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A temple of the Heart

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Walking through the back alleys of Yongen-Jaya always managed to creep out and amaze Ren at the same time. All the apartment buildings and businesses created a maze of sorts, giving it a sketchy vibe. 


"Are we there yet?"


He turned to look at the speaker, a girl with light brown hair cut supershort whos name he remembered was Chie.


"Jeez Chie, its barely been a minute." said the girl next to her. He remembered she was Yu's girlfriend, Yukiko Amagi.


"Just around the corner, it's not far from the station." he said, turning back around to face forward. As the group he was leading rounded a corner, the path was blocked by a thuggish looking man.


"Woah, sorry, can we go past you?"


"No can do kid."


"Hmm, why not."


"Unfortunately for you, our employer paid us very well for this job."


"Wait, WHAT?!"


Before the question was answered, the group was surrounded


"Care to offer an explanation?" Yusukes voice was cold, icy even. It sent shivers down Ren's spine, and he was glad Yuskue wasn't his enemy. The men surrounding them, however, didn't seem affected.


Without really thinking, he drew Makoto close to him. Looking around, all the other couples were doing the same. Yusuke had his arm around Futaba. Ryuji had Ann's hand in his and their shoulders were touching. Yu had Yukiko close as well. Yosuke and Chie held hands quite tightly (Chie was no slouch when it came to self-defense). Rise was clinging to Teddy, and Kanji had decided to defend Naoto, even though they weren't dating. Nanako was clinging to her "Big-Bro" Yu, and since no one else took here. Ren decided to protect Haru as well.


"Well looky here at all these cute couples. Looks like we'll have to split some of them up don't ya think?" said the man with a sneer


Without warning, the men surrounding them lunged forward. Ren was pushed to the ground with such force he struggled to get up. Feeling pretty useless, he resigned to just listening


"Inari, Help!!"




Hey, let go of me!"


"Big Bro!!!"



He felt someone kick him in the stomach. Being so dazed, his brain couldn't handle it. The world went dark.


He came too just a few minutes later. Something was off, but what was it? 


He quickly took a mental roll call and realized what was wrong.


Futaba, Haru, Rise, and Nanako were gone.


His body acted before his mind had fully processed the situation. He ran around Yongen-Jaya, but it was no use


They were gone.