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Will was walking his beloved dogs out when he got a whiff of something really delicious...something he rarely has the chance to be exposed to, considering his reluctance to willingly spend time with more people than he has to ... the scent of an omega in heat, its warm honey sweetness with underlying scent of herbs that he can't quite remember the name of is slowly getting thicker in the air as his mind catches up with his olfactory, in retrospect, it must have already been in the air for quite a while already, because now that he is paying attention, his pack of dogs has been whining and are starting to be restless.

Wolf Trap is as close to a deserted place in the United States as can be, neighbors are very far and wide in between, so it is a little curious for somebody especially an omega and in heat at that to be strolling in this area, ofcourse, it could also be because they are lost, but that is very unlikely as omega's are supposed to be always inside the house tending to their pups or their over pheromoned alpha's. Not to say that they are not allowed to go outside but it just how things have been since the old times, although now, in the modern world with the 'Gender Equality Law' all three designations have the right to do whatever they want with their life as long as it is along the societies' legally acceptable terms. Will has even heard of Omega's in the army!

He likes to think of himself as a very open-minded person so that really doesn't bother him, he is just curious and fascinated about how omegas in the army, with their delicate sensibilities and physical appearances and inhibitions, manages in the alpha dominated must have taken a lot of determination and motivation to succeed in doing that.
Chastising himself for letting his mind wander around unnecessary thoughts, he physically forced himself to concentrate on the present by shaking his head and sniffing slightly in the air to try to determine where the scent is coming from.

As an alpha himself, even if an atypical one at that, he was hesitant to find out where the intoxicating scent comes from but his conscience tells him that if the omega is indeed lost or might have been hurt thus being caught with their heat outside in the open, he has to do something.

He knows that his self control is better than the regular knot head but his experience with omegas is considerably lacking....he'd rather not test fate if he had the choice. Fortunately for him, he has his dogs with him at the moment so he can probably let them lead to where they are located...another advantage of the dogs' presence is that they are scientifically proven to calm omegas and protect them as they can respond to their pheromones whether its fear, anxiety etc...more like dogs are extensions of the bonded mate to the omega. 'The dog's it is' he thought.

He knelt down and called his packs attention and told them to lead him to it. After walking for a hundred meters the dogs slowed their pace and whined quietly looking back at Will and then ahead of them...this, Will knew is a sign that they have arrived successfully..proven by the potent smell of mouth watering sweetness hanging in the air. 'Oh!' Will's mind was barely functioning now as he was assaulted with the most intoxicating scent he has ever smelled in his life...he started to feel light headed and prickly all over his body. He barely realized that he has started sweating and panting like he had ran a marathon, which is why he was startled to alertness when he felt the cold wet nose of Winston at the back of his hand.

Now alert at his surroundings, that's when he saw the young man standing tall a few paces in front of him and his pack, his stance alert, ready to fight or defend if needed. He was dressed in a three piece suit that probably cost more than his monthly salary...'dressed too fancy for a walk' he thought. Will probably wouldn't have thought twice about this random person just out strolling the woods by himself if it wasn't so obvious to his olfactory that the warm delicious smell is coming from him. He didn't look anything like the typical small, slender, curvy hips omega...he looks almost like a regular beta male or could even pass as an alpha if not for his scent. Will cautiously sniffed the air once more to assure himself that he isn't wrong and that action didn't come unnoticed to the young man whose shoulders tensed minutely and subtly curled his fists tightly before releasing them and into a relax stance.

"Hello..?" he said hesitantly to the other, opting to not move any closer to the young man.

"Good afternoon" came a confident and calm reply as though this was an ordinary small talk, though intelligent eyes kept steadily looking back at Will, following each and every minor movements. The young man obviously doesn't mind what the dogs are up to as he didnt even react to them when they came to sit around him like he is their owner.
'he probably feels safer with my dogs than with any human right now' thought Will as he took the scene unfolding in front of him.

Will awkwardly shrugged his shoulders just to do something when the silence after those words stretched too long...he honestly has no idea what to do at the moment. When he decided to do the search his plan only went as far as 'the dogs can calm and protect the omega' and now...well..suffice to say his brain is too soaked with the potent pheromone surrounding him to be of any use.

"Are these your dogs?"

"hmm...yes, Yes! they are...they're mine" the question startled Will out of his thoughts. 'what do people do in this situation?...' Realizing that his thought are getting harder and harder to control, not to mention his body is starting to rebel too...he should probably move things along, get the omega to safety before his heat peaks. He continued speaking..

"My name is Will Graham, I live close by...and... not to be rude but I think you shouldn't be out in the open in your condition...We could go to my hou.." his voice trailed off..realizing he sounded like he is trying to take advantage of the situation...

"...or I could lend you my phone now and you could call for your family to pick you up..I'll wait with you here if that is alright with you...?" he babbled quickly.
Twin maroon shaded eyes stared at him considering and sharply for half a minute after his incoherent proposition before the young man gave a slight tilt of his head and opened his shapely lips to speak clearly...

" If I could borrow your phone for a while to make a call, I would be grateful for your help...and I'm Hannibal...pleased to meet you"
Releasing his breath that he didn't know he was holding...Will gave what he wished is an assuring smile to the other...'Hannibal' he thought to himself...'quite a unique name for a seemingly unique person...and his accent definitely adds to his alluring beauty'

Will reached into his pants pocket to retrieve his phone and slowly stepped closer to Hannibal to hand over the outdated smartphone, he almost regretted doing so when he got hit by the strong pheromones coming from the young man, he knew he wouldn't do anything stupid like attacking the omega but the young man didn't know that so he tensed and his dogs that were previously sitting calmly around the young man all stood up in an attack stance, teeth bared and with a barely there growl in warning...responding automatically to the omega's scent. It also didn't help that he could feel his cock filling up and straining in his pants, his body releasing pheromones instinctively trying to dominate the other.

His awareness with the situation cleared when he got a whiff of adrenaline in the air. That immediately stopped him from moving any closer and instead he took a steadying breath which didn't help him any better since the air is now thick with the suffocating mix of their pheromones. He quietly apologized to Hannibal who tilted his head in recognition and slowly raised his hand forward to hand over the phone.

Hannibal for his part didn't act like anything happened at all ...back on his relax stance...only his scent betraying his actual feelings....remnants of the fight and flight pheromone polluting the air surrounding them. He raised his steady hand to accept the offered phone...'too steady' Will thought... for an unbonded omega in heat in the presence of an equally unbonded alpha...the dogs might have some influence in that but it is still quite a feat for an omega to still be that steady considering that he is experiencing estrus at the moment never mind the present company...