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Naughty Boy

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Kate has been working on the team for three weeks and during all those days Derek Morgan was inviting her out on a date. He said it was just a drink, but Kate knew he wanted more than that.

After watching Kate dismiss all of Derek's invitations, the girls became curious. Prentiss, JJ, and Garcia began to fill her with questions. Derek Morgan was everyone's type, how come she did not think he was handsome?

— Garcia, I did not say he's not handsome. He is quite attractive but honestly he does not make my type. – Kate said rolling her eyes. Garcia was insisting that Derek was the type everyone.

— So can you please tell me what you like? We are curious. –  Garcia said looking at Kate with those puppy eyes. God, Kate hated when she did that.

— If I say something, my life will be hell for many days. I know you well enough to know that you will tell him or do something worse.

— So is there anyone? – JJ asked, knowing what the answer was. – I knew! Garcia, give me the money, I won the bet.

— She did not say who it is, so I have not lost. – Penelope said.

— Wait, you two bet? – Kate asked slightly offended.

— Prentiss and Rossi too. – Answered JJ.

At that moment Prentiss approached and asked what the girls were talking about.

— Garcia lost the bet, we hit it! – JJ was smiling as he told Emily that he knew who Kate liked. It was pretty obvious to almost everyone on that team that Kate's type was Spencer Reid. Shy and submissive.

Guys like Derek were attractive and all, but Kate was a dominant girl. She liked being that way and basically Derek Morgan was the typical alpha male. He certainly was not her type, but Spencer ... God ... the things she wanted to do with him.

After hearing JJ's explanation, Emily decided to speak.

— Garcia has a point. We can only know if she lost the bet if Kate says his name. So tell the truth. Spencer is your kind of man, right? – Spencer was approaching where the girls were, he wanted to get some coffee when he heard Emily asking. His heart began to pound. They could only be asking that to Kate, the new team member.

He should not be listening to that kind of conversation. Kate was sharing personal things with her friends, he was supposed to go back and sit in her chair until it was finally safe to come back for some coffee.

— I'm sure I'll regret saying it, but yes, Spencer is my type. – They'd be sure to insist until she finally told him, so Kate decided to give in. When the girl answered that, Spencer almost dropped the mug he was holding. His legs went wobbly and he felt something inside his body vibrate. – Every time I look at him ... fuck ... I could fuck him on the table in front of everyone, I would not mind you watching. But, he's rather reserved and I'm pretty sure he does not see me this way. Frankly I scare guys like him. – As Kate spoke, the girls gave shrill shouts and laughter. Spencer felt his mouth go dry and he sure was getting excited about that conversation.

— Fuck. Okay, we need more details. Anything, please say something else. – Emily and the girls were excited. – Hey, do not look at me like that! It was you who started by saying that you would fuck him on the table in front of us. We need more details. – Emily was almost screaming with such emotion. She knew Kate had liked Spencer since the day she joined the team. The chemistry between them was great, but Derek could not see it.

— Tie, bite, scratch, gag and other things. Surely I would do all this with him. When I look at him I just light up like a Christmas tree. – They were all silent, listening intently to everything Kate was saying. – If I told Morgan to kneel in front of me and obey me, he would surely laugh at me. But if I told this to Reid I was pretty sure he would do it at once. I'm talking about being dominant in bed, you know? But anyway. You better let it go. It's not like he's going to call me Miss and lower my eyes in my presence expecting me to order him to fuck me all night.

— Is it hot here or is it my impression? – JJ said.

Everyone laughed at that and Spencer decided to go back to his chair before his dick ripped his Jeans right there. He needed to calm down or someone would realize that he had an erection right now.

Spencer spent the last half hour sitting in his chair trying to concentrate, but every time he looked at Kate, the words she'd said came back to him. Why did he have to listen to that? Now Reid could not stop thinking about all the things she wanted to do with him.

— All right, Spencer? –Kate sat at the next table, she was seeing him completely miserable and was getting worried. – You need anything?

— No thank you. – I need you to fuck me, please. – I am fine.

— I did not see you drinking coffee today. You want me to grab some? Maybe you have too little caffeine in your body, that's why you look like this. – Kate took his mug and went out to get some coffee. Spencer could not stop staring at her ass and it did not go unnoticed by Emily.

— Here, I put in enough sugar, the way you like it. If it's not good, I can go back there and put some more. – Spencer took the mug, tasted the coffee, and smiled. It was perfect.

— Thank you Miss. – Spencer whispered thanks as Kate was staring at him in complete shock. Kate was about to say something when Hotch showed up, a new case had come up.

The trip to Alaska lasted several hours, they were tired of spending so much time inside the jet. Kate spent some time rambling about the affair with her teammates, she was trying not to think of Spencer calling her Miss. But as soon as possible she would talk to him about it.

As soon as the jet landed, everyone started to work. Even Garcia had gone with them. That case needed every possible help and with the difficulty of getting a decent connection, Garcia was extremely necessary.

That first day passed too quickly. When everyone else had waited it was already nightfall, and it was bedtime. The only problem at the time was that there were few rooms left, meaning they would have to share the rooms with each other.

— I will not sleep with the pretty boy. – Morgan was thinking of sharing the room with Kate, but he could not even make the proposal because Garcia was faster than him.

— You can sleep with me and Kate can share the room with Spencer. Is not that right, Kate? – The agent would surely kill Garcia for suggesting that. What was she thinking would happen?

— It's fine by me. – When Reid answered that, Kate felt a familiar pressure, that was desire. That would be a real torture. How could she sleep with Spencer at her side?

Morgan made a joke about her and Spencer playing with each other's hair, but Garcia nudged him on the ribs so he would shut up.

Kate took the key from the room and pulled Reid by the hand. She did not want to hear any joke from Morgan, she knew he would say something at any moment even with Garcia nudging him to shut up.

They entered the room and Kate could only relax when she locked the door and took a deep breath.

— Ignore him, he likes to make jokes with everything. Can I help with anything? – Kate snorted at that question. Yes, he could kneel down and suck her, she needed that. But of course I would not ask for that.

— Thank you for asking, I'm fine.

— Are you sure, Miss? – Spencer dropped her eyes until she stared at the floor and nervously clenched her fingers as she waited for her response.

— Holy shit, you heard what I said.

— Yes Miss.

Kate approached Spencer. She was so close she could feel his breath.

Spencer was not looking at her, he was staring at the floor waiting for her to say something.

If he was calling her Miss, it means he wanted to do something with her, right? He could have completely ignored what he'd heard, she'd never know. But there he was being submissive.

— You were a naughty boy, Spencer Reid. You should not listen to the conversation of others. – Kate smiled as she watched Spencer's face flush. – Repeat.

— I was a naughty boy and should not listen to other people's talk.

— You know what happens to naughty boys, Spencer? They are punished. – Kate moaned to see Spencer biting his lips tightly after hearing that. – Let's do this, take a shower, wear your pajamas, and wait for me under the sheets.

— Yes Miss. – As soon as Reid said that, he immediately headed for the bathroom.

— Spencer ... – Reid stopped when Kate said his name –  We will not do anything you do not want to do, do you understand me?

— Okay, Miss. We will not do anything I do not want to do. – After saying that, Spencer entered the bathroom and Kate went to sit on the bed with her legs shaking.

This was really happening, God had mercy on her soul.