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Saving Bella

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Bella’s pov:
He calls me Iris.
He says I am his beautiful flower.
I am His precious pet.
I am His most prized possession.
What I really am is His slave.
I am collared and leashed,
Like an animal.

His name is James.
My Master.
My Owner.
My own personal nightmare.
James is a Vampire.
His eyes are as red as the blood he takes from the humans,
His hair as blonde as the sun,
And his body as muscular as can be.
He says I am lucky to have him.
That he saved me.
James said if he hadn’t taken me from the ballet studio,
I would be dead.
That Victoria would have found me and given me a horrible painful death.
But the thing is,
I already feel dead.
Death would be better than this life,
If you could even call it that.
I am paraded around and shown off to his friends.
Forced to do humiliating tasks.
My once bright brown eyes are now dull and empty,
And my once beautiful brown hair doesn’t flow as it used too.
I don’t remember anyone or anything leading up to the night of the ballet studio,
All I remember is feeling pain and being in James’s arms.
I realized early on that the more I fought back,
The harder he hit.
It only caused me more pain thinking about my past.
So I chose to forget it all.
My role is to serve and obey without hesitation.
Being enslaved and cooped up in this little cottage,
That is in the middle of nowhere,
There is no way to tell time.
I don’t know it, but it has been three years since I was taken.
And I will soon be saved.