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Mixed Magics

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Willow paced in the small, dark room. She could tell it was morning, that was the only time of day she got any light in the room unless her captor came to see her. It wasn't much light, but she could at least see enough to walk without tripping. By her estimation she had been locked in the room for five days. She was given food and water each day and a small cot to sleep on. There was a chamberpot in the corner, and she wished someone would come soon and empty it. The smell was beginning to make her sick.

All that was nothing compared to the fact that none of her magic worked in this place. She didn't know if there was a spell on the room or if her captor had bound her magic. Logically, she knew that it was most likely that the room had a spell placed on it. Otherwise, someone would be sending her food and water in by magic, and it was alway brought in by a person. She still worried that she would never have use of her magic again.

A noise outside her room made her stop. She stood still near the door as she listened to footsteps in the hallway. The footsteps passed by her room without stopping. Willow sighed. She knew it wasn't someone who would open her door, the sound of the footsteps had been wrong.

As she continued her pacing, she thought about all the events that led to her current predicament. It all began five years before with an unexpected visitor from a place she had never heard of before.