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Well fuck!” As you were trying to unlock the door of your new apartment you dropped all the groceries you had carried up the flight of stairs. “Cheap fucking bags, why does this place hate me so much!” You had just moved to Japan from America, it was a big leap for a person such as yourself, you were somewhat introverted and didn’t like to tread for from what was familiar to you, so why were you now countries away?

It was a shitty and scary situation you were in, having to completely uproot your life over a psycho ex-boyfriend. A few months ago you witnessed something you weren’t supposed to at the hands of the man you spent the last 3 years with, apparently in those three years this man didn’t find the time to tell you he was part of one of Americas biggest villain groups. He used your love for him to make you feel guilty about it yourself, drilling it into your head that if you were to even think about going to the police he would take you with him 'dead or alive'.

You had completely cut off your family for this guy and now you were left with no one, no one to run to, no home to go to, just him. Little did he know, you had your own secrets, like a massive amount of money saved up in a bank from your father passing away and even though you were cut off from your family they couldn’t do a thing about cutting off the money that was yours legally. Your ex had no idea about this and also didn’t know you were secretly planning to escape from his clutches, far away to a place he’d never even think to find you, far away to a place full of heroes that could possibly protect you. And you took that chance a week ago, able to slip out in the middle of the night while he was 'doing a job' and ran for your life, running towards a new life. So yeah, that how you ended up in Japan.

You were able to find a decent apartment located close to a police station, so you felt safe. Only being here for a few days you had yet to met any of the building tenants. Whoever lived next to you was either really quiet or wasn’t home that often. It bummed you out, you had this vision of becoming close friends with whoever shared a wall with you at least but you weren’t going to take that step in knocking on their door and introducing yourself, that was way out of your comfort zone. If they came to you, that was another story!

You finally picked up all the groceries that fell from your bags and proceeded to enter your new home. “I really need to look for a job!”, you scolded yourself emptying the bags onto the counter and putting the items up. You couldn’t live off of that saved up money for the rest of your life, it was time for you to grow up and put yourself out there. Like it or not, Japan was going to make an adult out of you! After changing into some more comfortable clothes, a tank and no pants, you went back to the kitchen to grab the box of Pocky you bought but growled in frustration as you weren't able to locate them, "I know I bought some, didn't I?" Shrugging your shoulders you opted for some chips, then grabbed your laptop and sat on the couch.

I guess I’ll look up desk jobs, I’m pretty good with computers and shit!” Typing in your job search multiple options appeared, apparently this place was popping with employment opportunities but one of the tabs caught your eye. ‘Endeavor Hero Agency: Seeking Helper’. “Hero agency huh? Sounds…safe. I wonder if I need a quirk though.” You clicked on the link and read over the duties and requirements. The job seemed simple, normal clerical duties such a paper and computer work, scheduling appearances for the various heroes, getting them whatever they needed like running their costumes back and forth for repairs or replacements or getting them food, keeping the place clean, just pretty much a helping hand. And to top if off, having a quirk wasn’t a requirement.

You smiled and for once had a glimmer of hope for this new country, so you submitted your resume and continued to look and apply for other jobs, crossing your fingers you’d get a call back especially for the hero agency. After a few more minutes of that and surfing the web you decided to take a bath, closing your laptop you stripped your clothes on the walk to the bathroom and talked to yourself, “Maybe I should get a dog since I can’t seem to make friends!


Huh?” As Shouto walked up the stairs to his apartment he spotted a box of Pocky on the corner of one of the steps. He picked it up and shrugged his shoulders, unlocked his door and walked into his home. The hero sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he dropped the treat onto his counter then proceeded towards his bathroom and stripped down as he turned on his tub. Looking in the mirror he could see a few new bruises he acquired from a villain that day, “Sorry bastard, caught me off guard” he mumbled to himself then lowered down into the tub. His head laid on the cold stone, eyes fluttering shut as his long body stretched out the length of the tub as much as it could, his knees pocking out of the warm water, and he relaxed.

Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it half as good as you, baby, you're the best.

Shouto’s eyes opened as he craned his neck and looked around for the soft voice that was singing.

I wasn't lookin' but somehow you found me, it tried to hide from your love light. But like heaven above me, the spy who loved me is keepin' all my secrets safe tonight.

The voice kept singing, it sounded so close but he couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from, he then looked up and saw a vent high on the wall behind the tub as he listened closer and could hear water moving as well. Shouto wondered why he heard water then realized that the layouts of the apartments must be perfectly mirrored, meaning his and his neighbors bathrooms and bedrooms were right on the other side of the wall. Todoroki was aware someone finally moved into the apartment next to him but with his work schedule, he had yet to met the new tenant.

It wasn’t like he was trying to avoid the person, he truly was just never home during the day unless he was off and the past week he had been working more hours than usual since his father was out of town, leaving him to take over the agency until his return. From the sound of the voice obviously there was a girl on the other side of the wall taking a bath at the same time as him, it made him blush the tiniest bit but it passed quickly. He was more enamored by that voice that was filling his bathroom, it was so soft and sweet, making him curious as to what the girl looked like and who she was.

Most people would probably be annoyed with this situation but he wasn’t, Todoroki actually enjoyed it and wouldn’t be mad if it kept happening. Leaning back into the position he was in before, he closed his eyes again and smiled as the voice lulled him.

The way that you hold me, whenever you hold me, there's some kind of magic inside you that keeps me from runnin' but just keep it comin'. How'd you learn to do the things you do?



Why!!!”, you groaned from under your covers, hand searching your bed for the phone that was ringing. “Hello?”, your groggy voice answered. “Good morning, is this (Y/N L/N)?”, a stoic and monotone voice asked, the voice was extremely attractive and made your thoughts a little hazy. You confirmed what they asked then immediately shot up into a seated position from their words. “Oh uh – of course, yes!...Yes sir I’m free today, what time?...That sounds great, thank you very much, I’ll see you then!

You hung up the phone and starred at it, “Holy shit, they actually called me back, that was fast!” A smile was plastered on your face, the Endeavor Agency had just contacted you and asked for an interview today at 1pm, making you beyond psyched. You then looked around your room and at the clock, it was only 11:30am. “I should probably see how far away this place is!” Pulling up the address and the maps app, your eyes widened and your body flew from the bed. “Fuck me, this place is almost 30 minutes away not counting the time it’s gonna take me to catch a train in this godforsaken city, and I’m not even dressed yet!!!

You ran to your bathroom and violently brushed your teeth as you brushed your hair and put on the smallest amount of makeup. “What do I wear? Business formal, business casual?” Searching through the few clothes you had, you finally found something and rushed to get dressed. After a few minutes you looked in the mirror and smiled, wearing a thin white long-sleeved button up blouse that showed a decent amount of cleavage tucked into a navy blue high-waisted skirt and some matching flats, the only jewelry you wore was a single necklace with a mickey ear hat charm that you got on a trip to Disney World when you were a kid.

Man, I’m cute as fuck! This Todoroki dude is bound to hire me!

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Jesus this place is massive!” Looking up at the tall dark building made you feel so puny. On the train you did your research on Enji Todoroki, Endeavor the hero who owned and ran this agency .The guy was currently the #1 hero, he was big and intimidating, nothing like the voice you heard on the phone, but you weren't too engrossed in why that was and hurried into the building; you took an elevator to the very top floor, on your way different heroes got on and off. They were all extremely friendly, some overly friendly as they tried to flirt almost like you were the first woman they had seen in decades. It was flattering but you were on a mission to get a job first, not fall in love.

The elevator bell rang as it came to your floor and your body made its way to the front, passing the eyes of all the male heroes that talked to you, all of them telling you bye and that they hoped to see you again. You flashed them a friendly smile in return and waved, seeming to make them all melt collectively. The agency was big and warm and you saw a lone front desk where a dark haired male sat and looked up at you with a smile. “Hello there, how can I help you?

Smiling back you stated your reason for being there along with your name, making the man smile even bigger. “So they are finally taking my advice and hiring on another person! My name is Haru, if you get the job we’ll be working together, nice to meet you!” He held out a hand and you took it, giving him a friendly shake. Haru then rose from his seat and ushered you over and into an office, it was massive and plain looking, with just a single set of couches and a huge desk with a ginormous window looking over the city. “Can I ask you something, I just moved here from America and I’m just learning of all the heroes in the area, I did some research on Endeavor and he seems very –“, you paused and bit your lip trying to find the right words. Haru chuckled and placed a hand on your shoulder, “Scary? He is, but he’s not completely unapproachable, you’ll learn that in time if you get hired. But rest assured he won’t be interviewing you today, his son will. Be aware Shouto can come off as intimidating as well but he’s a lot more friendly than his father.

Haru informed that Todoroki would be in shorty and to make yourself comfortable then walked out. “Hmm, that would explain why the voice sounded so different from the pictures of him”, you thought and walked to look out of the window. You marveled at the sight of the city below you, it was like a maze confirming that this was in fact the perfect place for you to hide from your ex. As you waited you walked back and forth along the window, ghosting your finger on the glass and humming.


Shouto made his way from the locker room and to his father’s office, growling at himself for being at least 5 minutes late but he didn’t want to do an interview looking all beat up in his hero costume so he washed his face real quick and put on a long sleeved black turtle-neck shirt and some black pants. He sprinted to the door checking his watch then took a breath before quietly opening it as to not scare whoever was in the quiet room.

Poking his head around the door and walking in he saw you, staring out the window and humming. The tune you hummed sounded so familiar but he couldn’t place a finger on where he heard it before, taking in your frame you were somewhat shorter than him and had (h/c) locks cascading down your back. Your body walked back and forth slowly as you hummed, the skirt you wore stopped mid-thigh on you showcasing how nice your legs were. Shouto couldn't help but check them out then caught himself and shook his head as if to clear the thoughts he suddenly had. The hero was hoping for an elder woman to fill the position so there would be no distractions around the office full of male heroes but if you were actually qualified for the job then he’d have no choice but to hire you.

Todoroki started to walk more towards you and cleared his throat, letting you know he was there so you wouldn’t jump but his plan backfired. You gasped and looked back with a blush crossing your features, gorgeous features in fact. (E/c) hues that were bright and glistening, a warm and smooth (s/c) skin tone, and soft blushed lips. If he wasn’t captivated before, he was now. He wondered if he should even go on with this interview or say the spot is filled, having this gut feeling that if you were hired you wouldn’t be a distraction for just everyone around the agency but for him as well. Todoroki may seem standoffish and like he doesn't care to others, which for the most part is true but he was still human and had the same desires any human did when it came to someone attractive and that caught his attention.

You must be Shouto Todoroki, I’m (Y/N L/N). It’s really nice to meet you and I appreciate the call back!”, you cheered with a soft and sweet voice that sounded vaguely familiar as well. A smile crossed your face that made your eyes crinkle in the corners and a single dimple appear. The warmth and happiness you radiated made him smile in return and you reached out your hand for his. It took him a bit to realize you were gesturing for a handshake, he wasn’t sure what was wrong with him, he’s been around and dated pretty girls before but you were something else entirely. His right hand encased your warm and soft one in his, making you shudder as your skin connected. “Oh wow, uh Mr. Todoroki my hand!”, you chuckled and pulled away shivering. “Huh?”, he looked down to see his quirk had slightly activated once he touched you, he didn’t freeze your hand just lightly frosted it. "Dammit what’s wrong with me?", he scolded himself internally and grit his teeth. “I’m sorry Ms. (L/N), I didn’t mean to, here let me see your hand again please.

You looked at him confused but did as he asked, this time his left hand took yours and he warmed it back to normal. You awed in fascination making him smirk as he held your hand for longer than needed. “That’s amazing, you have two quirks?” He nodded, letting go of your hand and demonstrating a handful of flames and ice. “Oh wow, it's very beautiful!”, you breathed and smiled. Shouto’s stomach flipped at your comment and he slowly deactivated his quirk. “Uhm, thank you. Shall we have a seat Ms. (L/N)?

You followed him to the desk and requested he called you by your first name, explaining that in America every one is addressed that way unless they’re speaking to an elder or teacher. The both of you sat down and he opened a folder that was on the desk, it was your resume. He looked up to see you straightening your skirt as your legs were crossed and it rode down your thigh, a heat that wasn’t his own quirk settled in him as he took in more of your figure, even your cleavage that was adorned by a simple necklace. He let out a breath of steam as his quirk acted up again, thankfully you didn’t noticed and he went back to scanning the document and wondering why his quirk was being so stubborn of all times. Since UA, Todoroki has gained immense control over his quirks and not once have they ever acted up like this, it was infuriating.

So, (Y/N) why did you apply for this job?”, he asked avoiding eye contact with you. “Well not to be a smart-ass but because I need it, I just moved here about a week ago from America. I’m still trying to settle in and wanted to find a job fast, you see I’m on my own here and a job is what I need to support myself financially and emotionally so I can get out there and meet people. Plus, to be honest, this seems like the safest place to work and I need that.

Shouto raised an eyebrow at your last sentence, “You know working at a hero agency can sometimes be just the opposite, villains aim to take heroes out and nothing would stop them from wanting to attack an agency that is full of the cities best ones.” You looked as though you were contemplating his words, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth and rubbing the back of your neck, it was cute to him until you looked up and caught him staring. You flashed a half smile, “I can see how that would be true, but nonetheless I still feel safe here and I know I can do this job with no problem!” With that Shouto nodded and continued to ask you basic interview questions, you past employment history, your skills and educational background, etc. As he looked over your resume more he noticed your address wasn’t present which was odd. “You didn’t put an address on here”, you nodded, “I mean it’s not of importance right now, but if you get hired then we will need it for our files, along with your social security number and other basic information for our system.

You were quiet, making him look up at you from the file. You stared off at the window, your fingers toying with the charm on your necklace dragging it back and forth on the chain. Shouto asked if you were okay with a protective tone, you swallowed harshly and asked if your information would be made public. “Of course not, all of our employee’s information is strictly confidential, our systems and servers are unbreachable and we have tech members that monitor them around the clock, if you’re worried about your home information getting out there’s no need for it because it won’t and I’ll make sure of that!

Slowly but surely your body relaxed and the small cloud that was hanging over you dissipated. “How about we change the subject, like I said your address isn’t needed just yet. If I may ask, do you have a quirk, it’s not required I’m just curious.” “Unfortunately no sir, I don’t. There’s nothing too special about me!”, you chuckled nervously still playing with your necklace. Shouto had to disagree with your statement, there was something special about you, at least to him. You seemed to be hiding something and scared but at the same time so full of life and confident, it drug him in more and more. “But, just because I don’t have a quirk doesn’t mean I can’t get this job done, if anything I’ll work harder than anyone who does have one. I’ve gotten along this far without one, I’m sure I can handle my own around here!The hero smirked at your sudden confidence and agreed. “One more question, once again its just my curiosity, but why did you move here of all places?


"Damn, why is this gorgeous man so interested?" His stunning grey and blue eyes looked at you, holding you in your place and making a fire engulf your body. This whole interview the two of your stole glances at each other and there was this energy in the room between the casual interview. It flattered you that he seemed to be so enamored by you but why? You were nothing short of plain and boring, except for your fucked up past but you didn't want to bring that up to your possible future employer, at least not yet. "Just give him some bullshit excuse, like change of scenery or finding yourself, he should buy it for now." Right as you were parting your lips to speak, a phone started to ring, the hero grit his teeth making you sighed with relief as you were saved by a phone call, giving you an apologetic look he answered the phone and started to talk. Deciding to leave him alone you motioned to the window and went back to stare out onto the city.

Crowds of people walked across the streets like a army of ants, bicycles, cars and buses ran the streets. Lights and billboards flashed and illuminated the dulling skies as it looked like it was about to rain. The city was beautiful and chaotic, it was nothing like the small quaint little town you left behind. “I’m sorry about that, it was my father.” Your body went rigid at the thought of Endeavor, you haven’t met the guy yet but man did he look scary. “Does you father get the final say in all of this? Like will I have to meet him?” Shouto smirked at your nervousness, “Why does he scare you?

You scoffed at the stunner, shaking your head no with a fake smile, “Yup!" your voice squeaked. Todoroki choked on a laugh that made your heart melt, he didn’t seem like the type that laughed at anything honestly but he did seem to smile frequently. “He has that affect on people. To be honest, me and my father haven’t always had a great relationship, but we’ve made leaps and bounds with each other. He’s misunderstood that’s for sure, and his tone and attitude towards things doesn’t make it better but he's trying to change and become that 'Symbol of Peace'. After you get to know him, he won’t seem so scary, you’ll come to learn why he’s the #1 and the most respected hero after All Might. And yes, you’ll be meeting him Monday when you come in for work.

Your goofy face then turned into one of pure joy and bliss, a huge smile crossing your features and a breath of relief leaving your lungs. “Are you serious? I got the job? But don’t you have other applicants?” The hero nodded and leaned against the window as he looked out onto the city as well, “As serious as a heart attack. We do have other applicants, but I don’t feel like wasting my time with them, you’re who I want.” You gasped quietly at his choice of words and gave him a second to rephrase that last sentence but he didn’t, he stuck with it and it made you blush violently. This man really did seem to be interested in you, you weren't exactly complaining, he was gorgeous of course and damn did he make a turtle-neck look good. "That is if you want it", his attractive voice broke your sinful thoughts, making you focus on his face. “Of course I do!” Your body then acted unconsciously as you suddenly embraced the man, you didn't know what else to do, he was giving you a second chance at life and it meant so much.

Shouto was taken back by your sudden display of affection, but he didn’t want to be rude so he hugged you back. You let the hero hold you for a moment, loving the way his arms and body towered over you and the mixture of cool and warm. When you’d hug your ex, if felt like you were in the clutches of a snake making its way around your body and slowly killing you. Shouto's hug felt protective and like a safety net, making you relax into him. You nuzzled your face into his chest, hearing his heartbeat quicken and causing you to smile. “Thank you so much Shouto, you don't know how much this means to me right now! I can't wait to work for you, you won't regret it!" He smirked and broke the hug, placing his hands on your shoulders and looking at you, "I know I won't, we could use someone like you around here (Y/N), and I look forward to getting to know you more!

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You groaned and huddled more under your covers trying to escape the ear piercing sound of the alarm clock, even after 4 days the sound never got easier to wake up to, maybe a few more months and you'd get into a routine. After two minutes of the constant sound you finally crawled out from your warm shelter and banged a fist on the electronic clock making the noise cease to exist, at least until 5:30AM the next word day. Sitting up in bed, covers draped around your body like you were an Eskimo trying the escape the cold wind, you smacked your dry lips and yawned. "I wonder if I'll meet Mr. Enji today", you said to yourself as your body inched closer to the edge of the bed.

It was Friday and Endeavor still hadn't made it back in from his trip which put you at ease but also kept you on edge at the same time, anxious to meet the #1 hero any day now. But Friday also meant at 5PM you were off until Monday morning. You had to admit your schedule was pretty lax, Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM with the exception of the 30 minute commute there and back, pretty much an hour including getting to and from the station yourself. You had weekends off but at the end of each month you were required to go in on a Saturday or Sunday to gather up all the heroes monthly reports and file them away and prepare for the new month. Not to mention you got paid extremely well with benefits, plus you got to work with gorgeous and genuinely friendly heroes.

Your feet finally touched the cool plush rug your bed sat on top of and you decided it was finally about time to get ready for the day. Hopping into the bathroom for a quick shower you hummed and sang as the cold water hit your skin, waking your sleepy senses in no time. Once you were out you waltzed into the kitchen in your towel to get some breakfast and checked the weather. It looked like it was going to rain so you opted for something cozy since the fall season started to roll around and the rain was sure to bring a nice chill in the air. Walking back and forth while eating on a bagel you managed to scope out some skinny jeans that went with a loose white tee and knitted chunky cardigan and some boots. The dress-code for the agencies 'non-hero' workers was pretty laid back and casual which was a plus in your book, you could still be comfy and look cute as hell without having to put in much effort.

Before leaving your apartment you did one final check to make sure you had everything you needed then headed out your door. In the quiet hall of the building you looked at the apartment door next to yours as you turned your key and locked it. It was almost 2 – maybe 3 weeks now since you've moved in and still you had yet to meet your neighbor. Whoever it was you figured they just must be extremely busy. "Maybe I'll just slip a letter under their door introducing myself." Shrugging your shoulders you danced down the stairs and towards the station. Your frame sat comfortably on the train, scrolling through Tumblr you quirked a brow when a text message popped up. It was from cute little Haru, working with him the majority of your week at the agency you two quickly became friends and you found out that the guy was extremely gay when he commented on how "fucking delicious" one of the heroes looked one day.

HARUBOO: Hey, I won't be coming into work today, I've got major food poisoning. So if you need anything, please feel free to call or text! Have a good day, Miss Todoroki! (;

You cackled and rolled your eyes at the text then went back to playing around on your phone. The black haired male had this ongoing joke about you and Shouto being star crossed lovers destined for each other. It was a dumb thing really, just because he would notice certain looks the two of you exchanged and how you seemed to be the only person who could legit make the half and half hero crack a smile or laugh. You'd be lying if you said you weren't crushing on Shouto but you didn't worry about it, you were a go with the flow type of girl now, whatever happens, happens. Plus you weren't sure if you were even the mans type, you were quirkless and plain, he was powerful and breathtaking, his father owned one of the most successful hero agencies in Tokyo, whoever Endeavors son brought home probably would have to be a real dime!


Shouto sighed as he poured himself a cup of tea and walked about the agency, waving and greeting all the heroes who were arriving for their jobs one at a time. It was almost 8AM meaning that one certain set of (h/c) locks should be bouncing through the main offices doors any second now. Over the past week Todoroki had grown rather fond of you, he looked forward to seeing your bright and smiling face in the office before he had to go out on patrol. When he'd come in for a break or lunch he'd find you either in the lounge or breakroom eating or running around the office doing things for the other heroes. Sometimes he'd even walk into his fathers office to find you sitting in front of the large window you seemed to adore so much. He found it cute actually, always asking what you'd do once his father got back and took his office back as well. "I'll just butter him up and get on his good side, then maybe he'll let me sit in here whenever I want to!", you told him.

Todoroki liked your determination to win his father over, despite how you seemed to tremble in your skin at the sound of his name, he figured it was just you wanting so desperately to be accepted by him. Shouto knew his father wasn't really a big softy, sure he's made improvements personality wise since getting and holding his #1 hero ranking, he's become more social and likeable towards the public, so maybe if anyone could 'butter him up', it would be you. Either way he was excited to see where your journey at his agency would take you.

The heroes thoughts were interrupted when the phone in his pocket started to go off, he took it out and answered it. "Good morning father, everything okay?" "Shouto, I'm just calling to let you know that I'll finally be back in the office today. How are things there?" Endeavors deep voice spoke on the other end, genuinely curious as to how his agency was running. "Everything here is running smoothly father, we even hired that extra help for the office, she's adapting very well to her tasks, she's definitely what the agency needed!", Shouto answered with a sort of ring to his voice once he talked about you. He swore he could hear a hum on the other end and a possible smirk from his old man. "She huh? Hmm, so are you going to tell me more about this young lady that seems to have caught your eye?"


"Good morning Shouto!", you called out walking into the locker room of the agency to put your bag and items into your assigned locker. The stunning hero seemed to jump in place as he turned around to look at you, he faced the other way again, mumbling a few words before hanging up his phone and turning back to you. A chuckle left your lips and you opened your locker, "Sorry to scare you, I didn't mean to interrupt your call." Shouto shook his head and placed his phone back into his pocket. He was already dressed in his hero getup, making you blush at the sight of him. You had to admit, you loved seeing him in his costume, it was simple but so good looking on him. Your favorite part was the clasp that connected the ends of his collar, looking like he wore a choker.

"I wasn't scared, just startled", the hero replied as he walked over to you and leaned against the lockers and sipped his tea. "Is there a difference?", you asked while closing the door to the locker and looked up at the tall man, squinting an eye and half smiling. Shouto smirked and crossed his arms, "Slightly, scared is to be fearful or frightened. Startled is to be shocked or alarmed." You rolled your eyes and placed a hand on his cheek giving him a look that displayed you weren't really buying the bullshit. "You're really reaching with that one Shouto, but I'll let it slide!" A puff of steam escaped from the males mouth as he exhaled a chuckle, you laughed at his quirk acting up like it always does when you touched him and pinched his cute little chubby cheek making him blush.

"Hey can I ask you something?" Shouto hummed and quirked his white brow at you. "What are these?", you asked and reached for the little objects that hung from his belt and tugged on it, pulling his hips forward. The male seemed taken back at your complete lack of personal space with your hand being so close to his crotch. A light blush crossed his cheeks and he struggled for a bit to find his words as you didn't let go and inspected the object, leaning down to get a closer look. "Uh – they're just random containers that hold vials of water, painkillers, disinfectants or other medicines that I have on hand. You know for rescue situations."

You let the container fall from your grasp and stood straight up again with a smile, this guy really was thoughtful and sort of 'mom like', it was really cute. "That's really cool of you to have Shouto, it's very admirable how seriously you take your job and are always thinking ahead." The half and half man nodded with a smile at your compliment. "You know, one time I had a kid call me 'Five Pee-Pee Man', he said these looked like...well you know." You bit down hard on your lip and crossed your arms, one hand covering your mouth as you tried your hardest not to die laughing. Todoroki could see the struggle you were going through and let you know it was okay to laugh, so you did. It was a hearty laugh making the corners of your cheeks rise high and crinkle the corners of your eyes. Shouto hadn't seen you laugh like this before but he enjoyed it, and wouldn't mind making you laugh like this forever.

He chuckled in response and looked at his watch to see the time, internally he groaned knowing he really needed to head out but not wanting to leave the sight before him. You noticed him looking at the device and wiped the tears from your eyes, "I'm sorry I'm keeping you from work Shouto, I really should get going myself, I'm alone today so I have double the work." Todoroki nodded and uncrossed his arms and walked out of the locker room with you until you both came to the end of the hall that split, one way going back towards the main lobby and the other going towards where the heroes would exit from. You faced each other and smiled, looking at his face you noticed an eyelash about to fall into his vision. "Hey Shouto, lean down for me, you have an eyelash about to impale your eyeball."

He did as instructed, one hand cupped his cheek and the other brushed his hair out of his face, your fingers threading through his soft and fluffy bangs making you giggle, he looked at you with question. "Sorry, I've just always wanted to touch your hair, don't mind me. I'm gonna lightly hold open your eyelids, can you look up for me please?" Your fingertips held apart his top and bottom lids as he looked up and you very lightly blew air into his eye, causing the lash to move out of his vision and under his eyeball. You removed the rouge lash from its place then released him, he blinked rapidly then looked at you, both hands cupped his face now and your thumbs brushed his soft and pale cheeks as you looked back into the beautiful light grey and ocean blue eyes.

Your breathing hitched as he stayed there, staring back at you and letting you touch him so intimately. You were able to take in the sight of his burned flesh that you honestly never even noticed. Your fingers brushed above his red brow and felt the scare tissue left behind, a puff of cold air came out from Todoroki's lips and made you realize what you were doing. "Oh, Shouto I'm - I'm sorry, I shouldn't", you went to retract your hands but his own grabbed your wrists and held them in place. "Please, it's okay, this is actually rather...comforting." You were shocked but didn't complain, your heart was beating so fast and you could hear it in your ears. You honestly wanted to stay this way forever, looking into those gorgeous hues and running your fingers through his soft locks, until you realized the two of you really needed to get back to work. Smiling, you start raising his head in your hands to make him stand straight again, both of your hands sliding from him face and to his chest and his own hands never leaving your wrists. Todoroki's thumbs brushed your soft and delicate wrists in his grasp as he looked down at you and searched your (e/c) hues then looked down at your plump and soft lips that you seemed to lick before giving him a soft smile. "Be careful out there okay! I'll see you at lunch?", you asked somewhat sure and somewhat unsure. Shouto smirked and brushed your cheek, "I'll see you at lunch!"


YOU: OH MY GOD! I just like held RokiRoki's face in my hands!!! 0_0

HARUBOO: *gasps* Was it a magical moment? :0

YOU: It was something, I'll call you when I get home, we may need to get drinks!


It was now around 10 in the afternoon, the agency was quiet and pretty much dead. Heroes on break or on lunch flooded in and out. All your major tasks were done for the moment so you went to the breakroom to get coffee, it was in fact pouring outside and it was chilly in the building. You placed your cup in front of the air pot and went to press the pump down, groaning when nothing came out. You grabbed the pot by its handle and walked to the kitchen to make another fresh batch, while it brewed you went to your locker and got a box of chocolate Pocky from your bag then walked around while snacking on it and checking the place out for any messes or things that needed to be tended to. After about 5 minutes the coffee should've been done so you walked back to the kitchen, as you got closer you could hear something that sounded like water running.

"That's weird I didn't – oh my god, holy shit!" You screamed as you walked in and saw the coffee pot overflowing with the dark liquid as more just kept pouring out from the spout of the machine. Freaking out you didn't know what to do, you dropped the box of Pocky in your hand and scrambled for paper towels and dish towels to cover the soaked floor. Next you tried to locate where the problem was coming from and just completely unplugged the machine then turned off the water source, making you get on your hands and knees and reach underneath the table it was on in order to do so. Growls and profanities dripped from your mouth as you cleaned up the floor with the now dark brown towels.

"What on earth is going on here?" Your body stiffened under the table at a loud and booming voice, craning your neck you turned to see who it was. All you could see from your position was dark dress shoes and khaki pants, so you crawled backwards out from under the table and went to sit up, bumping your head in the process and crying out. "Here, let me help you that sounded like it hurt!" Massive hands picked you up effortlessly by the waist and placed you on your feet. You rubbed the back of your head wincing with eyes screwed shut, "Oh man, yeah I'm gonna be feeling that for a good bit, thank you tho – ngh!" You stood in shock as your eyes opened and laid upon the one and only Enji Todoroki. Swallowing harshly you looked up, he towered over you like the very building you were standing in. "Good god this man is built like the Hulk!"

His fierce ocean blue eyes looked down at you with curiosity as he raised a brow. His quirk was deactivated, making him look a tad bit less intimidating but he was still a big and scary dude, but he was also very handsome which made you notice you were staring for far too long at the hero. Quickly your frame backed up and bowed before him, "Endeavor! Uh – I'm sorry, Mr. Todoroki!" You then looked around at the mess in the kitchen and wanted to die, "I'm so sorry you had to return to this mess, I honestly don't know why this is happening!" Enji seemed to look around himself and groaned. "I told them to order a new coffee maker weeks ago and I see it hasn't been done, it does this sometimes. Don't blame yourself, it's just a simple malfunctioning machine."

Your body immediately went back to cleaning up the mess as you became a mess yourself. "Mr. Todoroki, I'm so sorry! If you want I can order a new one immediately once I get this cleaned up." Enji smirked and grabbed a mop from the corner of the kitchen and handed it to you, "Here, I'll lift this table and you should be able to clean the floor easier." Shocked by his urge to help you nodded and did as instructed as he lifted the heavy table with ease. "Teamwork makes the dream work sir!", you blurted out then stiffened, wanting to die of embarrassment from your word vomit. You were surprised though to hear a hearty chuckle escape from the scary hero. "You're funny, who are you by the way, you know me but I haven't seen you around here."

You finished mopping and moved out of the way so the man could sit the table back down. "I'm sorry Mr. Todoroki, I'm (Y/N) (L/N), I just started working here Monday." A light-bulb went off in Enji's head and his mouth parted into a silent "oh". "So you're the one my Shouto hired! Well it's nice to finally meet you, I've heard a lot about you! Please you can drop the honorifics and just call me Enji."

Chapter Text

Shouto walked into the locker room and removed his vest and belt as he let a heavy breath leave his chest, he was tired and beat from the long day of work. He also felt horrible that he wasn’t able to come in for lunch like he stated he would, feeling like he may have disappointed you. Upon opening his work locker an envelope fell from inside of the door. The hero quirked a red brow then bent down to pick it up, on the front his name was written in what looked like perfect script, he instantly recognized it as your handwriting.

Hey RokiRoki! Just felt like leaving you a note since I didn’t see you at lunch and I won’t see you again till Monday, so you owe me a lunch date next week! I hope you arrived back safely, if not then I guess this letter is pointless huh? Sorry, that got dark. You know what, text me so I know you did find this, or I’m going to be paranoid all weekend!

P.S. – I met your father, he’s really “chill”! HA

Todoroki chuckled quietly as he scanned the letter further and saw your phone number written down, he folded the paper and stuck it in his bag then continued to dress out of his hero costume. Footsteps were heard walking in and he turned to look to see one of his coworkers. “Oh hey Shouto, your father is back. He wants you to come to his office when you’re done.

A few minutes later Todoroki made his way to his dads office and knocked on the door, he was answered with a greeting to enter and did so. “Shouto, it’s nice to see you. How was the city today?” The half and half male sat in the chair before Enji and went over how his day went, the two then caught up about what all had happened since Endeavor had left and Todoroki informed him of anything that was detrimental for his father to know. Enji seemed pleased with how his son handled his agency over the past week, “I’m proud of you Shouto, thank you for stepping up for me when I couldn’t be here. You’ll make a great successor when my time is up.

The two sat a few more minutes and talked then Shouto stood and was getting ready to leave, he was exhausted and his father being back meant he had the weekend off so he was more than excited to spend it at home doing nothing. “By the way, I met that girl. She’s rather humorous, even if it has only been a week, I can see why you like her so much.” Todoroki grunted at his fathers words and he wanted to retaliate but the man only spoke the truth. Since the day he interviewed you, he was enamored. Remembering the letter in his bag Shouto asked if he was needed any further before taking off, his father shook his head and bid him a good weekend. Todoroki made his way onto the train and dug in his bag, immediately tapping away on his phone.


Girl, you’re telling me ALL that sexual tension and neither one of you went for a damn kiss?” Haru’s disappointment could be heard through the phone, making you giggle as you blew bubbles from your palm. “Haru, I’ve only known the guy a week, wouldn’t that be moving a little too fast?” “How long has it been since you’ve been with a man sweetheart? A small kiss is nothing after only a few days, hell even sex is on the table now! The terms of relationships have changed!

Sitting in the hot water you sunk down further and thought about it. You’ve been physically separated from your psycho ex for only a few weeks now, but you’ve been emotionally separated from him for almost have a year. You did like Todoroki, there was something about him that had you intrigued and wanting to know all about him. Wrapping your free arm around yourself you flashed-back to how it felt when he held you and how wonderful he smelled. Then today when he held onto you and let you touch his face make your heart flutter. The whole ordeal gave you hope for something to happen, it was undeniable the way he would look at you and seeked you out on his own, not being completely dumb, it was obvious the man liked you. A smile then crossed your face as you hoped he would take the hint in the letter you left and text you, that was at least the first step!

Hello? I mean, don’t you ever think about what he looks like naked? That beautiful pale skin and the ripped body he must have! And that quirk, imagine how kinky he must be, because I know without a doubt Shouto Todoroki has to be a freak in the sheets!” You burst into a fit of laughter and continued on the interesting topic of how sex with your somewhat boss might be like, until a ‘ping’ sounded in your speaker. “Hold on a sec Haru, I think I just got a text!

UNKNOWN #: Why does my father find you “humorous”?

Oh my god, it’s Shouto!”, you squealed into the phone. A gasp was heard on the other end and Haru offered to let you be, demanding he be given details ASAP.

YOU: I take it you returned back to the office in one piece?
ROKIROKI: If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be getting this message right?
YOU: You got me there RokiRoki. Enji didn’t tell you what he returned to?
ROKIROKI: No, he only told me that you were humorous and that he liked you. What did you do to him?
YOU: Nothing, I swear, if anything he came in at the worst possible time! )’:
YOU: I’ll make you a deal, take me out to lunch tomorrow and I’ll tell you (:
ROKIROKI: Deal! I’ll pick you up at 10am!
YOU: I can’t wait! See you then handsome! ^_^


Shouto smiled and laid his phone on the table by his bed then went to take a bath, as he lowered into the tub and laid back his fingers brushed his own cheek where your hands once were. It felt like his skin was tingling from the feeling on your own contacting with his. It took great restraint for him to not kiss you then, those (e/c) hues were so intoxicating and your lips looked like they would taste so sweet. If his own father could realize that he was starting to fall for you, who was he to deny his desires anymore. Shouto usually was a man who went for what he wanted, you were a person though, not property that he could just take…but god did he want to take you and all for himself. Shouto saw how the men around the office drooled over you but you were completely oblivious, which was somewhat comforting to him. If he had any chance with you, he needed to take it and tomorrow would be the perfect start!

"Baby, I met you in downtown Chicago but I, I had to drive away the very next day. So I, flew your pretty ass to New York City then I, I left you in L.A."

Shouto smiled at the sound of a familiar soft voice drifting through his bathroom, it had been a few days since he heard it and it was a welcomed sound. The voice also reminded him that he really needed to introduce himself to whoever lived on the other side of the wall, he could only imagine how rude the person must’ve thought he was. With a smile Shouto relaxed and laid back, as he listened closely the voice started to sound more and more familiar, with the notes it would hit though it was hard for him to place a face to it. One face did come to mind though, but maybe just because he thought of it so much. “Nah, there’s no way.

“Was it love or my fantasy? Was it real or just a dream? Was it love or my fantasy? Was it real?”


You were already wide awake at 8am, taking a shower and making sure you cleaned and shaved every nook and cranny you could think of, just in case something were to happen. You hadn’t been on a date in so long, so you kind of didn’t know what to expect. You made sure to pick the cutest outfit you could, going through at least 5 different ones, it was funny how you felt like some school girl going out for the first time. You wondered if anything would happen, like maybe a kiss. Most importantly though, you wondered where he was taking you, because if he had terrible tastes in food, then you weren’t sure if this whole (Y/N)-Todoroki ship would sail. “Okay, it’s almost 9. Maybe I should text him my address just in case it’s a ways from here.” Just as the thought left your mind, your cell pinged from a text.

ROKIROKI: I need your address, I’m about to head out.

You smiled at the fact that Shouto texted you just as you were about to text him, maybe Haru was right about the two of you being star crossed lovers. After texting your crush your address, you huffed and looked at yourself in the mirror. Even though the weather was getting chilly you still tried to show as much skin as you could with a pair of high waisted shorts and a fall of the shoulder slouchy sweater. You looked cute and sweet, with just the right amount of flesh showing that was sure to make him melt...well maybe. "HA, if it gets too cold then I can use it as an excuse to ask him for a hug! I'll make him my own personal heater!"


Your scheming was interrupted when you heard the light knocking on your door, you looked at your phone and made a confused face. It had only been maybe two minutes since you texted Shouto, so there was no way it could be him. Racking your brain for who it could possibly you came up with nothing, maybe it was the mail? The knock came again making you jump and walk towards the door telling the person to calm down. Your fingers brushed a lock of hair behind your ear as you opened the door and looked at the person who stood before you.


Chapter Text

So I guess it makes sense why we never ran into each other.” Todoroki looked at you as you looked out the window of the train then at him and smiled, making his heart warm. “You know since you have to be at work much earlier and later than me, then with you taking Enji’s place lately didn’t give you much free time huh?” Shouto nodded agreeing with you. “Man, well I gotta say, I’m really relived that it’s you living on the other side of me. I feel a lot safer.

Shouto quirked a red brow at you, this wasn’t the first time you mentioned ‘safety’ and it made him wonder what had you so…scared. “You know, you never told me why you moved here in the first place.” In the reflection of the window the man could see you biting your lip and looking down in the corner at nothing in particular. “Well, to be honest Shouto it’s a long and…complicated story, one that I don’t really want to lie to you about but also one that I’m not exactly ready to tell you yet.

Todoroki sat there silently examining your body language. You had yet to look at him and your fingers nervously fidgeted with the hem of your sweater as your other hand rubbed the back of your bare neck. Whatever your reason for possibly ‘fleeing’ from the States, it had to be something serious and it made him worry. He didn’t want to force you into telling him anything you weren’t comfortable with yet, he’d wait if he had to and show you that you could trust him. His hand then reached for yours, it was the first time he’s touched it since that dreadful handshake when you first met. Focusing hard on not letting his quirk get the best of him and possibly burn your skin, he enclosed your soft hand in his and squeezed lightly.

You looked from the window finally and to his hand holding yours, a tint of pink brushing your cheeks, you then looked at him with those (e/c) hues that followed him home from work every day this past week. “Tell me when you’re ready then. I can wait, in the mean time if you ever need anything no matter what time it is or what it is, just knock on the wall twice and I’ll be right over okay?” “Thank you Shouto.


The rest of the train ride you and Shouto talked about everything under the moon that didn’t involve delving too deep into your past. You found out he loves cold soba and that he prefers the cooler seasons over the warmer ones. He told you all about his years at UA, it sounded so amazing yet terrifying to you. He was only a teenager and went through so much shit and yet he was still here, not once running away from his problems. “You really are amazing Shouto, all your experiences make my own seem so insignificant.” Your hand was squeezed again and a not so amused look crossed your friends handsome features. “That’s not true (Y/N), don’t say that.

I’m sorry Shouto. It’s just, you see I don’t exactly think so highly of myself, like I’ve said before I’m nothing special.” Todoroki looked like he was having an internal struggle going on, not sure what kind of face to make or what to say until he finally let out a deep breath. “You know I really wish you wouldn’t talk down about yourself so often. You may not think you’re special but that’s not how others see you (Y/N), especially me.” You grunted, the two-toned man was extremely serious and straight forward with his confession, making you get flustered as your hand and entire body broke into a sudden heat.

What is this man doing to me? I’m suddenly sweating like a sinner in church!” You chuckled and gave a sheepish smile towards Todoroki then stood to your feet wanting to escape to the bathroom to make sure you weren’t sweating through your clothes. “Excuse me Shouto, I need to go to the bathroom real fast before we stop.” He nodded and let go of your hand, you then went to pass his body and at the same time the train come to a sudden harsh stop making you tumble and fall backwards into Shouto’s lap. He grunted under the force of your body not so gracefully colliding into his, he was hunched over his mouth nearly brushing your bare neck and shoulder and his hands gripping your hips. The sound that escaped from his mouth made you dizzy, “Shouto~”, you let out breathlessly. He seemed to pull your hips closer to his as his name left your lips the way it did, you then felt a sudden cold and heat flare up on your hips making your eyes widen and say his name again but with more urgency.

Shit!”, he hissed out and let go of your hips, you both looked to see the left side of your sweater black and seared and the right side covered in frost. You burst out laughing, wrapping your arm around yourself and covering your loud obnoxious noises. Shouto looked at the back of you confused, one you didn’t bother moving from his lap, not that he was complaining and two because you were laughing at what could’ve been a major accident. “You're something else woman!


RokiRoki, you didn’t need to buy me another top, really!” You complained as Todoroki handed the store clerk his card. The second the two of you got off the train he dragged you into the closest store to replace the sweater he almost burned to ash, you settled for whatever was cheaper considering he happened to pull you into a high end store. You picked out another slouchy sweater but it unfortunately hid your shoulders, ruining your plan to look somewhat attractive to your crush. As the two of you walked out of the store you quickly grabbed his hand and held it tightly making his eyes widen and stop and look at you. “Are you okay?” “Yeah, its just I don’t know this place and it looks really busy…I don’t want to lose you.

Shouto smirked and nodded then lead you into the busy and noisy city. “The place isn’t much further.” Nodding you walked along and marveled at the city, looking in every direction. As you looked over to the other side of the street past Shouto you could see someone walking along while staring at you. It looked like a male but they had a black surgical mask on not giving away their identity. Squeezing Shouto’s hand you walked closer to him and clung to his arm. The hero didn’t mind and even lifted his arm, letting you hide under the shelter of him as you both walked. You don’t know when but somewhere along the way you lost sight of the stranger. “Here we are, you like ramen right?

Sitting inside of the ramen shop put you at ease, it was nestled in a alley far away from the city and noise, you both ordered your food and waited at your table with your warm teas in hand. “It’s your turn”, Shouto stated out of the blue, causing you to look at him from searching the establishment. “My turn?” “To hold up your end of the deal, we’re here on a lunch date, now you tell me what happened with my father.” Remembering the text exchange from the night before you chuckled and leaned forward on the table and crossed your arms, making the little bit of cleavage that showed push further out and made Todoroki chuckle as he drank his tea. “So, get ready, I’m about to tell you all about how I met my future father-in-law!” The man before you choked on his drink and coughed as he covered his mouth and wiped it clean. You laughed back and handed him a napkin, “Just jokes folks, just jokes!

After his episode you told him about the scene that unfolded the day before with his Hulk of a father, how he walked in at the worst possible time but helped you out and even chuckled at your dumb word vomit and how he told you to call him by his first name. In perfect timing your food came out when you wrapped up the story, both of you graciously thanked the waiter. Todoroki smiled, “And you think you aren’t special? No one else in our office is allowed to call my father by his first name, not even heroes that have been there for years.

Oh yeah? Well maybe you had already put in a good word for me, he mentioned hearing a lot about me. I wonder from who!”, you tilted your head, slowly sucking up a noodle and staring Shouto straight in the eyes. A “ngh” escaped him then he smiled and started to eat his own food, shrugging off the fact that he had been caught. Relaxing at his good mood, you sighed and ate as well. You seemed to put on a good front so far, Todoroki not realizing how on edge you were currently, you’ve gotten good at it being with your ex.

Your eyes scoped out the place here and there, watching to see if anyone was staring at you in particular. People seemed to be minding their own business chatting among themselves, some looking around the same as you did. You saw a group of girls looking your way as well, gushing over Shouto obviously. It made you chuckle, you forget most of the time that he’s a very popular hero, to you he’s just RokiRoki. You finished your food not long before he did and wiped your forehead from how hot the ramen was then decided to go to the bathrooms, “Excuse me Shouto, I need to go wash up real quick. If the check comes here’s my part of it!” You went to shove money his way and he swatted it away with a stern look, anyone else you’d protest but the man had a way with putting you in your place with just a look or phrase. Giving up you ruffled his hair and walked off.


Todoroki had paid for your meal about 5 minutes ago and still you weren’t back and he was starting to get worried. He noticed how you looked around the room constantly as you ate, as if someone was watching you, seeming on edge and trying to hide it from him which you weren’t very good at no matter what you thought. “Hey what are you doing to her? HELP!” A yell caught his attention and immediately Todoroki jumped from his seat and ran outside where the bathrooms were located and saw an elderly man walking towards a woman sitting on the ground caving in on herself and bleeding from her arm. Shouto felt his heart stop as he realized who it was, it was you. Crimson liquid cascaded from your forearm and around the fingers of your hand that tried to grip it, your chest heaved as you panicked and whined out. The elderly man crouched down and gently grabbed you by the shoulder and cupped your face, trying to calm you down. Todoroki grit his teeth, he should’ve been doing that, it was his job he does it all the time but he was frozen in place, he couldn’t move, couldn’t get to you.

Stay with me sweetheart, breathe! I’m gonna call for – hey you! Help!” The man called out as he saw Shouto standing at the end of the alley, he continued to call out but his voice was muted as Shouto only focused on your cries. Your head then fell back against the brick wall and your face lulled to the side and looked at him. Your (e/c) orbs dull and lazy, pleading and full of fear. Todoroki’s feet finally moved as he sprinted towards you, pushing the old man out of the way. His arms scooped you from the wall and into his chest, your head falling back as you were going in and out of consciousness. “I think he tried to drug to make her go with him but when she didn’t he cut her and I showed up making him run off.” Shouto’s heart was pounding and he pressed his ear to your chest, trying to listen to your heartbeat and breathing. It was slowing but it wasn’t stopping. You struggled to keep yourself up and your eyes open. “(Y/N), I’m here, just hold on and don’t lose my voice, okay? Please say something to let me know you understand!

He stood from his crouched position, cradling you in his arms bridal style and shaking you lightly repeating his words back to you. "Dammit (Y/N), you gotta answer me, please! Your tired head rested on his chest and your fingers loosely gripped his shirt as you looked up into his eyes and tried to smile and put on that dumb front that you were fine. “ Sh-Shouto...”, you breathed out as you made a fist and lightly knocked on his chest twice.

Chapter Text

“Where the fuck am I?”, you breathed out walking down an alley. Before and behind you was complete darkness as only a dim light hovered over you. Each step you took felt like you were about to fall, no sure what was in front of you. It was cold and quiet, not even your erratic breathing or footsteps echoed. Wrapping your arms around yourself, the organ in your chest started to work overtime as you felt a sinister aura creep up. “Who’s there?”

You didn’t hear them coming, you didn’t hear them breathing but somehow you were now pinned against a wall. Ice blue eyes held you still against the rough brick, flawless skin met charred skin and a stitched smile covered your captors features. “He’s been looking for you (Y/N). Don’t scream and come quietly.” You shook your head no, making the beautiful monster quirk a brow. You hissed and cried as your forearms were being seared, looking down blue flames engulfed your skin, blue flames that matched those blue eyes. “Shouto~”, you cried out.

The man chuckled and look to the right, his nose piercing shimmering. Your eyes followed his gaze and your blood went cold as your knees buckled, the hands around your now charred and numb arms gripped tighter holding you in place as you tried running. His lips were now at your neck, ghosting your skin and making you shudder as hot tears streamed down your cheeks. Shouto was on the ground, the same dim light that hovered over you, hovered over him. On his knees he only wore his pants and boots, gashes and cuts littered his entire upper half. He looked down screaming as blood poured from above him, staining his snow white hair and dripping through his fingers.

Those heterochromatic eyes that you adored so much finally looked up at you and Shouto’s expression went blank. “(Y/N), I’m so sorry”, his voice broke as blue flames then surrounded him. Those lips on your skin were now at your ear, you hissed as the sensation of them made your skin sting. “Poor Shouto.” As the cold phrase left his lips, Todoroki was set ablaze as you both screamed out together.

All at once you were pulled from the darkness as your eyes flew open from a freezing cold sensation, they looked upon an ice blue eye making your blood run cold. Tears poured down your face as you tried to pull away from the hands clutching your wrists. “No! Please don’t hurt him!” The eye narrowed and hands were now cupping your face as a low stoic and familiar voice started to fill your ears. “(Y/N), it’s me! Look at me!” You were so focused on that one sea blue orb that you didn’t notice the grey one, you pulled back a little and took in Todoroki’s face, your eyes then wondering down to his chest as your hands followed and gripped the clean and untattered shirt he wore, his arms loosely wrapped around you and were devoid of blood and scars. “You’re okay, it was only a nightmare. I’m here now!

You looked back up to his face, your bottom lip quivering. “Oh, Shouto..”, your voice broke as your face fell into his chest and sobbed. Todoroki looked down and wrapped you tighter into his chest, one of his hands resting on the back of your head and petting your hair. He pressed his cheek to the top of your head and let you cry as your arms then wrapped around him and gripped his back with desperation. “I thought I lost you…” The violent images flashing before your eyes once again. “I thought I lost you too…” was all he said as you both sat there and he comforted you.

After a while, your crying stop and you both sat in silence. Not once did either of you let go of each other, you found yourself softly humming a tune as Shouto rubbed your back. Your stomach then growled breaking the serene moment and making your hero chuckle. “I should feed you, it’s been a while.” You pulled back and wrapped on arm around your stomach then realized you were wearing a t-shirt that didn’t belong to you. “Exactly how long have I been out of it?

Almost 12 hours.” Todoroki explained that he took you to the hospital to get your wound addressed and have you check over, your breathing had slowed immensely along with your heart rate and had him worried sick that you were dying. The doctors told him that whoever sedated you did so with a large uncontrolled amount and wanted you knocked out for a while. He then explained how he brought you back to his place until you woke up, your clothes were covered in blood and he changed you into one of his own shirts. “I’m sorry if that was wrong of me, I just didn’t want you to wake up and see them.” You gave a pained smile at his chivalry and realized the heartbreaking reality of what needed to be done. Touched his cheek you bit on your lip trying to keep from crying again, “Thank you so much for taking care of me Shouto, I'm so lucky to have you. I’m so sorry I got you into this mess, you're life would be a lot easier without me. And...that's why I can't work for you anymore, or see you.


Todoroki’s brows furrowed and his heart dropped into his gut. “W-what are you talking about?” You looked away from him and sniffled. “ I thought I found the perfect place to hide from him, but he has eyes everywhere and now they know about you. He won't stop at anything to get me back, even if that means going after you Shouto. I know even if I run again he’ll probably just find me, but at least you won’t be involved anymore. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you because of me. I can’t protect you…I’m nothing.

Protect me?” Shouto was having an internal crisis. One, he still didn’t know what exactly who 'he' was and two, the woman he was falling for, that his heart yearned to love was wanting to leave and be on her own knowing she was in danger as long as it meant keeping him safe. Shouto felt your hands leaving him as you started to pull away and remove yourself. “I’m sorry Roki. I should prob –“ His hand gripped your elbow keeping you in place and making a ragged breath escape you. “It’s not your job to protect me, but it is my job to protect you. I failed you once already, and I’ll live with that for the rest of my life, but I won’t live with letting you go. You’re not leaving (Y/N) and that’s final.” You looked up at him with puffy (e/c) orbs and lips parted, he could tell you wanted to fight back maybe throw a low blow his way to make him hate you but his own eyes seared into you silently letting you know it wasn’t worth it.

Okay”, was all you answered with. Shouto knew he had a hold over you, he didn't like to take advantage of it but this situation called for it. “Now forget about all of this for a few hours and lets get you some food and a warm bath. But I need you to do something for me (Y/N).” You hummed in response still looking at him awaiting his request. Shouto brushed your hair out of your face and placed his palm to your cheek, the contact made your hurt expression disappear as you happily melted into his touch. “I can’t protect you entirely if you don’t tell me what’s going on. So promise me, after we get you feed and feeling better, you’ll tell me everything.” “I promise Roki!


Is that your mother?” you asked with a mouthful of pancakes, even though it was night time when you awoke, you craved breakfast and Todoroki fulfilled your wish without judgement and without your help, declining every time you asked. Shouto looked up from washing dishes and in the direction your eyes fell upon. It was a picture of him and a woman with ice white hair and grey eyes that matched his own. A soft smile played on his lips and he nodded. “She’s very beautiful. I think you take after her more than you do Enji.

So does that mean you think I’m beautiful too?”, he teased. You giggled and rolled your eyes at him then washed your food down with some milk and wiped your mouth. “I think you’re just fishing for a compliment RokiRoki! I’m sure tons of woman have let you know just how stunning you are. You know I’m curious, just how many woman have you dated?” The hero looked at you with a quirked white brow and chuckled, “Uh – I’m not sure. I work a lot and never really focused on companionship. I’ve dated here and there in between with women who pursued me, but they only did so because of my status.

You pouted your lips, and remembered the two girls in the ramen shop that drooled over him and how you forgot he was a popular hero. Yeah, he was undeniably gorgeous and extremely powerful but how could someone want this man just for those material things, he was so much more and truly a wonderful person, each day your heart feel for him more and more. “I’m sorry Shouto, if it makes you feel any better I adore you for more than just your good looks!” You stood from your seat and carried your dish over to the sink, before you could try to reach for the sponge and wash it on your own Todoroki took the plate from you. Before you could fight him he explained that your wrapped could get wet since they reached down to your wrist. "Alright RokiRoki, you win this time. Thank you again for everything, you really are my hero."

Smiling you stood on the tips of your toes, you hand cupped his face and brought his cheek close to your lips where you planted a kiss to his cool skin. Shouto smirked and let out a puff of steam making you giggle as he rolled his eyes. “Reason I adore you #1, your quirk acts up every time I make you nervous or flustered.” The male shooked his head and mumbled as he finished washing your dish and dried his hands. “Come on, lets go to your place so you can get a bath and some of your own clothes if you want." Nodding you quickly turned on your heels to walk towards his door until your head started to spin, making you stumble over. Todoroki quickly caught you and scooped your body up, “I guess you’re still a little woozy from the drug, let me get your keys and I’ll carry you.

Todoroki brought you over to your apartment where he walked you straight to the bathroom and sat you on the edge of the tub. "Let me undo these for you first, then I'll step out and wait for you to finish." You nodded and watched as he gently took your arm in his hand and undressed the wrappings from your arm. He felt you flinch and looked up, "It's okay Todo, it's just really sore." He then continued and removed the stained bandages, revealing the gash that wrapped from your inner forearm to the top of your wrist. "Damn, that guy really fucked me up huh, I didn't even realize." Shouto then stood up and turned on the bath for you, asking how hot you wanted it then cleaned up the dried blood and ointment from your gash while the tub filled up.

"Okay, if you need me I'll be right outside so just call for me." You nodded and smiled at him, making his heart melt and a smile cross his own face, he was so relieved to see you up and awake, bright and smiling once again. He then leaned down to your level, placing a hand on the back of your hair and kissed your forehead then walked out and let you be. As he waited on the other side of the door, Shouto called his father informing him of what happened. Enji was genuinely worried about you well being and advised that you both take Monday off to rest and recoup and also for Shouto to keep an eye on you, in the mean time Endeavor planned on launching an investigation about what happened. Todoroki thanked him and told him that once he got more details he'd get a call back then hung up and leaned his head against the door.

A few more minutes went by as Shouto sat on the ground listening closely. Since your accident he was 10x more protective of you and scared that the littest thing would break you. He sat there grateful that you lived right next door, close enough for him to keep an eye on you and not get too paranoid. From now on he wasn't going to let you out of his sight, not until whoever did this was caught and locked up. “Shouto”, you voice called out from inside the bathroom. Todoroki turned his head as he answered you. “Are you okay, do you need something?” He heard water sloshing and quietness again. “Will you come in here and sit with me, I want to tell you now.” Shouto’s eyes widened at your request and he asked if you were truly comfortable with him being in there, stating that he can wait for you to be done. You protested though and let him know that it was okay. "I'm not going to seduce you Shouto if that's what you're scared of, at least not yet!" The hero smirked and shook his head as you lightened up the mood.

Okay, I’m coming in.

Chapter Text


A bloodcurdling scream woke you from a dead sleep, making goosebumps litter your body as you shot up in the bed. The room was lightly lit by candles, the familiar cinnamon scent filling your nostrils. Your hand reach out next to you only to feel that no one was there. “Lucas?, heart dropping, once again the bed was devoid of your boyfriend. The past few weeks things had been off with him, you’d find yourself alone in bed at random hours of the night and morning. Strange people would show up at your house for ‘meetings’ that were held in the basement of your shared home and during those times you were locked up in the bedroom alone.

Of course, your boyfriend was cautious and kept the basement locked when he wasn’t there and there were no meetings, only leaving you alone with your mind trying to think of what went down in the room. After being with Lucas for 3 years, you thought you knew everything about him, you shared everything with each other and he treated you like a queen. The man was all you had since you moved off an deserted your family for him, but he was all you needed. You never wanted for anything with him, this house, the clothes, gifts, trips, they were all because of him. Of course you weren’t a material girl, even if he was broke you’d still love and cherish him. When you’d question how he even afforded your lifestyles he would just simply say it’s a family business and that was all you needed to know.

But now, you needed to know more. If something was going on in your own home then dammit you deserved to know. What if his family was getting him mixed up with the wrong types of people and he didn’t know how to get out?

You crawled off the bed, shuddering as your feet hit the cold wood floor. Reaching for the doorknob you were praying it would actually be unlocked and also praying that it wouldn’t be, whichever it was would decide the next step you took. As you turned the knob, you heard the mechanisms working and the door clicked open. “Shit!”. Poking your head out, another agonizing scream filled the house, something terrible must’ve been happening for the sound to reach above ground.

For a second you hesitated going out that door, afraid of what you might find but curiosity overthrew logic and your feet quietly padded all through the house until you reached the steps leading to the basement. The light was on guiding your short path, swallowing harshly you took each step slowly, your heart pounding faster the closer the door got. Once you reach it, you placed an ear to it and listened closely.

This is the third time you’ve fucked up. I've been generous to you and played fair, but you know how it goes. 3 strikes and you’re out right?

Stop fucking toying around Lucas and just get it over with. I don’t have time for this shit.

What came next was the sound of pleading cries and maybe someone writhing around, until nothing but ragged breathes and then silence. Your blood was cold and your body was paralyzed with fear. “Lucas couldn’t have…”, you breathed out quietly then covered your mouth to keep the emotions from spilling out.

Well this was a waste of my time, I’m out. If you want the League to help your cause on American soil then get yourself some better followers, not these druggies.

Before you could try to run off, the door opened. A man stood before you, with patchwork skin and ice blue orbs. His brow quirked as he looked down on you and a beautiful yet dangerous grin crossed his features.

And who might you be gorgeous?

You stuttered looking into those captivating hues until you heard Lucas curse under his breath. Your eyes finally escaped from the man before you and fell upon a limp and sunken-in corpse. “L-Lucas?

I’m right here sweetness! I guess I forgot to lock the door.

Lucas was now next to the stranger, blood covered his teeth and lips as he smiled. The patchwork man knelt before you and touched your face, making you flinch. “You’re quite a work of art, how about you come home with me angel.

Your boyfriend then shoved the stranger to the side with a ‘fuck off’ and scooped you up into his arms as he carried you like a child back up the stairs. Your eyes focused on the beautiful monster that remained at the bottom as he gave you a wave that was engulfed in blue flames and made a gasp escape your lips.

Once the two of you were finally back in the bedroom Lucas shut the door behind him and sat you on the dresser. His hazel eyes were dark and dangerous while he looked at you, his bloody hand cupping your cheek and making the bitter scent fill your nostrils. You flinched pulling away from him and wiped your cheek with the back of your hand.

I don’t know what you think you saw back there but –

I saw a dead person Lucas and you covered in blood, it doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure out what happened! What the hell is going on? Who are you?

The man looked genuinely hurt by your question as he pulled away and walked to the bathroom that connected to the bedroom itself. Water was heard running and splashing then it turned off. Your boyfriend walked back out with a clean face and clean hands, his toned chest was bare, his entire being was in fact now bare of any trace of blood. Placing himself before you again he raised his palm and you shuddered only to realize he held a damp and warm washcloth. You snatched it from his hand and wiped your face, not wanting the man to even remotely touch you.

Don’t tell me you’re scared of me now sweetheart. You know I’d never hurt you, it’s only business. I knew I couldn’t hide it from you for much longer, with all the meetings taking place here since my father passed.

Your eyes widened at his words, last you were aware of his father was alive and kicking! A numbness ran through you as fear settled in from a smug grin he displayed so proudly, this man before you wasn’t the same Lucas, it was someone else.

What did you do?

Nothing that he didn’t have coming. He was old-school and slowing us down, I just did everyone a favor and sent the man packing early.

You couldn’t take anymore and you didn’t want to. Tears formed in your eyes from the fear that was overflowing in you, Lucas went to touch your face again but you pushed him off and slid off the dresser, opening one of the drawers with your clothes and began to grab pieces here and there. The man asked what you were doing with a snarky tone and slammed the drawer closed, thankfully you were done and pulled your hand out just in time before he could snap it.

I’m leaving Lucas, this is madness and it’s wrong. I don’t know who you are anymore but you’re not the man I feel in love with, you’re some kind of monster and I’m not going to be a part of this bullshit!

Your back faced the angry and seething villain as you walked to the closet for a bag, your steps were cut short when multiple stinging pains shot down your shoulder making you drop everything in your hands and fall to the ground. You went to turn around, but the searing pain in your back halted you. Lucas walked around and knelt down before you, his clawed fingertips dangling from his knee and dripping with blood. Fighting through the pain you managed to stand and go to the bathroom, turning around to look in the mirror the tears you held finally flowed out from your sockets.

Four prominent claw marks scrapped across your left shoulder blade, drenching your shirt in crimson red blood. You could feel just how deep they were, knowing you’d be marked for the rest of your life by this psycho. Fear was replaced with anger and you bit your lip, breaking skin and hissing. “So much for not hurting me!

Lucas growled and quickly stormed over to you, taking you throat in his clawed palm and shoving you against the bathroom door. Your knees kicked up jabbing him in the side but he was powerful, the blow only pissed him off more. He then ripped the collar of you shirt, letting the tattered fabric hang from your shoulder. “Lucas please don’t!” Your boyfriend smiled and dragged a claw down your neck, a intimate motion that used to make you melt and now only felt like fire.

He’s right you know, you are a beautiful piece of art. I know you can't possibly be forgetting the past three years of me painting your beautiful skin in your own sweet blood. God, I love how you whimper and purr when I bite into you, weakening you the tiniest bit just so I can have my way. (Y/N), you relish in that, feeling powerless and useless underneath me, always begging for it. You promised to be my mine for as long as we both lived. Do you really think I'm going to just let you walk out?

That was before I knew you could just off me whenever you so please, you hid that little fact about your quirk! I've seen and know to much and if you were truly smart, you'd kill me now, stop fucking around. That guy was right, you toy too much and waste people’s time!

Lucas quirked a brow and slammed your head against the door earning a cry from you. His hand gripped your hair as his lips were at your neck, teeth bared. The sound of flesh breaking filled your ears as he bit down into your skin, the act used to drive you over the edge with pleasure, now you bared your own teeth, fists clenching as you felt defiled. He drank from you with 3 harsh gulps, each one making you weaker and weaker until you slumped over his shoulder.

His once protective arms now felt like a prison as they embraced your frame carrying you to bathroom counter. You were too weak from his quirk to fight back against him as he stripped your clothes and placed your body in the tub, warm water ran and filled it in no time. Lucas then grabbed another washcloth and soaked it, then wrung it out on your back making you hiss as the warm liquid ran down your wounds.

I think this mark will serve as a good enough warning for now, plus I'm not done with you just yet, I don't think I'll ever be. For as long as we both shall live, you belong to me. And if you even manage to escape from under my eye, just know that I will burn down this entire world to find you. And if I can’t have you, I’ll make sure that no one will, and you know what I mean.

Sniffling and hugging your knees to your chest, you nodded not once looking at him. He continued to gently clean your back of all the blood, then your neck and chest, turning the water you bathed in red. He then stood from his knees, bending over and placing a kiss to the top of your head.

Now, I have a mess to go clean. I suggest you stay in here, finish up and get to bed. I’ll be back in a few minutes sweetheart. I love you.

Those three words dripping from his lips made your skin crawl. It was amazing how in one night you could go from being so utterly in love with someone, giving your all and entire life for them to loathing them with ever fiber in your being and wanting to give up your life because of them. Trying to think back on happy memories did no good, its like the person next to you in them was just a blank face. The man can say he loves you all he wants, he can still treat you like a queen but it won’t be the same anymore, nothing would be. Your entire world was going to change now, you were now going to have to stop being so helpless and learn to fight for you life if you wanted to get out, and that meant faking it till you made it.

Swallowing harshly, your eyes finally looked in his direction. He really was the devil in disguise, such a beautiful disguise too. You took a breath and prepared for the bitter taste your next words would hold and faked a soft smile.

I love you too Lucas, forever.

Chapter Text

Now you know…about my psycho ex, the shit he did, and why I’m here.

Sitting in the tub with knees hugged tightly to your chest, tears once again streamed from your ducts. Sniffling, you wiped your face on the back of your hand, letting out a sarcastic laugh as the water that drenched it only drenched your face even more. Shouto looked at you as he sat on the floor by the side of the bathtub. The droplets of water that littered your skin when he first entered the room were now completely dry from you sitting there telling your story to him. Your (h/c) locks were pinned up and random strands fell and stuck to your neck. You were being modest and covering the parts of your body that weren’t meant for his eyes at least just yet.

From his seated position though, his eyes were able to drink in the curves of your breasts, hips, and thighs. Your skin was so soft and plush looking, and the tone of it glistened. To be so broken before him, you were still so stunning and he yearned to comfort you. His heterochromatic eyes then drifted to the marks that tarnished your flawless skin, your painful reminder of the past. Shouto ghosted his fingers against his own scar, the two of you were both damaged goods, he more than anyone knew how much a blemish like your own held. Fortunately, he was able to make peace with his but he could tell that you had yet to do so. Your face then turned to look at him, a pained smile crossed your face.

Shouto…I can’t stay here. He knows where I am now, and I’m positive he knows about you. These – “, you turned to show your scared back more to him, “They’re just a taste of what he can do.

Do you think I can’t protect you?

It’s not that at all, I don’t want you to protect me! I don’t want anyone to put their life in jeopardy all because of me! Shouto…in my nightmare you were dying and it was all my fault and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it except watch…

Your voice broke, and your breathing became erratic as you recalled the nightmare, panic settled in your heart at the very thought of Lucas draining all the life and color out of those beautiful eyes that you looked away from. Shouto could be heard shuffling around and onto his feet walking away. Your heart was breaking and you were sure he was leaving once and for all. Who would want to stay with you, you were so broken and fucked, anyone who came near you would be in danger.

Your thoughts were broken suddenly as a towel was draped around your shoulders, water was heard sloshing around and then you felt strong arms around your trembling being. You looked up to see Shouto had wrapped you in a towel and crawled into the tub with you, clothes still on and holding you tightly to his chest.

Roki…you’re clothes. Why are you doing this?

Because, I’ve already told you I’m not letting you go (Y/N). I can handle myself and I can handle whatever Lucas tries to come at me with. You’re not alone anymore, you have the love of everyone at the office and the #1 hero. Do you think we’d all just let you go out without trying to stop you? In fact, my father is already looking into your attack, we don't plan on letting this happen again.

You sat there in silence, mulling over his words. He was right, in just the small amount of time you had became part of a family, one full of heroes. And not to mention Enji’s massive ass! He may not make Lucas shake in his boots but it was comforting to know that Japans most respected hero was on your side. You smirked and laid your head on Todoroki’s chest wiping your tears on his shirt and nuzzling more and more into it. As badly as you wanted to run as far as you could from the man, something was holding you back like some kind of string that no matter how hard you tried to pull in the opposite direction it wouldn’t snap.

If you still want to run, fine. But just know, that I won’t let you run alone. Got it?

I got it Shouto.


After sitting in the tub together you finally convinced Shouto to go back to his place and at least shower and get a change of clothes but he insisted you come along. He wasn’t ready yet to let you be alone and he wasn’t sure if the drug was fully out of your system yet so he rather be nearby just in case anything happened. While he showered you lounged around his home, snooping around and looking at the items that accompanied it.

While you looked around your eyes started to get heavy once again and you yawned, it was close to midnight. Shouto still wasn’t out yet so you decided to just make your way to his room and lay on his bed until he was done and could bring you back to your own. Once your head hit his pillow and the scent of him engulfed your nostrils your body relaxed and a hum left your chest. You grabbed your phone from his bedside table and was surprised to see missed calls and texts from Haru. Of course you didn’t want to worry him any further but one more day wouldn’t hurt.

With that you turned on your side and scrolled through the device, looking on Tumblr and Youtube. While browsing you heard the bathroom door being opened and looked up. Your mouth dropped open as a shirtless Shouto stood before you wearing lounge pants that hung from his hips.

I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d be in here. Let me get a shirt re –

NO! Uh – I mean it’s your house you don’t have to cover up, you did practically see me naked earlier so, yeah! I was just waiting for you to get done so you could walk me back over to my own bed.

You’re more than welcome to stay here again, in fact I prefer you did, just to make sure you’re okay and that the drug is fully out of your system. But if you don’t want to then I’ll walk you back over."

I mean…I wouldn’t mind but I don’t want to take your bed from you again, I know that chair can’t be comfortable. If you want we could just share the bed.

Shouto quirked a brow and shrugged his shoulders, you smiled and scooted over on the bed and patted the spot next to you. It made him smile, before he made his way to the bed, Shouto went to lock his front door and make sure everything outside of the room was turned off. He then turned off the bedroom light, leaving the room to only be illuminated by the bedside lamp. He finally walked over to his side of the bed and stopped.

Are you sure you’re okay with this?

Rolling your eyes and letting out an exaggerated sigh you pulled back the coves. “Shouto, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have suggested it, now come on. I’m tired!

Todoroki did as instructed and crawled under the covers, you did the same and asked if he was ready for you to turn off the lamp, he gave you a nod and hum and you turned it off, making total darkness engulf the room. Laying down completely you could feel Shouto next to you and it made you smile. Your hand reached out into the darkness searching for him until you touched his soft and somewhat damp locks.

What are you doing (Y/N)?”, he asked in a nonchalant tone.

You giggled and scooted closer to him, you could hear and feel his breathing. He smelled minty and cool, making your eyes close as you inhaled more of the satisfying scent. Your feet found his and wrapped around them as your hand played with his hair. Shouto let out a deep breath and you could feel how warm it was, it had to be his quirk acting up again.

Shouto, I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me this weekend. Without hesitation you stepped up and took care of me, helping heal my wounds, holding me throughout my nightmare and listening to my story. You didn’t have to do any of that for me, just like you don’t have to protect me.

You felt Shouto’s hand reaching to pull yours from his hair, then both of them were cupping yours into his, he then moved even closer than you had and pressed a kiss to the top of your head where he then rested his own.

I’ll always be here to protect you (Y/N), for as long as you’ll have me. Even if you weren’t in such a dire situation, I’d still want to do that for you. I can’t keep myself from you no matter what. I feel like this string is pulling me more and more towards you each day and I don't plan on going against it.”

Your eyes widened as he mentioned a string, your exact thoughts only a few hours ago. This confession coming from Shouto made your heart overflow with happiness and also fear.

Shouto, I feel the exact some way about that damn string and I don't want to go against it either but I'm scared. I want to run from you, because I don’t want your involvement with me to be the end of your life. I don’t want to fall for you just to have you taken from me…

Todoroki's hand left yours, his arms then captured and pulled you into him. You hummed and nuzzled your face into his warm chest, your hands laid flat against his bare skin as you wrapped your leg around him completely, melting into him.

If you promise me that you won’t run off, then I promise to stay alive for you.

I promise RokiRoki.

Chapter Text

Shouto’s two toned eyes slowly fluttered open to bright sunlight filling the bedroom. The hero honestly wasn’t a morning person on his days off, always trying to stay in bed until the last possible minute before realizing he would need to get up and do something productive. He groaned and rubbed his eyes and went to get up to close his blinds just a bit more until he felt another body stirring next to him and letting out small quiet sounds.

He looked down to see you cradled into his chest and lap, your thighs flushed with each other. Todoroki finally remembered the night before, the confessions you made to each other and falling asleep with you in his arms. The whole weekend caring and worrying about you had him so exhausted and sleeping with someone for the first time in what felt like forever made him sleep deeply and very well. You head rested in the crook of his arm, his hand threaded through your soft (h/c) locks. The sea blue and grey eyes widened when he looked down more and realized your top half was bare and all you wore were a pair of black cheeky underwear.

What did I do?” he thought to himself, positive that you feel asleep with a shirt on the night before. His eyes trekked across your shoulders and took in the sight of your mangled skin as it was closer for him to really examine. His heart broke a little as his fingertips lightly ghosted the scar tissue of the claw marks left behind. He wondered how someone could ever want to hurt you so badly and be proud of it. Scars or no scars, your skin was still flawless in his eyes. You looked so soft and plush making him yearn to touch you more.

Taking a leap of faith, his hand flattened under your shoulder blade and slowly glided along the curve of your hip. His fingers softly gripping the edge of it once he reached the hem of your garment. You seemed to hum at the feeling, he was using his left hand in fact so it was like he left a trail of warmth on your skin. Releasing your hip, his fingers then danced along your lower back where he lightly applied pressure and massaged up your spine. Your back arched into his touch, making your bum brush against his crotch, as it did his hand stopped and his fingers stiffened on your back but he controlled himself from digging them into your skin and waking you any further.

Shouto’s mind was swimming in the sight before him as his own imagination added more pictures to the mix. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself and his steadily beating heart. Once under control again, his hand continued to lightly wonder your skin and back to the starting point at your scars. His hand flattened once again under the marks and his thumb brushed them. A soft and sleepy purr come from you and your body inched closer to his searching for more warmth since he was pulled away from you during his admiration. The male couldn’t resist anymore and he leaned down close to your back, his lips brushing against the marks that you were so ashamed of. All we wanted to do was show them love, hoping that in return you would come to accept them. Finally, his lips pursed together and he placed the lightest of kisses along each single scar. The fringy tips of his hair tickled your skin and made you giggle quietly. He felt your body shaking and smiled.

You turned your head, and Shouto smiled even more. (E/c) sleepy hues sparkled at him, your cheeks were slightly pink from their warmth and the laziest but cutest smile crossed your lips. “Good morning RokiRoki!” Shouto wrapped his arm around your waist, careful not to graze your breasts and pulled you closer into his chest. He placed a sweet peck on your forehead and his hand in your hair brushed aside your bangs that hung in your eyes. “Good morning, I’m sorry if I woke you, I’ll let you be if you want.

Please don’t, I like when you touch me Shouto.” Your sleepy eyes softened and you smiled again then turn your head back around nudged your back into his chest, trying to signal for him to continue. He took your silent request and fulfilled it, his hand rubbing your back again, you breathed out a content sigh. “How did you sleep Shouto?

Really great actually, I didn’t exactly realize how tired I was.

Aww, that’s my fault Shouto. You’ve been taking care of me all weekend and haven’t really been able to rest, I’m sorry.

Shouto shook his head behind you and placed his chin on your shoulder. “Don’t apologize (Y/N), I’d do it all over again. I know it’s under terrible circumstances but I’ve enjoyed this time alone with you.

You smiled and nodded, the two of you continued to lay together making small talk as he massaged your back. Todoroki loved being able to freely touch your skin without any awkwardness. It felt so natural to have you so close to him, talking about random things and genuinely enjoying the other’s company. He could stay right here forever with you in his arms, listening to your voice and hearing your sounds. Feeling the warmth of your body pressed with his as he kissed your skin diligently and breathed in your sweet scent that smelled of vanilla and cocoa powder.

(Y/N), how did your shirt end up coming off?

You chuckled and felt his arm wrapping around your waist again, then took his hand in yours, intertwining your fingers together as he laid back down. You molded perfectly into him and his head rested on top of yours, his hand playing in your hair again.

Well, I don’t know if its your quirk or if you’re just naturally hot natured but I got extremely warm from the blanket and you being so close so at some point in the middle of the night I guess I just tossed it off. If you haven’t noticed I’m just extremely comfortable around you Shouto and we’re both adults, it’s not like we haven’t seen or slept with half naked people before right?

Shouto smirked and agreed. Your fingers traced along the back of his hand that wrapped around you as you were both silent again not showing any sign of getting of out the warm and soft bed anytime soon. Todoroki’s eyes closed as he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck squeezing you tightly. “Shouto, isn’t it Monday, my brain is still kind of groggy on what day it is.

Yes, it’s Monday. If you’re worried about work, don’t be. I called my father yesterday while you were bathing and informed him of the situation. He advised that we both take the day off to rest.

You smiled and awed at Enji’s kindness. “I told you I’d butter him up! No one can resist my charm RokiRoki!

The hero chuckled against your skin, his warm breath fanned across your neck and his low husky voice made you shudder physically. “Are you cold (Y/N)?

Sheepishly you laughed and shook your head. “Uh – not exactly Shouto.

Todoroki was somewhat intrigued by what seemed to make you tremble if it was the temperature or you just being uncomfortable, he wanted to know so that he could fix it. “What is it then?

You giggled and shrugged your shoulders. “It’s just, certain things you do have an effect on me. Your quirk glitches when I make you nervous or flustered right?” Shouto agreed with a hum. “Well when you make me nervous or flustered my body reacts differently, maybe I’ll shudder like I did or –

Bite your lip.” Shouto replied, not questioning though but stating as a fact.

You laughed and raised your free hand to ruffle Shouto’s soft locks that mixed with yours. “You’re very perceptive Roki!

The male smiled and you could feel his lips brush against your neck along with his breath again, a quiet gasp left your lungs and your head tilted slightly more into the pillow beneath you. “I guess you could say that, but I just enjoy watching you.

Your eyes widened at his statement and at the feeling of his fingers tracing circles on your stomach, making butterflies dance on the inside. Your skin suddenly felt like it was on fire but thankfully it wasn’t Todoroki’s quirk, just your raging hormones rejoicing underneath your skin as his lips trailed along your neck and the back of your shoulder. The hero was a gentleman for the most part, but he could be suave as fuck when he wanted to and it drove you insane. His expression and voice would stay the same as his eyes stared into your soul when he’d make suggestive comments or jokes.

Sinful thoughts ran through your head, making you question was this the best place to be? In the same bed, halfway naked with your employer. You wanted so badly to say yes and to beg the man to have his way with you or at least finally give you a real kiss but before you could take any further step you needed to know if crossing that professional line would be okay.

Shouto, if you’re going to say things like that and touch me the way you are, I need to know one thing.

What is it?”, he replied pulling his face and body somewhat away from you.

You sighed and clutched the blankets close to your chest and covering yourself then turned to lay on your back. Shouto sat up on his elbow, his free hand cupping your cheek and brushing the soft flustered skin. “I know last night we said things to each other, it’s undeniable, our feelings. And we’re only human and have other desires as well besides just emotional. Before we both cross that line and give into them, what will that mean for our business relationship, will I need to find another job or will you get in trouble?

Todoroki smiled and leaned forward, his face inches from yours. His heterochromatic eyes glistened and made you melt, your own eyes looked down at his plump and soft looking lips making you bite down on your bottom lip. He chuckled and placed a finger on the piece of flesh, pulling it from between your teeth. “You’re nervous, don’t be. I’d never do anything you don’t want me to (Y/N), although I’ll admit I find it hard to control myself around you. As for our ‘business’ relationship, nothing would change. Workplace relationships are very common nowadays, as long as it doesn’t interfere with either of our work ethics then it’s 100% acceptable.

You nodded and relaxed from his words but didn’t move an inch as his finger still lingered on your lip. He leaned in closer, your noses brushed together and he moved his body closer to yours. Heat engulfed you both and a puff of steam escaped his lips. You giggled and placed a hand on his own cheek. “Are you trying to control yourself right now Shouto?


Your own thumb brushed across his bottom lip, it was softer than you expected. Your eyes wondered his blushing pale cheeks and the pieces of hair that dangled before his beautiful eyes. With a smirk you pulled him in closer, brushing your lips against his, testing his control to the max. He stayed still and let you tease, feeling your plump lips against his own and leaving a trail of fire against them. The hand on your face trailed down your body over the covers and rested on your hip, his entire being was burning up as he maintained himself. You were surprised by how well he was able to fight off the urge of planting that kiss you both desired. It was obvious that the ball was in your court and all you had to do was say the magic words.

Shouto, I like when you look at me, and touch me”, you relayed onto his lips. He groaned and nuzzled his warm lips against yours, trying to keep his composure and starting to breathe heavier. You giggled and pressed the tip of your thumb between his teeth finally giving him at least something to latch onto while you teased a bit more.

I’d like it more though, if you finally kissed me.

Shouto nipped on your thumb then released it. “If I kiss you, then I’m not sure I’ll be strong enough to stop myself.”

You rolled your eyes and wrapped your fingers into his red tresses. “Just fucking do it Todoroki!

Nothing else needed to be said as Shouto was eager to fulfill your demand. His lips finally closed the last small fraction of distance and pressed against yours, molding together perfectly. You hummed into the passionate and tender kiss, his lips weren’t cold or scorching hot, but a perfect warm. Your lips danced together slowly and lingered, tasting the other finally and it was extremely sweet and indulgent. Each time you both thought of remotely breaking away your lips would be immediately recaptured by the other. He couldn’t get enough and neither could you. His hand then gripped your cheek and a smile formed between the kiss, you took it as his surrender and pursed your lips together one last time lingering a few more seconds then finally breaking at the same time.

Your chests heaved up and down as you panted into each other’s mouths trying to catch your breath. He smiled at your swollen lips and placed one last soft peck to them and then to your cheek. You giggled and kissed his cheek as well then turned your back to him again and scooted into his chest. He embraced you and kissed your hair, pulling the covers over the both of you.

Can we stay in bed all day Rokiroki?

Shouto hummed and wrapped his arm around your waist and finding your hand again, interlocking your fingers.

If that’s what you want to do darling.

Chapter Text

Shouto, you gotta let me leave the nest! Haven’t you had enough of me already?” You giggled trying to escape the strong and warm clutches of your crush. The two of you laid in bed all day and talked, watched tv and only got up to eat and go to the bathroom. It was almost 8PM now and the two of you had work the next day, Todoroki having to be there much earlier than you. After spending the whole weekend in his care you were well enough to be on your own again and go back to your apartment but Shouto wasn’t having it. A smirk crossed his features as he tugged your shirt tail and pulled you into his arms again, nuzzling your neck with kisses and pouts as you sat in his lap.

Not even close to enough”, he finally answered.

You smiled and took the hero’s face in your hands, brushing his messy locks out of his face then squishing his chunky little cheeks together making him furrow his brows and hold your wrists. “Roki, it’s not like we won’t see each other at work tomorrow!

He pulled your hands from his face, still holding your wrists and brought his lips close to cheek. “But at work I can’t do this”, he softly said kissing down your skin and jaw. “Or this”, he breathed as his teeth nipped your skin.

You sighed, your thoughts getting hazy and your control slowly dissipating. The man already knew all your sweet spots and ways to make you melt, using them to his own advantage. A growl then escaped your lips and you quickly turned to lick his cheek, Shouto immediately stopped, releasing your hands and wiping your drool from his skin with a bewildered look.

You licked me!

Sorry, but I can’t think logically when you do that, it’s not fair!

Shouto groaned and rolled his eyes, making you laugh at his sassiness and playfully push his chest. He smirked and took your hands in his, brushing his thumbs over your soft skin then bringing both hands to his lips to kiss them. “I’ll let you leave under one condition.

And what is that Roki?

You come back!

A smile crossed your face, your heart doing flips inside your chest. Removing your hands from Shouto’s you placed them around his neck and pulled him closer, placing a kiss to his lips and making him hum, his hands running up your back and holding you as close as humanly possible to his body. You nipped at his bottom lip before pulling away to break the kiss, leaving him leaning forwards wanting more as he tried and failed to recapture your lips.

I think I can handle that Shouto. Now, would you be so kind and escort me back over to my place?


The next morning came quickly and it took everything you had to roll out of bed and get dressed. Until the thought of seeing Shouto made you immediately perk up and hurry along. After quickly dressing, you hurried out the door, locked it and ran down the stairs. Once at the last step your eyes looked up and your body halted when a familiar massive figure came into view that stood outside of the revolving door. A smile played on your features as you pulled the collar of your coat close around your face and walked out of the building.

Mr. Todoroki?

The #1 hero turned at the sound of your cheerful voice, his sea blue eyes shining at the sight of your small body walking towards him with a wave. A smile crossed his own face, to other people the smile may have seemed god awful but you knew he wasn’t one to smile much and appreciated the effort he put into the expression.

I thought I told you to call me Enji!”, he replied.

I’m sorry ‘Enji’, I’m just shocked to see you here, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you here?

The man took a step back and motioned his ginormous palm to a blacked out and very lavish SUV. Quirking a brow and looking at him, he chuckled and opened the backseat door. “I’m here to bring you to work (Y/N).

After protesting frantically Enji insisted that you get in the vehicle and he would explain on the drive over to the agency. You sat in one of the bucket seats of the warm vehicle and looked around. Enji sat in the other seat, his hair grazed the roof and you had to cover your mouth as a quiet snicker came out. The driver was very silent, in fact the whole vehicle was silent. You removed your jacket and placed it in your lap then looked at the hero. “So did Shouto put you up to this?

Enji smirked as he seemed to be typing something on his cell, making you giggle again from the sight of the small device in his hand. He then placed it back in his coat pocket and looked at you.

Something like that. I also had a say in this. Until your attacker and whoever else is out to get you are caught, then you’ll be escorted to and from work each day unless Shouto is able to do it himself. As one of our employee’s and someone whom my son deeply cares for, it will be not only our responsibility to protect and keep you safe but also everyone at the agency.

You were grateful honestly but the thought of being a burden on not only Shouto and Enji but now all the heroes of the agency made you somewhat pissed off. Enji noticed your fist and jaw clenching as you went to reply but he held up a hand cutting you off.

I won’t discuss this matter any further, it was ultimately my decision to make and implement. I know you must feel like you’re now a burden on everyone but you’re not, we are only doing our jobs as heroes and as your work family.”

You huffed and nodded, feeling conflicted by his words. He got it right, you felt like a burden but you also felt safe. That word he used, 'family', never meant much to you but it was comforting. There was no point in trying to go head to head with Endeavor but that didn’t mean that you couldn’t with his son. You took out your phone, immediately typing away.

ROKIROKI: We’re having a little chat when I get to work.

You hit send and shoved the phone back in your bag then crossed your arms and looked at the window.

So, how about breakfast!”, Enji suggested before instructing the driver of where to go. You looked at the hero with squinted eyes and a ‘what the fuck’ look. He noticed the questionable look you gave him and shrugged his massive haunches.

What? It’s the most important meal of the day.


Shouto impatiently paced back and forth before the desk you sat at most of the day. Haru sat behind it trying to look busy as he stole glances at the hero every now and then with a quirked brow. This was the most that Shouto was at the front desk and he seemed anxious, something that he never displayed around his employees. “Uh – Mr. Todoroki, can I help you with something?”, the black haired male finally asked getting aggravated with the hero’s pacing.

Before Shouto could apologize he heard the sound of his father’s booming voice and looked up towards the entrance of the agency. Trailing right beside Endeavor was you, looking up at the massive figure as he talked. Your cheeks were full as you chewed on food, a massive breakfast sandwich in one hand and a drink in the other. You wore an olive trench coat with a dark grey t-shirt tucked into a pair of high-waisted light washed jeans and your (h/c) locks were in a top knot.

Shouto smiled, you were adorable today. Haru noticed the sudden change in the male and looked in the direction he did and clicked his tongue. “Oh Mr. Todoroki, you’ve got it bad!” Shouto chuckled at his employee’s comment, you and Enji entered the building. Endeavor noticed his son and gave him a hearty “good morning”. Shouto replied then looked back at you, his smile slowly fading. You looked at him with narrowed eyes as you took an aggressive bite out of your sandwich and tapped your booted foot.

An exaggerated “ooooohhh” came from Haru and Enji looked between you and Shouto. He rubbed the back of his neck and turned to his son, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I’m going to my office now. By the way, I got you breakfast too but…she has it. Good luck!

You walked off away from the desk and down the hall, Shouto just stood there and looked at Haru, searching for answers on what to do. “It's probably about the whole 'I have to be babysat on my way to and fro work' thing. Go after her!” The two-toned male nodded and quickly walked after you. The sound of your boots clicked against the hard floors, the bun of your hair bouncing with each step you took. You pushed the door to the stairway that lead to the roof of the building and stomped up them until another door came into sight and you opened it, letting sunlight flood into the dimly lit stairwell.

Shouto followed you out onto the rooftop, both of your feet dragging in the rocks. You walked to the rail of the edge of the building, placing you’re the cup you held on it as Shouto walked up next to you. You handed him a small brown bag, he took it and rested his elbows on the ledge and removed the sandwich from the bag. The chilly wind blew as you both ate silently and looked over the city, listening to the people and traffic.

You know, I don’t 100% agree with this arrangement Shouto. I don’t like that the heroes are now having to add protecting me to their list of duties.

Swallowing his food, Shouto grabbed the cup placed between the both of you and took a drink. The hero didn’t know what he was expecting, coffee or tea but it was hot coco. “(Y/N), I’ve told you already, everyone here has a grown to love you and they’re doing what they would do for any other coworker. We’re a family here and we look out for each other. I’m sorry if my request seems to be intruding, but I’m not comfortable with you riding on these trains back and forth alone, at least not until Lucas and his friends are dealt with and I can be certain you’re out of danger. I'm not letting one more goddamn thing happen to you!

Taking the last bite of your food, your hand balled up the wax paper that held it together and shoved it into your coat pocket with a groan and shake of your head. You took the cup of coco from Todoroki and drank from it. Shouto heard a sharp hiss from you and turned his head to look in your direction. The cup was quicky pulled from your lips and you placed your hand over your mouth and cursing. The hero sighed and placed his food on the ledge, taking the cup from your hands.

That shit is hot!

Yeah, it’s ‘hot’ coco. Didn’t you blow on it before drinking it?” Shouto retorted nonchalantly.

You hung your tongue from your mouth, letting the cold air try and soothe it. “Well you just took a big gulp of it like it was nothing, so I assumed it was cooled off enough but I was wrong.

Shouto smirked and saw a bright red patch on your tongue where the liquid burned your taste buds. He grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer. You grunted and braced your hands on his strong biceps, “Roki what the f – hmm!

Your question was cut short when his lips softly collided with yours, making your eyes flutter shut and your body relax into his hold. His tongue then slipped between your teeth and rested on top of yours. Suddenly, you felt your tongue being soothed as his muscle turned ice cold and lightly massaged. The inside of your mouth was cool but he could feel your entire body was inflamed with heat as he placed his free hand on the back of your neck and deepened the icy cold yet hot kiss. Todoroki then slowly broke away, and looked at you. Your cheeks and tip of your nose and ears dusted pink from a mixture of the cold and blood rushing to your head.

Is that better darling?”, his stoic and sweet voice asked, his thumb brushing your cheek.

Goddammit Shouto! You did it again, I told you I can’t think straight when you do something like that!

Just get over it already (Y/N). There’s nothing to think about on this topic anymore anyway, that’s final.

Your lips shut and your eyes narrowed, with a groan you finally nodded and agreed. Shouto smirked with pride as you submitted to him yet again with just the tone of his voice and look in his eyes. "Yah, you and Enji sound just alike you know that?"

He placed a kiss on your forehead then gathered your coco and his food and reached out for your hand. Rolling your eyes with a smile you took it and interlocked your fingers, walking towards to the door back into the agency.

You Todoroki’s always gotta get the final word huh?

Something like that!

Chapter Text

Dabi sighed as he plopped down on a stool at the bar he frequented. Taking the phone out of his coat pocket he laughed at the countless missed texts and calls from the annoying American, Lucas. Voicemails full of childish ranting and empty threats played in his ear. “So fucking noisy that one is.

The villain asked for a drink, being served quickly and he scrolled through the pictures on his device. After taking a sip of his beer, the man licked his lips at the picture of his target. (H/c) locks cascaded down her bare shoulders and across the pillow her little head laid on. A sleepy smile dressing her face with pink cheeks and those (e/c) hues that sparkled. A blanket was clutched to her chest, hiding the assets underneath, leaving more to the villains imagination.

A few months ago Dabi got a call from a raging Lucas. The American went on about how his girlfriend had managed to escape from him during the night while he was out. It didn’t surprise him, Lucas wasn’t exactly common sense smart, when he’d leave the house he’d lock his girlfriend up in the bedroom and think that was more than enough to keep her contained. If he were smart, there would be guards at every window and door of that house, making sure the beauty didn’t escape from her prison. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to pick a door lock or break a window.

Dabi was back in Japan when (Y/N) took off. Lucas had no clue as to where she went and asked for the villains help in locating her since they had eyes and ears all over the globe. Since Lucas was nothing but an overconfident rich brat who didn’t show much potential, Tomura didn’t further any more meetings with him and his pitiful group. Meaning, Dabi didn’t exactly have to accept Lucas’s request, but the subject matter of this situation, that gorgeous and innocent little angel that Dabi’s own sea blue eyes had the pleasure of seeing is what piqued his interests. Since that night he wanted to steal the girl away and keep her for himself, but then that would mean that Lucas would try to get in his way, in turn causing Dabi to just kill the fool. Now though, she wasn’t within her boyfriends grasp, the guy wouldn’t be an obstacle at least not until the girl was found.

The disfigured man agreed to finding the girl after Lucas begged and pleaded, offering a large reward in return but of course money wasn’t what Dabi wanted. His eyes were on a different prize and he was so close to claiming it. A group of his goons happened to track down the target a few days ago and attempted to catch her as asked, but just as Dabi expected (Y/N) put up a fight. It made him smile thinking of how cute she must’ve looked trying to fight off someone much more superior to her. He wondered if she’d try to fight him off. When his eyes met hers, there wasn’t fear or disgust in those (e/c) hues, in fact they seemed to widen in wonder and fascination, like the girl somehow found him beautiful.

Since then for some reason that image hadn’t left his brain, among other things. He thought relentlessly of the things he’d relish in doing to her, breaking her down and diminishing her body to nothing but a needy mess for him. The sweet sounds that would escape from those soft and plump lips. Dabi didn’t know why but he was very intrigued by (Y/N) and had to have this angel for himself. Lucas was weak, ignorant and reckless, not deserving of her blind loyalty. No, she needed to serve someone powerful and intelligent. Dabi didn’t know much about her but he could tell she was very obedient and only lived to please people, even if they were no good and hurt her in return of the loyalty she gave.

Since his own colleagues were able to track (Y/N) down and confirm her location Dabi refused to give the information to Lucas. The guy was a villain and found it comical that the American thought he would keep his word on relaying the information back to him and return the girl willingly. Once Dabi knew that his little crush was free it was fair game, Lucas could threaten all he wanted, Dabi was far from scared, it would be nothing to off the noisy man. But now, he had another obstacle in his way, someone that actually could give the villain a run for his money, Shouto Todoroki.

The phone in Dabi’s hand went off, making him lose his train of thought and answer it with a smirk.

What do you want Lucas?

Where the fuck is she you freak! I know you’ve found her by now since you’re ignoring me!

Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. What’s it to you again? You want her dead right?

Yes, dead because if I can’t have her then no one can. Not even you freak!

Hmm, I wonder if her new boyfriend is aware of that.

You tell me where she is now, or the deal is off!

You can keep your money idiot, I’ve found something much more precious than that. I’ll take care of her new lover, don’t worry about that, but after he’s dealt with that little angel is all mine.

Before Lucas could make more empty and meaningless threats Dabi ended the call and engulfed the device with his own blue flames, decimating it to ashes and letting them slip through his long fingers. Scratching his neck he then downed the rest of his beer and placed some cash down on the bar and stood from his seat.

Walking out of the bar Dabi headed in the direction of the hideout, hands in his coat pockets and one fishing out the other cell he carried. Scrolling through the pictures he selected one that his minions managed to snap of (Y/N) and Shouto out together. She was snug against the heroes arm, his own face looking down at her with a loving smile she didn’t seem to notice.

A smirked crossed Dabi’s patchwork features as he sighed. “Poor Shouto.

Chapter Text

Rokiiiiiii! Anyone can burst right in here at any second. St – ah fuck don’t do that!”, you whined as Shouto’s ice cold tongue ran up your neck and his warm breath melted away the goosebumps lining your skin instantly. His hands hooked under your knees, jerking you closer to him as he stood between them and you sat on the massive desk. You growled and bit on the heroes chubby cheek, making him stop his torture on your flesh and glare at you, his fingers digging into your thighs that rest in his hands still.

You’re not listening to me Shouto!

Yes I am, it’s called multi-tasking jagi!

Don’t you try to butter me up with that pet name! Your father could walk in here any second. You can’t wait until we get off?

Shouto growled and pushed your back down onto the desk, leaning over he trapped your head between his arms and looked down at you. “Getting off’ is exactly what I’m trying to do but you keep interrupting me!

You giggled and bit your lip at the dominance he was displaying then captured his lips again continuing the heated makeout session. It had been about 2 - 3 weeks since you and Shouto first kissed. Since then the two of you started dating and took things slow, well you tried to. The sexual tension that built more and more with each day was overwhelming and even your coworkers noticed. You grew closer than ever with him, and it almost felt like you had been together for years. He loved you dearly, he didn’t say it yet but his actions showed it.

The two of you would steal moments together in the stairwells, on the roof and on days when Shouto was in charge, in Enji’s office. Living right next door to each other didn’t even quench the thirst you had for each other, especially for Shouto. When the man wanted something he went for it and was relentless, he was the one always stealing you from whatever task you were doing, hiding in a closet and waiting for you to walk by so he could pull you in with him, or trapping you between his arms against the lockers of the locker room when it was empty.

So here you were, pinned on the desk that belong to the #1 hero, by his own son. His heterochromatic eyes drinking in your pleasure on your face as your lips feverishly tasted each other. His fingers intertwined with yours as he held them down against the wood and papers. He growled, breaking the kiss and leaned down, running the tip of his nose up your throat, his right hand releasing yours and traveling down your side. You sighed as his icy breath frosted your skin and his warm tongue melted it. His name dripped from your lips in a breathless plea as his hand wrapped your leg around him and he pushed his growing bulge against your core.

You see what you do to me?

Chuckling, your free hand flew to his icy white locks and tousled them. He looked at you, his smirk turning into a soft smile. Playing with his hair seemed to have such a calming effect on him, even in the midst of his own desires.

You did this to yourself Roki! I was trying to do my work but you had other ideas. Now let me up, I have a feeling someone is about to walk in.

Shouto groaned and let his face fall into your chest, resting his head on it, pouting like a child. You laughed and ran both hands through his bi-colored locks. You figured this man was a freak in the sheets, but his appetite seemed to be insatiable.

When we fuck for the first time, I rather it not be on your fathers desk! While it may be a total power move, I prefer to be in your bed!

Then stay with me tonight, it’s been a couple days”, he pleaded letting you hold him as he remained on your chest.

I’d love to, but before we go home can you take me grocery shopping?

If I don’t have a mission to go on then yes, we’ll go straight from here. If you get off before me though, I want you to wait at home till I get there and then we’ll go and stock up for the weekend, sound good?

You smiled and still played with Shouto’s hair then agreed. He was extremely protective of you since your accident, and you let him be. Even agreeing to being escorted to and from work each day to ease his mind and never going out unless him or someone else could assist you. The heroes head lifted from your chest and he smiled. Standing straight he took your hands and helped sit you back up and also helped to re-situate your disheveled clothes. His hand then cupped your cheek and he placed a kiss to your forehead. Before he could kiss your lips a knock came at the door making him look at it then back to you with a quirked brow.

How do you always do that?”, he asked while helping you off the desk.

I just have a sixth sense RokiRoki!

Goddammit (Y/N), you were supposed to wait until I got home!

You winced as Shouto sounded clearly angry on the other end of the line as you sat on a train going into town to do the grocery shopping you told him about earlier, going against your word to him. Your stomach growled and your arm cradled it. “Stupid organ, you’re the reason I’m in this mess!”, you thought.

I’m starving Shouto, I couldn’t wait. I –

You should’ve just called for takeout then! I can’t protect you when you do this (Y/N), its dangerous out there on your own, you know that! How stu –“, his voice stopped before the full word that was on his tongue could escape, and he took a breath. “Why didn’t you call me before getting on the train, I could’ve had someone take you.

Your lips pouted from the scolding the hero dealt you, you knew he was going to call you ‘stupid’ but he stopped himself. At the moment you were hungry and cranky, and now hurt. You knew where his intentions were and that he only wished to keep you out of harm, but you weren’t the type of person to just give up living and let others fight your battles. It actually pissed you off how Shouto seemed to think that maybe you couldn’t take care of yourself and that keeping you locked up and under his and his fathers watchful eyes until Lucas was dealt with was the only solution.

Because, I shouldn’t have to ask your permission to go fucking grocery shopping Shouto. I don’t want to fight with you about this, I don’t want to fight you period. After today I promise to stay locked away in my tower forever and do as you say.

Before Shouto could retaliate you hung up the phone and shoved it in your bag, crossing your arms and holding back angry tears. You knew your life was in danger and that going out alone wasn’t smart at all but you just wanted one day to do something alone and as mundane as grocery shopping. You even donned a surgical mask to try and hide your face from passing strangers, hoping it would be enough. Looking out the window, you pulled the mask down to let some of the cool air fan your face. The glass fogged from the chilly air outside and your warm breath, making you think of Shouto as you drew a snowflake. Guilt started to overtake you and made your heart hurt to think of what must be going through his own head at the moment, you didn't have to be such a brat right? Sighing you took out your phone and sent him a text apologizing and letting him know exactly where you'd be at and that you'd only go there and straight back home.

ROKIROKI: You have no reason to apologize jagi, I’m sorry. I keep thinking that if I shield you away from the world then that will solve everything but you’re still human and you’re not the type to be contained. You ran away in the first place because of being treated like a prisoner in your own home, I won’t do that to you. Go ahead and get what you need, but please do just that and head straight back home. Keep me updated with your location and call me if you feel like anything is off. Tell me when you’re heading home and I’ll meet you at the station. We'll talk more over dinner."


Entering the store you grabbed a buggy and quickly made your rounds, searching out all the items on your list so you could get in and get out. Your eyes wondered around as well, making sure no one was paying any attention to you besides just a passing glance. The mask on your face was snug and you wore a beanie with a sweater and jeans, trying to look as normal and somewhat hidden as possible. After a few minutes you were able to purchase your groceries and leave making your way to the station again.

You sat on the backside of a bench waiting, you're feet planted firmly on the seat where your bum should've been but you were childish. Luckily you seemed to be the only one at the station though so no one could judge, you pulled your mask down letting the cool air hit your flushed and pink cheeks with a sigh. Laughing as you watched one of your favorite BTS videos of the members speaking English and their leader being so done with it. You watched it daily and could quote it by heart. “I put sticker on my carrier! CHOP CHOP CHOP!”, you squealed and wiped away tears.

A phone call then cut off the video, a picture of you and Shouto popping up on the screen. You smiled looking at it, it was meant to be a selfie of you both but Shouto was more interested in looking at you instead of the camera. His face nuzzling your cheek with a smile as you smiled the biggest and cheesiest smile ever. Your finger slid the green phone over answering the call and you held the mouthpiece of your earbuds up and spoke.

"Hey RokiRoki!"

"Hey jagi, how much longer till your train arrives?"

"Uhm, I think 15 minutes. I'm waiting at the station right now."

"Okay, I'm on my way to the other station now. To be honest I've been a wreck the past hour. Please, don't do this to me again."

"I promise Shouto, I'll make it up to you when we get home! I got stuff to make soba!"

"It's going to take more than Soba jagi, but that'll be a start!"

"Well maybe having me as your desert will fix things?"

You clearly heard Shouto's breathing stop for a second, swearing you could hear his heartbeat in his ears as well. The sound of footsteps could also be heard making you quirk a brow at how clear the speaker was. Shrugging your shoulders you then called out Shouto's name into the microphone, "Fuck, don't tell me I killed him!", you chuckled to yourself.

A sigh came from his end, "Don't start something you can't finish (Y/N). I'll see you in a little bit. Be careful! I lo- I'll be waiting for you."

Giggling you gave the hero a 'goodbye' then ended the call. You looked around still being the only soul at the station then took your earbuds out and checked the station monitor to see how much longer your wait would be. The air was chilly and quiet, almost eerie. Taking in a deep breath you grunted as your nostrils picked up a scent, it smelled like minty smoke. Out of nowhere, from behind you a cigarette was flicked and landed in front of you. Your body stiffened as you went to turn around but were stopped as someone quickly came up behind you. One hand on your throat, as their other arm wrapped around your waist flushing your back to their chest keeping you from falling off the bench. You went to scream but the hand glided from your throat to cover you mouth, forcing your head to turn to the side. You're eyes were met with a pair of glistening sea blue ones, making your blood run cold and the scream in your throat choke back down.

"Don't scream. Despite what you think, I'm not going to hurt you angel. Understand?", his raspy and nonchalant voice cooed as his warm and minty breath fanned your cheek.

You nodded and released your mouth, moving his hand back down to your neck to cup the opposite side of it. Chuckling he dragged the tip of his nose up your skin, inhaling you scent deeply and groaning. Your skin started to crawl and burn at the same time, unsure of how to react.

"I didn't exactly get to introduce myself the first time we met, the name is Dabi", more intoxicating breathes covered the juncture of your neck and collarbone.

"W-Why are you here?", you breathed out, thoughts getting hazy as he worked your neck with soft kisses and dragged his teeth. Paralyzed by shock, you couldn't move even if you wanted to, which you did, right?

"I was hired by your lover. You know he's highly pissed off that you escaped from him."

"Lucas sent you? How did you know where I - ngh!", you grit your teeth as his arm around your waist loosened and his hand traveled down your thigh and squeezed.

"I work for a very big group, we have eyes and ears everywhere, connections. Plus, I made it my own personal mission to make finding you priority beautiful."

"You, you sent those people to follow me a few weeks ago, that maniac that tried to fucking kill me?"

Dabi chuckled and his hand on the side of you neck moved into your hair, tugging and forcing your head to tilt more to the side giving him more ground to cover with his lips. You whimpered and your eyes screwed shut, heat engulfing your entire body.

"Ah, I want to apologize for that actually. I instructed that they didn’t leave a scratch on you but the idiot couldn’t control himself I guess. Don’t worry though angel, he’s been dealt with. No one will be following you anymore now that I've confirmed you're really here; well except for me."

His hand on your thigh rubbed and inched closer between them, he could feel you trembling and smiled against your skin then pulled his hand away. He actually completely released you at the moment making you fall forward. His hand caught yours though before you could fall face first into the concrete. You looked at him bewildered, touching your neck with your free hand and jerking the other from his grasp. Dabi grinned and walked from behind you to stand before you then sat down between your knees, his back now to you. He acted as if the two of you were best friends or something, just hanging out at the station as he placed his elbows on your thighs, leaning his head back and looking up at you. Your hands flew up, not sure where to place them.

"I'll make you a deal. I have this killer headache, how about you rub my head and I'll give you answers."

All you could muster was an okay as your hands instantly moved to his dark and spiky locks. The were shockingly very soft and smooth, his hair was thick and your fingers rubbing kicked up the scent of his plain and clean shampoo. He hummed and relaxed at your touch, his stunning hues smiling at you.

"Are you going to take me back to him?" You questioned silently not looking at the villain between your legs.

"Well it would do no good returning you to a dead man."

Your fingers stopped massaging and your eyes widened, finally looking down at Dabi. He flashed you a wide and satisfied smile.

"He's dead?"

"Last time I checked. You see, when I want something I like to obtain that one thing without any hassle. Your Lucas was a 'hassle', and he needed to be dealt with, it's not like he'd be missed anyway. I mean, did you want to go back to him?" He groaned and leaned forward, rubbing the back of his neck then standing.

You shook your head no, still processing the news of your ex's death. Obviously his death was at the hands of the person standing before you, and it should've terrified you, making you run for the hills. Instead though, it felt like a wave of relief crashed down. No more running and hiding, right?

"If he's dead and you have no further obligations with him, then why are you here? What, do you want a thank you, money? What is it you're after exactly?"

Dabi turned around, taking a step closer and trapping your hips between his hands as they brace the rail you sat on. His lips were back at your neck, his nose rubbing under your chin.

"You. There’s something about you that I just have to have, and I will have it. I’ll make you mine, even if it’s just for one night.

The villains words hit you like a smack to the face, he wanted you, and bad. Your fingers clutched the cool metal beneath you as a gasp left your parting lips. Dabi's hand was gripping your chin, his thumb now between your teeth, prying open your mouth. Unconsciously your tongue fell out on top of his digit making his eyes darken as he smirked. All you could focus on were how hot his lips felt against your skin, just like in your dream. They left a lingering trail of fire along your jaw and chin until he finally reached your open mouth. Dabi chuckled and stuck out his tongue slowly licking and massaging yours, doing however he pleased with your mouth. You were livid, growling as he had you under a spell, you're body paralyzed again. He growled back and pulled away, nipping the tip of your tongue then licking his lips with a smile and leaving you breathless as you heard a train pulling into the station.

Until next time angel", he cooed and kissed your cheek. Shoving his hands in his pockets he started to walk off. You wiped your mouth and skin violently, trying to make any trace and feeling from his lips disappear until you heard fingers snapping. You looked up, to see him looking back at you over his shoulder with a smirk.

"If you want your precious Shouto to live, you'll keep that delicious mouth shut!"