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Ice Queen Victoria Thaws Her Heart

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Chapter Fourteen: Remembrance


    Max awoke with her Tay-Tay’s soft warm breath puffing on the back of her ear, her left nipple being gently rolled and squeezed between Taylor’s fingers as the lower arm bracing her neck bent to softly stroke her tangled mop of hair, Max groaned in protest. “Taay-looor! I was sleeping, it’s too early!” Taylor nipped Max’s earlobe as she pinched the captive nipple to elicit a squeak. “Are you mad at me, Babe?” Max huffed. “A little bit, yes!” Taylor abruptly “unspooned” from her grumpy Fiancée and agilely climbed on top of her suddenly prone Maxie, straddling her hips and pinning Max’s hands above either side of her head as she delivered a fierce kiss, then stared intently into her little freckle’s squinting, annoyed eyes. “Are you angry enough to keep your promise?” Max’s face reddened as she struggled to find a rejoinder, then gave into simple exasperation. “What fucking promise, Taylor? What are you even talking about?” Taylor put on a wounded face and dropped her gaze as she slumped to completely pin Max with the limp weight of her nakedness, her face pressed next to Max’s cheek in order to speak directly into Maxie’s defenseless ear. “You promised to prove that you love me more than you love Bev, and I can’t believe that you care so little about me that you forgot that!” Max yelped and struggled as Taylor bit down hard on that ear for emphasis, laughing and weeping simultaneously as Taylor raised up to catch Max’s gaze. “You promised to whip me, after we slept all night, so that my body will know that you truly love me more than you love Bev!” Max’s smile disappeared as she remembered. “We’re still healing from being cut by my belt strokes the other day, and I don’t want to open your fresh scabs again, I love you too much to hurt you like that!” Taylor frowned and squinted. “You also agreed to whip me someplace else on my body, you know, while our hurt little pussies and titties heal up?”

    Max’s face fell. “I did agree to that, didn’t I? I don’t want to risk marking up your legs and arms, Taylor, because the whole reason for flogging just our private places is that we get an erotic afterglow, and more importantly, we can conceal the welts when we’re clothed!” Taylor huffed. “Did you conveniently forget that we’d spanked Courtney on her butt? That hurt her so bad that she peed on me! Couldn’t you just whip me on my pretty little ass even harder than that with my knotted leather thongs, or even better, with your hard patent leather belt?” Max scoffed. “Real bright, Christensen, your butt-hurt wriggling every time you need to sit will give us away! So, there’s really only one other option, and I’m not happy about it!” Taylor swallowed, picking up the implied menace in Max’s choice, something that she seemed to know that Taylor definitely wouldn’t enjoy? “Where are you going to flog me then, Max?” Max sighed and rubbed her eyes as she dropped her head. “Oh, Taylor, this kind of whipping is a traditional Maritime punishment, and you will feel such intense pain that your whole body will ache, then your movements will be stiff and painfully awkward for days! You won’t get an erotic afterglow from this whipping, and the only way to really prove that I love you more than Bev, is just not to do this to you!” Taylor got angry and impatient. “Just tell me Max! What are you hiding?” Max snapped. “Your back, Taylor! There’s nothing sexy about it! You’ll just be in excruciating, crippling pain, hunched over like a little old woman with osteoporosis, do you get what I’m telling you, sweetheart? Like a cripple people look away from, like a hunchbacked freak, dammit! Nothing like a “Smol Cutie’s Clique” schoolgirl at all, and I know that you’d rather be seen in public as cute!” Taylor snuffled and wiped her brimming eyes. “Why do you have to be so mad at me? Why are you yelling at me and being so mean? I just wanted you to erotically whip me a little bit and make love to me afterwards! So why does being flogged like a sailor upset you so much, anyway?”

    Max’s voice caught and hitched as a tear ran down her cheek and she snuffled back her phlegm. “Before I’d moved from Arcadia Bay to Seattle, about six years ago when I was twelve and Chloe was thirteen, our lifelong friendship started to change, mostly because of Chloe getting her periods and budding breasts, she became irritable and snapped at me a lot, she said it was because her bones ached from growing pains at night and she was always so moody. We used to enjoy dressing up as pirates and looking for treasure, that sort of thing. She was Captain Bluebeard and I was her First Mate, Long Max Silver. I didn’t realize what was happening at the time, but our Pirate playing was getting rougher, Chloe liked to wrestle me a lot and rough me up, she started imposing made-up rules that she knew I couldn’t follow and punishing me with labors and penalties. When we were alone in our Pirate Treefort, out of sight up in the woods, she ordered me to take off my clothes and just play “slave captive“ in only my underwear, she liked to swat me on my bare skin with a piece of rope, when I “disobeyed” her! it had stopped being fun and I’d had enough of her mistreatment on that particular day, and so I defied her, I told Chloe that I wouldn’t play with her anymore! Oh, Tay! Chloe was always bigger and stronger than me, she tackled me and pulled my panties off so that I was completely naked and crying, then she forced me against the trunk of the tree and made me hug it so that she could tie my wrists behind it, I was so scared! I was bawling in terror, humiliation and pain, ants were starting to crawl on my naked body from their trails in the tree bark, I could hear Chloe moving around, looking for something. I heard her say “This’ll do!” as I recognized the metallic rattling sound of a cotton-wrapped electrical cord being yanked out of an old discarded toaster, one of the “treasures” we’d found. I started yammering and pleading with her, I even peed myself as I was dancing and jumping, trying to escape in my urine-soaked tennis shoes, while squelching the smelly urine mud under my feet! Chloe grabbed me by my neck and turned my face to look at the looped cord she held up for me to see, then she pronounced sentence: “Long Max Silver, you are found guilty of Mutiny against your Captain and Abandoning ship, what say you?” My legs collapsed as I felt the rough tree bark lacerate my chest and arms as I slid to my knees, pleading for my life. “You can’t do this, Chloe! We’re just playing! You told me to be a naked captive, I’m not even Long Max Silver this time! You’re hurting me!”

    Chloe paced around behind me as she reconsidered, I’d started to hope she’d changed her mind about punishing me. But just as I’d started to feel relief, I heard a sudden whoosh and a jarring crack as fiery pain cut across my shoulder blades, dropping me shrieking, the rest of the way to the ground, my legs thrashing in agony behind me as I writhed face down, my arms still painfully bound to the tree! Chloe waited until I’d stopped bleating and choking, then coldly pronounced my sentence: “That will be thirty-nine more lashes for insubordination, sentence to be carried out immediately! Stand up and take your punishment!” I was too weak and frightened to move, so Chloe thrashed my back as I lay face down, writhing and screaming breathlessly into the filthy leaf cover under the tree. I woke up with Chloe holding my limp and filthy naked body in her lap, my eyes stung from Chloe’s tears splashing down into my eyes, as she kept pleading with me to wake up, that she was so sorry, over and over again, and that she didn’t know why she hurt me so bad. I could barely speak, my back throbbed with a deep burning and aching, and my scraped up chest and arms stung whenever I moved a little, I could see that my flat little chest was covered with scrapes and drying blood, my tiny pink nipples scabbed over and smarting! Chloe was busy still hurting me by trying to brush the filth and ants off of my sticky, sweaty body. My mouth was so dry, that I could only whisper. “Chloe, stop…you’re hurting me…why do you hate me, Chloe, why?” Chloe froze and then started bawling and choking, she could hardly speak between her sobs: “I just wanted to get you naked, Max! I have these dreams about us, and I wanted to touch you and smell you, I don’t know why I want you like that, but I hurt up inside thinking about you now, all of the fricking time! I tricked you into taking your shirt off so that I could see your titties, but you don’t have any yet, so I got mad when you tried to leave me, Max, then I stripped you naked and punished you, because you can’t leave me Max, ever! We promised to always be together!” I started weeping, I didn’t know how to feel about what she was yelling at me, she needed me, but what was it about me that made her want to hurt me like this? “Chloe, please stop crying, how many times did you beat me? I can barely move now, and it hurts so Dog Damn much, Chloe!”

    Chloe caught her breath and muttered: “You fainted after about thirteen strokes or so, I dunno exactly, because I forgot to count while you were screaming and thrashing so much. I got scared that I’d killed you, Max! I’m so glad that you’re awake again! So, what can I do to make it up to you? I, uhm, I think I’m in love with you, Max. I just want you so bad I hurt all of the time! I dunno, I’m just “insane in the brain” for you, I guess!” I laughed weakly as I choked on my phlegm. “Do you still want me like this, Chloe? All filthy, smelly, beaten and bleeding? Is that how you love me?” Chloe started blubbering again. “You said you wanted to leave me, Max! I had to hurt you to make you stay! I was wrong to do that, but I can’t change it now! You must really hate me, and you are leaving me anyway, and it’s all my fault!” My heart broke at that moment, Tay! I couldn’t hate my Chloe, no matter how she treated me, I truly felt that I must’ve deserved that whipping, so I reached up and stroked her tearful, grime-streaked face and promised that I would never leave her and that I would lie to everybody about how I’d fallen, having been so clumsy, scraping myself up, ripping my clothes on brambles as I rolled down a hill covered with dead branches, and that’s why I have these welts and bruises on my back, anything! I’d promised her anything at all, just to keep my Chloe Safe!"

    "Oh, Tay-Tay! I’m such a codependent little masochist, I didn’t know what that was at the time, but I had no self-worth whatsoever, so as it turned out, Chloe treating me like a worthless piece of shit was the closest I’d come to love! But now that we have each other, my beautiful Tay-Tay, I’m getting better, and now, whenever I’m whipped to bleeding ribbons, I have you to hold me, to make sweet love to me afterwards, and show me that I have some worth in your loving eyes!” Taylor snuffled back her tears and wrapped Max in her arms, kissing and hugging Maxie’s newly appreciated rare and vulnerable nakedness, telling her how much she was loved, over and over again! “Oh, Maxie, my darling, my dear, my love! I wish I’d been there to save you and hold your beaten little naked body against mine, I would’ve made such sweet love to you, kissing away all of your hurts and telling you over and over again that I love you, that I love your pain and your suffering, that I need to share your pain! Oh, Max! I crave your whip so much now, that I’m hurting inside! I love you more than I ever thought I could! So Max, my dearest Max, couldn’t you just tie me face down on our bed and flog my bottom and my back just enough to get me wet for you? I want to fantasize about being whipped by Chloe, just like she’d whipped you when you were that frightened, naked little girl! Oh, Please Maxie? Please hurt me like that and then show me how much you really love me?” Max sighed and then exhaled her exasperation over her insatiable, kinky Fiancée’s lust for never ending pain and pleasure. “Fine, Babe, assume the position.”

    Courtney, obediently clothed in her reeking panty-less and bra-less “Smol Cutie’s Clique” slutty Catholic schoolgirl outfit, having been prohibited by Mistresses’ “Tee and Em” from either showering to remove the stale stink of their previous love-play together, or the privilege of a clean change of clothes, had just desultorily come from relieving her bladder in the girls dormitory bathroom, which just happened to share a common wall with Max’s dorm room. She’d paused on her way back to where she had been exiled for the night, all alone in Victoria’s empty dorm room across the hall from where Max had secluded herself for the night with Courtney’s personal crush, Taylor, because she’d heard something very interesting going on, through the back wall of the toilet stall. Courtney let out a sigh as she quietly lowered herself down to the hallway floor, her back against Max’s door, her hand under Bev’s rumpled and odorous borrowed wool skirt, while she languorously rubbed her exposed privates as she overheard every word being said on the other side of Max’s door. Courtney took cruel satisfaction in imagining young Maxine Caulfield being flogged, while naked and helpless, tied to a tree and beaten senseless, “like the yammering little bitch” that she was, once upon a time in Arcadia Bay, when she was nothing more than a hapless, worthless little punching bag for that disgusting, unwashed dropout punk, Chloe Price! As her weak climax trickled between her fingers, Courtney mourned not being the one to punish and pleasure her beloved Taylor Christensen! Of course, she reflected with a certain satisfaction, that Caulfield was still furious with her for waking up in Courtney’s bedroom, only to discover that Courtney had just tasted of the specifically forbidden fruit, having just finished sipping her sleeping Taylor’s exquisite, erotic night release. Being under Mrs. Wagner’s roof, of course, there was fuck-all that Max could do about it! Her threats to beat Courtney bloody rang hollow!


    Marina, in a panic with her robe flapping open, her compact breasts bouncing as she ran, followed by the two naked sisters clutching their wadded-up clothing; Lynn, with her prized doubled-up leather thong clutched tightly in her fist, followed by Amanda, staggering after the other two while openly bawling out her guilt and anguish over betraying her Fiancée, all three scurrying, in that fashion, from the young girl’s hotel room to Gretchen’s door. They slipped inside the darkened room, throwing the door lock and hurrying to the bedside where Gretchen lay curled in a fetal position, unmoving. Marina swiped on the wall switch, then placed her hands firmly on Gretchen’s cool, clammy shoulder and ribs, shaking her gently and sighing in relief when she heard Gretchen’s faint sob and felt the weak, palsied trembling in her naked form. “Oh, Gretchen, my poor sweetheart, Amanda and Lynn are here with you now!” Marina turned to Amanda. “Gretchen is shivering with chill, Amanda, so hurry now, drop your clothes and embrace your suffering Fiancée, then I’ll pull the covers over you both while you comfort our Gretchen!” Lynn pouted and tugged on Marina’s robe. “Hey, I’m supposed to cuddle with Gretchen, too!” Marina turned and knelt, facing her troubled future stepchild, bracing naked little Lynn’s shoulders firmly as she forced a stern expression. “Lynn, my darling girl, can’t you see how broken and sad our Gretchen is? She desperately needs her Amanda’s love and comfort right now, so you and I are going to take a shower together and give Amanda and Gretchen some time alone, is that okay Lynn?” Lynn snuffled and nodded her head, catching Marina’s gaze with her moist, brimming eyes. “Will you take off your bathrobe and hold me first, Mama Marina?” Marina smiled and released Lynn as she stood and shucked off her robe, Lynn abruptly closed the gap and fiercely embraced Marina’s hips and buttocks as she pressed her face into Marina’s fragrant Lady’s silky, sticky and matted golden-blond bush. “Ugh! Mama Marina! I can smell daddy on you, did the two of you go and make a baby?” Marina blushed as she tried to pry Lynn away from her privates. “Oh, Lynn! You are just too grown up for your age! But… Oh, how should I say this? Lynn, sweetheart, you need to be more careful what you say around other adults, and please, Lynn, don’t talk about anything the four of us women do when we are all naked together!” Lynn leaned back and grinned mischievously up into Marina’s exasperated face. “I know, Mama Marina, you’d already explained about our enchantress secrets, I’ll be careful from now on, but nobody else is around now, so I’m asking you as one grown woman to another, okay?” Marina sighed and intertwined her fingers with Lynn’s left hand, while wondering about the leather thong gripped stubbornly in Lynn’s right fist. “Let’s go take a shower and we can talk behind the closed bathroom door so that we don’t disturb Amanda and Gretchen, alright Lynn?”

    As Marina led Lynn around the bed and towards the bathroom, she was relieved to hear the affectionate murmuring and rustling of the bedcovers as Amanda and Gretchen entwined in their lovemaking, she sighed to herself as she glanced down at Lynn’s upturned face adoringly regarding her own as Lynn idly swung the improvised whip back and forth. Once behind the shut bathroom door, Lynn tugged Marina’s hand and nodded towards the toilet. “Let’s sit and cuddle, Mama Marina, I love your smell and I want to touch you before you wash it all off, pretty please?” Marina sighed and placed a towel on the cold toilet seat cover, then seated herself with her thighs slightly opened as she lifted Lynn onto her lap with Lynn’s legs spread wide to wrap around Marina’s hips, Lynn’s moist Tulip pressed against her lower belly along with Lynn’s erect little nipples brushing lightly against Marina’s own aroused and sensitive bosoms. Lynn kissed Marina’s throat and murmured. “I love you too, Mama Marina, just as much as I love Amanda and Gretchen, Tulip wants to kiss your lady flower, but she doesn’t know her name yet!” Marina sobbed and hitched at that. “Oh, my precious little Lynn, I never meant for us to make love together, I’m going to be your stepmother after I marry your father, so I’ll be making love to him from now on and he’ll expect me to treat Amanda and you as my daughters! Therefore, what do you think will happen if he ever catches us naked together like this?” Lynn frowned and clasped Marina to herself. “We just need to make sure that father never finds out, Mama Marina, because I am going to make love with you, I can already tell that you aren’t going to say no to Tulip, I can smell that you want me, your lady flower wants me, so what is her name?” Marina sobbed and bent to kiss Lynn’s pouty, moist lips. “I don’t have a name for my lady flower, yet, would you like to give her one?” Lynn nodded and smirked coquettishly. “Before I can find out her name, I need to look at her, touch her and sniff your pretty lady flower, so could you, please, sit up on the sink counter and open your legs for me?” Marina gasped. “Well, Lynn, you certainly know what you want and how you want it! Have you ever done this before?” Lynn hummed and nodded as she pulled Marina’s face down for a lingering kiss, Marina stiffened as she felt Lynn’s tongue tip press insistently between her teeth, then relaxed a little as she met Lynn’s questing tongue with her own. Marina was lost in the moment, she would never really be able to regard this little lady as a small girl ever again, as she gave herself unreservedly over to Lynn’s passionate, indomitable will, Marina knew that she would do anything and everything that her beloved Lynn wanted from her, in spite of the risks and consequences!

    Lynn broke the kiss and smiled up into Marina’s weeping eyes, overflowing with emotion and moist in their sweet surrender. “I did this once before, with Amanda, when I looked at myself in the mirror and listened for my lady flower’s name, she said that she looked like a pretty pink ‘Tulip.’ So, Mama Marina, when you squat and spread your legs on the counter, your lady flower will be high enough for me to see her good, okay?” Marina gently placed Lynn on her feet and held her face between her hands as she gazed deeply into Lynn’s eyes. “When we are by ourselves and loving each other as women, please, Lynn, just call me Marina, I’m only your ‘Mama Marina’ when we are together, as mother and daughter, whenever we are around your father and others. Do you understand, my dearest Lynn? The only ones who should ever know what we really mean to each other are Amanda and Gretchen!” Lynn reached up to grasp Marina’s wrist, then leaned in for another passionate kiss, afterwards tugging Marina upright to guide her towards the sink counter, Marina balked. “Oh Lynn, I’d just made love with your father and his semen is still leaking out of my lady flower. I don’t want you touching or smelling your father’s scent on my privates, so Lynn, could we, please, shower first and then you can do whatever you wish with my lady flower after she’s clean, okay sweetheart?” Lynn pouted. “But Marina, all of your scent will be washed away, too!” Marina laughed softly and embraced Lynn. “No, sweetheart, because as soon as you touch her and kiss her, my lady flower will moisten herself for you and her fresh scent will be so much better than the stale, stinky smell she has right now!” Lynn giggled and placed her thong on the sink counter as she tugged Marina towards the bathtub/shower. “Let’s hurry up then, because Tulip is so excited to meet her new Lady love!” Marina delighted in soaping down her future stepdaughter and newfound lover, technically not breaking her oath to Richard, when she’d told him he was the only man she’d ever love. Lynn squealed with pleasure as Marina’s loving fingers slid along the crevices of Lynn’s delicate little Tulip, then moaned softly as Marina gently lathered her sensitive anal sphincter. When it was Lynn’s turn to wash Marina’s privates, Marina closed her eyes and rocked her head back with a contented sigh as her own nipples hardened with arousal and her Lady engorged and dribbled her vaginal mucous in anticipation as little Lynn mischievously slapped, stroked and penetrated Marina’s tender vulva with her agile, soapy little fingers. Marina was surprised when Lynn returned the favor and reached deep between Marina’s thighs to insert her slippery finger well past Marina’s rectal ring, then crooking her finger as she pulled it out with a sharp snap, causing Marina to gasp in pain and moan in erotic arousal before hurriedly grabbing Lynn’s hand and sucking her finger clean. Lynn giggled. “Don’t I get to taste it?” Marina scoffed. “Only after you taste my lady flower, besides, you might infect her if you still have poop on your tongue, so you must remember to always lick the rosebud last!” Lynn nodded solemnly. “I love you, Marina, especially because you tell me the truth and respect me as one woman to another, I’m not just a kid to you, anymore.”

    After toweling dry her newfound next daughter and “Mistressette,” Marina hopped up on the sink counter and skootched back so that she could draw her feet up onto the edge and raise herself up into a squatting position, with her thighs spread wide and her pelvis thrust forward, presenting the entirety of her clean, wet womanhood for Lynn’s inspection. Lynn was breathing heavily as she placed her hands under Marina’s raised buttocks and drew her face in against that lovely and arousing lady flower, her glistening hot-pink folds slightly spread to welcome Lynn’s nose and lips as she pressed forward to inhale Marina’s delicate feminine scent and kiss the moist, soft, parted lips, being that very same precious object of her Tulip’s deepest desire! Lynn clasped her thighs tight as she felt Tulip’s cramping arousal trickle down between her legs while she gasped out. “Bad Tulip! You need to wait for Marina’s lady flower to kiss you, first! Wait until I find out her name! Oh, I’m so going to punish you for this!” Lynn backed away from Marina and spread her legs as she took up the leather thong and began viciously lashing her Tulip as she gasped and cried out with each stroke. Marina hurriedly lowered herself on the counter and dangled her spread legs over the edge as she gripped Lynn’s upper arms to halt her self-chastisement, then, gently pulling Lynn’s tear-streaked face against her stomach, while tilting her chin up to meet Marina’s worried gaze. “What’s the matter, Lynn? Why are you punishing yourself?” Lynn started weeping as she clasped Marina’s hips tighter. “Tulip wants to kiss your lady flower so much that she’s already squirting! I wanted her to save it for her first kiss with Daffodil! But now my naughty Tulip needs to be whipped for being bad and spoiling everything!” Marina stroked Lynn’s cheek and smiled reassuringly. “Your pretty Tulip didn’t spoil anything, Lynn, she will be ready for love again soon, but why do you want her punished and in pain like this?” Lynn sobbed. “What Tulip really wanted was for you to punish her, but you didn’t know about that, so I had to whip her myself! Tulip knows that her stinging pain will feel better after Daffodil rubs lips with her and they squirt into each other!” Marina sighed. “So, you named my lady flower Daffodil? Don’t you think that Daffodil will feel sad that her new friend, Tulip, got a whipping before they’ve even met?” Lynn shook her head. “You don’t understand, I didn’t give your lady flower her name, I listened for it, she’s Daffodil because of her pretty yellow hair, her wide-open lips and deep throat, just like a pretty Daffodil, don’t you see?” Marina smiled. “That’s so sweet, Lynn, I’m sure that next time, Daffodil would rather just kiss Tulip as she is, because Daffodil really doesn’t want Tulip to suffer like this anymore!”

    Lynn shook her head and backed away to grasp Marina’s arms and pull her to her feet. “Tulip is already suffering because she needs her Daffodil, we need to get into the bed, right now, so that I can whip Daffodil until she is red and wet enough to rub lips with Tulip, then Daffodil will find out how good Tulip feels against her hot, stinging lips after she’s been whipped, herself! Please, Marina? Tulip is hurting inside and she wants Daffodil right this minute!” Marina swallowed, a chilling flash of alarm rippling through her body, radiating out explosively, from the pit of her stomach. “Lynn, my poor, suffering sweetheart, why do we need to be whipped? Couldn’t Tulip and Daffodil just kiss nicely without hurting each other?” Lynn sobbed as tears coursed down her cheeks. “I just wanted to love you the right way for our first time! Women love to be tied up and whipped on their titties and lady flowers before they love each other, everybody knows that!” Marina broke from Lynn’s desperate grasp and held up her palms in a warding motion. “Whoa, now! Oh, Lynn, my poor darling girl! Wherever did you get that Idea? Loving doesn’t need punishment to feel good, we can just hold each other and take things slow and gentle, especially when it’s our first time?” Lynn started bawling. “I learned about loving from looking at Kate’s drawings! Most of them showed Victoria tying up and whipping a pretty girl with bangs and long hair, the girl’s face showed how much she loved Victoria for whipping her! Then, there were the other drawings of that long-haired girl with a short-haired, freckled girl. Those drawings showed how they would whip each other, and especially, just how they would rub their bleeding lady flowers together in a kiss, until they were both screaming and squirting together, and then use their lips and tongues to kiss and suck the hurt lady flowers and swallow each other’s juices afterwards! But my favorite drawings showed how my sister Kate would tie up Victoria and whip her even harder, so that’s where I learned how women like to love each other, Marina! That’s just how I loved Amanda and Gretchen, and so that’s how I want to love you!” Marina knelt and pulled Lynn into a crushing embrace. “Oh Lynn! I love you so much! I’m so sorry that you and Amanda believe that whipping each other is the only way to love, but that’s just not true, dear! Please let me love you my way and I’m sure that you will like it and want to do it that way some more?” Lynn choked, snuffled and sobbed. “I do love you, Marina, so let’s go to bed now and you can teach me how to love Daffodil your way.” Marina led little Lynn by the hand as they quietly approached the king-sized bed, Amanda and Gretchen were snuggled together face-to-face, and breathing softly into each other’s mouths as they blissfully slumbered, Marina whispered. “I’ll go back for my robe while you quietly gather up your things, Lynn, and then we’ll go to your room, because I don’t want to disturb Amanda and Gretchen’s sleep.” Marina donned her damp bathrobe and tied the waist belt as Lynn pulled on Gretchen’s fragrant, recently worn camisole, which hung loosely down to Lynn’s mid-thighs. Lynn sighed and relished Gretchen’s scent as she busied herself picking up her own scattered items and slipping on the discarded panties she'd tossed on the floor earlier, lastly returning to the bathroom to fetch her precious leather thong and, while wadding it up in her fist, Lynn realized that the thong was heavier and more flexible from the dampness of flogging their precious Lady flowers, earlier. Lynn had the inspiration to tuck it into her folds, rubbing herself to renew the viscous clear trickle of Tulip’s arousal, soaking the thong for added weight. Marina might not like it, but Lynn was determined to show Daffodil the right way to love Tulip, as she stroked Tulip’s moistening petals with the rough, balled-up leather thong and smiled to herself, remembering Marina telling her that Tulip would be ready for loving soon. Lynn enjoyed the heat and stinging from Tulip’s recent punishment and she was anxious to share that with Marina’s pretty Daffodil!

    Once back in the sister’s room, behind the locked door, Marina dropped her robe and climbed into the bed, a doubled over pillow tucked under her bottom raised her hips for a better angle, with her bent knees spread wide, her hands clasped behind her neck, Marina awaited her little Lynn’s pleasure as she sighed and closed her eyes, her ’Daffodil’ tingling in anticipation of Tulip’s wet “kiss.” Lynn shucked off Gretchen’s camisole and crawled between Marina’s inviting thighs, to press her open mouth against Daffodil, gently licking and pulling at those fragrant, pink folds with her lips, gently nipping the chevron hood concealing Daffodil’s most sensitive core. As Marina writhed and moaned, her Daffodil dribbling her arousal, little Lynn knelt and stretched the moisture-heavy leather thong so that it’s doubled loop was foremost, Lynn drew a deep breath and whispered as she raised the whip and placed her left hand on Marina’s knee to keep her thighs from closing. “I love you, Marina and I’m sorry that I lied about this!” With three very swift, whistling hard strokes, Lynn lashed Daffodil’s wobbling pink lips as Marina vented a yelp and, finally, overcame Lynn’s resistance and clasped her thighs together, rocking and gasping after that sharp, stinging explosion of pain had ignited her labia and clitoris with fiery agony! “Aaaah! Ow, Lynn! Lynn, how could you? You promised me!” Marina glared at Lynn, tears streaking her cheeks as she pulled her hands from between her thighs, pressing her palms to the mattress as she started to sit up, but Lynn wriggled between her partially closed thighs and firmly grasped Marina’s nipples, while pinching, squeezing, wrenching and twisting them painfully, as Marina threw her head back. “Aaaah, Lynn! Why?” Lynn slid up Marina’s torso and grasped her ears forcing her lips against Marina’s open mouth, kissing her furiously until Marina relented with a sigh and collapsed under Lynn’s weight, clutching Lynn’s bare shoulders and whimpering as she returned Lynn’s kiss while renewed arousal and passion stiffened her painful areolae and moistened her reddened, engorged, aching and burning Daffodil. Marina broke their kiss and caught Lynn’s gaze with reddened, tearful eyes. “Is this really how you want me, Lynn? Do you love me more after you’ve hurt me?” Lynn gasped with passion as she locked lips and forced her tongue between Marina’s lips, eliciting a moan as her punished lover gasped and moaned, surrendering utterly to Lynn’s will. Lynn broke the kiss and licked the salty tears from Marina’s cheeks. “Tulip is going to kiss Daffodil, now, then they will be married, and you will always love me more than anybody else!” Marina stared, shocked and speechless as Lynn slid down her heaving, perspiring torso and squatted between her thighs, grasping Marina’s knees tightly as Tulip ground herself against Daffodil’s painful lips. Marina bucked and writhed, moaning as Lynn rubbed and rocked Tulip fiercely against her helpless, hurt Daffodil, grinding and pounding their inflamed labia until both cried out as their mutual orgasms flooded their joined pudenda and puddled beneath Marina’s trembling buttocks, soaking and staining the pillow with their blended arousal.

    Lynn collapsed against Marina’s heaving bosoms and clasped her tightly as Marina wept, disconsolately. “Why are you crying, Marina? Are you sorry for what we did? Do you still love me, Marina? Are you mad at me for hurting you? Please tell me, Marina, please, I really and truly love you!” Marina choked and snuffled as she swallowed her phlegm and stroked Lynn’s back, reassuringly. “I’m weeping because I know that my heart will never love anybody else more than I love you, Lynn! You’ve captured me, conquered me, dominated me, and I will always do whatever you command me to do! But, you must keep in mind that your father Richard, your sister Kate, your sister-in-law Victoria, and anybody else we deal with in public, must only ever see us as a typical mother and daughter, so please Lynn, you must remember to listen to me and obey me in public, then afterwards, you may do anything you wish with me when we are by ourselves, do you understand, my beloved Lynn?” Lynn nodded and wept. “I would never do or say anything to betray our love, Marina! I know how dangerous this is for us and for Amanda and Gretchen, too! The only thing that saddens me is that you will marry my father and he will be touching you, kissing you and putting his weenie inside you and that hurts me, Marina!” Marina sighed. “I must marry your father, Lynn, it’s the only way to keep you safe and I will likely have one or more children with him, also, so you must get used to living a double life with me. For now, you will be my schoolgirl daughter, helping me with any brothers and sisters that Richard and I may have. But we will still have our private time to love each other as women, do you understand, Lynn?” Lynn scooted up to spread her thighs and squat on Marina’s belly, softly grinding with her Tulip while grasping Marina’s breasts as she looked solemnly into Marina’s eyes. “I know that I must share your love with my father, but just so you know, when I get hurt and angry because you aren’t paying enough attention to me, then I’m going to misbehave so that you will have a reason to take me to my room, close the door and punish me!” Marina blushed, swallowed and nodded. “I must take off all of your clothes and punish you, is that correct?” Lynn grinned. “You must take off all of your clothes, too, so that I can punish you as well!” Marina chuckled. “After they’ve been punished enough, then Tulip and Daffodil should kiss and make up, right?” Lynn stretched to kiss Marina’s lips and smile into her laughing eyes. “You know that I’m going to be such a naughty little brat!” Marina nodded and sighed. “What if you are such a brat that your father gets angry and decides to punish you, himself?” Lynn leaned down and hugged her bosoms against Marina’s. “I hope that he beats me really hard, then, because I know that you will come to me, comfort me and love me afterwards!” Marina choked back a sob. “Always, my dearest little Lynn, always!”

    After they’d held each other for a time, drowsing and exchanging sleepy, affectionate little kisses, Marina smacked Lynn’s bottom and kissed her after she yelped. “It’s time for us to get ready, your father has already showered and dressed by now and we must do the same!” Lynn protested. “Daffodil and Tulip are sticky with each other’s love and I don’t want us to wash them off, let’s just get dressed like we are, I don’t need another shower!” Marina squeezed Lynn affectionately as she sat up, delighting in the sensation of Lynn’s hot, moist Tulip still pressed against her belly as Lynn wrapped her legs around Marina’s hips. “You are so sweet, Lynn, of course I would love to have Tulip’s fragrant kisses drying on my Daffodil all day, so get dressed while I go to my room and change, then I’ll come back for you and we’ll go talk with Gretchen and Amanda before we all leave for the hospital.” Lynn climbed down from the bed and rummaged through her duffle for a fresh change of panties and a sanitary napkin that Gretchen had given her earlier, she fastened the pad to the crotch of her panties, as Gretchen had taught her to do, then pulled them up to cover her privates as she smiled up at Marina for approval. Lynn bolted to intercept Marina with a hug before she could exit the room. “I love you, Mama Marina, please keep your promise and come back for me?” Marina bent down to kiss her Lynn’s worried face and taste her moist lips before their masquerade begins. “I’m still just your Marina until we rejoin your father, and I truly love you, sweetheart!” Marina closed the door as she entered the hallway, then Lynn sighed as she turned to line up, on the edge of the bed, her knee socks, camisole, button-up blouse, skirt and hairband, these being her usual outfit for a school day.