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Bella was a quiet, reserved and unassuming young woman on the brink of adulthood, always feeling herself to be a little plainer and more ordinary than all other women around her, nothing like her outgoing friends she felt, where Bella saw special or unusual qualities in them, she could never see them in herself.

But she was totally wrong, in her own way Bella was more beautiful than most, her girl next door appearance was what drew you in first of all and the endless depths of her soulful warm brown eyes is what held you there, boy or girl this young woman was someone you wanted to know.

Bella's hair was brown, like her eyes, both inherited from her father, but not a flat boring brown, a shiny mahogany, with red highlights that shone when the sun caught it, since she lived in Phoenix this was a common occurrence, once again others saw this, whereas Bella herself never seemed to notice.

Her eyes were a deep chocolate colour, with a ring of golden flecks around her pupil, this had the effect that made you feel you were being drawn in, a real optical illusion as it were.  Next, you would realise her skin was like porcelain, flawless in its composition, this she got from her mother, who always joked they were both part albino because no matter how much sun they got, they never tanned.

But it was marred by her own clumsiness, but not enough to deter, oh no. Unfortunately, Bella had had more accidents in her eighteen years of life than all her friends put together, some because of carelessness, some from being in the wrong place, at the wrong time and some lastly due to bad luck, like having her appendix removed at age fifteen.

This girl never seemed to catch a break, luck avoided her like the plague, but it never dented her outlook on life, her optimism is what set her apart from others, Bella never went down the 'Woe Is Me' path, she just smiled, shook her head and carried right on from where she was before. She never felt life was giving her a raw deal, she accepted her lot without complaint, some mistook this for complacency, but that was not the case.

Two months ago, her scatterbrained, but fun loving mother Renee had found herself a new boyfriend and after a whirlwind romance he had proposed, Renee had quickly, maybe to quickly accepted and Phil would be moving in with them later today. Bella really didn't particularly like him, but she knew It didn't in truth matter, as long as her mother was happy then she was happy for her, after all, she only had six months to go before she'd be off to college and getting on with her own life. 

So she would deal with this like everything else, smiling and hoping that they would gel eventually, in fact, she was actually pleased that someone else would take over the running of Renee's life and home.  Bella had been doing it for as long as she could remember, so the chance to just concentrate on herself was very appealing. Also, the thought that she would not be leaving her mother alone in the future warmed Bella and set her soul at ease.

She was more like her father Charlie, self-sufficient and able to deal with life's day to day monotony easily, Bella never needed others to make her complete, she had her books and her imagination.

Her father had wanted to do a background check on him, but both Bella and Renee said no, Phil was a minor league baseball player and it was assumed his record would be clean, so against his better judgement Charlie backed down, this would come back to haunt them in the future. So after meeting him a couple of times, Bella was able to convince her father, although Phil was younger than Renee he seemed okay, not mentioning that she got a creepy vibe from him, hoping it would pass.

So as she rose that morning for the last day of it being just Renee and her, Bella was hopeful for the future, she made an extra special effort with breakfast and when it was time to head out for school, she told her mother she'd see them both later. Renee was spending the day rearranging her stuff to make room for Phil's, although he didn't have a lot as he'd been staying in furnished accommodation so far, since moving to Phoenix. So it would only be his clothes and personal belongs, really not that much at all.

Bella drove towards her high school in her mother's car, they shared it as money was a little tight, they were neither poor nor well off, just in the middle somewhere. A few blocks from the school she stopped outside a coffee shop, the same one she did every school day, through the window Bella saw her friends and waved as she got out of the car, this was a routine started at the beginning of their Junior year, meeting up and chatting about the week's gossip and generally being high school kids, something usually she most definitely wasn't at home, well until today she hoped.

 Her classmates quizzed her about how she felt and how was she going to cope with the lack of privacy, Bella reminded them her bedroom had its own en-suite and small deck area outside, so if she needed to escape her mum and Phil it would be fine. The only thing that she was worried about was the possibility of hearing them having sex!! Yuck!! That would not be fun, her friends all sympathised and said there was nothing worse than hearing the oldies doing it!

By the time they made it to school everyone had given her a horror story about catching their parents at it and they were all laughing and joking, saying it was something you just had to grin and bear. Bella felt loads better and was in a really upbeat mood as school started, her happy air didn't go unnoticed, particularly by the boys. A couple were trying to screw up enough courage to ask her out but were not there yet, soon they told themselves, soon. 

The morning classes ambled along, neither too fast or too slow and Bella was surprised when the lunch bell sounded, she made her way there with all her friends and sat outside in the sunshine eating their lunch and enjoying the mid-March sun, which was not as abrasive as the high summer sun in Phoenix often was. She loved the sun, even though it never changed the colour of her skin, she loved to bask in it as often as possible. Bella lounged back on her elbows so that her head was thrown back and her long neck on full display.

She was unaware of the fact her chest was thrust forward and the boys were staring at her body, probably hoping her clothes would miraculously disappear. The little moans of satisfaction didn't help them either and a couple had to discreetly adjust themselves, never looking away, terrified they would miss something awesome. In her head, Bella was planning the evening meal, determined to make an effort for her mum and to greet Phil.

 When classes resumed after lunch one of the boys from Bella's group of friends made a decision, today was the day he'd make his move, no more watching from afar, he was going to declare himself and ask her out. With that thought in mind as he entered his art class, Simon set to and sketched the goddess he'd seen at lunch, he would give it to her after school and tell her he thought she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, he sighed and drew the most detailed pencil sketch of Bella, it was provocative in its innocence.

The school day was now speeding to a close and Bella had her shopping list ready, she'd stop by the supermarket on her way home and get all the ingredients she needed. She was pleased with herself and was actually looking forward to this evenings meal and welcoming Phil into their little family, this was the least she could do for her mother and hopefully, it would make the transition easier on them all.

As the bell rang to end their day Bella gathered up her stuff, said her goodbyes to her friends, telling them she'd phone later tonight to let them know how it had gone and with that, she raced out towards her car. She was just opening the driver's door when Simon rushed up shouting her name, Bella was surprised and blushed madly having been singled out by the handsome dark haired boy.

She had known him a while now and had a little crush on him, but never thought he would be interested in her. He thrust the piece of art paper at her and stuttered "This is what I saw today, as I watched you!"

Bella glanced down and gasped, could that really be her, it was beautiful. This was not what she saw in the mirror, but the image was definitely her, she looked back up at him and realised he too was blushing and she relaxed giving him a tentative smile. "Thank you, it's stunning!" she whispered.

 He laughed "No Bella, your stunning! If I asked you to go out tomorrow night, would you say yes?" he pushed her for an answer, she blushed again and nodded. "Okay, beautiful Bella, I'll see you in the morning for coffee and we'll make plans!" he told her pressing a small kiss to her cheek and walked backwards to his car.

"Tomorrow then!" she called after him smiling as she climbed into her own, her heart pounding madly. Little did either of them know their time was at an end, this would be her last day ever in their high school and she would be moved away to Washington State within the next couple of days.  Regrettably, life was about to throw her a curve ball and she was totally and sadly unprepared for it, her life was about to change forever, would she be able to stay optimistic or sink into the abyss of despair, would anyone be able to save her.

Over six hundred miles away, a strangely pale, pixie like girl is sitting with her family when her eyes roll back into her head and she screams, frightening them all. "Alice? Alice what do you see?" her family demand.

She shoots up grabbing the hand of the man next to her, "Run, fly like the wind! You can't save the mother but you will be in time to save the girl!"

She yells the address at him and he hesitates, "Why me Alice?" he asks and she pushes him towards the door,

"She's your soul mate! You have to save her, Now Run!" she says before dropping back into her seat as if exhausted. Alice was now searching through her mind, looking for decisions and outcomes at the speed of light, well maybe not that fast but faster than any human was capable of.

"Okay, change of plan, we will still be moving to Forks, but not in the usual format! No school this time around, we need to shake up the dynamic!" she told the others who were all staring at her.

"Emmett you need to hack the Phoenix hospital and medical centres databases! Get both Carlisle and Jasper's names on the list of doctors attending the conference there, usual specialities!" He nodded and pulled out his laptop and got started doing what he did best, "Then the hospital itself and find out if Carlisle knows anyone on staff, who's also attending! They need to be avoided at all costs." he just grunted.

"Esme, you carry on with the move but Jazz and Edward are now your brothers. Jazz adopted, so he's a Whitlock, Edward, Masen or Platt?" she called out,

"Masen for a change!" he answered from two floors up as if he were in the same room.

 "Rose, you get to be Carlisle's sister for a change and of course Emmett's your husband, he's also my older brother, so I'll be Alice McCarty, we're all adults, three families drawn together through the tragic deaths of the McCarty and Masen parents five years ago in a pile up on the interstate after Esme and Carlisle's wedding. Carlisle and Rose's parents alive and well in England, Make me nineteen, Edward twenty and work up from there okay?" 

Esme nodded, 'No children this time around, oh nice, a change of wardrobe' she thought to herself.  Strangely none of them questioned Alice, just got on with the tasks at hand.

 "Alright, Alice where am I heading?" Carlisle asked patiently,

"Phoenix, take clothes for Jazz as well! Emmett will let you know if you need to avoid anyone! Make nice with the trauma head you want to be there when she's brought in, your flights in two hours!" he also just nodded and rushed off.  Esme, Edward and Alice were packed and ready to leave for Forks, Emmett and Rose would close down this house and join them soon.

"All done Alice, so who is she? Who are we doing all this for?" Emmett asked quietly, everyone stopped what they were doing all over the large house,

"Isabella Marie Swan, the only daughter of Chief of Police Charlie Swan from Forks', in the next few hours death and carnage will be visited upon her mother's little house in Scottsdale!" she said solemnly. "Right everyone let's hit the road, I have to phone Jazz and give him a heads up!"