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Azula Week 2018

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Day 1: Childhood

Genres: Angst/Family

Rating: G

Setting: Fire Nation insane asylum

It was those nights when she expected him, those painfully loud nights when the wind howled, the windows clanged, the air rumbled, and flashes of light pierced the darkened sky. No matter how much they had fought, no matter how angry they had been at each other, on those nights, little Zuzu would always find his way into her bedroom.

Who feared the storm more? It was hard to say. Sure, it was her brother who tiptoed into her room, but it wasn't pride that kept her still. She was too afraid to move. So every stormy night, he'd venture out into the ghostly halls of the palace and find his way to her, the soft pitter-patter of his feet providing a soothing contrast to the cacophonous drum of the rain. Without saying a word, he'd crawl under the covers with her. Sometimes he'd drape an arm around her; other times they'd lie back-to-back. Either way, with her big brother around, she felt safe. Only with him there could she sleep.

The habit broke the day he was banished.

That was a long time ago. The childish fear was long gone. Azula had braved many a storm in his absence. She had even learned how to generate her own lightning. But tonight was one of those nights. Loud. Too damn loud. The relentless rain echoed chaotically throughout her chamber. The bright flashes through her barred windows cast disfigured shadows on her barren walls. And it was because of this that she thought of him. And how alone she was in the asylum. No one ever visited. No one ever visited.

But maybe, just maybe, on a night like this, he was thinking of her too. And maybe tomorrow or someday soon, he would visit.

Ah, who was she kidding.