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Ruki and Renamon by Imouto Kitten

Makino Ruki sits in her bedroom, one leg crossed over the other as she
calls for her partner digimon, "Renamon!"

Seeming to appear out of nowhere, the yellow-furred vulpine is
immediately before Ruki, kneeling in supplication to her tamer, "Yes,

Crossing her arms, Ruki addresses her digimon, "While we were training
today, you seemed distracted."

Bowing her head, Renamon replies, "My apologies, mistress."

"It didn't matter today, since all of your opponents were weaklings
barely worth loading, but I want to know why you were distracted so I
can help you avoid such a mistake if we ever find a decent opponent."

Blushing, Renamon replies, "It's... a bit embarrassing, Mistress."

"I don't care!" snaps Ruki, "Just tell me what the problem is!"

Standing, Renamon says, "It might help if I show you." With that, the
vulpine digimon reaches a gloved paw for her crotch and starts rubbing.
When Renamon pulls her hand away, she reveals a long, slender penis
protruding from the sheath that Renamon's white fur had concealed.

Living in an all female household and attending an all-girls school,
Ruki has never seen an actual dick before, but while the blood red and
pointed vulpine phallus jutting out proudly from Renamon's lithe form
looks quite different from the illustrations the Digimon Queen has seen
in biology textbooks, the young woman immediately identifies the sex
organ before her for what it is. The sight alone is enough to make
Ruki's girlhood grow damp, and unbeknownst to either occupant of the
room, Renamon is putting out a pheromone that is having an aphrodisiac
effect on the tamer.

Trying to ignore her arousal and making sure her facade of cold stoicism
remains in tact, Ruki addresses her partner, "I thought digimon didn't
have sexes, and even if they did, I would've sworn you were a girl."

"Digimon do have sexes, and I am a girl, but..." Renamon trails off.

"Spit it out!" yells Ruki, irritated at Renamon's unusually bashful

Taking a deep breath, Renamon explains, "I am a girl, but we've been
fighting mostly male opponents, and while loading their data has made me
stronger, it has had side-effects." Gesturing to her cock, Renamon adds,
"Such as making me transition from being female to being a
hermaphrodite, and, increasing my sex drive. That swarm we fought
earlier today was all female, and it took all of my discipline to fight
them and load their data instead of pinning them to the ground,
one-by-one, and..." Renamon can't bring herself to finish her statement,
but Ruki fills in the blanks with images of her partner raping their
opponents from earlier that day so hard they shatter into data.

Struggling to conceal her arousal, Ruki asks, pretending to make the
offer solely for Renamon's benefit, "Would it help you focus in battle
if I let you... breed with me?"

Renamon can hear the undertone of hesitation in Ruki's words and can
smell her tamer's arousal, but decides to keep secret that she's noticed
cracks in Ruki's mask of indifference as she replies, "It might."

Standing up, Ruki slowly pulls her broken heart t-shirt over her head,
trying not to seem too eager to not only lose her virginity, but to lose
it to a creature from another world. Unbuttoning and unzipping her fly,
Ruki lets her jeans drop to the floor and steps out of them, leaving the
preteen in nothing but a matching set of powder blue socks, panties, and
a strappless training bra.

Seeing Renamon's digi dick twitch at the sight of the tamer in her
underwear, Ruki barely manages to not smile as she asks, "What should I
do to help you, Renamon?"

Fighting the urge to tackle her tamer to the ground, Renamon says,
"Would you mind getting on your hands and knees, mistress?"

Ruki drops to her hands and knees, facing away from Renamon and can't
help wiggling her panty-clad butt in her partner's direction. Pretending
not to have noticed, Renamon kneels behind her tamer and pulls Ruki's
panties to the preteen's knees. Lining the pointed tip of her digihood
up with her tamer's opening and grasping the girl's hips, Renamon
thrusts her own hips forward as she pulls Ruki back, hilting her vulpine
cock within the preteen in a single stroke. As she's impaled upon her
digimon's hot meat, Ruki lets out a scream that would bring her mother
and grandmother running if they were home as the preteen was unaware of
the existence of her hymen and thus unprepared for it to be torn

Renamon glances down to where she is joined with her tamer to see Ruki's
virgin blood seeping out around the digimon's member and asks, "Did I
hurt you mistress?"

Acting tough despite the pain of her shredded maidenhead, Ruki replies,
"I'm fine. I was just surprised by your girth. Just give me a minute to
adjust." After the longest minute of Renamon's life, Ruki adds, "You may

Renamon pulls back until only her tip is still within her tamer before
thrusting forward once again, the motion sending jolts of pleasure up
the spines of both human and digimon. The vulpine repeats this action
several times, and seeing no further signs of discomfort from her tamer
decides to pick up the pace.

As her partner starts rutting her in earnest, Ruki bites down on her
lower lip to avoid moaning in pleasure, unwilling to admit how good
Renamon is making her feel, but the tamer can't resist the urge to push
her own hips back against the vulpine cock within her in time with
Renamon's own thrusts.

Sensing her tamer's unwillingness to admit her true feelings regarding
the situation, Renamon uses her claws to unclasp Ruki's bra, the garment
falling to the floor as the fox leans over the preteen, soft white fur
rubbing against silky, pale skin and reaching under Ruki to gently pinch
at her nipples. At the same time, Renamon adjusts the angle of her
thrusts to graze Ruki's g-spot as she whispers in her tamer's ear, "It's
okay to enjoy this, my mistress." the sultry tone in the digimon's voice
making the Digimon Queen shiver involuntarily.

Ruki continues to stubbornly do her best to remain calm under the
assault Renamon's fox cock is waging on the girl's nether regions, but
her stoic exterior is showing signs of cracking. When Renamon suddenly
increases her pace without warning, the overwhelming pleasure in Ruki's
loins is too much for the tamer's resolve and a loud moan of pleasure
finally escapes Ruki's lips as her frosty exterior shatters under the
pleasurable assault.

No longer trying to hold back, Ruki exclaims, "YES! Fuck your tamer!",
which only encourages Renamon further.

After a few more minutes of frantic fucking, Renamon announces,
"Mistress, I'm about to...!"

"It's okay, cum inside me!" Shouts Ruki, cutting off her partner
digimon. Renamon straightens up and grabs hold of Ruki's wrists as she
thrusts furiously into her tamer's pussy, the pointed tip of the vixen's
vulpine member pounding against Ruki's cervix.

Then, with one final thrust, both more powerful and more precise than
any previous, Renamon pierces Ruki's innermost barrier, the preteens
cervix forming a tight seal around the neck of the digimon's digihood as
warm digiseed floods Ruki's young womb. At the same time, the base of
the vulpine member swells, trapping Renamon within her tamer's depths.
The combination of being knotted and inseminated is more than Ruki can
take as she experiences her very first orgasm and would collapse to the
tatami if not for her partner's strong grip on her wrists.

Exhausted herself and seeing no other option, Renamon hugs Ruki to her
chest before moving to lay down on Ruki's futon, the preteen curling
into a fetal position and drifting off to sleep as soon as her body
touches the mattress, Renamon curling protectively around her tamer, her
lover? Renamon tries to watch over Ruki's sleeping form, but it isn't
long before sleep claims the fox as well, the pair still tied together
at the crotch.


Several days later, Ruki summons Renamon to her room again, the digimon
noticing immediately that, instead of her usual attire, Ruki is wearing
only a pair of side tie panties and a thin, nearly see through middriff
top with spaghetti straps, both in the same powder blue as her
undergarments from the other day.

With one bare leg crossed over the other as if to display her barefoot,
Ruki says, in a much more cheerful tone than Renamon is use to hearing,
"I've been very pleased with your performance over the last few days...
but there is one thing I've been wondering."

"What's that, mistress?" Asks Renamon from her kneeling position.

Standing up, Ruki approaches her partner, and placing a hand under the
fox's chin prompts her to stand. Looking the fox straight in the eye,
not with the cold stare of the Digimon Queen, but with the warm
affection of a lover, Ruki asks, "Why haven't you come to me for another
special session?"

Renamon is confused until Ruki starts rubbing at the digimon's crotch,
drawing the thick, red vulpine cock from its sheath.

Pressing the member between her thighs and grinding her panty-clad vulva
against it, Ruki asks lustfully, "Was I not a satisfactory lover?"

"It isn't that, Mistress..."

Cutting her partner off with a finger to the lips, Ruki declares, "When
we're together like this, you can address me by name."

"Yes, mis...I mean, Ruki." Blushing the digimon continues, "I didn't
want to take advantage of you, so I figured I wouldn't ask and wait for
you to offer again."

Giggling in a way that has Renamon wondering what's gotten into her
tamer, Ruki replies, "Don't be silly! I'd be glad to help you anytime."
Increasing her grinding, Ruki wraps her arms around Renamon's neck and
pulls the fox's lips against her own. When Ruki finally breaks the kiss,
panting for breath, she declares, "I love you, Renamon!"

Hesitantly, Renamon replies, "I...I love you too, Ruki."

Smiling wider than Renamon has ever seen before, Ruki grabs one of the
digimon's paws and places it on her panty-clad rear, "Go ahead, give
your tamer's butt a squeeze." As Renamon fondle's her tamer's rear, Ruki
goes in for another passionate kiss, grinding more incessantly against
the digidick between her thighs.

When she comes up for air again, Ruki whines needily, "Renamon, I can't
wait anymore! I want, no I need you inside me!"

Needing no further encouragement, Renamon pulls at the ties on Ruki's
panties, which come undone easily. Discarding that fabric barrier,
Renamon lifts Ruki off the floor by the hips, lines her tip up with her
tamer's opening and impales the preteen upon her member.

Gasping in pleasure at the sudden intrusion, Ruki wraps her legs around
Renamon's slender waist, the preteen crossing her ankles right above the
fox's tail. As Ruki goes in for another kiss, Renamon grips her tamer's
half moons and gives a few experimental thrusts, this position
unfamiliar to the digital fox's instincts.

Breaking the kiss and leaning back, her hands clasped behind her
digimon's head, Ruki shouts, no longer caring if her mother or
grandmother overhear, "YES! Fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME! For the
love of kami, fuck me!"

Renamon increases her pace, trying to give her tamer the hard pounding
she so clearly desires, and before long, Ruki is crashing her lips upon
Renamon's muzzle once again, the preteens tight passage clenching around
the digimon's vulpine prick in orgasm, but despite the preteen's best
efforts to milk the fox's cock, Renamon manages to hold off her own
climax for the time being.

When Ruki recovers enough to speak, she exclaims, "That was incredible!"
Her mood dampening some, she adds, "But you didn't cum with me..."
Clenching around the cock within her, the tamer half requests, half
commands, "Please lay down so I can ride that big, thick, digital dick."

With her tamer still wrapped around her and impaled on her member,
Renamon walks over to the futon before sitting down with Ruki in her
lap. After giving Ruki time to unwrap her legs from around the digimon's
waist, Renamon lays back.

Discarding her top, Ruki begins sliding up and down Renamon's member and
before long the tamer is bouncing at a pace Renamon didn't think
possible for a human and that she would suspect would leave Ruki a blur
to someone without the digimon's sharp eyes. So lost in admiring her
tamer's physical beauty, Renamon is caught off guard when Ruki places
the digimon's forepaws upon the preteen's undeveloped chest.

In a tender tone that still sounds alien to Renamon's ears coming from
her tamer's throat, Ruki says softly, "Go ahead, play with my itty-bitty
titties." As Renamon complies, Ruki continues riding the digimon like a
woman possessed, but the preteen also starts running her hands through
the soft, white fur of Renamon's belly.

Feeling her climax approaching and half-forgetting her tamer's earlier
command, Renamon exclaims, "Mis... Ruki! I'm going to...!"

Panting heavily and not slowing down, Ruki replies, "Go ahead! I want to
feel that big, wonderful knot stretching my insides to the brink of
tearing and trapping you inside me! I want to feel that hot, thick
digiseed flooding my insides and searing my innermost depths!"

Ruki's words of encouragement are more than Renamon can take as digimon
thrusts up into her tamer at the same time that tamer crashes down on
her digimon, their pubic bones grinding together as both climax in
unison, Renamon's knot swelling as Ruki's walls grip it tightly,
Renamon's tip piercing Ruki's cervix just as the first spurt of semen
erupts forth.

As Renamon pumps her tamer full of digiseed, filling every nook and
cranny of the preteen's reproductive tract, Ruki collapses on her
digimon's belly, exhausted yet euphoric as she basks in afterglow. Too
tired to speak, Ruki runs her fingers through the tuff of fur on
Renamon's chest, and finding one of the fox's breasts, begins suckling
like a newborn kit as sleep claims her.

Running a paw through her tamer's hair, Renamon whispers a soft, "Good
night." before pulling a blanket over the pair and joining her human
lover in slumberland.

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Izumi and Ranamon by Imouto Kitten

Orimoto Izumi had no idea why her self-proclaimed archnemesis Ranamon
had ordered that the Legendary Warrior of Wind be separated from the
other chosen imprisoned by Cherubimon's lackeys, much less why she had
been taken to the Warrior of Water's bedchamber and chained to the wall
overlooking the small pool that serves as the amphibian's bed.

As she tries to think of a way to escape despite her D-scanner still
being in the enemy's possession, Izumi's thoughts are interrupted by
Ranamon's entrance, "Hey Sugar, I hope tha little fairy princess is
enjoying her new accomodations."

Scoffing, Izumi replies, "If you're trying to butter me up so I'll
betray Takuya and Kouji, you're doing a terrible job."

Gracefully diving into the pool and crossing its surface in a matter of
seconds, Ranamon uses her hydrokinesis to stand on the pool's surface
and bring herself eye-to-eye with her captive to cup the blonde's chin
with a dainty hand as she replies, "While it would be much appreciated
if ya would spill tha beans, honey, I have much more personal reasons ta
separate ya from tha boys. Though I could probably make a fortune
selling tha video, I don't particularly want anyone baring witness ta
what I've in store for my new plaything." Whatever retort the Warrior of
Wind has is cut off by Ranamon capturing Izumi's lips in a kiss, the
blonde's eyes going wide in shock and too surprised to resist as the
Warrior of Water's tongue invades the human's mouth.

When Ranamon breaks the kiss, the grossed out and coughing Izumi chokes
out, "You kissed me! Why did you kiss me?!"

Licking her lips, Ranamon replies, "Ain't it obvious, Sugar? Ya ain't
tha lovely, little lady I am, but yer quite pretty in yer own right, and
as much as I just eat up having boys practically worshipping tha water I
walk on, obeying my every whim, and showering me with presents, I much
prefer ta play with girls in tha bedroom." With that, Ranamon steps back
and snaps her fingers, summoning several of the disembodied hands she
had earlier used to tickle torture the chosen, but instead of tickling
the bound girl, the hands proceed to fondle her.

Two hands slide up under Izumi's shirt to cup her breasts, and a second
pair go up her skirt to grope her ass. Cupping her own chest with the
hands attached to her body, Ranamon comments, "Oh sugar, yer breasts are
actually a bit bigger than my own, and so soft. I'm actually a bit
jealous, and such a naughty girl, wearing such a thin top without a bra!
Not to mention that firm ass."

Choking back her moans, not wanting to admit how much she's enjoying the
Warrior of Water's touch, Izumi screams, "Get your hands off of me, you
perverted toad!"

"Now, that's just plain rude!" pouts the amphibious digimon, "Guess I
need ta teach ya some respect." With a snap of her finger, a hand grips
tightly to each of Izumi's forearms and legs, her chains coming undone
as the hands pull her away from the wall and hold her reclined over the
water's surface, her legs parted to let Ranamon look up her skirt.
Seeing the white cotton, Ranamon comments, "What disappointingly plain
panties." before silently commanding the hands fondling Izumi's ass and
tits to push up her shirt and pull down her panties to give the Warrior
of Water a better look. As soon as the panties are removed, a pair of
hands remove Izumi's shoes and socks and starts to massage her feet as
Ranamon sinks beneath the water's surface to admire the blonde's nether
regions. "Oh my, what a pretty pussy ya have, honey."

Thrashing in the grip of the disembodied hands, trying futilely to kick
her captor in the face even as a few moans escape her throat, Izumi
yells, "Let go of me, pervertita rospo!"

"I'm not sure what you just said, but I'm sure it was something nasty."
replies Ranamon, crossing her arms. "I was going to use my tongue ta
prepare you, but since you insist on saying insulting things, I think
I'll skip ta the main event." With that, two hands fly to the inside of
Izumi's thighs, the thumbs spreading her labia as a disembodied penis,
the tip green like Ranamon's skin and the shaft colored to match her
outfit appears from thin air pointed straight as the blonde's exposed

Panicking, the suspended girl says, "What the hell is that?"

"As you can see, sugar, hands ain't tha only body part I can summon and
control." replies Ranamon, reaching down to rub herself through the
crotch of her swimsuit. "I'm all lady, but I can summon as many hard
cocks for fucking my chosen playthings as I want, and this way, I don't
have to worry about laying a DigiEgg if my fun gets out of hand."

As the floating phallus inches towards Izumi's opening, Ranamon pulling
the crotch of her swimsuit aside to finger her pussy directly, the
Warrior of Wind pleads in fear, "Ple-Please, don't do this... I'm still
a virgin!"

"Oh Goody!" replies Ranamon, her disembodied dick now pressed against
Izumi's opening, "I love breaking in virgin pussies! Now, Sugar, time to
say bye bye to tha pesky cherry!"

Any futher protests from the human girl are cut off as Ranamon wills her
disembodied member to drive itself home in the warrior of wind's
passage, ripping through Izumi's maidenhead as a scream of pain rips
from her throat.

Feeling the phallus engulfed in tight warmness as surely as if it were
attached to her body, Ranamon lets out a moan, "Oh my, but ya've got
such a nice, cozy cunny, sugar. So warm and tight, and those screams are
music to my ears!"

The disembodied penis withdraws partially from Izumi's no longer virgin
pussy, Ranamon smiling at the sight of the blonde's virgin blood smeared
on the phallus. As Ranamon summons two more pairs of disembodied hands
with which to fondle her own tiny titties and half moons, she reaches
her other hand down to her crotch, the fingers of one hand furiously
finger fucking her own pussy as the other hand takes her clit between
thumb and forefinger. As the Warrior of Water proceeds to masturbate
shamelessly, she orders her cock to start pistoning in and out of her
captive's tight twat.

Between her rapist giving her no time to recover from her deflowering
and having not been prepared for penetration by any means, Izumi cries
out in pain, "Oh mia dio! Fa male! Fa male! Take it out! Take it out! As
she struggles futilely against the hands holding her, her cries and
struggles only seeming to encourage Ranamon as she increases the pace at
which she fingers herself and at which she pounds Izumi's pussy.

Fortunately for the Warrior of Wind, her passage eventually starts
producing enough of its own lubrication to allow the intruding phallus
to slide in and out smoothly and the pain from her torn hymen gives way
to pleasure, albeit unwanted and tainted by the way the green-skinned
girl has sexually assaulted the human girl. However, despite not wanting
to give Ranamon the satisfaction of knowing her victim is starting to
enjoy her mistreatment, Izumi is unable to suppress the moans that come
unbidden from her dry, scratchy throat, sore from her earlier cries of
outrage and pain.

"Wha happened to all tha fight ya had in ya earlier, Sugar?" Asks the
amphibious digimon, not sure whether to be disappointed that her new
plaything has stopped struggling or delighted that she seems to be
starting to enjoy being fucked by the Warrior of Water's disembodied
cock. "Have my rushing waters extinguished all tha fire ya had already?
Oh well, even if ya just lay thar and take it, cummin' in yer cozy,
little cunny is gonna be no less delightful, honey. I wonder if ya will
lay a DigiEgg like most of the digimon I've invited to my bed chamber do
or if ya will end up with my tadpole growin in yer belly like I hear
human babies do." Starting to hump the water in time with the movements
of her floating phallus, Ranamon adds, "Oh well, only one way ta find

As Ranamon's words penetrate Izumi's sex fogged mind, her struggles
renew as she yells, "NO! Don't cum inside! Pull out! Pull out! I'm too
young to have a baby, and I definitely don't want to have a toad's

With a lecherous expression on her face, Ranamon replies, "Sorry sugar,
but with a pussy that feels as good as yers, thar's only one real
option. Ta drive deep inside and let it all out!" With this Ranamon
picks up pace once more, close to climax of both the male and female

Struggling against her fate, Izumi cries out, "NO! NO! NO! Nonononono!
Don't cum! Don't cum!" But her pleas fall on deaf ears as the phallus,
with one last, powerful thrust, buries itself completely within Izumi,
the tail end vanishing between her nether lips and the tip slamming into
her cervix just as it erupts, Ranamon trembling in double climax as her
hands are coated in copious amounts of pussy juice as she floods her
captive's unprotected womb. Feeling her rapist's digiseed shooting into
her, the Warrior of Wind lets out a howl of "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" as her own
climax rips through her, her traitorous body working to milk Ranamon's
member for all the digimon is worth and sucking all that potent digiseed
right in to the blonde's uterus, the last place she wants even a drop of
it to go.

When Ranamon catches her breath after her dual climax has subsided, she
declares, "Wow! Tha was amazin, Sugar! before opening her eyes to take
in her victim hanging limply in the disembodied hands holding her and
with tears streaming from her eyes.

Not yet done with her fun, Ranamon takes advantage of her captive's near
catatonic state to finish undressing the blonde before splashing Izumi
in the face with cold water, "Wakey wakey, fairy princess." calls the
amphibious digimon as the warrior of wind splutters from her rude
awakening. "I've still got lots in store for ya, sugar." says the
Warrior of Water with a sadistic grin as she has her disembodied hands
shift Izumi so her pussy is pointing towards the ceiling before easing
the cock from the blonde's passage, "Wouldn't want any of my digiseed ta
leak out." comments Ranamon as Izumi stares at the phallus stained with
the warrior of wind's blood and both Legendary Warriors' sexual juices.

As Ranamon uses her hydrokinesis to form a throne of water for her to
sit on, her toes barely dipping below the surface of the pool, the hands
fondling Izumi's rear pull the blonde's buttocks apart and the slippery
phallus presses itself against the Warrior of Wind's backdoor. "Time ta
deflower this hole as well!" Announces the green-skinned girl as she
tilts her head to rest on her fist.

"Please!" pleads the panicking human, "Not my butt! Anything but..." the
rest of the blonde's protest is cut off by a gasp of pain as the
disembodied cock, well lubricated from raping her pussy pushes itself
past her anal sphincter.

Moaning from the sensations she's feeling, Ranamon grips the armrests of
her aquatic throne as she exclaims, "Oh my, yer ass is even tighter and
hotter than yer pussy! Not that I have any intention of letting tha
sweet, little snatch of yers rest fer much longer." With that, Ranamon
conjures another cock, this one nearly twice the length and diameter of
the one she just buried in her victim's bowels. Twirling a finger in the
air, Izumi is turned around and her upper body is dropped, the blonde's
long tresses plunging beneath the water as her head comes to rest at
Ranamon's feet, the Warrior of Wind's butt high in the air and her legs
spread wide, leaving her completely exposed to her tormentor's perverted

Glancing down, the Warrior of Water savors the look of terror on the
Warrior of Wind's face as a pair of hands stretch her labia apart and
the new, more massive member nestles against her opening, "NO! There's
no way that will fit! You'll rip me apart if you stick that in me!"
cries the human girl.

Loving the power rush of having her hated nemesis at her mercy, Ranamon
reaches out to stroke her newest toy, shivering from her own touch,
"Quite impressive, isn't it? I like ta call this one the pussy
pulverizin phallus. Most of my past playthangs I've used this one on
lost the ability ta enjoy normal-sized cocks on human-type digimon and
either became addicted ta being fucked by beast-type digimon or became
my mindless sex slaves. Tha's assumin, of course, tha they didn't just
shatter inta a bunch of digicode by the time I was done with them."
Pausing to let her words sink in, Ranamon continues, "But since I'm such
a gracious mistress, I'll give ya a chance ta avoid thar fate." Bringing
one of her wet, barefeet to Izumi's mouth, the amphibian starts by
declaring, "For starters, ya can lick yer mistress's feet, Sugar."

Turning her head to avoid kissing her captor's foot while also trying to
avoid dunking her face below the pool's surface, Izumi protests, "I'll
never do such a disgust-" Only to cringe mid word as she feels the
monster member menacingly pushing against her opening threatening to
tear her twatty to shreds if she doesn't comply. Squeezing her eyes
shut, Izumi sticks out her tongue, fighting down bile as she gets her
first taste of digimon toes. That Ranamon seems to keep her feet very
clean does little to reduce the blonde's revulsion at what she's being
made to do, but her body does relax slightly in her captor's grip as the
pressure against her pussy subsides, the pussy pulverizing phallus
backing off from its attempt to penetrate her, but remaining poised to
do just that.

"Not bad." comments Ranamon when she finally pulls her feet away from
Izumi's mouth. As her swimsuit dissolves into seafoam to leave the
amphibious digimon naked except for her helmet and gauntlets, Ranamon
slips off her water throne to straddle the human's neck, commenting, "I
hope yer as good at licking pussy as ya are at licking feet, Sugar."
before sitting on her captive's face. When the Warrior of Wind fails to
immediately start servicing her mistress's girlhood, Ranamon reaches
out, using one hand to pinch her plaything's clitoris as hard as
possible and give the little nub a painful twist, and the other to
manually prod the massive member at the prone girl's pussy. Getting the
point, Izumi buries her tongue in her tormentor's folds and starts
vigorously licking, making the Warrior of Water let out several moans as
she exclaims, "Now, tha's more like it, honey!" As the green-skinned
girl rubs her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

Despite having cummed from fingering herself once already, it isn't long
before Ranamon is soaking Izumi's face in her juices, commenting, "Ya
ain't half-bad at lickin' pussy, Sugar." Using hydrokinesis, Ranamon
returns to her water throne as she announces, "Well, time ta pulverize
that pussy of yers!"

Eyes going big as saucers, Izumi cries out, "But I thought you were
going to spare me if I did a good job servicing you!"

"Did ya really think I'd spare ya after all the trouble ya put me
through?" replies Ranamon with a sadistic smile as she snaps her
fingers, making the massive member push insistantly against Izumi's
battered opening.

Ever so slowly, Izumi's opening stretches to accomodate the massive
member, the blonde gritting her teeth and squeezing her eyes shut in
pain as inch-by-agonizing-inch of Ranamon's ultimate weapon of sexual
sadism pushes into the Warrior of Wind's passage. Enjoying the sight of
her nemesis in such exquisite torment, Ranamon sits back on her water
throne savoring the sensations of being slowly engulfed by her
prisoner's flesh, pushing deeper and subtlely adjusting the thickness of
her disembodied cock to maximize her plaything's agony without doing
irreparable harm.

After what seems like an eternity to Izumi, the pussy pulverizing
phallus is fully seated within her, stretching the blond'es passage to
an extent that would normally occur only during childbirth.

Just as Ranamon is about to withdraw to start fucking her victim
properly, the entirety of the complex that serves as the headquarters
for the Evil Legendary Warriors starts to shake violently, breaking
Ranamon's concentration.

As her constructs fail, dropping Izumi into the pool, the cool water
somewhat soothing the warrior of wind's now empty but gaping pussy,
Ranamon exclaims, "For crying out loud! What tha' hell is going on!?"

As Ranamon tries to regain her equilibrium, Izumi grabs for her clothes,
not caring that they're now soaked from her tormentor's carelessly
dropping them in the pool as she tries to cover her nudity, and not a
moment too soon as Kouji, Spirit Evolved into Wolfmon breaks down the
door, and tosses the Warrior of Wind her D-scanner.

As soon as the digital device is back in its owner's hands, Izumi wastes
no time in spirit evolving herself, intent on dealing out some major

Chapter Text

Juri and Leomon by Imouto Kitten

As the sun sat and the moon rose over the digital world, Katou Juri and
her digimon partner, Leomon snuck away from the other tamers and their
digimon in search of somewhere private.

Once the pair have found a secluded spot, Leomon leans against a wall of
natural stone as Juri undoes the fly of his pants and frees the beast
king's member from its cloth confines. Even flaccid, Leomon's digihood
is longer and thicker than the human girl's forearm, the barbs
encircling its base as big as one of her dainty fingers and only grows
even more in length and girth as Juri uses her hand puppet, bare hand,
and an alteration of kisses and licks upon the massive cock head, unable
to stretch her lips around it, to bring her partner to an erect state.

Placing her bare hand to her cheek as her puppet mimes licking up and
down the digimon's length, Juri comments in an awed tone, "Leomon's
digidick is absolutely magnificent!"

Letting out a low growl of pleasure, Leomon replies, "So you've told me
every time you've seen it. Now, my little queen, service your king in
the way you are so good at."

"Yes, Leomon!" cries Juri, returning her bare hand to his shaft and
resuming her kisses upon his tip. As her hands work their way towards
the base of the lion's shaft, she starts trailing kisses along the
underside of the massive member, and reaching the beastman's balls, she
takes one of the grapefruit-sized orbs in each hand, gently caressing
the one with her bare hand as her hand puppet mimes sucking on the

After several minutes of such treatment, Leomon announces, "Juri, I'm
about to shoot my seed!" causing Juri to redouble her efforts even as
she huddles between her digimon's legs to get out of the splash zone.
When Leomon climaxes, it is like a firehose as his pearly white seed
shoots forth, traveling several meters before splashing on the ground as
the beast king throws back his head and lets out a roar of triumph.

As her partner sprays his seed, Juri can only stare mesmerized by the
sheer amount he puts out and can't help wondering what it would feel
like if he erupted like that while inside her. As his climax comes to an
end, one last perly drop drips from his tip, large enough to give Juri
the mother of all facials if she was standing underneath and held by a
thin thread. Reaching out her hand, Juri manages to fill her palm with
Leomon's essence as the final drop grows too heavy and breaks its
thread, most of it splashing on the ground in front of Juri's sneakers
as she licks what she caught from her hand.

Recovering from his climax, Leomon glances down to his tamer, chest
swelling with pride at the sight of her licking his seed from her
fingers as he asks, "Is my little queen ready for her reward?"

"Yes, Leomon!" replies Juri, stepping out from under her digimon, his
spilled seed squishing under her shoes as she holds up her arms. Being
careful not to shred the garment with his claws or to cut his tamer,
Leomon hooks his foreclaws under the straps of Juri's dress and pulls
the green garment off the girl before dropping it on a clean bit of
bedrock. Unbuttoning her shirt, Juri tosses it to join her dress.

Now standing in only her pale, yellow panties, matching socks, and her
sneakers, Juri holds out her arms and orders, "Take your queen!"

"With pleasure." declares Leomon as he wraps one massive hand around
Juri's chest and lifts her off the ground before using the foreclaw of
his other hand to remove her underwear. Tossing the girl's legs over his
broad shoulders and shifting his grip to support her weight with both
hands, Leomon brings his tamer's gushing girlhood to his muzzle, her
intoxicating scent nearly driving his inner beast mad. Opening his mawl,
the digimon plunges his tongue, longer and thicker than any human penis
deep inside his tamer, the tip caressing her cervix as he laps up the
copious amounts of delectible nectar flooding her flower, making the
girl squirm madly from mindblowing pleasure, her feet getting tangled in
his mane as she hugs him tightly about the neck. Pressing his thumb
claws into her nipples, he adds to her stimulation, loving how helpless
she is within his grasp, her head hanging back as she mewls like a
kitten lost in the lust of her first heat, her hands encircling his
thumbs in a white knuckled grip barely registering to the beast king.

When Leomon brings his little queen to climax, her girlhood gushing like
never before even before her bladder decides to let out its own
contribution, Juri's mind goes blank as she lets out a long cry, half
scream of ecstasy, half her best impression of a lioness's roar.

When she's done releasing her fluids and her passage has relaxed enough
Leomon can extract his tongue without fear of turning his lover inside
out, he cradles his lover in one arm, letting her bask in afterglow
while laying against his bare chest as he sits cross-legged upon the

As her senses start to return to her, Juri nuzzles against the
beard-like portion of Leomon's mane before looking up with half-litted
eyes and a drowsy smile and declares, "That was amazing as always."

Tilting his head down to nuzzle the top of her head, Leomon replies,
"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Giving her a toothy smile, he asks, "Is my
little queen ready for the next round?"

"Yes, I am." repliesJuri, cuddling closer to Leomon's chest as she
braces for what's to come. Careful not to injure his lover, Leomon slips
the foreclaw of his free hand into Juri's passage, her insides still
sensitive from his earlier ministrations and gently scratches at her
g-spot, causing the tired tamer to tremble terribly from the jolts of
electricity this sends shooting up her spine. After a minute or two, he
slowly slides deeper into the preteen's pussy, slowly stretching her
walls, causing her to moan into his mane. Reaching her cervix, he
carefully pushes his claw through that final barrier and into her
innermost sanctum as his massive digit fills her pussy completely.

As he continues to finger her pussy and claw her cervix, gently
scratching her uterine lining similarly to how his barbs would scrape
the insides of a Leowomon's passage to stimulate ovulation during
mating, Leomon comments, "My little queen is loosening up quite nicely."

Letting out her best impression of a cat purring, Juri asks, "Do you
think you'll finally be able to mate me properly?"

"Only one way to find out." Replies Leomon, carefully pulling his finger
from Juri's passage and again shifting his grip on the human girl, this
time to hold her upright in front of him, both hands wrapped around her
torso as he lowers her until her opening is kissing the tip of his
member. Slowly, he lets her fall, ready to lift her off him at the first
sign of discomfort as she sinks on to his member, her lips stretching to
an extent that would normally only happen as a newborn is crowning.

"It's going in!" cries the girl in excitement. "Leomon's magnificent
manhood is actually going inside me!"

Growling as her warm, wet tightness engulfes him for the first time,
Leomon replies, "Yes, my little queen is finally stretching enough to
take her king inside her small body."

Inch-by-inch, Juri continues to slowly sink onto the beast king's
massive member, taking a little over half his length by the time his tip
is pressed against her cervix, the human girl panting as her insides
adjust to having Leomon within her.

After several minutes of sitting in her partner's lap, half of his
digidick buried in her pussy, Juri announces, "I think I'm ready for you
to start the mating." Giving his tamer a toothy grin, Leomon tightens
his grip before lifting Juri most of the way off his member before
pushing her back down, slowly increasing speed when her reactions
indicate that she is feeling only pleasure and no pain. Fisting her
hands in his mane, she cries out in ecstasy, "YES! Mate me with that
Magnificent member! Pound my pussy until no other cock can satisfy me!"

"As you wish, my little queen." replies Leomon, pistoning his tamer up
and down on his digihood as quickly as he dares, much to the human
girl's delight.

Glancing down to where they are joined and noticing that there's still
about a third of Leomon's cock exposed, Juri exclaims, "Please, Leomon!
Give it all to me!"

"Are you sure?" asks the Lion, not slowing in the least.

"YES! I want to feel your spines scraping my insides like they would a
proper mate!" cries the girl, conviction in her voice and facial

"As you wish." replies Leomon, pushing down, trying to force himself
balls deep into his tamer's tight twatty, her passage quite tiny
compared to the giant beast man.

It takes some time and several repeats of Juri insisting, "I can take
it." but eventually, the human girl's cervix gives way, Leomon's cock
head thrusting into her womb as Leomon fully hilts himself in his tamer,
Juri gasping as her innermost sanctum is violated.

"Are you okay?" asks Leomon, worried that he hurt his tamer.

"I'm fine, it just surprised me." replies Juri, "Now continue mating

Doing as she demands, Leomon's chest swells with pride as his tamer
seems to lose herself in pleasure even more now that he's fucking her
balls deep, and before long, the king of beasts can feel his
grapefruit-sized balls tightening up in preparation to unleash another
massive load.

"Juri, I'm going to cum again!" cries Leomon.

"Do it! Shoot all of your hot, gooey seed in my belly!" cries Juri in

With a few more thrusts, Leomon hilts himself in Juri, his barbs digging
deep into her flesh as he erupts deep in her womb. No less massive then
the load he shot earlier, Leomon's seed soon fills Juri's womb to
capacity, forcibly stretching the hollow organ and making her stomach
swell, forcing her to lean back as she holds on to Leomon's mane to
avoid smashign her skull on the bedrock as her own climax rips through
her small body, both lovers tossing their heads back and roaring their
pleasure to the heavens.

Once done cumming, Leomon makes to lift Juri off his member, but at her
cry of, "I want to sleep with Leomon inside me tonight." from his tamer,
settles for turning her around so she can lay against his chest without
her cum inflated belly getting in the way.

Getting a good look at herself, Juri comments, "Wow, you pumped me so
full of cum that I look pregnant...Hmm, I wonder if digimon can get
humans pregnant."

"I don't know." replies Leomon before asking, "Would my little queen be
bothered if I got her pregnant?"

After a silence that stretches so long that Leomon wonders if Juri fell
asleep, the human girl finally replies, "I think I'd be happy to bare
Leomon's child, whether I end up pregnant or laying a digi-egg."

His chest swelling with pride once more, "I'm happy that my little queen
is willing to go that far in being my mate."

With that, the happy couple drift off to sleep, both wondering if their
mating will produce a child and both unaware of the tragedy that will
soon befall them.