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Heyo, there's not enough bts scat/omorashi/diaper play fics on ao3 and I wanna change that.

I'll write pretty much anything but here's a short list of things I won't write:
-Any kind of limb removal/gore
-Vomit play
-I'll consider writing noncon porn if I like the prompt enough, but even then I'll make sure to tag it.

And a list of things I enjoy writing:
-Bathroom control
-Ageplay (SFW and NSFW)
-Forced ageplay
-Consensual somnophilia
-Shit and piss (Obviously)
-Hybrids -Pet play -BDSM scenes in general

To make a oneshot request just comment with a prompt, the more detail the better.

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The boys had been on the road for months now, traveling the world together in Hoseok's mom van as they liked to call it (much to Hoseoks dismay because "It's a cool and hip Mercedes-Benz!"). In all their months together and all their short stops they've dealt with a lot of things, like Taehyung stealing a puppy and almost getting them arrested.

They also have trouble with sex because it's hard to set the mood when they basically live in a minivan and while eating ass in a moving vehicle is fun for Jin, it's not fun for the people who pass them.

But none of them had ever gotten sick the whole time they'd been on the road and they didn't really think it would happen so they never prepared for it. But that quickly bit them in the ass.

They were currently stuck in traffic, like really bad traffic. They hadn't moved in over an hour. Normally it didn't matter because they enjoyed each others presences and the time flew by when they were all joking and laughing together. It felt like you could physically feel the love in the air.

But all of that died down when Jimin started complaining about his stomach, the poor boy had been whining and squirming for a solid half an hour by now. He kept releasing fart after fart to keep the pressure from building in his stomach, and his boyfriends laughed and made jokes about it to try and distract him.

It didn't really help, but Jimin didn't have the heart to tell them that.

An extremely sharp stabbing pain went through his stomach and made a loud noise, the van got quiet and the boys could only hear Jimin gasping in shock. "I-I really gotta go guys. Can't we like, cut through cars and I can j-just go behind some trees or somethi-something." He panted while grabbing onto his thighs with a death grip as if that'd somehow help him. Jimin squirmed uncomfortably as the boys in the front let him know that it wasn't possible at the moment.

Jimin squirmed in his seat again and whimpered even louder this time, "I really c-can't FUCK hold i-it much longer." he cursed as another sharp pain hit his lower stomach. His eyes started to swell up with tears when Hoseok threw him a quick sympathetic look and said that they couldn't even pull over due to all the other unmoving cars surrounding them.

He farted again as another wave of pain swept through his stomach, this time really loudly and god it sounded so wet, he really hoped nothing escaped. Jin, who was sitting to the right of him, patted his thigh sympathetically before he grabbed one of Jimin's hands and squeezed lightly.

When Jimin whimpered again and tears welled up in his eyes and started to roll down his cheeks Yoongi slapped his own thigh slightly, he hated seeing any of his boyfriends in pain and there was nothing he could do to help Jimin in this situation.

Taehyung sighed slightly at Jimin's tears, "Do you really think you can't hold it?" Jimin couldn't verbally answer, too focused on not shitting himself in the car, but another loud fart slipped out and answered for him. Taehyung grabbed his fancy camera bag and emptied it out, setting his camera and equipment in the floor infront of him.

"If I'm sacrificing my bag two of you get to sacrifice some kind of clothing.. so it doesn't- ya know... splash out." Taehyung trailed off with a blush and held his empty camera bag up, waiting for someone to set some clothing in it so he could properly spread them out on the bottom.

Jimin only cried harder at his words. He didn't want to shit infront of them.

Namjoon hesitantly took off the black hoodie he had over his shirt and handed it to Taehyung, it was getting old anyways and they had the money to replace it. Seokjin winced when Jimin let out something that sounded like a mix of a sob and a whimper before handing Taehyung the blanket he was covering up with.

Taehyung quickly laid the blanket and hoodie in the bottom of his camera bag before dramatically kissing it goodbye, trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work however, as Jimin farted again, the sharp pain leaving his stomach for a short moment before coming back even worse. There was no way he could hold on anymore. He'd have to go in Taehyungs camera bag... on Namjoon's hoodie and Jin's blanket... Infront of all of his best friends, the loves of his life. Or he could just shit himself, but he thought the first option was just slightly less humiliating and disgusting.

Taehyung passed the bag back to Seokjin while Jungkook helped him stand up. "Should I open the windo-" Hoseok was cut off by Jimin's loud 'No'.

"I-I don't wanna draw any attention to us." He choked out between sobs, Hoseok just nodded quietly.

As soon as Jimin fully stood up in the car he farted again - this time he knew his boxers had no chance of escaping this dry. Jimin quickly started to pull his pants down once he was sure his shit was done escaping him for the moment. Seokjin and Jungkook held the bag open in Jimin's seat, trying to make sure their hands were out of the way.

But as soon as Jimin got his pants and (obviously ruined) boxers down, he accidentally let go before fully situating himself over the bag, another loud fart escaping as the liquid and soft chunks mostly went into the bag, Jimin chanting 'I'm sorry.' over and over again when some of his hot shit got onto Jungkook and Seokjin's hands. Jimin was crying nonstop as he filled the bag, he could feel everyone's eyes on him, and not even Jin's soothing words were helping him now.

Jimin farted again and another wave of shit flew out of him, it started to fly back up at his ass which probably meant he'd thoroughly ruined the blanket and hoodie. By the time he'd finished the car smelled terrible, but his friends felt too bad for him to say anything about it. The traffic still hadn't moved an inch and Jimin's ass was sore.

Seokjin helped Jimin discard his soiled boxers and threw them in the bag before helping him pull his pants back up. He rubbed soothing circles on Jimins stomach with his clean hand while Jungkook zipped the camera bag the best he could without getting his hands dirtier before awkwardly setting the surprisingly heavy and smelly bag in the floorboard. They'd have to discard it when traffic started to move again.

Yoongi quietly passed Jungkook two wet wipes from the passenger seat so that him and Jin could clean their hands.

It was silent for a minute, no one knowing what to say or do until Jimin started to sob and apologize again, "You're okay baby, you couldn't help it. It happens to the best of us." Hoseok pipped up from the drivers seat. The boys all took their turns consoling Jimin the whole ride to their destination, with Jin and Jungkook cuddling as close to him as possible, peppering his face with kisses. When they finally arrived at their hotel of the night they threw the bag away.

Seokjin ended up making all of them some soup in the tiny hotel kitchen, Hoseok and Namjoon gave Jimin a bubble bath and helped put some ointment on his sore asshole, while Jungkook Taehyung and Yoongi pushed all the hotel beds together so that they could cuddle and watch some movies till they fell asleep.

"We're all just no homo bros being platonic dudes." Jungkook giggled in Seokjin's ear before getting elbowed in the dick, "I have not eaten all of your asses in that cramped mini van just to get called a fucking hetero." Jimin cracked his first real smile since his accident as Jungkook dramatically cried out.

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Jungkook sighed as he watched Yoongi run around their sofa while stripping for what felt like the billionth time. He'd already discarded his favorite stuffie Kumamon before he even started to run.

He stepped over Yoongi's pretty pink tutu that was laying in the floor and tried to sneak up on him while he stopped to try to unbutton the bottom of his red onesie. Unfortunately for Jungkook, he noticed immediately and started running around again.

"But daaadddddyyyy Yoonki wants cookie icy!" Yoongi giggled while his daddy tried to catch him, he'd filled his diaper almost ten minutes ago and then promptly decided that he needed his cookie dough ice cream before he got changed. Deep down his daddy knew he wasn't gonna sit still long enough to let him change him until he got what he wanted.

So reluctantly Jungkook gave Yoongi his ice cream, tried his absolute hardest not to smile at his little squeal of happiness, before telling him to quickly eat up so his bum didn't get sore.

The little just giggled and clapped his hands when the bowl of ice cream was handed to him and gave his daddy a big wet smooch on his lips before sitting on the floor and focusing on his 'yummy icy'. It didn't take long for him to finish his ice cream and make a mess of his face and hands. "Daddy change Yoonki now?" Yoongi tugged on the bottom of Jungkooks shirt and made grabby hands at his caregiver.

Jungkook took him to his changing station and cleaned him up as quickly as possible, making sure to powder his bum before securing a new diaper on his baby.

That's usually how Yoongi and Jungkook spent their days. Jungkook worked from home and payed for most of their bills so that Yoongi could stay little as much as he liked, but on the rare days that he was big he produced songs from his small music studio in their apartment.

And Jungkook had to admit that he was thoroughly weak for his baby boy. He could never punish Yoongi properly without feeling extremely guilty, always took the best care of him, and he definitely couldn't say no to him.

He also couldn't leave him alone when he was in little space since he didn't have the heart to punish him, which means wherever Jungkook went Yoongi followed, including the bathroom. Usually it wasn't a problem, Yoongi would hold his daddy's hand and follow him to the bathroom while watching his favorite show, The Rugrats, on his tablet. Jungkook also made sure he had a bottle or his one of his paci's before they went to the bathroom, because he takes an embarrassingly long time to poop.

But today Jungkook didn't have time to make sure his baby had his things to keep him busy. The taquitos he'd picked up at the gas station really weren't agreeing with him and he had to go, now.

He wasn't fully focusing on Yoongi for once as he picked his baby up with ease and led him to the bathroom. The little plopped down on the floor like he usually does but this time he just looked around the room, confused.

He quickly got bored of looking around when his eyes settled on his daddy as he sat on the toilet seat. "Daddy go poopy?" He watched his daddy in awe while gently playing with the fabric of his tutu.

"Yes darling, daddies going poopy." Jungkook cooed as Yoongi brought his thumb to his mouth and started sucking, watching Jungkook with wide eyes. As soon as Jungkook was done and pushed the handle to flush Yoongi jumped up and screamed "Daddy cool! Yoonie wan' try!" with his thumb still in his mouth, a tiny bit of drill rolled down his chin. Jungkook smiled back at his baby while washing his hands, "But I thought babies only used diapers?" he questioned the little, watching his thumb drop from his mouth and face start to pout.

"Yoonki's big boy!" Yoongi stomped his foot a little at the amused smile on his daddies face. "Alright, alright. If you're such a big boy we can start to potty train you tomorrow." Yoongi grinned and shouted a quick 'Thank you daddy!' before giggling and running out of the room.

The only thing Yoongi babbled about the rest of the day was about how he's gonna be a big boy and use the big boy potty like his daddy. Jungkook couldn't wipe the smile off his face, how was he so lucky to get such a cute boyfriend and babyboy?

To Jungkook's surprise Yoongi wanted to go to bed early that night, he'd even skipped his bedtime story because he was so excited to use the big boy potty tomorrow. Although nothing could get the little to skip his nightly bottle of warm milk and cuddles with his daddy.

Yoongi was the first one to wake up that morning, pouting slightly at the feeling of his soggy diaper because it meant he couldn't use the big boy potty until later. However it didn't stop him from jumping on his daddies stomach and smooching his face until he woke up.

"Mornin' daddy." He giggled before smooching Jungkooks lips. "Morning sunshine, are you still little?" Jungkook greeted with a groan, trying to get the sleep out of his eyes. Yoongi stayed silent, wanting his daddy to find out on his own. But unfortunately after three years of Jungkook being his daddy out of the four years that they've dated, his daddy knew him too well. All Jungkook had to do was lift his hand up to Yoongi's diaper and squeezed it lightly to find out.

Big Yoongi would be too embarrassed to keep a dirty diaper on, where little Yoongi didn't care as much. "Do you want your milk before or after I change you?" His daddy tapped his butt lightly, making the little giggle at the crinkly sound.

"No milkie 'day. Big boys 'ike Yoonie drink juice." Yoongi had already pulled his daddy up and started walking to the kitchen before he could even reply.

As soon as Yoongi had his bottle filled with juice instead of warm milk he waddled infront of the tv with his bottle and one of his stuffies that he'd picked up from god knows where and waited for Jungkook to turn the TV on. "Daddies gonna be working right over there on the couch, let me know as soon as you feel the need to potty, okay sweetheart?" Yoongi whined slightly while waiting for his daddy to put a show on already.

It wasn't even thirty minutes later that Jungkook was startled by loud chants of 'Daddy'. "Daaaaadddddyy Yoonie gotta go!" His baby was already on his feet and running into the bathroom before he could save the current document he was looking through.

Jungkook pushed his laptop to the side and quickly followed the little into the bathroom, watching him staring at the toilet curiously. "C'mere bub, we gotta get your diaper off so you can use the big boy potty."

Soon enough Yoongi's wet diaper that Jungkook had forgotten to change earlier was laying on the floor and Yoongi was lifted up onto the toilet seat. Jungkook didn't know where to look, did he watch Yoongi to make sure he was actually on the toilet? Did he stare at the wall out of courtesy? He didn't have to think long as his head automatically turned back to his baby the second he spoke.

"Daddy nuthin's happening.'" The little whined after a couple moments, kicking his feet around slightly. "Are you sure you had to go baby?" He questioned while slowly shuffling towards the little, preparing to carry him into his little room to put a new diaper on him.

"Yoonie's poopy a'most came out when Yoonki 'as watchin' paw 'trol." The little kicked his daddies leg gently as if to keep him away. Jungkook blushed slightly at his babys words, they'd never really talked about Yoongi's piss and waste when he went in his diapers. It was a simple and unspoken thing where Yoongi just went and Jungkook cleaned him up. "A-are you pushing baby?" Jungkook cleared his throat after speaking, it wasn't that this situation made him uncomfortable, it was just different.

"Yoonki 'as to push?" The little questioned before scrunching his nose up and pushing lightly. Jungkook's face was beat red when he heard a tiny fart escape into the toilet bowl. He knew that logically he should give his baby some privacy by turning away but for some reason his eyes kept trailing towards the littles crotch, looking into the toilet below it as if he was expecting to see something.

Yoongi huffed slightly and pushed again, little grunts leaving his mouth, this time Jungkook saw his baby's waste leaving him before he heard the tiny 'plop' as it hit the water. His baby's face lit up momentarily before he pouted at the cold toilet water that splashed against his bottom. Jungkook felt his dick twitch softly at the sight.

The little just figured that his daddy had put him on the toilet wrong and gently pushed himself forward far enough so that just his butt was over the toilet bowl, his balls resting softly on the toilet seat, before he pushed again. Jungkook drank up the littles tiny grunts and moans as he kept shitting, which mixed with whines every time the cold water kept splashing on his butt and back.

Yoongi could tell his daddy was getting hard, he'd been eyeing his daddies crotch in his sweats once he'd noticed the tiny tint. He also knew that Jungkook wouldn't act on it unless he was big again. He giggled softly at how caring his daddy was and made grabby hands at him after he pushed one last time and nothing came out.

As soon as Jungkook moved infront of him however, he'd realized that he forgot to pee but his daddy hadn't gotten him off the big boy potty yet so it should be fine to go, right?

When Jungkook bent down to lift his little up he gasped as he felt something warm spread over his crotch but he brushed it off for a second, thinking it was just his dick reaching full hardness as he peered slightly over into the toilet bowl, had Yoongi always shit that much?

Jungkook blushed harder when his dick twitched at the sight of Yoongi's shit.

His thoughts were quickly stopped again when he realized that yes, he was fully hard, but the warmth was caused by Yoongi's piss that was quickly soaking through his sweats and dripping softly onto the tile below him. Jungkook tried to push Yoongi back so that his dick was aiming inside the toilet, but his baby just latched onto his shoulders with a sad look. "Yoonki 'issed big boy potty."

Jungkook knew that he'd already need a shower as his sweats and boxers were thoroughly soaked with his baby's piss so he gently picked the still peeing little up and sat him on his waist, hugging him close and trying to ignore the way his body twitched at the wet warmth spreading through his shirt and leaking down onto his throbbing cock so he could comfort his baby. Until he heard Yoongi giggle into his shoulder and saw that the littles cock was chubbing up as soon as he finished pissing, "I pissed on you, and now we're both hard." he chuckled in disbelief.

Yoongi could feel the fuzzyness start to fade from his head, but this time he wasn't too upset to slip back into his big headspace. He prefered being big when he did sexual things anyways. Once he was fully back into his big headspace and could think clearly he lifted his head only to look at the mess he made of his boyfriend and the giant puddle that surrounded them, he blushed slightly when he realized his piss was still dripping from Jungkook. He gently buried his head into Jungkook's neck while Jungkook stood there, confused. He didn't know what to do in this situation, they were both clearly hard, and he could tell that Yoongi was big again by the way he was slightly nipping at his neck. But Jungkook was covered in piss, he didn't get the chance to flush the toilet yet, the whole room was filled with the scents of his boyfriends piss and shit, and fuck Jungkook was so hard that it hurt.

He was about to ask Yoongi if they should get cleaned up but before he could even ask, Yoongi started sucking on his neck and trailed one of his hands into Jungkook's sweats, gripping his dick softly under the wet fabric before lightly rubbing circles on the head. Jungkook gasped in surprise and stumbled back a little to keep himself from dropping Yoongi.

Before it could go any further the bathroom door swung open and a familiar blonde mullet peaked in. "Hey guys? You weren't answering your phones and you didn't respond when I called out. Is everythi- oh." Taehyung cut himself off once he took in the state of his friends, Jungkook was soaking wet from the waist down with a slightly yellow puddle under him, Yoongi was completely naked on Jungkooks hip and his hand was down Jungkook's wet pants and Taehyung could clearly see Yoongi's red and hard penis brushing against Jungkooks waist. His eyes lingered on the yellow diaper laying next to the toilet.

Unfortunately Jungkook had been extremely busy with balancing work and being a good caregiver all week and had forgotten that Taehyung, their only friend that wasn't a part of the ddlb community as far as they knew, was coming to their place to hang out.

Taehyung took a deep breath and only then did he realize how much the room smelled, "Oh my fucking go- Taehyu- It's not what it looks like." Jungkook panicked and tried to rush over to their friend, completely forgetting he was holding his boyfriend and that he was standing in a puddle of piss until he slipped. Jungkook yelped as he hit the tile and pushed Yoongi to his front so he wouldn't get hurt. "D-daddy?" Yoongi buried his face into his boyfriends shirt, he was shaking slightly. However he wasn't regressing, when he was extremely embarrassed in his big headspace he tended to pretend he was still regressed as a way of not having to deal with reality.

Taehyung was still standing in the doorway, contemplating what to do while Jungkook groaned quietly and announced that he's okay. Yoongi however, was starting to get impatient. His boner wasn't going away any time soon and he's not about to get blue balls after discovering a new mutual kink between him and his boyfriend just because Taehyung didn't knock.

Yoongi lifted his head slightly and pushed himself down so that his dick was rubbing against Jungkook's clothed, thankfully still hard dick. He gently started to rock his hips against the wet fabric while the two other men stared in shock. Taehyung really should've felt guilty for walking in on them, but as he watched Yoongi grind down on Jungkooks wet crotch the only thing he felt guilty for was not coming in sooner. The two were moaning quietly at the feeling, not just the feeling of Yoongi grinding on Jungkook and Jungkook bucking his hips up to meet him but also at the feeling of Taehyungs eyes watching their every move.

He hesitantly walked over to the two, closed the bathroom door behind him and sat right next to them. Yoongi watched him sit down with slitted eyes as he kept rutting down against Jungkook, looking down at the obvious boner in Taehyungs jeans. He flashed Taehyung a small smile before closing his eyes again. "Ah, who would've known that the resident power couple were so dirty." Taehyung giggled and gently ran his finger across Jungkooks lips, and silently asked for permission.

As soon as Jungkook nodded Taehyungs lips met his and although they couldn't properly kiss because of the weird angle, it was amazing. Yoongi paused and mewled quietly at the sight before sitting up and settling his ass right on top of Jungkook's dick and started to lightly grind down.

Jungkook coughed against Taehyungs lips in surprise, which earned him a quiet 'ew' before the latter leaned over to Yoongi and brought him into a sloppy kiss. He's only slightly embarrassed to admit that he'd almost came at the string of saliva that attatched Taehyung and Yoongi once they broke the kiss. Yoongi sighed in content once Jungkook told Taehyung to grab the lube that they kept in the shower and grinded his ass down once more.

Taehyung stripped himself of his clothing and gently set his things in the bathtub so that they wouldn't get dirty before walking back to the two that were making out. He whistled under his breath, even if this was a one time thing he surely wasn't going to forget any of it any time soon.

"Gi, how do you feel about riding Kooks little cock while he lays in his puddle of piss?" Yoongi's eyes lit up - Taehyung thought that Jungkook was the one that made the mess and Yoongi sure as hell wasn't about to correct him.

"My cock isn't littl-" Jungkook was cut off when Yoongi giggled and agreed. It was only then that he realized Taehyung thought he'd wet himself. He gasped in shock when Yoongi got off of him and pushed him back into the puddle of Yoongi's now cold piss. He shivered as it soaked into his shirt and hair and all he could smell was Yoongi.

Taehyung praised Yoongi before lubing his fingers up and told Jungkook not to move. After Yoongi gave him the okay he gently rubbed one of his fingers against his rim, watching Yoongi's face for any signs of discomfort before slowly pushing his finger past the rim and into Yoongi's warmth.

Yoongi however, was impatient. He'd fingered himself in the shower last night and he could take at least two fingers, but of course he couldn't get mad at Taehyung because he had no way of knowing. "I can t-take more." He whimpered as Taehyung rubbed his finger around his walls.

"You'll take what I give you, brat." Jungkook jumped at how deep Taehyung's voice had gotten. He had a naturally deep voice but.. Fuck that was hot. Taehyung added a second finger to Yoongi anyways.

He groaned when Yoongi's head dropped to his chest and started clenching around his fingers, waiting for him to start stretching him. Jungkook whimpered at the lack of attention but slowly reached his hand down to palm himself at the sight of his boyfriend getting fingered by his best friend. "Pissy babies don't get to touch themselves, Kookie." Jungkook whined at Yoongi's voice, because what the fuck he didn't even piss himself, and who was his baby boy to boss him around. "B-but you-"

Jungkook gasped when Taehyung slapped his thigh, "Be a good baby and you'll get rewarded Kook." and fuck if that wasn't the hottest thing Taehyungs ever said to him. Jungkook nodded dumbly, trying not to gasp when he remembered he was laying in Yoongi's piss.

Soon enough Taehyung deemed Yoongi stretched enough for Jungkooks 'tiny' cock and Yoongi was desperately clinching around air. Yoongi straddled Jungkook's lap again, quickly pulling his sweats down enough just so his cock could spring free. Jungkook whined at how cold the air felt when his bright red, almost purple, damp cock curved up to his stomach.

"I'm gonna fuck your filthy little mouth while Gi rides you, okay baby?" Taehyung watched as Jungkook's eyes lit up and a loud moan, almost a scream left his mouth when Yoongi's lubed up hand started to stroke his dick. "Ple-please." Jungkook felt utterly humiliated, not only was Taehyung treating him like a little baby that couldn't hold his bladder, his actual baby boy was treating him like a baby too. Jungkook loved it. He eagerly opened his mouth, waiting for Taehyung's thick dick to enter his mouth.

Before Taehyung did anything Yoongi lined Jungkook up with his hole and slowly started sinking down. He tried to buck his hips up when the head of his penis was past Yoongi's rim, but Taehyung obviously anticipated it and tightly gripped Jungkooks hips through his wet and slightly sticky shirt. "Look at what you did stupid little baby, your piss got all over my fingers." Taehyung shook his head in displeasure before bringing one of his fingers into the puddle below Jungkook. Jungkook whimpered quietly when Taehyung brought his finger up to his face.

"Be a good baby boy and clean my finger, if you do a good job i'll fuck your face even though pissy babies like you don't deserve it." Jungkook kept his mouth shut, but he had to admit he was slightly curious as to what Yoongi's piss tasted like. He was so busy staring at Taehyungs finger that he forgot about the pressure on the head of his cock until it engulfed his whole dick when Yoongi fully sat down. When he moaned Taehyung stuck his finger into Jungkooks mouth. It tasted absolutely disgusting but Jungkook loved it. He swirled his tongue around Taehyungs finger until he deemed it clean enough. "Kookies so good for us, isn't he Yoongi?"

Jungkook blushed at the all too knowing look Yoongi sent him, only flushing more when Yoongi started to rock his hips while letting him know how amazing his tiny cock felt. "Your little dick feels so good baby boy."

He really started to whine when Yoongi started bouncing on his cock. As soon as Taehyung slipped his cock into his mouth Jungkook's ears started ringing and he saw black for a solid minute. He felt so warm and fuzzy all over, he knew he wasn't gonna last long.

But thankfully Yoongi and Taehyung didn't seem like they'd last long either. Yoongi was bouncing on his cock with so much greed it was unreal, he was acting as if he would die if he didn't have a cock inside him. Taehyung was straddling his chest, one hand gripped tightly in Jungkook's hair as he fucked into his throat. All it took was one particularly hard thrust from Taehyung for Jungkook to release in Yoongi's ass. The ringing in his ears started up again and his mind was extremely fuzzy as the two men continued chasing their own orgasms, Jungkook laying completely still as Yoongi kept fucking himself on his softening dick.

He usually wasn't one for overstimulation, but the way Yoongi desperately rode him while Taehyung thrusted into his throat. He could feel his thighs shaking when Taehyung warned him he was about to cum, but instead of letting Taehyung pull out he closed his mouth around him and tried to lick and suck at his dick, but with the amount of drool that had built up in his mouth all he could do was slurp awkwardly around Taehyungs dick.

Once Taehyung realized he wanted his cum he slowly started fucking his mouth again, looking back at how Yoongi was still riding Jungkooks dick. It only took a couple of thrusts for Taehyung to explode in Jungkooks mouth, most of his cum gliding down his throat. Jungkook was sad at the cum that went to waste by dripping down his chin with his drool.

After a Taehyung came down from his high he pulled out of Jungkooks mouth, "That was so good Kook, you're such a good little baby." Jungkook tried to tell him that he wasn't a baby - he wasn't even a little but all that came out was a squeak when Taehyung reached behind Yoongi, trailing his finger along the hairs on the base of his cock that were coated with lube and sweat before circling his finger around Jungkooks asshole, slowly teasing the rim.

Jungkook cried out as he came again, this time dry, and all he could do was lay in the now mostly dried up puddle of piss. Yoongi's moans got louder and louder and he kept clenching tightly around Jungkooks dick, there was no way he was gonna last long. Taehyung grabbed Yoongi's hips and slammed him down, Jungkook's dick rammed into his prostate so hard that Yoongi finally came untouched, and Jungkook was shocked at how he was coming inside of Yoongi again.

Except it wasn't cum. "Ar-are you pissing in me?" Yoongi panted while wiggling his butt on Jungkooks dick one more time before slowly pulling off. Jungkook's face turned bright red when he realized he did accidentally piss in his boyfriend, and now he was pissing all over himself like a fucking baby and he couldn't stop, no matter how hard he clenched.

His eyes welled up with tears because Yoongi's the baby and he's the daddy, but he really was pissing all over himself like a baby. He felt his clothes become soaking wet again, he felt the warmth sink into his skin, and the smell was terrible.

"Ah the poor baby really can't help himself, can he?" Taehyung spoke to Yoongi as if he wasn't in the room. As soon as Yoongi stuttered out a quiet 'U-uh yeah..' Jungkook started crying. He didn't know why he was crying - because honestly it felt good.

But maybe that's why he was crying, because it wasn't supposed to feel good to piss inside of his little and all over himself. He didn't even realize that the boys had stripped him of his clothes and put him into a warm bubble bath until he felt hands in his hair. The scent of Yoongi's favorite shampoo to use when he was little filled his nose and he whined again, until he saw the soft and extremely warm smile that Yoongi gave him as he thoroughly washed his hair. "It's okay if you don't wanna be big all the time Kookie. Me and Tae can take care of you, baby." Taehyung hummed in agreement, coming up to place a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

"Two littles are better than one." Taehyung smiled at his boys. They'd all have to thoroughly talk things through when both Yoongi and Jungkook were big, but for now they wanted to help Jungkook fully reach little space. It was obvious he was stopping himself from fully regressing.

Once they'd gotten Jungkook all clean and dry, Yoongi diapered him and patted his butt softly at the distant look in his eyes, if Yoongi had to guess by the way he'd been babbling and chewing and sucking on everything, Jungkook was probably in baby space. Taehyung helped dress him in one of Yoongi's pretty onesies and Yoongi even let Jungkook suckle on his favorite dummy.

All their next potty training sessions usually ended in the same way, only sometimes it got messier and wetter than planned with two littles around. The only major difference being their newest boyfriend Taehyung, and of course Jungkook slipping into little space at the worst times.

Chapter Text

Namjoon couldn't remember when it started but for the last couple of years he'd been using diapers as a way to destress. It was weird, he could definitely admit that, but there was something extremely relaxing about just letting his bladder go and just going back to sleep, not having to move from his warm blankets at all while he felt the way his diaper puffed up and sagged slightly on his bottom.

It all started on a particularly rough day, he faintly remembered waking up from a nap he didn't remember taking and being overworked to the point where he just couldn't bring himself to move no matter how much his bladder ached.

The dull pain was starting to agitate him even more, he just wanted to get some nice, peaceful sleep. He also vividly remembers crossing his arms like a baby before he angrily let go and let his hot stream of piss rush all over himself and his bed. He wasn't angry anymore after the stream died down, it was like his anger and stress left him when his piss did. He's still pretty sure that was the best night of sleep he'd gotten in years.

Even though it felt extremely fucking good, he'd have to clean up in the mornings or whenever he woke up which caused him to stress out even more on top of his hectic work schedule.

That was exactly how it started, after the first night Namjoon went online and bought a couple different packs of adult diapers, they sat untouched in his apartment for weeks until he eventually put one on before a nap, just incase.

He woke up in the middle of his nap and felt the need to piss, and his heart started racing when he decided to just let go, because he was already wearing the diaper and he knew if he got up he wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. He'd sighed at the warm feeling that spread throughout his crotch and ass, the diaper starting to get pudgier and puffier between his legs. He remembered exactly how his hands automatically went to squeeze his puffy diaper once the stream of piss stopped, remembered how he'd lazily humped the couch through his soaking wet diaper, and he definitely remembered how hard he came after less than a full minute. He'd fallen asleep in the pissy cum filled diaper seconds after.

After that nap he'd gotten the habit of diapering himself before he took a nap or went to sleep, only because it was easier to not move of course. Definitely not because he enjoyed it. Most of the time he just pissed in his diapers because of how comfy he was and how he really didn't want to get up, but there was a good couple of times that he'd woke up and buried his face into a pillow or couch cushion while he lazily filled his diapers with shit.

He didn't do the latter often though, because sleeping with a shitty diaper usually made his ass irritated and painful, although he thought it felt good too. One time he'd even ended up bumping one of his extra pillows with his shitty and pissy diaper clinging onto him. But that was only on days he was extremely exhausted because it took a lot more effort to clean up than he'd wanted to deal with.

He was extremely embarrassed to admit that he'd become slightly incontenet when he was sleeping. It really wasn't a problem at first, until he'd gotten six boyfriends. Even then it wasn't much of a problem, every time he slept over st their house he'd swap out his normal puffy diapers for more discreet pull-ups and extremely baggy black sweat pants.

He'd really hoped that his boyfriends didn't notice the lightly puffy material in his pants each time they patted his ass or spooned up against him to sleep. His nose didn't really catch on to the smell of his own piss anymore, so the thought of him smelling like piss didn't even cross his mind.

Over time he'd tried his hardest to stop pissing in his pull-ups most of the time that he was at his boyfriends' apartment, mainly because he didn't want them to find out about his weird way of coping with things, and also because they weren't big enough to hold all his piss, it just wasn't the same as using his diapers. Pull-ups had started to make him stress as well.

Ever since he moved in with them a week ago it'd been harder and harder to hide, and fuck he was so stressed between working and moving and stressing about his boyfriends finding out or his pull-ups leaking while he was in their shared bed.

His boyfriends knew him well enough to know that something was bothering him, they also knew how much of a jackass his boss was and figured that he was the only thing bothering him. They watched Namjoon suffer in silence and it hurt them to see him so upset, but they knew he'd talk to them when he was ready.

Or at least that was the plan. One day after work Namjoon came home in tears, his back sliding against the door as he sat against it and buried his face into his arms. Jimin was the first one to notice the silently crying man and immedietly got Jungkook to lift him up and bring him to the living room. They'd had a pallet of blankets and pillows on the floor already because they have movie nights every Friday.

The other boys were already cuddling and laying on the blankets with some random show that none of them were paying attention to playing in the background, until they saw Jungkook carrying a shaking Namjoon. Jungkook tried to hand him off to Hoseok, but Namjoon just clinged onto Jungkook and buried his face deeper into his neck.

"Joonie, baby, what's wrong?" Yoongi stood up and walked over to Jungkook so he could gently rub Namjoons back. "'M just tired Gi." He sniffled into Jungkooks shirt, it really wasn't a lie. Namjoon was exhausted. His boss threatened to fire him for 'Not working hard enough' even though he worked his ass off every day, he couldn't wear his diapers anymore because it was weird, and he hadn't gotten off since the first night he was settled into his new home. Namjoon was thoroughly exhausted.

After they'd gotten him to stop crying he hesitantly joined the cuddle pile, his body spread across Taehyung Jimin and Seokjin, the latter three gently massaging whatever skin of Namjoon's that was closest to them. Namjoon fell asleep with his tear stained face buried in Seokjin's stomach before the movie even started.

When Namjoon woke up because of how heavy his bladder felt he didn't think anything of it, figuring that he was diapered up and in his own bed. He gently pulled the blanket that was now draped over him and cuddled into it more, sighing in content as he released his aching bladder. He felt the familiar steady stream of piss quickly warm his crotch and butt and smiled. Until he buried his head back into his pillow and realized it wasn't in fact an actual pillow. It was Jin's stomach. He slowly woke up a little, remembering where he was and that yes. he was pissing all over Taehyung and Jimin. He also couldn't hear any movie on in the background at the moment.

The only sound in the room was the quite loud hissing coming from Namjoon and his blanket. He could faintly feel the end of the mostly dry blanket getting pushed up, exposing the wet fabric of his boxers and his boyfriends laps. The hissing sound got louder.

This was just his luck, and he could feel his dick chubbing up as his hot stream of piss started to die down. Neither Taehyung nor Jimin had pointed out the fact that they were soaked with Namjoons piss. None of his other boyfriends said anything either and he was extremely glad, because fuck he was still tired.

One thing he couldn't sleep with however was a hard on, so he sleepily drug his hand down his happy trail and into his soaking wet boxers. He whined louder than he'd like to admit when he finally wrapped his hand around his dick, his grip gentle. He could still feel his boyfriends eyes on his lower half so he buried his head deeper into Seokjin's stomach before lazily starting to glide his hand over his dick.

He knew he was going to be extremely embarrassed when he fully woke up, but he tried not to think about it too much because he was so sleepy, warm, soaking wet, and his dick was throbbing in his palm.

Namjoon lazily thrusted into his hand when he felt like it, his breath coming out in short pants on Jin's stomach, and at one point he could've swore he felt a hand gently rubbing his ass.

It didn't take long for him to come all over his hand, the sticky substance getting added to the mess in his boxers. He was out like a light only seconds after. "Did that... Did that really just happen?" Taehyungs cheeks were bright red, his eyes not leaving Jimin's hand that was gently massaging Namjoons ass through his soaked boxers.

The next time Namjoon opened his eyes he was now laying on the couch, he could feel his damp boxers sticking to his skin. His boyfriends weren't cuddling him anymore, but really he understood. He was fucking gross. Not everyone would enjoy sleeping in piss.

He figured his boyfriends had left him to get himself clean and they were waiting to talk when he woke up, but he was still exhausted and didn't want to move yet. Just as he was about to close his eyes again and fall back asleep he heard quiet voices talking.

Namjoon turned his head back over, trying to blink away the blurriness. He was confused for a solid second until he saw everyone still on the pile of blankets.

"Are you up now Joonie?" He heard Hoseoks soothing voice break through the others, the rest of his boyfriends stopped quietly conversing to cautiously watch the boy on the couch. Namjoon nodded and slowly sat up. His boxers made a loud squeaking noise against the leather couch and he whined quietly, his face and neck flushing softly when Yoongi reached up and patted his thigh. "Do you want me to draw you a bath Joon?" Jimin was already walking towards the bathroom, not letting Namjoon answer.

A bath sounded nice actually, what wasn't nice however was the awkward silence that lingered. Namjoon didn't know what to say and he didn't know how his boyfriends felt.

"Wanna talk about it, babe?" Namjoon shook his head at Jungkook because, no he didn't want to talk about it. He'd be perfectly fine pretending that he didn't piss himself on two of his boyfriends while half asleep, before proceeding to get off in their laps. "You do know that we know about the diapers and pull-ups, right Joonie? It's okay if you need to wear them around us." Namjoon's head snapped up and his heart started racing because how the fuck did they know?

He'd thought he was doing a great job at hiding it. Taehyung continued when Namjoon stayed quiet, "We could feel and see your pull-ups through your sweats baby, you always smelled like piss when you woke up."

"And there was the morning of your birthday when we came over to surprise you in your old apartment, we saw the pack of diapers near your closet and your bum crinkled any time you moved. You were pretty obvious Namjoonie." Yoongi piped in, his hand absentmindedly rubbing Namjoons thigh. The others hummed in agreement.

Namjoon squeaked loudly before mumbling something about hearing Jimin calling him for his bath. He power walked to the bathroom and tried to ignore the way his boxers stuck to his legs as he walked. "Oh, Joonie. I was just about to call you in here. Do you mind if I join you in the bath?" Jimin smiled brightly at Namjoon, already starting to strip.

He was about to agree but then he remembered he was still covered in piss and come, "Ah- But I'm- uh. I'm still.." he trailed off, his cheeks heating up. "You pissed on me and Taehyung too babe, it's fine." Namjoon sputtered at that, watching as Jimin sunk into the bubble bath before opening his arms. Namjoon slowly slid his sticky boxers off, cringing when they hit the floor with a loud plopping sound.

He shyly sunk into the warm bath with Jimin, smiling softly when he was pulled back to Jimin's chest. They laid like that until the water started to cool before they helped wash eachother off. The silence was loving, the only noises in the bathroom was the soft drops of water when one of them moved and their quiet giggles after they kissed.

Once they'd gotten out and dried off Jimin broke the silence, "The boys and I- well Jungkook, if you wanna be technical, have a surprise for you Joonie." Jimin smiled pulled them out of the bathroom, both of them still naked.

When they entered their shared bedroom Namjoon was pushed down on the bed and he had a couple guesses as to what his surprise was. Only to be shocked when Jungkook walked into the room with one of the boxes he'd thought he threw out before moving. Before he could say anything Seokjin walked in next with the other box, but he pushed that one into the bottom of the closet, because it was obvious that Namjoon prefered his diapers to his pull-ups. "Jungkook saw you were gonna throw them away when we were helping you move but he brought them with because he felt bad." he whined at Jimin's words as he saw the other go to his side of the dresser and start to get dressed. It was only then that he realized all six of his boyfriends were in their shared room, Taehyung Hoseok and Yoongi were cuddling at the head of the bed, Taehyung was already changed into clean pajamas.

He was still lost in thought when Jungkook pulled one of the diapers out of the box while Jimin handed him the bottle of baby powder he'd picked up to make sure Namjoon wouldn't get a rash.

Namjoon only realized what was happening when Jungkook spread the diaper out and lifted Namjoons ass up just enough to slide the diaper under. Once it was properly placed under his ass Jungkook grabbed the baby powder and generously sprinkled it over his dick and balls, rubbing it in slightly with his tongue stuck out of his mouth slightly in concentration before putting some on his ass.

Once Jungkook taped the diaper up and pulled it up slightly to make sure it was secure Namjoon finally spoke up, "I-isn't this weird? Aren't you gros-grossed out?" he gently sat up, don't get him wrong he was more than happy to sleep in his diapers again, but he had to admit that it was kind of weird to be a grown man in diapers. It was weirder when one of his boyfriends put him in said diaper.

But his boyfriends reassured him that no, he wasn't weird, and that he looked adorable in his diaper. Jimin also told him that it was cute when he pissed on him and Taehyung before jerking off, but Namjoon pretended not to hear and cuddled up in between his boyfriends. He could safely say that was the best night of sleep he'd gotten since he started wearing diapers, and not having to leave the warmth of his boyfriends to piss in the middle of the night was probably one of his favorite feelings in the world.

He'd eventually ended up quitting his job with a little persuasion of his boyfriends, they'd told him they'd split his part of the rent and bills until he found a better job that didn't make him so stressed, and his boyfriends loved taking turns diapering him before bed. Sometimes Yoongi liked to hold onto his diaper when he was pissing, he liked the way it felt and the little noises Namjoon made when the soggy material was massaged into his ass. Namjoon was finally happy and free again.

Chapter Text

Namjoon needed permission to do anything. He needed permission to eat, sleep, bathe, change clothes, watch TV, and anything else that wasn't breathing. Once he got permission he'd have to thank his sir's thoroughly, and if they didn't think he was sincere enough they still wouldn't let him do what he wanted.

Only recently had his boyfriends started to control when he used the bathroom. Namjoon wasn't ashamed to admit how much he liked it, how much he loved not being in charge of any aspect of his life. There was something different about not being in control of his bladder and waste though, something that turned him on to no ends.

Most of his sirs would eventually let him go, including Jimin, but today Jimin wanted to see how long Namjoon would go before breaking the rules. He was already on thin ice with his sirs once Hoseok stumbled in on him jerking off when he had gotten permission to use the toilet.

And now here Namjoon was, squirming softly on the couch while waiting for Jimin to get home from work. Jimin had made it very clear to the rest of them that he wasn't allowed to step foot into the bathroom without his permission. The rest of his sirs happily agreed.

Namjoon was in pain since he hadn't been allowed back into the bathroom ever since he was caught jerking off. He'd been counting the hours since he was thrown out of the bathroom with his hard little cock out. It's almost been 20 hours.

He could feel Jungkooks eyes staring at him, watching as he uncomfortably squirmed, sometimes letting out quiet moans when a particularly extreme need to let go hit him.

When the front door opened and Jimin walked in he almost cried in relief. "Can I go to the bathroom, Sir?" His face dropped when Jimin ignored him and sat down on Seokjin's lap.

"Can I please go to the bathroom Sir? I've been really good all day! Sirs can even tell yo-" Namjoon whimpered quietly when Jimin cut him off with a booming 'Shut up.'

"What's your color baby?" Jimin finally tuned to him, gently reaching over Jungkook to lightly tap Namjoons thigh. "G-green." Namjoon choked out, realizing what Jimin was about to do.

"Alright. Stop asking to go to the bathroom." Jimin ripped his hand away and placed it on Jungkooks thigh instead. They'd talked about bathroom denial before and although they'd never let Namjoon make a complete mess of himself, he had a pretty strong feeling that Jimin was going to let him tonight.

It wasn't until thirty minutes later when Hoseok Yoongi and Taehyung left to get them dinner that Namjoon asked Jimin again. After Jimin asked his color again and he still replied with green, he was told to shut up and be patient. But how could he be patient when all he had to do to relieve himself was slightly lift one of his legs up?

The thought of disobeying his sir's again made his heart race. The thought of shitting and pissing himself on the couch next to some of his sirs made his head dizzy, in a good way.

So before one of his sirs could notice what he was doing, he pushed himself further back onto the soft leather. After he knew none of his sirs were looking at him he gently leaned onto Jungkooks shoulder, starting to push slightly.

It only took a couple seconds for the quiet crackling noise to fill Jimin's ears and before Namjoon fully got the first log out Jimin had pounced on him, pushing him away from Jungkook who was staring at Namjoon in awe.

"Why do you want to disobey your sirs so bad lately? You're so disgusting, trying to shit yourself infront of us just because you can't wait for permission. Disgraceful." Jimin taunted him, but all Namjoon could focus on was the shit sticking out of his asshole, it'd be so easy to just let go and fill his pants up at this angle.

Jimin stared in disbelief at the blissed out look on Namjoons face. He heard Seokjin snicker lightly when the crackling sound got louder. Namjoon was shitting himself underneath him.

Jimin sighed in exasperation when he put his hand to the small bulge in Namjoons pants, feeling it grow more and more as Namjoon emptied himself out. Namjoon felt Jimin pull the bulge away from his ass slightly to help his shit glide out easily. "You smell disgusting, baby." Jimin's eyes lit up while he gently started to massage the bulge around Namjoons ass.

Namjoon groaned at the feeling, he knew he'd be hard if he didn't have to piss so bad. "Jiminie, Sir, please let me p-piss myself." As soon as Jimin nodded and told him to go, his warm piss shot out of his penis. Seokjin was now standing to the side, watching the two closely, while Jungkook hadn't moved much, except to put his hand over Namjoons wet crotch. Namjoon kept whining everytime he massaged or gently squeezed his still pissing dick. The whining only continued when Jimin pressed his bulge of shit into his asscrack.

It didn't take long for Namjoon to get hard after he'd thoroughly soaked himself, his sirs hands, and the couch. Jimin quickly lifted Namjoon up, with the help of Jungkook, and sat down in Namjoon's piss before pulling him onto his lap.

"Ride my thigh like the dirty bitch you are and I'll consider not punishing you." Jimin could feel Seokjin and Jungkooks eyes on him, he could also tell that they themselves were sporting half erections.

Namjoon easily complied and buried his face into Jimin's shoulder before experimentally moving his ass against Jimins thigh. His shit just felt so good just sitting in his pants, but it was so much better when he was riding his sirs thigh. Namjoon greedily started to move his hips up and down on his thigh, panting softly into Jimin's ear. He could feel his shit smearing on his balls, some of it had to be on his dick too, but he couldn't bring himself to care with how good it felt.

"Si-sir can I, can I please cum?" Namjoon started to move his hips faster at Jimin's quiet "Go ahead, baby."

After humping against Jimin's thighs a few more times, Namjoon came in his pants with a loud moan, his body freezing up and shaking slightly as he rode though his orgasm.

Namjoon could hear Seokjin and Jungkooks pleased hums behind him before he slumped against Jimin's shoulder. "Can one of you go get a trash bag and some scissors?" Namjoon jumped at Jimin's voice, wondering why the hell he would nee- "Joonie's sleeping in his mess tonight, even if it tears his ass up, and I don't want his stinky shit and piss on our bed." Namjoons once calm heartbeat had started to race again, what would Taehyung Yoongi and Hoseok think when they came home and saw Namjoon sitting in his shitty and pissy pants?

Jungkook quickly came back with the scissors and trash bag, his hard dick showing obviously through his sweats. Namjoon had originally thought that Jimin was going to just cut holes into the trash bag, but to his utter shock he started to cut away the wet length of Namjoons pants, turning them into booty shorts. "I've already got to clean your fucking piss off this couch, you're not getting anything else wet tonight baby."

Namjoon slowly stepped into the trash bag that had leg holes in it and watched as Seokjin tied the top of it around his messy shorts before squeezing his ass lightly and moved the cheek around, squishing even more of his shit in between his asscheeks. Namjoon wanted to be good for his sirs again, so he quietly let Jin do as he pleased.

Chapter Text

Yoongi had wanted to try out the new cafe down the block for weeks now, but they hadn't had a day off in months. He'd seen pictures of their cute cakes and pastries on Instagram and was thoroughly convinced he would die if he didn't get to try one of their Kumamon cupcakes soon.

When he brought it up to the boys all of them enthusiastically agreed to go on their day off that was coming up next week. Namjoon was probably just as excited as Yoongi when he'd found out they also made Ryan cupcakes but Jimin was a little hesitant on agreeing because there wasn't much he could eat at a cafe as he's lactose intolerant to milk and couldn't eat much dairy in general, but none of the members knew that.

Growing up Jimin had been repeatedly told how weird he was for not being able to drink milk or eat things with dairy in them and the mindset he gained from that had followed him into adulthood. He didn't want his members to think he's weird just because dairy products upset his stomach to the point where he'd have to spend hours on the toilet.

So when Yoongi wanted to go to the new cute character-themed cafe it put him in a possibly extremely embarrassing situation with limited choices. He could go and eat some cakes with them, but there was a possibility that they would want to hang out in the cafe afterwards and he'd either end up stuck in the cafe bathroom with the boys questioning why he's been in there so long or he'd end up being too scared to go to the restroom and shit himself right in the cafe. The only other option was to turn them down and miss spending the day off with his members but he really didn't want to disappoint them like that.

Plus he really did want to spend his free time with the members. So reluctantly he agreed to go. He didn't expect the week to fly by so quickly though, it was like he blinked his eyes and all of a sudden their day off was tomorrow. Jimin didn't get much sleep that night since he was thinking about every little thing that could go wrong.

Jimin had originally planned on wearing black briefs and black pants, just incase, but when Taehyung came into his room and told him to wear his light washed skinny jeans with the holes in the knees because they look amazing on him, he couldn't really say no.

The only problem is that the skinny jeans were too tight to wear any kind of underwear with. Not even a jockstrap would go on under them without obviously showing.

He'd just have to suck it up and run to the restroom if the dairy really got to him, maybe he could even lie and say that he'd caught a bug so that they could hurry home. However deep down he knew he'd be too shy and anxious to actually go to the restroom in the cafe.

As soon as they arrived at the cafe the sweet smell of cakes and other baked goods hit his nose, he couldn't deny how good it all smelled. He also couldn't deny the fact that his mouth was watering when looking at the display of cake slices. Maybe this once the universe would be on his side and let him enjoy a sweet treat on his day off.

"Ah can I get one slice of the red velvet cake and one slice of the strawberry cake?" Jimin's mouth moved before he himself could register what he was saying. Yes, the strawberry and red velvet cake looked delicious, but he knew his stomach wouldn't be able to handle it.

If he gave one slice to one of the members or threw some away the workers and his friends would probably think he's being rude, so he'd have to eat both slices of cake. Once the lady working behind the counter gave him his cake he left to find a booth for them to sit in. Jimin chose the booth closest to the restroom.

After everyone else ordered and got their treats they found the booth Jimin picked one by one until all seven of them were squeezed into the tiny booth, Jimin had to sit on Jungkook's lap and Yoongi was sitting in Namjoons lap so that they could all fit.

It was going well at first, really, they were all conversing about how good their desserts were and how they'd definitely need to come back on their next day off. Before Jimin knew it he'd devoured the strawberry cake and half of the red velvet cake.

Surprisingly enough, his stomach wasn't acting up yet and he was slightly excited to finish his cake because it really was good and he really did want to come back to this cafe. His throat was a little dry and he'd forgotten to order a drink so he blindly reached for Jungkooks glass and brought it up to his mouth.

Jimin took three big gulps before realizing that Jungkook's drink of choice was banana milk. He quickly sat the glass back down and turned back to his red velvet cake. He couldn't bring himself to finish it, he'd already eaten too much dairy and to top it off he drank milk without even realizing.

He could already feel his stomach getting heavier, thankfully it hadn't made any noise yet, and it wasn't anywhere near unbearable. Jimin looked around the table to see if any of them were almost done, he wasn't really shocked to see that he was the only one with dessert still on his plate. "Hey Yoongi, do you wanna go order a dozen Ryan and Kumamon cupcakes for the road? Then we can head back to the dorms and spend the rest of our free days like we usually do."

Jimin almost physically sighed in relief at Namjoons words, he'd be able to make it back to the dorms and the boys wouldn't need to know about his dairy issues. Yoongi happily got up and waltzed over to the counter again, and Jimin watched impatiently as the lady started to box Yoongi and Namjoons cupcakes slowly as to not ruin their designs.

He could feel his stomach getting heavier and heavier, and felt the tiniest grumble come from it. Thankfully no one else noticed. The pressure was starting to get slightly unbearable, but really didn't know if he wanted to risk trying to fart. He didn't have much of a choice however as when he squirmed a little on his seat the air left his asshole. It wasn't necessarily loud, but he knew that they'd heard it with how squished they were in the booth.

"Did you just fart on my dick?" Jimin jumped slightly at Jungkook's voice, the rest of the boys erupting into laughter while Jimin put his head on the table, he could feel his cheeks heating up and he had his eyes squeezed shut tightly. He couldn't believe he forgot he was sitting on Jungkook, he didn't even want to think about what would've happened if that wasn't just a fart and he'd ended up shitting himself.

Thankfully Yoongi was back at their booth with the boxes of cupcakes minutes later, and they started the short walk back to their dorm.

The walk went smoothly, Jimin's stomach felt surprisingly okay and he didn't feel like he was about to shit himself at any given moment, so that was a good sign. Unfortunately as soon as they got into the dorm he was pulled into someone's lap, he thinks this time it was Hoseok, while Jungkook and Seokjin started to argue over what movie they were gonna watch first and Taehyung Yoongi and Namjoon went to make popcorn and grab some snacks.

But since his stomach still didn't feel too bad he didn't complain and cuddled into Hoseoks chest. They'd ended up watching Love, Simon since it was the only movie Seokjin and Jungkook could agree on - Jungkook was still slightly pouting until Seokjin cuddled up to him.

It hit Jimin again all too quickly, his stomach twisted in pain and he suddenly couldn't keep still on Hoseoks lap. He realized that he could easily just walk to the bathroom, but it'd be embarrassing, what if they could hear him do his business during a quieter part of the movie?

So he stayed in his roommates lap, trying not to squirm too much. His cheeks lit up everytime his stomach made a noise, and he could feel the pressure building up on his asshole again.

Jimin lightly shifted to the side, trying to quietly get rid of some of the pressure by farting. His cheeks lit up at the quiet sound it made, he didn't think any of the boys noticed that time, and he tried to fart again to release enough pressure to feel comfortable again.

At first it was a fart, but it quickly turned into shit before Jimin could even try to stop it. He gasped quietly when he felt the back of his pants get filled with a hot wet substance and his cheeks started to heat up before he quickly stood, it was obviously too late to stop from shitting himself but the least he could do was not shit on his friend or their shared furniture. He could feel the practically liquid shit soak the back of his jeans and drip down his legs and fuck he knew he'd completely ruined his jeans.

When he finally got his shit to stop spewing out of him like burning hot piss he squatted down uncomfortably and his his face, his eyes were burning with tears of shame and embarrassment and he could feel his throat closing slightly. A sob rushed through his body when he felt someone rub soothing hands on his back, and that's when Jimin realized squatting really wasn't the best idea.

Before he could stop it another layer of wet mush was added to his pants, he could hear it soaking through his jeans and landing onto the hardwood floor below him. "Jimin? Jiminie, you oka-" All he could feel was the persons hand leaving his back.

"Obviously he's not okay you dumbass. Jiminie are you sick? Do you need help into the bathroom?" Jimin's brain was fuzzy and he couldn't properly register who was talking, but he nodded slightly before he felt four hands under his armpits, slowly lifting him up, carefully helping him step around the puddle of shit and into the main restroom.

Jimin whined when he was sat on the toilet in his ruined pants. "I love you Jimin and I'm sorry that you got sick, but there's no way in hell I'm touching those jeans without gloves. Besides, you've already ruined them, you'll be fine for a couple minutes." He faintly registered that voice as Taehyung. "Ah right, I'll go look for some gloves, Tae you stay here and make sure he doesn't like- fall in the toilet or something." He was sure that voice was Namjoon.

He could feel another wave of shit coming out, he was surprised to feel a slightly solid bulge enter his pants, Jimin knew his face had to have firetrucks beat in color. When his head slightly cleared and his stomach felt fine enough he slowly stood up, making sure to not look anywhere near Taehyung as he tried to slowly pull his pants down.

It took more effort than Jimin had at the moment, but he managed to get the soiled and soppy skinny jeans off without making a complete mess in the bathroom and promptly set them in the tiny trashcan next to the toilet. "Do you wanna be alone now? I can run you a bath before I leave if you think you're done - uh, you know." Taehyung tapped his shoulder gently, Jimin shuddered slightly and asked Taehyung to lock the door behind him.

It was sweet of him to care, and Jimin would really like a bath but he's too embarrassed to be around anyone at the moment, he'd really prefer to draw his own bath and clean himself up. "I hope you know it's not your fault Jiminie, don't be too embarrassed. No ones gonna laugh at you or tease you for it, alright?" Taehyung waited for Jimin to nod before he locked the bathroom door and stepped out.

Jimin squirmed slightly when he was finally alone, he could feel his shit drying on his ass and thighs, he was pretty sure it was covering his balls and dick as well but he couldn't bring himself to look down as he stripped his shirt and turned the shower on, choosing to rinse off first before running himself a bath and calming down before he saw the members again.

He had to rush out of the shower and onto the toilet two times before his stomach felt completely better. That night he'd ended up on Hoseoks bed, cuddled up with his roommate and Taehyung, he'd still been too embarrassed to see the other guys, so as soon as his bath was done he rushed into his and Hoseoks room and hadn't left since.

"Goodnight Jiminie, I hope you feel better by morning. Goodnight Hoseokie." He felt Taehyung kiss his neck lightly as he spooned him closer. Hoseok hummed lightly and turned to face Jimin before slinging his arm over him and onto Taehyung, cuddling both of them close.

Chapter Text

It was weird, Yoongi knew it was weird. He swore he'd never own a blog like that of his own - he'd only enjoy their content from a distance and jerk off to it if he was feeling really brave. Yoongi also swore no matter how much the idea turned him on, he'd never purposefully shit himself.

He laughed at his old train of thought now, as he set his boyfriend Jungkook's tripod at the end of their shared bed and gently sat his personal camera that Jungkook, nor any of their friends, knew he owned on the tripod and angled it at the center of the bed.

Yoongi was slightly jittery while testing to make sure his camera and microphone were working properly - he'd always waited longer than he should to set up, one of these days it was probably going to ruin his filming and he'd end up shitting himself off camera and wouldn't have any new content to post for his followers. He'd still have his own fun though, so it wouldn't matter much.

Once he'd set the camera up and hit record he nervously checked himself over in the mirror on the wall, twirling his light purple skirt between his fingers, making sure his slightly chubbed up dick was still sat in his white lacy panties properly. He also checked to make sure his white thigh highs were pulled up at equal lengths and that Jungkook's white shirt tucked lightly into his skirt was also tucked into the back of his panties.

As soon as he knew his body looked perfect he gently crawled into the middle of the bed, the camera lense automatically moving to focus on his body. He showed off his cute outfit to the camera as he let the pressure in his stomach grow.

Yoongi's heart always started to race at this point, his head always got cloudy and he felt like he was floating. He slowly turned around and got onto all fours, lifted his skirt up a little to show the camera his pretty panties and the shirt that was tucked into them. Yoongi squeezed his ass gently as he felt an impatient lump poking at the rim of his asshole.

All it took was one tiny push and the first large log of shit pushed its way into his panties with a loud crackling sound, landing right onto his boyfriends shirt. He moaned loudly, it was a little over exaggerated for the camera, but he still loved the feeling of shitting himself, loved lazily pushing out lump after lump after holding his shit for days.

Today was a little different however, he'd never felt close to Jungkook when he was indulging in his favorite kink. Hell his boyfriend didn't even know that Yoongi loved to shit himself, especially loved to film himself shitting himself and playing with himself before uploading it to his viewers. But today Yoongi was not only shitting on Jungkooks shirt, he was also right on the middle of their bed. There was no doubt in his mind that he'd have to wash the sheets completely before Jungkook got home from work - he might even have to rush to the store and buy identical new ones.

Yoongi grunted quietly as he started pushing again, wiggling his ass at the camera as the bulge in his panties got larger. All he'd wanted to do at this point was sit down and rub his clothed ass along the bed, smearing the bulge of his shit against his ass and all over the bed, but he still felt like he needed to shit.

He wiggled his ass at the camera once more before giggling quietly and stood slightly on the bed, quickly changing into a more comfortable position by sitting up on his knees. He heard the camera lense shift down again and lifted his skirt at the back before he sighed quietly at the feeling of his shit impatiently poking at the rim of his asshole again. A loud fart escaped and the bulge was way too big for those panties, he'd probably start to spill over on the bed.

The thought made his almost fully erect dick twitch to life, the tip peaking out of the panties and pushing his skirt up in the front slightly. The next lump was harder to get out since there was no room for it in his panties, but he kept pushing and farting until it eventually squeezed its way out. Yoongi was right about it spilling over, he felt some of the warm mushy substance land on his foot and drip softly onto the white sheets below him.

Deciding that he couldn't wait to play anymore, he eagerly shook his ass and showed off his bulge of shit one more time before lightly sitting his ass directly on the heel of his foot that was dirtied with his waste.

Yoongi's loud moan wasn't faked this time as he felt more of his shit leak onto his foot and the bed. His skirt slipped down slightly and deciding to spare the cute piece of fabric Yoongi slid it off the rest of the way before flinging it off the bed. He turned around on his knees slowly to make sure the camera wouldn't rush to focus on his face before sitting right on the little bit of shit that had gotten on the bed.

He circled his ass around the best that he could in this position, whining softly when his shit started to migrate onto his balls. Yoongi gently lifted his hand and rubbed his nipples through Jungkooks shirt before he slid his hand down and started palming his clothed crotch. Before long his eyes were screwed shut and he was rutting up into his hand, desperately craving more friction.

"Yoongi? Have you seen my phone anywhere?" Jungkooks voice rang down the hall and through the closed bedroom door. Yoongi's eyes snapped open and his body froze. He anxiously stared at the camera when his dick twitched, his hand frozen over his ridiculously hard cock. Yoongi scanned the room quickly for Jungkook's phone - if it wasn't in there he could easily just say it wasn't there and Jungkook would believe him and wouldn't enter. He sighed in relief when he didn't see it on the desk or the dresser, and quietly sat back onto the bed.

His dick was almost violently throbbing under Jungkook's shirt and his panties as he scooted up ass first towards the headboard, leaving a small trail of shit he admired before grabbing a pillow, he was gonna ride this pillow until he saw sta- "Gi? Have you seen my phone?" Jungkooks voice was right outside the bedroom door. That's when Yoongi felt something start to vibrate under his ass, "Oh fuck my life." Yoongi jolted slightly when the vibrations stopped. He could feel his dick eagerly twitching and begging for attention as he lifted himself onto his knees again and carefully grabbed Jungkooks phone.

Yoongi was barley even sitting on the phone, his shit shouldn't have been smeared all over the screen that easily but here the now ruined phone was in all its glory. He winced slightly when he heard Jungkook speak again but his mind was too cloudy to listen to what he was saying as he stared at the phone in his hands, he let out a frustrated groan because his dick just kept throbbing at the sight of his boyfriends phone.

The first thing Jungkook saw when he got into his bedroom was the camera on his tripod, his eyes trailed over the bed in absolute confusion until he saw Yoongi sitting up near the headboard, Jungkook's phone in his hand. "Oh you found it, thanks ba- what the fuck." Jungkook stopped walking over to Yoongi when the strong smell hit him, it smelled like something died in here, it was absolutely disgusting.

That's when he noticed the shiny brown stains on the bed that were leading to Yoongi and when he noticed that Yoongi had the brown stains on his foot and the top of his thighs, it was also slightly at the front of Yoongi's panties and- "Did you have an accident in your sleep? What the fuck is this, Yoongi?" Jungkooks mouth moved before he could fully process what he was saying, his eyes locked on his phone in his boyfriends hands, now noticing shit was on his phone too.

Yoongi's hands were starting to shake anxiously at his boyfriends booming voice, his lips stayed sealed and he was slightly afraid to answer. This wasn't how Jungkook was supposed to find out. He licked his lips slightly "Kookie," Yoongi didn't know what else to say, didn't know how to fix this situation and he definitely didn't know how to keep Jungkook from being even more disgusted than he looked. Jungkooks eyes trailed on Yoongi's embarrassingly hard cock, a large wet patch from precome showing obviously through Jungkooks shirt.

"Did you.. Did you do it on purpose?" He slowly walked over towards the side of the bed, his face softening when Yoongi shied away. Yoongi licked his lips again, "I - uh, yeah. I-I did it on purpose."

Jungkook softly pulled his phone out of Yoongi's hands, careful not to touch the screen as he moved it to the nightstand before gently reaching over to grab Yoongi's hand. He looked over at the camera again before whispering, "You f-film yourself doing it?" Jungkooks voice cracked. Yoongi nodded nervously, on the bright side Jungkook was holding his and gently and hadn't broken up with him yet.

It was silent for a moment, Jungkook was probably processing what Yoongi just told him and Yoongi wasn't going to speak up and possibly get Jungkook to run for the hills. Yoongi unconsciously shifted slightly, his dick violently twitching against Jungkooks shirt when his shit got pushed into his asscrack and a quiet moan leaving his lips before he could stop it. Jungkook's head snapped up at the quiet moan, his cheeks way too red considering all the times he and Yoongi had fucked. "What were you doing before I interrupted?"

Yoongi really wasn't expecting that and before he could open his mouth to answer Jungkook asked him to show him, not tell him. "O-only if you're comfortable, of course." Yoongi didn't know what was happier, him or his attention deprived dick.

He gently pulled Jungkooks hand to his crotch instead of his own, looking up at Jungkooks face for the first time since he'd entered the room to make sure his boyfriend was okay with this.

As soon as he rutted against Jungkooks hand he came, his body froze up and his cum shot up Jungkook's shirt and almost hitting him in the chin. He whined in embarrassment when Jungkook burst out laughing, "That was so cute Gi, I haven't seen you cum that quick since I took your virginity."

Yoongi was pouting slightly, his mind still cloudy when he pulled Jungkook onto the bed, his ass probably landing in Yoongi's shit. Yoongi sat right on Jungkook's lap and he honestly was expecting his boyfriend to be completely flaccid, but to his shock he was almost as hard as Yoongi had been.

Jungkook's face lit up bright red when he saw some of the brown mush from Yoongi's panties spread onto his work pants. "I should probably call into work today, shouldn't I?"

Yoongi hid his face in Jungkook's shoulder and nodded, "I wouldn't use your phone though, it's shitty." it took Jungkook three seconds to pin his giggling boyfriend onto the bed, because fuck that was a terrible pun. He shut up immediately when Jungkook brought his knee up to his soiled panties, gently massaging the tiny bulge into his ass. "You're the only person that could make me think even your shit is hot, you're really something else Jeon Yoongi." Yoongi moaned out below him, his dick starting to harden again. "Min Jungkook sounds ah fuck better."

Chapter Text

Seokjin considered himself to be a good bunny for his owners, he did everything that they asked with no complaints, he helped clean up around the house, and he loved helping them get off. So when they'd told him he needed to start using the bathroom like a good boy, he was extremely confused.

He always went to the bathroom, his favorite place to go to the bathroom was in the hamper so that his owners always smelled like him but he also used random corners of the room he was in and whatever clothes he was wearing when he felt the need to go. In his defense, he really couldn't help it as no one in the shelter had bothered to potty train him when he was still a baby bunny.

Thinking that the boys sitting on the table around him meant he needed to go now, the bunny stood up and shuffled away from the table before trying to let go. Only a few drops of piss came out. "I don't have to go to the bathroom right now, thanks for asking though." the bunny smiled lovingly at his owners before sitting back down, ignoring the little droplets on his pants. His nice scrunched up in thought, "I think I went in the living room not long before you called me in here."

Yoongi and Taehyung sighed as they got up to find and clean Seokjin's newest mess. Hoseok reached across the table to grab his hand gently, "No Jinnie, we meant you need to use the toilet like us, you're not a baby bunny anymore." Seokjin's face fell slightly when he realized what they meant. "But I'm still a bunny! Bunnies don't use human toilets!" Namjoon wanted to coo at how Seokjin's nose anxiously twitched because of how cute he looked.

"You're still half human, bun. It's not the end of the world to use the toilet." Seokjin shook his head and scrunched his nose at Jungkook's words. "It is the end of the world, you guys are basically taking my freedom away! What's next, you're gonna make me hide my tail and ears in public?!"

Jimin sighed quietly, their bunny was always so dramatic when he didn't get his way. "Let's make a deal bunn-" Hoseoks voice faded out as Seokjin stormed out of the room to pout. He didn't want to use the human toilet. The human toilet is weird and not made for hybrids. Besides, none of his hybrid friends were forced to use a human toilet!

If his owners were going to be mean about it and force him to use their toilet, he'd just stop going to the bathroom in general. His plan worked perfectly fine that night, mainly because he stubbornly skipped dinner to make his owners feel bad. Of course they felt extremely bad, but only because their bunny wouldn't eat and not because he didn't want to use the human toilet.

In the morning however, Seokjin woke up slightly from his deep sleep when the need to pee became too much for his body. The bunny was so used to just going whenever he needed to that he'd started to piss himself without really thinking about it and completely disregarded his vow to never use the bathroom again. Jin sighed in content as he felt his hot piss glide down his legs, soaking his pajama pants and the bed below him. The stream of piss seemed never ending and in the back of Jin's mind he knew he was going to get scolded for ruining another set of bed sheets, but he felt too good to care.

As soon as the hissing sound died down and he heard one of his owners grunt softly, his eyes snapped shut and he tried to even his breathing out while trying to hold his soaking wet tail still. If he was asleep they couldn't punish him, he didn't think it was fair how he was going to start to get punished for doing something so natural.

"Seokjin you fucking brat." Jin tried not to giggle as he heard Jungkook sleepily curse to himself before rolling over as if that somehow made a difference, all of his owners were sleeping in their bunny's piss again, no matter which way they tossed and turned. Seokjin slept like a baby for the rest of the morning.

"Bunny please try to work with us here, this is the sixth time this month we've had to buy new sheets for the bed." Yoongi's voice filled the silent room. Seokjin and the rest of the boys were now cleaned up and lounging around the living room. Taehyung had a pouty Seokjin sat securely in his lap so he couldn't run away this time.

"I've tried using the demon toilet before! It's just not right and I don't like it." Jin squirmed as he tried to break away from Taehyung, he really didn't have anything else to say to his owners about this topic. "Jinnie the toilet seat was closed, that doesn't count. Just give it one more shot, please?" The bunny stopped squirming in Taehyung grip at the desperation in Jimin's voice. He could feel his stomach starting to grow heavier, it probably wouldn't be long before he had to use the bathroom.

Seokjin scanned all of his owners' faces one more time before pouting in defeat, his tail twitching unhappily in Taehyungs lap. "Fine, I'll give it one more try. But! Only if Hoseokie and Jiminie take me." It took Jimin and Hoseok all of a second to jump up and escort Seokjin to the bathroom, they really weren't expecting the bunny to give in this easily and they sure as hell weren't going to give him enough time to back out now.

The hybrids nose and tail were uncomfortably twitching the whole short walk to the bathroom, he really didn't want to use the evil toilet, especially when his pants did the same job and worked much better in his opinion. As soon as Hoseok shut the bathroom door Seokjin let out a loud whine. "Can't we just lie and say I went?" The bunny tried to give his best puppy eyes to Jimin and Hoseok. As soon as the words left Seokjin's lips his owners chanted out stern no's at the same time. Seokjin's left ear flopped over his eye in disappointment.

"Fine, but turn around or I'm not doing it." Seokjin pouted under Jimin and Hoseoks expecting stares. The two boys reluctantly turned around, not fully trusting their bunny to properly use the 'evil toilet'. As soon as Seokjin pulled his pants down he had a one-sided staring contest with the toilet before slowly sitting on the edge. He'd decided to keep his underwear on because they were cute, and he wanted to annoy his owners for making him do something so unnecessary.

If he was going to use the human toilet he was at least going to keep his underwear on. Seokjin idly tapped his fingers on his thighs as he waited for the need to go to take over. He could already feel his shit beginning to glide out, just barley getting past the rim of his asshole. All it took was a tiny unconscious push for the first log to fill his underwear, immediately smelling up the room as a small bulge started to form around Seokjin's asscrack. "Seokjin, why wasn't there a plopping into water sound?" Hoseok's accusing voice filled the room, all the hybrid did was giggle and start to lightly push again, it took a few seconds before Hoseok and Jimin turned around to see what the giggling bunny was up to.

Hoseok rushed over to the bunny and tried to distract him long enough to pull his underwear down so he could at least finish in the toilet, while Jimin just sighed from the corner, he already knew it was too late when Seokjin's happy giggles filled the room. Before Hoseok could pull his hand away Seokjin started peeing, a tiny light yellow stream broke through his underwear and right onto Hoseoks hand. Jin sighed in relief as his bladder emptied itself, he loved the warmth that spread throughout his underwear. He especially loved the way it made his waste get warmer and softer against his ass.

"You fucking brat. I can't believe you're acting like this over something so simple." Hoseok ripped his hand away from Seokjin's ruined panties and wiped the piss onto the hybrids shirt. Before Jin could even blink Hoseoks hand tightened over the wet patch on his shirt and he was pulled off the toilet and dropped onto the bathroom floor.

The bunny really wasn't expecting his least-strict owners to be so mean. The shock from his owners sudden attitudes made the rest of his shit flew out into his underwear the second he hit the floor, and he was almost positive that it'd spilled out onto the floor, but he was too scared to look. "You're still going? You're so disgusting, bunny. Maybe if you get fucked hard and thoroughly in your mess you'll learn to stop and use the toilet properly? What do you think Hobi?" Jin whimpered quietly as a shudder ran through his body at Jimin's words.

"I don't know Jiminie, I think our dirty bunny would like that too much. Look at how hard his little cock got at just your words." Hoseok shook his head at the hybrid on the floor. Seokjin looked down to realize that he was in fact hard all of a sudden, "It's not like I can help it. My owners are just mean, I should let the agency know how bad I'm treated here when they come back for their monthly checkup." The hybrid pouted and tried to sit up but was stopped when Jimin sat right down on his stomach.

He was obviously bluffing and trying to get a reaction out of his owners, but that didn't stop his owners from actually getting upset at his words. "Ah yes, we're so mean that we give you every little thing you want, life must be so hard for you." Hoseok shook his head before gliding over to Seokjin and Jimin. "What's your color, brat?" Hoseok squatted down to circle his fingers over Seokjin's clothed hard nipples.

"G-green," Before Seokjin could find something else to complain about Hoseok stuffed his fingers into his mouth. "Ah, our bunny smells so bad Jiminie, I'm not sure I want to fuck him. Maybe I'll just piss on him to get even for all the times he's pissed on us. Or I could piss in his mouth to get even for the time he pissed in our food." Seokjin whimpered quietly around Hoseok's fingers, watching closely as his owner took out his half hard cock.

He felt slick rush out of his hole and thoroughly soak through his shitty underwear when Jimin told him what a good idea that was and to make sure he pisses on their bunnies face too. Seokjin slightly jumped in surprise when he felt Hoseok's piss start to soak through his shirt. His eyes scrunched shut as soon as he saw Hoseok move to aim himself and he felt another wave of slick rush out of him as he waited patiently for Hoseok's warm stream of pee to soak his face.

Seokjin's eyes snapped open when the wet warmth moved to his crotch instead of his face and as soon as he went to complain he felt the warmth trail up his body and right into his open mouth. The hybrid gagged in shock as Hoseok's piss rushed down his throat. Seokjin felt his dick almost violently twitch against his underwear, apparently Jimin had noticed as his hand was wrapped lightly around his dick in seconds. "Our bunny's so filthy. Look at how greedily he's drinking your piss, he's enjoying it so much. The others would be absolutely disgusted.

Jimin's hand moved across Seokjin's clothes wet dick lightly, ghosting his fingers around the head causing the bunny to moan loudly before choking slightly when Hoseok's piss hit the back of his throat. Seokjin could feel Hoseok's pee starting to weigh down his stomach each time he swallowed. "It'll be really hard to clean you up if I fuck you like this, do you wanna take a quick shower first?"

The hybrid waited for Hoseok's stream to finally stop before he answered, "If there's a dick inside me within the next two minutes I'll try my best to use the human toilet." Seokjin was bluffing again, he'd never use the human toilet no matter what. He just really needed to be fucked with his messy underwear still on. "I'm not getting my fingers shitty by preppin-" Jimin's complaint was cut off by Jin's loud whimper, "TaeTae and Joonie fucked me really good this morning, I don't need prepped."

Seokjin noticed the slight hesitation in Jimin's eyes and started to trail his hand down to his underwear, if Jimin really thought he needed prepped he'd do it himself. Before his hand actually got dirty Jimin gently slapped it away with a sigh, "Just don't complain about not getting prepped later, okay bun?" Seokjin eagerly nodded at his owner, reaching up slightly to unbutton his jeans. Hoseok was palming his erection on the floor beside them.

Jimin stood up long enough to strip himself of his clothes before being pulled back down and into a sloppy kiss by the impatient hybrid. "I'm gonna take your ruined panties off, is that okay babydoll?" Jimin pulled away from Seokjin's lips long enough to see the bunny nod before leaning back down and spitting softly onto Seokjin's closed mouth. He lifted his thumb to rub the spit onto Seokjin's lips while using his other hand to gently slide his shitty underwear off, trying not to make more of a mess than necessary.

Hoseok could see Seokjin's already slipping into subspace as the warmth of his own shit was pulled away from his ass. A little puddle of slick left his muddy hole and dripped onto the floor as his hole started to eagerly clench around air. Seokjin watched patiently as Jimin spit in his hand and stroked himself a few times, normally he'd just use Seokjin's slick but there wasn't a way to get any of it without getting his fingers covered in shit.

Once Jimin deemed himself slick enough, he lined the head of his dick up against Seokjin's sloppy and needy hole, gently pushing and adding pressure onto the hybrids rim. He felt another wave of slick come out of Seokjin, the head of his dick getting coated in it as he slowly pushed into the bunny's shitty hole. Hoseok groaned slightly at the loud squelching noise that rang throughout the room.

Seokjin's eyes started to glass over as soon as Jimin bottomed out. Jimin sat still inside of Jin and leaned down to kiss him again, letting the bunny decide if he liked the feeling of his shit getting pushed back inside him. As soon as Seokjin quietly told him to move he snapped his hips forward, gasping loudly at how loud the squelching sound was each time he moved.

Hoseok pulled Jimin into a kiss from the side as he began to properly pump his dick. He was the first to come, the sight of Jimin's shit covered dick slamming into their bunny's needy shitty hole had him seeing stars for a solid minute. Hoseok sat back with a content sigh, and wiped the cum that spilled onto his hand right onto Seokjin's face.

It only took a couple more particularly hard thrusts for Jimin to fall apart inside Seokjin, his cum getting added to the mess that was Jin's asshole. He tried to keep fucking into Seokjin before his dick went completely flaccid desperately trying to get him to come untouched, but overstimulation wasn't something he could easily deal with. Jimin was practically sobbing over the blissed out, drooling hybrid.

"A-Ah Jiminie, please, please pee in me. I need it." Jimin stopped his hips and tried to collect his thoughts, the stimulation from Seokjin clenching around his sensitive dick making it too hard to properly think. "Please, please, please. Jinnie's a good bunny, good bunnies deserve their owners pee." Jimin's mind was made up for him when Seokjin clenched tightly around his dick, the overstimulation too much for him to handle as he lost control of his bladder.

Hoseok eyed Seokjin in disbelief at his words, his eyebrows raising slightly as he watched the bunny come untouched. Seokjin kept clenching around Jimin's dick, wanting to keep as much of his owners piss in him as possible.

Chapter Text

Taehyung first felt the pressure when he was in wardrobe getting styled but it wasnt unbearable, he just knew he'd have to rush to the bathroom as soon as possible. He was sure he could squeeze in the time to piss before the fansign started. However he could feel himself starting to get slightly impatient when the stylist couldn't chose between a black jacket or a green jacket.

As soon as she'd chosen the black jacket he sighed in relief and was about to excuse himself to go to the restroom until the makeup artist pulled him down into a chair. Taehyung winced slightly as he felt his bladder slosh around. This was fine, surely he could go to the restroom as soon as the makeup artist was done and then they'd start the fansign and everything would be great.

"Ah Taehyungie, the managers told me we're starting the fansign early. Meet me in the lounge as soon as you're ready." Namjoon bowed to the stylist that fixed his hair before heading off to the lounge. Taehyung gulped quietly but still managed to quietly yell, "Alright hyung." before Namjoon's purple hair faded out of sight. He could feel his bladder getting heavier and heavier each second. Maybe he can just sneak off before meeting the rest of the boys in the lounge.

Thankfully it didn't take long for the makeup artist to deem Taehyungs face ready and send him off too the lounge, he'd definitely have enough time to make it to the bathroom now. He walked down the hall with his hands clenched in fists tightly at his sides, eyes scanning every door for the bathroom. After turning the corner he finally saw the restroom sign, it was just a couple steps away. Right as he opened the door he walked into someone's chest, knocking him and the other person down in the process. Taehyung winced as he felt his bladder slosh around and tried not to double over when a sharp pain shot through his bladder.

When his bladder calmed down and he knew he wasn't about to piss himself Taehyung finally looked up, only to see Jimin was standing up and offering him a hand. "Were you coming to get me? Sorry I took so long, I swear I just let out a gallon of water. Anyways we can head to the lounge now." Taehyung almost whimpered out loud as Jimin roughly manhandled him off the bathroom floor and started to drag him down the hallway.

All Taehyung could focus on was the weight of his bladder, it felt like it was getting heavier with each step. Fuck he felt as if he was going to burst any moment now. As soon as they arrived into the lounge Jimin pushed him onto the couch, landing right next to Jungkook with a quiet whimper. Sitting down took some of the weight off his bladder and he felt fine for a moment, until Jimin sat on his lap and pushed all of his weight onto Taehyungs bladder.

It hurt so bad, he couldn't even listen to the conversation the members were having around him. His hands were shaking slightly and he felt like crying each time Jimin squirmed in his lap. "Do you guys want to head out now? The fans are already lined up." Taehyung could faintly register Bang PD's voice through the ringing in his ears.

Taehyung wiped his sweaty palms on his thighs as soon as Jimin stood, he was sure that his stomach was bulging obviously under his shirt and he really didn't want to get up. He didn't want to risk the members seeing him like that, nor any of the fans. Taehyung also didn't want to disappoint the fans, so he slowly stood, taking deep breaths with almost every step.

Oddly enough, the deep breathing seemed to help distract him from his sore bladder and he was able to put on a boxy smile as he sat at the long table. Jimin and Jungkook were sat at his sides. Surprisingly, Taehyung managed to focus completely on the fans for the first fifteen minutes before the pain in his bladder came back worse than before. He felt like he was getting stabbed over and over and all he could think about once again was relieving himself.

The need to pee kept getting stronger and stronger the longer he thought about it, without even realizing he started to cross and uncross his legs under the table, trying his best to add pressure to his cock without being too obvious. Taehyung could feel little beads of piss escaping his slit each time he squirmed and crossed his legs, "TaeTae Hyung's so flustered at all the attention, you guys cant see it but he's squirming in his seat." Jungkooks voice cut in and out as the ringing in his ears came back. Had someone complemented him? He couldn't remember. All he knew was that if he didn't get up to piss right now, he was going to piss himself infront of his boyfriends, best friends, and fans.

He could feel his boyfriends eyes burning holes into him and he just knew Jungkook and Jimin knew what was going on. His boyfriends knew him too well to not know at this point.

Taehyung audibly gasped as he felt a little stream beginning to leak out of his dick, soaking the inside of his boxers. Thankfully the only people that noticed were his boyfriends. As he went to sign another fan's album, he unconsciously began to unclench his bladder. The slow and steady stream of hot piss had probably soaked through his boxers and some of his pants at this point, but it felt so good to let himself go. The pressure on his bladder was slowly but surely fading as the stream picked up.

He shakily finished signing the fans album, he could feel his piss starting to softly drip onto the carpet below him. He could also feel it beginning to soak the bottom of his shirt. Taehyung sighed to himself as he pushed harder, the stream breaking through his boxers and pants and thoroughly wetting the cloth of the table.

Taehyung jumped slightly when he felt Jungkook tap his soaked thigh lightly, his piss coming out even quicker. He quickly lifted his head and looked around the room, no one was staring at him except for Jimin and Jungkook, and it was painfully obvious that they knew he was pissing himself. That's when it hit him, he was pissing himself infront of his boyfriends.

It was almost as if they sensed his inner panic beggining to set in when he felt Jungkook squeeze his thigh lightly as Jimin subtly trailed his hand down to grab Taehyungs. He tried to search their faces for any signs of disgust, but instead they both supported matching sympathetic looks. Taehyung sighed quietly as the stream of piss finally stopped, his bladder still a little sore from holding his pee for that long. He could feel the chair sticking uncomfortably to his soaked pants and tried to stay as still as possible, not wanting the chair and his pants to make any noise.

The fansign had just ended, and Taehyung was too scared to move. He was lucky enough that none of the fans saw him, but his boyfriends had caught him in the act of wetting himself, he really didn't want his best friends to see him and the mess he made. "Kook's gonna stay here with you, I'll get rid of the boys and the managers before coming back to help clean up, okay baby?" Jimin kissed his cheek softly before successfully getting everyone to leave the room.

"Do you feel better now, babe?" Jungkook curiously asked while absentmindedly reaching down to rub on Taehyungs still slightly swollen bladder. Taehyung felt his cheeks heat up, "Stop touching me, 'm all gross." Jungkook airily laughed as he pressed down on his boyfriends bladder lightly.

"A-Aah stop. 'M gonna.. Gonna p-pee again." Taehyung pushed Jungkooks hand away, glaring slightly at the amused look on his boyfriends face. The two sat in silence for a few minutes until Jimin walked back into the room with some paper towels and Jungkooks spare sweats. "I couldn't find anything to actually clean your mess up with, so this'll have to do. Maybe we can just say you spilled water, it doesn't really smell that strong." Jimin started to ramble as he handed the sweats to Taehyung. Taehyung whined softly when Jungkook pulled him up and helped him take his soiled pants and boxers off before sliding the sweats up his legs while Jimin patted dry what he could with the few paper towels he'd gotten.

No one else had found out about what he did that day, but Taehyung found out about bathroom related kinks both his boyfriends shared. At first when they brought up the idea of Taehyung wearing diapers he'd thought they were mocking him for his accident, and in a way they were just trying to lighten the air by joking with him. That didn't mean they loved the idea of their boyfriend being constantly diapered any less. Besides, at this point Taehyung actually needed diapers.

After the accident he'd lost complete control of his bladder, he didn't even realize he had to piss until he felt the warmth spread over his crotch and leak to his ass. He'd ruined two sets of bedsheets because his bladder liked to give out randomly in his sleep, but his boyfriends didn't complain. If Taehyung recalls correctly they'd comforted him last morning when they'd woken up in Taehyungs piss again, "It's kinda hot, knowing you have no control of your bladder. The clean-up's kind of a bitch though." He had no idea why Jungkooks blunt words sent a shiver up his spine.

Taehyung actually thought about trying out diapers after he accidentally pissed himself on the couch the same day. Jungkook and Jimin cooed at their incontinent boyfriend as he grumpily sat in his mess for much longer than he should've. Taehyung was beyond tired of having to clean up his piss, not to mention the embarrassment that followed each time he pissed himself, and if diapers saved him from taking multiple showers each day then so be it.

He didn't bring up actually using diapers until four days after his accident. The final straw for him was when he pissed himself in the middle of dance practice, all of his best friends watched in shock as Taehyung started to piss himself while they were rehearsing for Anpanman. Taehyung was so used to the feeling of his warm piss soaking his clothing by then that he didn't even realize what he was doing until Seokjin pointed it out. He'd never felt more humiliated in his life, even if his friends didn't tease him about it.

That night Jimin and Jungkook spent hours doing research on the best adult diaper brands, they wanted their poor incontinent boyfriend to have the best diapers possible. They'd ordered a couple different brands so Taehyung would have plenty to try out and see which he liked the best.

Taehyung didn't leave the apartment until they arrived. He didn't think this situation could get any more humiliating, but when his boyfriends insisted on diapering him he was quickly proven wrong. As soon as Taehyung pushed his sweats and boxers off he laid down on the bed. Jungkook quickly helped to lift his legs while Jimin slid the diaper under his butt. He thought that was going to be it, Jimin would fasten it around his waist and he could pull his sweats back up and pretend everything was back to normal. Taehyung gasped in shock when Jimin reached above his head to grab a bottle of baby powder before gently sprinkling it over his crotch and ass. "We wouldn't want you to get a rash, right babe?" Jungkook cheekily winked at Taehyung.

Taehyung started to piss himself right as Jimin fastened the last velcro strip. "Wow, we made it just in time, huh?" Jimin giggled while pulling his still pissing boyfriend up. The bottom of the diaper already had a slight yellow tint to it and it was much puffier than it was seconds before. "It.. It feels kinda nice. It's really warm, kinda soft." Taehyung slowly pulled his sweats over his slightly saggy diaper, his cheeks heating up when his boyfriends cooed at him. "Fuck that's so hot." Jungkook kissed his cheek and gently pulled him on his lap.

The diapers themselves were nice, he liked the cute patterns and how soft they felt around his bum. Not having any mess to clean and not having to shower was a big plus too. Taehyung loved the way it sagged and he was positive it showed pretty obviously through his sweats. He could definitely get used to this. "We'll change you after you pee again, we would run out of diapers too quick if we changed you each time you lost control of your bladder." Taehyung shyly nodded his head, mainly preoccupied with the new feeling surrounding his crotch and ass.

All three of them adapted to the newest change pretty quickly, if Jungkook and Jimin were honest they probably loved Taehyungs incontinency more than Taehyung himself. They loved squeezing his soaked diapers, loved when some of Taehyungs piss leaked out the sides of his diaper in the middle of the night, and especially loved when Taehyung lost control and started pissing everywhere during sex.

It was only a matter of time before Taehyung stopped using toilets all together. One morning he woke up sandwiched inbetween his boyfriends and really didn't want to get up and leave their warmth, even if he felt like he was seconds away from shitting himself. He had his soggy diaper sitting perfectly between his legs, practically begging to be filled up even more anyways. He figured it couldn't hurt to just use it.

Taehyung pushed his face deeper into Jimin's neck as he sleepily started to push. It took a lot more effort to get the first log out than he thought it would, but as soon as the first lump sat in his diaper he knew it was worth the effort. He kept pushing, each lump coming out easier than the last. It didn't take long for the bottom of his wet diaper to be completely filled. He sighed in content at the soft warmth on his ass before falling back asleep in his boyfriends arms.

"Somethin' stinks." Jimin's raspy morning voice rang out through the quiet bedroom once he saw that Jungkook was awake too. "Tae finally did it." Jungkooks sat his phone down on his lap long enough to make hand gestures towards the puffy diaper. Jimin's dick twitched slightly as he slowly slipped out of Taehyungs grip, trying to get a peak at his diapered ass. A groan built up in his throat when he saw how puffed out the back of the diaper was, as well as the slight brown tint it had.

"He's out cold, that probably means he likes it too. Or he was just extremely tired." Jungkook softly rubbed his hand over the bottom of Taehyungs diaper as he spoke. "Wanna suck me off while we wait for him to wake up?" Jimin crawled over towards Jungkook, already starting to pull his boxers off.

"If your loud ass mouth doesn't wake him up, you're returning the favor." Jungkook quietly laughed before he pushed Jimin back while licking his lips, Taehyungs shitty diaper was practically on his face the whole time he blew Jimin, he moaned around Jimin's dick each time he felt the soft fabric brush against his cheek. Jungkook had Jimin coming with a loud yell within minutes, "Ah you ass, at least warn a guy before coming down his thro-" Jungkook's complaint was cut off by a loud groan.

"Why are you two so noisy, you could've at least left the room to fuck." Taehyung grumbled onto his pillow as he stretched, his messy diaper accidentally pressing over the whole side of Jungkooks face. As soon as Jungkook turned his face towards the diaper Taehyung shot up and scooted towards the other end of the bed, "Oh. This is new." he whimpered as he felt the cool shit smear across his ass. The two watched in silence as Taehyung moved his hips in circles, they could see his dick starting to harden under the diaper.

Jimin started cackling from the edge of the bed, "I told you he'd like it." Taehyungs cheeks lit up at the way Jimin laughed at him and talked as if he wasn't in the room.

"Stop pouting Taehyungie, I'm laughing because it's cute. We like it too, why else would Jungkook suck me off so early?" Taehyung flopped back onto the bed at Jimin's words, his pout firmly set in place. "Change me, I don't like it anymore."

Jimin ended up changing him after Jungkook pushed him off the bed for ruining the moment. It didn't matter much however, as Taehyung did stop using actual toilets all together. He only went in his diapers, and soon enough he lost control of his bowels too.

He'd never actually messed in public though, he'd always been lucky enough to be at the apartment when he shit in his diaper. While the idea of someone noticing the lumps in his puffy diaper made him extremely anxious, it also made him a little horny but he definitely wouldn't admit the latter. Luck really wasn't on his side today though.

Jungkook and Jimin had took him out to dinner for a date night and he didn't eat much throughout the day since he wanted to save room for wherever his boyfriends took him. It was a miscalculated idea on his part, he knew how his stomach acted after he eats too late for the first time that day.

As soon as he'd eaten two rolls as appitizers, he felt his shit start to poke at his rim. They still had to eat their actual dinner and he knew for a fact neither of his boyfriends brought a spare diaper. The idea of having to sit in his shit while he and his boyfriends ate didn't sound completely terrible to him. He'd also have to walk home in it, the thought of walking past strangers and shitting in a public booth surrounded by people actually sounded really good. He was probably just thinking with his dick though.

He hadn't even realized his shit had started to come out until he felt the warm mush against his ass, he knew his boyfriends were watching him closely, probably wondering why he was so quiet all of a sudden. Taehyung used all of the effort he could do push again, his shit flying out with quiet farts inbetween. Their faces suddenly turned understanding, Jungkook biting his lip while Jimin softly whistled. It wasn't solid, but it also wasn't a liquid. The one thing Taehyung didn't want was for his diaper to leak, but he also wasn't done and he felt like he needed to completely empty himself in the booth. He whined slightly when he started to piss himself, he could feel it mixing with the shit around his ass and he couldn't help but stroke his pissing dick through his pants and diaper under the table.

Taehyung wasn't sure if anyone was staring at him, but even if they were they'd never know what he was actually doing, so he pushed the thought to the back of his mind as he gently started to circle his hips. He wouldn't tell Jimin but he's pretty sure this was hotter than when Jimin let him ride his thigh with nothing but his messy diaper on.

He could probably cum in his soppy diaper and no one in the restaurant would know, except for his boyfriends of course. He felt a little of his pee slip out the side of his diaper, probably leaving a big wet stain on his pants. The idea only made him circle his hips faster, his boyfriends intensely staring at him. "Don't you dare come Kim Taehyung." Jungkooks firm voice drifted across the table. Taehyung quietly whined as he stilled his hips, before grinning cheekily and sliding his hand down into his diaper once he was sure no one was watching.

His hand immediately got soaked as he grasped his hard cock, gently pumping it up and down while keeping steady eye contact with Jungkook. Jimin watched his boyfriends in amusement, they really did come here just for the food but Taehyung never ceases to amaze and shock them.

Taehyung started pumping himself faster and Jimin felt himself grow hard in his shorts, watching as Taehyung stopped caring about if anyone was looking and had the head of his dick peaking out of his diaper, he was jerking himself off so obviously it'd be a miracle if no one else noticed. Taehyung could see Jimin lightly palming Jungkook through his pants and sped up his pace a little more, starting to rock his ass back and forth to feel his shit getting smeared across his ass again.

The head of his cock was jerkily pushed back into his diaper as soon as he felt close enough to cum untouched. Taehyung started lightly bouncing up and down, the same way he would when he rode one of his boyfriends. His diaper was making such an obvious sound each time it hit the booth. After he came into his diaper with a quiet moan of both his boyfriends names he slunk down into his seat, genuinely surprised at how no one was looking his way.

Jimin and Jungkook made him eat as quickly as possible when his food arrived, not wanting to leave his messy diaper on for too long no matter how much they all liked it.

Chapter Text

Life is hard as an inmate, that's true — but life is even harder if you're an inmate and your husband of three years is a correctional officer. It's even worse if you're in the same facility.

Seokjin and Jeongguk didn't know who'd had it worse, because at the end of the day Seokjin had to go back to their shared apartment, see all of Jeongguks belongings still mixed in with his own, and sleep in the empty bed where he and Jungkook used to lay — where they also did many other things.

But Jeongguk had to sleep in a cold cell with four other men on a terrible mattress with a thin blanket, staring at the chipped paint on the dull white walls that surrounded him. It'd only been a month of Jeongguks one year sentence — he'd only have to stay for five and a half more months to get out on good behavior. He didn't know if he could survive that long without Seokjin however, especially with how good he's been looking everytime Jeongguk sees him. Not that he ever looked bad before — but Jeongguk hadn't been sexually dominated in weeks, he was too frustrated and stressed and staring at his could've-been-a-model husband in his uniform wasn't helping in the slightest.

He missed being pampered and praised after Seokjin completely wrecked him — he also the actual wrecking, Jeongguk would do almost anything for Seokjin to come tease him until he's on the edge of tears, make him drink a shit ton of water and tell him he's not allowed to use the bathroom until he says, and even then not being allowed to piss anywhere except for his pants.

Jeongguk felt like crying as he thought about Seokjin fucking him with his bladder all filled up and swollen — Seokjin fucking him so hard to the point where he lost control and pissed all over both of them without permission.

It wasn't much better for Seokjin either, the thought or coming home to his baby sitting on the couch, his pretty clothed ass up in the air, waiting patiently for his husband to come and take what's his after a long day of work was driving him insane. The way Jeongguks eyes glassed over at the slightest touch, how pliant Jeongguk became for him. Seokjin still hadn't been able to cum without Jeongguk, even if he was always in his thoughts.

Jeongguk didn't like to talk about it, but from how often he held his piss and wet himself he'd had more accidents than normal. Especially during the night — after Jeongguk ruined the mattress with his piss, Seokjin got annoyed and forced his husband into a diaper each night. He didn't really have to force Jeongguk though, the younger secretly liked the soft padded feeling around his ass — loved the way it crinkled each time he moved.

But now he's in prison and he has to stay on guard — he can't let anyone know how much of a baby he really is.

He was hiding it really well too, it was only a week before his early release since he served his time without a hitch. After the third month he and his husband had started meeting each other in one of the janitorial closets, making sure no one else caught on to what they were doing before entering — always made sure to wait a few minutes after the other left to finally leave the closet.

Seokjin had been having really bad stomach pains all day — really bad gas too, and he'd had to run to the toilet multiple times that day. His asshole was extremely sore — he was definitely going to make light out of his situation by making a joke about how Jeongguk feels after bottoming — and his stomach was still acting up, but that wasn't going to stop him from meeting Jeongguk in the closet.

He know however, that once he was in there he couldn't leave until he was done with Jeongguk, they couldn't risk leaving and coming back. Seokjin definitely didn't want to get them caught, not when Jeongguk was so close to being back in his arms each night, so he would just pull through and not let his stomach get the best of him.

"Jinnie! I missed you so much." Jeongguk pulled his husband into a tight hug like he normally does — Seokjin normally loves Jeongguks tight hugs, but he could feel another wave of shit trying to get out worsen each second his husband squeezed his torso.

"Fuck, Koo, I love you — and your hugs, but please let go. I'm not feeling well today" He could hear Jeongguk sigh into his shirt as his grip loosened. Seokjin kept his asscheeks tightly clenched as he waited for the wave to pass, which thankfully it did.

Time passed slower than their usual closet visits, probably only because of how bad Seokjin had to shit.

"Jin, please stop farting — we have limited oxygen in this closet, are you trying to make us suffocate?" Jeongguk groaned as he pulled away from Seokjin. "I can't help it Kook. On the bright side, all you'll be able to smell when you leave is my ass. I'm basically sending you porn to add to your prison wank bank."

"Your ass smells like shit, Im not sure I want to smell it anymore, let alone add it to my prison wank bank." The two laughed as quietly as they could, Seokjin trying his hardest to stop once another fart slipped out — this one wetter than the others.

Jeongguk only started to laugh harder while Seokjin collected himself — he was extremely thankful he didn't shit himself then and there. "Alright, yeah I might've almost shit myself. You got your laughs in, shut it brat." Jeongguks laughing turned into a quiet giggle as he turned to Seokjin, "Sir yes sir, I missed you telling me what to do." he scooted closer to Seokjin and slid one of his thighs over his husbands with a cheeky grin.

"Haven't gotten off properly in months, Jinnie." He smiled as he continued to straddle his husbands thigh, gently starting to rock his hips against Seokjin's hard thigh. "You fucking brat, did I say you could hump my thigh?"

Seokjin smiled softly when he felt Jeongguks dick start to twitch to life against his thigh. Fuck, he missed playing with his baby boy. "I'll let it slide this time — only if you suck sir off nicely after you cum."

Jeongguk greedily agreed and started humping Seokjin's thigh faster, his cock getting rock hard in no time as he felt Seokjin's eyes watching his every move. "Such a greedy little slut, it's amazing you lasted this long without anything shoved up your sloppy little hole." Seokjin whispered as he trailed his hands down Jeongguks back and onto his ass.

The younger moaned loudly — for a moment Seokjin forgot about his stomach issues, too focused on how beautiful his husband looks to realize he'd started to shit himself. Jeongguk paused his hips slightly when the smell hit his nose and he heard the crackling nose coming from his husbands pants, "Are you shitting yours-" it only took one look at Seokjin's face for Jeongguk to realize he was infact shitting himself, "Oh my fucking god you're shitting yourself, while I was riding your thigh."

Seokjin watched in disbelief as Jeongguk started to laugh again, "Stand up, now. Make sure you take your pants and boxers off." he practically growled at Jeongguk. Seokjin pushed one more time — sighing in relief as the bulge in his boxers grew. He stood up and pulled his own pants off — that were thankfully unharmed in his accident, before gently pulling down his shitty boxers.

Jeongguk watched in confusion — his dick still throbbing and begging for attention when Seokjin finally turned back to him. "What's your color, baby?"

"Green." Jeongguk stared at his husband in anticipation. "I haven't laughed anytime you've had an accident baby, I've never laughed when you pissed yourself like a little baby — even when we both know damn well you could've held it. Has not being with me sexually in a while made you forget how much of a disgusting little slut you are? I think you need a punishment to remind you, hm?"

Jeongguk whimpered at Seokjin's words, his cock twitching against his stomach as he watched Seokjin walk over to his discarded pants and boxers. Jeongguk watched in shock as Seokjin picked up his boxers, turned them inside out, and wiped his ass on them. His shit quickly stained the inside of the dingy off white prison boxers as he cleaned his ass.

"That's much better," He continued as he threw Jeongguks boxers back over to his pants before gently picking up his own shit filled boxers and handing them to Jeongguk — making sure nothing spilled out. "Now put these on, maybe if you're wearing Sir's shit you'll remember what a fucking pathetic whore you are. Maybe I should leave you in them too, you've already had your shower today haven't you baby?"

"S-sir I-" Jeongguk was cut off by Seokjin's deep voice, "Unless you're using your safeword I don't want to hear another thing come out of your filthy mouth."

Jeongguk looked down at the soiled boxers in thought, he'd always wanted to try something involving shit, but he'd always figured it would've been his shit. The idea of wearing Seokjin's boxers alone could've probably gotten him off after going so long without a good orgasm — but the idea of having Seokjin's bulge of shit smeared across his ass had his knees trembling and eyes glassing over.

He slowly pulled the boxers up his legs — trying not to whimper under Seokjin's staring.

As soon as he pulled the boxers completely up he almost came — the heat alone coming off of Seokjin's shit had him whimpering before he could stop it. "You like having Sirs shit against your ass? That's so dirty, baby." Seokjin walked over to him and lightly traced the outline of his cock through his boxers, drinking up all of Jeongguks tiny whimpers.

"Ko-Koo wanna sit," Seokjin gripped Jeongguks clothed cock as he shook his head, "I'm sure your ass would be so pretty with my shit smeared all over it, baby, but have you forgotten where we are? You can't get too messy, sweetie." Jeongguk whined at Seokjin's words, it's not fair that he can have Seokjin's shit sitting against his ass but he can't smear it around.

"Stop whining, you get out next week. I won't shit for two days before you get home and as soon as you get settled back at home I'll shit my boxers again. It'll be a much bigger load — you'll have my shit all over your ass baby, would you like that?" Jeongguk eagerly nodded as Seokjin started to pump his dick. He couldn't help himself as he rutted up gently into Seokjin's palm.

It was hard to jerk his husband off properly without any lube or spit — but they didn't have much time before the recreation period for general population was over. Seokjin probably wouldn't get to cum at all today — he'd save that for Jeongguks return too.

But the sight of his husband in his shit filled boxers, whimpering and whining each time Seokjin moved his hand, might just be enough to finally get him off tonight.