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Strung Along

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Lee wakes up among scattered papers, her head pounding. As she sits up, her surroundings come into view. What looks like a raucous party has descended upon the GCPD - it was under siege. She remembers why she is there - Jim had arrested her. Arrested her and then left her. To this.

"Jim, come to the Narrows - where you can make a real difference in this city. You can make up your own rules about how to do it."

It had been impulsive of her to ask, and he had just stared at her, resisting her suggestion with every core of his being. She realizes now that she had just wanted Jim to understand her, understand who she was now - and why she was doing what she was doing outside of the law. But, he was off saving others - others that were somehow more worthy than her, even now. Doing his job, his duty. As usual. Her lips turn down into a frown.

"I don't suppose this is where anyone expected our story to end," she had said to him with a touch of irony as she sat in the interrogation room after her arrest. Jim was slumped by the door, having just come in.

"So, it's ending?" Jim had sounded defeated, his voice deep and gravelly with emotion.

"Hard to imagine what's left."

And yes, it IS over, she thinks with determination as she makes her way carefully to the ME's office for shelter from these maniacs. It is SO over, Jim.

It had taken spending less than ten minutes with her ex to snap everything back into perspective - she saw everything so clearly now.

The noise of footsteps outside the ME's office where she had been hiding catches her attention - there is a shadow approaching - she can see it through the door's frosted glass window. She stands at the ready, a surgical tray in hand. And, she clobbers that sucker in the head when he comes in.


Oh, damn. THAT'S unexpected. And she had been effective. He seems to be unconscious. Her heart melts as she pulls Ed's head into her lap and takes in his disguise: the clown suit, the wig, and the red foam nose. It dawns on her that he, not Jim, had been the one who had busted into the GCPD to rescue her while it was under siege. Such a foolish act. . .

Ed had told her just last night as they were robbing Gotham Savings and Loan, "I know you don't feel the same way about me . . . but you will. And when you do, I will be here."

She shivers at the memory and gently removes his red clown nose. "Smartest man in Gotham. And you let your heart do the thinking."

"Smartest man in Gotham, huh?"

Ugh. Turns out he had been awake the entire time and had heard what she said. Wily little devil . .

And now they are running towards the exit, flinging open the door. Suddenly, Ed presses her against a wall so they are out of sight of the policemen trampling down the stairs above them. His body is almost touching hers - his face is so close.

She is familiar with his body - she had been with him that night at the Riddle Factory, but this is altogether different. This time his proximity is doing something to her heart, not just her loins. It beats almost painfully. Ed looks away to assess the danger, and she realizes in that exact moment that he has shown more concern for her well being than Jim - sworn to protect and serve - ever had. She impulsively arches a bit - she is getting very aroused, finally appreciating just how attractive Ed is as he stands there before her. She finds it unbearable that he hasn't looked back at her, even though it's only been seconds.

And once it's safe and he tells her it's time to leave, she grabs him by his tie and pulls him in for a searing kiss. She can't believe she's been keeping him at bay ever since that night at the Riddle Factory. She's known he's wanted more all along but wouldn't give it to him. And now . . .

Their kiss ends, the tips of their noses almost bump, and he says to her seriously, "Don't just wrap me around your finger, Lee."

She has no intentions of doing that. Ever again.

"Come on, let's run."