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The First Kiss

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Blood. So much blood. So much blood everywhere. So much blood had flowed out of Tony's body.

“DiNozzo, the ambulance will be here at any moment.” Gibbs was kneeling beside Tony, who lay on the cold and dirty ground.

“OK, boss,” Tony whispered. He could hardly speak.

Gibbs grabbed carefully Tony's hand and he tried to ignore his fear and his racing heart. No. No, he wouldn't lose Tony. No, he wouldn't. Where was the ambulance?

Tony closed his eyes.


No answer.

“DiNozzo, please speak to me!”

Tony's mouth didn't move.

“Tony, can you hear me?”

No reaction.



“Tony ...” He bent over, still holding the cold hand, and pressed his lips softly on Tony's. Gibbs' eyes filled with tears. His first kiss with Tony.

A few seconds later Gibbs saw the lights of the ambulance.