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Am I getting a fever?

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If baseball ever been like this then maybe I would’ve gone to more games. The speed and force behind each move never stopped feeling unreal. Refereeing with Esme was entertaining. This was the closest I’ve ever been into sports. Other than calling safe or out on the teams, Esme told me of her human life and I couldn’t help make connections between her and me. Both of us fell in love with vampires at a young age. I hope it didn’t take jumping off a cliff to be with Edith forever.

As I watched I wondered who would win. I forgot who on which team. It didn’t matter once Alice had the vision. Edith went immediately at my side and everyone tensed up. The fun was over. As the newcomers ambled in I felt weird. It could’ve been from fear, but nausea came crashing down. The heat surfacing in my body made it difficult to pay attention to what everyone was saying. As they talked I got angry. First at these new vampires, then at myself. It was foolish to think I could exist with them. Me, a human.

I wanted the fun atmosphere to come back. To have Esme tell more stories of raising the Cullens. To learn more of her own life and experiences. To see how proud she is of Edith and approval of her relationship with me. But what their names? Laurent? James? They had to ruin it all.   I didn’t like how the blond guy looked at all. Edith stiffened and I wanted to attack. I’m no good at physical attacks, but my imagination went wild.

Pushing the Cullens away, I punched the middle vampire. The other two try to attack and I jump out of the way. They crash into each other as if it is a cartoon. I got them off their rhythm. Next, I kick the middle one into the woods and the other two run away. The Cullens would be safe. It was a ridiculous feeling. Insane. Me defending the Cullens? They didn’t need any help with that.  Unknowing to myself I stepped forward. I heard snarls. Jasper must’ve felt my mess of emotions and gave me a look. She must be in overdrive on her powers. Even as I felt the boiling anger inside me, I couldn’t act on them. As if I could do anything pass Edith’s protective stance. I glared at the vampire trio. I’m halfway surprised I didn’t stick my tongue out.

After they left, Edith picked me up and ran through the woods. Everything happened so fast. Emma holding me in the backseat while Alice and Edith in the front. Plans were made all over the place. My first thought was to protect Charlie. I can’t let him get hurt. The heat was reaching up to unbearable heights. I felt sick. I had to keep my breath steady. I couldn’t cry and make a solid plan at the same time. Alice told me to take a deep breath. I didn’t realize I was hyperventilating. Deep breaths. Edith’s tight grip on the car and speed didn’t help me out. Alice and Emma were carefully looking at me. Emma holding onto me. I took more deep breaths. I fought against Edith’s plan to disappear. Protecting Charlie is my number one goal.

Finally, I convinced her with Alice and Emma’s support. I yelled at Charlie and felt terrible. Never in my years of humid summers in Phoenix had I ever been this boiling hot. I was sweating through my clothes. Edith threw clothes into a duffle bag and told me she would wait outside. I felt myself hyperventilating again and took a deep breath before confronting Charlie again. I continued to say more lies to Charlie. He had to stay away from me. I hated this more than anything even with the current threat of vampires. I slammed the door on him, too afraid to see his heartbroken face. The truck started and Edith sits in all intense and brooding. She told me about James and Victoria. Their powers and the plan to distract them. I worried for Edith and her family. They’re in danger because of me.

We reached the house at record time. Laurent, the middle vampire, was there talking to Carli. Nausea came back and I wanted to throw up. Thankfully, he left shortly. Esme carried me upstairs and we all changed clothes. Esme gave me her clothes, but they didn’t fit that well.

Nausea went down but kept coming back as waves. When Edith kissed me goodbye, I could feel her sadness and confusion. I didn’t want to leave her sight, but a plan is a plan. We would see each other soon, I said to myself. Jasper told me, I was worth it, but I wasn’t sure. She must’ve felt all the emotions around and I hoped it didn’t make her feel sick. I fell asleep fast when placed inside in the back seat. A pillow and blanket were placed there.  Would I ever understand their speed?

When I woke up next we were in a darkened hotel room. TV commercials were playing in the background. The bed sheets were damp. Did I sweat all that much? Maybe my strange fever was gone. I noticed a water bottle on the table next to me and drank the whole bottle. Among my many worries of Edith and the rest of the family being hunted, I wondered when this fever had come on. I was feeling fine before the game. Maybe I worried too much into a sickness. No amount of Renne’s attics could’ve prepared me for this.  

Alice informed me of the news when she saw me awake. I went into a nervous ramble until Jasper calmed me down. It was partly her words and her powers. Was she always this charming?

Every time I thought of the danger I put them all through made me want to explode. The heat came in full force back. I didn’t understand it, but I continued the breathing exercises.

I kept going back to sleep. My body felt sore, even when I did nothing for the day. Alice and Jasper kept informing me of the updates when I had enough energy move to see them. When I talked to Edith the fever went to barely noticeable. It came back when our call finished.

Once Alice drew the sketch of my old ballet studio my own vision blurred. Would this monster ever stop? How many people must he attack before he gets to me? The fever, my headaches, my body. Everything was spinning. Alice held me and I could barely feel her cold hands. I did my breathing exercises and a few minutes later I was better. It took about an hour before I could stand up and let them leave me alone. I went into my room and called my mom. I left her a long voicemail. I don’t know if it even made sense, but I had to let her know. She can’t go home. She had to be safe. I stayed in my room. I didn’t want to worry them, but being away from Jasper meant I felt all the worry.

They noticed I wasn’t feeling alright. I hoped they think this is how a human would react to all this chaos. My constant sweating and weird breathing. I swear I could feel my body changing. I didn’t want to worry them. To calm down I thought of Edith. She was already doing so much for me. I slept a lot, drank lots of water, ate a lot of food. Don’t fevers make you not want to eat? Alice and Jasper didn’t comment. None of us knew what to do. I played it off as it was normal.

When I got the call Alice was opening the door for room service. Jasper was doing dishes. I walked away and hoped it was causal. Every time he talked, my blood boil. I wanted to destroy him. I had felt anger towards people before. There was the whole situation with Tyler and Lauren. Rude people in Phoenix, but nothing compared to the utter despise of this one man. I did what he said, but I could barely keep my rage in. After the call, I had to keep up an act. Told them about the call from my mom and asked for a favor. I wrote the note to Edith. I waited with Alice and Jasper to see Edith’s plane to come in. How desperately I wanted to see Edith’s face again. Hear her voice and hug her and not let go. I missed her more than air, but I had to save my mom. Being with Edith, even the short time with her and her world was more than I could ever dream. I loved her, but it wasn’t fair to have my mom suffer because of me.