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Persona 6: Son of Philemon

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Persona 6: Son of Philemon

Prologue: I Dreamed I was a Butterfly

Warnings: Graphic Violence, rape, child abuse, sex trafficking



Location: ??? 

"Why, why did I have to experience this?" A young boy, only 8 years old, choked out in sadness as he sat on a could hard floor in a dark windowless room. His matted, long black hair showed signs of abuse and neglect. His body wasn't better, rail thin and scarred as a result of malnutrition and violence done to him. This young boy was a victim of circumstance, who, just two years prior, was stripped away from his family, who were mercilessly killed. The Omi alliance had a hit on his father and mother, who took a loan from the Omi alliance Yakuza. unable to pay their debt, the Omi's thugs ransacked their home, and instead of demanding money, ruthlessly murdered his family and took him as a slave for their trafficking ring.

The young man, known simply at Ketsueki Kanashimi, witnessed unspeakable horrors, from watching other men and women raped and used as sex slaves, to being restrained by chains and used as slave labor. Any who tried to escape was shot on sight. and as a result, he had no choice but to resign to the horror. Even now, he can recall how the older men and women of the Yakuza put their hands all over him, and whenever he struggled, was cut with their knives on any part of his body they could get. After many tries to resist, all he could do was let them have their way, no matter how much he hated it. As he sat there, contemplating everything that has happened to him, even in spite of all of it, he never gave up hope that someone, anyone, would rescue him in the future. Yet with every day of suffering and torture, that resolve dwindled. In fact, with the sad question of why this had to happen to him, he was at the point of giving up.

After 2 years of torture, 2 years of endlessly being raped by countless horrible people, 2 years of witnessing others doing the same, he was at the edge of his mind being broken. Clasping his hands together he prayed one final prayer, one that he put as much whatever heart and soul he had left into it.

"I was never really a religious child, but, if you are there, God. Please, give me a sign. any sign, that someone will be able to rescue me." His hands were clenched together, to the point where his palms turned red, as he continued to hold his prayer position. For a minute, that seemed almost endless, he sat there, ready to give up on all hope. Only for a light of Velvet blue to shine on him.

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Ketsueki looked up, getting out of prayer position and saw it. Just a few inches away from his body, a beautiful glowing blue butterfly was flying near him. Surpprised, having not noticed such a gorgeous creature make its way into his room, let alone whatever remote building he was held hostage in. Crawling closer toward it, he was shocked to see it not try and fly away from him, but if anything, it wanted him to come closer. Ketsueki reached his hand out towards the butterfly, it and landed on his finger, gently touching him. Despite his now immense hatred of others touching him as a result of his experience in this hellhole, he found the butterfly's touch to be soothing, and gentle, and strangely, almost fatherly. He slowly remembered of the times his mother and father showed immense affection towards him. They even encouraged him to be able to express his affection towards them in public, something most Japanese didn't do.

As he continued to pet the butterfly, He got the idea that maybe this butterfly could understand him. He wasn't sure why, but he had a gut feeling that this butterfly was different from the usual butterfly.

"Are you a messenger of God?" Surprisingly, the butterfly lit up, almost as if in response to his question. He couldn't understand it, so he had an idea.

"I can't understand you very well, but I have an idea. Flicker once for yes, and twice for no" he told the butterfly gently. "How does that sound?" The butterfly flickered Once, a resounding yes. Ketsueki was excited.

"Okay! so, I ask again. Are you a messenger of God?" The butterfly flickered, this time twice, giving him a resounding no. This surprised Ketsueki, but in spite of this, it was obvious the butterfly was not malevolent. As a result, he felt comfortable talking tot he butterfly more. He then asked:

"Are you here to tell me that everything will be ok, if not today, then someday?" The butterfly flickered one time again, giving Ketsueki a new glimmer of true hope that he will make it out of here alive.

"Thank you so much. Thank you so" a sob choked out o him, not out of sorrow, but of joy." ..very much."

Fresh tears came out of Ketsueki's cheeks as he cried anew, not out of sadness, but happiness, grateful that such a beautiful, and surprisingly intelligent butterfly was able to let him know that everything was going to be ok. In any normal circumstance, he would think that such a butterfly was just a trick of the mind, but after everything he has gone through, he was looking for any sign that he could get out of here. Even if what he was seeing wasn't real, as long as it told him everything was going to be ok, it didn't matter anymore.

The butterfly looked like it was about to leave, but then it stopped, surprised by the boys final request.

"Could you stay with me? Please? I don't want to be alone anymore. Even if its just for one night."

The butterfly, somewhat hesitant at first, flickered once for yes. Ketsueki, for the first time in years, smiled immensely, holding out his hands toward the butterfly. It flew onto his hands, and slowly, but surely, Ketsueki gently hugged it to his chest.

"Thank you very much."

Slowly but surely, Ketsueki fell asleep, gently holding the butterfly in his arms.



Location: ???


 Ketsueki felt like he was floating in the water: Opening his eyes, he saw himself in what looked like a dark void of nothingness. Suddenly, he lurched forward, moving at an incredible speed, as the void lit up with Psychadelic colors, before finding himself floating in what looked like outer space. the vastness of the universe, filled with countless bright stars was nothing short of amazing for him to look at. He felt himself slowly float down on what felt like a clear surface. He started walking in a random direction, not sure of where he would end up.

He saw a bright blue light in his field of vision, and proceeded to walk toward it. As he got closer and closer, he saw a figure in the distance. walking closer and closer, he made his way towards him.

He saw a man, wearing a pair of white formal wear, including dress pants and shows, with long black hair styled in a ponytail. But the most striking part of his appearance was his white mask, with a bright blue butterfly design. This alone made Ketsueki realize who this actually was. As he was about to talk, the man introduced himself:

"Greetings, I am Philemon. You are currently in the Sea of Souls, found inbetween the realm of conciousness, and unconciousness. Now tell me, young man. What is your name?"

Ketsueki thought to himself, and his name came up immediately. as he was about to let out his name, however, tears fell down his face, as he spoke clearly.

"Ketsueki Kanashimi." He said, and contemplated whether it was the right thing to do."

"Very good. Most people would not be able to remember their name in this place" Philemon said, smiling at him underneath his mask. "in the future, you will awaken to a great power, and will rescue another who's power is similar to your own. You will know when that time comes someday, and you will be ale to awaken the Gods and Demons that reside within your soul."

Philemon turned to leave, but just before he finished, Ketsueki rand up to him and hugged philemons' leg.

"Wait! Before you go, I want to ask you something." Ketsueki looked up at Philemon wanting to make sure he wasn't wrong. Philemon Looked down at him.

"What is it, Young Man?"

"Are you the Butterfly that visited me, the one who told me that I would be okay?" Ketsueki said, anticipating the answer that this man was going to give him. Philemon smiled again. leaning down closer to him.

"Indeed i am, little one."

Ketsueki beamed up at him, smiling the happiest he ever had since his kidnapping.

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, mister." He looked up at Philemon, and seeing his masked, asked him an innocent question, but one that would change the very course of his own life, and possibly, the life of the very world itself.

"Mister Philemon, May i see the face of the person who saved me?"

Philemon, even if he didn't show it physically, was deeply surprised on the inside. He normally would never have shown his face to anyone until the end of their journey, but this was different. Nodding, he took off his mask, Ketsueki looking up in anticipation. As Philemon took off his mask, Ketsueki's anticipation turned into awe, and then happiness as Tears once again were shed. Behind Philemon's mask, the was the face of his father, who he thought he would never see again. Even though Ketsueki knew that Philemon wasn't his father, He felt overjoyed at seeing the kindly face of his father once again.

"Daddy." Ketsueki hugged philemon gently, sobbing into his shoulder. Philemon gently hugged him back, knowing exactly the future of this young man.


"You really are the one who will save Him someday"  He thought, as he slowly started sending the boy back to his mind, still hugging him.


Location: ???

In the real world, Ketsueki slept, the light from the buttefly grew brighter, visible only to Ketsueki if he had was awake. Behind Ketsueki, two massive blue butterfly wings identical in shape and appearance to that the butterfly he was hugging in sleep, sprouted out of his back, an indicator that his power as a WIld Card had awoken, even if he didn't know it, ina  way that was far more powerful then any previous wild card.

And thus, The Journey of Ketsueki Kanashimi began. A journey in which he will find The Answer to save one that should be unsavable.

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