and heads towards an oak tree. She sits down beneath it and breathes in relief. She needs help. Back at her home, she had her trainees. Potter said something about Theodore Nott and Draco saw Susan Bones as well. She was good at potions.

"We need to talk to you." Blaise insists. Draco looks at him and shakes her head, "I am tired. Please leave me alone."

Pansy and Blaise kneel down in front of her.

"You'll have to forgive us some time. It's been so long. We're are sorry." Pansy whispers. Her eyes are sad and so are Blaise's.

"Oh but did you know that the dark lord is apparently alive and that he is a werewolf and I am his mate."

"What!" Blaise exclaims, thunderstruck, "That's not even possible. You are Potter's mate."

"Apparently they share everything from cores and prophecies to mates. Now you can leave like you did back then." Draco murmurs calmly and gazes quietly at the couple. She isn't sad or anything. She accepted it long back that she won't have friends in her life. She would always have acquaintances and rivals and if she is lucky, she would have a muggle husband but no friends.

"Draco, please listen to us." Pansy says.

"Please leave me alone. I'm Potter's mate and as his mate, I'm supposed to spend my life with him. I won't be forced to befriend or trust his pack members. Just go away and while you are it, send Nott and Bones. I want to talk to them about their potions internship. Potter will take both of you as his interns." Draco answers and leans against the trunk before closing her eyes.

Draco hears their retreating footsteps and sighs.

"Draco." A polite voice says and Draco blinks. She must have fallen asleep. She yawns and opens her eyes and is greeted by Theodore's and Susan's warm smiles. She doesn't smile back.

"I'll send Potter's owl to bring the application forms for your internship. Fill them and hand them over to me. We shall begin your training tomorrow. There are two others but they are back at my home and they are younger to us." She says curtly.

"We thought that you would rather accept Blaise and-"

"I don't want to talk about them." She says and closes her eyes.

"Draco don't sleep here. It's not safe. Please sleep in your room." Says Bones.

Draco opens her eyes with great difficulty, "I need to stir the potion clockwise twice after every half an hour for four hours. Ten minutes are left until the expiry of first time slot."

"Don't worry. We'll take care of it." She says and Draco closes her eyes while nodding quietly. She is just so tired.

"Draco, please don't sleep here. It's really not safe." Theodore says. He sounds really concerned and it forces Draco to really look at him.

"Which potion are you brewing?" Bones asks.

"You don't have your register ri-" Draco yawns sleepily, "-right now but I'll tell you. It's one of own creations, a variation of Wolfsbane. I have noted down the ingredients and properties on a piece of paper in the lab. Have a look at it an-" yawn, "- and Potter will take Zabini and Parkinson as his interns."

"Okay. Now come on. We'll take you to your room."

She nods and stands up. But she doesn't take their help. Very slowly and sleepily, she walks towards the hut.

Fenrir takes a deep breathe and looks around cautiously. The dark lord is inside the cave and the rest of the pack is getting ready.

"Take this." He tells Michael urgently.

"But Alpha you-"

"I'm not your Alpha." He snaps.

"I'll never accept that beast as my Alpha." Michael murmurs, "You're not safe."

"I shall stay here. He'll hurt Draco if he does capture her somehow. You go away, find him, give this letter and tell him that I gave it you. Just go. We don't have time. You must do it somehow. Everything depends on you now."

Michael nods and turns around to leave when Fenrir calls, "Don't come back. Stay with Potter."

Without giving the boy any chance to protest, Fenrir returns towards his own cave. He must get ready.

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Giving up

Harry heaves a sigh right before opening the front door of Draco's apothecary. She isn't aware that he's here. She would've insisted on coming with him which wasn't safe. Back in the forest, she has his pack. After having taught the kids, he had told his pack everything. They were stunned to know that Draco was Riddle's mate as well though Blaise had been right about them. They hadn't backed off. Ginny had been unhappy but had known that Neville was needed here.

"Good morning, Mr.-" Harry can point out the exact moment when the two trainees realize that it's actually Harry Potter who is at the door. They stand up and stare at him. They surprise him by being furious. He had been sure that they would be terrified.

"Where is potions mistress Draco?" The girl asks him. She has hip-length golden-brown hair and dark black eyes. The boy is looking at Harry with narrowed eyes. He is lean and short. They are both very young.

"Where is she?" The boy hisses.

He raises his hand in surrender and murmurs, "She's fine and I would have brought her here if I could."

He wants to be honest. He really wants them to know that he doesn't want to hurt Draco. He wants to tell this to Sirius as well. He wants to be honest to himself too. He doesn't want to hurt Draco. Maybe he did want that earlier but now he doesn't.

Once Riddle is dead, he would set her free if she didn't want to live with him. He would never interfere in her life.

They look blankly at him before asking, "We don't understand."

"She's in danger and needs to stay away until I have sorted it out."

He doesn't know how to tell them that Voldemort is alive and is perhaps stronger than before and that he wants Draco.

Suddenly, Harry hears a few pops and whirls around to find Severus and Sirius standing in front of him.

"Sirius." Harry whispers and starts backing off. She is angry. She is angrier than before.

"Please go inside through that door, Mr. Potter. Don't fight here. This is an apothecary. We want you to hand this register over to potions mistress Draco."

Harry nods and keeps backing off until the door behind him opens. Sirius and Severus follow him quietly. He can sense rage emanating from both of them.

He looks around and realizes that he is in the sitting room. It has a fireplace with a couple of large couches in front of it and a table in the middle.

"Harry." Sirius's voice is shrill when she calls him. He needs a moment to gather himself. They must have set an alarm which alerted them as soon as he entered the place.

He turns around slowly and comes face to face with his godmother.

Before he knows what's happening, she slaps him hard across his face.

Snape is standing behind her. His eyes are so full of hatred that Harry flinches.

Sirius stares at him with clenched fists and enraged eyes. Harry stares at her, his hand on his cheek.

"She told us about the pact." She murmurs sharply. Then the door opens and this time it's Remus who enters inside. The older man closes the door and looks at Harry.

"I had thought-" Snaps starts and it's obvious that he is trying really hard to keep himself from shouting. The man breathes deeply before continuing, "I had thought that you would prove all of us wrong. I had thought that she was lucky that she was your mate."

"I had told you that there's no way to break this bond." Remus says and shakes his head. His eyes are disappointed.

Harry averts his eyes.

"Why didn't you warn us about Greyback and the dark lord. You could've atleast given us time to be prepared for an attack." Snape asks and Harry sighs heavily. It's good that they already know. This way, he was spared from telling them himself.

"Do you understand the repercussions of what you have done, Potter?" Snape asks. Harry stays quiet. He doesn't look at them. It's like he's a small boy and is being scolded by his parents for breaking someone's nose.

"We didn't want to tell Dumbledore. We knew that he would want to use Draco to defeat Voldemort." Says Sirius.

"This time, he sees you as an enemy as well. The entire wizarding world does." Remus murmurs.

"This is entirely your fault." Snape murmurs sharply, "You spared the dark lord and Greyback and then you made that pact with them. Yet, we didn't want to tell Dumbledore. You are not a child now. We can't live your life for you. We could only try to protect you and we did our best. We don't know who captured you but it wasn't our mistake. We wanted to help you after you were bitten but you didn't let us. You just ran away and fooled everyone."

"We had to tell everything to him yesterday when Voldemort's pack attacked Hogwarts. He didn't come himself of course and everyone else was masked." Sirius says quietly.

Harry's head snaps towards them.

Snape continues, "Do you know how we knew that it wasn't your pack? Any guesses?"

Harry shakes his head, feeling very sick.

"They injured four third years and turned five fourth years and two sixth years and took Ronald and five first years with them. Despite everything, we were sure that you won't do so." His voice is accusing. Harry's heart starts racing.

What have I done?

"Of course, we had to tell everything to Dumbledore after that. We needed help and we needed the order. They claimed to be your pack. There is a reward on you head. The aurors are ordered to shoot you at sight."

Harry's legs feel so weak that he stumbles and slumps on the couch. The silence that follows is deafening. Harry finds himself unable to meet their eyes.

"We're going now. You haven't left us with any way out of this." Snape drawls.

Harry stares at him. The man's eyes are so bitter that Harry has to look away once again.

"I've brought something with me." Snape whispers in a low voice and takes out a vial from his pocket, "Give this to Draco and ask her to drink this if he takes her away. She'll die in three seconds."

Harry gasps and looks at the small vial with wide eyes.

"Burn this vial after feeding her." He drawls.

Remus shakes his head in disapproval and Sirius is still glaring at him.

"Are you listening to me, Potter?" Snape asks him sharply. Harry stares at him.

What is he saying? I can't do this.

"I can't do this." Harry whispers.

I can't. I don't want her to die.

"You'll have to." Sirius murmurs bluntly. The rage has gone and grief has replaced it.

"I can't. How can you even ask me to do this?" Harry exclaims furiously.

"We didn't ask you to make that pact. We didn't ask you to hide such a big thing from us." She mutters and grief is replaced by pity.

"I'll defeat Greyback and-"

Harry is cut off by Remus's quiet voice, "What will you do if they threaten to kill Ron and those kids?"

Harry stares wildly at them.

Snape reaches his hand and places the vial on his palm, "Take it and give it to her. She'll understand."

Harry stares at the vial.

But I don't want her to die. His heart is racing and his breath is fast.

"And don't come back. They'll kill you if you do. Ask others in your pack to escape as well before the same happens to them." Sirius murmurs, her shoulders slumped in defeat.

"But he'll declare another war. What'll you do?" Harry asks.

Snape looks coldly at him before murmuring, "We can't stop it now. You need to leave. I want you to hand over this poison to her and flee away. We did manage to capture Alecto. I'll polyjuice her into you and kill her and declare that you you were killed by one of the death eaters. Just don't forget give this poison to her."

Harry flinches at the word 'poison' and stands up, "But I don't want to run away and I need to take her things. She wants her clothes-"

"She won't need her clothes after death. The dark lord is inhumane and what she'll suffer at his hands will be worse than death. Just leave. It's already late. After she dies, run away from there and don't come back." Snape mutters through gritted teeth.

This has to be some kind of test or maybe a joke but they are not laughing. Snape is growing impatient and Sirius's face is white. Remus is just very sad and disappointed.

"Go. What are you waiting for?" Snape insists.

"But her things. She worked ha-" Harry stops speaking when Snape glares at him.

"It doesn't matter now." The older man says, "Just go before they come and take her away in your absence. You shouldn't have come here in the first place but it's good that you did. I did need her to have this poison."

Harry flinches violently and looks desperately at their faces. There is no fight left in them. They have literally given up.

"The sooner you give it to her, the better it is." He says. Harry turns away. He is trembling so hard that he is sure that he will flinch if he apparates right now.

He takes a couple of deep breaths and calms himself down and then closes his eyes before apparating.

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Draco is roused from a deep sleep by a hand on her shoulder..

"Go 'way." She grumbles.

"Draco, wake up. I need to speak to you. It's very important." Potter mutters. There is an urgency in his voice and it's the urgency that compels her to open an eye. When she finds Longbottom, Blaise, Pansy and Nott at the door, she opens both her eyes and looks at the green eyed man.

"I am tired. Let me sleep." She mutters, annoyed.

Couldn't he have waited for another hour? 

Potter's eyes flash before he snaps at her, "Shut up and listen to me."

She stares, stunned. Her eyes flicker towards the faces of other occupants of the room. They are looking cautiously at her, as if waiting for her to explode.

"I won't shut up." She says quietly and looks at the nearest wall, "And I don't want to listen to you."

"Look at me." Potter barks angrily.

"No. I won't look at you." Draco answers calmly. She can feel Potter vibrating with fury. It's obvious that something isn't right. Potter let her borrow his lab and owl. He was in a good mood in the morning. 

However, when he grasps her chin roughly and forces her to look at him, she can think of nothing but the fact that it's so unfair. she looks into his burning eyes. They are wide and dark. She wraps her fingers around his wrist and tries to push him away but she can't.

His nails dig into her skin and she grits her teeth. It hurts and will surely leave scars. But she should get used to it. Maybe this is the way he throws a temper tantrum. What she doesn't understand is that why he is taking it out on her. She hasn't done anything to deserve this. 

"You'll not use that tone with me." He mutters in a low and dangerous voice. No-body says anything but then, why would they. They are his puppets and will do whatever he says. Maybe she should get used to this too. After all, she only a weak pathetic and coward witch who can't stand up for herself. He couldn't just have discussed whatever was disturbing him. He had to order her around and yell at her. 

She should nod and lower her head and do as he says. She shouldn't provoke him by talking back to him. But that's exactly what she does.

Her nostrils flare and her eyes narrow before she growls, "I'll talk howsoever I want to."

His other hand moves towards her hair and he wraps his fingers around it before pulling it back.

"Harry please, stop." It's Longbottom who says this. Draco is surprised.

"Calm down." Murmurs Blaise.

However, Potter ignores them.

"I've been too lenient with you." He growls and his crazed eyes bore inside hers.

Her blood boils. She isn't a child or a pet. He has no right to talk to her in this way. She spits in his face.

His nostrils flare and he takes a deep breath and simply stares at her with those furious green eyes of his. He doesn't admonish her for doing it.

"Listen to me." He says. She attempts to push him away.

"It would be better if you just talk to her." Says Pansy and something snarls inside Draco. The woman has no right to interfere. She has never seen Potter behaving like this with Pansy. But then why would he? Everyone loves Pansy. She is stronger and prettier than Draco. She is a werewolf and it's obvious that Potter likes her. He doesn't feel the need to force her into submission. She's not his mate. She doesn't have to be his mate. It doesn't matter that she's Blaise's mate. If Potter proposes her, she would accept the proposal in a heartbeat. So technically Potter doesn't need to compel Pansy for anything.

On the other hand, Draco is his prisoner. He is enjoying tormenting her. 

"She's right." Nott says.

"What are you doing Harry? Have you gone mad?" The voice is unexpected. Draco is surprised when Ginny Weasley comes to her defense. But Potter doesn't let Draco look at the girl. He doesn't reply.

"You'll stay here until I allow you to come outside." Potter murmurs. His voice is low and commanding. He is not asking her. He is ordering her. She wills her heart to stop pounding but it doesn't. She has never been so humiliated in her life.

"I'll do no such thing." She sneers disdainfully.

"I see." He answers quietly. His expression is so menacing that Draco can barely stop herself from flinching.

"You'll not get out of this room unless I allow it. Is that understood?" He asks in a low, steady voice. She doesn't stop to study his face. Maybe she should have. Maybe then what happens next could have been avoided.

Instead of being the one to stop this meaningless battle, she spits in his face again. This time however, he doesn't ignore her. He snarls and shoves her face to the headboard of the bed.

Her forehead hits hard on the wood and she moans in pain.

"Harry!" Ginny screams.

Draco doesn't. She wipes her forehead and brings her fingers in front of her eyes. She hit her head hard enough to bleed.

Before she knows it, Potter is standing up and dragging her forcefully by the hand.

"Stop!" She yells.

He pulls her wrist hard enough to force her out of the bed. His eyes are steeled and narrowed as he continues dragging her. She leans towards his hand and bites his wrist hard. He yelps and pulls back.

Draco starts backing off and tries to find a way to escape. But there is no way and after around two minutes of looking around, she finds herself staring into hard eyes of Harry Potter.

"I hadn't wanted to do this." He says, "But you've left me no other choice."

She takes deep breaths and looks at Longbottom. Ginny is frozen next to him, looking shocked. Draco doesn't look at Blaise or Pansy but she does look at Nott who is staring at Potter with an utterly horrified expression on his face. Draco follows his eyes and stares at the leash in Potter's hand. It's attached to a collar.

"N- n-no." She stammers and starts backing off.

"Don't do this Potter." Blaise says desperately. Draco doesn't look at him.

"Don't make me come after you. I need you to stay locked tonight." Potter says.

Draco shakes her head. A bead of sweat trickles down her forehead when Potter follows her slowly. When her back hits the nearest wall, she realizes that she has nowhere to go now.

"You are mad." She mumbles, horrified, "Why are you doing this?"

"I need to hide you." He says.

"From whom." She asks, "I won't hide. You don't have any right. Just go away."

However, Potter ignores her.

"You'll regret this." Says Pansy, "Just talk to her."

"Please." She pleads desperately.

Potter locks the collar around her neck.

"Don't do this." Draco whispers. How is this any better than being captured by the dark lord?

"I have to." Potter replies back in a voice that is as low as Draco's, "You have to stay away tonight. I didn't want to do this. But you won't stop fighting with me. I don't have any other option."

"I don't understand. Everything was fine in the morning." Draco whispers brokenly. She has never felt so degraded in her entire life. He pulls the leash and she is forced to follow him. The other occupants stare at her. Ginny is trapped in Longbottom's arms so that she doesn't interfere.

Draco's eyes feel damp and she knows that she can no longer stop herself from crying. Tears starts falling from the corner of her eyes as she is dragged out of the room.

Potter's pack makes a path for them. Whenever Draco stops, Potter pulls the leash and she stares at all the faces one by one. None of them come to her help. They don't utter a single word in her defense. They have studied with her. They have played with her. Yet, they stay quiet and let her be dragged.

Draco doesn't wipe her eyes off. She stares at Potter's back and follows him. She's helpless right now but one day, she won't be so helpless. She'll pay him back.

She'll never forgive him for this.

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Harry doesn't turn around. He doesn't look at Draco. This wasn't how he wanted to do this. Why is she so stubborn? Why is he so hot-headed?

He had returned at quarter to eight. Corner was waiting on the gate with a letter for him. It was from Greyback who had wanted to warn Harry about an invasion that Voldemort had planned to make in Harry's territory today evening. Harry had already been so upset. The letter was just an icing on the top. He had crumpled the letter and thrown it away with a vicious snarl. All he had wanted was to hide Draco. All he had desired was to protect her. 

He had been furious and frustrated and stressed and his head was pounding. In fact it's still pounding. Draco's stubbornness had only fed into his anger. He is still furious. Why can't she simply obey him? Why does she always need an explanation?

"Don't do this." Harry hears and stops walking. He turns around to find Blaise walking towards hurriedly. Draco's eyes are lowered. She is still and quiet. Harry can't help but wonder if this is just the calm before the storm.

"Why?" Harry asks, annoyed at the man.

"Just don't." Blaise says. Harry notices others glaring at him. They are seething and it's not just the female members of his pack who are indignant. Even the male members are looking at him with disgust in their eyes. 

Harry ignores everyone and proceeds towards the room.

"Stop before it's too late." Blaise mutters. He ignores him.

They stay quiet until Harry reaches the room he had reserved for his girlfriends in the past. He hasn't used it for quite some time. He unlocks the door and enters inside.

Draco follows him. She doesn't look around. She only stares at the floor. Harry pulls the leash and pushes her a bit. She settles down on the bed. He ties the leash to the headboard of the bed. The room is quite nice. It has a bed and wardrobes. It has a private bath and a hairdresser.

"I'll come after a couple of hours." He says. She remains seated on the edge of the bed and doesn't look at him. Harry's heart races.  

"Will you at-least look at me?" He snaps at her. She continues ignoring him.

Her hands are folded on her lap. If he tells her exactly why he is hiding her, she won't stay. She would want to take Ron's place. She has gotten very attached to Rose. She would leave and he would lose her.

He's only trying to protect her but still she's angry with him. He's still losing her. He doesn't want her to leave. Why doesn't she understand that? Can't she see it. He has lost almost everyone else. Even his godmother hates him now. She keeps on slapping him. No-one wants to understand. In fact no-one wants to listen to him. They are ready to judge his actions. But they are not interested in understanding. 

"You are such a difficult woman." He hisses, willing her silently to look at him. But she doesn't. She ignores him.

"Would you just talk to me?" He asks loudly. She doesn't say anything. She continues staring at her hands. 

He would stay here and stare at her all night long but he can't. He needs to go back. Riddle might already have arrived.  He turns around and storms out of the room. He locks it and heads towards the clearing where he had asked his pack to gather. However, when he gets out, he finds Blaise waiting for him. He is pacing back and forth.

"What is it?" Harry barks.

"You are an idiot." Blaise yells at him. Harry stares. This is the first time Blaise has raised his voice.

"She has never been in any relationship." Blaise hisses furiously, "Why can't you date her like normal people? How can you expect her to accept everything quietly?"

"What do you mean by that?" Harry asks, dumbstruck, "You told me that you she was your girlfriend."

Blaise takes a deep breath and turns around as if having sensed that Pansy was close.

"Tell him, Blaise." Pansy murmurs and Blaise turns back towards Harry.

"Not that it should even matter but we weren't close. She wasn't ready and then I cheated upon her. She caught me with Pansy." Blaise mutters blandly, his eyes completely blank, "But that's besides the point. Were you even listening to yourself? Okay, I understand that you were very upset but you had no right to take it out on her."

Harry stares at the man.

"She gave up on relationships after she caught me red-handed and then she got marked and we distanced ourselves from her. She gave up on friendship too. She threw herself in her studies. I think she wanted to settle down in the muggle world. All this is very new to her. How can you expect her to to trust you after what you did today?"

Harry finds himself at a loss. He keeps on staring at the man in shock.

"She thinks that she's not pretty and she is envious of Pansy though she won't accept it. Don't talk to Pansy when she's around. Don't even look at her." He says, "I would ask you remove the leash but she would just try to escape and get captured by the dark lord. She won't forgive you so easily."

Harry takes a deep breath and starts, "I don't want to lose her. Snape asked me to poison her. I was so upset."

"I know that. That's why I asked you to calm down." Blaise says, "You can't let your temper control you. She'll not forgive you for this and she'll pay you back."

Harry lowers his face before answering, "I'll apologize."

"You just- ughhhh" Blaise clenches his eyes and rubs his forehead, "Why can't you both talk to each other like normal people?"

"I don't want her to leave." Harry mutters.

"She's is not your doll. You'll have to let her decide whether she wants to stay or not. The more you cage her, the more she'll hate you. It doesn't work that way." Blaise says, "I shouldn't have to give relationship advice to a Gryffindor. Others are very angry with you Potter."

Harry mutters, "I was only worried for her."

Blaise takes a deep breath before saying, "You are so irritating. You could just have spoken to her. But you have to drag your ego everywhere."

"Apologize and talk to her. She'll not forgive you anytime soon but that's obvious. No-one would." Blaise says and Harry looks at him before nodding silently. They walk towards the pack.

Pansy is talking to Lavender and they gather near the exit and wait.

Two hours have passed and no-one has come till now. He wonders if it was just a false alarm. 

"What'll we do Potter? They have Weasley and those kids. Should we send an owl to Greyback?" Asks Blaise worriedly.

"No. I'll go in the morning and check." Corner murmurs.

Harry nods and addresses everyone.

Their faces are tired but alert and annoyed. 

"Don't let your guard down." He says, "They might be waiting for us to do just that."

They nod silently.

Harry opens his mouth but closes it when Ginny walks forward.

"Please, stop. I don't want him to hurt you. He's unst-" Neville stops mid-speech and each and every head turns to look at him. His ears turn red and he averts his gaze.

Harry stares at him. Neville is one of his oldest friends. 

"Shut up." Ginny snaps at the man who turns his face to glare at Ginny, "He is my brother. He won't hurt me."

They glare at each other.

Harry stays quiet. Is that what everyone thinks about him? Harry notices that they are slowly backing off, as if they are afraid that he'll explode. Only Ginny stays where she is. They think that he is unstable and mad. They are only here to help Draco, not him. 

"Didn't you see how he treated Draco?" Neville murmurs almost gently, "She was devastated. I don't want him to hurt you."

"I can protect myself." Ginny snarls and turns back to look at Harry. 

She glares viciously at him. 

"After six years of obsessing over her and annoying us with 'Malfoy did this' and 'Malfoy did that', you are really doing this. I can't believe it. Can't you behave like a normal human being and just ask her out? Must you be so melodramatic? She would have understood your concerns. Not everyone is as reckless as you are." She hisses. 

His jaw drops in shock. Everyone around Ginny is stunned. 

"What- I wasn't obsessed with her."

"Keep on telling that to yourself and while you are at it, go and talk to her. It's enough Harry. It's been more than a decade now. You are not a child. Even Ron didn't take so long. Honestly, you are the most idiotic amongst all my brothers." She growls at him and whirls around before storming away. 

Harry stares at her, stunned to say anything. His pack makes a path for him. He stares straight ahead and ignores their glares. That Ginny still considers him as her brother makes him happy but he decides to concentrate on Draco right now. 

"He shouldn't have done it." Whispers Lavender.

"Yes, it was terrible."

"He treats her so badly."

"He's always glaring at her."

"He didn't care that she was crying. He literally dragged her and-"

"I'm going, all right. It's none of your business. It's between her and me." He snaps at them. 

"They are right Harry. You shouldn't have done it. We can't just ignore this." Says Seamus. 

"Yes. You have to stop tormenting her." Neville speaks out in a strong voice. 

"You made it our business when you humiliated her in front of everyone." Theo speaks clearly and coldly. 

Harry looks at them but doesn't reply. He heads towards the room and decides to ignore them. Neville, Theodore and Seamus are furious. Blaise and Pansy are exasperated. Others are either unhappy or disgusted. 

Why don't they just ask Draco to be their alpha. He should just leave if they despise him so much. 

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The door opens with a soft click and Potter enters inside. Draco concentrates on controlling herself. She grits her teeth and steels herself.

I won't lose it. I won't lose it.

She chants this mantra inside her head and doesn't look at the man. She doesn't want to talk to him. She just wants to get out of this wretched room and sleep.

A moment later, the leash disappears and she heaves a sigh of relief. Maybe, Potter would just leave and she won't have to talk to him. Of course, that isn't what happens. Potter leans against the door and waits for her to look at him. She stares at his feet instead.

I must control myself. I mustn't lose it. There's no point.

Only when she is confident that she won't do anything stupid does she look at him and when she does that, the rage makes a comeback. Of course it does. It hadn't really gone. It was there, lurking in the back of her mind. She wants to hurt him. She wants to hurt him so much that her hands are trembling. She can't help but give in to the urge now. She gets up from the bed and walks closer to him.

When she is standing right in front of him, he murmurs, "I am sorry."

The apology is nowhere near enough to quell her fury.

She slaps him hard across his face. The SNAP of her slap echoes throughout the silent room. The force of the slap pushes his face to the other side and her nails cut the skin of his cheeks.

He doesn't turn his face towards her for the next few seconds. She waits for him to respond. She waits for him to hit her. But he doesn't. After what seems like hours but are only a couple of minutes, he turns back to look at her.

"I want to tell you-" He starts speaking but she doesn't let him continue. She slaps him yet again, silencing him effectively.

This time, he doesn't wait for even a single minute. He looks at her and starts yet again, "I am sorry. Please, listen to me. Today, I-"

She doesn't wait for him to complete his sentence. She lifts her hand and slaps him for the third time. Once again, she waits but he doesn't lift a single finger to hurt her. She stares into his empty eyes.

"I just want you to know what happened-" He starts again and Draco snaps at him, "I don't want to know. I don't want to hear your excuses."

She knows that she's not being rational. She shouldn't push him away. Even if she can't forgive him, she should still try to understand what provoked him to do what he did. Remus told her that Potter is a good man. Maybe reckless, hot-headed and misunderstood but still a good man. She knows that Remus is right. But she's not thinking right now.

"Okay." He says quite calmly and opens the door before murmuring, "You can leave now."

"Don't order me around. I don't want to go." She mutters and crosses her arms.

"It's your decision." He answers tonelessly.

She wonders if he's finally getting angry. But he doesn't as much as glare at her. His eyes are just - empty. His face is devoid of emotions. For the first time ever since she came here, she is unable to read him and she doesn't like it. Potter always wears his heart on his sleeve.

He opens the door and starts walking away.

Annoyed, she follows him.

"Where are you going, Potter?" She yells, irritated.

"I'm going to bring dinner for you." He says politely but once again, something seems off. What did he want to tell her?

She looks around the clearing. Some girls are sitting in front of the fire. They are eating while talking amongst themselves. Others are sitting across from them.

She takes a step closer to him. He takes a step back. She stares, surprised.

"You wanted to tell me something. What was it?" She asks sharply.

He shrugs carelessly, "Nothing important."

"I want to know. Tell me." She takes another step towards him and yet again, he takes a step back.

"Why? You weren't interested just a few minutes ago." He mutters, his eyes boring into hers. She breathes deeply and stays quiet because she doesn't know the answer to this question.

He turns around and starts walking towards the group. She waits until she is sure that he really is headed there and then she whirls around and walks towards their hut. He can't stay away forever.

She didn't even bother to listen to her. She slapped him and that's okay. He deserved it. What's making him so bitter is the fact that she didn't want to talk to him. He walks towards the fire. They are talking and laughing but as soon as they notice him, they stop and start glaring at him.

He looks expectantly at Lavender and Amelia.

They handover one plate to him. It has soup, some rice and curry.

"It's for Draco." Amelia says. It's obvious that they didn't spare anything for him. He looks at their angry faces. His eyes flicker towards Neville and Theodore who are enraged on Draco's behalf and then towards Blaise who is frowning at the girls. He looks at Draco's dinner and then at the ground. He's hungry but he won't ask them for anything. If they detest him so much, maybe he should just leave them.

He turns around and heads towards his hut. He enters inside and finds Draco seated on the bed. She is staring at him. Why is she so gorgeous? Why did it have to be her?

He walks towards the bed and places the plate in front of her. However, when he is about to leave, she wraps her fingers around his wrist.

He looks at her and waits.

"Tell me whatever you wanted to tell me." She murmurs. He pulls his hand back and looks bitterly at her.

"You said that you weren't interested in knowing. Why do you want to know now?" He says.

"I was angry." She snaps at him.

"I said that I am sorry." He answers and turns around to leave.

"Where are you going?" She shouts and gets out of the bed to follow him. He doesn't answer her. Instead, he increases his pace. He would get Ron and those kids out and then he would leave.

"Potter, wait." She yells. Harry ignores her. He pushes his hands inside his pockets and walks towards the exit.

"What's the matter with you? You were the one who humiliated me in front of everyone." She screams. The pack stops to stare at them and one by one they come closer. Harry doesn't answer her. He looks at the ground. Why should he waste his breath on people who aren't interested in listening to him?

He starts walking again and wishes that she would just go back inside the hut.

However, she grabs his forearm and pulls him to face her. He pulls away and glares at her. She glares back. The entire pack surrounds them.

"You humiliated me. You deserved the slap." She hisses.

"Yes, I did." He answers in a heart-beat, "That's not why I am leaving."

"Then why are you doing this. Just stop - stop all this and tell me whatever you wanted to tell me." She yells.

"Why? Why do you want to know now? It won't make any difference. It didn't make any difference to others." He finishes and she stares at him before turning to look at his pack members.

"Will you just tell me?" She asks impatiently before glaring at others, "Don't interfere between us."

"I won't tell you." Harry says and looks right at her, "If they like you so much, then you can be their Alpha."

He turns around and starts leaving.

"Potter, are you nuts?" Blaise glares, stood right in front of Harry, "You can't go without us."

"Get out of my way." Harry hisses into Blaise's face.

"Will someone tell me what's happening over here?" Draco screams.

Neville clears his throat and starts, "Harry is-"

"It's better that you don't tell her. Just escape from here once they come back. Take her and them to Snape." Harry answers.

"But, the bond-" Theodore starts.

"That's not your concern." Harry snaps furiously at him before heading towards the exit yet again.

Draco's sudden moan stops him in his tracks.

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Deceptively Innocent

"Ahhhh!" Draco tries to moan as loudly and painfully as she can. She doesn't know where Potter is going. All she knows is that she doesn't want him to leave. She is still irritated with Potter for the humiliation that she suffered at his hands but the talk has drained her anger.

The man freezes in his tracks but doesn't turn around.

"Ah!" "Ah" "Ah"

She pretends to be in severe pain and glares at Longbottom and Finnigan. They are gaping at her. She wonders why they are giving a hard time to him. When she had needed them, they hadn't come forward. What's the use of abandoning him now.

"Ah! My ankle hurts." She wails and scowls pointedly at Finnigan.

Finingan's eyes widen and he murmurs, "Oh, I'll carry you to your room."

As she had known, it does the trick. Potter turns around and comes back. She resists the urge to smile when he glares at Finnigan. He looks really adorable when he gets possessive like this. Finnigan backs off and raises his hands in surrender.

"I was only trying to help." He says.

Potter scowls at him before kneeling down in front of Draco who gives in to the urge. She grins. Potter's eyes narrow at her.

"You're not hurt, are you?" He asks, his eyebrows furrowed together.

Her eyes widen before she moans loudly, "Ahhhh- Ahhhhh- ahhhhh, my ankle really hurts. Ahhhhhhhhh-"

"All right. It's enough." Potter mutters impatiently.

She pouts and rubs her ankle to make him believe it. It doesn't make any difference. He knows that she is faking it.

"I was coming after you and I fell down and now my ankle is hurting. Now you'll have to carry me to our room or I'll have to take help from Longbottom or Finnigan or maybe Theo. I am sure Blaise would help me. Ahhhhhhhhh." She feigns a grimace and rubs her ankle again.

Potter rolls his eyes and grumbles, "You are so evil." but doesn't leave. He stands up and places one hand underneath her knees and the other around her shoulders and picks her up. She lifts her head and rests her chin on his shoulder and looks coldly at the pack members. They are out of their minds if they think that Draco can be a better Alpha than Potter.

For one, she isn't a leader and for another, she's a very self-centered woman and anyways, she isn't a werewolf.

She protects the person she cares about and there are very less people she does care about. Potter has become one of them. She didn't want it to happen but it has happened now and so that's that. There is something about him that compels Draco to stay and explore this - this thing. Maybe they'll just end up killing each other but at least she'll die knowing that she tried.

He opens the door with his foot and they enter inside. The moment he puts her down, she locks the door and leans against it before meeting his eyes.

He crosses his arms and glares at her.

"I knew that you were lying." He says. He is glaring at her but he's not really angry.

"I am sorry too." She mumbles, "I shouldn't have hit you."

Malfoys don't mumble. She glares at her feet as father's words echo in her mind.

"You - you - you -" He stammers and she looks up at him. He is looking utterly scandalized.

"What?" She asks, confused.

He glares at her and then starts pacing in front of the fireplace. She wonders if he has finally lost his mind.

He paces back and forth while grumbling softly.

"Stop, Potter. You are giving me a headache." She mutters.

He stops and glares at her before exclaiming, "You have done something to me. What have you done to me? It's all you're fault."

Her mouth falls open in shock.

"I haven't done anything. Are you nuts?" She snaps at him and then pouts.

If possible, his face turns even more scandalized before he yells, "I used not to care about anyone but now I care about you and I don't want to hurt you and I don't want to hurt the pack members. I don't want to feel - feel these things and you are making me feel them. Therefore, it's your fault."

He crosses his arms and leans forward. His lifts are curled in a frustrated scowl. She doesn't move from her spot but she does scowl back at him.

"Get out of my way. I need to leave." He grumbles and walks closer to her. Her heart starts racing as the distance between them decreases.

"No." She says and looks straight at him.

"Move." He insists and towers over her, trying to intimidate her.

She opens her mouth but nothing escapes it. She wonders if he can hear her heart pounding furiously.

She shakes her head, her eyes glued at his face.

"If you don't move -"

"You won't hurt me." She cuts him off before smiling smugly, "So what will you do?"

"I will - I will -" He stutters, "I'll kiss you. Surely you don't want me to do that. So get out of my way."

He smirks. She smirks right back before murmuring, "You don't have the guts. I won't move unless you tell everything to me."

"I will." He snarls and moves even more closer.

"You can't." The words are spoken softly. Her cheeks feel warm. She had wanted to look confident and unaffected.

"I can." He is literally scowling at her now. He is very close, like close enough to kiss. Their bodies are not touching though.




"Can." He snarls and glares curiously at her, "Just get out of my way. I need to leave."

"You can't. You can't. You can't. You can't." She chants mockingly.

It happens so suddenly that it leaves her stunned. He leans forward and presses a kiss on her lips.

Dazed, she stares at him. It was only a peck but she is breathless. His lips were soft and she wishes that it had lasted a bit longer. She traces her lips with her fingers.

Harry stares at her, thoroughly shocked at himself.

That she's still just standing there, tracing her lips and looking dazed instead of yelling at him is even more astonishing. Blaise had told him that Malfoy has never been in any relationship but Harry had assumed that she had dated after Hogwarts. It couldn't have been her first kiss.

She brings her fingers in front of her eyes, stares at them and takes them back to her lips.

But then, why's she behaving as if this is her first kiss


She jumps, startled and looks at him. Her cheeks are red and eyes are wide. She's - she's is so beautiful and looks so innocent.

You may be powerful and all but she's very beautiful. Her eyes are deceptively innocent. She'll have you wrapped around her little finger before you know it. Mess with her and she'll ruin you. Actually she'll make you ruin yourself and you won't even know it until it's too late. She doesn't forget or forgive.

Blaise's words flicker in the forefront of his mind. Harry wonders if Draco wants to hurt him, if she still wants revenge.

"Not that it matters or anything but- " He stops, takes a deep breath and continues, "- but was this your first kiss?"

Her eyes become wider and cheeks turn redder. She opens her mouth to answer but then shuts it and just nods silently before pulling away from the door and heading towards the bed.

Harry follow her silently. He can't really leave her alone right now. Full moon is very close and he doesn't trust Seamus not to hit on her.

She stares at the plate in front of her. She has still not eaten anything. Harry realizes that he's starving too.

"It has become cold. You should heat it up." He says and she stares at him. Her eyes are still a bit dazed.

"Draco." He says, a moment later because she seems to have fallen in a trance. She blinks a couple of times and replies, "Y-yes."

"Food. You should heat it up." He answers.

"How? You don't have an oven or a stove." She replies blankly.

Harry chuckles, amused.

"Use your wand." He says and smiles at her.

She blushes, embarrassed and reaches for her wand. before frowning at him, "You should eat too."

"Ah!" Harry's face falls, "The food has finished and anyways, I am not hungry."

"Rubbish. You should share this with me. It's too much." She replies and her eyes flash with annoyance before she places the plate between them.

He wonders if she is annoyed with him or on his behalf.

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It's odd how a small kiss can change everything.

She has been trying to sleep for the past two hours. Unlike her, Potter is snoring lightly. Potter refused to tell her anything. By this point, she has tried everything to get him to tell her. But he refuses to budge from his decision.

She turns away from Potter and closes her eyes. However, as soon as she does that, she starts feeling restless and so she turns towards the other side but it's worse because now she can stare at Potter who is dressed in just his pajamas.

She licks her dry lips and stares quietly at him. Her eyes fall over his closed eyes. He is a handsome man. She's not even pretty or intelligent or brave. She doesn't understand why the bond chose her as his mate.

She could tell herself that she hates being here with him, that it's terrible but that won't be the truth. She has finally accepted that she doesn't want to go back to her lonely and depressing apartment. She would like to continue working but she doesn't want to go back.

Even if no one except Potter really cares for her over here, it's still better than going back. It's nice to wake up next to someone even if you quarrel with that someone the moment you wake up.

She has never felt anything like this for anyone, not even Blaise. That makes this even more terrifying.

She closes her eyes and breathes deeply. An image flickers in the forefront of her mind. She is standing on a beach in front of the sea. Waves are crashing on the shore and then ebbing away. There is a house behind her. It's beautiful and huge with a garden and a swimming pool. She is staring at the tides. It's quiet and calm. She is familiar with this dream. She has been watching it for the past many years now. The only difference is that now she's not alone. Potter is playing in the water with two kids. The kids are waving at her. Potter has a blinding smile on his face. She waves back. The boy has green eyes and the girl has silver. The girl is older then the boy  - 

Draco wakes up with a gasp. Maybe she shouldn't sleep at all.

It's Potter's fault. He doesn't get to sleep if she doesn't.

She sits up and stares at the man.

"Potter." She mutters. Of course, he doesn't wake up.

So she places her hand on his shoulder. He is warm and she is tempted to trace the muscles of his arms but she doesn't. She closes her eyes and counts till three and then opens her eyes again before pushing his shoulder.

"Potter." No response.

She scowls at him before snapping impatiently, "Pot-Harry, wake up."

This time, his eyes shoot open and she is so startled that she pulls her hand back.

She places her hands on her crossed legs and joins them. She is dressed in a simple skirt and top.

Harry stares sleepily at the woman before checking out the time. It's quarter past one. Why is she awake?

"Wh-" He yawns and continues, "Why are you awake?"

To his utter disbelief, she glares at him and her cheeks start reddening, "I can't sleep and it's all your fault."

He stares at her, shocked and confused. Maybe he's dreaming. He shakes his head and rubs his eyes. No he is certainly awake. What did he do now?

He opens his mouth to ask her but then closes his mouth and studies her face. Her breath is fast and her wide eyes are darting across his lips and chest.

Oh! He gapes. Howcome it's his fault. She was the one who provoked him. Okay, he might have wanted to kiss her ever since she arrived but she provoked him so it's most certainly not his fault. 

"What's my fault?" He asks, irritated. He needs to leave in the morning. He should rescue Ron and those kids as soon as possible and for that, he needs to sleep.

"Kiss me again." She blurts out and turns completely red.

His mouth falls open.

"No." He answers. She stares at him, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"That's not what I wanted to say. I want to know why you were so upset and angry when you woke me up."

He looks quietly at her. He doesn't want her to know because he is sure that she would want to come with him.

"I won't tell you. It's late and I need to sleep. I have to leave early morning tomorrow." He answers and closes his eyes.

"I can't sleep. Wake up." She mutters and starts pushing his shoulder again, "Potter -Harry, hey, wake up."

"Will you just sleep?" He forces himself to be polite because he's really tired. 

"I would know somehow and then you won't be able to do anything about it." She murmurs very seriously.

"Why don't you stay away from this? You can just wait for me to come back and if I die while I'm away then it's better for you. Bingo! No mate, no bond. You'll be free." He says in a low voice.

She stares at him. He waits for her reply but she is quiet and her face is blank. He can't study her.

When she only keeps on staring at him, he huffs and closes his eyes and waits some more. But she doesn't speak.

A few seconds later, the bed dips. Alarmed, he opens his eyes and stares at her.

She is standing beside the bed with her wand pointed at him, looking absolutely stunning with a scowl on her beautiful face.

"Where are you going?" He asks and sits up.

"To talk to Blaise, Pansy and Theo and Longbottom of course and maybe Finnigan too." She says calmly.

"But -"

"And anyone else who wants to participate. You don't get to decide when you come in my life and just walk out of it. You don't have any right, you bastard." The last few words are yelled by her. His mouth falls open. He is absolutely stunned.


She cuts him off yet again and hisses, "This is not just your fight. He's after me and I have a right to decide how to protect myself."

"You are my mate -" He starts loudly.

She sneers at him, "And you are mine or have you forgotten? I have a right to know everything that's going on in your life. If you stop me right now, I'll hex you."

Harry sits up because it's impossible to believe that this is actually happening.

"Why do you want to know? It's not about you." He snaps at her. His patience has worn thin. Why can't she mind her own business?

She glares daggers at him before snarling, "Of course, it's about me and if you won't tell me, I'll just go and ask them."

"They won't tell you." He says and looks away.

"They'll have to." She sneers and whirls around.

"Stupefy." He yells wandlessly.

"Protego." She mutters calmly followed by, "Levicorpus."

"Protego." He grumbles.

"Will you tell me now?" She asks. He looks away. He knows that Blaise and Pansy will tell her.

He waits for her to leave. He'll just have to leave right away and hope that his pack would be able to stop her from following him. Maybe he'll just die and then she won't have to be trapped with him. He summons his wand and opens the door.

Of course, she turns around. Their eyes meet only for one minute before he starts transforming. She would be terrified of his wolf counterpart and won't be able to stop him. He will change back once he reaches the outskirts of the forest.

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Draco freezes when she realizes that Harry is transforming. Her jaw drops in utter shock. She stares unblinkingly as the transformation completes. The wolf is so huge. It must be atleast as tall as she is. It has a silver colored fur and dark green eyes. He is staring quietly at Draco who realizes that she is thoroughly mesmerized because the wolf is magnificent. The strangest thing is that Draco is not scared of him. To some, he might seem terrifying with his intense glare and huge body. Draco finds him handsome though and powerful.

She has this stupid urge to stroke Potter's fur. She wants to know if it's as soft and warm as it seems. Will Potter even let her stroke his fur? Maybe he will find it offensive. This leads Draco to realize that she is utterly, painfully curious. Potter is frozen on his spot. He is staring at Draco with narrowed eyes.

She is sure that Potter is somewhere in there and he's able to understand everything. It's not full moon tonight so the wolf hasn't taken over Potter's mind entirely.

With a jerk, she realizes that she had completely forgotten about the potion. She was supposed to tell Potter about it.

She takes a step towards the wolf. He growls threateningly at her. She takes a step back and then scowls. She's not afraid of him. She was only surprised.

"Don't leave." She screams but the wolf shakes it head and starts running in the opposite direction.

"POTTER," She screams and follows him, "POTTER, WAIT." but he has disappeared. She bends down and places her hands on her knees, panting for breath.

"POTTER, YOU COMPLETE BASTARD." She screams in frustration. Her heart is racing and her head is pounding.

A few moments pass before she hears footsteps approaching towards her.

"Malfoy." It's Longbottom. Her blood boils. They don't care about him. Aren't they supposed to follow him? Why has he gone alone? Where has he gone? What's he hiding from her?

A hand lands on her shoulder and she whirls around and punches Longbottom right on his face. He stumbles back and Theo holds his shoulder to prevent him from falling down.

"Never ever touch me again, Longbottom." She growls angrily. He stares at her and so does Theo. There are others behind them. Almost the entire pack is there.

"Malfoy, just listen to us." Finnigan pleads.

"I'll break your nose if you order me around." She snarls. She's already so frustrated. Must they infuriate her.

"Look, Draco-" Longbottom starts while rubbing his nose.

However, Blaise interrupts the man, "Let's go back. Staying here isn't safe for her."

Draco looks coldly at Blaise who swallows nervously. Pansy opens her mouth to say something but Draco clenches her fists and the woman shuts her mouth.

"All right." Lavender says and walks closer to Draco with Bones. She doesn't speak to them. She'll make them understand exactly what she thinks about them when they reach their territory.

It takes only four to five minutes to return. They gather in front of Draco who looks straight at Blaise. Pansy is standing besides the man.

Draco walks closer to him.

"Draco, please try to understand-" Blaise starts softly.

Draco doesn't let him continue. She's too furious to listen to him and Potter has already left.

"What problem do you have with him?" She addresses everyone, forcing herself to be polite.

"Come on, Draco! What he did earlier today- it was-" Finnigan starts.

Draco chuckles bitterly, "You should have done something at that time. Now, however, there's no point. He's your alpha and you have a responsibility as his pack."

She looks at all the faces one by one. They stay quiet.

"I don't know where he has run off to but I am sure that he has gone to save someone, universal savior that he is and all of you-" She looks at them with disgust, "- all of you are just a bunch of cowards."

"But Draco-" Pansy starts and Draco snarls before slapping the woman hard, "Don't you dare talk to me Parkinson."

The slap leaves silence in its wake. Pansy places her hand on the slapped cheek and stares at Draco before murmuring, "You didn't even love Blaise."

"That was besides the point." Draco murmurs, glaring at her and turns towards Blaise.

"Bring him back." She murmurs. Surprisingly, her voice is very calm.

"He doesn't want us to follow. He won't like it if we go against his orders." Longbottom declares and Draco rolls her eyes at him.

"Who's talking to you Longbottom? None of you have the guts to fight anyways. You are a bunch of cowards and don't deserve to have him as your alpha. He's keeping you here because you need him. He doesn't need any of you. He has never asked anyone else to help him and he didn't ask today." She says and her eyes flicker towards each and every one of them. They're stunned. Blaise, however, is looking at the sky. He knows her well enough to know what she's about to do. Her lips upturn in a cruel smirk.

"Really, did you think that I would thank you for shunning him like you did." She asks, scoffing, "I have been quarreling with him since I was eleven. I didn't need your help then and I certainly don't need it now."

"Are you done showing off?" Blaise scowls at her. She glares daggers at him before snarling, "Bring him back."

"I'm going but you should stay in your bedroom. Keep Rose with you."

She stares at him, perplexed. What does Weasley's daughter have to do with all this?

"But what-"

"Longbottom will explain. Please stay in your room. It's a request." Blaise says before heading towards the exit. Like Potter, he transforms quickly. He has black fur and is not as handsome as Potter but Pansy is staring at him so maybe Draco is wrong.

"Draco." Longbottom murmurs. His voice is cautious and very soft. Draco turns to look at the man. Unlike others, his face isn't white. His eyes are full of guilt. Draco rolls her eyes.

"Please come with me. I'll tell everything to you."

"We'll follow them." Says Finnigan and several others nod. They follow Blaise and Draco follows Longbottom. She peaks at Pansy. She's going with them.

Smith and Boot follow Draco quietly. There are a few others too. They are standing at different locations. Draco nods to herself, satisfied and tries to ignore her pounding heart.

She can only hope that he doesn't get himself killed.


Harry lets out an exasperated sigh as Seamus and others apologize. Draco must have said something to them. They are all very guilty and upset.

"Why did you just take off?" Snarls Theodore. At least Neville stayed back with her. That's good. Some others are missing too.

"Yes. You should have told us." Blaise says calmly. Harry looks quietly at him. That Harry trusts this man as he would a friend is very strange.

"Go back. I'll don't need help." Harry mutters politely. He doesn't want to be rude with anyone at all.

"We're coming with you." Declares Seamus and the others nod with them.

"Did Draco send you? Did she say anything?" He asks slowly and knowingly. Their faces are literally white and they aren't angry with him like they were just a while back. But they don't answer him. They look away. Only Blaise meets his eyes.

"What happened?" Harry asks kindly, "Did she yell?"

"She doesn't need to yell." Blaise answers him in a serious voice.

"Don't mind her words. She is angry with me. She didn't want me to go." He says. At this several heads snap towards him. He quirks an eyebrow before murmuring, "What?"

"She was angry with us." Says Theo.

"Rightfully so." Mutters Seamus.

"You aren't alone now. This is not just your fight. We chose to stay and fight with you." Lavender speaks out in a low voice.

"We are sorry for misbehaving." Pansy murmurs softly.

Harry stares, his mouth open in shock.

"Your indifference is not completely unjustified. I shouldn't have forbidden you from contacting your relatives and family." Harry mutters blankly.

At this Seamus shrugs, "We chose that. You never forced us. Our family doesn't want us anywhere near them. They despise us for what we are. You protected us. You gave us a safe place to stay."

"Much as these apologies are adorable, we have a Weasley to save." Blaise snaps impatiently.

Harry nods, "All right. So we'll go there, find Ron and those kids and escape and then we'll relocate. Okay?"

They nod silently.

Harry continues, "We can't fight with them. They'll outnumber us. We'll have to seek help from wizards and plan our steps. None of you'll concentrate on fighting. You'll concentrate on finding Ron and escaping. Do you have those coins?"

With a look of surprise, they take the charmed coins from their pockets and nod.

"Anyone who finds them first will send a signal to all of us. Also, don't attack Greyback. He can be a big help." Harry says and at the last few words, everyone scowls but they nod reluctantly and quietly.

Harry sighs, "I'll go first. Walk in pairs so that no-one gets suspicious. If I get caught-"

"You won't get caught." Theodore cuts him off but Harry shakes his head.

"If I get caught, don't follow me. Just take care of Draco." Harry finishes and turns around before anyone can get another word out.

It takes ten minutes to reach. Their territory is larger than Harry's. It's quiet. In fact it's very quiet. The caves are dark. It's almost like there's no-one here.

Harry freezes and closes his eyes for a moment and concentrates. Being a werewolf has many benefits. One of them is his heightened senses. He tries to hear their heartbeats and breaths. But there's nothing. There's no-one. The place is empty. Soon, he hears footsteps behind him and turns around.

It's obvious that there's no-one over here.

"I think that they have vacated the place." Harry whispers and Blaise opens his mouth to say something. Harry places a finger on his lip before continuing, "I'll go and check the caves on my left side. Seamus, Lavender, Pansy will come with me. Rest of you will go with Blaise."

They search every cave but find nothing. Harry takes a deep breath.

"Potter." Blaise hisses. Harry looks at him.

Blaise continues in a low and urgent voice, "If they aren't here, there is a hundred chance that they were waiting for us to leave."

Harry's eyes widen and he growls under his breath.

"Let's go." He says but right then they hear a loud moan.

"Did you hear that?" He says.


"That was Ron, Harry." Exclaims Seamus and they follow the moans.

He is bound in the basement of the furthermost cave. The kids are also with him. He is injured and his eyes are closed. Harry wonders if he was bitten.

"I'm going back." Harry addresses everyone, "Carry them and follow me. We'll need to check if they were bitten."

The kids are unconscious. With a last glance at his best friend, Harry flees away, wondering if he'll even find Draco when he returns.

Chapter Text


The Truth

Draco stares at the the sky through the window. Longbottom is reading a book, seated on his chair. Rose and Teddy are fast asleep. Remus has left his son here for a few days. Draco wonders why. Now that they are back, they don't need to keep Teddy here.

She has been trying not to think about what Longbottom told her. But it's impossible. The guilt is so overwhelming that she is afraid it'll suffocate her to death if Harry doesn't return soon. She doesn't understand why that man didn't just tell her instead of venting his frustration out on her. She doesn't understand why Sirius keeps on slapping her own godson. Severus would never poison her. If Harry had just told Draco about it, she would have told him that the vial contained water. She knows why Severus lied to Harry but she doesn't like it. He had no right to interfere or manipulate Harry. 

"Get out of my room." She whispers. She wants to be firm but she's afraid that she might end up crying. How could she have known that he had gone to bring her things, that he wanted her to be comfortable. Merlin knows what else he is planning. He did ask her not to call her interns over here.

Longbottom looks at her and sighs. His eyes are kind but Draco doesn't want to talk to him. She doesn't want his kindness. She doesn't want anyone's kindness. No-one really likes her. She doesn't want to be fooled by anyone.

"I can't." He says, "It's okay. He'll come back. Don't worry."

"Just go away. He said that no-one except us can enter this room without permission. I want you to leave. I want to be alone." She replies in a low voice.

"I won't leave. It's not safe. He would only end up being even more stressed if he realizes that I left you alone. Do you want that?"

She looks quietly at him. The man is right. She leans back and looks away from Longbottom who resumes reading his book. Why didn't he tell her about the attack at Hogwarts?

"It'll be fine." Longbottom says hesitantly and Draco glares menacingly at him before snapping, "I don't need your false concerns. Thank you very much."

"My concern isn't false." He says blankly, "What made you believe that you aren't worth anyone's concern?"

"When your people are ready to shun Harry Potter who is doing everything he can to protect them, then only god knows what they are capable of doing to me, an ex-death eater and anyways, I don't need any of you. I never did." She sneers. This time it's Longbottom who looks away.

None of them speak anything and the silence is comfortable. However, the door bursts open very suddenly and Longbottom shoots up but it's only Smith so he sighs in relief.

"They are back." He declares sharply. Draco gets out of the bed and follows the man outside.

Harry is relieved that no-one attacked in their absence and even Ron and those kids are safe. Ron is unconscious but beyond that they can't know anything, not until atleast his friend wakes up.

They'll have to relocate tomorrow. Harry is very tired and his head is literally pounding but he knows that he must plan if he wants to leave tomorrow. He'll hide somewhere in the wizarding world. He can even stay in the Gremmauld with Draco. He leans against a tree and takes a moment to take a deep breath and wipe the sweat off his forehead before looking at all the faces gathered in front of him.

"So-" He starts but shuts his mouth when he notices Draco walking towards him with bright, shining eyes and a furious face. Neville is following her. The pack divides and makes a path for her. She ignores others and walks straight towards him. Their eyes meet for a few moments and they stay silent. Her hands unclench and she comes closer to him.

He wonders if she'll yell at him. But she doesn't. She only takes his left hand in hers and starts dragging him towards their room.

"But Harry, we need to discuss about the relocation." Says Seamus and although the man's voice is very cautious and soft, Harry knows what Draco is about to do. She's already angry and Seamus has given her a perfect opportunity to vent it out.

She stops and turns to look at him. The man takes a step back and gulps. She looks at all the faces one by one.

"What do you need from him now, you sorry excuses for human beings?" She sneers. Harry hears a sigh and knows that it is Blaise.

However, Seamus gapes at her before blurting out, "What's your problem?"

Lavender continues for him, "We did what you wanted. We followed him."

"Yes, what's your problem Malfoy?"

"Why do you always have to be so rude?"

"We're only trying to help."

Draco looks at Lavender and ignores others, "If you starve a man without trying to listen to him, then you're no better than the dark lord."

Several eyes lower at the statement.

"Draco, it's okay. Calm down." Harry says.

"No. I won't. You might be a saint but I am certainly not." She declares, her eyes upon the pack.

"Do you need him to lead all of you to your bedrooms and maybe tuck you as well? It's over. Weasley and those kids are back. He's tired. Whatever you need to discuss can wait till tomorrow." She declares sharply and loudly. Her fingers are still wrapped around his hand.

"We have some food-" Zacharias starts speaking.

However, Draco raises her hand, "Thank you very much. I shared mine with him. We don't need your pity. I am very much capable of cooking."

"We do need to talk about relocation." Theodore replies quietly.

"Oh, so do we have to relocate?" Draco asks, her eyes bright.

Harry mutters a bit nervously, "Draco, please-"

But before he can say anything at all, Bones and Seamus yell, "Yes. It's no longer safe over here."

"That's wonderful. We'll leave tomorrow morning with Weasley, Rose, Teddy and other kids. Since you despise him so much, you can find a place for yourself. Bones and Nott-" She clears her throat and stares at the couple before continuing, "- if you want to continue your internship, owl Severus. He'll know how to communicate with me."

"Bu- bu- bu- but we are sorry Malfoy. Things are not good back there." The man stammers.

However, Draco smiles at him and the smile isn't pleasant. Harry's still in shock which is why he's completely quiet.

"They think it's Harry. They don't know anything about his pack. So, technically speaking, you are completely free. Goodnight." She says.

"You won't be able to protect yourself from the dark lord and his army without our help." Theo says quietly. 

For once it seems that perhaps Draco will change her mind but then she looks at the man and murmurs seriously, "I guess we won't. Maybe we'll die and then you'll realize exactly how much this man is protecting you just by being present. Maybe then you'll never even think about starving someone. Maybe then you'll be able to find forgiveness and courage inside your cold hearts."

This being said, she starts dragging him back towards the room. He follows her, half incredulous, half shocked at her announcement.

"We're sorry."

"Please forgive us."

"Malfoy, please just listen for a moment."

However Draco ignores them.

"Maybe, we should talk to them. You're being hasty." He murmurs politely.

"They won't have followed you today if I hadn't yelled at them. What's the point of letting them stay? They need to learn your importance and this is the only way." She murmurs calmly but Harry knows that she is still furious.

Soon, they reach inside and she locks the door. He leans against it and she stands in front of him and crosses her arms.

"You went to bring my things and didn't even tell me and that vial had water in it. You could just have told me." She says.

"I think that Ron was bitten. I need to see him." Harry averts his eyes and murmurs blankly.

"Longbottom is there with him. The world won't come to an end if you spend the next five minutes talking to me." Her voice gets sharper and louder as she finishes the sentence.

He stays quiet.

"You should have asked Sirius to stay out of it. If she can't bother to talk to you about it, then she has no right to intrude." She says. Harry is really surprised that she's not yelling at him. She's being very reasonable about this.

"I forgot to tell you about the variant of wolfsbane I have created. It makes the transformation painless and allows you to keep your mind when you do transform on the full moon. As such, I made several vials but now I think that I'll charge from the rest of the pack." She changes the topic quite abruptly.

"Maybe we can just give it to them for free this time." Harry says politely.

She looks at him. Her eyes are still shining. They's indignant and furious.

"Why should I do that? They don't respect you and they didn't give you food today. They need a taste of their own medicine." She says.

Harry stares in disbelief. That she's angry on his behalf is truly unbelievable and - and - well it's nice.

"Maybe just this once, we can give it to them." He insists and she sighs.

"That's such a 'Potter' thing to say, Potter. Aren't you done saving people for the day?" She mutters with an exasperated sigh,"Alright. Just this once."

"Tomorrow, we-" Harry starts but Draco makes a face before snapping at him, "Full moon is approaching and you need to take rest. We can talk tomorrow morning."

Harry opens his mouth to tell her that they'll have to hide in the Gremmauld for the time being and they would have to talk to Sirius for that. He needs to make sure that Ron and those kids are fine. 

But then she glares at him and he shuts his mouth before laying down on the bed. 

How was it? 

Chapter Text



Draco smiles as she burrows her face in the pillow. It's not very soft but it's very warm she wants to sleep some more. But the silly pillow starts shaking her shoulder.

She whines, "Stupid pillow. Let me sleep."

The shaking stops but then the pillow starts vibrating. She makes a face and opens her mouth to snap at it but then the vibration stops so she hums in satisfaction and wraps her hands around the pillow.

A moment later, the shaking starts again.

"Pillow, stop it. Let me sleep." She grumbles, realizing just a moment later that pillows don't vibrate or shake.

She opens her eyes and closes them again before blinking rapidly for a few times.

"Are you finally awake?"

Blood rushes to her face when she realizes that it's not a pillow. Her face is resting on Harry's t-shirt clad chest.

She stays quiet, not wishing to get up. The man's hand is on her hair. It's comforting and warm.

"Draco." Potter says. Draco doesn't reply.

"I know that you're tired. I know that it's quite early and we slept late and I won't have woken you up if it weren't important." The man murmurs. Draco yawns, grumbles a bit and then sits up.

She crosses her legs and looks crossly at him. He grins and she can't help but smile back.

"Where're we going? " She asks.

"Gremmauld. We'll have to talk to Sirius first and then I want to call for an order meeting. We'll be able to outnumber them if wizards and other magical creatures help us although I doubt any of them like me. I'm counting on Sirius to help me get the support of the wizards." He says.

Draco nods, wishing that she could sleep. Potter makes a very comfortable pillow.

"Are you even listening to me?" He quirks an eyebrow.

"I want to kiss you." It comes out of nowhere. That was certainly not what Draco had wanted to say. She covers her mouth with her palm and stares at him with stunned eyes, wishing that the ground would open and swallow her.

"No." He mutters in a heartbeat. His voice is sharp and firm.

She stares at him, feeling that he has just slapped her. Humiliation replaces her surprise. Maybe she isn't pretty enough. She is certainly not Pansy.

"Draco." Harry murmurs softly.

She looks away, "Okay. I'll just pack. I'll need extra trunks so that I can pack kids's things as well."

Harry closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. She doesn't understand. He can't do it until she's trapped with him. It doesn't seem fair.

"Listen to me. I don't think we should take our relationship to the next level until we have sorted this out and you have a chance to rethink about everything without me around." He says.

She doesn't answer. She has already started taking out their things from the closets. It's clear that she doesn't believe him.

"What are you thinking?" He asks. But she goes on ignoring him. Her Adam's apple is bobbing. She is swallowing constantly as if she can barely stop herself from bursting into tears. She is also blinking her eyes quite rapidly.

"Draco, talk to me." He says, "I just want you to be sure. I don't want you to regret it after everything is over."

But she doesn't answer and levitates a few trunks. They were kept on the topmost shelf of the closet. She opens one and starts placing their folded clothes inside. Why would he lie? He tries again but she doesn't answer. They eventually walk out and meet Ron who has finally woken up and is talking to his daughter. He informs them that he was bitten and would probably transform on the coming full moon. He says the words without any ounce of unease. Harry wonders if he's just relieved that now he can atleast help his daughter. Harry also wonders what Ron will do when his own family won't accept him.

Draco stays completely silent through everything. Remus arrives and takes all the kids with him. Ron leaves with Rose, promising to talk to them if needed anything. Everyone except Seamus pleads Draco for forgiveness. Seamus is busy staring at her. Harry's nostrils flare when he realizes that Seamus likes Draco. He clenches his fists and takes a couple of deep breaths. He would give Draco a chance to choose her life partner. He's not an animal and won't behave like one. After everyone has left sans them, Harry finally sighs and looks at her. She's staring at the sky. It's a clear sunny day. They are only an apparition away from Hogwarts.

"We're going to Hogwarts now. I can't do this without you. I won't be able to do this if you don't talk to me." He says quietly.

After several seconds, she finally looks at him.

"Don't worry. No-one would know that I'm mad at you. Not that it's even their business." She says and averts her eyes subsequently.

"Why're you mad at me?" He asks, "I refused because I don't want you take any hasty decisions that you might regret later."

She doesn't look at him but does reply firmly, "I think I know what's good for me and what I will and won't regret later. You're lying. You refused because I am not pretty like Pansy."

Harry's jaw drops in utter disbelief.

"What're you saying? Pansy doesn't hold a candle to you." He mutters but she still doesn't look at him.

"She's a boyfriend thief and you're a liar." She says petulantly, continuing after a two-second pause, "and we should leave now."

"But -" He starts only to be cut off by her, "Don't. Nothing you say will convince me. I know that I am not beautiful and now you're stuck with me. But Remus said that we can choose our own life partners. Even werewolves can if they don't like their mate and you clearly don't."

"You are being silly. Of course, I-"

She cuts him off with a rudely worded, "I want to leave now. I slept late yesterday and someone didn't let me sleep properly in the morning."

"Okay. You go first." He says, "Just know that you've got it wrong. I don't-" But she has already disappeared. He stares at the spot the impossible woman has just vacated. How can she not know that she's extremely beautiful.

He shakes his head, not knowing what he should do about this and apparates in front of Hogwarts.

"Draco." He says, "Do you think that Sirius will help me?"

Maybe he sounds too worried because she does look at him when he asks this. Her confident gaze meets his.

"We'll find another way if she won't. She's not the only one who can help us? It's not just your fight."

He sighs, "I was the one who spared their lives."

"Greyback helped us at the end so you were right about him. You were a teenager. They shouldn't have expected you to kill them. Don't blame yourself. It's all right to be confused." She mutters.

"The prophecy said that I was supposed to do it." He says, "I should have killed Riddle when I had the chance."

"It's okay to be merciful. It only proves that you aren't a beast like everyone wants to believe." She argues, "If they want freedom, then it's only fair that they work for it. They can't expect a teenager to become a murderer for their sakes. Stop blaming yourself."

"Okay. Are we okay now?" He asks.

She looks away before mumbling petulantly, "No."

His lips upturn in a small smile. She's really very adorable. However, his smile falters when a sudden movement catches his attention. He wraps Draco's fingers in his.

"What happened?" She asks.

"Did you see someone?" They haven't entered the castle yet.

"No." She answers.

"Something's not right." He replies with a sigh.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Severus is inside the castle. He won't let anyone hurt us." She mutters, her concerned eyes gazing at him.

"Okay." He nods and they walk inside the only place he ever considered his home.